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Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 
1962 - 63 


First Vice-President: 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary: 


Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 


Alumnae Secretary: 

Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (Mrs. Barbara I.) 
36 Brookdale Road, Natick (OL 5-1093) 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 (Mrs. Raymond N.) 
31 Wesley Street, Newton (LA 7-8479) 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 (Mrs. E. Sherman, Jr.) 
60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington (862-9419) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 

52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (PLeasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 (Mrs. Denton G.) 
1094 Centre St., Newton Centre (BI 4-3129) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Betty Black Boynton '38 (Mrs. M. M.) 
681 North St., Suffield, Conn. 

Sue Ross Westberg '45 (Mrs. G. M.) 
240 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 



Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 
Elinor Smith 





NO. 1 

Trustee Julia Crafts Sheridan '10 selects New York's 1962 Christmas 

Tree on the property of The Squaw Mountain Inn, Greenville, Maine. 

Cover girls Janet Holmes '55, Lois Kuhn '55 and Sally-Anne Munns 

Patt '55 view the 67-ft. beauty at Rockefeller Center. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



Re-Evaluation Time 

Lasell Junior College was initially accredited by the New England Association 
of Colleges in 1938. Once every decade a member institution is re-evaluated to 
determine whether or not it is worthy of continued recognition. 

What does "accreditation" signify? The parent organization says that "it con- 
stitutes public acknowledgment that a member institution has been carefully evaluated, 
found to share certain basic educational policies and practices with other member 
institutions, and approved by the Association as an institution of higher education." 

In the case of Lasell, re-evaluation involved the institution's being visited for 
two days (and one evening) by a three-member team of educators from other colleges. 
They, in due course, filed a report of their findings with the Association for action. 

In preparing for the committee's visit to the campus, a college is required to 
prepare detailed answers to a questionnaire. Lasell has, in odd moments, been busy 
with this undertaking for over a year. The replies submitted are checked by the 
visitors, on the scene, to see if the institution is fulfilling its stated objectives. 

We are happy to report that Lasell was unanimously voted continued accreditation 
at the Association meeting of December 7, 1962, in Boston. 

A committee which visits a college is also charged with the responsibility of 
making recommendations which will assist the institution in its continuing efforts 
at self-improvement. In this connection, specific suggestions were made for library- 
enlargement in all areas and expansion of health center activities in the years to come. 

The committee complimented Lasell on the "healthy morale among faculty and 
students," a well arranged study program and the sound preparation available for 
students who do "superior work" when they go on to senior institutions. Committee 
members were impressed with the "quality and enthusiasm" of student leadership 
and the "harmonious interchange between students and faculty and students and 

The committee quite correctly closed its report by observing that a surplus in 
current funds would probably be expended on the new classroom building whose 
construction had just been authorized. 

It is true, of course, that the re-evaluation report was written by a particular 
committee of the New England Association. It might have differed in some respects 
if written by another group. However, this is about as close as an institution comes 
to receiving an objective judgment rendered by its peers. Certainly we shall not 
rest on our laurels, but it is gratifying to have what we consider to be the intrinsic 
worth of our alma mater thus publicly recognized. In some measure, all identified 
with Lasell, past or present, share in the commendation. 



by Jacquelin Saunders, Chairman 

Last April The Art Department was invited to speak to members of Lasell's Annual 
Alumnae Council regarding current phases of art activity at the College. This was a 
welcome invitation, for it offered an enjoyable opportunity to wave the banner for 
Art, holding as we do deep convictions regarding its importance. 

An attempt to familiarize the Council delegates with our activities began with 
a description of one of the major projects undertaken by the Art Department in 1962 
— the formation of the College Student Art Collection. This will comprise out- 
standing works completed by Lasell students. The works will be considered on ex- 
tended loan to the College and will be on exhibit throughout the campus. The collec- 
tion will grow with the selection of additional pieces each year, and a rotating exhibit 
and change of display will take place annually. 

The initial selection was made in June 1961, twenty student projects were 
framed and hung in the Woodland dining room and East Lounge, and in Bragdon's 
main hall and reception rooms. Included in the group were watercolor and tempera 
paintings, pencil and pastel drawings, and block prints. Frames for the pictures 
were made in the college carpentry shop. Inspiration for this project was given by 
Dr. Tewksbury, who suggested the need for paintings in prominent campus locations. 
He offered this opportunity for student work to be displayed, and paintings and draw- 
ings will be placed wherever there is a request for them, — in dormitories and college 

A parallel activity is the annual purchase by the Art Department of museum 
reproductions of paintings which, eventually, it is hoped, will become available to 
students on a rental basis for their dormitory rooms. At present there are on display 
ten reproductions purchases from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and from the New 
York Museum of Modern Art. These pictures have been dry-mounted professionally, 
on heavy board, and protected by a spray of plastic coating. Cezanne's Pines and 
Rocks and Turn in the Road, Redon's Floivers, Seurat's Fishing Fleet, and Buffet's 
The City are a few of the selections. It is hoped that there will be an opportunity to 
invest in the purchase of original contemporary prints and paintings in the near future. 

The purpose of the collection of student art is two-fold: first, to offer enjoyment 
to the entire College through the creative imagination, the color, design and techniques 
shown in the paintings; secondly, to provide recognition of student accomplishment 
evidenced in works of significant artistic quality. 

Another major phase of the Art Department's activities has been a series of 
exhibits of student work in the Carter Hall exhibition area. In 1959 we were for- 
tunate in obtaining Carter Hall for this purpose, and in being able to design the 
location and color of bulletin board backgrounds for display. Since that time we 
have added hanging frames, covered with colored burlap, in order to make further 
use of the space of the hall. New furniture has added to the attractiveness of the area. 
Since I960 we have featured a continual display of changing exhibits throughout the 
school year. The first exhibit of the 1961-62 season consisted of the first selections for 
the college student art collection, together with the museum reproductions of paint- 
ings. This was followed by an exhibit of the first art work of all classes. Several 
showings were held of work accomplished in the art major courses — Advertising 
Design, Fashion Illustration and Interior Design. During Father-Daughter Weekend 
senior students exhibited oil paintings, watercolors and drawings. Later in the spring 
Crafts work was displayed — ceramics, weaving, jewelry and block-printed textiles. 


In May there was an exhibit of Faculty art work, as well as the Annual Freshman 
Art Exhibit. The Annual Senior Art Exhibit was reserved for Commencement Week. 

Exhibits have proven of value to art classes for purposes of evaluation of work 
accomplished and they have been a source of encouragement to art students. Girls 
not enrolled in the art curriculum have expressed much interest in the exhibits, and 
this carries out one of the original purposes of the program — to welcome the 
interest in Art of all students. Another purpose of our endeavor is to provide a 
stimulating center and focal point for College visitors and guests. 

At present there are four instructors in the Art Department: Mrs. Elizabeth 
Iarrobino, Miss Amelia Terrazano, Mr. Donald Warren and Miss Jacquelin Saunders, 
Chairman. Twelve separate courses are,. offered in the Art Curriculum; Color, Line 
and Design is available to Retailing students, and Art for Childhood Education is 
a part of the Child Study program. Three majors within the art curriculum are Ad- 
vertising Design, Fashion Illustration and Interior Design, one of which a student 
elects during her second year of study. 

September 1962 begins the second year of a revised curriculum. Changes offered 
the opportunity to extend the study of the History of Art to two years, to extend 
the work in Crafts to a full year, to extend Figure Drawing courses to cover one and 
a half years, and to place the course of specialization mentioned above in the second 
year. In addition, art students now have the opportunity to elect a greater number 
of courses in Liberal Arts. Basically, these revisions provide a course of art study 
that is strong in the Liberal Arts tradition, but also includes an introduction to 
specialized vocational training. 

One of the major objectives of Lasell's Art Department is "to develop the 
student's understanding of the theory and practice of successful visual expression, 
either for personal or professional use." In the future, the Department plans to rent 
traveling exhibits and to invite Alumnae as well as local artists to participate in the 

The Art faculty hopes to announce, in June 1963, the first recipient of the 
Annual Purchase Prize in Art. This prize will be awarded to a student for an art 
work of considered excellence, and this drawing or painting will become a permanent 
part of the College Student Art Collection. 



June 1962 Exhibit 

The College and Lasell Alumnae gratefully acknowledge the receipt of a hand- 
some grandfather's clock and full-length Victorian mirror from the estate of the late 
Josephine West '91 -'93 LM of Provincetown, Mass. 

Rev. Mabelle Whitney '03 has fowarded a collection of framed pictures of 
Seminary days. 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 replaces Jean Davies Stanley '50 as First Vice-President 
of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Lynn Blodgett Hall '46 will serve the unexpired term of the 
Second Vice-President. 



The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees and Corporation of the College, I 
held on October 24, 1962, brought a representative group of Alumnae to campus. 

Helen B. Perry, Life Secretary of the Class of 1924, was reelected Vice President j 
of the Corporation. She was voted to the Corporation in 1938, to the Board of 
Trustees in 1948, and has been a member of the Executive Board of Trustees since 

Newly-elected Trustees, Marguerite Houser Hamlin '19 and Theresa Thompson 
Osborne '22, joined fellow State-of-Mainers, Julia Crafts Sheridan '10 and Lydia 
Adams Godsoe '18. 

Helen M. Saunders '17 came from Hartford; local Alumnae Trustees present 
included: Toni Meritt Smith '23, Rosalie Brightman Rosen '27, Louise Tardivel 
Higgins '37, and Alumnae President, Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (ex officio). 

Irene Sauter Sanford '06 was unable to be in Auburndale, and Phyllis Rafferty 
Shoemaker '22 sent a telegram of regrets. 

Other Alumnae members of the Corporation present were: Dorothy Barnard '24, 
Helen L. Beede '21, Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, Marion Ordway Corley '11, Ruth 
Turner Crosby. '42, Martha Fish Holmes '25, Esther T. Josselyn '27, Marjorie Mac- 
Clymon '32, Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37, Mildred Strain Nutter '17, Dorothy 
Mosher Stone '42, Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38 and Dorothy Inett Taylor '30. 

Frances Angel Levenson '22 represented the College at the Inauguration of 
John Henry Fischer as President of Teachers College, Columbia University, on Novem- 
ber 13, 1962. Carrie Sessions Dodge x-'07 served as Lasell's delegate on December : 
16, 1962 at the Inauguration of Ralph Gordon Hoxie as President of C W. Post 
College, Long Island University, and at the academic convocation honoring Sir 
Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. 



Dorothy Jeanne Fuhrer '43 to Edgar Pardee E. White. 

Lois E. Kuhn '55 to Charles Eldon Hopson, Jr. 

Suzanne Kellner '56 to Don Denton Canfield, Jr. 

Nelly Bachand '56 to Charles M. Monroe III. 

Gail Gelinas '56 to Dr. James Thomas Nixon. 

Joy Erlandson '56 to Thomas B. Alberts. 

B. Meade Simpson '58 to Dr. Robert W. Fasciano. 

Alba M. Spinale '58 to Robert L. Kenney. 

Barbara Beuth '60 to Marc Laguardia. 

Marie Nalli '60 to John J. Deneen, Jr. 

Linda Ann Ostrom '60 to Gene Merle Goodwin. 

Barbara Weaver '60 to Daniel Thomas Sullivan. 

Eileen Velenchik '60 to Howard W. Tolk. 

Suzanne Larrabee '60 to Robert Edward Blake. 

Carol Schumacher '61 to David J. Dougherty. 

Donna Szarek '61 to Ens. Robert W. Sullivan, Jr., USNR. 

Barbara Davis '61 to David Lincoln Delano. 

Betsy Howard '61 to Arthur Crosbie, Jr. 

Phyllis Milano '61 to Frank R. Coliano. 

Barbara Stark '61 to Stewart MacKenzie, Jr. 

Linda Robertson '61 to Lieut. Vincent James Onalfo. 

Linda Ann Benson '61 to Kenneth P. Monti. 

Dianne Bezanson '61 to Robert J. Keleher. 

Carol C. Howe '61 to Lieut. Edward Gorman. 

Jill Hartmann '61 to Frederick W. Mayer. 

Linda Anne Leser '61 to Michael Robinson. 

Jan Sharryl DeMartin '61 to John P. Linfoot. 

Susan Young '62 to C. Whitman Boynton II. 

Roberta McKinley '62 to Milton David Machalek. 

Judith Ann Cohn '62 to Mark N. Goldman. 

Linda Guerry x-'62 to Frederick M. Dotson. 

Patricia McNulty '62 to Carl A. Magnotta. 

Annmarilyn Steinberg '62 to John W. Goldkrand. 



Mildred Cary Eaton '18 and Major General Edmund Walton Hill, USAF Ret., on October 21, 

1962 at Winchester, Mass. 
Barbara Wenzel '52 and Edmond J. Boucher on September 15, 1962 at Whitinsville, Mass. 
Mary Wiedenmayer '53 and Raymond G. McCarthy on March 31, 1962. 
Rosemarie Lochiatto '54 and Capt. George John Billy, USAF, on August 25, 1962. 
Marguerite Chandler '54 and Thomas Jefferson Brewer in August 1962 at Long Pond, Mass. 
Janet Parker '52 and Carlton L. Smith on June 16, 1962 at Natick, Mass. 
Maxine Young '53 and Stanley J. Bartel in August 1962 at Miami, Fla. 
Patricia Lee '55 and Walter J. Oswald on May 26, 1962. 

Dorothy Craig '56 and Robert Kochli on September 15, 1962 at Dedham, Mass. 
Tanya Kolligian '56 and Andrew M. DeFrancesco in May 1962 at Cambridge, Mass. 
Gertrude Joyce Maroni '56 and Anthony S. Gomes, Jr. on July 4, 1962 at Providence, R.I. 
Lorraine Hintlian '57 and Robert Sahag Damerjian on September 15, 1962 at Cambridge, Mass. 
Paula Ristau '57 and Peter Trespas in July 1962 at South Yarmouth, Mass. 
Suzanne Fletcher '58 and H. Donald Cahalin on May 26, 1962. 
Carole Pandiani x-'58 and Charles B. Perini, Jr. on June 30, 1962 at Holden, Mass. 
Carole Paolino '58 and John A. Pliakas in September 1962 at Providence, R.I. 
Eleanor Rooney '58 and James Patrick O'Shea on September 8, 1962 at Needham, Mass. 
Linda Truell '58 and Harry W. Good, Jr. on November 17, 1962. 
Laurie Ferrante '58 and Joseph J. Cannon on October 7, 1962. 


Mrs. Richard W. Carthaus 
(Marcia James '57) 

Mrs. Stephen C. Brodbeck 
(Carol Anderten '59) 

Carol Anderten '59 and Stephen Brodbeck on September 23, 1961. 

Barbara J. Case '59 and David William Lipke on May 26, 1962 at Windsor, Conn. 

Suzanne Chapman '59 and Frank S. Wright on July 21, 1962 at Greenwich, Conn. 

Mary Louise Duffill '59 and James Russell Brown in July 1962 at Danvers, Mass. 

Carole Grieve '59 and Lt. Martin Francis Bilafer on June 16, 1962 at Arlington, Mass. 

Carol MacLeod '59 and Victor A. Huggard, Jr. on July 4, 1962 at Boston, Mass. 

Maryann MacLeod x-'59 and Daniel del Valle in August 1962. 

Kathy Morakis '59 and Louis Stamoulis on May 27, 1962 at Cambridge, Mass. 

Judith C. Quinn '59 and James C. Noonan on September 8, 1962 at West Hartford, Conn. 

Barbara Skolnick '59 and Dr. James Howard Blume on August 26, 1962 at New Haven, Conn. 

Joanne Spiro '59 and William Gregory Anton on May 27, 1962 at Boston, Mass. 

Judith Grace '60 and Robert F. Lazarus on July 7, 1962 at Bay Shore, N.Y. 

Joy Klee '60 and Kenneth Kleeman on October 14, 1962 at Scarsdale, N.Y. 

Joan Brewster x-'60 and Howard F. Garniss on August 26, 1962 at Dover-Foxcroft, Me. 

Bobette Spiegel '60 and Richard N. Shafton on August 9, 1962 at Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Marcia Dodson '60 and Dean R. Morley III on August 25, 1962 at Bloomfield, N.J. 

Julia Ellingham '60 and Ronald Svatora on August 18, 1962 at Birmingham, Mich. 

Mary Jane Sauer '60 and Ralph H. Lockard on September 1, 1962 at Wilmington, Dela. 

Susan Gage '60 and Bruce A. Barros on July 21, 1962 at Cohasset, Mass. 

Bette Joan Alderman '60 and Joel L. Piatt on June 17, 1962 at Meriden, Conn. 

Judith Cassoli '60 and Paul F. Collins in August 1962 at Braintree, Mass. 

Jacquelyn Daley x-'60 and Robert C. Young on July 28, 1962 at Rochdale, Mass. 

Barbara R. Davies '60 and Henry James Sargent, Jr. on September 8, 1962 at Hamden, Conn. 

Jillian Estabrook '60 and Sheldon Shapiro in June 1962. 


Mrs. Richard M. Legg 
(Marilyn Senior '60) 

Mrs. Dean R. Morley III 
(Marcia Dodson '60) 

Marilyn Senior '60 and Richard Martin Legg on October 20, 1962 at Quincy, Mass. 

Elizabeth Fager '60 and Glennard E. Frederick on September 22, 1962 at Bloomfield, N.J. 

Elaine Gagnon '60 and Wayland B. Wheaton on June 2, 1962 at Fiskdale, Mass. 

Sheila Gordon '60 and Martin Edward Stein on August 26, 1962 at Belmont, Mass. 

Phyllis Grey x-'60 and Richard Lichaw on May 26, 1962 at Rockville Centre, L.I. 

Susan Himmel '60 and Marvin I. Witten on June 17, 1962 at New Haven, Conn. 

Nancy Hoey '60 and David Louis Hanson on June 16, 1962 at New Haven, Conn. 

Susan Killebrew x-'60 and David Alan Jenkins on June 23, 1962 at Greenwich, Conn. 

Marjory Lee Kline '60 and Irwin Paul Weiner on June 17, 1962 at Milton, Mass. 

Kendra Knowles '60 and Ernest DeCarteret True in August 1962 at Falmouth Foreside, Me. 

Marina Kokxhoorn '60 and Carl Henry Freyer in September 1962 at Stamford, Conn. 

Joan Menchi '60 and Robert W. McCormack in July 1962. 

Phyllis Newman '60 and Robert A. Katz on August 11, 1962 at Brookline, Mass. 

Mary Jane Perugini '60 and Edward Weston Hebb on June 23, 1962 at West Hartford, Conn. 

Elaine Rothstein x-'60 and Bruce Samuel Rafey in August 1962 at Swampscott, Mass. 

Janet Stewart '60 and William A. Ross on September 15, 1962 at Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Anne Louise Turner '60 and Robert F. Maxcy on September 15, 1962 at Wellesley, Mass. 

Susan VanDorn '60 and Julian Curtiss Pease, Jr. on July 21, 1962 at New Britain, Conn. 

Ruth Mary Work '60 and Clement J. Montagna on August 11, 1962 at North Haven, Conn. 

Marilyn Ashlock '61 and Charles J. Pinzino on June 23, 1962 at Birmingham, Mich. 

Joan Breeden '61 and Leland Nelson Berg on June 16, 1962 at Wakefield, Mass. 

Susan Fox '61 and Robert I. Stern in July 1962. 

Beverly A. French '61 and Henry John Keigwin on October 13, 1962 at Northboro, Mass. 




Mrs. Bruce A. Barros 
(Susan Gage '60) 

-: : - ■■■:■■.- ■ 

Mrs. Richard A. Haworth 
(Joyce Gammons '61) 

Joyce Gammons '61 and Richard A. Haworth on September 15, 1962 at Sudbury, Mass. 

Lela Graham '61 and Charles S. Adams on June 16, 1962 at New Britain, Conn. 

Carol Ann Hackett '61 and Albert J. Winnier on May 19, 1962 at Wellesley, Mass. 

Deborah Oakman '61 and Roger D. Flood in September 1962 at Needham, Mass. 

Cynthia Pierro '61 and Booth Richard Martin on August 26, 1962 at Natick, Mass. 

Pamela Pond '61 and Herman Schuster, Jr. on September 1, 1962. 

Margaret Rapp '61 and Edwin M. Scribner, Jr. on June 16, 1962 at Auburndale, Mass. 

Charlotte Ann Siders '61 and Barry M. Taintor on September 15, 1962 at Winchester, Mass. 

Cynthia Striesfield '61 and Louis Murray Cohen on August 12, 1962 at Haverhill, Mass. 

Sandra Sward x-'6l and Lt. Kenneth Allen Maxwell on September 1, 1962 at Westerly, R.I. 

Sheila Komito '61 and B. William Levine on October 16, 1962 at Cleveland, Ohio. 

Toby Cohen '61 and Charles Allen Roover on December 19, 1961. 

Marilyn Jo Caruso '61 and Earl Thomas Crosby on May 12, 1962. 

Gwendolyn Ruth Johnson '61 and Brian Paul Redding on November 25, 1961. 

Barbara Kerzner '61 and Al Lerman on July 6, 1961. 

Judith Bazer '61 and James J. Yantosca on July 5, 1961. 

Elaine Schneiderman '61 and Howard Jay Ring on October 29, 1961. 

Marie Elena Pelargonio '61 and Philip Walker Hall on June 3, 1962. 

Gail Schneider '61 and Arthur Hurvitz on June 17, 1961. 

Martha Schoales '61 and David W. Vaughn on December 9, 1961. 

Linda Fait '61 and Donald Frederick York on March 3, 1962. 

Judith Planner '61 and James Michael Cassidy on September 9, 1961. 

Judith LeBaron x-'6l and Thomas Brewer on May 4, 1962. 



Sandra Arnold '62 and Lt. F. S. Repasky, USAF, on August 18, 1962 at Wakefield, Mass. 

Lucy Brunton '62 and William James Buckley, Jr. on June 23, 1962 at Needham, Mass. 

Leslie Lee Davis '62 and Michael Ross Hathaway on June 23, 1962 at Bethel, Maine. 

Linda Keisler x-'62 and Joseph B. Keating, Jr. on July 21, 1962 at Pound Ridge, N.Y. 

Ronna Kosowsky '62 and Victor David Kravitz on July 8, 1962 at Hartford, Conn. 

Nancy Martin '62 and Richard Augustus Phelps on June 30, 1962 at Scarsdale, N.Y. 

Carol Ann Miller '62 and Russell Hess Pekrul on September 8, 1962 at Glastonbury, Conn. 

Sarah Nutter '62 and Douglas Raynold Jowett on September 8, 1962 at Alfred, Maine. 

Linda Olsen x-'62 and Edwin Thomas Merritt on June 29, 1962 at Stratford, Conn. 

Priscilla Phelan '62 and John David Satterfield on September 8, 1962. 

Doretta Schleusener '62 and Robert W. Caldwell on July 28, 1962 at Athol, Mass. 

Elaine Sproul '62 and John Belham, Jr. on August 26, 1962 at Dennis, Mass. 

Phyllis Steinberg '62 and Bruce P. Barnett on August 28, 1962 at Maplewood, N.J. 

Mary Jane Webster x-'62 and Alan Louis Burr on June 23, 1962 at Fairfield, Conn. 

Toni Westcott x-'62 and Ronald Alan West on July 7, 1962 at Belfast, Maine. 

Susan Young '62 and Cassimer Whitman Boynton II on August 25, 1962 at Collinsville, Conn. 

Mrs. Henry J. Keigwin and Wedding 
Party I. to r.: Beverly Simpson '61, 
Theresa (Gourdeau) Hennigar '61, 
Elizabeth Howard '61, the bride, Bev- 
erly French '61, Elizabeth Campanaro 
'61 and Susan Campbell '61. 

Lt. and Mrs. Martin F. Bilafer 
(Carole Grieve '59) 




Gini, Lee and Bonnie Campbell 
(Natalie Hall '49) 

Gregory and Kerry Metzler 
(Virginia Zipf '57) 

To Ruth Nordstrand Emery '46, a fifth child, second daughter, Janet Louise, on April 27, 1962. 

To Carol Galligan Massard '48, a second son, Gareth Edward, on November 1, 1961. 

To Marilyn Newitt Jones '48, a fifth child, fourth daughter, Andrea, on May 3, 1962. 

To Shirley Olesen Somes '49, a third child, first daughter, Cynthia, on May 8, 1962: 

To Jean Sargent Lee '49, a daughter, Sally, on September 27, 1962. 

To Nancy Ann Houde Dyer '50, a son, Medford Alan, on September 24, 1962. 

To Mary Jane White Miller '51, a second daughter, Leslie, on October 14, 1962. 

To Mary Anne Amon Richter x-'52, a second daughter, Donna, on May 11, 1962. 

To Ruth Easterlind Cederberg '52, a fourth child, third daughter, JoAnne, on June 21, 1962. 

To Naomi Peck Kroner '52, a son, Matthew Robert, on August 2, 1962. 

To Donna Silver Peet '52, a daughter, Sharin Lynne, on August 2, 1962. 

To Nancy Whelton Herold '52, a son, David, on October 4, 1962. 

To Janet Pearson Hauck '53, a third child, first daughter, Julie Ann, on October 6, 1962. 

To Sheila Collins Frank '54, a son, Robert Jordan, Jr., on June 11, 1962. 

To Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler '54, a daughter, Brenda Ellen, on August 25, 1962. 

To Ann Olsen Schlubach '54, a third child, second son, Peter, on March 10, 1962. 

To Ruth Paetz Braun '54, a third child, first daughter, Lucy, on June 16, 1962. 

To Barbara Watts Rubino '54, a daughter, Nancy Ann, on April 25, 1962. 

To Terry Brossi Ciarcia '55, a son, Wayne David, on November 7, 1962. 

To Carole Darsky Giller '55, a third child, first daughter, on April 14, 1962. 

To Carol Farley Murgia '55, a second daughter, Paula, on August 26, 1962. 

To Donna Gearhart Leo '55, a son, Robert, on June 1, 1961. 

To Patricia Gura Conroy '55, a third son, Thomas, on July 7, 1962. 

To Nancy Lincoln Martin '55, a second child, first son, Dane, on December 26, 1961. 

To Jean Mills Einarson '55, a daughter, Sheryl, on August 1, 1962. 

To Joanne Larsen Bibber '55, a son, Edward, on July 31, 1962. 

To Helen Peters Guy '55, an adopted daughter, Gretchen, on April 20, 1962. 

To Phyllis Thompson Vesey '55, a third daughter, Dawn Mary, on June 18, 1962. 

To Mary Jane Tidman Bridges '55, a son, Peter, on March 13, 1962. 

To Nancy Ahlgren Tewes '56, a second child, first son, John Karl, on May 14, 1962. 

To Alicia Albright Kulp '56, a second daughter, Alicia, on July 10, 1962. 

To Betsy Belsterling Jordan '56, a daughter, Constance Mary, on July 11, 1962. 

To Judith Berger Hurwitz '56, a second child, first daughter, Robin, on August 21, 1962. 

To Elaine Bertini Roske '56, a son, Paul Dana, on May 15, 1962. 

To Beverly Breed Hovey '56, a third child, first son, William, on February 23, 1962. 

To Cynthia Christie Turner '56, twin daughters, on August 27, 1961. 

To Diane Jacobson Rosenberg '56, a second child, first daughter, Karen, on August 11, 1962. 



Robert Paul Leo 
(Donna Gearhart '55) 

Aki Furuhata 
(Miki Hattori '56) 



Donna and D'Ette La Rue 
(Cynthia Button '57) 

Lorraine and Gregory Gilbert 
(Sue Stroup '57) 

To Kaye Mackler Aronson '56, a son, Daniel Howard, on July 27, 1962. 

To Ann Marcus Simons '56, a daughter, Robyn Michele, on March 3, 1962. 

To Carol Phalen Swiggett '56, a son, Clifton, on September 14, 1962. 

To Evelyn Shear Pinsof '56, a daughter, Corinne, on May 22, 1962. 

To Barbara Bean James '57, a son, Richard Gerald, Jr., on October 9, 1962. 

To Sheila Graham Foley '57, a son, Thomas, on April 11, 1962. 

To Judith Leventhal Winer '57, a second child, first daughter, Lori-Jo, on December 12, 1961. 

To Barbara Letson Weaver '57, a second daughter, Laurie Susan, on October 23, 1961. 

To Lucile Martel Huggins '57, a second daughter, Carol Lauren, on August 28, 1962. 

To Barbara Reifenberger Hudelson '57, a daughter, Heather Jane, on October 9, 1961. 

To Barbara Brown Carlson x-'58, a son, John Robert, on July 22, 1962. 

To Elizabeth Hambro Burnes '58, a son, Donald Laing, on July 26, 1962. 

To Kirsten Harvey Brownell '58, a son, Stephen Michael, in April 1962. 

To Mary Landini Doyle '58, a daughter, Deborah Ann, on July 23, 1962. 

To Margaret Moore Watts '58, a son, Stephen Anthony, on February 22, 1962. 

To Brenda Pioppi Balboni '58, a son, David Dennis, on October 21, 1962. 

To Carolee Salowitz Silverman '58, a son, Charles Alan, on August 7, 1962. 

To Elaine Shanken Fischer '58, a son, Jonathan David, on June 22, 1962. 

To Marsha Singer Marshall '58, a second child, first daughter, Sharon, on January 23, 1962. 

To Christine Bergfalk King '59, a daughter, Alison Beth, on September 2, 1962. 

To Ann Blair Filardi '59, a son, Peter Andrew, on April 27, 1962. 

To Carol Brett Morse '59, a daughter, Wendy Helene, on December 21, 1961. 

To Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59, a daughter, Leigh Ann, on September 28, 1962. 

To Joanne Curtis Island '59, a son, David Clark, on October 20, 1962. 

To Ann Douglass Wood '59, a son, William Douglass, on August 29, 1962. 

To Brenda McLafferty Manchester '59, a third child, second son, Scott, on July 21, 1962. 

To Lyndell Mead Betzner '59, a son, Henry Edward III, on August 21, 1962. 

To Marilyn Miller Jennings '59, a daughter, on October 5, 1962. 

To Brenda Moors Sullivan '59, a second son, Todd, on February 26, 1962. 

To Marcia Rideout Stevens '59, a son, Mark Rideout, on May 25, 1962. 

To Nancy Rotman Duffy '59, a daughter, Robin Elizabeth, on July 23, 1962. 

To Diane Frankel Shulkin '60, a daughter, Pamela Sue, on May 15, 1962. 

To Paulette Goldberg Holliday '60, a daughter, Deena Lynn, on February 21, 1962. 

To Minna Golden Levin '60, a son, Lawrence Stuart, on June 13, 1962. 

To Judy Knaus Kopp '60, a son, Thomas, Jr., on April 28, 1962. 

To Georgia Beaumont Kettelle '61, a son, Bradford, on July 8, 1962. 

To Glenda Green Kadlac '61, a son, Todd Evans, on July 14, 1962. 

To Carol Healy Butterworth '61, a daughter, Susan, on October 3, 1962. 

To Kristine Kerr Bliss '61, a daughter, Elizabeth, on May 1, 1962. 

To Ellen Kottmeier Foster '61, a daughter, Virginia, on June 1, 1962. 

To Nancy Pickett Harrison '61, a son, David George, on September 30, 1962. 

To Lucinda Rowland Ward '61, a daughter, Johanna, on July 26, 1962. 

To Betsy Schwingel Sullivan '61, a daughter, Carrie Ann, on August 4, 1962. 




Dr. Tewksbury with 1902's Reunioners: 

Georgie Duncan Seavey, Bessie Fuller 

Perry and Cora Stone Trimmer. 

1887 - 1907 

Commencement greetings were received 
from Lasell's oldest graduate, Mercy Sinsa- 
baugh Ingalls '87, and from Nelly Feagles 
Kattelle, Edith Howe Kip, and Grace Wash- 
burn Hoskins of the Class of 1897. 

Georgie Duncan Seavey, Bessie Fuller Per- 
ry and Cora Stone Trimmer, celebrating 
their 60th Reunion, were luncheon guests at 
the home of Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury. Re- 
grets were sent by the following 1902-ers: 
Mary Buffinton Chace, Grace Bullock 
Gorham, Ellen Chase Wood, Laura Chase, 
Hattie McGregor and Alida Walter John- 

Notes from members of the Class of 1907 

Elizabeth Peirce Bittenbender: "A niece 
is being married that day, so it will be im- 
possible to accept the kind invitation to 
luncheon. My sister, Mildred Peirce Wise 
'06, had a delightful time with you both 
last year. My two years at Lasell will always 
be remembered with pleasure and the friends 
made there will always be treasured." 

Daisy Gilbert Buck: "Do hope Cornelia 
Eaton Sutton and I will be able to join you 
on June 9, 1962." 

Fern Dixon Leahy: "Regret that I will not 
be able to accept your kind invitation to 
luncheon on June the ninth. My thoughts 

and good wishes will be with you on that 
happy day." 

Carre Fuller Eldridge: "It is most kind 
to invite the members of the Class of 1907 
to the President's Home for luncheon on 
Alumnae Day. I am a member 'by courtesy' 

— I was a 'special' student at the Seminary 

— or what Dr. Bragdon called 'an unfinished 
product'. Very best wishes to all." 

Lilian Douglass Heeb: "Regret I cannot 
be in Auburndale in June — I shall be on 
a trip to Canada and the Seattle Fair. With 
much pleasure I remember the delightful 
tea with Mrs. Tewksbury at your home last 
fall. It is always gratifying to hear of 
Lasell's growth." 

Carrie Sessions Dodge : "Regret very much 
that I am unable to accept the luncheon in- 
vitation. Mr. Dodge and I are joining friends 
at White Sulphur at that very time. Do wish 
I could manage at some future date to visit 
Lasell. Know I would find all the improve- 
ments most interesting and exciting. Very 
best good wishes to all." 

Helen Carter Johnson: "Regret I am so 
far away from Lasell and seldom have an 
opportunity to revisit the College. Am look- 
ing forward to a July visit with my former 
roommate, Florence Stark Hoyt x-'08. Best 
wishes always to Lasell." 

Etta Handy was enjoying a European tour 
at Reunion time. 




Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

(Clara Parker), Secretary 
8 High Street, Goffstown, New Hampshire 

Twelve members of the Class of 1912 and 
one Special, Grace Douglass Schindler, met 
for our successful 50th Reunion on June 
9th. It was a perfect June day in Auburn- 
dale, and we were luncheon guests at the 
home of President and Mrs. Blake Tewks- 

Here are a few of the notes written to 
you who were not able to join us: 

Dear Girls, It seemed like old times to 
see so many of our class at our Fiftieth Re- 
union, but we missed the ones who could 
not come. I am looking forward to meeting 
you at our 75th. Love to all, 

Dorothea Africa 

Dear 1912, It's just like old times and 
everybody looks the same only wiser and 
more mature. Here's hoping we are all here 
for the 75th. Love to you all, 

Ruth Bachelder Luscombe 

Dear "Girls" of 1912, We are having a 
really wonderful reunion, the only thing to 
make it better would be to have the absent 
ones here. However we have enjoyed hav- 
ing the many nice letters from those of you 
who couldn't come. Lasell is lovely as usual 
and this is a perfect Commencement week- 
end. Best to all. Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Dear Girls, We're having just the best, 

happy time and have missed those of you 

who could not come. See you in five years. 

Miriam Flynn Speth 

Dear Girls, Here we are sitting in Dr. 
Tewksbury's delightful home having our 
little meeting. We all are fine, no wheel- 
chairs in sight. We do miss you all and 
hope we can all get here for our 75th. 
Bunny Lincoln Biers 

(Bunny had just returned from a trip to 
Spain and Portugal.) 

Dear Girls, We missed you all and you 
all missed a fine luncheon. Marjorie and 
Jane are staying with me and renewing old 
times, don't really feel as old as we are. 
Good luck and love to you, 

Rosalthe Williams Picard 

Ten letters and notes from 1912 and fine 
answers from Specials. 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil writes that she is 
very sorry she can't be with us as her hus- 
band is very ill. She has lived in New 
York City for thirty three years after living 
in California. She says, "All this time I 
have kept up singing, inspired originally 
by our Miss Goodrich at Lasell. About 
fourteen years ago I started singing in hos- 
pitals, giving programs in the wards — fi- 
nally concentrated on Bellevue Hospital 
where adult patients had no recreation of 

any kind." She is Chairman of Medical and 
Surgical Recreation. Her daughter Agnes, 
her husband and four children live in Green- 
wich, Conn., but are moving to Washing- 
ton, D.C. She says, "I have had many trag- 
edies in my life, the loss of my first hus- 
band, my son at the age of 23 — but can 
still feel the joy of life — and believe that 
the years at Lasell made me self reliant and 
eager to pursue interests outside myself." 
My love to you all. Ever, Agnes. 

r Emily Butterworth Pritchard and her hus- 
band live in Clearwater, Florida, enjoy it 
very much, have an apartment overlooking 
Clearwater Bay. She says, "A great tragedy 
entered our lives a year ago. We lost our 
younger boy. Many of you have had sim- 
ilar sorrows and know what it means. He 
left three lovely children and we are de- 
voted not only to them but to his little wid- 
ow, who is carrying on very bravely. They 
live in Columbus, Ohio. My love and very 
best wishes to all of you and if ever anyone 
of you comes to this neck of the woods do 
look me up." 

Hi Everybody, Am sorry that you all 
couldn't have been with us at Lasell. 
We've had a very nice reunion and the 
Tewksburys were most hospitable to us 
old "girls." It was good to have news from 
so many of you who couldn't come but 
wish there had been more letters. If any of 
you are in Philadelphia, please let me 
know. My telephone number is Chestnut 
Hill 7-4878. Best to each of you. 

Annie Merrill David 

Dear "Girls", I am in Florida from De- 
cember 1st until the first of May at 1301 
N. Fenell St., Plant City, Florida. 

Ethel Moore Richardson 

Dear Girls of 1912, We have had a won- 
derful day for our reunion, a delicious 
lunch at Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury's. It was 
such fun to see those who were here and en- 
joyed hearing from those who could not 
come. Emily, I hope we can get together in 
Florida. I have a friend in Clearwater; 
when I visit her I'll look you up. It's a 
pretty nice place to live, isn't it? Marjorie 
and I are staying with Rosalthe, will stop to 
see Marjorie on the way home. Hope we 
can get together in another five years. Love, 
Jane Parsons Westervelt 

Dear Everyone of our 1912 Class, How 
we wish you were with us to renew that 
glorious day, Monday, June 11, 1912, when 
tears flowed so freely — remember? One 
interesting thing today was to see the Class 
of 1902 who ate lunch with us. They 
looked younger than we do ! The President 
of the Alumnae urged us to be here for 
our 75th. Keep well — all good wishes to 
each and everyone. Lovingly, 

Marjorie Risser Blackwell 



Luncheon Guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury — Delegates from 
the Classes of 1902 and 1912. The 50th Reunion group includes: Marjorie Risser 
Blackwell, Rosalthe Williams Picard, Clara Parker Colby, Ruth Coulter Bierer, 
Ethel Moore Richardson, Jane Parsons Westervelt, Bernice Lincoln Beers, Mary 
Starr Utter Maxson, Annie Merrill David, Ruth Bachelder Luscombe, Miriam 
Flynn Speth, Dorothea Africa and Grace Douglass Schindler. 

Hi, all of you who could not meet with 
us today. We have had such a wonderful 
reunion and delightful luncheon with Dr. 
and Mrs. Tewksbury at their home. And we 
look pretty young too. Love and best wishes 
to you all. Clippy — there are three others 
who use canes. Pretty good? 

Mary Starr Utter Maxson 

Elizabeth Edson writes "Since I have the 
dubious distinction of being the only un- 
married member of the Class of 1912 (not 
so, Elizabeth) I do not have an immediate 
family to report on. I do have a cousin, 
Peter Edson. a newspaper columnist in 
Washington. He has a charming wife and 
two dear little girls who are a joy to me 
and in whom I take a real grandmotherly 
interest." Elizabeth took a two-year secre- 
tarial course at Columbia University but 
did not work until 1925. Then for 10 
years she was in the office of John D. Rock- 
efeller, Jr., followed by six years in Wil- 
liamsburg. In 19-13 she went to Washington 
where she has been ever since, worked in 
the State Department in the section dealing 
with Latin American affairs. She retired 
about four years ago, but is still busy three 
days a week in the library of a Veteran's 
Hospital, one day a week in another hospi- 
tal, taking a course in French conversation 
and active in the Unitarian Church's many 

activities. She has kept in touch with Char- 
lotte Lesh Coats, visited Charlotte and her 
husband Roy in Indianapolis last year and 
the year before and had a good visit this 
spring with Charlotte and her sister Helen 
when they went through Washington. 

May Goodwillie Townsend was sorry not 
to be able to come to Lasell. She says, "Our 
daughter lives in New Jersey but we man- 
age to visit them two or three times during 
the year which is lots of fun. The seven 
grandchildren are growing up fast — two 
are already at the college age. My love to 
all the 'girls'. I would love to have been 
with them today. It has been so many years 
since I have seen any one of our class." 

Mildred Hall Leber was not well and 
could not come to the reunion. I saw her 
and her husband, Dr. Leber, in Florida this 
past winter and she was very well and 
looked just fine. (CPC) 

Orra Hammond Pomeroy wrote that she 
could not come to our 50th reunion. 

Florence Jones Allen writes "I am very 
sorry that I cannot be at Lasell with you to 
enjoy seeing each one of you amid the old 
surroundings I loved so much in the very 
happy days at school." Her daughter, Nan- 
cy, who married Mary Starr's son, Max, 
live in Charlotte, North Carolina. They 
have three children, Kathryn (another 



Jonesy) Billy, and Nancy. Their son Tom, 
with his wife and two children — Nancy and 
Bobby, live in Hinsdale. Florence and her 
husband went to Winter Park, Florida, but 
came back to Birmingham, Michigan, where 
they bought a smaller house. Address, 2348 
Northlawn Drive. 

Marion Joslin Oppenheimer says "Would 
so love to see all you girls again at Lasell 
and Boston, but as you know it is impos- 
sible for me to travel alone." We saw them 
at Long Boat Key, Clippy looked wonderful, 
but had to use a cane. She says, "Will had 
his pocket picked as we boarded the plane 
coming home. The next week wallet, driv- 
er's license, etc. were returned by mail from 
Tampa — all intact except $80.00 cash. 
Honor among thieves!!" 

Charlotte Lesh Coats writes "Since I can't 
be with you here is a word picture — I'm 
plumper by several pounds, grayer, tho' not 
white yet, not very agile, wrinkled round 
face. Anyway I'm happy and busy and en- 
joying life. Have just returned from a trip 
to Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., 
coming home by way of Williamsburg. 
Elizabeth Edson went to Williamsburg with 
us so we had a good visit. She is very well 
and good fun to be with. Our only child 
lives south of Los Angeles. She has a 
daughter and two sons. I used to think I 
worked very hard, but I'm exhausted when 
I hear what she does each day. There 
never seems to be enough hours in the day 
to do all the things I want to do. Now if 
you want to know anything more about 
me you'll have to come to 7210 Washing- 
ton Boulevard, Indianapolis, to find out." 

Elinor Ryan Hixenbaugh writes "It has 
been so long since I was in touch with any 
of you. I suppose I should give a brief 
biography. To go back fifty years, I mar- 
ried a student from the University of Ne- 
braska whom I met on the Ford Peace ship. 
We used to joke that our children were the 
only tangible results of that Expedition. We 
have two sons, the older one lives near us 
at Melbourne Beach and has two sons ■ — 
one entering the University of Florida this 
fall. The other son lives in Pittsburgh and 
has two girls and two sons. They get down 
to see us about every year." After Elinor 
and her husband retired in 1959 they took 
a six months trip to Europe, then came to 
Florida. They moved in January I960 "when 
like a bolt out of the blue came my stroke, 
paralyzing my right side." She has recov- 
ered sufficiently so that she can do most 
things around the house with the help of a 
cane. They feel they have a delightful life, 
only three miles from Cape Canaveral 
where so many interesting people live and 
so many things are going on. 

Clara Trowbridge says "I regret ex- 
ceedingly that I will not be able to attend 
the reunion. I had looked forward to it 
during the year, but I have an invitation to 
go with three other friends to the West 
Coast. We are planning to be gone from 
Memorial Day until July. Give my best to 
everyone. May the years deal kindly with 
you and give you all happiness and content- 

Barbara Clark Colby states "I am so in- 
volved with the World's Fair here in Seat- 
tle I ,will not be able to attend the 50th 

Grace Douglass Schindler attended the 
50th reunion and we were all glad to see 

Hazel Drew Adair could not attend. 

Frances May Holdman says, "I do hope 
that each and everyone will have a won- 
derful time." 

Sara E. Shuttleworth Howert writes "I 
hope the reunion is a great success. Sorry 
I cannot attend." 

Pearl Townsend spent four years in 
Teachers College, Columbia University, 
graduating in 1916. For eight years she 
taught Home Economics in Normal School, 
public school and college, three wonderful 
years at Tift College, Forsyth, Georgia. 
She then came home but has been very busy 
and happy working with many organiza- 
tions. She wishes she were nearer Mary 
and her brother and their children and 
grandchildren. "To those who do not know 
where Greenwich, New York, is we are 
about forty miles north of Albany and sev- 
enteen miles east of Saratoga Springs. A 
welcome is out to any of you who may drive 
this way. Best wishes for a successful and 
happy Reunion." 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln Street, Manchester, Mass. 

News gleaned from the Class Letter re- 
ceived in August 1962: 

Ida Laubenstein Moyer's husband wrote 
the glad news that Ida is much better this 
year than last, for which we all are most 

Martha Schumann Laubenstein is busy 
as ever with her large family. 

Katherine Bingaman Heron enclosed a 
picture of her lovely new daughter-in-law 
so we know she is to be congratulated. 
Katherine and her sister, Mary Hannah 
(Bingaman '14) are busy with trips and al- 
ways seem to find many old Lasell friends 
wherever they go. Florida seems to be a 
Mecca for Lasell girls! 



Elizabeth Beach Bierer, in her letter, 
planned upon a trip to Spain and we won- 
der if she did have that wonderful experi- 
ence. Next letter will tell. 

Ada Patterson, we are sorry to say, is 
housed pretty much with arthritis, a weak 
heart, and diabetes; but the good sport that 
she is, she writes that she still enjoys all 
the many trips she took in the past. How 
fortunate she is to have such memories ! 

Bess Emerine sent a fine picture of her- 
self holding the very little son of Bess' 
Godson. Bess faces an eye operation in the 
not-too-far future and we wish her our best 
for a speedy and successful recovery. 

Florence Evans Valpey enjoys seeing Ma- 
ria Riker Hume '09 whenever Maria comes 
to Cincinnati to visit her daughter. 

Margrethe Bauman told of a letter from 
Edna Christensen Beckwith who was flying 
with her husband to Copenhagen, Denmark 
to attend a friend's wedding. 

Catherine Carter Rasbach wrote a won- 
derfully interesting letter describing a re- 
cent trip through the Hawaiian Islands. The 
word pictures she painted made us all wish 
we might catch the next boat. 

Myrtle Brix Spangler is just as busy as 
ever not only with her grandchildren, but 
with all the little refugee children she and 
her committee are trying to place in homes 
here in our country for International Social 

Katherine Hoag Norgren and her husband 
had an interesting visit recently with a for- 
mer coach of the University of Chicago, 
Mr. Stagg, who, in August will celebrate 
his 100th birthday. 

Gladys Wilkes McCutchen and her hus- 
band are enjoying their retirement years in 
a new little home in Waco, Texas (6106 
Caldwell Dr.) The pictures she sent are 
lovely and show that Gladys is the same 
dear girl. 

Ethel Murray Kuykendall and her hus- 
band certainly are enjoying life and real 
living, taking each day as it comes. They 
are a fine example to follow! 

Irene Apfelbaum Livingstone's daughter- 
in-law, Myra, has recently published another 
book: "See What I Found." 

Clara Paton Suhlke is our Class Politician 
and we should add, our Official Greeter to 
all the many Lasell friends who seek Flor- 
ida sunshine. 

Ida Beane Rice is the President of "Friends 
of Framingham" — a group of people inter- 
ested in helping women who become side- 
tracked along the road through life. Ida is 
helping to raise funds to build a Halfway 
House that will allow gradual transition 
for released prisoners. 

Evelina Perkins is happy in the Deacon- 
ess Home — always busy and planning 

for others' good times. In October she is 
having the D.A.R. meeting of her chapter 
there at the Home so the other guests 
there may share in it. Perk also hopes to 
get to Florida in time for the Lasell Lunch- 
eon at Ft. Lauderdale. 

Vilette Peck Crawshaw is busy taking 
care of a relative. 

Sara Lane Wilton, x-'15, is happy as ever 
in her little Rockport home. Sara and her 
husband are joining Harry and me at a pic- 
nic, and we wish more might be with us. 

Madeline Farmer Ryder, x-'15, repre- 
sented our class at the Tenth Birthday of 
the Lasell Alumnae Fund held at Lasell on 
April 6th and 7th. Madeline is a loyal La- 
sell daughter if ever there was one ! 

Nell Woodward Collins and husband 
Harry are just the same. They have not ac- 
complished anything unusual themselves 
but are basking in the glory of their son's 
and granddaughter's near mastery of Mt. 
Fuji in Japan. They were within 2000 feet 
of the summit when the lack of oxygen 
forced them to quit. But that's the time 
to use common sense and we are relieved 
they used it! 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 E. 48th Street, New York, N.Y. 

Jess Shepherd Brennan reports a fine No- 
vember visit — "luncheon and gab-fest" ■ — 
with Helen Saunders. The Brennans will 
spend the holidays in New Hampshire, and 
she sends "Best good wishes to one and 

And of the New York visit Helen Saun- 
ders reports: "Also saw Nora Haywood 
Rodd, and was sorry to have missed — by 
only a few days — Julia Lipps, who was in 
Virginia. It was fun catching up on the 
news — and the good old Lasell spirit 
ran high." 

For the benefit of 1917-ers, who may have 
missed the September issue of the Leaves, 
we repeat the notes from Marjorie Morrison 
Coburn, who kindly took care of reunion 
mailing and questionnaires: 

Wilda Berkey Cartland x-'l6: Just 
couldn't make it — would like to hear from 
our Class — 25 Charlestown Street, Clare- 
mont, N. H. Greetings to all who remem- 
ber her. 

Florence Bell Merrill: Recovering from 
hospital visit. Active in outside and family 

Mid Strain Nutter: Fractured pelvic bone 
April 19th. Invited all to the annual pic- 
nic at her summer home in Pocasset on 
August 14. 



Commencement Luncheon — 1962 

Ruth Burnap Jones: Just returned from 
trip to Virginia, Washington, D. C, Mon- 
ticello and New York City. Ruth's hus- 
band's reunion plans coincided with ours. 

Dorothy Redmond Jones had just re- 
turned from Pennsylvania, New York and 
Massachusetts. Sent greetings to all. 

Gertrude Allen: New address: 825 Coral 
Way, Coral Gables, Florida. Has been op- 
erating a guest house on the Cape, but 
leaves June 20th for Florida. 

Alice Jenks Nickerson: Away the week- 
end of Commencement. Her husband now 

Lenette Rogers Atkinson: Hopes to make 
the 50th. 

Eugenia Skinner Shorrock: Arrived in 
time for luncheon and Crowning of Queen, 
then returned to Alton Bay where she is for 
the summer. She operates a general store, 
real estate office, is a Justice of Peace, and 
owns a wild animal farm. 

Helen Lesh Zerfas: Recently returned 
from a trip with her sister and husband 
to Washington, D.C., Williamsburg and 
through Virginia. Asked especially for the 
whereabouts of Lillian Laffey Scott. 

Fannie Gates Frey: Sorry not to come — 
she and Max were leaving by plane for 
Seattle World's Fair. 

Helen Stephen Sterley: 189 North Man- 
or Avenue, Kingston, New York. Sorry 
not to make reunion. Reported a phone 
call from Edith Holman Dolliver x-'17. 
Edith's address is 2544 East Third Street, 
Long Beach 14, California. Saw Jess (Shep- 
herd Brennan) in New York and visited 
over luncheon table a few years ago. 

Marjorie Morrison Coburn: Lives at 79 
Lloyd Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island, 
since the passing of my husband in '59. 
Spend summers in Lake Forest, Illinois. 
Thanks to all for answering my notes. 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Road, West Medford, Mass! 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

315 San Juan Road, Watsonville, Calif. 

I was never so proud of the Class of 1922 
as on Alumnae Day when I announced our 
Reunion* Gift to the 1962-63 Alumnae 
Fund of $552.50 from 24 contributors. 

A note of thanks has come from "Mac" — 
and I am convinced we do not look our 
years for she refers to our 35th Reunion. 
At times I'm sure we didn't act our years 
during That Day — the best reunion we've 
ever had. We only know that those of 
you who so sincerely wanted to be with 
us were greatly missed. We had replies 
from 33 of our remaining 61 members. '22 
always was and always will be GREAT. 

News from those who returned: 

Carolyn Badger Seybolt: She is a most 
gracious person. A daughter and two 
grandsons agree with her. 

Iverna Birdsall Lutze came with her hus- 
band — most co-operative as our only 
"photographer," and a most willing chauf- 

Dorothy Caldwell Jordan: Her two sons 
and a daughter bring seven active grand- 
children to the house. She has decided 
not to take a position at Northeastern Uni- 
versity — just relax a bit. 

Harriette Case Bidwell: Running around 
in circles is Casey's forte. Her youngest, 
Jane, was to be married on July 7th; her 
other daughters, Sarah and Charlotte, have 
a compliment of four children so one can't 
grow old that-a-way. Casey took over the 
arrangement of our class insignia — white 
roses with '22 green labels. 

Violet Comley Peirce: We were glad Vi 
could make the luncheon. A family of 
two boys, a girl and an engagement party 
kept her away from the evening affairs. 

Sarah F. Crane: It is always so nice of 
Sarah to come from Vermont. She is the 
same quiet-spoken Sarah. 

Florence Day Wentworth: Whatever 
would Reunion be without Flossie! Her 
plea to Phyllis to "please eat a bit of 
lunch, dear" brought forth a "can't because 
I'd rather talk"; the use of her gay flow- 
ered hat as a centerpiece at our most suc- 
cessful dinner party at The Simpson House; 
and her statement that she could "see a fly 
ten miles away without glasses" just 
brought one laugh after another. 

Grace Gates Brown: Two daughters and 
a son — and you didn't mention grand- 
children, or did you? 



From 1922 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm: Yes, George 
was there, and enjoyed Reunion as much 
as the rest of us. And how proud they are 
of Nancy and their doctor-son, Gifford. 

Josephine Holbrook Metzger: Now 
there's a loyal Lasell girl. She was among 
the first to be with Phyllis when she ar- 
rived on the East Coast to make final the 
end of a long journey for "Medico." 
Daughter Lynn (Metzger Pharo '45) has two 
darling children. 

Eleanor Knight Bowering: Because of her 
continuing profession as an organist, she 
couldn't make the luncheon. Arrived in 
time for dinner and it was good to have 
her join the party. 

Marjorie Lovering Harris: Proud of Ann 
(Harris Hughes '55) and two grandsons in 
nearby Bedford, and son, Dean. Most 
grateful for the kind hospitality of Toni 
(Meritt '23) and Wilder Smith for their 
"open house," and sending sincere thanks 
to all who helped make our 40th a huge 
success; to husband and Dad for tolerat- 
ing phone calls, letter-wiring, and the pile 
of data assembled on the dinner table; and 
to Ann — an extra thank-you for decipher- 
ing and typing this report. 

Elizabeth Madeira Campbell: We couldn't 
ever get along without her droll humor. 

When she appeared at Plummer, sporting 
dark glasses, a call from Casey to "take off 
those glasses," brought a return of "can't, 
they're hiding the bags under my eyes." She 
and Laurence are ever travelling. 

Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker: Last, but 
certainly far from least. A wonderful 
trip East — arrived in New Jersey on May 
6th — on to Boston for the Trustees' 
Meeting and Pops; and then, try to find 
her for the next two weeks — here and 
there in Maine, Cape Cod and all of Great- 
er Boston. I'm sure when "Mac" McClel- 
land called to the parading reunioners: 
"we'll go this way — it will be easier 
for you," and Phyllis answered, "we're 
lucky we can walk," she was referring to 
the mileage covered in the New England 
states. She was awarded "the most distant 
travelling" prize — a book of Colonial 
Boston by Marjorie Rhoades Ross, whom 
we wished might have presented the gift 
in person. My thanks to Phyllis for her 
share of letter-writing, and for her 
thoughtfulness in sending the delicate lei 
direct from Hawaii. 

And — now — the news of classmates 
who couldn't make Reunion: 

Frances Angel Levenson: Had accepted 
and at the last moment family plans made 



it impossible to attend. She caught up on 
Lasell news, when she attended the wed- 
ding of Miriam Chollett Bershon's son. 
Frances and her husband travel on business 
to Tokyo, Amsterdam and many European 

Vera Clauer Hans: Every day is a busy 
one for Vera, but she promises to be on 
hand for our 45th. 

Ethelle Cleale Collett: Close ties at Lasell 
with Nancy Collett Hendricks '47 and Linda 
'60, now attending the University of Maine. 
A threesome of Colletts for Lasell. 

Miriam Dailey Taylor: Three daughters 
and seven grandchildren, plus a host of 
committee activities give her a fine out- 
look. She says, "I don't mind growing old 
as long as I keep my health — but 40 years 
out of Lasell — WOW!" 

Naomi Davis Jones: Telephoned Jo Hol- 
brook Metzger and sent love and a sincere 
wish she might have come. 

Virginia Emmott Orr: A trip to Ohio 
cancelled Reunion plans. 

Jean Field Faires: Now why did you have 
to visit the hospital on June 9th? Phyllis 
stopped to visit en route home, so we know 
you had a detailed report. We missed you, 

Helene Grashorn Dickson: We were so 
sure rain, hail or snow wouldn't keep you 
from Reunion. It was not the 6V^ grand- 
children; business is business. 

Cecile Loomis Stuebing: Has not been 
back since 1923. Daughter, Sally, has two 
little daughers; son, Ted, recently married 
most happily to a "tailor-made" family. 
We'll have to talk Marge Loomis Colling- 
wood '21 and Sis into returning in '67. 

Edrie Mahaney Rathburn: So sorry your 
plans didn't work out. Better luck next 

Marjorie Norris England x-'22; And Sau- 
gus is so nearby . . . we had high hopes. 

Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt: We too were 
disappointed that back kept your "driving 
foot" from the go pedal. 

Margaret Reid Perry: We were sorry 
other plans kept Peg in New York, but we 
were grateful for the wonderful picture of 
her and Nels. Golf, hospital work and trav- 
elling certainly agree with Peg. 

Thelma Schweitzer White: Thelma gets 
the prize — eight grandchildren. Son, 
George, plans to take over the drug store 
for "Serge." 

Barbara Smith Huntington: No one tried 
harder to arrange a trip to Auburndale 
than Babs, but loyal daughter that she is 
to our good friend, Mrs. Smith Corbin, it 
wasn't a wise move. Babs continues to 
teach voice and music, and in addition 
keeps busy as "cook, laundress, gardener, 
chauffeur and what-have-you." 

Edna Starrett Mathewson : A July trip 
to Boston cancelled Lasell plans. I hope to 
contact Edna when she is visiting her 

Dorothy Smith Stefanides: Busy with a 
family of three — "all four-legged." 

Louise Stevens Prince: It is heartbreak- 
ing indeed to write sad news in a Reunion 
report. Our deepest sympathy to Louise, 
to her mother, Mrs. William Stevens, to 
Janet White MacLure '49 and to Marilyn 
Prince Karcher x-'49. Louise's sister, Mari- 
on Stevens White Webber '21 and her 
husband, Dr. Samuel R. Webber, were 
drowned in a boating accident near Calais, 
Maine on May 30, 1962. 

Elizabeth Tarr Benton: Can't blame her 
for not turning down the trip to Italy, 
Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Eng- 

Theresa Thompson Osborne: To know 
that Don is an excellent believer in follow- 
ing doctor's orders, and to learn that you 
have been appointed a Trustee of the 
College is wonderful news. And it was a 
"heart-warming and jolly get-together." 

Marie Washburn Higgins: Well, now . . . 
how about having an obstetrician in the 
family and having sister come home to be 
under his care. I am sure you were needed 
at home, but we were sorry you were not 
able to attend the graduation from Lasell 
of your niece, Pamela Washburn '62. 

Mary Lou Weymouth Thompson: You 
and Theresa must get together five years 
from now — - make it one car from Belfast. 

Olive Whitehead Denker: Family mat- 
ters rightfully deserve priority. So sorry 
you were not with us. 

Lilian Wood (Pierce) Wood: The turn 
of events does work in various ways — now 
you are a "Wood" again. Do correct the 
lady who chastised you. We all can fully 
realize your busy days as executive sec- 
retary of the Wheaton College Alumnae 

And in closing ... a most sincere thank 
you to all who so kindly contributed to 
the Alumnae Fund; and that includes our 
Honorary 1922-er, Helen Gresley, as gra- 
cious and as loyal as any Lasell graduate, 
and so much a part of our Reunions; and 
an extra thank you to one and all, who 
helped to make 1922's 40th Reunion a 
wondrously happy day. 


Note: Class News in this issue is 
limited to Reunion reports and 
items submitted by individual 
class secretaries. 




Mrs. David Rosen 

( Rosalie Brightman ) , Secretary 

404 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 

The 35th Reunion of the Class of '27 was 
filled with a warmth and spirit that almost 
compensated for the lack in numbers. 
Attending were: Georgia Parrish Campbell 
'26, Esther Josselyn, Ruth Woodman Hig- 
ginbotham, Rosalie Brightman Rosen, Cath- 
erine Worrall Flint '28, Letty Krause Eyer, 
Rosanna McConnell Wallis, Nan Pagin 
Page, Betty Almy Lincoln. 

From Minnie Remick Dandison — a pic- 
ture and a note telling us that she and 
Basil had just returned from Europe for 
she was going "to take care of her grand- 
child while another one arrives in the 
world." "While taking care of my pre- 
cious grandson, another daughter arrives 
from California for the summer and my 
son, a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, com- 
pletes his 3-year service and plans to go to 
graduate school." 

Eugenie McEdwards Bunting tells us 
that she has five grandchildren also that 
"Jeannie is still home with us and finishing 
her Junior year at high school. She was 
with us in Laos for 16 months — and in 
Bangkok for two after we were evacuated 
from Laos. Travelling to and from Asia, 
plus the experiences we had in Laos, were 
most enjoyable. Now I am having the 
pleasure of presenting programs on Laos 
to Women's Clubs throughout the State ■ — ■ 
I learned how to take pictures while there 
and got some very good colored slides of 
people and conditions in Southeast Asia. 
Our oldest son has his own law office and 
is the first legally trained magistrate in 
Cranbury. The other two boys live in the 
Chicago area." 

Madalyn Patten Hoberg tells us that 
her husband is still very active in the prac- 
tice of law but that they did get away for 
a Mediterranean cruise this spring. "My 
mother comes from Maine each fall to 
spend the winter and then returns East 
in the spring. Our daughter lives close by 
in San Francisco and has two children." 

Christine Oby Jones says: "although Can- 
ton is still our official home, we spend 
about three months a year in Ft. Lauder- 
dale where we have a house. We also have 
a boat which we are about to bring up the 
Intracoastal Waterway up the Hudson Riv- 
er and the Barge Level to Buffalo and 
then across Lake Erie to Cedar Point." 

In a letter to Rosie McConnell Wallis, 
we learned that Pauline LeClaire Reiter left 

Grandma Minnie Remick Dandison '27 
and Andrew 

in May for a trip to the Near East ■ — ■ 
Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and 
Greece with a tour of the Greek Islands. 

At the luncheon it was announced that 
the Class of 1927 had made a generous con- 
tribution to the 1962-63 Alumnae Fund in 
memory of our good friend, the late Mari- 
esta Howland Bloom '26. After the lunch- 
eon and much talk, we wandered around 
to our various houses — Carpenter, Clark, 
and Gardner, comparing and reminiscing 
and reliving the all too-short days we had 
spent there. The Crowning of Lasell Queen, 
always a beauty (and this year no excep- 
tion ) , was followed by a lawn reception 
where Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury welcomed 
and received in their specially cordial way. 

We held our Reunion dinner at the 
"Pillars" where we shared a charming room 
with reunioning 1932. With our own 
green and gold Class colors and flowers, 
we were festive, the dinner was delicious, 
and fun was had by all. 

On Sunday afternoon — all reunioning 
classmates were invited to my home for 
cocktails, where we continued to catch 
up on the doings in our lives and reminded 
each other of so many almost-forgotten 
incidents at Lasell. 

Thus ended our 35th. We all agreed 
that the years had been kind and that we 
were easily recognized. Let us hope that 5 
years from now we shall be as intact as a 
Class and that many more will return. 
There is more to tell about classmates, but 
I shall save that portion for the next issue 
of the Leaves. 



And Who's Talking at the End of the Table? 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 
( Katharine Hartman ) , Secretary 
Cold Spring Harbor, New York 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden Street, Belmont, Mass. 

Thanks to a "personal" contact at Lasell, 
The Class of 1932 were assigned The 
Alumnae Lounge (located on the second 
floor of Plummer) for Reunion Day. There 
we met — coffee-d - gabbed - and "lined 
up" for Luncheon. Attending were Edie 
Parsons Booth, Julia Case, Helane Jones 
Pressel, Thelma Macfarland Bates, Bib 
Page Sealey, Marge Tarbell Quandt, Elinor 
Small Domina, Louise Russell Heusen, 
Gertrude Hooper Ring, Gertrude Dupuis 
McGrath, Natalie Park, Katharine Hartman 
Macy. Carolyn Sproat Spigner was accom- 
panied by her daughter, Flora Spigner 
Collier x-'6l; Betty Parrish Newman came 
with her sister Georgia Parrish Campbell 
'26 and Ruth Kniep Blanchard's Father, 
Mr. T. C. Kniep braved the gabby crowd. 
The Pillar House in Newton Lower Falls 
was the scene of our joint dinner gathering 
with the Class of 1927. Fran Turner Sleigh, 

Muriel Morse Henrich, Marge MacClymon, 
and Betty Parrish'^ daughter, Patricia New- 
man x-'63 joined us there. 

The day was all too short — but a most 
happy one. We missed each and every ab- 
sent one — how about next time, please? 
News from the questionnaires: 
Helen Fitch. Foley: "And now I am a 
grandmother ! My eldest daughter, Connie 
(who lives in Syracuse, N.Y.) has two 
adorable boys — James Scott, age 2, and 
Thomas Philip, age 4. My oldest boy, Wil- 
liam — we call him "Bud," was married 
two years ago and is finishing his second 
year at the University of Maine — after 
spending 4 years in the Air Force as an 
instructor of Basic Radio — Radar and 
Electronics at Biloxi, Mississippi. Elizabeth 
— or "Libby" — is a second year student 
at Gorham State Teachers College. Judy is 
a Junior at Portland High School and hopes 
for a career in journalism. Paul is in the 
8th grade — Kathy is in the 6th grade, 
and Ricky is in the 2nd grade. With this 
family, and a nine-room house, you may 
see that I do not have much time for any- 
thing else! So sorry I cannot be with 
you and the other girls (and I do mean 



girls!) this year — will be looking forward 
to 1967!" 

Mildred J. Guyett: "My hobby is taking 
trips. I do enjoy travelling and seeing 
the country." 

Lou'se Russell Heuser x-'32: "My husband 
passed away suddenly April 23, 1962. I 
have been working for some time now as 
department manager for silverware, clocks, 
and watches in Gilchrist Company, Boston, 
Mass. Mary Louise, my daughter, is married 
and living in Scituate, Mass. William R. is 
with the Air Force in North Africa and 
David is stationed in Germany." 

Agnes Metcalf Connon: "May not get 
to the Reunion because my son may be 
home on leave at that time and, needless 
to say, I want to be with him. It would, 
however, be nice to see you all — really 
doesn't seem possible that thirty years have 
passed. I am still living in New Vernon, 
New Jersey and have one son presently at 
the Great Lakes Training Center. My main 
interest is still my music. For the past few 
years have been teaching piano (my last 
training being at Lasell). Now have about 
25 pupils so that keeps me busy every 
afternoon. In the summer, of course, I 
enjoy the garden. My days of P.T.A. have 
gone so I fill in the time with church 
work. I was pleased to have Babe's daugh- 
ter visit me recently. She is doing graduate 
work at Rutgers. I talked to Mr. Whitney 
on the phone not long ago. He is a really 
remarkable gentleman. If any '32ers live 
near by or are passing through I would 
be so happy to see you. Have fun at the 
Reunion and I will be thinking of you all." 

Gene Loomis Flagler: "Just back from a 
quick trip to Texas — my husband and I 
met at my sister's home, Cecile Loomis 
Stuebing '22. With my sister, Margaret 
Loomis Collingwood '21, we drove to 
Houston and had a reunion for Mother, 
who celebrated her 89th birthday in April. 
Sorry I can't be with you this time — my 
best to all and have a good Reunion." 

Thelma MacFarlane Bates reports that 
her daughter Barbara will be a member 
of Lasell's Class of '64. 

Janet McCartney Abel x'32: "Betsy Jane 
graduates from Lasell this year. William 
was graduated in 1961 from Franklin and 
Marshall College." 

Betty Clark Fryling: "Wayzata Country 
Club - — ■ a real golf whiz ! Pink Lady at 
Methodist Hospital. Bowling ■ — bridge — 
those long winters. Just finished Cancer 
Drive, Residential Chairman for Hopkins 
— whew! Would love to know the where- 
abouts of Peg Lovell Jackson." 

Ruth Kniep Blanchard x-'32: "Met my 
Lasell roommate Betty Clark Fryling in 
New York two years ago after she had 

moved from California. It was the first 
time I had seen her since 1942. Do wish 
Mary Lib McNulty McNair would make 
Reunion. We have been here since last 
August. Moved from Pennsylvania where 
we have lived since 1946. Hope to see you 
June 9th." 

Libby Page Sealey: "Girl Scout Work. 
Church Fair. Will make a fourth at bridge 
anytime. Only trips for us are to Canada to 
visit Neil and Mary who are attending 
schools in New Brunswick." 

Marjorie Tarbell Quandt: "Back in I960 
I remarried after being a widow for four 
years. My husband has a seventeen-year- 
old son who is with us and a Junior at 
Arlington High School. I am still a "career 
gal," now working as a bookkeeper with a 
local construction company. It is a little 
change after twenty-five years in banking. 
If I had time for a hobby, it would be 
photography but our home life occupies 
most of my spare time and is my prime 
interest. We have enjoyed two wonderful 
trips, one by car through Canada visiting 
the Gaspe, P.E.I, and Cape Breton; the 
other by air to California and Mexico. It 
is good to have a travelling companion 
after doing it so many years "solo." Elea- 
nor Ronimus Dawber is leaving May 8th 
for a business trip to Europe with her 
husband, who is a doctor with the U.S. 
Public Health Service." 

Enid Jackson Giles: "Extremely disap- 
pointed not to be able to get East in June 
for the doings . . . had really great hopes 
of making this 30th. An occasional week- 
end in New Jersey and New York is the 
best I can do from this distance. Recently 
stayed with Esther Gilbert in New York. 
Happily she is one of my daughter's god- 
mothers, and we keep in touch. Since mov- 
ing to the Cleveland area, have become ac- 
tive in the League of Women Voters, and 
the West Shore Concerts Women's Com- 
mittee which sponsors the Cleveland Sym- 
phony on this side of the city. Despite 
many cultural advantages, and a splendid 
school system, we still miss old friends and 
the more familiar surroundings of New 
York, and its environs. Expect another 
railroad merger will take us, it would ap- 
pear at the present time, to Roanoke, Vir- 
ginia. Say a big hello to everyone." 

Barbara Cowdrey Alexik: "Choir director 
Intermediate Choir Church. Member of 
the Senior Choir. Present Director of Li- 
brary and Historical Association. Secre- 
tary, Directors of Ambulance Fund. Sec- 
retary Fortnightly (Literary Club). Past 
President of Stillwater Improvement Soci- 
ety. Chairman of March of Dimes, Chair- 
man of Ambulance Fund Drive, Chairman 
of Library Drive, member of weekly bridge 



group. Substitute teacher in Stillwater and 
Mechanicville (all grades). Taught train- 
able children (50-25 IQ, brain injured and 
Mongoloids). Parttime librarian, work with 
ceramics, otherwise just a housewife!" 

Helane Jones Pressel: "I have two hob- 
bies — ■ trivets and glass. Over the years 
I've been coast to coast — in 49 of the 50 
states; most of the islands in the Caribbean, 
Panama, Venezuela, Hawaii, Wake Island, 
Japan and Hong Kong. The Far East is 
fascinating — plan a return trip in the Fall. 
My daughter has lived in Massachusetts, 
Florida, Nevada, and California since 
leaving Lasell. At present she is in Grosse 
Pointe, Michigan, with her two children, 
Karen Linwood, who will be five on May 
27th, and Theodore William, who was 
three on March 27th." 

Edith Parsons Booth: "Diane is entering 
the freshman class at Marietta College in 
Marietta, Ohio. She has been a cheer lead- 
er at the Concord Carlisle Regional High 
School for the past two years. This year 
she is Captain of the girls Softball team. 
Madelyn, whom we call Lyn, is a sopho- 
more in high school. She was in the fall 
play. Due to Diane's graduation, I will 
be unable to stay for dinner but will be 
present for luncheon." 

Frances Turner Sleigh: "Studying oil 
painting at Cambridge Adult Center. Ac- 
tive in Universalist Church. Active in 
bettering race relations Wellesley Fair 
Housing Practices Committee. Participa- 
tion in People to People programs. (Ex- 
periment of International Living), Home- 
stays for African students — '61-62. We 
have an "adopted" African son at Boston 
University. Participation in visiting pro- 
gram to mental hospital — two years." 

Minerva Pritchard Barratt: "We're now 
proud grandparents ! Sorry I won't see you 
this year. Remember me to all and I hope 
next time I can be with you. I'm up to 
my neck in Red Cross Bloodmobile pro- 
gram — even training new volunteers. 
Travel a bit when I go with my husband 
on an occasional business trip. Manage to 
get to Florida each winter for a little 

Annamelia Paxton Wildman: "My son is 
to graduate from Culver Military Academy, 
Culver, Indiana, on June 6th and imme- 
diately afterward we're leaving for Flor- 
ida. Since I regret not being able to be 
with you on our Thirtieth Reunion, I shall 
be thinking of all of you and shall start 
making plans for '67. Marianna is to be a 
sophomore next year and hopes to go to 
Penn Hall, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. 
My only brother, Howard, passed away 
in February 1962." 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

( Louise Tardivel ) , Secretary 
150 Hickory Road, Weston, Mass. 

The 25th Reunion of the Class of 1937 
was held at my home in Weston on a beau- 
tiful Saturday night. Cocktails and dinner 
were enjoyed by one and all — 56 to be 
exact. The idea of including "best boy- 
friends" proved a huge success. An added 
touch to the festivities was the surprise 
gift sent by Babe Beamer Dahlberg — 
orchids from Hawaii for everyone and silver 
dollars for The Alumnae Fund. Everyone 
was so pleased that a telephone call was 
made to Hawaii to thank her. She sounded 
just the same as ever. The other highlight 
of the evening was the showing of movies 
furnished by Bunnie Alves MacEwan. We 
were delighted to receive a telegram from 
Class Advisor "Miss Eliasson" (Karin Eli- 
asson Monroe '31). We were happy to 
know her "Hank" has been promoted to 
the rank of Admiral and is now serving as 
Assistant Chief of Naval Operations (Na- 
val Reserve). Without further adieu, here 
is the news gleaned from our Reunion 
questionnaire — • I still hope to hear from 
those of you who did not return the blank. 

Dorothy Acuff Stone is living in Darien, 
Connecticut, and is a busy Mother to her 
three girls and a boy. 

Bunnie Alves MacEwan lives in Palm 
Bay, Florida, and has a 17-year-old son 
and a 13-year-old daughter. She keeps 
busy with club work, gardening, water 
skiing, and has taken a few freighter trips. 

Frances Austin Ferris is enjoying her 
new home in Bedford (Mass.) and keeps 
very busy with her 16-year-old son and her 
14-year-old daughter. Fran is the chief 
dietitian at the Symmes General Hospital 
in Arlington. 

Babe Beamer Dahlberg writes that her 
hobbies are "the children" — Charles Wil- 
liam, 19, a Sophomore at the U.S. Air 
Force Academy in Colorado, James Lee, 15, 
and two daughters aged 12 and 13, my 
Dad, 90 years young, our business and an 
occasional 'Hi Darling' to my Texas-born 
husband — twenty-one years of marriage 
this past April 3rd. Member of Hawaii 
Chapter #\ Order of Eastern Star of 
which I am a past Matron (1954) and to 
which is dedicated "The Eastern Star 
Prayer" (a musical composition — words 
and music by my Mother, Helen Desha 
Beamer, Past Matron 1944). I have in- 
cluded this information for some of the 
'37ers may also be Stars. Any Kappas in 
the group? I am a KKG — University of 
Washington '39" 



Where Are You, '37-ers? 

From Bethesda, Maryland, comes word 
from Anne Campbell Terrill that she has a 
boy 16 and one 19, who is a Sophomore at 
the University of Maryland. She has a part- 
time job for Welcome Newcomer ■ — asso- 
ciated with the Credit Bureau of Wash- 
ington, and has enjoyed being Circle Chair- 
man for the Bradley Hills Presbyterian 
Church since January. She has just finished 
working on the luncheon finance commit- 
tee and social committee for U.S. Public 
Health Service Wives' Club which has 
over 350 members. This past summer she 
was handicap chairman for the 9-holers 
golf group at the Bethesda Country Club. 

Doris Carey Patterson has a daughter 
Carol 21, who is a medical secretary and 
Bonnie 18, who is studying to be a dental 
hygienist. Doris and Pat live in Newton 
Highlands (Mass.). 

Dorothy Coffin Amon is living in Read- 
ing, Massachusetts, and has three boys 19, 
17, and 15. 

Glad to report we "found" Adele de 
1'Etoile Breitenstein living at 815 Coolidge 
Street, Westfield, New Jersey. 

From Richmond, Virginia, Betty Doe 
Peaslee x-'37 sends word that she has four 
children — Mary, Everett, James, and Jane 
who hopes to go to Lasell in two years. 
"Had hoped to make the 25th but am really 
very busy. Am at an exclusive dress shop 
on call. Manage it when owners are away. 
Do display work for them and competitive 
buying — ■ love it all. It's called 'Jr. Miss'. 
Have my own business of designing and 

making clothes. It has been hard to keep 
it small — my children are not all grown 
up yet. My husband is plant engineer for 
the Virginia Wood Preserving Corporation. 
I have been an officer in our church guild, 
and we are members of an athletic asso- 
ciation which is nearby so we can swim 
and play tennis, tho' the pools are not 
quite like the lakes we enjoyed in Sand- 
wich, New Hampshire. 

Alice Dohoney White is living in Bel- 
mont, Mass., and has three daughters, Ju- 
dith 16, Patricia 13, and Pamela 9. 

Jane Eldridge Meaney resides in Plain- 
field, New Jersey and has two daughters, 
Carol and Patricia. . . "is kept busy being 
a Red Cross Nurse's Aid, Hospital Twig, 
member of two Women's Clubs, golf (when 
I have the time) and bridge (after 25 years 
I still can't bid)." 

Edith Fitzgerald Arnold lives in Bel- 
mont, Massachusetts, and has three chil- 
dren — Connie 12, Bobby 9, and Dickie 
16 months (with bright red curls). She 
belongs to the Mashnee Yacht Club, the 
Philomatheia Club and is active in the 
Cub Scouts. 

Helen Flint Moody writes from Mel- 
rose, Massachusetts, that she is the Secre- 
tary for her church. "We love to go camp- 
ing. Three years ago we took a three-week 
trip to Yellowstone National Park and last 
year we went to Fundy National Park. 
Be a camper and see the world, as it really 
is a wonderful life. Other interesting trips 
we take now are up the Maine Pike to Col- 
by College where our son John is a Soph- 



omore. Dave, 16, is in High School and 
a real fab drummer." 

Dorothy Forsstrom Spotanski lives 
in West Hartford, Connecticut, and has a 
daughter Judith. 

From Cos Cob, Connecticut, comes word 
from Barbara Fowler Hoyt that she has 
three children, Robert, 16, a student at the 
Brunswick School, Ann 13, and Jane 9. 
She is very active in the St. Luke's Nursery 
School and does very worthwhile work 
with the Junior League to help these handi- 
capped children. 

Virginia Gately Hennessey has a new 
.home at 2 Doris Road, South Acton, Msss. 
She has three boys and writes that she is 
"optimist, chauffeur, maintenance engineer, 
mechanic, gardener, nurse, cook, budget 
balancer, and general handholder to four 
men plus one male dog, all of whom I 
love dearly. P.S. If anyone has a Real Es- 
tate listing see me after the program." 

Marjorie Gilbert Wiggin writes from 
Seattle, Washington, that she was sorry 
not to make it back for our 25th, but with 
the World's Fair in progress she was much 
too busy with house guests. She hopes to 
be East in July or August of 1963. She 
has a daughter, Fredrica 19, who is a stu- 
dent at the University of Washington, and 
a son, Daniel, 12. Her hobbies are skiing, 
golf, sailing, and politics. 

Priscilla Greig Jones resides in Auburn, 
Maine, where her husband is district man- 
ager of John Hancock Insurance Company. 
They have two children ■ — son, Howard 
and daughter, Cynthia who was valedicto- 
rian of her High School Class of 386 stu- 
dents. Cynthia is now attending Colby 

Genevieve Hackett Bonner takes the hon- 
ors with seven children — Nancy 18, a stu- 
dent at Wheelock, Lenny 16, Jimmy 14, 
Susan 12, Sarah 9, Margaret 6 and Peter 5. 
She is now living at 240 South Main Street, 
West Hartford, Connecticut, and is active 
in the girl scouts, Mental Health Associa- 
tion, Symphony Society of Greater Hart- 
ford and the P.T.A. (naturally) ! 

Barbara Harding Kakas is living in Lex- 
ington, Massachusetts and has a daughter, 
Sally Ann, who is 9 years old. 

Yvette Harrington VanHuysen is now 
living at 35 Little Brook Drive, Pittsford, 
New York, with her husband, Bill, who is 
doing a Residency at the University of 
Rochester Medical School in OBS-GYN, 
and her three children, Lisa 12, Kristin 10, 
and Butch 8. Her hobbies are camping and 
fishing with her family at their cabin in 
Maine on their own lake, P.T.A., Scouts 
and Brownies (fourth year), and the 
League of Women Voters. Betty's husband 
left a' very busy practice in Weston, Massa- 

chusetts, to fulfill a desire of long standing 
to complete his residency which was in- 
terrupted due to the war. They are finding 
their present life a much more normal one 
without the busy telephone and more reg- 
ular hours. 

Margaret Harris Abreu writes from Oak- 
land, California, "Because of my Father's 
death on March 7th, I was in Brookline 
until the middle of April. I returned to 
Oakland for my installation as President of 
the Alameda District-California Federation 
of Women's Clubs. I have been most active 
in various charitable organizations for the 
past fifteen years as well as being actively 
engaged in the Real Estate Brokerage busi- 
ness. I am very sorry to miss this reunion 
as we were planning to attend, but my 
Father's death changed our plans. We are 
leaving this weekend for a trip to British 
Columbia and the Fair at Seattle." 

Marjorie Hills Buffington is still living 
in Pasadena, California. She writes "I 
am sorry I won't be able to come back for 
our 25th but it is impossible at this time. 
Had a wonderful trip to Hawaii last sum- 
mer visiting all the islands. Keep busy with 
Caltech Women's Club, bridge club, gar- 
dening, etc. My husband is a professor at 
Caltech and my two sons, F. Stephan, Jr., 
21Y2, and Roger H. 19, are both in college. 
We have lived in California for 11 years 
and just love it. Always enjoy the meetings 
of the Southern California Lasell Club." 

Lucille Huse Chappell is now living at 
5646 S. Peck Avenue, LaGrange, Illinois, 
and is still pursuing her career as a Cytol- 

Barbara Burnham Rice writes from Wil- 
mington. Delaware that she was very sorry 
not to be at Reunion but that she and her 
daughter, Joan, were en route to Switzer- 
land for the summer. Husband Jack was in 
Geneva on business. Babs keeps busy with 
the usual activities, plus buying for a Buf- 
falo Children's store and acting as a guide at 
the Hagley Museum in Wilmington. 

Constance Griffin Lehoux has a new ad- 
dress — 244 East Side Drive, East Concord, 
New Hampshire, and has three little girls 
aged 5, 3, and 1. 

Eleanor Kenney Hettrick is living at 307 
Embert Place, Peoria, Illinois with her three 
children Richard 20, Alice 14, and Charles 
1, who joined his Mother and sister at 
Alumnae luncheon and was admired by all. 
Eleanor's hobby is still volunteer work 
such as caring for polio patients, trouping 
in stage shows for children at schools, hos- 
pitals, and various agencies where she also 
helps to put on puppet shows. 

Catherine Laffin Mahoney is now living 
in Readfield, Maine, as her husband is the 



Insurance Commissioner for the State of 
Maine. Their oldest daughter. Nancy, is a 
member of the Diplomatic Corps in Ceylon, 
India, and is expected home this fall. Num- 
ber two daughter. Sheila, is married and 
since our reunion has presented the Maho- 
neys with their first grandchild. At home 
still are — Bridgit, Ellen, Tade, and Kate. 

Lillian Lannary is living in Watertown 
and is a secretary for the Massachusetts 
Racing Commission. To prove once again 
that it is a "small world" ■ — Lillian and 
Tillie Madden met unexpectedly when Til- 
lie's husband Leo was appointed Chairman. 

Jean Meady writes "my hobby seems to 
be work" — she is now secretary to one 
of the top corporation attorneys in the 
country and is also back in politics. 
Jean spends her free time taking golf les- 
sons, swimming and exercising to improve 
a serious back condition. 

Betty Olson Cooper has moved from 
Buffalo to Escondido, California, and has 
been busy landscaping a new home and en- 
joying the scenic wonders of California. 
She was sorry to miss our 25th but had a 
trip planned to Seattle. She has two girls, 
Bonnie Jean, 16, and Peggy Ann, 12. 

It was wonderful to see Janet Owens 
DeArment looking younger than ever. She 
is still living in Meadville, Pennsylvania, 
and has a son, James 18, and a girl Anne, 
16, who may be interested in attending 

The "lost" is found — Barbara Potter 
Fyfe is living at 17 Mt. Pleasant Street, 
St. Johnsbury, Vermont, with her three 
children — John 21, who is a Junior at the 
University of Vermont and is All-State 
tackle on the football team, Andrea 17, 
who will enter the University of Vermont 
this fall, and William who is 9- Barbara 
is an active member of the Home Demon- 
stration Group connected with the Uni- 

Another Vermonter, Glennys Preston Al- 
licon, writes from Essex Junction that her 
husband is a retired Lieutenant Colonel 
and is now the Military Personnel Officer 
for the state of Vermont as well as Acting 
Deputy Adjutant General. She has a daugh- 
ter Elizabeth, 12 years old, and manages 
to keep busy with Girl Scouts, church ac- 
tivities and King's Daughters. 

We were very sorry to hear from Helen 
Raymond Severance that she lost her hus- 
band in July 1961 after a long illness. 
We extend to her our deepest sympathy. 
Helen is living in Colrain, Massachusetts, 
with her four children — Linda, a sopho- 
more at Jackson College, Pamela, a fresh- 
man at Wheaton College, Charles, a fresh- 
man at Deerfield Academy, and Jonathan, 
who is a second grader. 

Rae Salisbury Richards writes from 
White Plains, New York, that she is kept 
busy with her three children Roslyn 15, 
Jae 13, and Scott 7, plus Woman's Club, 
D.A.R., Lasell Westchester Club, Council 
Girl Scouts 9 years, Council P.T.A. one 
year, Board of three P.T.A.'s one hundred 
years. Church Woman's Group, Dude 
Ranch fun. horseback riding, water skiing, 
bridge, and "sittin'." 

Meta Searles Hopkins is living in Need- 
ham and has a lovely daughter, Janice 
who joined us for lunch. Meta keeps busy 
"doing" and teaching decorating of furni- 
ture, small wooden objects and trays. She 
goes on business trips with her husband 
and is active in church groups, scout ac- 
tivities, and is on the board of the Rainbow 
Mothers Club. 

Florence Stetson Pipes writes from San- 
ta Monica that she was East the summer of 
1961 with her two boys, Jerry and "Rusty." 
She adds: "Gini Tillotson met us in Boston 
and we drove out to Lasell but didn't see a 
soul. Gini passed away on New Year's 
Eve. She was married to S. B. Walcott, 
a helicopter pilot stationed in Thailand." 

From Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Deborah 
Sweet King writes that she is still living 
up to her reputation as quoted in our year 
book — still knits things but not for sale 
as per the prophecy. She keeps busy doing 
church work, P.T.A. , instructor at the 
Rhode Island School of Design and keeping 
her house and rearing a daughter, Gloria 
Gail, 11. 

Anne Tipton Gardner has two sons, 
Christopher, 19, a student at the University 
of Virginia, and Edward, 11. Anne has 
been active in church and school activities 
and has served on the board of the Harts- 
dale, New York Civic Association for five 
years. She is also busy with "Y" activities 
and just for something to do, sells real 

Louise Visel Redfield lives in Branford, 
Connecticut, and has two lovely daugh- 
ters Sandra 15, and Patricia 12. (Weezie 
says they are both going on 20). She is 
using her Lasell training to good advan- 
tage by doing secretarial work in her 
"spare" time. 

Virginia Webb Tompkins is living in 
Grosse Point, Michigan, and has three 
children, John 11, Marianne, 8, and "Gin- 
na" Jr. 2. Ginna travels extensively with 
her husband Jack, not only in this country 
but also throughout the world. Tillie was 
delighted to have an unexpected reunion 
with Ginna in Arizona about a year ago. 

Alcine Rippere Gager is living in 
Woodbridge, Connecticut, and has two 
daughters — Susan 15, and Linda 11. She 
writes "Just realized I have been active in 



the Scouts for about eight years — one 
more to go — headed fund raising projects 
for charitable and school groups, church 
work and hospital work — garden club, 
and P.T.A." This past summer Tap was 
delighted to see Alcine in Vermont. 

From Montclair, New Jersey, Marjorie 
Westgate Doran writes that she was sorry 
not to join us but her daughter Linda was 
graduating from college the same weekend. 
She plans to enter the Cornell Nursing 
School this fall. Her other daughter, Mari- 
anne, is a Junior at Skidmore — third 
daughter, Pat, attends the Newport School 
for Girls, and Kathy is seven. "About two 
and a half years ago Ben and I took a trip 
around the world and on the way back we 
stopped in Hawaii. Over the weekend we 
went down to the Island of Hawaii and 
stayed near Hilo. While on a tour I asked 
the man who was driving us if he knew 
Babe Beamer. He said he did and sud- 
denly, as we stopped at Black Beach, he 
asked me to go to a particular cottage and 
there was Babe. She surely was surprised 
to see me. We had a good talk and I met 
her husband and children." 

Barbara Wheeler Sampson is living in 
Leicester, Massachusetts, and has a son 
Donald 17. Barbara is doing secretarial 
work in the Town Hall and still enjoys 
her music and directs plays for several 
young peoples groups. 

Eleanore Whiting Pitt is now living in 
Chicago, Illinois. She has three children — 
Gavin, a freshman at Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Gaele, a Junior at Chicago Latin 
School, and Judson, a third grade student 
at Chicago Latin School. Her husband is 
President of the Presbyterian St. Lukes 
Hospital in Chicago. She "just loves city 
living — never a dull moment." 

Virginia Wright Church lives in Hack- 
ensack, New Jersey. She has one son, 
Stephen, and is another Lasellite who is 
making good use of her secretarial training. 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing), Secretary 

210 Wischman Ave., Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 

Apt. A-5, 6 Midland Gardens 

Bronxville 8, N.Y. 

The Class of 1941 is indeed saddened 
to learn of the passing of Shirley House 
Campbell on October 19, 1962 at her Mar- 
tinsville (Va.) home. Shirley leaves her 
husband, three daughters, two sisters and 
two brothers. We extend sincere sympathy 
to the family. 

Our travelling classmates are "at it 
again." It's difficult to keep track of Gert 
Fischer. In May 1962 she was in South 
America, and the early fall found her once 
again in Europe. "Ten days in Austria — 
each day and night of the first week in dif- 
ferent cities. The Sunday finale in Vienna 
was tremendous," writes Gert, "morning 
Mass with the Vienna Boys Choir; Spanish 
Riding School demonstration; a perform- 
ance of 'Aida' with four outstanding leads, 
among them Leontyne Price." 

Berna Bishop Richards writes: "Son 
Steve has done extremely well in pistol 
shooting. In July he entered, unclassified, 
in the Middle Atlantic Championship Re- 
gional at Quantico, Virginia. In .38 pistol 
he won two first place trophies and one 
second. His first match in .22 weapons he 
won four out of five first place trophies. 
He entered the Nationals at Camp Perry 
Otis, where he placed in five of ten sep- 
arate events in a field of 736 competitors. 
Steve also passed the Red Cross Senior 
Lifesaving Course and has been a lifeguard 
at a large apartment house pool. Paul is 
now Chief of Human Reliability Program 
for the entire Air Force. The new assign- 
ment is a most enjoyable one — tho' it 
involves a great deal of travelling." 

Petie Visscher Taft's daughter, Sally, is 
a cheerleader at the Mountain Lakes School. 

Eleanof Pfaff spent eight weeks in the 
West this summer. In Santa Fe, El met Ed 
Begley, a member of the TV cast of "Em- 
pire." Mr. Begley invited El to visit the 
set, introduced her to the directors, who 
offered her a part in the series too. 

My vacation took me across the country 
— but I headed for Seattle to visit the 
family and The Fair. Early in October I 
moved from Brooklyn to a new apartment 
in Bronxville. Lu Wielandt Speight and I 
were happy to visit — much too briefly ■ — 
with Mac at the Long Island Luncheon. 



Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley), Secretary 

6217 Rosalie Court, Metairie, La. 

ANNE M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington Street, Auburndale, Mass. 

Our apologies. As we go to press, we 
are lacking the 20th Reunion Report. 




A Corner of 1942's Corner 


Mrs. John R. Paolella 

( Gloria Sylvia ) , Secretary 
411 West 24th Street, New York 11, N.Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
(Lois Kenyon), Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

What a wonderful time we had June 9th 
on the occasion of our 15th Reunion! Al- 
though the attendance was not as high as 
we would have liked and had hoped it 
would be (half of our numbers live in New 
England and more than half of that num- 
ber reside in the Bay State). However, 
what we lacked in numbers was made up 
in spirit and jollity. 

Many of us gathered for coffee at Alum- 
nae Headquarters and attended the catered 
luncheon. The afternoon flew by with 
visits to old dorms, attending college 
events and just talking, talking, and more 
talking. By six we gathered at The Mari- 
dor, enjoyed a delicious dinner, and stayed 
until quite late talking, reading letters. 

perusing our class scrapbook, showing 
snaps, and talking some more. 

Each one of us wore a white carnation 
and took home a Lasell ashtray as a sou- 
venir. Bookends were given to Californian 
Joan Sloat Ziggins and a key ring was giv- 
en to Joan Jones, who came from Florida. 

Most of the news items below, listed 
alphabetically, were taken from the eighty 
reunion questionnaires returned to Lois 
and to me. The symbols beside the names 
denote: # attended luncheon; % attended 
dinner; * attended both. 

% Barbara Adler lives at 251 Merriam 
Street, Weston, Mass. After Lasell, Barb 
attended the Winslow School. She is now 
one of our most successful career gals, 
working as an Administrative Assistant 
with the Massachusetts Medical Society. 
One of Barb's hobbies is sewing, making 
all her clothes. One of her proudest pos- 
sessions is a white Thunderbird. 

Ann Alger Ehrlich and husband Gert 
live at 1415 Baker Ave., Schenectady, 
New York. During the summers they trav- 
el, but other times Ann keeps busy with 
the Civic Playhouse, Museum Friends. 
Planned Parenthood League, various fund 
drives, and sewing and nature classes. 

Barbara Bates Perkins wrote from Alex- 
andria, Virginia, Box 193, Rte. 6. In addi- 
tion to having Alan, born 12-5-51, and 
Scott, born 2-24-56, Bab is an assistant 
kindergarten teacher. 

1947 Meets at Plummer 
Can You Find: Gloria Sylvia, Mary 
Ellen Roberts, Joan Sloat, Fran Lake, 
Betty Carter, Jean Sharon, Laurie 
Pascoe, Lois Kenyon, Millie Entwistle, 
Midge Leary, Dotty Hinchliffe, Olga 
Voss, Phyl Haviland and Essie Corn- 



Corinne Bergen Higgins, Bill, and their 
five youngsters live in Hingham, Massachu- 
setts at 55 Garrison Road. The children 
are James, 10-9-51, Carol, 6-20-53, John, 
11-27-54, Thomas, 2-17-57, and Paul, 7-1-59- 
Trained as a nurse after Lasell, "Corky" 
spends leisure time enjoying bowling, bi- 
cycling, and boating. 

Carol Birath Dennison is one of our 
group residing outside the U.S. Home to 
her, Marshall and their Scott Jay, 2-28-56, 
is Nassau in the Bahamas. Mail address is 
P.O. Box 68. This is a "water bug" family 
since they live very near the sea, enjoy all 
water sports and spend their vacations 
boating around the cays. Carol also does 
volunteer work for the Bahamian Red 

Jane Bradley Anderson and family live 
at 13 Woodstock Ave., Rutland, Vermont. 
The children are Susan Jane, 4-16-54, Nan- 
cy Beth, 6-10-57, and Bradley William, 

% Alice Cahill Drown went to B.U. after 
Lasell, married Richard in 1949, and has 
four children: Stephen, 6-24-51, Richard, 
6-29-53, Jeffrey, 12-15-54, and Deborah, 

% Elaine Capone Hixon lives at 255 
Temple Street, Framingham Center, Mass., 
is active in Young Womens Club and P.T.A. 
Hobbies are bridge and skiing. The three 
little Hixons are Pamela 6-30-51, C. Dana, 
2-20-52, and Jennifer 10-30-57. 

*Betty Carter Steele still resides at 7 
Gordon Lane in Hazardville, Connecticut. 
Roger, 12-30-51, Bradford, 12-17-53 and 
Carol, 1-12-56, keep Betty busy but she 
has time for church and school affairs, oil 
painting, and the Western Mass. Lasell 

Nancy Chesebrough Denison x-'47 grad- 
uated from the Philadelphia School of Oc- 
cupational Therapy in 1949 and a year 
later married Oliver. They live at Mistuxet 
Avenue, Mystic, Conn., where he is Assist- 
ant Treasurer of the seaport noted for its 
fine Marine Museum. Their children are 
David, 2-7-52, Deborah, 11-5-53, and Wil- 
liam, 7-15-55. 

Jwan Christiansen Maloney x-'47 has 
three children — Jane Carol, 7-20-54, Peter 
Owen, 11-7-55, and Mark Hall, 5-30-60. 
Before her marriage, "Chris" was assistant 
superintendent of recreation for the Cald- 
wells (N.J.). That was after she received 
her B.A. at Upsala College. She now lives 
in Cedar Grove, N.J. (26 the Fairway), 
is on the Election Board and a member of 
the Garden Club as well as bridge groups. 

Dorothea Chung's present address is 650 
Post Street, San Francisco 9, California. 
Since her graduation from Michigan State 

University she has done much travelling 
throughout the U.S., Europe and the 
Orient. She works in this field for the 
Getz International Travel Agency. 

Eleanor Clark Lacedonia lives at 62 Han- 
ward Hill, East Longmeadow, Mass. Mark 
Daniel, 1-29-52, Cindy Ann, 8-8-55, and 
Carol Jean, 2-26-58, are her children. 
Ellie is a past den mother for the Cub Scouts, 
and next year will be treasurer for the 
P.T.A. Church work, bridge and bowling 
also take up some of her time. 

Helen Clay Bean x-'47 wrote that she had 
been an engineering secretary before her 
marriage last December to Richard Bean. 
They are living in Los Angeles, at 6615 Cren- 
shaw Blvd. Helen recounted all the places 
and sights she has visited in California 
and she really is enthusiastic about this 
state. However, she. also said how much 
she likes her native New England and 
added, "each has its advantages and dis- 

# Esther Cornwell Osborne has a new 
address: 642 Mixville Road, Cheshire, Con- 
necticut. Ray is vice-principal of the high 
school there and Essie is a part-time public 
health nurse in Wallingford. Since the 9th 
of June was also Essie's wedding anniver- 
sary (the 11th) she attended only the 

% Rosemarie Cote Butler tells us she has 
little time for hobbies since she has five 
children: Shaun, 3-9-54, Kathleen, 12-29-55, 
Patrick, 10-28-56, John, 11-11-57, and Mary 
Louise, 4-20-60. Home for the Butlers is 
158 Webster Street, Lewiston, Maine. 

Olive Cross Sibley planned to attend din- 
ner, but at the last minute could not make 
it. Susie attended Clark University after 
Lasell and married Bill in 1950. They have 
two children, Lynn Elizabeth, 3-28-53, and 
John Scott, 6-25-56, and live at 1872 West- 
field Street, West Springfield, Mass. Sewing, 
oil painting, skiing, and gardening are 
Susie's hobbies. 

# Sarah Cross Finigan also has a new 
address: Glen Street, Dover, Mass. A grad- 
uate of B.U. in 1949, Sarah and Burt were 
married in 1951. This past November they 
took a trip to the West Coast, sans chil- 
dren, Nancy Ann, 10-11-57, and Gregory 
Cross, 10-17-59. Golf and bridge are two 
of Sarah's hobbies. 

# Jane Curlier Clarke, 19 Burroughs 
Road, Lexington, Mass., has four children: 
Logan, 12 years old, Jeffrey 9, Jonathan 8, 
and Lisa Beth 2. 

Jeanne Dillon is a secretary, lives at 44 
Lindbergh Ave., Holyoke, Mass. She wrote 
of membership in the Junior League and of 
trips to Bermuda, Florida, and the mid- 



Dorothy Donegan White is the proud 
mother of six: Ann-Marie, 9-5-53, Kathleen, 
12-13-54, Rosemary, 5-21-57, Richard, 2-9- 
59, Gerald, 2-17-60, and James 2-9-61. The 
Whites live at 14 Joanna Road, Avon, 
Mass., where Dotty is also secretary of the 
St. Michael's Women's Club. Knitting 
fills in whatever spare time she has left. 

Nancy Duclos Krieger lives at 11621 N. 
Bobolink Lane 30 W, Mequon, Wisconsin. 
The children are Karen, 12-21-53, and 
Chris, 3-12-58. P.T.A. and bridge club are 
two of Nan's activities. 

% Lorna Earle Ingraham still lives in 
Augusta, Maine, at 55 Westwood Road, 
where she keeps busy with church clubs 
and P.T.A. Early this spring entertained 
Mary Orff Farnham, x-'47 of Wilton, 
Maine, at luncheon. Lorna's sons are Rich- 
ard, 5-22-53, and Ralph, 6-1-56. 

# Millicent Entwistle Harmon has one 
daughter, Lynn, 6-26-54. The address is 
66 Whitcomb Ave., Hingham, Mass. 

Virginia Feltham Bloecher and family 
are nearing the end of the first two years 
in Arabia. They will soon have a leave of 
three months in the States. "Ginger" 
wrote of how much they have enjoyed their 
overseas assignment. Their three daughters 
are Holly, 7-2-53, Heather, 1-9-56, and 
Laurel, 2-25-57. The address is: Aramco, 
Box 60, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. 

Charlotte Fletcher Kelly lives at Bayberrie 
Drive, Indian Hills, Stamford, Connecti- 
cut, where she says "it's wild, with five 
children ages 1 V2 to 13." 

Janet Frandsen Blanchard has two chil- 
dren, Craig, 9-9-57, and Carolyn, 11-17-59. 
Gardening, P.T.A., church activities and 
boating take up a good deal of Janet's time. 
The address is 6 Russell Road, Garden 
City, L.I., New York. 

% Betsy Frew is a fellow Manhattanite, 
living at 29 East 29th Street, New York 
City. She is employed as a secretary for a 
buyer at J. J. Newberry Company. A year 
ago, Betsy spent a month touring Europe, 
and is planning another trip for next 

# Gloria Galley Longbons has under- 
taken a project whereby she takes one 
course per semester in the evening school 
at Milliken U. She is working for her B.S. 
in Biology. The Longbons' girls are Katie, 
3-3-54, and Amy, 10-25-56. 

Betsey Gavitt planned to attend the 
luncheon but a touch of virus kept her 
away. Betsey is a dress buyer for Glad- 
ding's of Providence, R. I. She lives at 
140 Bluff Avenue, Edgewood. She is also 
a free lance designer for Ami Loren, Junior 
Dress House of Philadelphia. 

Jean Hargraves Chase lives at 3 Har- 
wood Drive, Bernardston, Mass. She is a 

private secretary for a Greenfield attorney. 
Her daughters are Susan Elizabeth, 7-29- 
51, and Nancy Jean, 4-9-54. Jean is active 
in P.T.A. (her husband is treasurer), and 
was recently president of the women's 
group at her church. 

* Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt has three 
sons: Thomas, '52, David, '55, and William, 
'59. Her mail address is Box 121, Wea- 
toque, Connecticut. Teaching Sunday 
school, sewing, and P.T.A. are some of her 
hobbies. A little bird told us it was Phyl's 
birthday on the 9th, so a cake was pro- 
duced and we all sang appropriate greet- 
ings at dinner. 

Janice Hayden Cummins got her B.S. in 
'49 from the University of Rhode Island 
and married Bob in March, 1952. They 
now live at 331 Butler Avenue, St. Simons 
Island, Georgia, and have three children: 
Susan, 6-27-53, Robert, 4-27-56, and Janice, 

Joyce Hayes Whitman x-'47 wrote a nice 
long report filling in the years. Before her 
marriage in May, 1952, she worked as a 
secretary for an interior decorator in 
Springfield, Massachusetts. The first few 
years of their marriage found Whit in the 
service and then back to school to get his 
engineering degree. In nine years they 
moved 12 times. Have now been in their 
first "own" home for a bit more than a 
year and love it and the life in suburbia. 
The address is 9 Croton Street, Huntington 
Station, Long Island, New York. The chil- 
dren are Alan, 10-28-57, and Suzanne, 6-23- 

* Dorothy Hinchliffe Lipton lives at 33 
Henry Street, New Britain, Connecticut, and 
has one daughter, Loreen, born in January, 

* Genevieve Hurley Cummings has two 
daughters: Michele, 4-12-54, and Christine, 
12-22-55. Church work and P.T.A. claim 
some of Gen's time. She lives at 81 Felch 
Road, Natick, Mass. 

* Joan Jones flew up from Florida for 
Reunion. Miami is her home base as a 
stewardess for Eastern Airlines. Her ad- 
dress is 10210 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour. 
It was fun to hear about Joan's travels and 
adventures in the past several years on the 
job. Perhaps some of you read of the Cu- 
ban hi-jacking of an airliner on which Joan 
was working. Her picture was in the 

Katherine Kavanagh Brown lives at 2614 
Dolores St., San Mateo, California. Her 
children are: Glenn David, 2-8-58, and 
Maureen Lee, 11-20-59. "Kitty" is taking 
art courses at San Mateo College. The 
Browns were planning a trip to the Seattle 
World's Fair. 



The Hacker's at The White House 
(Midge Leary '47) 

The Laffin's 
(Joan Lambert '47) 

And The Anderson's 
(Jane Bradley '47) 

The O'Connell's 
(Mary Kinney '47) 



Craig and Carolyn Blanchard 
(Janet Frandsen '47) 

Amy and Laura Parker 
(Nancy Stupak '47) 

Nancy and Steve Mars 
(Joanne McMillan '47) 

% Nancy Keim Doherty has two chil- 
dren: Susan Marie, 5-14-51, and Philip 
Stephen, 2-27-53. Her address is 88 Lock- 
land Avenue, Framingham, Mass. 

Mollie Kendrick Pike wrote from Taco- 
ma, Washington (4331-B Birch Street) 
that in the Fall they will be moving to 
Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, Alaska, 
for three years ! Mollie is a nurse, at pres- 
ent busy at home with the latest arrival, 
Lynn, 4-19-62. The two older children are 
"Jay," 7-6-57, and Nancy, 4-16-60. The 
Pikes have a camping trailer for week-end 
sightseeing trips and longer treks. 

* Lois Kenyon Brush and family enjoy 
country living in Woodstock Valley, Con- 
necticut, and I certainly enjoyed a visit 
with them this spring when I attended the 
Alumnae Council Meetings. Wendy was 12 
in February, George is 8V^, and Nancy is 
6, all darlings I can attest. Lois continues 
her free lance writing as well as occasional 
newspaper work. 

Mary Kinney O'Connell got her B.A. 
in Sociology from Pembroke. A couple 
years later she married Joe, and a couple 
more years and Mary Elizabeth was born, 
1-8-54, then Joseph Michael, 5-5-55, and 
Christopher John, 7-15-59. A family hobby 
is ice skating and they belong to the Buf- 
falo Skating Club. 

% Elizabeth Kirby Bartlett got her B.A. 
from Boston University, then her Mrs. in 
1950. Five children grace the Bartlett 
home. They are: Daniel, 7-13-51, Bruce, 



2-2-54, Linda, 10-6-55, Riley, 4-5-58, and 
Dean, 9-18-60. They all live at 7501 Seba- 
go Road, Bethesda, Maryland. 

Linda Koempel Tompkins x-'47 is now 
living in another college town and she 
says she loves it as well as enjoying the 
North Country very much, too. The ad- 
dress is 11 College Avenue, Plattsburgh, 
New York. The little Tompkins are Fred, 
3-2-51, Deborah, 4-19-53, and Gregory, 10- 
23-54. ' 

# Eleanor Lake Gray leads a busy life 
in Orleans, Mass. (Champlain Road). Her 
husband has a real estate business. Their 
four children are Candida, 5-12-55, Chris- 
tian, 10-9-56, Karen, 5-5-58, and Clark. 
"Fran" is active in Couples Club and Choir 
at church, bridge, yacht and amateur mu- 
sical comedy groups. 

Joan Lambert Laffin is in the process of 
moving from Nebraska to Massachusetts, 
probably in the Boston area. The children 
are Richard, 12-30-52, James 5-30-54, Lynn, 
2-28-57, and Carol, 12-29-58. 

% Marcia Landick Desmond has two 
children, Betsy 8, and Mark 5. They re- 
side at 8 Richards Road, Beverly, Mass., 
where Marcia is very active in community 
affairs. She is a Director of the League of 
Women Voters, Director of the Beverly 
Council for Public Schools, and Secretary 
of the Mass. Association of Craftsmen. 
She also is an exhibitor with the Contempo- 
rary Artists and Craftsmen. 

* Margaret Leary Hacker received a B.S. 
degree from Springfield College in 1950 
and the next year was married. "Midge" 
has just completed two years as president 
of the Western Mass. Lasell Alumnae Club 
and is "up to her ears" as leader of a 
Brownie troop. Kathleen Ann was born 
7-18-52, Donald, 12-30-54, and Jeffrey, 6- 

Marie Lentino Ward has a B.S. degree 
from B. U. and is a graduate of the Dale 
Carnegie Leadership Course. Presently she 
is an instructor of the Dorothy Carnegie 
Course as well as a member of the Minute 
Man Association for Retarded Children in 
Concord. The Wards live at Bowles Ter- 
race, South Lincoln, Mass. Their children 
are: Walter, 6-25-53, Joan Marie, 12-6-56, 
and Cynthia, 5-22-59. 

Florence Lomasney Saltzman lives in 
Framingham, Mass. (35 Summer Lane), with 
her doctor-husband, the twins, John and 
Edward, 5-6-59, and the very new Paul, 

Joanne McMillan Mars wrote a long 
newsy letter telling of a recent trip to 
Tennessee for her husband's college re- 
union. Joanne's own education after La- 
sell was quite complete too. She spent her 
junior year in Zurich, Switzerland (spon- 

sored by the University of Maryland) and 
received her B.A. the next year at the Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. This has been fol- 
lowed by evening courses at Fairleigh Dick- 
inson College in Bacteriology and Chemis- 
try. The present address is Meadowbrook 
Manor, Brookfield, Connecticut. The chil- 
dren are Nancy Ann^ 12-8-57, and Steven 
Andrew, 5-17-59- 

Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson planned to 
attend the dinner, but did not show. The 
Ericksons live at 37 Magee Street, Hyde 
Park, Mass., and Rhoda works as a Library 
Assistant. After Lasell she attended the 
Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. 

* Laura Pascoe May has a busy house- 
hold. Richard has his own business, they 
breed and show Labrador Retrievers, and 
they have five children: Timothy, 7-10-53, 
Martha, 10-10-55, Ellen, 12-31-56, Susan, 1- 
16-59 and Charles, 2-5-61. The Mays live 
on Fiske Hill Road, Sturbridge, Mass. 

Suzanne Pearce Schultz moved from 
Charlotte, North Carolina to Freeport, Illi- 
nois, last year. They bought a house at 
1119 South Park Blvd. and like it very 
much. Starting school in September is 
David, 9-12-56, and there is also Peter, 

Gertrude Powers Lawson has a degree 
in music education from B.U., and taught 
and supervised in elementary schools for 
four years after college. In "spare" time 
has taught piano. Also is Sunday school 
teacher and room mother for her first 
grader's class. That would be Cindy Joy, 
2-18-55; then there is Terri-Lyn, 6-15-57, 
and Thomas, 8-27-60. A standout trip for 
the Lawsons was in I960 when they spent 
a month in California at the Olympics. 
Their address is 40 Saunders Drive, Wilton, 

% Ruthe Powers Wlodyka lives at 82 
Olive Street, Ashland, Mass. Her children 
are Nancy, 1949, Lynn, 1951, and David, 

Gertrude Rapp Griffith teaches first aid 
and water safety, and is a member of the 
Red Cross Motor Corps. She also sews all 
her own and her daughter's clothes as well 
as raises and shows Cairn Terriers. Dar- 
lene is 12 and Lawrence is 13. Their ad- 
dress is 2514 Highland Avenue, Sedalia, 

Ruth Redden Decker graduated from 
the Mass. School of Art and now calls 
herself a part-time artist since she does 
some commercial art work and has sold a 
few paintings. She also is a minister's wife 
and sometimes is a substitute teacher in 
the public schools. Ruth's children are 
Ellen Ruth, 5-3-55, and Loren Paul, 10-4-57. 
Her address is 1180 Main Street, Acushnet, 



% Barbara Rich Chase came to dinner 
very sun-tanned after an afternoon of boat- 
ing with her family. Sailing is their main 
summer interest and they do a lot of racing. 
Freeman is Commodore of the Crow Point 
Sailing Club. Barb belongs to a movie cam- 
era club and a church group. Of the four 
children, Linda is the oldest, 8-9-49, then 
Clark, 4-1-51, Cynthia, 7-19-53 and Clifford, 

* Mary Ellen Roberts Gill resides at 41 
Pineview Avenue, Delmar, N.Y. Last year, 
she and George went to Nassau for their 
10th anniversary. They have three chil- 
dren: Scott, 11-2-52, Nancy, 2-5-54, and 
David, 1-27-60. There is also a Great Dane 
dog in the family. 

Helen Sanasarian Sookikian wrote from 
Sunnyvale, California. They have been 
there for several months on a temporary 
assignment and have seen all the sights 
and enjoyed their stay. However, home 
is 26 Pelham Road, Waltham, Mass. Her 
children are: Linda Gayle, 3-7-56, and Stev- 
en Richard, 12-7-57: 

% Gloria Secatore Walsh certainly keeps 
busy. She has five children — Carla, 3-27- 
51, Franklin, 4-23-53, Margo, 5-20-54, Gui- 
da, 7-13-56, and Erica, 7-13-58 — takes 
courses at Tufts, and in the summer runs 
a day camp for children 7-1 1! This sum- 
mer Elaine Capone Hixon will be assisting 
her in the arts and crafts department. 
Gloria's address is Liberty Ledge, Sudbury, 

Lois Seidel Newell lives at 3 Stonewell 
Lane, Greenville, S.C. Since she married 
Jane Newell Marso's brother twelve years 
ago they have lived in the South and are 
"beginning to feel like Rebels now." Two 
years ago, "Kit" went back to work as a 
private secretary. Her mother and a maid 
take care of the children: Peter, 2-4-54, 
Elizabeth, 11-8-55, and Margaret, 5-5-59. 

* Jean Sharron Strong has four children: 
James, Jr., 7-11-50, Jeffrey, 9-19-53, Chris- 
tine, 5-15-59, and Jean, 4-3-61. They live 
at 16 Lincoln Street, Natick, Mass. 

* Joan Sloat Ziggins came all the way 
from 2109 Isabelle Avenue, San Mateo, Cal- 
ifornia. Along with Mother came son, Ha- 
gen, 6-5-57, and daughter, Dagne, 7-23-58. 

Ann Sprague Tolman has one daughter, 
Deborah, 11-1-57. Being State Vice Regent 
of the DAR is one of Ann's chief interests 
and gardening takes up much of her time 
also. Her address is 211 North Street, 
Hingham, Mass. 

Jan Stearns Gille wrote to tell us how 
grown up our "class baby'' is getting. 
"Ginger" goes into high school this fall 
and has grown 3" since last year. Younger 
sister, Liz, is going into the 5th grade. Jan 
is active with Scouts and school affairs. The 

Gille's live at 904 Lindale Avenue, Drexel 
Hill, Pennsylvania. 

Priscilla Stone Hird had a busy time 
last December. Jeffrey was born on the 
12th, they moved to 31 Barbara Drive, 
South Windsor, Conn., on the 19th, and of 
course there was Christmas to be cele- 
brated with the two older boys, George, 
11-12-51, and Bruce, 8-11-59- 

Nancy Stupak Parker has had a lot of 
education since Lasell. She got her B.A. 
from Marietta College, a M.Ed, from Fitch- 
burg Teachers College, and also attended 
Harvard Summer School and B.U. Grad- 
uate School. Johnson Road, R.D. 4, Scotia, 
New York is the address for the Parkers, 
including Laura, 1956, and Amy, 1958. 

Marion Taylor Sanderson is active in 
P.T.A., Cub Scouts, Women's Club, and 
with sewing, gardening, and two chil- 
dren. They are: Lee Martin, 1-18-53, and 
Linda Sue, 3-4-55. Their address is 3317 
Senator Avenue, Washington 28, D.C. 

% Althea Thomas Sanborn has three 
children: Cheryl, 11-19-54, Kathleen, 12-5- 
58, and Kenneth 3-6-60. They live at 1048 
Concord Street, Framingham, Mass., where 
Althea is active as a leader of her church 
circle and an officer in the Women's Society 
as well as P.T.A. 

Beverly Tucker Bowen and Dick live at 
95 Locust Hill Drive, Rochester, New 
York. After Lasell, Bev got her B.S. from 
Beaver College, attended Brockport State 
Teachers College, the University of Roches- 
ter, and did graduate work at St. Law- 
rence University. Since her marriage, 
she has done much volunteer work. Trav- 
elling is the Bowen's chief interest. In 1956 
and 1961 they went to Europe. For the 
past two years Bev has had a Christmas 
Shop, making and selling hand decorated 
and hand made articles. 

Barbara Verchot Pierpont moved a year 
ago to 9 Sandle Drive, Fairport, New York, 
and is busy now planting shrubs and bulbs 
around their 4-bedroom Cape Codder. 
Newcomers Club, golf, bowling, and 
church activities take up some of Barb's 
time. Richard, 3-26-54, is a little leaguer 
and Jo-Ann, 4-26-57, starts Kindergarten in 
September. Our sympathy to Barbara, 
whose father died suddenly this spring. 

% Elda Volpe Van Wart still plays the 
violin, and teaches elementary school chil- 
dren. She also does volunteer work in the 
local hospital and for the Springfield 
Symphony Orchestra. Her children are Bar- 
bara, 1-18-53, and Robert, 2-6-55. They live 
at 64 Ellendale Circle, Springfield, Mass. 

% Olga Voss Harrigan has one daugh- 
ter, Kathleen, 6-7-57. They reside at 267 
North Street, Hingham, Mass. 



Betsey Waters Harlow lives at 4975 Feb- 
ruary Street, San Diego, California. Her 
children are Harry, 12-11-50, Ann, 8-30-52, 
and Edward, 6-25-59- 

Jan Weldon Lynch has moved back to 
Syracuse, but I don't have the street ad- 
dress. Also, although I know Jan has four 
sons and one daughter, I haven't the names 
or birthdates. Help, someone, please. 

Helen Widenor Bailey and family are 
now living in Washington, D.C., where 
LCDR "Butch" is stationed. "Bunny's" ad- 
dress is 8104 Broad Creek Drive, Broad- 
water Estates, Washington 22, D.C. The 
children are: Suzanne, 3-19-49, Bruce, 8-6- 
50, Seth, 9-17-55, and Julia Ann, 9-20-58. 

* Betty Ann Williams McGowan got her 
B.A. at Boston University and then mar- 
ried Frank. They now live at 52 Brewster 
Ave., Braintree Highlands, Mass.; have 
three children: Sheryl, 4-53, Robin, 10-55, 
and Mark, 3-59. Betty's hobbies are swim- 
ming and tennis. Clubs include P.T.A., 
Scouts, Westminster Guild, Executive 
Board of Eta Chapter of International Sor- 
ority, and Board of Management of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc. 

Barbara Woods Walsh wrote from Lancey 
Court, Newburyport, Mass., saying they 
were moving Reunion weekend, but no 
new address was included. Barb does free 
lance travel writing and is a member of 
the League of Women Voters. Her three 
children are Duncan, 12-15-52, Martha, 6- 
16-55, and Susan, 10-24-58. 

Beverly Yeates McCormick was a Unit- 
ed Airlines stewardess for two years before 
her marriage. The McCormicks have moved 
six times in the past seven years and, in 
September they will pack up and move to 
the Washington, D.C. area. The four 
children are: Michael, 10-23-52, Jan, 5-14- 
54, Jill, 10-1-55, and Joan, 9-12-58. Sum- 
mers find the family camping out in a "big, 
old tent" near Ocean City, Maryland. 

* Gloria Sylvia Paolella has just com- 
pleted a very busy year of full-time study 
at Teachers College, Columbia University, 
and now has her M.A. degree in Education. 
In September she will begin her teaching 
career at a public elementary school in the 
Riverdale section of New York City. 

Maggie Emmerling, our Ph.D., is now 
Mrs. Keith Thompson. He too, is on the 
faculty at Cornell. Their address is 315 
N. Geneva, Ithaca, New York. 

Barbara Schardt Wertz is now living at 
8145 Rosemeade Lane, Indianapolis, In- 

Marrianne Kochli Andrews, 5009 Els- 
mere Ave., Bethesda, Maryland. 

Marily Heller was recently married to 
C. F. Woods and lives at 260 East 39th 
St., New York. 

The William Towles 
(Ann Carpenter '50) 


Mrs. Peter W. Stanley 

(Jean Davies), Secretary 

611 Norwood Drive, Westfield, N.J. 

Mrs. Lloyd Stockdale 

( Sabra Turner ) , Secretary 

118 Haverhill Drive, DeWitt 14, NY. 

Mrs. Richard K. Dey 

(Jacquelyn Temperley) , Secretary 

400 Worcester Street, Wellesley, Mass. 

Dear Gals, 

It was with • mixed emotions that Pete 
and I left New England for the State of 
New Jersey. I was, of course, sorry to have 
to resign as first vice-president of Lasell 
Alumnae Inc., but Peter's new assignment 
with A.T.&T. in New York City, made the 
leaving a little easier. 

We enjoyed a number of Lasell visitors 
at our summer place in Gilmanton, N.H. 
Lois Schaller Toegemann, husband Joe, 
sons Artie and Tommy, and daughter Lisa 
stayed with us for a weekend. Later in the 
summer Nancy Bean Lord and Jack, with 
their three children, came over from Maine 
for a few days. 

Since coming to Westfield, I've seen El- 
len Key Woodruff, who lives but two miles 
away. Her new address is 73 Lupine Way, 
Sterling, N.J. Sister Joyce Davies Harrison 
has moved to 11 Dixon Court, Glens Falls, 
NY. Marilyn Hubner Sherwood and I 
had a small reunion recently at her Mine- 
ola home." 


From Framingham, Carolyn Snook Rausch- 
er writes: "Jean Davies Stanley's recent 
move leaves me at a loss. While in Natick 
we were able to chat and visit frequently — 



shall miss her dearly. Her sister Joyce 
Davies Harrison has a new address too: 
11 Dixon Court, Glens Falls, N.Y. 

"Had a surprise visit from my Lasell 
roommate, Ruth Mount Ivins, on October 
7th (amidst the big storm). She and her 
husband were celebrating their 12th wed- 
ding anniversary, but unfortunately chose 
a wet weekend to see the colorful leaves 
and sights in New England. Ruth tells me 
that her sister, Betty Mount Carduner '53, 
is fine and has two school-age children. 
One of their Hightstown (N.J.) friends, 
Betty Hood '60, is now living in Boston. 

"Nancy Wilson has been having ups and 
downs with illnesses, but is feeling wonder- 
ful now. Her address: R. D. #1, Robbins- 
ville, N.J. 

"While shopping in a local grocery store, 
met Jean Applegate Rockwood and her 
oldest daughter, who towers over mother. 

"Often see Jackie Paulding Hauser; hear 
regularly from Claire Dodge Davis; and, 
being so close to Auburndale, often run 
into Lasell students and graduates. Louise 
Dawe Turner '53 is very active in church 
and P.T.A. affairs; Bernice Van Name 
Petrone '57 and husband are members of 
our church choir. 

"While visiting in New Jersey, I attended 
a school sale and dinner, where I saw Vir- 
ginia Benham Wolf '49. She and my sister 
Barbara (Snook Haggerty '48), work to- 
gether at their local P.T.A. 

"Our cousin, Jane Edsall Jacobs '48, and 
husband 'Jake' have had a great deal of 
pleasure with their two lovely daughters. 
Jake operates a very successful restaurant, 
Friar Tuck Inn, and I am sure many Lasell 
gals have attended parties and meetings at 
his father's restaurant in Montclair — the 
Robin Hood Inn. 

"Promise to visit Lasell soon." 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

( Barbara Adams ) , Secretary 

65 Willow St., Marshfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

( Barbara Voorman ) , Assistant 

303 Mountain Avenue, Ridgewood, N.J. 

Mrs. Salvatore N. Mangano 

( Anna Stevenson ) , Assistant 

17 Stella Road, Belmont 78, Mass. 

Anna Stevenson Mangano has kindly 
volunteered to serve as local secretary for 
the Class of 1951. She replaces the late 
Mary Ellen Wait, who passed away on July 
22, 1962. 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

(Suzanne Baney), Secretary 

13 University Avenue, Chatham, N.J. 

We had great cooperation from the 
weatherman for our Tenth Reunion. The 
sum beamed down on us as we gathered 
under "The Big Top" on the Recreation 
Field for luncheon. The '52-ers arrived 
amid many squeals of recognition and much 
showing of pictures by proud mamas. 

From the questionnaires received, we 
found that there are 149 children born to 
our class, 83 boys and 66 Lasell candidates. 
Marti Thomas Hasak has the largest family 
— six children. 

"We had our own class dinner party at 
The Meadows Saturday evening with a 
few stalwart husbands attending. 

Please keep the notes coming in, telling 
us what you're up to from time to time. 
Send pictures, too. 

From the questionnaires: 

Nancy Allen Banks, 227 North Brookfield 
Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Greta, 8; 
Shelley, 7; Linda, 4, Julie, 19 mos. Active 
directing two choirs. Bermuda trip. 

Jean Aslaksen Podimsky, 40 Highland 
Ave., Chatham, New Jersey. Carolyn, 7; 
Barbara, 5; Joan, 4; John, 6 mos. 

Barbara Ayrault Smith, 16049 Temecula 
Street, Pacific Palisades, California. Paul, 
4Vl\ Christine, 5Vz. Chorus calls for 
M.G.M. pictures: i.e. Carousel, Oklahoma, 
Pajama Game, and Helen Morgan Story. 
European trip. 

Alice Baker Alexander, 8 Nimitz Circle, 
Natick, Massachusetts. Susan lVi- Active 
in local Women's Club. 

Suzanne Baney Berghaus, 13 University 
Ave., Chatham, New Jersey. Jean, 2. Eu- 
ropean trip. 

Vilma Barbuto Herrick, 50 Beaver Brook 
Road, Burlington, Massachusetts. Christo- 
pher, 21 mos. Two European trips, and 
one to the Caribbean. 

Joan Beresford Lindquist, 15 Drury 
Lane, Wakefield, Massachusetts. Karen, lYz. 
Brownie Leader. 

Betsy Brown Cramer, Beechwood Road, 
Holden, Massachusetts. Betsy, 9, Scott, 7, 
Sara, 7 months. 

Rosalie Caiger Sargent, 33 Conant Street, 
R.F.D. #1, South Acton, Massachusetts. 
Star, 17 mos. Continued education at 
Chandler School for Women. European 
and Virgin Island trips. 

Christine Carpenter Hunt, 573 Weadley 
Road, Wayne, Pennsylvania. Deborah, BVi, 
Douglas, 7: Western trip and active in 
General Electric Wives Club. 



Joyce Carroll Mulcahy, 41 Eleanor Road, 
Springfield, Massachusetts. Kevin, 23 mos. 
Western Massachusetts Lasell Club. 

Barbara Chase Wetherbee, Box M, A.P.O. 
48, San Francisco, California. Michelle, 7, 
Barbara, 5, Russell, 3, Melissa, 1. Living 
on Okinawa. 

Chloe Comstock Singarella, 281 Essex 
Street, Weymouth, Massachusetts. Lynne, 5, 
John, 3, Dean, 1. Trip to Cape Canaveral. 

Zeau Conover DuBois, 129 West Main 
Street, Freehold, New Jersey. Zeau, lYz. 
Junior Womens' Club. 

Nancy Cool Kaercher, 7 Rolling Hills 
Drive, Holland, Pennsylvania. Paul, 8V^, 
Billy, 7, Kathy, 5V2, Matt, 3V2. Welcome 
Wagon Newcomers' Club. 

Suzanne Davis Greenman, 1690 Lee 
Drive, Mountain View, California. Wil- 
liam, 4, Julia, 1. Young Republicans. 

Eleanor DePalma McCarthy, 3 LaSallette 
Drive, Burlington, Mass. Kevin, 3, Kath- 
leen, 18 mos. B.S. at Boston University. 
Alumnae President Class of 1955 at B.U. 
Jaycee Wives, Burlington (Director). 

Mary Diggs Pearson, 647 Avenue G, 
Boulder City, Nevada. Harvey, 8, Tommi, 
6, Paul, 3. Vice President of the Boulder 
City Woman's Democratic Club, P.T.A. 
Executive Board, Boulder City Horseman's 

Winifred Domark Moylan, 274 Wethers- 
field Avenue, Hartford 14, Connecticut. 
European trip, Nominating Chairman Con- 
necticut Valley, Lasell Club. 

Carolyn Downs Burnett, 85 Cumberland 
Avenue, Verona, New Jersey. Bonnie, 8, 
Scott, 6. Junior Woman's Club. 

Joan Dunlap Fullerton, 6006 Adiron- 
dack Trail, Amarillo, Texas. Mark, 2. Con- 
tinued education at Delaware Hospital 
School of Nursing. 

Marjorie Dyer Hubbard x-'52, 405 Mar- 
cia Avenue, Independence, Mo. Lee, 4, Brad- 
ley, IVi- Lived in 7 of the 50 states. 

Ruth Easterlind Cederberg, 25 Town- 
house Road, Attleboro, Mass. Beth, 7, 
Gaile, 4, Charles 2Y1. Bermuda, Virgin 
Islands. President of Celebrity Nights of 
Attleboros and Counselor for Hi-League. 

Virginia Easton Simpson x-'52, O'Steen's 
Trailer Park, Blytheville, Arkansas. Air 
Force wife. 

Joan Fischer Bell, 14 Gerard Avenue, 
Old Bridge, New Jersey. Tommy, 8, Linda, 

Betty Lou Foy Reid, 6 Gardiner Avenue, 
Lincoln, Rhode Island. Meredith, 5, Lyn- 
da, 3. President Rhode Island Lasell Club, 
Sports Car Club. 

Carol Frank Sweeney, 32 East Bel Mead- 
ow Lane, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Michael, 5, 
Jeffrey, 2. Trip to Jamaica. 

Carol French Willis, 4903 Avent Drive, 
Jacksonville 10, Florida. David, 8, Geof- 
frey, 6, Michael, 2. Navy Officers Wives 
Club, Navy Relief and Squadron Groups: 

Mary Gallivan Sawyer, x-'52, 40 Ridge- 
wood Avenue, R.D. 5, Kingston, New York. 
Plays golf. 

Patricia Giles, Box. 81, R.D. 1, Glen 
Mills, Pennsylvania. Continuing education 
Cedar Crest College and Cheynez State Col- 
lege to graduate 1963. 

Bonnie Gill Smith, 9211 Timberside 
Drive, Houston, Texas. Nadine, 7, Henley, 
Jr., 5, Gill, 3, Kathy, 13 months. 

Phyllis Gleason Riley, 7221 Ortega Hills 
Drive, Jacksonville 10, Florida. Lynne, 
Wl, Wayne, 2l/ 2 . Katharine Gibbs. Offi- 
cer's (Navy) Wives Club. 

Nancy Gotier Fein, 17 West 64th Street, 
New York 23, New York. 

Carolyn Gould McKinney, 27 Glen 
Street, Whitman, Massachusetts. Catherine, 
8, James, 6, Patricia, 3, Debra, 1 . Further 
education in medical technology at Dea- 
coness Hospital. Scout Leader. 

Norma Heep Miller, 5 Garmatan Drive, 
Yonkers, New York. Judson, 4, Leanne, 
10 months. 

Barbara Herzog Burns, 3 Claudia Lane, 
Poughkeepsie, New York. Kevin, 6^/2, 
David, 4, Douglas, 2. B.S. degree, Univer- 
sity of Massachusetts, Secretary League of 
Women Voters, Secretary of Poughkeepsie 
Branch of American Association of Uni- 
versity Women. 

Marilyn Hetzke Moore, Garth Woods 
Apartments, Garth Road, Scarsdale, New 

Millicent Jewell Jenness, Chapel Street, 
Duxbury, Mass. David, 6, Elizabeth, 3, 
Amy, 6 months. Continued education at 
business school. 

Virginia Johnson Irwin, 42 Primrose 
Lane, Levittown, 1, New York. Robert, 6, 
Thomas, 3. European trip and Long Island 
Lasell Club. 

Joyce Kitfield Anderson, 84 Ocean Ave- 
nue, Bass River, Massachusetts. Larry, 3^/2, 
Carol, iy 2 . 

Ruth Kohn Weinberg, 305 Robinson 
Drive, Broomall, Pennsylvania. David, 5, 
Ellen, 2. Bermuda and Nassau trips. 

Sally Lacock ~ Walden, 100 Chadwick 
Place, Glen Rock, New Jersey. Kathryn, 6, 
John, 4, Donna, 3, Chris, 11 months. 
Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. 

Betsy Lewis O'Donnell, 19 Vera Street, 
Dorchester, Mass. European and Caribbean 
trips and the Far East. 

Jean McCambridge, 1321 Boulevard, 
West Hartford 7, Connecticut. Active in 
local Lawn Bowling Clubs. 

Tanis MacClain Trigo x-'52, R.F.D. 2, 
Box 305, East Hampton (Marlborough), 



Connecticut. Francis, 9, Steven, 6, Michael, 

Barbara Magnaghi Nickerson, Box 103, 
Chester, Vermont. Brattleboro Camera 

Helen McCulloch Beight, 1415 Maple- 
ridge Drive, Fairborn, Ohio. Linda, 8, 
Jimmy, 6, John, 2. 

Nancy Marcus Golden, 55 Richard Road, 
Braintree, Massachusetts. Susan, 2 months. 
Travelled through Canada and five states 
last summer. 

Jeannette Maynard Macomber, 5 Gull 
Path, Liverpool, New York. Carol, 6, Sally, 

4, Jane, 2. P.T.A. and church work. 
Audrey McKay Prince, 147 Oakland 

Avenue, Eastchester, New York. Bobby, 5, 
Debbie, 2 1 /?. Director of Church Nursery 

Janet McNeil, 92 Greaton Road, West 
Roxbury, Massachusetts. Continued educa- 
tion at Staley College of the Spoken Word. 
European trip. 

Eleanor Mekelones Marple, 10 Holly 
Lane, Town of Rye, Portchester, New 
York. Bradley, 3. Westchester-Lower Con- 
necticut Lasell Club. 

Mary Miller Henrique, 151 Union Street, 
South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Janette, 

5, Elizabeth, 19 months. 

Dorothy Mulhere Barrett, 5 Bonnie Lane, 
New City (Rockland County), New York. 
Kathleen, 5, Kevin, 4, Kenneth 22 months, 
Kerry, 9 months. P.T.A. and Church 

Mae Murphy MacAlleenan x-'52, 4 Or- 
chard Drive, White Plains, New York. 
Trips to Ireland and Scotland. Sports car 

Gloria O'Dwyer Miller, 26 Dorrance 
Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts. Paul, 5Vi, 
Peter, AVl, Mark 3, Diane, \Vi. 

Geraldine Paulmier Sutphen, 20 Edge 
mere Road, Livingston, New Jersey. Ste 
phen, 2. Church work, gardening. 

Merilyn Peck Ericksen, 39 Clarside 
Drive, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. 
Andrew, 2. Trip to Europe. Western 
Massachusetts Lasell Club. 

Elinor Peterson Reiffarth x-'52, 7040 
East 10th Street, Indianapolis, 19, Indiana. 
Norman, 1. Further education at business 

Marie Piotti Maier, 14 Richard Road, 
Natick, Massachusetts. Kimberly, 2. Lived 
in Germany three years and toured Europe 
while there. 

Carolyn Powers Fontaine, 641 Prospect 
Street, East Longmeadow, Mass. David, 
1 V2 ■ Western Massachusetts Lasell Club. 

Joanne Purcell Brooker, 820 Plum Street, 
Vienna, Virginia. Trips to Nassau, South 
America and Europe. 

Ann Rathburn Spadola, 111 Nice Avenue, 

Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Donald, 6. Hos- 
pital Guild. 

Joeyna Raynal Rearwin, 7 Copeland 
Court, R.D. 2, Huntington, New York. 
Matthew, 8 months. Trips to South Ameri- 
ca and St. Croix. Long Island Lasell Club. 

Dorothy Rich Anderson, 108 Highland 
Road, South Portland, Maine. Kirsten, 3V^, 
Craig, 13 months. Two trips to Europe. 
President of Portland Lasell Alumnae Club. 

Joan Roberts Limmer, 1516 San Joaquin 
Avenue, San Jose 24, California. Charles, 
6Y2, Susan, lYl- Further education at 
business school. 

Pamela Robinson Brigham, 345 Linden 
Street, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Christopher, 
2. Trip to Bermuda. Tunior Women's 

Barbara Rost Goodman, 2205 Arosa Lane, 
Holiday Hills, Wilmington 3, Delaware. 
Mark, 5V2, Greg, 3. 

Roslyn Rowell Levesque, 10 Oxford 
Street, Sanford, Maine. Lynda, 6, Lonnie, 3. 

Elsie Salkind Scotti, 16 Olyphant Drive, 
Morristown, New Jersey. Michael, 5V2, 
Gary, 5V2, Jeffrey, lj/2. 

Mary Ellen Schwingel Skove x-'52, 245 
Bath Avenue, Long Branch, New Jersey. 
John, 9, Mark, 8, Nancy, 6, Matthew, 2, 
Luke, 6 months. 

Beverly Segerberg Britton, The Farms 
Road, Bedford Village, New York. Ste- 
phen, 5, Bobby 1. Women's Club. 

Nancie Shean Roth, 901 Northwest 35th 
Ter., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Carolyne, 


Claire Showell Marvel, Claremont Road, 
Bernardsville, New Jersey. Stephanie, 3, 
Jackson, 5. Further educaton at secretarial 

Rena Silverman, 865 Southern Artery, 
Quincy 69, Mass. Plans trip to Europe 
this summer. 

Nancy Slattery Haskins, 269 White Oak 
Ridge Road, Short Hills, New Jersey. Dan- 
ny, 7, Betsy, 5, Mary, 2. 

Virginia Smibert Swanson, 116 Central 
Avenue, West Haven, Connecticut. Axel, 
3 1 /?- Women's Club. 

Carole Smith Diamond, 1 Bellaire Drive, 
Swampscott, Mass. Scott, 6, Gregg, 3. 

Virginia Snedaker Marschall, c/o Good- 
year International, Akron, Ohio. David, 4, 
Laurie, 3 months. Lived in Thailand and 
Indonesia and off for overseas again soon. 

Diane Vail Hayduk, 439 Bronxville 
Road, Bronxville, New York. A. Thomas, 
7, Beverly, 4. President Kings Daughters, 

Shirley Warriner Randall, Old Post Road, 
Charlestown, Rhode Island. Twins born 
in May 1962 — ■ Jeffrey and Scott. Inter- 
ested in dog obedience training. 



Barbara Wenzel, 274 Brookline Avenue, 
Boston 15, Massachusetts. Further educa- 
tion at Mass. Memorial Hospital, Suffolk 
University, and Harvard School of Pub- 
lic Health. Trips to Europe and Nassau. 

Phyllis Werblow Strompf, 7 Latonia 
Road, Port Chester, New York. Steven, 5, 
Ricky, 8. League of Women Voters. 

Terry Wingate Machette, 2610 Lark 
Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania. Piper, 3, 
Jill, 20 months. Trips to Europe and Mex- 
ico. Women's Club. 

Ann Woods Talbot, 18 Honu Street, 
Aiea, Hawaii. Rusty, 4, Elizabeth, 2, Caro- 
lyn, 1. Airline Stewardess School. 


Mrs. Donald K. Bassett 

( Patricia Howe ) , Secretary 

4 Merrill Rd., So. Natick, Mass. 


6 Stanley Oval 

Westfield, New Jersey 

Mrs. Philip J. Connor 

( Nancye VanDeusen ) , Secretary 

18 Reardon Road, Hudson, Mass. 

Sincere and grateful thanks to Joan Stan- 
ford Chase and to Pat Koules, who have 
served so faithfully as Class Secretaries for 
the past five years. 

News from the Questionnaires: 

Ada Whitmore Suydam x-'57. Typist 
and IBM operator at Waldorf Corporation. 
Two months in Europe in 1959 — visited 
Italy, France, Germany and England. 

Bernice VanName Petrone. Daughter, 
Susan Jean, 2-25-62. 

Barbara E. Horwitt. Assistant to the 
Marketing Director and Art Director for 
the Popular Mdse. Co. Two summers in 
Puerto Rico, trip to west coast, Chicago, 
and Florida. 

Sally A. Collins. Children's Hospital 
School of Nursing. Graduated in I960 as 
a registered nurse. 

Carol Preater Feldmann. Daughter Karen 
Lynn, 11-19-61. Part time registered nurse. 

Ann Day Smith. Son David Day 
("Chip") 9-28-58, and Frederick DeGarmo 
("Ricky") 11-15-60. Husband is a flight 
instructor in the Naval Air Basic Training 
Command, Pensacola, Florida. 

Sheila Levine Uram. Marilyn Pearce 
Schriber and Sheila travelled in Europe for 
two months in '58 in Marilyn's Volkswag- 
on. Lived in Boston for a year with Elaine 
Koitz and Tudy Kelly. Met and married 
"Stu" in '59. 

Jane Rannacher Nixon. Daughter, Jane 
Elizabeth, 2-3-60, son, Christopher Charles, 

Edith Sussman Hill. Son Peter Scot Hill, 
5-26-60, daughter Jennifer Stacey, 4-16-62. 
Attended Boston University School of Pub- 
lic Relations and Communications for one 

JoAnn Murray Thompson. Daughter 
Susan, 2-14-59, son Douglas, 5-15-60. 

Carol S. Braun. Personnel work at CIBA 
Pharmaceutical Company in New Jersey. 

Barbara Thorndike Madden. Graduated 
from Columbia University in 1959. 

Elizabeth C. Fenn. Secretary. Trip to 
Hawaii a year ago. Planning to attend the 
Seattle World's Fair. Hopes to go to Eu- 
rope next year. 

Jane Moore Affonce. Son Stephen, 8-16- 

Sandra Marie Kusterer. Secretary to the 
Director of Industrial Relations, the High 
Standard Manufacturing Corporation, Ham- 
den, Connecticut. 

Margaret Fagan Ficks. Daughter Laura 
Ann, 2-5-61. "Bermuda honeymoon last- 
ed two days, when Dick landed in the hos- 
pital at a motor bicycle accident." 

Patricia McConnell Smith. Secretary. 

Nancye Van Deusen Connor. ■ Daughter 
Deborah Joyce, 6-24-59, son Stephen John, 

Judith Parker Murray. Son, Edwin S. 
Murray III. 

Barbara Bean James. Administration as- 
sistant to sales manager. 

Joan Deshefy Patenaude. Daughter 
Christie Louise, 5-1-61. Registered Medi- 
cal Technologist. 

Carol Jeuchter Dixon. Four sons — 
Francis Joseph III, 5-27-58, Michael Ger- 
ard, 5-21-59. Stephen Joyce, 7-25-60, Chris- 
topher Paul, 10-31-61. ' 

Joan Craven Shuba. Daughter Robin 
Lynn, 5-31-59, son Robert Duane, 9-6-60. 
Joan writes "Bob went into the Air 
Force in 1958. I trailed along ■ — lived in 
Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana. Trav- 
elled back to New Jersey with a seventeen 
month old baby (Robin), five week old 
baby (Duane), a two-year-old Collie pup- 
py in a Volkswagen, pulling a 4' x 6' 
trailer !" 

Nancy Adams Morrissette. Son, John A. 
Morissette, 7-19-61. 

Eleanor Kuchta O'Neil. Kevin Joseph, 
10-3-60, Brian John, 1-17-62. Went on a 
three-month European trip during the sum- 
mer of '59. 

Carolyn LeGoff Hogan. Daughter, Shay 
Ann, 12-20-61. 

Elizabeth Liebewein Nyser. Daughter, 
Cynthia Ann, 9-14-60 and son, Kenneth 
Donald, 4-19-62. 



'Catching Up' 

Sheila Miller Cohen. Son, James How- 
ard, 5-7-60. After Lasell Sheila graduated 
from the Executive Training Program at 
Jordan Marsh Co., Boston. Has made two 
trips to Europe since her marriage. 

Jane Buckland Clifton. Graduated from 
Vassar College in 1959. Attended the Har- 
vard-Radcliffe program in Business Ad- 
ministration in I960. 

Charlene Sargent Kiley. "My husband 
and I are leaving for Europe in August 
for an extended stay. He won a scholar- 
ship from the Boston Society of Archi- 
tects. We hope to visit Norway, Greece, 
Spain and Portugal before returning home." 

Martha Johnson Wheelock. Son, Scott 
Dean, 6-12-60. 

Carol Sealund Reed. Daughter, Jennifer, 
1-16-59, and son, Bryan, 2-21-60. 

Patricia Gilbert June. Son, Richard 
"Ricky," 12-6-59- Free-lance artist. 

Marie DiGeronimo. Secretary, General 
Radio Company. 

Sue Garratt Wollard. Son, Forrest Allen 
("Twig") 6-13-61. After Lasell, Sue attended 
the Tobi-Coburn School for Fashion Ca- 
reers in New York, then worked as an 
assistant buyer at Jordan Marsh, Boston, 
and as a department manager at Wood- 

ward and Lothrop in Washington, D.C. 
Since moving to California, she has been 
doing some part time modelling. 

Phyllis Koocher Stone. Son, Jeffrey 
Whelden, 9-10-61. 

Virginia Good Gow. Secretary, Clark 
University, Department of Chemistry, 
Worcester, Mass. 

Shirley Schools Veno. Son, Henry Jo- 
seph, 3-6-61. 

Irene Mary Dessureau Keating. Daugh- 
ter, Diane Amelia, 7-14-61. Irene's hus- 
band is an English teacher at the Holyoke 
(Mass.) High School. 

Nancy Ellen Whitney. Kindergarten teach- 
er in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Tour of 
Europe during the summer of 1959 — 1961 
trip to California. 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen. Sharon Patri- 
cia, 5-18-59, Kathleen Ann, 6-11-60, and 
Mark Christopher, 5-10-61. 

Camilla Carlson Ellsworth. Son, David, 
Jr., 9-1-60. 

Peggy A. Kenison Haraty. Toured Cana- 
da as far west as Manitoba last summer. 
Visited Margie Day Grosjean and husband, 
Byran, in Illinois. 

Cynthia Button LaRue. Donna 10-8-58, 
and D'Ette, 12-16-59. 



Harrison Joseph Kaplan 
(Edith Berger '57) 

Virginia Krauss White. Robert James, 
3-23-58, Jeffrey Scott, 12-9-59, and John 
Charles, 9-2-61. Virginia and the two older 
children flew to West Palm Beach, Flor- 
ida, for a two-week vacation with her 

Mildred Berg. Secretary, United States 
Air Forces in Europe, Wiesbaden, Ger- 

Constance Austad. After Lasell, attended 
the University of New Hampshire and 
Mary Hitchcock Hospital. Evelyn Atanas 
and Connie went to Florida in 1959. 

Floreen Rounseville Sanford. Editorial 
Assistant of Newsweek Magazine. 

Janice Carol Barbuto Wallwork. Son, 
Richard Gary, 1-6-62. Attended Eastern 
Airline Stewardess School in Miami 
Springs, Florida — worked for Jenney Oil 
Company, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Marion Moffat White. Daughter, Rebec- 
ca Moffat, 12-10-60. Husband is an attor- 
ney with the Boston law firm of Nutter, 
McClennen and Fish. 

Lynn Johnson Johnston III. Daughter, 
Deborah Lynne, 1-12-60 and son, Alexander 
IV (Sandy), 4-1-61. Returned to United 
States after three years in Munich, Ger- 
many. Plan to be in Urbana, Illinois for 
fifteen months where her husband will get 
his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engi- 
neering at the University of Illinois. 

Ann Fry Murphy. Secretary to the Gen- 
eral Manager of Personnel, Aluminum Com- 
pany of America. 

John and Colleen Heffernan 
(Esther Terni '57) 

Dorothy Fenrich DelGuercio. Daughter, 
Laurie, 10-22-60. 

Esther Anne Terni Heffernan III. Son, 
John Stephen, 1-9-59 and daughter, Colleen 
Mary, 11-13-60. Lived one and a half 
years in Verdun, France. 

Susan Sandurff Corcoran III. Son Kevin 
Joseph, 3-19-61. 

Marilyn Brown Stover. Daughter, Susan, 
11-2-60, son, Lee, 10-22-59. 

Harriet Wason Carter. Daughter Susan 
Ringland, 9-24-60. 

Elaine Lanaue Tenney. Daughter Carol 
Anne, 8-21-58. 

Margaret Hubbard Higgins. Son Garry 
Tomas, Jr., 3-14-60. 

Carol Jean Palmgren Link. Son, Joseph 
Franklin (Jody), 2-20-58, and daughter, 
Linda Lee, 2-13-59. 

Virginia Field Coburn. Working for 
Prudential Life Insurance Company. 

Patricia Koules. Executive Secretary. 

Barbara Jeanne Letson Weaver, Debo- 
rah Lee, 7-31-59, Laurie Susan, 10-23-61. 

Lucile Martel Huggins. Daughter Deb- 
orah Lee, 8-12-60. After Lasell, attended 
and graduated from Lesley College in 1959. 
Spent two years in Coronado, California; 
returned East last spring. 

Marcia Carolyn James. Jackson College 
1957-1959 (Cum Laude), Boston Univer- 
sity, M.Ed, in I960. Doctoral Candidate 
Ed.D., Boston University (part time). Dur- 
ing the summer of I960 Marcia travelled 
three months camping across United States 



and Mexico; worked on Operation Cross- 
roads Africa — Senegal and Mali on work 
project, 1961. Teaching sixth grade at the 
Peter Bulkeley School, Concord, Mass. 

Edith J. Berger Kaplan. After gradua- 
tion, worked at the Lahey Clinic for a year. 
Son, Joseph Harrison, 6-15-59- 

Iris Martin Rollins. Until her marriage 
in September, 1961, Iris was employed as 
an assistant buyer at Jordan Marsh Com- 
pany, Boston. 

Margaret I. Wefer Lang. Correspondent. 
Married May 1959. 

Susan R. Blake. Medical Secretary. 

Sandra Kettle Rocknak. Married March 
1959. Sandra's husband, Charles, is owner 
and broker of Rocknak's Yacht Basin. 

Ann Marie Schneider Husted. Daughter 
Suzanne Barbara, 4-4-62. Ann's husband, 
Captain Frank Husted is due for oversea 
duty after he completes the Officers' Ad- 
vance course in November. 

Anita Schueller. Teaches kindergarten 
at the Barnard School for Girls, New York 
City. Last summer was spent in Great 
Britain where she lived with a British fam- 
ily for four weeks and then went Youth 
Hosteling in Scotland. Plans another trip 
to Europe this summer. 

Nancy Jerome Howell. After Lasell, 
Nancy attended the Hickox Secretarial 
School — was secretary to a department 
manager at Raytheon Company and taught 
shorthand part-time at Hickox and at the 
suburban school for secretaries in Wal- 
tham. Married November 1959. daughter, 
Harriet, 8-23-60, and son, Charles Milton 
Jr., 2-4-62. 

Cynthia Clark Rose. She writes "After 
our wedding, moved to Buffalo where we 
stayed seven months while my husband 
finished his work as General Secretary of 
North East Y.M.C.A. Accepted a new job in 
New Canaan as General Secretary of their 
Y.M.C.A. and is now in the midst of a 
million dollar building campaign. We have 
acquired our own home and are like all 
other young homeowners — painting, re- 
pairing etc." Two children daughter, Suzanne 
Rose, 1-17-59, and son, Eric, 8-11-60. 

Rosalie Sucher Schneider. Son William 
Henry Lawrence, 3-12-61. 

Barbara Jane Reifenberger Hudelson. 
Daughter Heather Jane, 10-9-61. Toured 
Europe for several weeks in 1959. 

Ramona Kean Lane. Married August 

1959. Daughter, Jennifer Susan 9-17-60. 
Sheila Graham Foley. Married July 

1961. Son Thomas Graham, 4-11-62. 

Mary J. Miller Kris. Married February 

1960. Son Timothy Robert, 11-13-61. 
Sandra Bristol Walters. After Lasell San- 
dra took training at the Middlesex Memo- 
rial Hospital, Middletown, Connecticut, 

and became a registered Medical Tech- 
nologist. Married October 1958. Son, Scott 
Burton, 9-9-59. 

Christine Palluotto. She writes "Decided 
to get my B.A. last year. Have been at Al- 
bertus Magnus College, New Haven, Con- 
necticut, one year and will graduate in 
1963. Am engaged to Alex Gaudio, a Jun- 
ior at the Yale School of Medicine. Wed- 
ding plans for June, 1963." 

Sue Ellen Stroup Gilbert. Married 1957. 
Daughter, Lorraine Sue and son, Gregory 
Brian. Took a trip to Iowa last fall to see 
family and farm life. 

Audrey MacAdam Lowe. Married John 
in June 1957. Upon completion of his 
Master's Degree John will become an As- 
sistant Professor of Surgery at Cornell's 
animal clinic. Son, William Scott, 6-23-58. 

Caroline Killam Moller. Married April 
I960. Enjoyed a trip to Florida in the 

Virginia Zipf Metzler. Married Novem- 
ber 1957. Daughter, Kerry Ellen 6-2-58, and 
son, Gregory Bruce, 1-23-61. 

Roberta Dodkin Dutton. Married Au- 
gust 1958. Kimberley Ann, 7-31-60, 
and Kathleen Joyce, 3-15-62. 

Frances Howell Rodenhizer. Married 
March 1959- Eric Neil, 9-27-60, and David 
William, 2-26-62. 

Carol Swartz Kumin. "I worked four 
years in Boston for Larcom Randall Adver- 
tising Inc. From January '62 to April '62 
I was in New York City working for Pa- 
pert, Koenig Lois Advertising. Married in 
April '62 and moved back to Boston." 

Janet Coulter Langmaid. After Lasell, 
Janet attended and graduated from Wheel- 
ock College, Class of '60. She also did 
graduate study at Boston University. Tu- 
tors reading and arithmetic to children 
6-10 years old. Son, Bradshaw Craven, 

Muriel Hagerthy Brueck. Muriel writes 
that they have moved back to South Port- 
land, Maine, from Florida. 


Mrs. Christopher K. Bullock 

( Susan W. Ellis ) , Secretary 
55 Purchase Street, Milford, Mass. 

SALLIE T. Flowers, Secretary 
240 Harvard Circle, Newtonville, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard M. Legg 

(Marilyn Senior) , Secretary 

152 Utica Street, Quincy, Mass. 

Ronna Zucker Uhrman writes from 
22071 Libby Road, Bedford, Ohio. "I 
graduated from Western Reserve Univer- 
sity in June and am now teaching kinder- 
garten. Still correspond with Lynn Flusser 



John Wheeler Spargo II 
(Jeanne Klebes '60) 

Tull ■ — she and Richard were married on 
August 23d. Barbara Solor has announced 
her engagement, and Phyllis Gordon Heckt 
writes often." 

From Linda Ostrom. "Received a B.S. in 
Education from Russell Sage this year, and 
in September I shall teach second grade in 
Delmar, N.Y. Have become engaged to 
Gene Goodwin of York, Maine. He is a 
senior at R.P.I., and we plan to be mar- 
ried on June 29, 1963. See many of the 
Chandler House gang ■ — Kathi Fritz will 
graduate next summer from Columbia 
Presbyterian Medical Center. Would love 
to hear from the gals — the address in Al- 
bany is 610 Madison Avenue." 

Diane Burdick x-'60, a 1962 graduate of 
Nazareth College, is pursuing a career in 
social work with the Rome (N.Y.) Catho- 
lic Charities. In November Diane attended 
the New York State Welfare Conference 
at the Hotel Biltmore, New York City. 


Barbara Ann Cole, Secretary 
95 Fox Hill Street, Westwood, Mass. 

Elizabeth C. Hood, Secretary 
125 South Street, Hightstown, N.J. 

Mrs. John P. Sullivan 
(Elizabeth M. Schwingel) , Secretary 
12 Ellis Drive, Basking Ridge, N.J. 

From the Questionnaires: 

Lynn Fager. Working for Glamour mag- 
azine in New York. 

Marilyn Ashlock. Teller at the State 
Street Bank & Trust Company, Copley 
Square branch. 

Patricia Ellis. Attending Simmons Col- 

Valerie Duval. Secretary to Chief Engi- 
neer, Benrus Watch Company, Waterbury, 

Margo Stockman. Attending Katherine 
Gibbs School, Montclair, New Jersey. 

Nancy Morse. Working for a commer- 
cial art printing company in Boston. 

Pauline Sarrazin. Working for Social 
Security Administration. 

Toby Cohen Roover. Working as a legal 
secretary in Boston. 

Christine Lewis. Attending Pennsylvania 
State University. Going to Europe for 
summer and plans to attend the University 
of Innsbruck, Austria, for a month. 

Marilyn Caruso Crosby. Had an apart- 
ment in Boston until her marriage on May 

Judy Broggi. Attending Nasson College. 

Elizabeth Hood. Sharing an apartment 
with Gerry Weidman in Boston and is sec- 
retary at Boston University Law School, 
Assistant Dean's Office. 

Gerry Weidman. Secretary at the M.I.T. 
School of Industrial Management. 

Maryellen King. Last year in Medical 
Technology at St. Raphael's Hospital in 
New Haven, Connecticut. 

Patricia McKinnon. Living with Sue 
White and Jan Morrice. Secretary at State 
Street Bank & Trust Company in Trust 

Elizabeth Miller Clark. Student of Med- 
ical Technology at Newton-Wellesley Hos- 

Gwendolyn Johnson Redding. Working 
for Michael DiMain, M.D. Internal Med- 
icine and Cardiology, and William D. 
Morse, M.D. Obstetrical and Gynecologi- 
cal Surgeon. 

Pamela Gray. Secretary to Associate 
Dean at Yale Medical School. 

Nancy Thomas. Medical Secretary at the 
Massachusetts General Hospital for two 
cardiologists, associates of Dr. Paul D. 

Carol Cynthia Howe. Medical Secretary 
for five obstetricians and gynecologists at 
1101 Beacon Street, Boston. 

Nan Sparks Hunter. Nursery School 
teacher at Plymouth House Nursery and 
Kindergarten in Framingham. In October 
went on a month's motor trip of the Unit- 
ed States and Canada and Mexico with her 



Georgia Beaumont Kettelle. Recently 
resigned as Executive Secretary for the 
Assistant Sales Manager of the Grinnell 

Sheila Stevenson. Secretary to the man- 
ager of Ernst and Ernst, accounting firm, 
Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Joan Franke. Worked as a secretary to 
the Director of Research and Engineering 
at the DuMont Laboratories, Clifton, New 
Jersey, before her present job of Executive 
Secretary to the Assistant Treasurer, Scher- 
ine Corporation, Bloomfield, New Jersey. 

Jane Kendrigan. Secretary at the Gaso- 
line and Fuel Oils Division of the Prod- 
ucts Department of Socony Oil in New 
York City. 

Barbara Stark. Working as secretary to 
Manager — Compensation for International 
Electric Corporation. Spent many weekends 
at Mt. Snow and recently visited Arizona. 
Planning to drive across United States — 
Rt. 66 with friend and intends to live in 
California. Active in New Jersey Sports 
Car Club. 

Jeanne Wickenden x-'6l. Teaching at the 
Mary C. Wheeler School in Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

Judith Bazer Yantosca. Medical Secre- 
tary for an ophthalmologist in Boston. 

Caroline Brown. Working as a secre- 
tary at Tufts. 

Charlotte MacClinton. Employed at the 
Union and New Haven Trust Company in 
the Estate Department. 

Sandra Mueller Sandberg. Moved to Kan- 
sas City, Missouri, and worked as a medical 
secretary for two doctors from September 1st 
to March 15th 1962. Moved back to Win- 
chester and is presently working as a med- 
ical secretary at the Children's Hospital 
Medical Center. 

Carol Healy Butterworth. Receptionist 
at Elizabeth Arden, Boston. 

Suzanne Crafts. Kindergarten teacher at 
St. Paul's Day School in Brockton. 

Mildred Gillis. Worked for three ar- 
thritis specialists until February. Started 
working for two pediatricians at the Ded- 
ham Medical Associates in Dedham. Plan- 
ning a two-week cruise to the Caribbean 
in November. 

Bobbi Kerzner Lerman. Attended Long 
Island summer school and fall session. 
Proud mother of a boy, Steven, born April 
3, 1962. 

Marie Pelargonio Hall. Medical Secre- 
tary for Dr. Nathan L. Fineberg, ear, nose, 
and throat specialist, and Dr. Bertha Of- 
fenbach (Fineberg) ophthalmologist. 

Lynda Palmer Dyson, x-'6l. Son, Scott 
Palmer Dyson born on January 2, 1962. 
In June I960 moved to Coral Gables, 

Florida, where husband finished school 
at the University of Miami. 

Ann Porcaro. Secretary at one of the 
branch offices of the First National Bank 
of Boston. 

Carol Grushkin. Student at Mills Col- 
lege of Education in New York. 

Elaine Oetinger. Working and attend- 
ing Boston University College of Business 

Gerardine Kokxhoorn. Medical Assist- 
ant at the Children's Hospital in Boston. 

Lois Maier. Student at Boston Univer- 
sity School of Education. 

Linda Vidmark x-'6l. Secretary at Lever 
Brothers Company, Park Avenue, New York 
City. Graduated from Katherine Gibbs 
School in June, 1961. 

Leona Smith Black. Medical Secretary. 

Carol Henderson Dain x-'6l. One child, 
Lawrence W. Dain, Jr., born March 27, 
1961. Painting portraits of animals and 
selling them at a tourist farm in Pennsyl- 

Joan Gozzi Metzger. Spent four months 
in Europe after graduation. Worked as a 
secretary to Statistical Aide Medical Care 
Studies Unit, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston. 

Susan Elizabeth Dennison. Participated 
in Maine Seafoods Festival in August 1961. 
Sharing an apartment with three girls and 
working for an investment firm. 

Jill Hartmann. After graduation worked 
with three plastic surgeons in Great Neck, 
Long Island. Now with Long Island Trust 
Company and Trust and Estate Department. 

Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan. Living in 
Knoxville, Tennessee where husband is 
playing ball for the Knoxville Smokies. 

Janet Edwards. Working with People's 
Savings Bank, Bridgeport, Connecticut. 
Leaving for six weeks in Europe, May 26th. 
Will be visiting Amsterdam, Italy, Switzer- 
land, France, Dublin, England, and Scot- 

Susan Metz Good. Associate buyer with 
Mutual Buying Syndicate of notions, sta- 
tionery and small leather goods. 

Gail Schneider Hurvitz. Secretary in 
Speech and Hearing Clinic, Michigan State 
University. Vacationed in Florida after her 

June Paione. Worked as a trainee at 
Sears & Roebuck in Boston for five months. 
Martha Schoales Vaughan. Secretary in 
the law firm of Buckley, Richardson, God- 
frey and Burbank. 

. Susan White. Head of a day nursery in 
Needham. Sports teacher for second and 
third grade at Country Day School in Dover. 
Suzanne Sproul. Majoring in elemen- 
tary education at the University of Maine. 
Member of Phi Mu Sorority. 



Debra Hoch Kaplan. Housewife and 
mother. First child, Cherie Fae, born 
March 14, 1962. 

Susan Kyle. Studying at Beaver Col- 
lege, Pennsylvania. 

Alexandra Engelhardt. Studied at Alli- 
ance Francoise in Paris during the summer 
of 1961. Did some travelling in Poland 
and France around Paris. Majoring in 
French at Boston University. Sister in 
Alpha Phi Sorority, cultural and activi- 
ties chairman with Polish students at In- 
ternational Institute. Education chairman 
in Massachusetts Federation of Polish 
Women's Clubs. 

Donna Szarek. Living in Boston with 
Mary Carpenter and Sally Cabral. She is 
in the executive trainee program at Jordan 
Marsh Company, Boston. 

Cynthia Striesfield. Training at Beth 
Israel Hospital as a medical technologist. 

Barbara Mersky. Student at Beth Israel 
Hospital school of Medical Technology. 

Connie Hofberg x-'6l. Secretary for 
three men at the Radio Corporation of 
America, Moorestown, New Jersey. She 
was an attendant in Terry Niebling Pike's 
wedding. Vacationing with Judy Ready to 
Montreal and Quebec the third week of 

Linda Fait York. Married March 3, 1962 
and honeymooned in western Massachu- 
setts and New York State. Working for 
DeLaval Separator Company in Pough- 
keepsie, New York, as a secretary. 

Janet Hammonds Langley x-'6l. House- 
wife and mother to Eric Scott born Janu- 
ary 3, 1961. 

Lucinda Rowland Ward. Attending Bos- 
ton University School of Public Relations. 

Susan Scott Page. Sales clerk at Jordan 
Marsh Company in Boston. 

Phyllis Milano. Assistant Buyer of Jun- 
ior dresses at Filene's, Boston. 

Judy Plattner Cassidy. Medical secretary 
at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Constance Pihl. Working as a medical 
secretary first in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 
and now at the South Shore Hospital, 
South Weymouth, Massachusetts. 

Lela Graham Adams. Employed by John 
Douglas in Chestnut Hill, and shared an 
apartment in Harvard Square with Cynthia 
Smith before her marriage to Charlie 

Ellen Kottmeier Foster. Worked for Mc- 
Kesson & Robbins Inc. as a receptionist 
and switchboard operator until December. 

Sue Ellen Toth. Moved to Boca Raton, 
Florida, after graduation and worked as an 
interior decorator. Now planning to be- 
come a stewardess with Eastern Airlines. 

Connie Luppino. Working as an execu- 
tive secretary at Pitney-Bowes Inc., Stam- 
ford, Connecticut. 

Suzanne Kelley. Student and Assistant 
Counselor (women's housing) at Univer- 
sity of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. 
Enrolled in College of Arts and Sciences 
as a pre-medicine major. Made the finals 
in the "Miss Oil" contest. 

Laura Jensen. Spent eight weeks in 
Europe with Wendy Wolfenden. Now em- 
ployed as secretary to Special Events Direc- 
tor of the Leukemia Society, Inc. 

Wendy Wolfenden. Spent eight weeks 
touring Europe seeing England, Scotland, 
Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, 
Switzerland, France. Now a secretary to 
the Vice President of Irving Trust Com- 
pany, New York. 

Barbara Cole. Working since June of 
1961 as a medical secretary for a pediatri- 
cian, Dr. Henry Putnam, in Dedham. 


Lynda Blount, Secretary 
905 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY. 

MARCIA A. MADDEN, Secretary 
6_ Nobscot Road, Wellesley, Mass. 

. SALLY J. Remley, Secretary 
73 Randlett Park, West Newton, Mass. 

Hi Kids, 

It has been months since we were last 
together and we wonder what each of you 
is doing. How about you, Sue Petrie Bou- 
dreau? And — Jane Fallona Sheehan — a 
picture of the baby girl? What's with you 
working girls and students? 

No matter where you are or what you 
are doing, we know you're anxious for news 
of friends in the Class of 1962. So come on 
gang, send the information and we'll print 
it. Send pictures of weddings, children, 
or just Lasellites. (Glossy prints, black and 
white, preferred). 

Hope you had an exciting summer. Do 
let us hear from each and every one. Write 
NOW to one of 

Your Secretaries 
P.S. REMEMBER the LEAVES will be 
coming our way this year — the Class Gift 
to the Alumnae Fund makes each of us a 
paid-up member of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion for 1962-63. Send in news and news 
and news and news and news and let's 
have a long, long, long, long column for 



Georgiana Adams McElfresh '91-'92 on June 29, 1962 in Williamstown, Mass. 

Florence C. Wyman '91 -'92 on November 27, 1962 in Bangor, Maine. 

Ella Ampt Hamann '96 on September 19, 1962 in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Julia Tulleys Harm '96 on August 21, 1962 in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Susan B. Hayward Brown '96 on January 17, 1962 in Worcester, Mass. 

Lena M. Josselyn Lamson '97 on July 3, 1962 in Newton, Mass. 

Gertrude Taggart '97 on July 15, 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Elsie B. Reynolds '00 on April 18, 1962 in Middletown, Conn. 

Ethlyn Barber Brown '01 on May 4, 1962 in Winchester, Mass. 

Edith McClure Patterson '02 on November 1, 1962 in New York City. 

Ruth Kelsey '10 on January 14, 1962 in Denver, Colorado. 

Edith M. Boadway McAdam '21 on May 10, 1962 in San Marino, Calif. 

Mary S. Ehrhart Goldsmith '24 on July 30, 1962 in Montreal, Canada. 

Dorothy Denney Edge '26 on November 11, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Jean Ayr Baker '29 on November 24, 1962 in Huntington, Long Island, N.Y. 

Shirley House Campbell '41 on October 19, 1962 in Martinsville, Virginia. 

Sharon Staley Hackmann '53 on March 17, 1962 in Anaheim, California. 

Dr. Neilson Hannay, Faculty 1934-1946, on September 20, 1962 in Belmont, Mass. 

Fifteenth Annual 

Alumnae Council Meetings 

Friday and Saturday, March 29-30, 1963 

Alumnae Luncheon and Reunions 
Saturday, June 8, 1963 

Sunday, June 9, 1963 


Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 
1962 - 63 

President : 

First Vice-President: 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary : 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Barbara Iris Johnson '3 5 CMrs. Barbara I.) 
36 Brookdale Road, Natick (OL 5-1093) 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 (Mrs. Raymond N.) 
31 Wesley Street, Newton (LA 7-8479) 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 (Mrs. E. Sherman, Jr.) 
60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington (862-9419) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 

52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G. ) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (PLeasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 (Mrs. Denton G.) 
1094 Centre St., Newton Centre (LA 7-0283) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Betty Black Boynton '38 (Mrs. M. M.) 
681 North St., Suffield, Conn. 

Sue Ross Westberg '45 (Mrs. G. M.) 
240 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 

Editor : 
Assistant : 


Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 
Elinor Smith 




NO. 2 


Cover: The 1963 Lamp Lighters. Front row 1. to r.: Cynthia Hough '64, Lois Stoker '64, 
Claire Monahan '64, Phyllis Robinson '64. 

Back row 1. to r. : Leader Bette Cole '63, Judy Higgins '63, Betty Davis '63, Pat 
Lucy '63. (Bette Cole is the daughter of Mildred Bell Cole '31 and sister of Barbara 
Ann '61.) 

I Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 

1 Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
o of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 

2 28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 




Phyllis Reinhardt '42 to John E. Gorman. 

Nancy J. Molumphy x-'52 to Wiley L. Carter. 

Joan F. Bergevin '57 to Robert J. Barron. 

Nancy E. Whitney '57 to Robert E. Boyer. 

Barbara A. Bossi x-'59 to David F. Larson. 

Ursula W. Clark '59 to S. William Whyte. 

Diana Balian '60 to Edward G. Minasian. 

Kathryne H. Bouret '60 to David J. Morgan. 

Linda Collett '60 to John F. Sutherland. 

Nancy L. Flanzbaum x-'60 to Jerrold Blumenthal. 

Leslie J. Ghilani '60 to Roger H. Elkins. 

Barbara A. Grieff '60 to Jeffrey M. Mines. 

Susan Larom '60 to Ensign Herbert N. Baker, Jr., USNR. 

Judith A. Williams '60 to Alan G. Howes. 

Carolyn Bird '61 to Edward S. Murray. 

Suzanne G. DeLone '61 to Richard H. Lussier. 

Patricia J. Ellis '61 to John Raezer. 

Faith Fuller '61 to David Christopher. 

Pamela E. Gray '61 to John Fortuna, Jr. 

Linda A. Grean '61 to Warren Curtis. 

Lois K. Maier '61 to Jerome M. Hahn. 

Suzanne E. Sproul '61 to Lieutenant V. Michael Blake, USA. 

Sheila M. Stevenson '61 to David M. Hudson. 

Nancy A. Trudeau '61 to Joseph R. White. 

Jeanne Wickenden x-'6l to Charles David Lake. 

Betsy J. Berlowe '62 to William Webber. 

Barbara A. Blore '62 to John Lilliedahl. 

Maureen A. Carniglia '62 to Robert E. Lee. 

Susan J. Garnish x-'62 to Kenneth S. Fletcher III. 

June A. Golden '62 to Alan L. Gosule. 

Janet L. Kinney x-'62 to Barry J. Dakin. 

Gwen Lincoln '62 to Bruce H. Colley. 

Susan I. Littman '62 to Howard J. Barach. 

Judith L. Richards '62 to Daniel F. Sullivan. 

Elaine L. Sanderson '62 to Robert N. Wilhauck. 

Jana L. Sussman '62 to Barry E. Rosenthal. 

Diantha J. Tarbox x-'62 to Richard Pomfret. 

Priscilla L. White '62 to Pvt. Curtis Varney Givan, USA. 




Jean B. Knittel '48 and David J. Fraser on December 9, 1962 at Melrose, Mass. 
Barbara J. Mack x-'49 and Alexander C. Jancewicz on November 23, 1962 at Seattle, 

Patricia Ann Morris '51 and Colin R. Young on October 7, 1962 at Philadelphia, Penn. 
Patricia LaSelva '54 and Dr. Peter F. Marciano on November 2, 1962 at Revere, Mass. 
Lorraine A. Nelson '54 and Ernest C. Stevens on November 9, 1962 at Cambridge, Mass. 
Lois Kuhn '55 and Charles E. Hopson, Jr. on December 28, 1962. 
Marjorie Cavallo '56 and James O. Olson on October 6, 1962. 
Gail Gelinas '56 and Dr. James T. Nixon on October 6, 1962. 
Suzanne Kellner '56 and Don Denton Canfield, Jr. on October 20, 1962, at Port 

Washington, New York. 
Iris Martin '57 and Lieut. Richard G. Rollins, USMC, on September 9, 1961. 
Margaret R. McKinney '57 and John D. Bogdan on December 29, 1962 at Bolton, 

Jean C. VanDerlip '57 and Wilbur G. Lewellen on December 8, 1962 at West 

Hartford, Conn. 


Mrs. Paul B. Misuk 

(Linda Teich '60) 

Daughter of Carol Griffin Teich x-'32 

Mrs. David J. Fraser 
(Jean B. Knittel '48) 

Barbara Elm '58 and Clifford Symington on October 6, 1962 at East Hartford, Conn. 

Arlene Kosanowicz '58 and Ward A. Jennings on September 22, 1962. 

Arleen Kulin '58 and Rabbi Daniel L. Kaplan on December 23, 1962 at Worcester, Mass. 

Mary L. Moran '58 and Alan C. Roth on October 6, 1962 at Milford, Connecticut. 

Sandra Wilson Swartz '58 and John Joyce in November, 1962 at Dorchester, Mass. 

Linda M. Barber '59 and Nelson H. Morgan on December 8, 1962 at Wilton, Conn. 

F. Levette Corthouts '59 and R. Walter Downey on May 5, 1962. 

Nancy T. Crowell '59 and James O'Reilly Coleman, Jr. on September 29, 1962 at 

Waban, Mass. 
Linda J. Gould '59 and Joseph G. Marshall on December 22, 1962 at Waban, Mass. 
Frances A. Noel '59 and Robert L. LaBella on December 1, 1962 at Lawrence 

Township, Conn. 
Nancy Wilder '59 and Fred L. Schmidt on September 29, 1962 at Little Neck, New York. 
Barbara I. Beuth '60 and Marc Laguardia on November 3, 1962 at New York, New York. 
Carolyn V. Duncan '60 and James Wixon on October 20, 1962 at Needham, Mass. 
Janet Iversen '60 and Edward A. Messineo on September 15, 1962 at Hamden, Conn. 
Marie H. Nalli '60 and John J. Deneen, Jr. on November 24, 1962 at Milton, Mass. 
Brenda K. Netupsky '60 and William J. McKenney on October 6, 1962 at Glastonbury, 

Valerie Rothman '60 and Michael A. Cenit on December 22, 1962. 
Linda Teich '60 and Paul B. Misuk on July 18, 1962, at New Britain, Connecticut. 
Joan C. Adamski '61 and Paul D. Borghesani in September 1962. 

Linda A. Benson '61 and Kenneth P. Monti on October 27, 1962 at Wayland, Mass. 
Janet C. Edwards '61 and William D. Tracy on December 29, 1962 at Fairfield, Conn. 
Adrienne Jill Hartmann '61 and Frederick W. Mayer on August 25, 1962. 
Elizabeth A. Howard '61 and Arthur H. Crosbie, Jr. on December 29, 1962 at Fairfax, 

Linda S. Robertson '61 and V. James Onalfo on November 17, 1962 at Ridgefield, Conn. 
Susan K. Sydow '61 and Robert M. Mitchell on December 1, 1962 at Worcester, Mass. 



Mrs. James T. Nixon 
(Gail Gelinas '56) 

Mrs. Russell H. Pekrul 
(Carol Miller '62) 
September 8, 1962 

June Bishop '62 and Eugene C. Engman on February 2, 1963 at Venice, Florida. 
Barbara Freeman x-'62 and Arthur Zalkan on December 23, 1962 at New Britain, Conn 
Linda Levine '62 and Noel H. Goulston in December 1962. 
Deborah L. Marr '62 and Clifford H. Beecher, Jr. in November 1962, at Newtonville, 

Rosalind P. Monerman '62 and Leonard E. Holenport in November 1962, at Newton, 

Jeraldine Sawyer '62 and Ronald E. Pendleton on September 15, 1962 at New Harbor, 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lazarus 

(Judith Grace '60) 

July 7, 1962 



To Eunice Powers Buxton '45, a son, John Spencer, on October 17, 1961. 

To Virginia Butt Grey '48, a daughter, Patricia, on December 2, 1962. 

To Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48, a son, on July 10, 1962. 

To Phyllis Burckett Ulicny, '49, a son, Peter, on February 19, 1962. 

To Barbara Childs Hersey '49, a second daughter, Lynda Howland, on July 28, 1962. 

To Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49, a son, Scott Ronald, on January 21, 1963. 

To Ariel Leonard Robinson '50, a second son, Mark Leonard, on June 10, 1962. 

To Joyce Davies Harrison '50, a fourth child, third son, Matthew Creevey, on December 

31, 1962. 
To Etta Burns Peters '51, a second son, James, on May 20, 1962. 

To Mary Jane White Miller '51, a second daughter, Leslie Jeanne, on October 14, 1962. 
To Nancy Cool Kaercher '52, a fifth child, second daughter, Ann Marsh, on November 

17, 1962. 
To Sally Lacock Walden '52, a fourth child, second son, Charles, on June 22, 1961. 
To Elinor Peterson Reiffarth x-'52, a daughter, Susan Lee, on June 13, 1962. 
To Barbara Wulbrede Pacocha '52, a son, John F. II, on January 19, 1963. 
To Thelma Greenberg Florin '54, a second child, first daughter, Jane Debra, on January 

28, 1963. 
To Jane Master Houston '54, a second child, first son, Michael James, on January 5, 1962. 
To Margaret Robson Priddy '54, a fourth child, Susan Lynn, on February 6, 1961. 
To Carolyn Hall Browning '55, a son, Stephen Douglas, on September 28, 1962. 
To Barbara Judd Ozinga '55, a daughter, Lynne Valerie, on December 1, 1962. 
To Carol Kenneally Gardner, Jr. '55, a second son, Bart Thomas, on September 20, 1962. 
To Shirley Palmaccio Stolfors '55, a son, Douglas Martin, on May 17, 1962. 
To Angela Tarbellario Mitchell '55, a daughter Susan Marie, on July 2, 1962. 
To Polly Waterman Weaving '55, a second daughter, Donna Lee, on December 8, 1961. 
To Sylvia Barnaby Hamilton '56, a daughter, Cynthia Jeanne, on December 16, 1961. 
To Sarah Churchill Downes '56, third child, first daughter, Elizabeth Hewson, on May 

24, 1962. 
To Carole Crandall Stiles '57, a second daughter, Lin Jamieson, on June 2, 1962. 
To Alice Day Downing x-'57, a second daughter, Jeanne Annette, on January 16, 1962. 
To Barbara Flint Gerold '57, a daughter, Linda Jeanne, on October 15, 1962 
To Joan Deshefy Patenaude '57, a son, Dean Jarvis, Jr., on December 19, 1962. 
To Marcia Lipsey Freedman '57, a second son, Allen Steven, on April 18, 1962. 
To Jean Warren Treadwell x-'57, a second child, Nancy, on May 10, 1962. 
To Virginia Ambrose Fontana '58, a son, Gregory, on August 14, 1962. 

To Marilyn Barette Roberts '58, a second daughter, Jill Elizabeth, on January 9, 1963. 
To Donna Carr Coyle '58, a son, Harold III, on June 14, 1962. 
To Leona Powers Bowen '58, a son, William Joseph. 

To Gail Seibert Glover '58, a daughter, Catherine Ann, on July 10, 1962. 
To Elizabeth Healy Shelby '59, a son, David Gerald, on December 9, 1962. 
To Susan Hearne Southwick '59, a daughter, Susan Lynn, on October 31, 1962. 
To Linda Kitch Forand '59, a daughter, Deborah Lee, on January 16, 1962. 
To Carol Slocum Capper '59, a daughter, Pamela, on February 28, 1962. 
To Mary Alice Maccallum Gozzi '60, a daughter, Mary Kelly Maccallum, on July 8, 

To Ina Berkowitz Karlins '60, a son, Jay Howard, on July 5, 1962. 


Jeff Sundborg 
(Jane Ansley '41) 

The Gardners 
(Thea Janke '53) 

Hap and Marcy Nesslinger 
(Sylvia Pfeiffer '53) 


Craig and Dawn Dexter 
(Elizabeth Sleight '53) 


Stephen Paul 
(Susan Rapaport '58) 

Busy, busy, busy . . . 

Granddaughter of Grace Douglass 

Schindler x-'12 

The Three Mesingers 
(Marguerite Rudolf '52) 

David Boyer 
(Holly Engel '59) 

Bret and Burt, twin sons of Joan 
Keezer Pecukonis x-'57 


Deborah Hovey 
(Sandra Lally '55) 

Theodore and John Gillette 
(Ruth Meighan '38) 

Jimmy and Bobby Potter 
(Dorothy Holman x-'45) 

Grispin, Jeff, Meg, and Amy 
(Mary Sawyer Philpott '41) 

The Young Wheatons 
(Dode Molan '49) 


Bonnie and Bart Roberts 
(Lorraine Lombard '31) 





Joanna Deering Kirk reports frequent 
visits with Edith Ebersole Doud '03 and 
Hattie McGregor. 


In Memoriam: Lena Armstrong Brown on 
August 25, 1962 in Carmel, 


Grace Ordway Miller x-'04 writes: "Was 
terribly shocked to learn of the death of 
Isabelle Bowers Church x-'03. We were 
roommates my first year at Lasell and we 
continued our, friendship during the years. 
She had so much pleasure travelling and 
visiting Lasell last year. I still make my 
home in Monterey; have a son in Carmel, 
a daughter in Berkeley, and a second 
daughter in Mexico City." 


Barbara Vail Bosworth writes: "I am 
happily located in a new and well equipped 
retirement home. One will make no mis- 
take in coming here to Rogue Valley 
Manor, Medford, Oregon." 


Charlotte Ryder Hall reports that she 
hopes to return to Lasell for her 55th 

Ethel McCorkindale Harwood writes: 
"After Mr. Harwood's death, my daughter, 
husband, and four children came to live 
with me. I am so happy having them here. 
Their older son is a Sophomore at Nichols 
College, Dudley, Mass. Suzanne, just six- 
teen, is a high school sophomore. David 
is in Junior High and Joanne is leaving 
grammar school in June. Everyone of them 
live wires and I love them all." 

Grace Cole Woodruff is planning a trip 
to Europe in May. 

Grace Griswold retires from her library 
position so may be on for the 55th Reunion. 

Betty Love Macey is spending the winter 
in Florida. 


Maria Riker Hume tells us that she and 
her daughter, Martha Hume Worth x-'38, 
had a delightful June visit with Margaret 
Gregson Barker in Santa Fe. 

Constance Blackstock reports that she 
had a wonderful visit at Lasell in October 
and was so glad to find the College march- 
ing forward with the Tewksbury leader- 

From Annie Crowe Collum: "Had a three 
weeks trip to England last April to get 
acquainted with a god-daughter whom I 
had not seen for six years She is now 
eighteen. She, her parents, and I had a 
week's visit to Paris." 

Clara Nims reports that she has spent 
the past eleven winters at Barron Hall, 
Winter Park, Florida. 

Lilian Douglass Heeb has returned from 
a tour of the Orient and South Pacific 
and spent the Christmas holidays in 



M. Cornelia Stone, Secretary 
23 Brewster Lane, La Grange Park, 111. 

From Lucy Aldrich Berston we hear 
that she had a delightful visit with Helen 
Sayre Jacobs '11. Helen is now living at 
4939 Tarfield Avenue, LaMesa, California. 

Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 

(Charlotte Ryder), Secretary 

149 Cedar Street, Bangor, Maine 

In Memoriam: Ruth Sykes Block in May 
1962, at Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Orher News: Florence Stark Hoyt x-'08 has 
recently married Mr. Rufus Bradford Burn- 
ham and they are now living at 430 Second 
Avenue N., Naples, Florida. 



Mrs. R. A. Clemen 
(Margaret Jones), Secretary 
Lilac Lane, Princeton, N.J. 

Alma Dumn Delong writes that she still 
enjoys her hobby of painting covered 
bridges and ruined mills. 



Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 
July 1962 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln Street, Manchester, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15, whose hus- 
band, Paul, passed away on November 27, 

Emma Robinson Petri x-'15 writes: "My 
husband and I enjoyed a trip across Canada 
to Banff, Lake Louise, Vancouver, Tacoma, 
Victoria, Mt. Rainier, Seattle World's Fair, 
Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and 
the Grand Canyon. Perfect weather and 
beautiful scenery." 

From Ada Patterson: "Returned in May 
from a jet trip around the world. Had 
a glorious time and saw many wonderful 
sights, including two weeks in Honolulu 
and at the World's Fair." 

Florence Skinner Anderson x-'15 tells us 
she has been ill for a long time but 
believes she is now on the right road to 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

(Clara Parker), Secretary 

8 High Street, Goffstown, N. H. 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil writes: "I am 
Chairman of Recreation at Bellevue Hos- 
pital in New York. Started the service 
fifteen years ago and it has developed into 
a completely professionally staffed depart- 
ment sponsored by the city and our aux- 
iliary. It is thrilling work." 


Ethel Vance Foster writes: "The high- 
lights of '62 were a telephone visit with 
Josephine Kenower Bridge as my husband 
and I 'refueled' in Huntington, Indiana. 
Also a day's visit with Veda Ferguson 
Purdy of Bozeman, Montana, en route on 
her cruise around the world on the 

From Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood: 
"Two more years and our class will have 
its 50th reunion. We who attended our 
45th had a grand time. Our home is the 
small house in which my father was born 
and where we have lived ever since we 
were married. In the summer, we live in 
Jaffrey where Clint's forefathers settled. 
Our son and family are happy in Andover, 
Mass. Our daughter, husband, and wee 
daughter have been transferred to Brussels, 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 

79 Carpenter Street, Foxboro, Mass. 

Our Round Robin is still travelling 
around reasonably well. It goes from north 
to south and crosses the country and back 
in just under two years now. Do keep it 
going and do keep me informed to whom 
it goes. 

Early in the summer, Judith Burbank 
Brown x-'19 called on me at Harwichport. 
I had not seen her since 1916 so I'll have 
to admit that I did not recognize her on 
sight. We had a very interesting "gab 
fest" about the good old days. She had 
seen in the Leaves that I was always at 
Harwichport in the summer so she decided 
to look me up when she was there on 
vacation. I hope other Lasellites will do 
that when on the Cape. 

Marion Griffin Wolcott, Freda Griffin 
Leining '20, and Marian Beach Barlow 
made their annual trip to Harwichport in 
August and then we all went to Mildred 
Strain Nutter's '17 home for her annual 
Lasell picnic. 

I was in Amherst in October and I tele- 
phoned Helen Nichols. She told me her 
mother was one hundred and three years 
old and she was just about to take her out 
for a ride. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Frances Harris Spear, whose husband 
passed away in October. 

M. S. K. 



Florence Kimball 
1916's Class Baby 

Miss Florence S. Kimball, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kimball has 
been appointed registrar of Mount Holyoke 
College. Miss Kimball, a Mount Holyoke 
alumna, has been head of the Harvard 
Alumni Records Office for the past 11 
years and is one of the first women ever 
to hold a Corporation appointment there. 
She first went to Cambridge in 1947, fol- 
lowing her release from the WAVES after 
World War II, to take charge of the publi- 
cation of the 1948 Harvard Law Quin- 
quennial directory. As Alumni Recorder, 
she has since been responsible for the 
publication of three Harvard Alumni Di- 
rectories and maintaining records on more 
than 125,000 living alumni. 

After graduation from Mount Holyoke, 
Miss Kimball worked for a consulting 
actuary in New York City, then served for 
four years in the Navy as a disbursing 
officer. She has just completed 20 years 
as a lieutenant commander in the Naval 

She has been on the board of directors 
of the New England Hospital since 1955 
and is currently its first vice-president. She 
is a past president and director of the Mt. 
Holyoke Club of Boston, has held offices 
in the Alumnae Association, and is a mem- 
ber of the Foxborough Country Club. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, NY. 

Ruth Burnap Jones writes: "Nora Hay- 
wood Rodd and her husband, Art, drove 
from New York City during the weekend 
of October 12th to visit with Don and me. 
We had hoped to see Marjorie Morrison 
Coburn, who was to visit in nearby New 
Hampshire, but evidently her plans did 
not materialize." 


Mrs. Edmund W. Hill 

(Mildred Cary) , Secretary 

Belgrade Lakes, Maine 

Mid writes: "On Octboer 21, 1962, I 
married a friend of my Norwich, Con- 
necticut, school days. He is Major General 
Edmund Walton Hill, USAF, retired, of 
Belgrade Lakes, Maine. He was Inspector 
of the U.S. Army Air Force in Washington. 
During World War II he was in command 
of all U.S. forces in Northern Ireland 
and also in command of the 8th Air Force 
Composite Command and the U.S. Air 
Forces in the U.S.S.R. and head of the 
Air Section of Military Mission to Mos- 
cow, and coordinator of Inter American 
Defense Board." 

The latest word from Mid: "We've had 
five months tour of Europe and have seen 
some beautiful spots; Berchtesgaden and 
Garmisch were the loveliest. Saw Hitler's 
Eagle's Nest. Went up the mountain in a 
'bubble car' which was very exciting. 
Vienna was the fun city. See you all in 

From Dorothy Barnes Paine: "Despite 
the ailments that come along with old age, 
arthritis and sciatica for me, I am still 
planning to return to Lasell next June for 
our 45th class reunion." 


59 Ripley Road, Cohasset, Mass. 

From Frances Coombs: "Am active as 
usual in clubs, church, and other orga- 
nizations. Also enjoy auto trips and sum- 
mer theaters." 

Elizabeth Moyer Wilson x-'19 tells us 
that her son Donald graduated from Cor- 
nell and then received his degree from 
Union Theological Seminary. He is now 
a minister in Rochester, New York Her 
daughter, Priscilla and family are living 
in Silver Spring, Maryland. 




Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson), Secretary 

Amenia, New York 

Margaret Perley Downey writes: "When 
we visited my mother in Medford last 
summer, my husband and I called on Rod- 
ney and Dorothy Burnham Eaton in Har- 
vard, Mass. Dorothy has put Miss Wither- 
bee's course in the reading and writing 
of verse to practical use. Her poems are 
published under the pen name, Burnham 
Eaton. Miss Witherbee's English courses 
have benefitted me too, as I have been 
reviewing books for women's clubs in the 
Chicago suburban area." 

Josephine Florence Preusse tells us that 
her daughter is now twenty-seven, and her 
son, twenty-two. 

Dorothy Barnes Paine '18 
California, August 1961 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Road, West Medford, 55, Mass. 

Mrs. A. Bedell Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

314 San Juan Road, Watsonville, Calif. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Jo Holbrook Metzger and to Lynn (Metz- 
ger Pharo '45). Mr. Metzger passed away 
on October 27, 1962. 

Correction: Lilian Wood Wood is the 
assistant to the executive secretary of 
Wheaton's Alumnae Association — not the 
executive secretary as reported in the No- 
vember Leaves. 

Other News: Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. 
Bidwell (Harriette Case) announce the 
marriage of their daughter, Jane, to Peter 
Merritt Thompson on July 7, 1962 at 
Simsbury, Connecticut. Jane graduated 
from Dickinson College in June 1962, 
and Peter from Dickinson in I960. They 
are now living in El Paso, Texas. 

Florence Archibald Stanly thoroughly en- 
joyed her reunion visit to Lasell. Her 
daughter, Jill, is now the proud owner of 
a mink coat — her prize for participating 
in a popular TV show. Florence also 
reports the death of her father, Mr. Wil- 
liam Archibald, in September 1962 

Jean Field Faires writes: "Three major 
events for me in '62. Serious surgery in 
March, a visit from Phyllis Rafferty Shoe- 
maker in June, and a trip to the Seattle 
World's Fair in September." 


Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

(Adrienne Smith), Secretary 

359 Otis Street, West Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt), Assistant 

110 Woodland Road, Auburndale, Mass. 

Florence Boehmcke Edmondson and 
Nance Millspaugh hope to attend their 
40th reunion in June. 

Claire Parker Everett writes "I am es- 
pecially looking forward to attending our 
40th reunion. My husband is now retired 
from the Navy and we hope to do some 

From Marjorie Lowell Weeks: "Walter 
and I will soon be leaving for our 
Florida vacation. My love and best wishes 
to all." 


Helen B. Perry, Secretary 
172 Porter Street, Melrose, Mass 

In Memoriam: Beatrice Tait Henrich x-'24 
on December 5, 1962 in Hampden, Mass. 
She is survived by four daughters, and two 
sisters, Maude Tait Moriarty '20 and Bar- 
bara Tait Brooks '27. 



Other News: From Helen Robson Hamill: 
"It won't be long until our 40th reunion 
and I am looking forward to it. My hobby 
of cake decorating keeps me busy and I 
am interested in church work." 


Mrs. George A. Jenkins 
(Barbara Cushing), Secretary 
3 Kent Street, Concord, N.H. 

Mrs. J. LeRoy Wood 
(Catherine Beecher), Co-Secretary 
46 Olive Street, Methuen, Mass. 

Ruth Shepard Parmenter is proud to tell 
us that her daughter, Linda, is now at- 
tending Lasell. 


Mary Freeman Wisdom's son, Bill, has 
just graduated from Harvard Law School. 
She also has two grandchildren. 

Gertrude Moeller Baum writes: "Last 
spring we spent several weeks in Spain, 
Italy, France, and Switzerland, visiting a 
few new places and returning to old favor- 
ites. Then we were in Munich for a week 
where my husband attended a World Con- 
gress of Gastroenterology. There were 
lots of interesting activities for wives, and 
meeting women from all over the world 
was most enjoyable." 

Frances Hall Anderson's son, who was a 
National Merit Scholar, is a third-year stu- 
dent at Brown University. Frances also 
does substitute teaching in the Bristol 

Luanna Eyler Crane x-'26 tells us that 
she and her daughter, Marjorie, toured 
Europe in a Volkswagen last summer and 
returned home on the SS France in Oc- 
tober. She says "we had a wonderful 
time, but the United States looked very 

Charlotte Russell Pellini is continuing 
her work of eleven years in helping al- 
coholics find their way back to a con- 
structive life. 

Madeleine Roth White's son Bill and his 
family are living just outside Buffalo, 
New York. Curtis, their older son, is in 
Mr. White's investment firm in Peoria, 
Illinois. Madeleine advises that she has 
heard from Jessie Matteson Ray '25 who 
has recently returned from a trip to the 
Orient with her son. 


Mrs. David Rosen 

(Rosalie Brightman), Secretary 

404 Beacon Street, Boston. Mass. 

Dear Girls, 

The Christmas xard greetings were 
warm and many and I thank you all. Mine 
were never sent because my husband be- 
came very ill in December and we had 
many harrowing weeks. However, he has 
made a remarkable recovery and we are 
truly grateful for his improvement. In 
the last issue of the LEAVES, I promised 
to continue some Reunion-gleaned infor- 
mation. Here it is . . . 

Elizabeth Lloyd Dean writes: "This year 
my youngest of three children, Martha, 
will be graduated from Friends' High 
School and is already registered to attend 
Wheelock College, Boston. Our son is now 
Dr. Dean and finishing his internship in 
Grandview Hospital, Dayton, Ohio. Our 
daughter, May Ann, is completing her 
Master's in Education at Rutgers and has 
an interesting and challenging position 
waiting for her in the Extension Service 
of the New Jersey Department of Agri- 
culture. I am still employed as the Execu- 
tive Secretary of the Atlantic County as- 
sociation for Mental Health and am 
thrilled with the strides we are making in 
public acceptance." 

Lucy Field Wildman regretted she could 
not attend the Reunion, unusual for Lucy 
who has attended many. Her reason: "My 
son, Jerry, finishes his Peace Corps training 
on June eighth and will be home only 
ten days until he leaves for the Philippines 
for two years. My hobbies are knitting 
and needlepoint and now I am a member 
of the Valley Weavers. Of course we go 
to the farm in Virginia as often as possible 
to be with our granddaughters." 

We learn that Edith Stone Schure never 
has time to be bored with life between 
her two grandchildren and her antique 

Ruth O'Brien Potter spends a great deal 
of time at her camp on Lake Winnipe- 
saukee, skiing in the winter and on the 
lake in the summer. She is active in the 
local woman's club and does volunteer 
work in the hospital. She has three chil- 
dren, two married, and has three grand- 

Peggy Hitt Perkins tells us that she has 
three sons, two married, and five grand- 
children. She has made the Red Cross 
Blood Program a very important interest 
for the last twelve years. 

Eleanor Bills Rickard x-'27 says "We 
love Maine, especially the Rangeley Region. 



Also the Verde Valley in Arizona, San 
Francisco, and the peninsula. Shooting, 
fishing, gardens, old houses, flowering trees 
and flower arranging are our hobbies. "We 
keep up with two Weimaraners and a long 
list of clubs and societies which revolve 
around these interests." 

Kay Tufts Wiese writes "We came home 
after a winter in Sarasota, Florida, and 
stopped in Charleston, West Virginia, to 
see Lucy Field Wildman and her husband. 
Had a wonderful visit catching up on all 
the Lasell news. As to hobbies, I have 
been collecting sea shells. It is a fascinat- 
ing hobby. Also took lessons in copper 
enamel work." Kay has two children, a 
son and daughter. 

From Sylvia Chandler Hooker we learn 
that she couldn't attend the reunion as her 
husband's niece was being married in North 
Carolina on the same weekend. She says, 
"Last week we spent an evening with 
Evelyn Suor Butterworth and her husband 
who were attending a medical convention 
in Boston and had a wonderful time rem- 
iniscing about '26 and '27. 

Our Nan Pagin Page who attended the 
Reunion last June looking just marvelous 
had a very unfortunate accident just before 
Christmas. She was preparing to come to 
Boston to visit her son for the Holidays. 
Unfortunately, just before leaving she 
slipped on the ice and injured her back 
very seriously. After being hospitalized, I 
have heard that she is much better and is 
making a fine recovery. 

At this point, I would welcome pictures, 
news etc., so take a moment one day and 
share your doings with us. 

. . . R. B. R. 

Marjorie Maxfield Smith took a two- 
month tour of the United Kingdom, Scan- 
dinavian countries and Europe last summer. 

Gertrude Bicknell Harvey x-'27 tells of a 
delightful visit with her former roommate, 
Barbara Winslow Fellows, over the Labor 
Day weekend. 

A. Katheryn Royce is listed in Who's 
Who of American Women ■ — the Second 
Edition — Marquis Volume. She has re- 
cently been appointed the National De- 
fense Chairman for the Thomas Tash 
Chapter of the D.A.R., Farmington, New 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

Alice M. Nydegger x-'28 is now living 
at 75 New England Avenue, Summit, New 

From Evelyn Douglass Hooper: "I am 
now living in Hamden, Connecticut, and 
although I hated to leave Wellesley I now 
enjoy it here. Have one daughter, married, 
and a wonderful grandson. One daughter 
is a senior at Northwestern and my son is 
a college freshman. While in Pennsylvania 
this fall, I spent a day with Helen Cole 
Chalfant. It was a wonderful reunion. 
Have a cottage on Cape Cod where we go 
in the summertime. I play a lot of golf 
and try to ski in the winter." 

New Addresses: Catherine Worrall Flint, 
Dean of Girls, The Principia, 13201 Clay- 
ton Road, St. Louis 31, Missouri. 

Hester Shaw Gordon, Essex Road, Ips- 
wich, Mass. 


Mrs. Allan Van Demark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 

25 Maple Street, Lockport, N.Y. 

Constance Chalmers Harlow and her 
husband announced the marriage of their 
daughter, Damaris, to Robert Brooks Vir- 
tue on September 29, 1962 in Old Town, 

From Julia Clausen Bowman: "The ele- 
ments caught up with us at last ! After 
worrying about my Lasell friends in the 
East who were in the path of numerous 
hurricanes over the years, we in Oregon 
experienced winds up to 110 miles per 
hour on Columbus Day and I just can't 
tell you the horrible damage that re- 
sulted to our beautiful trees, to say noth- 
ing of roofs etc. We were lucky not to 
have our home damaged." 

Irene Murray Pettapiece x-'29 
President, South Florida Club 



Dorothy Hayward Sutherland tells us 
that her daughter, Marcia. is a freshman 
at Wheaton College, and was one of four 
freshmen chosen for the Glee Club. 

Constance Chase Marchant writes: "Took 
the Valiant and went East again in July. 
Picked up my sister Amy in Westport and 
we went to Maine to visit Marion Simpson 
Lunt and her family. We had a good 
visit as it had been quite some time since 
we had been together. Then I went back 
to New Bedford and spent an evening 
with Dot Cole MacRae, as my visit East 
wouldn't be complete without seeing her." 


Mrs. Norman L. Miller 

( Frances Smith ) , Secretary 

17 Lowell Street, Andover, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Rosalind M. Roberts on 
November 1, 1962 in Clearwater, Florida. 

Other News: Jeanette Gessner Somers is 
proud to report that her daughter, Jean, 
is now attending Lasell. 

Clara Dietz Rosenburg tells us she now 
has three granddaughters, Eleanor Jane, 
Emily, and Elizabeth. 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

(Karin Eliasson) , Secretary 
4216 Woodacre Drive, McLean, Va. 

Lenna Lyon Hill writes that she and her 
husband have adopted a second daughter, 
Eleanor Joyce. 

Lorraine Lombard Roberts and her hus- 
band are working hard in their own busi- 
ness of manufacturing florist's baskets. 
They have a daughter, Bonnie, a Sopho- 
more at the University of Maine, and a 
son, Bart, who is presently in the Navy. 

From Ruth Bee Jackson: "I keep busy 
doing club and volunteer work. Am be- 
ginning my first year as Regent of Putnam 
Hill Chapter, D.A.R. I am also Corre- 
sponding Secretary of the Greenwich 
Woman's Club and Treasurer of the Green- 
wich Branch of the National Multiple 
Sclerosis Society. Am also doing volunteer 
work at the hospital." 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 
(Katharine Hartman), Secretary 
Cold Spring Harbor, New York 

Adm. and Mrs. Henry S. Monroe with 
Ann, Kay, and Sally 
(Karin Eliasson '31) 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden Street, Belmont 78, Mass. 

Carol Griffin Teich x-'32 and her hus- 
band announce the marriage of their 
daughter, Linda Curtis '60, to Paul Bennett 
Misuk on July 18, 1962, at New Britain, 
Connecticut. ' 

Elizabeth Page Sealey tells us that her 
son, Neil Flemming, is in the Navy and 
is attending electronics school. Her daugh- 
ter, Mary, is in the fourth form at Nether- 
wood School, St. John, New Brunswick, 
and is looking forward to college next year. 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

( Ruth Stafford ) , Secretary 

31 Fairview Street, Simsbury, Conn. 

, Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 
(Virginia Ogden), Assistant 
196 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood, R. I. 

Anna Mills Koeck writes that she has 
a new granddaughter, Kimberlee, born 
October 27, 1962. Also Barbara Edmonds 
Place and her husband visited Anna last 

From Virginia Ogden Hayes: "Busy at 
home as well as working in my husband's 
business. Alice returned from Germany 
last summer and we then announced her 
engagement to Chester W. Barrows of 
Edgewood. She is a member of the Senior 
Class at Radcliffe and plans to be married 
after graduation. Carl, Jr. is a freshman 
at Northeastern^ University, Boston." 




Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

( Dorothy Secord ) , Secretary 

31 Wesley Street, Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett) , Assistant 

Oak Hill Road, Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Eleanor Young Antoun has a daughter, 
Kathryn, who is a junior at the State 
University College, Geneseo, New York, 
and a daughter, Dorothy, who is a sopho- 
more in high school. 

Blanche Moore Austin also has a daugh- 
ter, Jeanne, who is a Junior at the State 
University College, Potsdam, New York, 
and twin sons who are seniors in high 

Doris Nesbitt Riesdorph's daughter, Jill, 
is a freshman in high school. 

Jane Jensen Bailey tells us that her 
daughter, Polly Jane, has married Robert 
Birkenstock and they will live in Chapel 
Hill, North Carolina, while he is attending 
the University. 

Virginia Cracraft Tolbert is living at 6 
Dimitri Place, Larchmont, New York. 

Celia Kinsley Percival writes: "We 
moved to Dayton when my husband took a 
position with the National Cash Register 
Company. Our new home is actually south 
of Dayton in Washington Township. Our 
son, Jim, is now a Sophomore in high 
school, Susan is in the fifth grade, and 
Steve is in the third grade." 


Denny Gile Arnold '35 and Betty Allen- 
baugh Weller '35. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith), Secretary 

43 Little Brook Drive, Pittsford, N. Y. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Audrey Seeley Tompkins, whose husband 
passed away in November 1962. 

Selma Amdur Aks tells us that her 
daughter Elizabeth is a sophomore at Sarah 
Lawrence College and her son John is a 
freshman at Ripon College, Wisconsin. 
Last summer, Selma went on tour with 
the Sarah Lawrence Chorus to Europe with 
her husband, who is the Director of this 
group. They perfomed thirteen concerts 
in thirty-one days. 

Mary Elton Remig says that her niece, 
Janice — daughter of Janice Remig Kelley, 
is living with her while attending Ursinus 
College, where Ruth Rothenberger is the 
Dean of Women. 

Adelaide Seeley Bull and her husband, 
Norman, have announced the marriage of 
their daughter, Nancy Louise, to Gene 
Arden Heth on February 10, 1962. 

From Esther Sosman: "Two important 
personal events in 1962: First I bought a 
small two-bedroom house (bungalow) at 
8802 Jefferson Avenue, La Mesa, Cali- 
fornia. It's convenient to two freeways, 
grocery store, and bus; has a nice patio 
and fruit trees. Only fifteen minutes by 
auto to downtown San Diego. 

"Moved into the house the middle of 
June and had been there only one month 
when I had a 'stroke' and was hospital- 
ized for three months. Spent one month 
with Peg Jones Howry '38 and family and 
returned to my own home the middle of 
November. Since then, I have had lunch 
with Doris Somerville Krom '40 and Bar- 
bara Rymer Cole '48. Mildred Melgaard 
Rees '21 and husband have been down for 
a brief visit. Their son, Tom, was elected 
to a State Senate Seat in November. 

"To those who sent words of encourage- 
ment, my heartfelt thanks." 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

( Louise Tardivel ) , Secretary 

150 Hickory Road, Weston 93, Mass. 

From Barbara Lane Roper comes news 
that she is working as a medical secretary 
to the Director of Health of Hamden, 
Connecticut. Her two daughters are now 
in Junior High School. 

Margery Fothergill Stockman writes: 
"Things are pretty busy here at home. I 



Gene and Tri Argo 
(Trithena McFarland '38) 

have two children of my own, boys aged 
seven and nine; two step-children, and two 
grand children ! Harold, my husband, and 
I live on a seventy-acre farm twenty-five 
miles north of Hartford. Mother still is in- 
dependent in her own apartment in Hart- 

"I have been toying with the idea of 
trying to get my college degree, then 
taking my Master's in Library Science. 
At present I am Librarian of the local 
grade school." 

Virginia Squiers Read writes that her 
youngest son, Charles, will be graduating 
from high school this June. Bill, her 
oldest, is attending Colorado State Uni- 
versity, and hopes to attend the Veteri- 
narian Medical School at the University of 
Illinois next fall. Priscilla plans to attend 
Alma College, Michigan, in the fall. 

Alice Lockwood Leach is now a proud 
grandmother. Jennifer Lynn was born to 
Alice's daughter, Penny, on September 1, 


Mrs. G. Forrest Gillett 

(Cora Pratt), Secretary 

469 Maple Street, Winnetka, 111. 

Jeanne Daniels Wheeler tells us that 
her daughter, Mary-Jane, is a freshman 
at the State University College, Oswego, 
New York. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

( Priscilla Sleeper ) , Secretary 
52 Rockledge Drive, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 
(Ruth Sullivan), Assistant 

17 Hemlock Road, 
Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

Jane Gray Fisher is studying voice at 
the Eastman School of Music. She has a 
son who will be entering Syracuse Uni- 
versity in the fall of 1963, a daughter 
attending Columbia Preparatory School, 
Rochester, New York, and a son and 
daughter at Canandaigua Academy. 

"Crabapple Corners" on Walkley Hill 
Road in Haddam is more than a dream 
development to its owner and designer, 
Barbara Quirk. It has taken colorful and 
imaginative form in the basement of her 
house where she has built to scale, a 


Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm), Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Road. 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Dwight Road, R.F.D., Marshfield, Mass. 

From Olive Boynton Garron comes word 
that her older son, Frederick Lord, is a 
sophomore at Colby College, Waterville, 
Maine. Her younger son, David, is in the 

ninth grade. 

Barbara Quirk '40 



replica of the land and houses she plans 
to sell. Barbara has worked for nearly 
two months creating the model from crude 
materials such as modeling clay, chicken 
wire and cardboard. The houses are built 
to scale from her architectural plans, the 
roads running through the development 
are gravelled, and the trees are ingeniously 
fashioned from actual twigs. Although she 
is a secretary, Barbara's greatest interest 
and part time work has been designing of 
clothes, furniture and beach accessories. 
But now, "Crabapple Corners" has pointed 
a way that is much more rewarding and 
exciting — the designing of houses and 
land development. 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer 

(Janet Jansing), Secretary 

201 Wischman Ave., Oreland, Penn. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 

Apt. A-5, Midland Gardens 

Bronxville, New York 

Marion Partisch McCall tells us that 
she and her husband have opened their 
third gift shop in Hartsdale, New York. 
The other two shops are in Mt. Vernon 
and Bronxville. 

Mary Haller Stone is doing some model- 
ing at one of the largest department stores 
in her town and is also President of the 
PTA at the Harding Elementary School. 

Geraldine Bixby Averill says that her 
husband, Wes, is the Assistant Personnel 
Director at the National Life Insurance 
Company, Montpelier, Vermont. Their 

Sue Cairoli Peck '41 with Esther, Pat- 
ty, and Susan — and Ginger 

The Gummersalls atop Mt. Washington 
(Grace Roberts '40) 

oldest daughter, Ann, is majoring in voice 
and music education at the Hartt College 
of Music, University of Hartford, Hartford, 

Lucille Armand Boyle tells us that she 
is attending Art classes and is enjoying 
her work very much. 

Margaret Schneider Thieringer '39 and 
Dorothy Schneider Beal are happy to re- 
port that their niece, Nancy Schneider, is 
now attending Lasell. 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley), Secretary 

6217 Rosalie Court, Metairie, Louisiana 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 

1784 Washington Street 

Auburndale 66, Mass. 

Claire DeConto Trodella writes that she 
had a pleasant and unexpected talk with 
Peg Emery Shields '43 who recently joined 
the same local hospital auxiliary in which 
Claire has been associated for several years. 

Marjorie Allyn Merrill has two busy and 
active sons, one nine and one eleven years 




Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

( Nathalie Monge ) , Secretary 

28 Juniper Avenue, Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy) , Assistant 

9602 Carriage Drive, Kensington, Md. 

Priscilla Houghton tells us that she has 
been directing the pre-school of an 
Episcopal Church in New York City. 
There are sixty-nine pupils enrolled from 
ages three to six and there are five teachers 
besides Priscilla working with the young- 
sters. She reports that it is exciting and 
rewarding work. 

Ann Preuss Olson is active in Scout 
work, the local thrift shop, and a member 
of the Board of the Visiting Nurse As- 

Elinor Kuchler Hopkins advises us that 
Doris Kney Nicholson is in Hawaii. 
Her husband is Lieut. Col. R. W. Nichol- 
son and their address is Box 13 Staff 
CINCPAC, FPO San Francisco, Cali- 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean has moved into 
a home at 4209 N. Downer Avenue, Shore- 
wood 11, Wisconsin. She says "this is quite 
a change from the Sunny South." 


Mrs. William E. Greene 

(Barbara Bresette), Secretary 

18 Hodges Street, Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 
(Suzanne Lange), Secretary 

From Shirley Haviland Woody: "Fourth 
Estate is a small farm on which we raise 
Angus Beef (a few) and two children, 
Susan Dean, 13, and Luke, 10. Mel is a 
sports writer for the Newark, News (New 
Jersey) covers ice hockey (New York 
Rangers), college crew, and tennis. I serve 
as an elected member of our local Board 
of Education. We are making headway in 
the reconditioning of our two-hundred- 
year-old farmhouse." 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert), Secretary 
57 Hillside Avenue, Short Hills, N.J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Avenue, Woburn, Mass. 

Linsley and Heidi Grossman 
(Nonie Lederman '45) 


From Terry Tounge Park: "My 
girls are growing up. The oldest is in 
first year of high school, one is in eighth 
grade, one in fifth, and one . in fourth. 
Jan Stearns Gille's ( '47 ) daughter Ginger 
visited with us last summer. Saw Jean 
Stearns Gorman '50 and family. Have also 
spent much time with Marge Dennett 
Martin. I am active in hospital auxiliary 
work. Children's Services of Connecticut, 
and the golf club auxiliary." 

Jean Henry Goggins reports that her five 
boys are all in school ■ — the youngest 
having started kindergarten this past fall. 
Only the two girls are at home. 

Jane Baringer Wordsworth tells us that 
her husband is the Branch Manager of the 
Todd Division of the Burroughs Corpora- 
tion. They are living at 100 Wiltshire 
Road, Williamsville, New York. 

Ann Carlin Schofield and family are 
living at 10 Crane Road, Darien, Con- 
necticut, and Ann says the children are 
particularly happy about it because they are 
just one block from the beach. 

Eleanor Piquette Cruse x-'45 is kept busy 
with her three children plus leading a 
Brownie troop, a Sunday School class, 
and is a board member of the PTA. She 
tells us that she has seen Claire Tracy 
King, Althea Taylor Goldberg, and Jean 
Gilbert Bender. 

Marilyn Lucey Richardson has two 
daughters, Connie and Suzanne. 

From Marjorie Olson Bjork: "We had 
a fabulous trip this past summer. We 
rented a trailer and the five of us took a 
7800-mile trip to Banff National Park in 
Canada and then through Waterton, 
Glacier, and Yellowstone National Parks, 



Salt Lake City, Mesa Verde, up through 
Colorado Rockies to Denver and back 
east via Chicago. The first week in the 
trailer was really something, but after we 
became used to such a relaxed way of life, 
it was most enjoyable." 

New Addresses: Annette Saacke Cherry, 
115 Hilburn Road, Scarsdale, New York. 
Jean Mitchell Hunter, 51 Holmes Drive, 
Windsor, Connecticut. 


Mrs. John R. Paolella 

( Gloria Sylvia ) , Secretary 

411 W. 24th Street, New York 11, NY. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 

( Lois Kenyon ) , Assistant 

Woodstock Valley, Connecticut 

Priscilla Stone Hird is living at 31 
Barbara Drive, South Windsor, Connecti- 
cut and has three sons: George, Bruce, and 

Gloria Sylvia Paolella says she is work- 
ing hard and enjoying very much her first 
year of teaching a fourth grade class at 
Riverdale, New York City. 

Betty Carter Steele has three children: 
Roger, Bradford, and Carol. 

From Carol Birath Dennison: "We have 
just moved to Fort Lauderdale after three 
and a half years in the Bahamas. Love 
our new home and am getting settled bit 
by bit. Wonderful to be back in the 
American way-of-life again." 

New Address: Joan Warriner Ryder, 11 
Birch Tree Road, Foxboro, Mass. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Mrs. Miriam D. Butcher 

(Miriam Day) , Assistant 

605 V2 Milwaukee Avenue, Dunedin, Florida 

Virginia Bailey tells us that she visited 
with Muriel "Bib" Ward West and saw 
her lovely daughter, Lorri. 

Barbara Noel Garvin has four children: 
Kim, Noel, James IV, and Melissa Ann. 

Jane Edsall Jacobs and family cruised to 
Lake Champlain with the U.S. Power 
Squadron for two weeks last summer and 
then spent three weeks on Martha's Vine- 

From Betty Ann Mahoney Themal: "In 
March, Harry became Assistant City Editor 
of the Wilmington Morning News where 
he had been a reporter for three years. 

Lisa is enjoying first grade in our four- 
room community school, and Terry is 
happy in her pre-kindergarten class at 
Delaware Pre-School Association, where I 
am serving on the Board of Directors. In 
November we moved into an older but 
more spacious home in the same, unique, 
tree-lined Wilmington suburb." 

Jane Anderson Calhoun advises that her 
husband, George, left for Vietnam last 
January and will return in January, 1963. 
In the meantime, Jane and her two chil- 
dren, Laurie and Billy, have been living 
with her Mother and Father. 

Ann Myers Beck has four sons: John 
Jr., Ted, Carter, and Michael. 

Jean Alexander tells us that she has 
taken up skiing and loves it. She can't 
wait to get back to Stowe, Vermont, to 
try her luck. 

Jo Ann Hanson Long writes "Ray and 
I took a short vacation in October to New 
Orleans. What a delightful place. Ray 
has been extremely busy the past year as 
Vice President of the Dextone Co., Inc. in 
New Haven, Conn. Needless to say, our 
four children have managed to keep me 
occupied too. Had a letter from Meredith 
Olsen Soule who said they 'semi-camped' 
through Vermont and New Hampshire 
last summer." 

Shirley Thorne Brady has a son, 
Matthew, who keeps her busy. Shirley is 
Vice-President of the Junior Woman's Club 
of West Essex. She also sees Lee Karski 
Sweatt frequently. 

Paula Drake is the girls' Physical Ed- 
ucation Director at the Cape Elizabeth 
High School, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She 
plans to co-lead an Experiment in Inter- 
national Living (State University of New 
York) to Greece and Italy in the summer 
of 1963. 

"Mike" Hires has moved into Apart- 
ment #5, 1121 26th Street, Santa Monica, 

From Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan: "We 
are in Saginaw where Roy is 'peddling 
pickles' for the Dailey Pickle Company so 
hereafter, reach for Dailey and think of us. 
We remain in our big old eight-room 
house where we are able to have four 
tables of bridge with no strain and where 
we actually 'lose' one of the children oc- 

"It's been a busy year. I, in my second 
season of golf, never managed to get out 
of the 60's for 9, but did win a golf ball 
or two for low putts and got just enough 
birdies to keep me hacking week after 
week. Roy is as avid a golfer as ever. 

"We made a trip to Massachusetts last 



June. En route, we shocked the manage- 
ment of one Buffalo motel by in- 
viting six little Buffalo cousins to join 
five small Trevisans for a splash party in 
the pool. You have never seen serenity 
so thoroughly dashed and splashed. Our 
group enjoyed the ocean (which Nana 
lives beside in Salem) and all their Eastern 
cousins. Roy ended up on crutches with a 
badly sprained ankle. He has now given 
up badminton for bridge. While there, 
we acquired an oil painting of a Rockport 
boat scene so we carried a bit of New 
England back with us. 

"Roy has been knee deep in politics 
serving as Treasurer of the Democratic 
County Committee. Meanwhile, my 
brother-in-law worked as George Cabot 
Lodge's political director so I watched the 
elections on TV with mixed emotions. 

"The Civic Newcomers' Club here has 
been the source of much of our social 
life and the friends and fun this organiza- 
tion, of which. I am secretary, has brought 
into our lives can never be aptly described. 
The parties and activities keep the calendar 
full all the time. Had to manage to tuck 
in sewing lessons, however, as my new 
machine sat like a monster glaring at me 
while I wondered how to thread it. Now 
I'm beginning to pour out some poor-to- 
good needlework. 

"It's been a healthy year for us with 
no measles, mumps or chicken pox. We 
both gave up smoking for three months ■ — 
and both started again." 


Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quilty), Secretary 

24 Wardwell Road, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

(Joan DeGelleke), Secretary 

Upper State Street, Guilford, Conn. 

Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 
( Kay Poore ) , Secretary 
27819 Purissima Ave. 
Los Altos Hills, Calif. 

Jane Wadhams Hazen tells of a "re- 
union" last August with Barbara Berry 
Roberts and family and Martha Hurd 
Davenport and family, at which there 
was much talk and activity. 

From Cynthia Woodward Witherell: 
"We are now living in Bamberg, Ger- 
many, after two years in Heidelberg. We 
have travelled to Austria, Switzerland, 
Italy, France, and the Benelux countries. 
Our children, Nancy, 7, and Andy, 5, are 
speaking German." 

Joan Weiler Arnow has four children: 
three boys and a girl. 

From Mary Fiske Brubaker: "My hus- 
band was invited to speak at the Seventh 
International Conference of Coordination 
Chemistry in Stockholm, Sweden, last June. 
We took our two boys and made trips 
to England, Scotland* Norway, and Den- 
mark. While in Sweden, we went two 
hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle 
to Lapland, which was a thrilling ex- 

Barbara Davis Collins has three chil- 
dren: Cathy, Bill, and Bart. 

Bambah-Jean Stephenson Riedel writes: 
"This year finds us in a new home and 
with another addition to our family. We 
now have two adopted children, Kurt and 
Kristen. I visited Jean Dickson Treveilier 
this past summer. I also have a neighbor 
who knows Anita Nicholson Potocar very 

George C. Wilson III, husband of Honey 
Spackman, is active in Pennsylvania poli- 
tics. In November, 1962, he was a candi- 
date for Congress in the 12th District. 

Jean "Thumper" Grant Walter received 
her Masters Degree from Syracuse Uni- 
versity last summer and is now doing work 
with retarded children. 

Jo Ronan Clauson is living at 7603 
Scharf Drive, Richmond, Virginia. 

Willa Murray McGann lives at 1 Fred- 
erick Road, Scotia 2, New York. 

Ellen Morris Phillips' husband, Dick, is 
an attorney in the Cleveland area. Several 
years ago on a trip East Ellen saw Grace 
Palmetto Severino and family in Syracuse. 
Ellen is living at 2866 Brighton Road, 
Shaker Heights 20, Ohio. 

Nancy Conners Stoddard has lived in 
Knoxville, Tennessee, at 4418 Fulton Road 
for the past year. Dana Jr., age 9, is active 
in Cub Scouts, and Paula, age 6, is in first 
grade. ' 

Martha Buffum Wilde's husband Robert 
is an engineer with Corning Glass works. 
They are building a large colonial house 
at 225 North Scenic Drive, Horseheads, 
New York. They have a son, Stewart, 
and a daughter, Rebecca. 

Helen Hamilton Croot is active in the 
Young Womens' Club. Darrel, her hus- 
band, is an Actuarian at Connecticut Gen- 
eral Life Insurance Company. They have 
two children: Laurie, 5, and Gary, 2. 

Betty Smales Young's husband, Dave, is 
a salesman for Tidewater Oil Company 
and is also active in local politics in 

Evie Frye White's boys are in school 
all day now and Evie really enjoys little 
Amy. Last summer the family spent a 



vacation in Connecticut and Evie talked 
with Helen Hamilton Croot at that time. 
Ann Mitchell Van Deusen x-'49 keeps 
very busy with three boys and a large 
house, plus teaching Sunday School, PTA 
President 1961-62 season and Secretary 
1962-63 season, substitute Den mother, and 
Grange activities. She has three boys: 
Peter Roy, James Mitchell, and John Fred- 
erick. Last May, Ann saw Barbara Milne 
Lynch, who was living at that time with 
her sister in Falls Village, prior to moving 
to Long Island. 

New Address: Mary Dearborn Haig, 1300 
S. Arlington Ridge Road, Arlington, 2, 


Mrs. Peter W. Stanley 

(Jean Davies), Secretary 

611 Norwood Drive, Westfield, N.J. 

Mrs. Lloyd Stockdale 

(Sabra Turner), Secretary 

Box 238, So. Yarmouth, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard K. Dey 

(Jacquelyn Temperley), Secretary 

Bowstring Farm, R.F.D. 3, 

Concord, New Hampshire 

From Christine Mills Carlson x-'50: 
"This year finds me extremely busy. In 
addition to keeping up with our four 
daughters (ages 10, 8, 6, and 2) I am also 
serving as President of the Seymour Wom- 
an's Club and the local P.T.A. Council. My 
husband and I had the pleasure of seeing 
Jeanne Hackett Desmond and her family 
during the Christmas holidays. Our ad- 
dress is 129 West Church Street, Seymour, 

Dorie Oneal Becker is the Program 
Chairman on the Executive Board of the 
Garden Club of New Jersey, and con- 
ducted a two-day conference on Program 
Workshop. Dorie and her husband, Ed, 
have enjoyed a recent trip to Jamaica and 

Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal's husband is 
stationed on a new Guided Missile De- 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay and family 
are living in Lausanne, Switzerland, and 
are enjoying their life in this lovely 

Joan Wallace Billings tells us that her 
husband, Bob, is doing a great deal of 
travelling in his work and Joan hopes to 
be able to join him on some of his trips. 

Sally Hughes Fasick reports that her 
husband, Clyde, expects to receive his Ph.D. 

from Duke University shortly. Sally's ac- 
tivities include work as a patient service 
representative at Duke Hospital, President 
of the Forestry Graduate Wives Group, 
and participation in two bridge clubs. 

Barbara Schnelle Orton has four chil- 
dren: Rick, age 9, Tina, age 7, Gerry, 
age 5V2, and Tammy, 10 months. 

Janice O'Brien Almond also has four 
children: Janice, age 8, Cynthia, age 6, 
Carter, age 3, and Nancy, age 2. 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

(Barbara Adams), Secretary 
65 Willow Street, Marshfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Salvatore N. Mangano 

(Anna Stevenson), Assistant 

17 Stella Road, Belmont, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

(Barbara B. Voorman), Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N.J. 

Martha Edwards Whippen tells us that 
their family was transferred to New Jersey 
last summer. They enjoyed a pleasant drive 
across the country, stopping at Disneyland 
and the Grand Canyon. 

Joan Groccia Cowan was a member of 
the cast in a local production of John 
Patrick's "The Curious Savage" held in 
Westwood, Mass. 

Virginia Klenske was married to Theo- 
dore A. Heard on August 5, 1962. Her 
present address is 2525 Ontario Street 
#14, Burbank, California. 

Joyce Weitzel Flanagan tells us that 
Sally Bartlett Abel and her husband, Doug, 
spent a happy weekend with them in the 
fall and they are looking forward to a 
ski-weekend during the winter months. 

Claire Quinzani Kerins is now enjoying 
life in California where she has been since 
this past summer. 

Peggyanne Riker Miller is also enjoying 
the climate of North Carolina. Her hus- 
band, Bob, is employed by Chemstrand. 

Lillian Elias Freeman had the oppor- 
tunity of seeing the Miss America Pageant 
in Atlantic City last September and en- 
joyed the hectic and happy activities there. 

From Jean Johnson Knowlton: "We are 
now residents of Roaring Brook Township, 
Pennsylvania (Mail address ■ — RD #2, 
Moscow, Pa.). My husband has been 
transferred to the General Electric Com- 
pany's Scranton Plant and we're both 
looking forward to settling in our new 



Isabell Stanley Davis tells us that her 
husband was awarded a National Science 
Foundation grant for a year's study at 
Brown University, Providence, Rhode 

Janet Fornoff Hauber has three daugh- 
ters — - ages 2, 4, and 7. 

Nancy Topping Heely is now living at 
22 Kenwood Road, Tenafly, New Jersey. 
Her husband, Roy, is employed by Alu- 
minum Ltd. Her two children keep her 
active in many things. 

From Barbara Adams Borden: "We re- 
turned to New England from California 
in September. We are thoroughly enjoying 
a 250-year-old house in Marshfield, Mass. 
The contrast to the 'newness' of California 
is comfortable." 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt writes: "While on 
a business trip in January for Dow Chem- 
ical my husband spent a weekend with Kay 
Poore Hamel '49 and her husband and son 
David. Kay and Dana are now living in 
Los Altos Hills, California. We had a 
visit with them this past summer and 
joined them for a long weekend in the 
upper peninsular." 

Libbie Fleet Glazer is busy with the 
activities of her son, 8, and daughter, 4. 
She spent a happy Christmas week in 
New York attending several of the Broad- 
way shows. She also advises that Marjorie 
Cushing Gershaw is having a February 
vacation in Nassau. 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

(Suzanne Baney), Secretary 

13 University Ave., Chatham, N. J. 

Joan Stillwell Smith tells us that her 
children now number four: Kathryn, 9, 
Michelle 8, Bradley 6, and Jacqueline 4. 

Nancy Marcus Golden has a daughter. 
Susan Ivy, 7 months old. She and her 
husband attended the American Dental 
Association Convention in Miami and com- 
bined business with pleasure, having a 
thoroughly enjoyable time. 

Lois Hickey Treacy has two girls — 
Sharon 4, and Susan 2. 

Shirley Warriner Randall reports that 
her twins keep her busy and at the moment 
she has little time for any other activity. 

From Virginia Snedaker Marschall: 
"Just thought you would like to know 
what the Marschalls have and will be up to. 
Kurt is now with Goodyear International 
and we moved to Akron last July. Good- 
year's plans were to keep us here until 
next month and then we would be assigned 
— and they were right on schedule. We 

The Marschall Family 
(Virginia Snedaker '52) 

recently found that Goodyear is sending 
us to Fulda, Germany! Kurt will be on 
special assignment to a wholly owned 
Goodyear subsidiary by the name of Gum- 
miwerke Fulda (The Fulda Rubberworks) 
located in Fulda, which is about 60 miles 
northeast of Frankfurt. Fulda is a lovely 
town of about 50,000 people, located only 
20 miles from the East German border — • 
and also located very near some" wonderful 
skiing areas. So, all in all, we couldn't 
be happier with the assignment and are 
really looking forward to spending three 
years there. Kurt is leaving on February 
3rd and I shall follow with the children 
a bit later." 

Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger has three 
children: Karen, age 7, Stuart, age 4, and 
Brian, age 2. 

Ruth Mclntire Brown also has three 
children: David, age 7, Richard, age 5, 
and Donald Jr., age 2. 

Patricia Eddy Gesler x-'52 writes: "We 
have a wonderful family of four children 
— Karen, Kristina, Keith, and Karla. They 
travel _with us on our camping trips 
throughout the U.S.A., and also keep us 
active in P.T.A., Cub Scouts, Brownies, 
and church work." 


Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer), Secretary 
3 Mason Court, Delaware, Ohio 

Beverly Thornton Hallowell tells us that 
she was delighted to have a visit from 
Joy Ufford Penderville and her three chil- 
dren, Johnny, Jimmy, and Judy. Joy is 
now living in McDonald, Pennsylvania. 

Mary Ann Donahue and Janet Gleason 
are sharing an apartment. Janet is secre- 
tary to one of the Treasurers of United 
Artists. Mary Ann has been a Production 



Secretary in the theatre since I960. During 
the past summer she worked on the pro- 
duction of a campaign film for Ted Ken- 
nedy. She is also working on Sidney Kings- 
ley's new play "Night Life". 

Electra Hatzis Speronis has two sons — 
Lee, 3V2. an d Jamie, 7 months. Peter, her 
husband, is an attorney in Lowell and also 
acts as Assistant City Solicitor. 

Constance Cullman Broderick has two 
daughters aged 4 and 2. 

Diane Cueny Harden has two boys, ages 
2 and 5. She and her husband, Roger, 
built and are now living in a seven-room 
two story colonial house, which they 
dreamed of doing for a long time and now 
it is actually a reality. 

Shirley Gibbons San Soucie writes 
"Three little children, Steve, 7, Mike. 5. 
and Debra Ann, 2, keep me busy but I 
manage to keep active in the Junior Cham- 
ber of Commerce activities and Lasell 
Alumnae Group of Philadelphia and South 

According to Elaine Harper Johnson, 
they have just finished building a home 
and are excited about it. She also tells 
us that Isabel Paolillo McCarthy has a 
new daughter, Toby Ann, born in Sep- 

Cynthia DeGelleke Cole has lived in the 
Blue Grass land for the past two years 
and enjoys it. She has a son, J. Riess, 41/21 
and a daughter, Beth Anne, 3. 

Elsie Knaus Klemt has a son, Paul, 
age 22 months. 

Mary Kenney Flynn tells us that she is 
now living in Greenfield, Mass., where 
her husband Paul is working with a dis- 
count store chain. Their family now num- 
bers four children — Paul Jr., 5, Ned, 4, 
Cathy, 2!/2, and Deirdre, 5 months. 

Barbara Morris Louria has two children 
— Christopher Morris, 2, and Leigh Perry, 
8 months. 

Marie DiSilva Stocki is living in Wal- 
tham, active in club work, and busy with 
her four children ■ — Eric, Laura, Jeffrey, 
and Karl. 

Jean Weeks Hanna said that while she 
was visiting her parents in New Jersey, 
she was fortunate to have lunch with 
Audrey Thompson Reille and Bunny Coats. 
During the summer Greta Nilsson Masson 
and her husband visited the Hannas' home 
in Connecticut. 

Nancy Preston Strohmeyer writes "We 
now have two girls. Melissa Griffin was 
born on March 20, 1961. We had a very 
pleasant visit with Norman and Bette Jane 
I Kenneally Hever about a year ago in 
Baltimore. I also see a lot of Evelyn 
Earle Lukeman and her husband who live 
in Huntington, Long Island. 

Judith Brewer Campbell had a short 

visit from Diane (Dee) Barton Black who 
was on her way to New York from 
California. They enjoyed luncheon togeth- 
er and a quick chat. 

New Addresses: Shirley Ann DeMund 
Hilgenberg, 7601 Romney Court, Palmer 
Park, Hyattsville, Maryland. 

Carol Moriarty Phleger, Northgate Apts. 
25D, Lionel Avenue, Waltham, Massachu- 


Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis), Secretary 
115 Winchester Road, Arlington 74, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

(Ann Lethbridge), Assistant 

105 Osceola Avenue, Middlesex, N.J. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Jane Urtel McQuade, whose three-year-old 
daughter, Sandra Jane, passed away on 
June 8, 1962. 

Other News: Thelma Greenberg Florin and 
her husband, Richie, enjoyed a three week 
vacation trip to Colorado, Nevada and 

Roberta Horton Johnson has a daughter, 
Pamela, age 6, and a son Philip, age 3. 
The family hopes to take a winter vacation 
to San Juan and St. Thomas in the 
Virgin Islands. 

Audrey Montagu Murphy has four chil- 
dren — three boys and a girl. 

Joan Rabbitt Downey's husband Wayne 
is a first year Resident in Pediatrics at 
the University of Minnesota. 

Nancy Husted Koerner x-'54 moved to 
her new home in Carlisle this past summer 
and is enjoying it very much. She is also 
teaching a special class for retarded chil- 
dren in Littleton. Mass. 

Sybil Moore Pinkham tells us that her 
husband, Bill, was appointed Manager of 
the Trane Company St. Louis Sales Office 
some months ago. Before starting on his 
work, they enjoyed two weeks' vacation trip 
to Nassau. 

Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski has three 
daughters — Elaine Diane, age 5, and 
identical twins, Lynn and Linda, age 3. 

Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella is President of 
the Westchester Lower Connecticut Lasell 
Club which, she reports, is very active. She 
had an "acquaintance tea" at her home with 
about 45 people attending. 

Ann Bowerman Logan has four children: 
Bobby, Jr., 5, Shawn, 3, Beth-Anne, 2, and 
Mary- Jo, 6 months. Her husband is a Sales 
Representative for IBM. 



Bettina Pierce Romaine '54 with Holly, 
Jennifer, and Jeff 

Deborah Potter Waugh also advises us 
that she has four children — Cynthia, 
7 1 /2> Gretchen, 5I/2, Andrew, 4, and Susan, 

Bettina Pierce Romaine writes: "We are 
now living in Baragoza, Spain, in a beau- 
tiful Spanish modern house. We had a 
4000 mile camping trip here from northern 
Germany via Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stock- 
holm, Oslo, Elsinore (Hamlet's Castle), 
and France. We have three children — 
Jeff, Holly and Jennifer." 

Rosemarie Lochiatto Billy is joining 
her husband in Anchorage, Alaska, as he 
intends to make the Air Force his career. 
She hopes to find a secretarial job in 

Carol Baird Zink tells us that she is 
working as a secretary to a professor of 
astronomy at the University of California 
in La Jolla. She is happy to be back in 
the United States after spending two years 
in France where her husband, John was in 
the Air Force. 

Mary McLeman Brown x-'54 reports that 
she and her husband hope to return to 
Buffalo, New York, from Texas next year 
when he will be a Fellow in Neurology 
under the National Institutes of Health. 

New Addresses: Marguerite Chandler 
Brewer, 26 Obery Street. Plymouth, Mass. 

Marion Crossman MacCallum, 94 West- 
moor Road, West Roxbury, Mass. 

Nancy Husted Koerner x-'54, R.D. #1, 
Carlisle, Mass. 

Barbara Watts Rubino, 729 Arthur 
Street, Menasha, Wisconsin. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

( Carolyn Chapin ) , Secretary 

123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch), Assistant 

10 Elysian Place, Oakland 5, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

(Susan Twitchell), Assistant 

Berkshire School, Sheffield, Mass. 

Nancy Lincoln Martin tells us that in 
August there was a small "reunion" at 
Liz Taylor Pratt's home in Pearl River, 
New York. Nancy and her family, the 
Pratts and their family, and Margaret 
Roth Wells and her family had a wonderful 
visit together. The occasion — the Wells' 
were visiting from Virginia. 

Susan Thomas Wiard writes "We got 
back to the mainland late in July after 
the usual confusion of being packed and 
moved. Bob is now instructing in ROTC 
here at Indiana University. Trooper is in 
first grade and Katy has her third birthday 
shortly. I am sewing, painting, rooms, and 
busy every minute. Nice to be back in 
cold climate again." 

Gail Gluck Davis and family moved to 
9012 N. Lamon Avenue, Skokie, Illinois, 
last May. Although they miss New York, 
Walter had an excellent business oppor- 
tunity offered to him in Chicago. Their 
daughter, Melissa is two years old. 

Elizabeth Taylor Pratt has three chil- 
dren: David, 3V2, Beth, 2, and Robert, 1. 
Her husband, Dave, expects to get his 
degree in Biology in June. 

Barbara Karasik Davidson has two 
daughters, Lou, age 2, and Caren, age six 

Lucinda Nicol Peterson and family have 
moved into their new home with their two 
girls and a boy, Susan, Patty, and Grey. 
A new puppy completes their busy home. 

Elizabeth Reynolds is working as a Staff 
Nurse in the Special Care Unit at Roose- 
velt Hospital. 

Elizabeth Boday Fox has moved from 
Minnesota to Stoney Brook, New York, 
and is delighted to announce she has a 
four-month old son. 

Judith Lanese Karazulas has three chil- 
dren: Licia Beth, Gregg, and Peter. A 
German shepherd dog, Casey, helps to 
make a happy and never dull life. 

From Ruth Birch Bastis: "As the Oak- 
land League of Women Voters Representa- 
tive of the Bay Area, I studied for two 
years the $792 million Bay Area Rapid 



Transit Bond Issue presented to and passed 
by the voters of three Bay Area Counties 
in the November 6th election. As part 
of the League Voter Service, I spoke be- 
fore several groups on this important issue 
prior to the election." 

Jean Kellner Houston has two children 
— a boy 5V2, and a girl 21/2- 

Judith Hulsman Bumngton advises that 
her husband, Jim, is working with the 
New England Life Insurance Company, 
Boston, and she works occasionally doing 
technical drawings for a concern in Nor- 
wood. They have three children — Jimmy, 
6, Joanna, 4, and Jonathan, H/2- 

Marilyn Valter Maclay has just moved 
into a new home at 38 Galloping Hill 
Road, Basking Ridge, New Jersey. 

Marion Nutter Bredehoft writes: "Upon 
Bruce's graduation from Harvard Business 
School last June we had a wonderful trip 
to Europe. When we returned Bruce 
started work with Loomis, Sayles & Com- 
pany, an investment counseling firm in 
Boston. I am substituting here in Newton 
again. Mildred Strain Nutter's '17 annual 
Lasell picnic the second Tuesday of 
August, at her summer home, was en- 
joyed by all. Sue Clark was there. How 
about more of you joining us this August? 
I enjoyed tea at the home of Linda Nolin 
Ahern with her sister, Lucinda Nolin 
Quigley not long ago. They both reside 
in Arlington. Though only a recent mem- 
ber of the Greater Boston Lasell Club 
Board, I have enjoyed working with the 

From Barbara Jennings: "Further proof 
of our 'small world' — after seven years 
the meeting of two '55ers in Barbados, 
an island of the British West Indies. Beryl 
Schelhorn Frey, while standing under a 
swaying palm tree in the moonlight, sip- 
ping her rum punch, turned suddenly and 
came face to face with Bobbie Jennings, 
standing under the same palm tree sipping 
her rum punch. 

Beryl, her husband, her mother and her 
two children (Tabetha Gay, age 4, and 
Karl Walter, age 1) spent their two-week 
holiday in the relaxed atmosphere of Bar- 
bados, a tropical English colony located 
in the Caribbean Sea near South America. 
Their 'flat' was located on a white beach, 
surrounded by palm trees, fruit trees, and 
numerous flowering shrubs. Their meals 
were cooked by a Barbajan woman who 
introduced them to the exotic native cook- 
ing common to the West Indies. 

Bobbie has become a native of the Carib- 
bean Islands, living in St. Thomas, Virgin 
Islands, for a year and a half and re- 
cently moving to Barbados. After leaving 

Eastern Air Lines (stewardess) and the 
United States, she went on a world tour to 
gain 'an education through people and 
places.' Her plans are to remain in each 
location for a year or so, working and 
living with the people to learn their way 
of life. In St. Thomas she lived on a 
sailboat where she worked coordinating 
the many sailing and fishing charters that 
left from the yacht harbor. Often she 
crewed on these boats and thus visited 
many of the surrounding Caribbean Islands. 
On days off, she sat on the beaches and 
wove palm frond hats for the delighted 

Since Beryl's husband works for Pan 
American World Airways, Beryl and Bob- 
bie feel that another chance meeting some- 
day, perhaps Tahiti, Japan, or Australia, 
is not really that far-fetched. Beryl's ad- 
dress is 193 Kildare Road, Garden City, 
New York. Bobbie's address: Antilles 
Watersports, Aquatic Club, Barbados, West 

Skip and Cj (Caroljean Somers '55) 


Honolulu — October, 1962. 




Mrs. Victor H. Jonas 

(Suzanne Wadsworth), Secretary 

1 Cottage Avenue, Winchester, Mass. 

Mrs. Oscar Asadoorian 

(Mary L. Parmakian), Secretary 

17 Starkweather Street, Manchester, Conn. 

Mrs. Norman P. Fitch 

(Sandra Shelton), Secretary 

316 North Harvard Street, Allston, Mass. 

Margaret Schwingel Kraft tells us that 
they have moved to Bethlehem, Pennsyl- 
vania, where her husband is the Pennsyl- 
vania District Manager for the Buick 
Motor Division of General Motors. 

From Sally Quicke Reiss: "In June we 
moved to California, Phil having com- 
pleted his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering 
and now employed by Shell Development. 
We're living in San Pablo which is only 
19 miles north of San Francisco. Our 
house is situated on a hill which, on clear 
days, affords us a magnificent view of the 
Golden Gate, and San Francisco. We 
really love California and all our surround- 

Judith Gans Nathanson has visited with 
Thelma Epstein Lapides and her two sons, 
Reyna Olderman Stein, and Margo Cary 
Waelter '54. 

Ann Pasquale Bassett now has two 
daughters, Lisa, age two, and Andrea, age 
one. Ann's roommate, Connie Nastasi 
Mehos has moved to Houston, Texas, with 
her two sons, Michael and Christopher. 

From Carolyn Whitford Knibbs: "Russ 
graduated from Lowell Technological In- 
stitute in June. We then took a six- 
week trip across the country including 
Colorado, California, Washington, the 
World's Fair, Montana, Banff and Lake 
Louise in Canada. While in Los Angeles 
we had dinner with Mr. Harold Schwab." 

Carolee Pedusey Virgilio has two sons, 
John Lee, age two, and Stephen Salvatore, 
age ten months. 

Janet Parmenter Ellinwood is living in 
White Plains, New York, and has a son 
Peter, age eighteen months. 

Suzanne Kellner Canfield tells us that 
attending her wedding were Carol Phalen 
Swiggett, Sheila Paquette Ward, and Dor- 
othy Fayan. 

Penny Rafkin Hurwitz is kept busy with 
her two children, Peter, age three, and 
Lauri, age two, plus an English Setter dog. 

Nancy Smith Marchese says that she had 
a wonderful visit of a few days with Joan 
Polidor Selander and her family. 

Carolee Scribner Cain has a daughter, 
Cheryl Lynn, age l 1 /^. 

Helene Driscoll and Kay Rohleder are 
sharing an apartment in San Francisco, 
California. Helene is a technician at the 
Kaiser Hospital and Kay is working for 
Castle records. 

New Addresses: Hildegarde (Betty) 
Hintze, 226 East 74th Street, New York, 
New York. 

Tanya Kolligian DeFrancesco, 102 Ox- 
ford Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Carolyn Scherer Butler, 765 Valley 
Street, Orange, New Jersey. 

Bette Walsh Ollstein, Apt. 6 M, 4705 
Henry Hudson Parkway, Riverdale, New 


Miss Barbara J. Sturges, Secretary 
6 Stanley Oval, Westfield, NJ. 

Mrs. Donald K. Bassett 

(Patricia Howe), Secretary 

4 Merrill Rd., South Natick, Mass. 

Mrs. Phillip J. Connor 

(Nancye VanDuesen), Secretary 

18 Reardon Road, Hudson, Mass. 

Marcia James Carthaus writes that her 
husband, Richard, is employed by the 
Standard Oil Company of California, in 
San Francisco. Marcia is teaching Remedial 
Reading in the Menlo Park School and 
enjoys it very much. Carol Praeter Feld- 
man attended Marcia and Richard's wed- 

From Bobbie Flint Gerold: "We moved 
westward last June where my husband 
took over the job of Senior Industrial 
Engineer at Western Waxide, a division of 
the Crown Zellerbach Paper Company. Our 
home was completed two months later and 
our daughter, Linda Jeanne, was born one 
month after we moved on October 15th. 
We are loving our new home and this 
marvelous California climate." 

Eileen Conradi advises that she is en- 
joying her work as Radio-TV Time Buyer 
at Kenyon and Eckhardt Advertising Com- 

Judith Komito Oster says that although 
her daughter Terri keeps her very busy, 
she still has time to do some substitute 
nursery school work. 

Joan Keezer Pecukonis x-'57 writes that 
her husband, Ed, has accepted the position 
of Psychologist to the Adams, New York, 
area schools. They have purchased a forty 
acre farm on which they expect to raise 
German Shepherd dogs and purebred Jer- 
sey cows as a hobby. 



Dorothy Ziehler Roettels sends word 
that they have been back in the United 
States for two years after a two-year stay 
in France. They now own and operate an 
interior decorating shop under the name 
of "Creative Interiors." 

Annette Bogdan Ferris is the Executive 
Secretary to the Associate Director of the 
National Health Council in New 
York City. 

Mildred Berg is spending two years in 
Wiesbaden, Germany, working for the 
United States Air Force. 

Nancy Jean Sommer is a buyer of coats, 
dresses and sportswear at the C. O. Miller 
Company, Stamford, Connecticut. 

Gail Vose Etsch x-'57 is teaching kinder- 
garten in a private school owned by her 
husband, who holds his Master's Degree 
in Education. 

Nancy Whitney is teaching second grade 
in the Utica, New York, school system. 

Patricia Koules is a secretary to the 
President of a management consulting firm 
in Boston. 


Mrs. Joseph P. Fontana 

(Virginia M. Ambrose), Secretary 

6621-A Glen Barr Court, Hillendale Aprs. 

Lock Raven Blvd., Baltimore 34, Md. 

Mrs. John A. Fairchild 

(Betty Anderson), Secretary 

6 Arlington Road, West Hartford, Conn. 

Judith George Stephens is conducting 
the research kitchen for a foods manu- 
facturer in Springfield, Illinois. She found- 
ed, organized and completely developed 
this operation following a year of ex- 
perience with Marshall Field & Company 
in Chicago following graduation from La- 
sell. She has written all sales advertising 
in relation to use of products, has de- 
veloped new recipes for product use, in- 
structs salesmen, and has written a full 
recipe book for the company products. 

From Martha Wittenberg Plotkin: "I was 
married to Nathan Plotkin the summer I 
graduated from Lasell. The following sum- 
mer Nancy Beth was born, and the fol- 
lowing winter presented us with Billy. 
Along with Billy came the opening of my 
husband's law practice, and then the pur- 
chase of our home. These have been busy 
yyears. I have seen both of my roommates, 
SSheila Donahue Hutter and her two chil- 
Idren, and Betty Lou Schlegel Lutz and her 
ttwo children. Have also seen Ellen Her- 
nmann Warfield and her little daughter 
Abby. I hope I can encourage some of 
my classmates to also send in some of the 

Bud, "Chip," and Donna Coyle 
(Donna Carr '58) 

news that we all enjoy reading so much!" 

Priscilla Owen Thayer reports she is still 
living in Waltham at 191 Weston Street, 
and is working for a surgeon. 

Susan Greenhut Kamras and husband are 
living in Lawton, Oklahoma, while he is 
serving in the Army at Fort Sill. 

From Gladys Mettler, "After a trip to 
Mexico in the spring, I left my Boston job 
and enjoyed the New Jersey shore for the 
summer. In September I started a new job 
as secretary to the President of an invest- 
ment firm and in charge of personnel for 
the office, and am enjoying living in the 
City. Would love to hear from any other 
New York City residents." 

Constance Johnson is working in the 
Trust Department of the State Street Bank 
& Trust Co. 

Roxanne Miller Socolow writes "We 
three are living in Waltham after having 
returned from two wonderful years in 
Japan. Ed is a research fellow at Mass. 
General Hospital this year and will com- 
plete his residency in medicine next year 
at the New England Medical Center. Our 
son John is now U/2 years old and great 
in every way." 

Jacquelyn E. Smith is working as a sec- 
retary for Pratt & Whitney in Florida. 

Judith Butler Weppel says that she is 
now at home with her parents while her 
husband serves his six-month duty in the 

Sally M. Clarke is working at the United 
Utilities & Specialties Corporation in New- 
ton Highlands, Mass., and advises that 
Ann Avery is working in Boston for Ver- 
mont Marble. 

Barbara Stannard Housman writes that 
Joni Bates was maid-of-honor at her 
wedding in August 1961. Barbara is now 
working for a commercial art studio in 



The Van Arsdales 
(Susan Van Horn '58) 

Janet S. McPherson is working at the 
Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Conn., as 
a registered nurse along with Millicent 
(Penny) Carlson O'Brien. 

Leila Kay Steen is teaching kindergarten 
at the Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, 
Virginia. During the past spring she 
travelled in Norway, England, Scotland, 
and West Berlin visiting friends and rela- 

New Addresses: Suzanne Fletcher Cahalin, 
14A Grove Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Starr Tupper Shannon, 863 New Scotland 
Avenue, Albany 8, New York. 

Gail Winalski Burd, 6039 Gregory 
Drive, Sylvania, Ohio. 


Mrs. Martin F. Bilafer 

(Carole Grieve), Secretary 

Ft. Benning Rd., Columbus, Ga. 

Mrs. David G. Bailey 

(Melisse Jenkins), Secretary 
C-2 Beverly Road, Newark, Del. 

Mrs. Russell V. Glasson 

(Joan Valentine), Secretary 

Apt. 18, 613 Main Street, 

Manchester, Conn. 

Barbara Weaver is employed at the 
Massachusetts General Hospital as an As- 
sistant Dietician. 

Nancy Gronquist is secretary to the 
Treasurer of the H. T. Cross Company, 
1058 Broad Street, Providence, Rhode 

From Carolyn Wood Brox: "We had a 
very pleasant visit from Betsy Coulson 

Conrad and her husband Dave before La- 
bor Day. I am leading a very busy life 

Marcia Bradley Hayde says that her 
husband is serving with the Army in 
Saigon, South Viet Nam. While he has 
been away Marcia has been working as a 
secretary in an insurance company. 

Nancy Gotz Cohn is teaching shorthand, 
typing, and business English at the Clare- 
mont Secretarial School, Hicksville, Long 
Island, New York. 

Linda Dazley writes that she is employed 
by the Visiting Nurse Association of Bos- 
ton, and is sharing an apartment with 
Sondra Allen, Jane Yeaton, and Jean Han- 

Anne Hayden Halberg writes "My hus- 
band is working for General Electric Mis- 
sile and Space Department and is attending 
the University of Pennsylvania Graduate 
School for work on a Master's Degree in 
Mechanical Engineering. We had a delight- 
ful visit from Ann Douglass Wood and 
husband and their new baby son en route 
home to Washington, D. C. in September 
and we .visited Lyndell Mead Betzner and 
her new son over Thanksgiving weekend. 
It is good to see former classmates." 

Joan Sycle Baturin reports that she is 
teaching a third and fourth grade com- 
bination class at the elementary school in 
Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Lois DeCuollo is teaching school in 
Dunellen, New Jersey. 

Martha Houle Walsh is working as a 
Medical Technician at the Maine Medical 
Center in Portland. 

Jean Anderson Wederbrand and husband 
are living in Cambridge, Mass., while he 
is attending Harvard College. 

Anna Natsis spent the months of Sep- 
tember and October touring western Europe 
via automobile. 

Nancy E. Bennett advises us that she is 
teaching at the New York School for the 
Deaf in White Plains, New York. 

Mrs. Laurence R. Chapin brings us up- 
to-date with Nancy, who is considering 
a return to college to work for a degree. 
Mrs. Chapin writes: "She has continued 
in the Nursery and Kindergarten field 
since graduation. Currently, she is head 
nursery teacher at The Jack and Jill Nurs- 
ery School, San Diego, California, where 
she has been employed for two years. 
Her first year was at the Child Study Clinic 
Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, 
Philadelphia. She also worked one year as 
Kindergarten teacher at the Wharton 
Center Settlement House in Philadelphia. 
The latter was a colored school and Nancy 
was the only non-negro teacher. It was a 
tremendous ex-perience. In I960, she spent 



the summer in Germany as a member of 
The Experiment in International Living. 
The excellent training at Lasell furnished 
the background so that all these could be 

Patricia Reilly says that she is to be a 
Merchandise Co-Ordinator for blouses and 
sweaters in Ohrbach's, Westbury, Long Is- 
land, New York, in March. 

Sandra Poole Adams sends her very best 
wishes to all her pals. 

Judith Sherman Babbitt and husband are 
living in the Syracuse University Student 
Housing while he is attending school there. 

The 1962 Holiday Greetings from Lt. 
and Mrs. Larry A. Boyer (Holly Engel) 
deserve extra special recognition. The 
four-page newsletter "Boyer's Barnacle" 
listed family activities for the entire year 
and one page was devoted to photos. 
From Holly's account of "Summer at the 
Shipyard": "This past year has been a busy 
one indeed as far as travelling goes. The 
first of April, with the car loaded to 
capacity and just enough room left for the 
three of us to squeeze in, we took off for 
Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, 
California (just outside of San Francisco). 
The trip was an eventful one, but we made 
it there safely. 

"We had a two bedroom apartment on 
the base which some plastic curtains and 
a rug fixed up in a hurry. You weren't 
trying to impress anyone with your origi- 
nality because we all lived in the same 
identical places. 

"All the facilities were at our disposal. 
The commissary was a one minute walk 
to the corner, with the movie, exchange, 
pool, golf course, 'O' Club, just a hop 
in the car away. 

"We went to the pool frequently and 
Davey really liked that, except I spent 
most of the afternoon chasing him around. 
Who says it's relaxing! 

"Larry and I did manage to get in some 
golf. I took a series of lessons in hope 
that I'd be able to beat him, but lessons 
and all he still managed to win. 

"Indeed life was not dull! We gals had 
our bridge games during the day while 
hubbies worked hard. And then we had 
our evening bridge games, and managed 
to see a few good movies here and there. 
There was Bingo at the 'O' Club every 
Wednesday night. This kept me busy eve- 
nings while Larry was working on his 
qualification notebook. 

"On the weekends we managed to take 
a few close to home trips. We picnicked 
at Lake Berryessa, went to Sonoma and 
visited General Vallejo's home and the old 
mission. When Aunt Joy came to see us 
after school was out, we made the trip to 

Sacramento and visited the Capitol, state 
buildings, museums, and Sutters' Fort. 
Since Northern California is such grape 
growing country, we visited Christian 
Brothers' Winery and enjoyed the tour." 

New Addresses: Barbara Case Lipke, 40 
Duff Street, Watertown, Mass. 

Mary Duffill Brown, 69 Highland 
Avenue, Salem, Mass. 

Nancy Ferguson Chapman, 214 Grand 
Avenue, Poughkeepsie, New York. 

Mimi Klopp Washburn, 1450 Palisade 
Avenue, Fort Lee, New Jersey 

Carol MacLeod Huggard, 115-68-220 
Street, Cambria Heights, New York. 

Maryann Macleod del Valle, Ixtaccihuatl 
85, Mexico 20, D.F., Mexico. 

Katherine Morakis Stamoulis, 8 Charles 
Street, Natick, Mass. 

Elinor Rapaport Prawer, 55 Oliver 
Street, Bath, Maine. 

Barbara Skolnick Blume, 12 Michael 
Street, Ansonia, Connecticut. 


Mrs. Christopher K. Bullock 

(Susan W. Ellis), Secretary 

55 Purchase St., Milford, Mass. 

Sallie T. Flowers, Secretary 
240 Harvard Circle 
Newtonville, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard M. Legg 

(Marilyn A. Senior), Secretary 
152 Utica Street, Quincy, Mass. 

Mary Jane Sauer is interning for her 
A.D.A. at Syracuse Memorial Hospital 
following graduation from Miami Univer- 
sity, Oxford, Ohio, in June 1962, with a 
B.S. degree in Home Economics. 

Mary Jane Hazrick is now living at 17 
Park Place, Niantic, Connecticut, and is 
Cafeteria Manager of the employees res- 
taurant at I. J. Fox Company, Hartford. 

Katherine Fritz is finishing her Nursing 
Education at the Columbia University 
School of Nursing. She is applying to the 
Visiting Nurse Service of New York City 
as she feels this aspect of nursing offers 
numerous challenges in a Degree Program. 

Carolyn Duncan Wixon and her husband 
are living at 88 Dedham Avenue, Needham, 
Mass. Carolyn is working at the Needham 
Industrial office of the Minnesota Mining 
Company as a departmental secretary. She 
says "Jim and I had a lovely honeymoon 
travelling for two weeks through Canada 
and the northern New England States and 
upper New York State." 



Lynn Williams is a supervisor of a small 
hospital laboratory at Groton Community 
Hospital. She completed her Medical 
Technology training at the Hartford Hos- 

Joan White is the Advertising and Pro- 
motion Assistant for WHEC television 
station in Rochester. 

Aline Carleton graduated in June 1962 
from the University of New Hampshire 
and is. presently employed as a registered 
Medical Technologist at the Robert Breck 
Brigham Hospital in Boston. 

Elizabeth Bigelow is working for the 
Chief of Obstetrics at Beth Israel Hospital. 

Phyllis Stone Blotner finished her train- 
ing at the Boston University School of 
Education and taught second grade in 
Randolph, Massachusetts. 

Diane Memery is in training at the 
Springfield Hospital School of Nursing. 
Although the work is difficult she feels it 
is a challenge and enjoys every minute. 

Karen Kirk is sharing an apartment with 
Nada Hillman and Stephanie Carle x-'60 
on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. 

Judith Edmonson is working as a secre- 
tary at Carbic-Hoechst Corporation. She 
is also attending Fairleigh-Dickinson Uni- 
versity in the evening and majoring in 

Linda Chiramonte has recently returned 
home after spending seventeen months in 

Elizabeth Backus graduated from Ohio 
University in Athens, Ohio, in June 1962, 
and is presently teaching kindergarten in 
Peekskill, New York. 

Janet Caserio has recently returned home 
after spending three months in Europe. 

New Addresses: Bette Alderman Piatt, 37 
Huntington Street, Hartford, Connecticut. 

Jillian Estabrook Shapiro, 51 Morton 
Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Elaine Gagnon Wheaton, Box 213, Stur- 
bridge, Massachusetts. 

Karil Smith Clark, 590 Prospect Street, 
Maplewood, New Jersey. 


Barbara Ann Cole, Secretary 
95 Fox Hill Street 
Westwood, Mass. 

Elizabeth C. Hood, Secretary 

Apt. 302, 225 Commonwealth Ave. 

Boston 16, Mass. 

Mrs. John P. Sullivan 
(Elizabeth M. Schwingel), Secretary 
12 Ellis Drive, Basking Ridge, N. J. 

Barbara Kerzner Lerman writes "Upon 
graduation from Lasell, I attended Long 
Island University, majoring in Retailing 
Education. In July, 1961, I was married to 
Alvin J. Lerman and on April 3, 1962 we 
had a son Steven. I am planning to return 
to Long Island University for the spring 
1963 semester, with .hopes of graduating 
in 1964. We are living at 38 East 58th 
Street, Brooklyn 3, New York." 

Althea S. Woods has graduated as a 
Lmited Air Lines stewardess and now 
serves aboard Mainliners flying from Chi- 

Gwendolyn Carberry x-'6l has completed 
her training as an American Airlines 
stewardess and been assigned to flight duty 
in New York. 

Jane Parsons Dolbier is living at 24- 
B-3 Myron Manor, Columbia, South Caro- 
lina, where her husband, Bill, works for 
the United States Government. They have 
a son Jeffrey Allen. 

Rona Ruderman Goldstein and her hus- 
band, Richard, are living at 11737 May- 
field, Apt. 9, Los Angeles 49, California. 
Betsy Schwingel Sullivan writes "Johnny 
and I have spent the past summer in 
Knoxville, Tennessee, where he was play- 
ing baseball for the Knoxville Smokies. 
In September, he spent three weeks in 
Detroit with the Detroit Tigers. Right 
now, we are spending two months in 
Dunedin, Florida, where Johnny is playing 
in the Winter League. This sunshine is 

From Carolyn Bird: "I am living with 
Barbara Carberry at 879 Beacon Street, 
Boston, Mass., and am presently employed 
at the Kemper Insurance Company as a 
private secretary to the Public Relations 
Director. Became engaged to E. Stephen 
Murray of Arlington, Mass., on December 
25th. My roommate, Barbara, better 
known as "Twink", is working as a dieti- 
cian at the New England Baptist Hospital. 
She is planning a trip to Europe this 

Carole Ann Lamson is working as a 
medical secretary to a pediatrician. 

Virginia Ann Orsi and Penny Muller 
are completing their training at the Boston 
Lying-In Hospital. 

Carol Dain Henderson x-'6l has a son 
Lawrence, Jr., and a daughter Linda Ann. 

Caroline Brown expects to work at the 
United Airlines in 1963. 

Laura Jensen spent her past summer 
vacation in Nassau with Wendy Wolfenden. 
Laura is still employed by the Leukemia 
Society in a Public Relations position. 

Marie Halachik is a senior at Boston 
University majoring in Business Education. 



Pat Craig is working at the Columbia 
Medical Center, New York City. 

Maryann Terhune is working in the pay- 
roll section of the General Electric Ord- 
nance Department in Pittsfield. 

Joan Brodalski is working as a secretary 
to the manager of the Product Training 
Programs at General Electric Ordnance 
Department in Pittsfield. She is also at- 
tending the North Adams State College 
working towards her degree in Business 

Barbara Swiatek Vaugsness and her 
husband Wayne are the proud parents of a 
daughter, born September 16, 1962. 

Constance Pihl is working as a medical 
secretary at the South Weymouth General 

Charlotte Clinton is employed in the 
Trust Department of a New Haven bank. 

Carol Carvey is a secretary at the Fuller 
Brush Company in East Hartford. 

Dianne Bezanson is employed as a secre- 
tary to the Export Manager and Distribu- 
tor Sales Manager at Veeder-Root Inc., 

Jane Kendrigan is employed by the 
Socony Mobil Oil Company in New York 
City. She and Lynn Kiefer enjoyed a visit 
with Jane Parsons Dolbier and family in 
South Carolina during the past summer. 

From Betty Hood: "Six of the Cushing 
House gang came back to enjoy the activi- 
ties of Reunion day. Joan Franke and 
Margo Stockman arrived for the weekend 
from New Jersey. Nancy Morse, Bunnie 
Englehardt and Gerry Weidman also joined 
the group. At night, we had dinner at the 
Sea and Surf in Framingham. Recently, 
Joan Franke, Gerry Weidman, Pam Lucy, 
and myself vacationed in New Hampshire 
for a week. Pam is just back from six 
months in Mexico. Some other miscella- 
neous items: Karen Keul is teaching ballet 
in Arlington, Mass. Carole Brooke and her 
husband were lucky in NBC's "Play Your 
Hunch". Reva Grodzinsky and Barbara 
Seidel are sharing an apartment in Boston. 
Reva is now an Assistant Buyer at Jordan 
Marsh Company." 

Nan Sparks Hunter advises she is teach- 
ing Nursery School in Framingham Centre, 
Mass., and has her own class of twenty-two 
children and an assistant. 

Jeanne Wickenden x-'6l is teaching at 
the Mary C. Wheeler School in Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

Susan E. Dennison is working for an 
investment firm and enjoys it very much. 

Suzanne Kelley is enrolled in the School 
of Cytology at the University of Oklahoma 
Medical Center. 

Mary Constance Hofberg is employed by 
the Radio Corporation of America, Moores- 
town, New Jersey, in the Personnel De- 

Merrilyn Fager is working for Glamour 
Magazine in New York. 

Suzanne Crafts is teaching kindergarten 
at St. Paul's Parish Day School, Brockton, 

Linda Albin advises she is engaged to 
Chris Hoyt, who is attending Union Col- 
lege in Schenectady, New York. 

New Addresses: Wilma Baird Schwarzkopf, 
60 Myrtle Street, Boston, Mass. 

Georgia Beaumont Kettelle, Dexter 
Road, North Scituate, Rhode Island. 

Joan Breeden Berg, 150 Main Street, 
Stoneham, Mass., Apt. 1. 

Marilyn Caruso Crosby, 28 Richardson 
Street, Wakefield, Mass. 

Susan Clark Stern, 2 Farm Road, Marl- 
boro, Mass. 

Joyce Gammons Haworth, 225 Chestnut 
Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Carol Ann Hackett Winnier, Partridge 
Street, Franklin, Mass. 

Margaret Rapp Scribner, 16 B University 
Heights, Burlington, Vermont. 

Charlotte Siders Taintor, Crestwood Apt. 
#12, Grove Street, Rutland, Vermont. 

Ellen Kottmeier Foster '61 and Gini 




Marcia Madden, Secretary 
6 Nobscot Road 
Wellesley, Mass. 

SALLY REMLEY, Secretary 

73 Randlett Park 

West Newton, Mass. 

Lynda Blount, Secretary 

181 Lawn Terrace 
Mamaroneck, New York 

From Kathie Kuehl to Miss Inez At- 
water: "I successfully landed a very inter- 
esting job with CBS. At first, I was 
placed in the pool and at that time held 
several different jobs, temporary, within 
the company. In September I was lucky 
enough to get a permanent position on 
The Ed Sullivan Show. My work con- 
sists of answering fan mail and taking 
care of all the phones and messages, mak- 
ing up the time sheets, being responsible 
for supplies and various other duties. The 
exciting part of the job comes with work- 
ing on the show in the studio. In the 
studio my job ranges from getting coffee 
for Connie Francis, to taking dictation 
from Mr. Sullivan. I have an apartment 
in the city with two other girls and love 
the excitement of the "big" city life. There 
is never a dull moment." 

From Carol Miller Pekrul: "Attending 
our wedding oh September 8, 1962 were 
Sheila Lane, Patricia Penny x-'62 and 
Barbara Jillson. We are living at 132 
Whiting Street, Plainville, Connecticut, and 
at present I am working as a secretary for 
the steel strapping division of the Stanley 

Mary Louise Schade is a Sales Repre- 
sentative for the New England Telephone 
Company in Cambridge, Mass. 

Nance Magill is attending Boston Uni- 
versity and reports that she sees a number 
of her Lasell friends there. 

Christine Shier is working at the Wil- 
liam E. Pollock Company on Wall Street, 
New York, as secretary to the President. 

Rena Silverman is looking forward to a 
trip to the Greek Islands, Israel, Venice, 
and London. 

Ann-Perley Wingersky is attending the 
Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing. 
She has been elected President of the fresh- 
man class and is a representative to the 
Student Council. 

Elaine Brady tells us that she is working 
at the Massachusetts General Hospital and 
enjoys it. Being a ski enthusiast she plans 
to go to Sun Valley, Idaho, to participate 
in this winter sport. 

Linda Mason is now attending Boston 

Elaine Sanderson is presently working as 
a Junior Assistant Buyer at Filene's in 
Boston. She is planning to be married 
in September. 

Ann Barnett writes that she is going into 
Medical Technology, this summer at the 
University of Tennessee, where she will 
receive her Bachelor of Science degree 
next year. She says, "It seems like such a 
long time since we were all gathered at 
The Barn. I really miss school and would 
love to return for a reunion this summer. 
If only Memphis and Auburndale weren't 
so far apart!" Ann's address is 3991 North 
Galloway Drive, Memphis 11, Tennessee. 

Marcia Madden has been working at 
Westboro State Hospital as an occupational 
therapist's assistant. She plans to return 
to school next September as an Occupa- 
tional Therapy major at the University of 
New Hampshire. On March 29 and 30, 
Betsy MacMillan, Lynda Blount, Andrea 
Zaletta, and Marcia attended the annual 
Alumnae Council meetings at Lasell. 
Marcia reports that "the meetings were 
very interesting and informative. Lasell 
really has an excellent Alumnae program. 
The local club meetings give you a chance 
to give Lasell continued support. They 
also provide an excellent opportunity to 
get together with the '6lers and '62ers 
in your area and just plain gab." 

Tracy Potter is working as a dental 
assistant at an office across the street from 
her home in Greenville, Rhode Island. She 
is extremely active in Sunday School work 
and is also a member of the local dental 
assistant's association. 

Joan Killian has been promoted to As- 
s'stant Fashion Coordinator at Hahne & 
Company, New Jersey, and gave her first 
fashion show in February. 

Betsy Hammer vacationed in Florida in 

Betsey F. Mercer is working for the 
Acton Medical Associates, a team of four 
general practitioners — their one and only 

Betsy Ann Behre is head gal in the X- 
ray Department of Valley Hospital, Ridge- 
wood, New Jersey. 

Lynne Andrews became engaged to James 
Ross Scielzo in November and is working 
at Lord and Taylor's, New York. 

Gwen Lincoln is working for a general 
practitioner as receptionist-secretary. 

Pam Clarke Wetherbee's daughter was 
born on August 30, 1962. She and her 
husband live in Norwood, Mass. 

Nancy Martin Phelps is with her hus- 
band in Germany where he is stationed 
with the Air Force. 



1962-ers at the wedding of Sally Nutter 
Jowett. Standing I. to r.: Julie Sullivan, 
Marie Lupoli, The Bride, Ginger Orsi 
'61, Marcia Madden, Patricia McNulty. 
Kneeling: Ingrid Jonason and Marilyn 

Allison Haff is now attending Katherine 
Gibbs in New York and is planning a 
trip to Europe this summer with Betsy 

Sue Petrie Boudreau is happily married 
to Henry and is working as a secretary 
at Brook Haven Laboratories on Long 

Virginia Fletcher is working at Yale 
Medical School in the Department of 
Pharmacology. Also at Yale Medical 
School are Nancy Hungerford, Department 
of Pediatrics, and Ruth Krock, Department 
of Pathology. 

Linda Burnett and Jack Davis were mar- 
ried early in July and are now in Virginia 
where Jack is at Quantico Marine Base. 

Sandy Arnold and Fred (Repasky) were 
married in August and are now in Bell- 
mead, Texas, where Fred is stationed with 
the Air Force. 

Mary Jane Fallona Sheehan has a daugh- 
ter Susan Ann, born September 13, 1962. 

Penny Hills is working in the M.I.T. 
Medical Department along with Beverly 
Smith, Beryl Hamlen, Connie Ferolito and 
Jody Wright. 

Judy Morris is enjoying her work as 
secretary at the Colpitts Travel Bureau, 

Maureen Murray has a position in the 
Superintendent's office of the Newton 
Public Schools. 

Chris Green is working at Peter Bent 
Brigham Hospital for Dr. Melvin Taymor. 

Sharon Carley is employed by the First 
National Bank, Boston, Mass. 

Sandy Foundas is a medical secretary 
in the office of Dr. Iver Ravin. She is plan- 
ning a trip to Europe this summer. 

Marie Waldron has established her own 
business in Milton, Mass., as a dancing 

Patti Gath is employed at the Hale & 
Dorr Law Firm, Boston. 

Sally Remley is working for a general 
practitioner in Newtonville, Mass. She is 
still pinned to Bill. Mr. Remley says Hello 
to all the '62 Orphean members and hopes 
that they will be able to attend the Bow- 
doin-Orphean concert and Lasell night at 

Patricia Britva and Nancy Edelstein are 
sharing an apartment in Brighton, Mass. 

Donna L. Livingston x-'62 has received 
her wings and has been assigned to the 
United Airlines Stewardess Service at 
O'Hare Field, Chicago. 

New Addresses: Doretta Schleusener Cald- 
well, 187 Jackson Road, Northampton, Mass. 

Elaine Sproul Belham, Biloxi Trailer 
Park, 2928 Pass Road, Box 20, Biloxi, 

Phylis Steinberg Barnett, 16 Steward 
Road, Oak Hill Manor, Apt. 10, Columbia, 

Mary Jane Webster Burr, 3 Sylvan Road, 
Summit, New Jersey. 





Mrs. H. P. Fitch 

(Sandra Shelton '56) , President 

316 No. Harvard St., Allston, Mass. 

Mrs. Victor H. Jonas 

(Suzanne Wadsworth '56) Cor. Secretary 
1 Cottage Ave., Winchester, Mass. 

Twenty Alumnae were guests of Mildred 
Strain Nutter '17 on Tuesday, August 14, 
1962. The Pocasset picnickers included: 
Barbara McLellan McCormick '18, Helen 
Saunders '17, Marion Nutter Bredehoft 
'55, Suzanne Clark '55, Mildred Cary Eaton 
'18, Antoinette Meritt Smith '23, Arlene 
Wishart Sylvester '38, Ruth Newcomb '18, 
Marian Beach Barlow '16, Dodie Mosher 
Stone '42, Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, 
Margot Moore Harley '42, Marion Griffin 
Wolcott '16, Freda Griffin Leining '20, 
Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15, Mabel 
Straker Kimball '16. Barbara Iris Johnson 
'35, Mrs. Blake Tewksbury, and Ruth 
Irwin Rex. a niece of the late Miss Grace 
Irwin. The Alumnae Building Fund bene- 
fitted from the contribution of this annual 
1962-63 Greater Boston Club events: 

Annual Meeting and Silver Tea at the 
home of Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury 
on Sunday, October 28, 1962. 

Carl deSuze Lecture "Southeast Asia: 
The Tiger We Ride" on Thursday evening, 
December 6, 1962 at Winslow Hall. 

Wine Tasting program on Thursday, 
April 25, 1963, at the Cambridge Boat 


Mrs. Cornelius J. Peeples 

(Mary-Florine Thielens x-'06), President 

523 West Melrose Street, Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Paul H. Dick 
(Betty Phillips '40), Secretary-Treasurer 
1210 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, 111. 

On Wednesday, June 20, 1962, members 
and guests of the Chicago Club met for 
luncheon in the home of Gertrude Mc- 
Laughlin Metelnick x-'40, Evanston. We 
were pleased to have with us Jane Pearson, 
niece of Dorothy Pearson Cutler '24. Jane 
hopes to graduate with the Class of 1964. 
Also present were: Mrs. J. Allen Pearson, 

Jane's mother, Julia Potter Schmidt '06, 
Doris Perkins Meyer x-'21, Helene Gras- 
horn Dickson '22, Dorothy Pearson Cutler 
'24, Carolyn Duncan Long '27, Dorothy 
Taggart Krumsieg '32, Betty Phillips Dick 
'40, and Betty's mother, Mrs. Edwin R. 

Helene Grashorn Dickson '22 entertained 
the Club at her lovely Winnetka home for 
luncheon on Wednesday, August 22, 1962. 
We were fortunate in having two former 
Lasell faculty members as guests — Miss 
Edith Williams who taught Home Econom- 
ics from 1912 to 1917. She came as a guest 
of M. Cornelia Stone '10 after discovering 
they were neighbors in La Grange Park. 
Another former teacher present was Betty 
Schmidt Krause Wolfe, faculty '42-'46, 
the daughter of Julia Potter Schmidt '06. 
Betty was spending several weeks in Evans- 
ton with her mother, having travelled 
from her home in Winter Park, Florida, 
with her four sons. Others who attended 
the meeting were Jean Dickson Treveiler 
'49 and her three lovely children, Mar- 
gherita Dike Hallberg '10, Peg Perley 
Downey '20, Dorothy Pearson Cutler '24, 
Eleanor Rinebold Struve '24, Catherine 
Morley King '29, Betty Phillips Dick '40, 
and Mrs. George Dickson, Helene's daugh- 
ter-in-law and her three daughters. Mar- 
gherita Dike Hallberg '10 told us some- 
thing of her travels through the Medi- 
terranean and the Middle East from which 
she had recently returned. 

The meeting of Wednesday, November 
14, 19-62, in the home of Catherine Morley 
King '29 turned out to be a welcome home 
for our President, Mary-Florine Thielens 
Peeples x-'06 who had just returned from 
a five month's trip around the world. 
Those who came to hear about her trip 
and see her lovely colored pictures were: 
Julia Potter Schmidt '06, Margherita Dike 
Hallberg '10, Helene Grashorn Dickson '22, 
Dorothy Pearson Cutler '24, Caroline Dun- 
can Long '27, Dorothy Taggart Krumsieg 
'32, Gertrude McLaughlin Metelnick x-'40, 
and Betty Phillips Dick '40. 

The first meeting of the New Year was 
held on Thursday, January 3, 1963 in the 
home of Betty Phillips Dick '40. We were 
pleased to greet Julia Potter Schmidt '06, 
who will be leaving shortly for her annual 
trip to Florida, Caroline Duncan Long '27, 
Catherine Morley King '29, Bambah-Jean 
Stephenson Riedel '49 (whom we were 
delighted to welcome back after a year's 
residence in Evansville, Indiana), Mary 
Hughes Boesel, Faculty '4l-'42, and guest, 
Mrs. Edwin R. Phillips. 



South Florida Luncheon Meeting, Sea 
Garden Hotel, Pompano Beach, Feb. 
9, 1963, Guest Speaker: Miss Margaret 
Ford, Lasell Secretarial Department. 


Mrs. Robert R. Kalogeros 

(Molly McBride '53), President 

Woodside St., Lake Garda 

Burlington, Conn. 

Mrs. Robertson Mackay 

(Nancy Newhall '49), Secretary 

20 Winterset Lane, 

West Hartford 17, Conn. 

The annual fall luncheon of the Con- 
necticut Valley Club was held at the Hart- 
ford Shoreham on October 27, 1962. 

Officers for the coming year are: Presi- 
dent, Molly McBride Kalogeros '53; Vice 
President, Judith Hansen Hull '54; Secre- 
tary, Nancy Newhall Mackay '49; Trea- 
surer, Annette Dufton Dagg '54; Publicity, 
Betty Anderson Fairchild '58; Nominating, 
Margaret McKinney Bogdan '57. 

Luncheon guests included: Carolyn Col- 
ton Avery '23, Helen Wahlquist Wolcott 
'25, Marjorie Norris Harris '46, Phyllis 
Haviland Hildebrandt '47, Jane Wadhams 
Hazen '49, Maude Hayden Keeney '16, 
Mary Goodwin Olmsted '03, Marion Grif- 
fin Wolcott '16, Helen Saunders '17, Freda 
Griffin Leining '20, JoAnne DiPietro Di- 
Marco '55, Jane Pethybridge Gleim '58, 
Joan Pethybridge Thompson '57, Nancy 
Gorman '54, Judith Hansen Hull '54, Molly 
McBride Kalogeros '53, Sandra Whigham 
'62, Marilyn Aristosky '62, Judith Banta 
'62, Bessie Fuller Perry '02, Clara McLean 
Rowley '02, Helen Merriam Parsons x-'03, 
Marilyn McGuire Levine '52, Pauline 
Coady Goodwin '52, Eunice Powers Bux- 
ton '45, Edith Abbott Chapman '19, Mar- 
garet McKinney Bogdan '57, Nancy Swan- 
son Horsfield '54, Millicent Thomson 
Hammer '33, Mary Parmakian Asadoorian 
'56, Joan Valentine Glasson '59. 


Mrs. Jack I. Lord 

(Nancy Bean '50), President 

41 Boutelle Road, Bangor, Maine 

Mrs. Bernard Harkins 

(Alice Fernandez '33), Secretary 

91 Sixth Street, Old Town, Maine 

The 1962 Spring Luncheon meeting of 
the Eastern Maine Club was held at 
Pilot's Grill in Bangor. Alumnae Secre- 
tary, Marjorie MacClymon, brought news 
direct from the campus. Attending were: 
Faustina Curtis '88, Charlotte Ryder Hall 
'08, Julia Crafts Sheridan '10, Lydia 
Adams Godsoe '18, Esther Norcross Dough- 
erty '18, Marguerite Houser Hamlin '19, 
Ethelle Cleale Collett '22, Theresa Thomp- 
son Osborne '22, Joyce Tucker Britton '30, 
Marion Roberts Dyer '29, Constance 
Chalmers Harlow '29, Elizabeth Page 
Sealey '32, Barbara Stover Van de Bogert 
'33, Alice Fernandez Harkins '33, Nancy 
Bean Lord '50, Janis Houston Mountain 


Mrs. Neil C. Munro 

(Ann Hollett '49), President 

481 Division Avenue, Hicksville, N. Y. 

Mrs. Richard H. Rearwin 

(Joeyna Raynal '52), Secretary 

7 Copeland Court, Huntington, N. Y. 

On May 18, 1962, the Long Island La- 
sell Club held its second spring dance for 
alumnae and friends at the Rockville Links 
in Rockville Centre. Over forty couples 
danced to music played by Paul Drake 
and his orchestra. Among alumnae present 
were: June Cherry Bruns '42, Ann Hollett 
Munro '49, Joan Wolfe Wickham x-49, 
Barbara Hill Breen '51, Virginia Johnson 
Irwin '52, Joeyna Raynal Rearwin '52, 
Beryl Schelhorn Frey '55, Margaret Angus 
Christman '53, Jeanne Christiansen Lucas 
'53, and Carolyn Simpson Hayden '53. 

On Sunday, September 9, 1962, the Club 
held a tea to welcome new students and 
their mothers. The Chairman, Beryl Schel- 
horn Frey '55, graciously offered her home 
in Garden City for the occasion. Serving 
on the welcoming committee and acting as 
hostesses were Mrs. Frey, Ann Hollett 
Munro '49, Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49, 
Virginia Johnson Irwin '52, Joeyna Raynal 
Rearwin '52, Jean Warren Tredwell x-'57, 
and Gail Warren '61. We were pleased 
to have the assistance of three returning 
students to answer the many questions. 



They were, Barbara Brenner '63, Marsha 
Perlmutter '63, and Nancy Smithers '63. 

The Club's fourth fall luncheon was held 
Saturday, November 10, 1962, at Stouffer's 
Restaurant, Garden City. Luncheon Chair- 
man was Barbara Hill Breen '51. We 
were delighted to have as our guest of 
honor Mabel Taylor Gannett of the Class 
of 1895. Ann Hollett Munro, President, 
presided over a business meeting and in- 
troduced the guest speaker, Alumnae Sec- 
retary Marjorie MacClymon '32. The Club 
presented Miss MacClymon with a check 
for the Alumnae Fund. Christmas gift 
wrapping paper was sold for the benefit 
of the Lasell Scholarship Fund. Attending 
the luncheon were: Elizabeth Bear De- 
Staebler '31 and her daughter, Virginia 
DeNyse '41, Lucille Wielandt Speight '41, 
June Cherry Bruns '42, Joyce Hayes Whit- 
man x-'47, Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49, 
Jean Ostrander Lowman '50, Barbara Hill 
Breen '51, Linda Heather Venezia '51, 
Virginia Johnson Irwin '52, Joeyna Ray- 
nal Rearwin '52, Joan Stillwell Smith '52, 
Carolyn Simpson Hayden '53, Margaret 
Angus Christman '53, Jean Warren Tred- 
well x-'57, and Gail Warren '61. 

In addition, six graduates of the Class 
of 1962 were present. They were Susan 
Petrie Boudreau, Barbara Cagle, Allison 
Haff, Betsy Hammer, Carolyn Mills, and 
Patricia Murphy. 

President Ann Hollett Munro '49 will 
serve as the Club delegate to the annual 
Alumnae Council meeting at Lasell. 

In April, a letter will be sent to alumnae 
in the Long Island area requesting dues, 
announcing the spring dance, and present- 
ing for approval a new slate of officers. 

The annual spring dance will be held 
on May 17, 1963 at Rockville Links in 
Rockville Centre. Music will be provided 
by Paul Drake's orchestra. Dance Chair- 
man is Beryl Schelhorn Frey '55, Co- 
Chairman Virginia Johnson Irwin '52, Res- 
ervations Chairmen Jean Warren Tredwell 
x-'57 and Joyce Hayes Whitman x-'47. 


the Carpenter Motor Hotel on November 
3, 1962. Entertainment was presented by 
members of the cast of the forthcoming 
Concord Community Player production of 
"The King and I." 

The Club's spring luncheon on April 
27, 1963 at the New Hampshire Highway 
Motel will feature' a program by the 
1963 Lamplighters. 


Mrs. Roland Sansoucie 

(Shirley Gibbons '53), President 

2208 Joshua Rd., Lafayette Hill, Penn. 

Mrs. Thomas Black 
(Earline Spigner x-'53), Secretary 
2627 People St., Chester, Penn. 

Mrs. Ruth Lindquist and Miss "Mac" 
McClelland represented the College at the 
fall luncheon, October 20, 1962 of the 
Philadelphia-South Jersey Club. Alumnae 
present included: Isabella Clemens '01, 
Emily Clemens x-'03, Alicia Albright Kulp 
'56, Marguerite Mcllvain Ricke'r x-'29, Jane 
Gray '29, Earline Spigner Black x-'53, 
Helen Robson Hamill '24, Janet Jansing 
Sheffer '41, Carole Lamson '61, Shirley 
Gibbons San Soucie '53, Carolyn Loewe 
Jones '49, Melisse Jenkins Bailey '59, Ann 
Hayden Halberg '59, Joyce Rutherford 
Shuey '58, Annie David Merrill '12. 


Joan Darwent Ross '50 served as Chair- 
man for the October Luncheon of the 
Pittsburgh Club. Those present included: 
Miriam Bell Bell '19, Clara Spinney Colby 
'18, Joan Darwent Ross '50, Lenna Lyon 
Hill '31, Mary Fitch Huggett '34, Huldah 
Mathews McKnight '18, Katherine Knox 
McClaren '24, Betty Yeuell Collins '38, 
and Betty's sister, Mrs. Alan A. Atkinson 
of Springfield, Vermont. 

Betty Yeuell Collins is in charge of the 
April meeting. 

Mrs. Gene Bottalico 

(Dorothy Piper '45), President 

69 Centre Street, Concord, N. H. 

Mrs. Gerald S. Hancock 

(Betty Felker '49), Secretary-Treasurer 

29 Rockland Street, Concord, N. H. 

The Annual fall meeting of the New 
Hampshire Club was held at the Top of 


Mrs. William I. Reid 

(Betty Lou Foy '52), President 

6 Gardiner Avenue, Lincoln, R. I. 

Mrs. Robert J. Birrell 

(Elaine Crook '53), Secretary 

99 Natick Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island 



The Rhode Island Lasell Club began its 
1962-63 season with a coffee hour for the 
new students, on September 12th. Pat 
Kelsey Scharf '54 was hostess for the oc- 

The October meeting was held at the 
home of Pat Luchka Butterworth '56. 
Plans were made to hold a Christmas party 
on December 1st at the Kirkbrae for club 
members and their escorts. Plans were 
discussed for the possibility of having a 
spring bridge and fashion show. Joan 
Darelius Chirnside '53 and Carol Cunning- 
ham '55 were assigned the job of gathering 
information. Christmas wrapping paper, 
tags, and ribbon were distributed at this 

At the November meeting we were 
pleased to announce the appointment of 
Pat Kelsey Scharf '54 as Corresponding 
Secretary, replacing Pat Luchka Butter- 

The Club began the New Year with a 
meeting on January 9th at the home of 
Lois Schaller Toegemann '50. Our guest 
speaker was Mr. Al Brennan from the 
Rhode Island Blue Cross. Plans for our 
next year's money raising projects were 
discussed. It was decided that we should 
look into the possibility of obtaining a 
table at the "Christmas Co-op" sale at the 
Unitarian Church in Providence. Sympathy 
cards were sent to Louise Jaeger Carr '52 
and Virginia Bailey '48. Birth congratu- 
lation cards were sent to Pat Luchka 
Butterworth '56 and Elaine Crook Birrell 

The February meeting was held at the 
home of Club Treasurer, Nancy Chase 
Ferguson '53. The program was presented 
by Mr. Ricci who spoke to us concerning 
the wide scope of the CHILD WELFARE 
services in our state. 

Delegates chosen to attend the Alumnae 
Council Meeting were: Virginia Bailey 
'48, Lois Schaller Toegemann '50, Nancy 
Chase Ferguson '53, and Betty Lou Foy 
Reid '52. 

The following members have been in 
attendance at the 1962-63 meetings: Mary 
Elizabeth True x-'53, Lois Schaller Toege- 
mann '50, Carol Cunningham '55, Pat 
Luchka Butterworth '56, Nancy Gronquist 
'59, Marjorie Morrison Coburn '17, Betty 
Lou Foy Reid '52, Marilyn Weeden David- 
son '49, Eleanor Munro '48, Clair La- 
Liberte Adler '53, Marion Munro Waitt 
'45, Nancy Chase Ferguson '53, Pat Kelsey 
Scharf '54, Virginia Ogden Hayes '33, 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53, Elaine Crook 
Birrell '53, Joan Darelius Chirnside '53, 
Mary Quick Dean '14, Georgianna Taber 
Cotter '35, Virginia Bailey '48. 


Mrs. T. Paul Maguire 

(Mary McConn '29), President 

4833 Matilija, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 

Mrs. John H. Anson 

(Martha Moyer '48), Secretary -Treasurer 

2412 Catherine Road, Altadena, Calif. 

The annual meeting of the Southern 
California Club was held on Saturday, 
March 9, 1963, at the Bullock's Wilshire. 
Newly elected officers are: Mary McConn 
Maguire '29, President; Martha Moyer 
Anson '48, Secretary-Treasurer. A moment 
of silent prayer was observed in memory 
of Laura Chase '02. 

In attendance at the Alumnae meeting 
were: Mary Potter McConn '05, Lillian 
Douglass Heeb '07, Marguerite Miller 
Eggers x-'15, Dorothy Dale Smith x-'15, 
Mildred Melgaard Rees '22, Doris Wilson 
Lehners '25-'27, Julia Klingensmith Frey 
x-'28, Mary McConn Maguire '29, Esther 
Sosman '36, Marjorie Hills Buffington '37, 
Florence Stetson Pipes '37, Peg Jones 
Howry '38, Doris Somerville Krom '40, 
Gertrude List Alford '41, Jane Cook Car- 
doza x-'43, Trudy Ruch Kauffman '42, 
Elaine Reed Simpson '46, Barbara Harris 
Ryan '46, Barbara Rymer Cole '48, Virginia 
Hall Anderson '48, Martha Moyer Anson 
'48, Joan Pauling Smith '49, Jane Alford 
Young '49, Janet Pearson Hauck '53, 
Frances Mitchell VanAlstyne '54, Beverly 
OBrian Perry '55, Carol Kenneally Gard- 
ner '55, Sally Spicer Frazier '55, Sandra 
Lally Hovey '55. Also present were Mrs. 
Emile H. Ruch and Mrs. William A. Harris. 

A generous check was forwarded to the 
Alumnae Building Fund, and contributors 
in addition to those present at the meeting 
included: Helen Campbell Rousseau '98-'99, 
Emma Aull Duncan '98, Cleora Brooks 
Clokey '01, Josephine MacDonald Smith 
x-'03, Ellen Chase Wood '02, Kate Wheldon 
Plumb '02, Argenta MacDonald Carothers 
x-'05, Ida Sisson Craver '07, Lucy Young 
Walker x-'08, Winifred Whittlesey Knowl- 
ton '12, Sarah Wild Gordon x-'21, Eliza- 
beth Castner Hammond '22, Harriet Hanson 
Nelson '41, Christena Bilakos Farmasonis 
'48, Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley '49, Valerie 
Joseph x-'6l, Barbara Ayrault Smith '52. 

Barbara Harris Ryan '46 will be hostess 
for a dessert bridge in September. 



A. Marilyn Ross '49, President 
55 Falmouth Road, Longmeadow, Mass. 

Mrs. G. Palmer Burke, Jr. 

(Charlotte Bragg '42), Secretary 
64 Lawnwood Ave., Longmeadow, Mass. 

Western Massachusetts Lasell Junior 
College Alumnae Club opened the fall 
season on Wednesday evening, September 
26, 1962, with a buffet supper in the 
home of Sallyann Bartlett Abel '51. The 
speaker of the evening was Barbara Iris 
Johnson '35, President of Lasell Alumnae, 
Inc. Cohostesses were officers of the club 
and members of the program committee. 

Dorothy Nickerson Tehan '44 opened her 
home for the October 24th meeting. The 
speakers were Mrs. Morrill Stone Ring 
and Mrs. W. Douglas Spingler. Suzanne 
Ross Westberg '45 was cohostess. 

On November 28, 1962 a household aids 
party was given in the home of Charlotte 
Bragg Burke '42. Marie Huhn Burkhart 
'42 was the assisting hostess. 

On January 30, 1963, Elizabeth Leland 
Kibbe '38 entertained the club at her home. 
Speaker of the evening was Mr. William 
Bennett of the Hampden County Improve- 
ment League. Helen Breed Solberg '33 
was the assisting hostess. 

A foreign student at Springfield College 
was the speaker at the February 27th 
meeting held at the home of Eleanor Brad- 

way Lammers, Jr., '45, Cohostess was Mar- 
garet Leary Hacker '47. 

The March 27, 1963 meeting was held in 
the evening at the home of Bernice Cun- 
ningham Smith x-'26. Sandra Smith Swain 
'56 was the assisting hostess. Paul Monson, 
well known radio personality and world 
traveler, presented the program. 

The annual fund-raising project for the 
benefit of Lasell scholarship fund will be 
held in April. Plans for this event will 
be announced by Jeanne Moseley Frank '56. 
In May the annual dinner and election of 
officers will be held. 

Bringing the season to a close, Betty 
Black Boynton '38 will open her home for 
a picnic supper the night of June 5, 1963. 
Cohostess will be Olive Cross Sibley '47. 

Officers of the club for the current sea- 
son are: President, Marilyn Ross '49; Vice- 
President Sandra Smith Swain '56; Secre- 
tary Charlotte Bragg Burke '42; Treas- 
urer Kay- Mackler Aronson '56. Members 
of the Executive Board are: Nominating 
Betty Carter Steele '47; Publicity Sandra 
Smith Swain '56; Ways and Means Jeanne 
Moseley Frank '56; Program Betty Black 
Boynton '38, chairman; Eleanor Bradway 
Lammers '45, Olive Cross Sibley '47, 
Beverly Broughton Leverette '51, Margaret 
Leary Hacker '47; Telephone, Marie Huhn 
Burkhart '42, Chairman; Carolyn Chapin 
Snyder '55, Helen Breed Solberg '33, Phyl- 
lisan Kozloski Murphy '51, Bonnie Beck- 
with Morrison '58, Lucinda Hodskins 
Lindgren '60. 

Buffalo Club Party 
Christmas 1962 
Do you recognize Dorothy Tiffany 
Cochrane W. P. '28-'28, Frances Day 
Meyers '34, Lillian Doane Maddigan 
'21, Annabeth Williams Bergen '34, Pat 
Raeder Crone '51, Julia Tiffany Brand 
'29, and Marge Keller Mayer x-'31 ? 

CALENDAR 1962-63 


September 20 Registration of New Students 

September 22 Registration of Returning Students 

September 24 Formal Opening 

November 16 . . . End of First Quarter 

November 21 after classes to) Th V " " 

November 26 for classes ) & & 

December 19 after classes to) 

1963 [ Christmas Vacation 

January 7 for classes ) 

February 4 Beginning of Second Semester 

March 28 End of Third Quarter 

March 29 after classes to) Soring Vacatio 

April 8 for classes \ ■ • r e 

June 7 End of Second Semester 

June 8 Alumnae Reunion; Class Night 

June 9 Commencement 

jnd Issue '^T 






MAY, 1963 

No. 3 


Alumnae Fund Chairman: 
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 


Ruth Turner Crosby '42 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Cover: The Presidential Foursome: Alumnae Club Presidents attending Council Dinner, 
March 29, 1963, included: 1. to r. Sandra Shelton Fitch '56 (Greater Boston); 
A. Marilyn Ross '49 (Western Massachusetts); Molley McBride Kalogeros '53 
(Connecticut Valley); and Ann Hollett Munro '49 (Long Island). 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 


Playing Fields from Hills 

Since the founding of Lasell, students have undoubtedly strolled along the 
hogback known as the "Esker," a geological formation dating from one of the 
glacial periods. At the base of its natural semicircle is Haskell's Pond where girls 
have secured samples of algae and skated for generations. A footpath wound from 
Seminary Avenue behind Bradgon Hall to a point on Grove Street. 

(To identify the location more specifically, there are even rumors which 
cannot be verified that naughty girls sought exercise in the vicinity while they 
"sneaked a smoke" in the days when cigarettes on campus were forbidden.) 

Lasell students were only trespassers on the property until 1939 when the 
Board, under the direction of Dr. Guy M. Winslow, bought Haskell's Pond and 
two adjoining acres. In 1958, on the death of Miss Mabel T. Eager, long a Trustee, 
five additional acres of undeveloped woodland were added to the plot by her 

It has always been uncertain what useful purpose this acreage could serve 
because, under the terms of Miss Eager's will, no structure could be erected on 
the property for 35 years. It seems clear, then, that Miss Eager intended that the 
area be used for recreational purposes. 

As Lasell's student population has grown to 650 girls, the one playing field 
available for physical education activities in the Spring and Fall has become 
inadequate — to the point that activities must be scheduled during the lunch 
hour. This problem, coupled with the factor of open land scarcity, led the Board 
to explore possibilities of utilizing the Esker. 

Engineers first determined that the Esker was basically composed of gravel; 
secondly, that about 280,000 cubic yards were available for removal if the area 
were reduced to a level. Lastly, reconstruction of Route 128 and extension of the 
Massachusetts Turnpike in the vicinity had placed a premium on gravel sources 
readily available. 

To make a very long story short, necessary permits were secured from City 
authorities and bids requested from all interested parties. The result is that 35,000 
truck loads of gravel will be removed during the period of the next year and a 
half. Top soil is being carefully stockpiled and will eventually be spread to provide 
a surface for seven acres of recreation area, the equivalent of two hockey fields 
and seven additional tennis courts. The Pond will remain in much its present 
shape, five feet below the play area. 

Thus another goal in the long-range planning of physical development of 
the campus will be accomplished. 



The Annual Meeting of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. . . . 

Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30, 1963, were the dates selected for 
Lasell's 15th Annual Alumnae Council Session. A social hour in Woodland 
Hall's East Lounge preceded Friday's dinner, enjoyed by seventy alumnae — class 
agents and secretaries and representatives from ten alumnae clubs. Seated at the 
head table were President and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury, Mr. and Mrs. Wilder Smith 
(Antoinette Meritt '23), Mr. and Mrs. Ward Manghue, Alumnae President Bar- 
bara Iris Johnson '35, and special guests, Patricia Raeder Crone '51 and Lillian 
Doane Maddigan '21, president and treasurer of The Buffalo Club. 

Dr. Tewksbury welcomed the group, showed maps of the campus and ex- 
plained the proposed use of the Esker property. He announced the receipt of 
two anonymous gifts: $5,000 to be used for equipment in the new classroom 
building; and a generous contribution from an alumna to provide a memorial 
for Miss Lillie R. Potter. There is a need for more appropriate appointments for i 
use during chapel programs at Winslow Hall, and the money will be used for 
this purpose. Purchases will include a reading desk, an altar and altar cloth, a 
Bible, and a pedestal for flower arrangements. 

Miss Potter, a member of the Class of 1880, served as Preceptress from 1902- 
24; Dean of Residence, 1924-35; and Dean Emerita from 1935-45. Miss Potter 
died on January 8, 1952, and among her survivors are two nieces, Mary Potter 
McConn '05, Julia Potter Schmidt '06; and two grand-nieces, Mary McConn 
Maguire '29 and Betty Schmidt Wolfe, a member of Lasell's faculty from 1942 
to 1946. 

Mr. Smith brought greetings to all from the Board of Trustees. He told 
of the need for increase in the College facilities to meet future enrollment, and 
stressed the need for funds. 

The after-dinner speaker, Mrs. Ruth E. Manghue of the Secretarial Depart- 
ment, brought a fine account of what-is-expected and what-is-accomplished by the 
secretarial students of today. She discussed the various programs within the cur- 
riculum, and told of the facilities to be provided by the new classroom building. 

"A Late Show," featuring traditional campus events and starring many 
familiar faces, closed out the evening. 

Barbara Iris Johnson presided at the Annual Meeting of Alumnae, Inc. on 
Saturday morning. The delegates were introduced; the secretary's and treasurer's 
reports were read and accepted; and proposed changes in the Constitution and 
Bylaws were accepted. 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 thanked the alumnae clubs for their continued sup- 
port and participation in the Christmas Wrapping Paper Project. Contributions 
to the Scholarship Fund were received from Greater Boston, Bridgeport, Buffalo, 
Connecticut Valley, Eastern Maine, Long Island, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, 
Rochester, Westchester-Lower Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Worcester. 
The Greater Boston and Washington Clubs added to the Alumnae Building Fund; 
Chicago, Long Island, Philadelphia-South Jersey, Southern California and South 
Florida directed their contributions to The Alumnae Fund for 1962-63. 


1963 Alumnae Council Dinner 


1st Vice President: 

2nd Vice President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary: 


Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund Chairman: 

Scholarship Committee Chairman: 


The Nominating Committee's report was read by Sandra Shelton Fitch '56. 
Officers for the coming year are: 

Barbara Iris Johnson '35 
Dorothy Secord Garon '34 
Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 
Betty Williams McGowan '47 
Ruth Turner Crosby '42 
Ruth Bit swell Isaacson '36 
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 
Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 
Mildred Strain Nutter '17 
Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 
Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 
Betty Black Boynton '38 
Sue Ross Westberg '45 
Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 

Chairman of the 1964-65 Nominating Committee is Lillian G. Bethel '28, 
assisted by Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15 and Joan Kearney Cormay '51. 

Mr. Peter Barnard, alumni secretary of Bowdoin College, was the guest 
speaker of the morning session. Following luncheon, the Council reconvened 
in Rand Lecture Hall for the afternoon panel discussion. Dorothy Secord Garon 
'34 served as Moderator for panelists, Sue Ross Westberg '45, Betty Black Boynton 
'38 and Marjorie MacClymon '32. Alumnae awards, club public relations and 
class reunions were topics of discussion. 

We were especially pleased to welcome Evelina E. Perkins, 191 5's loyal 
class agent, to the afternoon meeting, and flowers were sent to Maude Si/nes 
Harding '06, a past president of the Association. 

Afternoon tea was served at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury. 

Attending the 15th Annual Council were: Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury, Mr. and 

■ Mrs. Wilder Smith (Antoinette Meritt '23,) Mr. and Mrs. Ward Manghue, Mr. 

Peter Barnard, Barbara Iris Johnson '35, Patricia Raeder Crone '51, Lillian Doane 

1 Maddigan '21, Marion Ordivay Corley '11, Dorothy Secord Garon '34, Lynn 

I Blodgett Hall '46, Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37, Betty Williams McGowan '47, 


Ruth Turner Crosby '42, Ruth Busivell Isaacson '36, Dorothy Inett Taylor '30, 
Shirley Gould Chesebro '33, Mildred Strain Nutter '17, Betty Black Boynton '38, 
Sue Ross Westberg '45, Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49, and Marjorie MacClymon 

Class Agents: Ruth Coulter Bierer '12, Evelina E. Perkins* '15, Marion Griffin 
Wolcott '16, Freda Griffin Leining '20, Helen L. Beede '21, Dorothy Ballon 
Collier '24, Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth '26, Esther T. Josselyn '27, Elizabeth 
Day Cook '30, Mildred Bell Cole '31, Helen Gibbs Studley '34, Phyllis Gunn 
Rodgers '36, Arlene Wish art Sylvester '38, Elizabeth S. Allen '42, Virginia Wolfe 
Perkins '44, Joan Lambert Laffin '47, Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53, Sally Warner 
O'Such '55, Sandra Shelton Fitch '56, Linda Telfer '60, Betsy MacMillan '62, 
Andrea Zaletta '62. 

Class Secretaries: Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15, Mabel Straker Kimball '16, 
Barbara McLellan McCormick '18, Marjorie hovering Harris '22, Helen B. Perry 
'24, Frances Smith Miller '30, Ruth Stafford Clark '33, Barbara Ordway Brewer 
'35, Gloria Sylvia Paolella '47, Anna Stevenson Magnano '51, Sue Wadsworth 
Jonas '56, Patricia Howe Bassett '57, Barbara Ann Cole '61, Marcia Madden '62, 
Sally Remley '62, Lynda Blount '62. 

Club Representatives: Helen Richter Hanson '46, Kay Wollaver Parsons '46, 
Marjorie Nelson '57, Sally Taylor Murray '49, Molley McBride Kalogeros '53, 
Judith Hansen Hull '54, Ann Hollett Munro '49, Virginia Bailey '48, Betty Lou 
Toy Reid '52, Lois Schaller Toegemann '50, Marilyn Weeden Davidson '49, 
Nancy Chase Ferguson '53, Charlotte Bragg Burke '42, A. Marilyn Ross '49, Joan 
Conley Eid '56, Carolee Pedusey Virgilio '56. 

Also: Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie '28, Rosamond Cornell Cannon '29, 
Paula Drake '48, Marion Nutter Bredehoft '55, Carol Healy Butterworth '61, 
Lucinda Nolin Quigley '55, Joan Darelius Chirnside '53. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 

Recording Secretary 

Dr. Tewksbury explains plans for Pro- 
posed Athletic Field on the Esker 
property to Lynn Blodgett Hall '46 and 
Peter A. Barnard, alumni secretary of 
Bowdoin College. 



APRIL 1, 1962 — MARCH 18, 1963 



Balance on hand 4/1/62 

Alumnae Contributions 

Reunion Luncheons 

Reimbursement by Lasell Jr. College Council 

delegate expense 
Club Pymts. — Christmas Wrappings 


Fund Issue 

Mailing and postage 
August Issue 

Mailing and postage 
September Issue 

Mailing and postage 

Agent's Business 

Stamps (10,000 4f) 
Postcards (6,600) Reminder 
Printing — Reminder 

Council Expenses 

Transportation Expenses — 2 delegates 

Washington, D. C. — '62 Council 
Transportation Expenses — 2 delegates 

Buffalo, N. Y. — '63 Council 
Speaker — '62 Council 
Supplies — '62 Council 
Printing — Booklets — 10th Council 

Birthday — '62 
Pictures — '62 Council 
Expenses — delegate — A.A.C. Meeting 
American Alumni Dues 
Donation — A.A.C. Fund Appeal 


Mary Jane Christmas Paper 


2M Printed Ballots '62 

1M Reservation Blanks — Commencement 

Petty Cash — Alumnae Office 

Gifts — Flowers 

10 Recordings — Lasell Lamplighters 

Comm. of Mass. — File Tax Report 

Comm. of Mass. — File Annual Report 














$ 144.88 





$ 550.00 


'Expenses for paper and printing of 1962-63 Fund Letter not included 


$ 4,195.24 

$ 710.85* 

$ 645.92 

$ 550.00 


Bonding (Treas., Asst. Treas., Pres.) 

Supplies — Alumnae Day — Commencement 

Nordberg — Caterer — Reunion Luncheon 

Pictures — Alumnae Day 

Vj Pymt. Tent — Commencement 

Bank Service Charge 

Postage — '63 Ballot and Reservation 

Blank — Commencement 
Robert E. Nims — Caterer — Deposit for 

'63 Reunion Luncheon 
Paper — Annual Meeting — Ballot — 

Reservation Blank 

Transferred to Building Fund 
Transferred to Scholarship Fund 


Total Income. 

Less: Total Disbursements 

Balance on hand 3/18/63 Checking Account 


Scholarship Fund — West Newton Savings Bank 

Balance — 4/1/62 

Dividends — Auburndale Cooperative 

Needham Cooperative Banks 
Profit — Sale Christmas Paper — Clubs 

Transferred from Gen. Fund Chkg. Acct. 

Less : Payment to Lasell Jr. College — 
Scholarship Awards 

Balance — West Newton Savings Bank 3/18/63 
Needham Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 

General Fund — Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 4/1/62 


Balance — Newton Savings Bank 3/18/63 
Auburndale Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 

Building Fund — Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 4/1/62 



Transferred from General Fund 

Balance in Newton Savings Bank 3/18/63 







$ 1,598.29 

$ 8,900.00 

$ 7,700.30 





$ 9,606.40 

$ 3,048.69 




$ 4,188.27 
$ 500.00 

$ 3,688.27 

$ 5,503.00 

$ 4,688.27 

$ 5,725.32 


$ 6,725.32 





General Fund Checking Account 
Scholarship Fund 
General Fund 
Building Fund 

$ 9,606.40 





TOTAL — March 18, 1963 


Newton- Waltham Bank & Trust Co. (Checking Account) 

Newton Savings Bank (General Fund) 

Newton Savings Bank (Building Fund) 

West Newton Savings Bank (Scholarship Fund) 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank (5 shares) 

Needham Cooperative Bank (5 shares) 

$ 9,606.40 


TOTAL — March 18, 1963 

Ruth E. 

CROSBY, Treasurer 

The audit of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. books and records was made by Miss Alice May, Bursar — 
Lasell Junior College. 


1962-63 Alumnae Fund 

Largest Percentage of Contributors: 

With 55 members or less: 1908: 60% participation 

Agent: Charlotte Ryder Hall 
With 55-125 members: 1922: 54% participation 

Agent: Harriette Case Bidwell 
With over 125 members: 1955: 30% participation 

Agents: Ann Harris Hughes 

Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 
Sally Warner O'Such 

Largest Amount Contributed: 

With 55 members or less: 1914: Total — $408.00 

Agent: Mary Quick Dean 
With 55-125 members: 1937: Total — $1307.00 

Agents: Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Louise Tardivel Higgins 
With over 125 members: 1956: Total — $478.00 

Agents: Ann Phelps MacKinnis 
Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 
Sandra Shelton Fitch 




Note: The number of contributors includes all Life Members who contributed during the 

current year (indicated by an L in front of the name). Other Life Members are 

listed at the end of each class list. The count of each class for figuring the percentages 

includes living graduates with known addresses and non-graduate givers (the latter 

■ indicated by x). 

All classes before 1906 



Helen Carter Kenway 

Total amount contributed: $379.00 
Number of contributors: 33 


Mercy Sinsabaugh Ingalls 


Ruth Seiberling Pflueger 


Mabel Taylor Gannett 


L Edith Howe Kip 

Grace Washburn Hoskins 


L Alice R. Kendall 
Elise Scott Mackintosh 
Gertrude Watson Linscott 


Isabella C. Clemens 
Harriette Ward Walker 


xMary Buffinton Chace 
L Joanna Deering Kirk 
L Bessie Fuller Perry 

Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck 
L Clara McLean Rowley 

xLeonora Piper Jamieson 

xCora Stone Trimmer 

xBertha White Sprague 


xEmily A. Clemens 

Agnes Drake Foss 
L Edith Ebersole Doud 

L. Marie Gibert Martin 

Mary Goodwin Olmsted 

Ida Mallory Lyon 
xLucia Parcher Dow 


xGrace Ordway Miller 
xFlorence Smith Flint 


Edith Harber Wright 
Margaret Henderson Soule 

xArgenta MacDonald Carothers 

xEIeanor Percy Irish 

xMabel Sayles Webster 
Barbara Vail Bosworth 

Other Life Members: 
Harriet L. Freeby '95 
Emma Aull Duncan '98 
Clifford Dasher Stephens '98 
Evelyn Ebert Allen '99 
Alice Jenckes Wilson '99 
Elsie B. Reynolds '00 
Kate Wheldon Plumb '02 
Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03 
Helen Royse Shirk x-'05 

Total amount contributed: $25.00 
Number of contributors: 4 
Percent contributing: 20% 

xLucy Miller Robotham 
L Maude Simes Harding 
xElizabeth Thielens Miller 
Lucy Wilson Errett 

Other Life Members: 
• Edith Anthony Carlow 
Helen Carter Kenway 
Mildred Peirce Wise 
Irene Sauter Sanford 
Dorothea Turner Moulton 
Elsie Young Hayden 



Lilian Douglass Heeb 

Total amount contributed: $150.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 52% 

xRuth Adams Whiston 
Helen Carter Johnson 

xEdna Cones Prior 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 

xCarre Fuller Eldridge 
Clara Huttenbauer Levy 

xDaisy Gilbert Buck 
Clara F. Nims 

xSadie Peckham Mayers 

xCarrie Sessions Dodge 

Other Life Member: 
xjennie Drew Hinman 



Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Total amount contributed: $95.00 
Number of contributors: 6 
Percent contributing: 60% 

L Grace Emerson Cole 
xElsie C. Fengar 

L Grace T. Griswold 
xAlice Hobbs Worcester 
xEthel McCorkindale Harwood 

L Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Other Life Member: 
Elizabeth Love Macey 



Maria Riker Hume 

Total amount contributed: $40.00 
Number of contributors: 5 
Percent contributing: 33% 


Constance E. Blackstock 
L Annie Crowe Collum 
xGertrude Leonard McClanahan 
Maria Riker Hume 
Dorothy Wells Seller 

Other Life Member: 

Louise Funkhouser Colegrove 



Josephine Woodward Band 


Total amount contributed: $173.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 46% 

L Lucy Aldrich Berston 

xLucy Cox Nelson 
L Julia Crafts Sheridan 

Margherita Dike Hallberg 
L Mildred Goodall Fairbanks 

Irma Levi Levy 
xElizabeth P. Martin 

M. Cornelia Stone 

Julia ter Kuile Brown 
L Josephine Woodward Rand 

Other Life Members: 
Nell Carneal Drew 
Julia Hamilton Peters 
Mary Lumbard Courtney 
xMabeth Shuttleworth Turner 
Susan Stryker Brown 



Vera Bradley Findlay 

Total amount contributed: $115.00 
Number of contributors: 8 
Percent contributing: 50% 

Vera Bradley Findlay 
L Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull 
Alma Dumn DeLong 
xDorothy Frost Frost 
L Marion Ordway Corley 
Doris Powers Thomas 
xMargaret Thacher Drury 
Eleanor Warner Salisbury 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Jones Slemen 
Marion Shinn 



Buth Coulter Bierer 

Total amount contributed: $202.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 50% 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil 
xBarbara Clark Colby 
Ruth Coulter Bierer 
LxGrace Douglass Schindler 
Mary Goodwillie Townsend 
Mildred Hall Leber 
Orra Hammond Pomeroy 
Marion Joslin Oppenheimer 
Charlotte Lesh Coats 
xFrances May Holdman 
Annie Merrill David 
Clara Parker Colby 
Jane Parsons Westervelt 
Mary Starr Utter Maxson 
Winifred Whittlesey Knowlton 

Other Life Members: 
xHazel Drew Adair 

Florence Jones Allen 
xSara Shuttleworth Houwert 

Total amount contributed: $68.00 
Number of contributors: 8 
Percent contributing: 44% 

Alma L. Bunch 
xMary C. Dill 

Georgina Fankboner Roberts 

Mary Fenno Stirn 
xjean Humbird Dickason 
xMargerie Simes Nickerson 
xEdessa Warner Slocum 

Adelle Wilson Moffett 

Life Members: 

Ruth Trowbridge Brown 
Mildred Westervelt Warner 


Mary Quick Dean 

Total amount contributed: $408.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 44% 

xRuth Adt Stephenson 

Mary H. Bingaman 
L Ruth Davis Giller 
Maidie Dealey Moroney 
Elsie L. Doleman 
Angeline Emery MacCulloch 
Marcia Fogg Moore 
Dora E. Goodwillie 
Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood 
xEtta MacMillan Rowe 
Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 
Mary Quick Dean 
Helen Rollins Fisher 
Mildred Smith Leach 
Ethel Vance Foster 
Nellie Youngers Henkle 

Other Life Members: 
Lois Brader Buckner 
Dorothy Canfield Cheseldine 

Peter and Jeffrey Dean 

Mother: Sally Garratt '53 

Grandmother: Mary Quick "14 



Dr. Tewksbury, Lillian Doane Maddi- 

gan '21, Patricia Raeder Crone '51 and 

Mr. Wilder N. Smith 



Evelina E. Perkins 

Total amount contributed: $126.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 45% 

Ida Beane Rice 
Katharine Bingaman Heron 
Catherine Carter Rasbach 
Florence Evans Valpey 

xMadeline Farmer Ryder 
Veda Ferguson Purdy 
Frances Johnsen Edwards 
Ida Laubenstein Moyer 
Clara Paton Suhlke 
L Ada F. Patterson 
Evelina E. Perkins 

xEmma Robinson Petrie 
Martha Schumann Laubenstein 

xFlorence Skinner Anderson 
Doris Waller O'Hara 

Other Life Members: 
Myrtle Brix Spangler 
Bess E. Emerine 
Gladys Wilkes McCutchen 
Nell Woodward Collins 



Marion Griffin Wolcott 

Total amount contributed: $274.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Percent contributing: 44% 

xRose Baer Trexler 

Marian Beach Barlow 
xWilda Berkey Cartland 
L Naomi Bradley Reed 
xElizabeth Carleton Stillman 
xEdna Christensen Beckwith 
xConstance Davis Huberty 
Lavinia Fera McKinney 
Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 
Sarah Hammond Brookes 
Lena Hauck Johnson 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
Eleanor McCarty Thomas 
L Helen Merrill Strohecker 
Florence Morris Smith 
Helen Overholser Towle 

Elizabeth G. Richards 
Madeline Sheldon Herfurth 
Mabel Straker Kimball 
xNatalie York Terry 



Marjorie Mprrison Coburn 

Ruth Burnap Jones 

Total amount contributed: $192.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 20% 

E. Gertrude Allen 
xLillian Astill Ainsworth 

L Florence Bell Merrill 
Ruth Burnap Jones 
Virginia Moore Starkey 
Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
xCarita Palmer Moffett 
Lenette Rogers Atkinson 

L Helen M. Saunders 

Eugenia Skinner Shorrock 

L Mildred Strain Nutter 

Other Life Members: 
Helen Bauman Routier 
Fannie Gates Frey 
Jessie Shepherd Brennan 
Helen Stephan Sterley 


Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 

Total amount contributed: $338.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 22% 

L Lydia Adams Godsoe 

Constance Allen Dunbar 
L Dorothy Barnes Paine 

Mildred Cary Hill 
xHarriet Fera French 

Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 

Barbara McLellan McCormick 

Ruth B. Newcomb 
xAlmira L. Shepard 

Helen Smith Stone 

Roxana Stark Burns 

Other Life Member: 
Gail Wilson Boynton 



Mercie V. Nichols 

Total amount contributed: $113.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 42% 

Edith Abbott Chapman 
xjudith Burbank Brown 

Olive Chase Mayo 

Frances Coombs 
xMary Eshleman Willauer 

Marguerite Houser Hamlin 
xjulia Lord Hobart 
xElizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 

Edith Vance Nicolson 

Other Life Member: 
Sarah Hopkins 



Freda Griffin Eeining 

Total amount contributed: $88.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 14% 



Josephine Florence Preusse 
Lillian G. Grant 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Ruth D. Hayden 
Muriel James Morrison 
Margaret Perley Downey 

Life Members: 

xCarolie Abrams Painter 
Elaine Bass Pierce 
Anna Crane Sherwood 
Doris Crawford Clovis 
Isabel M. Fish 

xKatherine Moss Shriner 
Katherine Rice Broock 



Helen L. Beede 

Total amount contributed: $56.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 14% 

L Helen L. Beede 
Pauline Butler Poore 
xPriscilla Ingraham Lamb 

LxHelen G. Jacobs 
xjulia Kittredge Gregory 
xHazel M. Slockbower 

L Esther H. Story 

Other Life Members: 

Celina Belle Isle Forman 
Marian Bliven MacDonald 
Lillian Doane Maddigan 
Mildred Knight Norwood 
Gladys V. Lucas 
Ruth Rawlings Mott 
Julia Russell Robertson 
xMary C. Shannon 



Harriette Case Bidwell 

Total amount contributed: $745.50 
Number of contributors: 35 
Percent contributing: 54% 

Miss Helen Gresley 
L Frances Angel Levenson 

Florence Archibald Stanly 

Carolyn Badger Seybolt 
L Iverna Birdsall Lutze 

Dorothy Caldwell Jordan 
L Harriette Case Bidwell 
L Violet Comley Peirce 
L Sarah F. Crane 

Miriam Dailey Taylor 
L Florence Day Wentworth 

Jean Field Faires 
L Grace Gates Brown 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm 
L Helene Grashorn Dickson 
L Josephine Holbrook Metzger 

Eleanor Knight Bowering 
xElizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth 

Cecile Loomis Stuebing 

Marjorie Lovering Harris 
L Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 

Mildred Melgaard Rees 

xMarjorie Norris England 

xBertha Phelps Bogg 

L Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker 

L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

Margaret Reid Perry 

Thelma Schweitzer White 
L Barbara Smith Huntington 

Louise Stevens Prince 
L Elizabeth Tarr Benton 

L Theresa Thompson Osborne 
xMarion T. Weidman 
Louise Weymouth Thompson 
Lilian Wood Wood 

Other Life Members: 
Ethelle Cleale Collett 
Jean Woodward Nelson 



Antoinette Meritt Smith 

Total amount contributed: $202.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 36% 

xMarion Austin Hakewessell 
Florence Boehmcke Edmondson 
Margaret Bullock Reed 
Elizabeth Chandler Healy 
Anne Daugherty Slater 
Ruth Dinsmore Sayward 

xMary Godard Hadley 
L Ruth Hopkins Spooner 

xLisinka Kuehl Dawson 
L Marjorie Lowell Weeks 

Ida A. Markert 
L Antoinette Merritt Smith 
Jeannette Merrick Moss 
Dorothy K. Millspaugh 

xLouise Orr Daniels 
Claire Parker Everett 
Evelyn Shidler Robertson 
Lovina Smith Steffian 
Jessie Watters 
Doris Wilde Lobdell 

Other Life Members: 
Ethel Cole Charters 
Caroline Colton Avery 
xRuth Emery 
Ruth Hills Livermore 
Adrienne Smith Stone 
Louise Woolley Morgan 



Dorothy Ballon Collier 

Total amount contributed: $118.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 16% 

L Dorothy Ballou Collier 
Dorothy Barnard 
Adele Bigham Nelson 
Matilda Daugherty Linn 
Edith Hadley McLean 
Esther Palmer Dwinnell 

L Helen B. Perry 

Helen Robson Hamill 
Katharine C. Webb 
Gertrude Westerhoff Weiss 

Other Life Members: 
Edith Clendenin Stahl 
Katharine Knox McClaren 
Lucile Norris Leyda 
Maude A. Wilcox 
Alice Wry Anthony 
Buth Shepard Parmenter 

Total amount contributed: $143.00 
Number of contributors: 17 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Catherine Beecher Wood 
Lois Bryant Warner 
Glenna E. Bullis 
Dorothy Cook Reynal 
Martha Fish Holmes 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 



Louise Hegeman Whitman 

Gertrude Kendall Lund 
xMarion Kirby Ogilvie 

Ruth Mayes Longmire 

Ruth Shepard Parmenter 

Virginia Smieding Fenn 
xEmma Smith Quereau 

Sylvia H. Solari 

Eleanor L. Steele 
xClaire Stritzinger Daller 

Grace Thayer Berkeley 

Other Life Members: 
Ruth A. Buffington 
Helen McNab Willand 
Eva-May Mortimer Rifle 
Helen Wahlquist Wolcott 



Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 

Total amount contributed: $171.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Percent contributing: 30% 

xNatalie Albury Boswell 

Margaret Anderson Gage 

Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 

Eleanor Butterworth 
xBernice Cunningham Smith 
xLuanna Eyler Crane 

Mary Freeman Wisdom 

Frances Hall Anderson 

In Memory of: Mariesta Howland Bloom 

Elizabeth Kimball Golden 

Anita Krakauer Doerr 

Hazel Kramer O'Donnell 

Grace Lawrence Groves 
xMuriel L. McLauthlin 

Gertrude Moeller Baum 

Emma H. Ockert 

Margaret Rix Cole 

Madeleine Roth White 

Charlotte Russell Pellini 

Doris Schumaker Walthers 

Elizabeth Van Cleve Giersch 

Life Members: 

Margaret Beck Hamlin 
Helen Duncan Devereux 
Dorothy Hale Brown 
Sara Mackay Roblin 
Elinor Stevens Stockman 
Nadine Strong James 
Mary Witschief Wood 



Esther T. Josselyn 

Total amount contributed: $276.00 
Number of contributors: 2 5 
Percent contributing: 32% 

Miss Lurine Ayre 
Elizabeth Almy Lincoln 

LxGertrude Bicknell Harvey 
Rosalie Brightman Rosen 
Edith Bronstein Silverman 
Sylvia Chandler Hooker 
Minerva Damon Ludewig 
Helen Davis Lummus 
Elinor Day Conley 
Lucy Field Wildman 

L Esther T. Josselyn 
Loretta Krause Eyer 
Elizabeth Lloyd Dean 
Marjorie Maxfield Smith 
Rosanna McConnell Wallis 
Ethel Noyes Hathaway 
Nan Pagin Page 
Minnie Remick Dandison 
A. Katheryn Royce 
Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps 

Evelyn Suor Butterworth 
Edith Thorpe Van Dine 
Katherine Tufts Wiese 
Virginia Wellington Fauver 
Ruth Woodman Higginbotham 

Other Life Members: 
Lilly Butters Schwartz 
Alice Craw'ford 
Lucy MacLeod Helm 
Madalyn Patten Hoberg 
Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach 
Janette Smock Allen 

Lillian G. Bethel 

Total amount contributed: $96.00 
Number of contributors: 12 
Percent contributing: 17% 

Lillian G. Bethel 
Evelyn Douglass Hooper 
Ardelle Drabble Tucker 
Caroline Hopkins McLean 
Edith Hussey Adams 

xBernice Kent Ennis 
Ruth Kerns Lane 
Josephine Laughton Hopkins 
Barbara E. Lawson 

xAlice M. Nydegger 
Hester Shaw Gordon 
Catherine Worrall Flint 

Life Members: 
Margaret Behrens 
Margaret Newman 
Mary Pryor Miller 
Mary Timmins Moulthrop 
Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie 



Harriet Hewins Sanderson 

Total amount contributed: $157.00 
Number of contributors: 22 
Percent contributing: 24% 

Jean Ayr Baker (deceased) 
Constance Chalmers Harlow 
Constance Chase Marchant 
Julia Clausen Bowman 
Dorothy Cole MacRae 
Emily Crump Ramstetter 
Mary Groff Cooper 
L Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 
Harriet Hewins Sanderson 
Harriet Holt Buker 
Eleanor C. Humphrey 
Mary Korper Steele 
Marjorie Kuehn Brock 
xMarguerite Mcllvain Ricker 
Helen Ohm Kingsman 
Ruth Rowbotham Strickland 
Jeannette Smith Orne 
Louise Thompson Rondelli 
Margaret A. Wethern 
Maude Williams Gittleson 
Barbara Wilson Horton 
Ellen Zacharias Cullen 

Other Life Members: 
xRuth Beckley Brown 
Rosamond Cornell Cannon 
Marion Kingdon Farnum 
Alice Pratt Brown 
Ruth Richards Stripp 
Marion Simpson Lunt 
Helena Willson Hanson 





Elizabeth Day Cook 

Total amount contributed: $175.00 
Number of contributors: 8 
Percent contributing: 14% 

Elizabeth Day Cook 
L Clara Dietz Rosenburg 

Jeanette Gessner Somers 
L Dorothy Inett Taylor 

Sylvia Morgan Williams 
xRuth Richardson Pease 

Frances Smith Miller 

Helen Whittle Roberts 

Mildred Bell Cole 

Total amount contributed: $105.50 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 16% 

Elizabeth Bear DeStaebler 
Ruth Bee Jackson 
Mildred Bell Cole 
Roxanne Christopher Morgan 
Lorraine Clark Wein 
Marion Inglis Leonard 
Lorraine Lombard Roberts 
Frances Long Bunnell 
Lenna Lyon Hill 
xjane Porter Brown 
Ruth Rohe Smith 
Helen M. Schaack 
Dotha Warner Jope 

Life Members: 

Sarah B. Fletchall 
Virginia Riley Richardson 



Gertrude Hooper Kiu« 

Total amount contributed: $68.00 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 12% 

Mildred J. Guyett 
Katharine Hartman Macy 
Margaret V. Hrubec 
Marjorie A. MacClymon 
Elizabeth Page Sealey 
Minerva Pritchard Barratt 
Elinore Small Domina 
Gertrude Stone Baptiste 
Marjorie Tarbell Quandt 

Life Members: 

Charlotte Cahners Glass 
Julia C. Case 
Edith Parsons Booth 

Charlotte Phillips Wilkins 

Total amount contributed: $68.00 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 13% 

Helen C. Burwell 
Alice Fernandez Harkins 
Shirley Gould Chesebro 
Anna Mills Koeck 
Christine Murphy Hohner 
Charlotte F. M. Ockert 
I. Virginia Ogden Hayes 
Mary Shiveley McNeill 
Ruth Stafford Clark 

Other Life Members: 
xLaura Dietz Rudginsky 
Angelita Santiago Gebelein 



Helen Gibbs Studley 

Total amount contributed: $114.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 20% 

Phyllis Atkinson Stone 
Edith Downey 
Mary Fitch Huggett 
Helen Gibbs Studley 
Helen Hall Streeter 
Barbara Hoyt Johnson 
Jane Jensen Bailey 
Barbara Kerr Marshman 
L Celia Kinsley Percival 
Gwendolyn Murray Larsen 
Dorothy Secord Garon 
Annabeth Williams Bergen 
Eleanor Young Antoun 

Other Life Members: 
Mabelle Hickcox Camp 
Virginia Leahy Berwick 



Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Total amount contributed: $151.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 16% 

Betty Jane Allenbaugh Weller 
Harriet Colwell Reeves 
Marion Cruickshank Manning 
Charlotte Eames Terry 
Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

L Barbara Iris Johnson 

Roberta Leonard Matthews 

L Roberta Morrill Buchanan 
Gertrude Morris MacCallum 
Harriet Petz Thompson 
Beatrice Sharpe Arnold 
Sally Swanson Dahlberg 

L Molly Upham Menges 
Virginia White Wardwell 

Other Life Members: 
Barbara King Haskins 
Sophia Latchis Lyras 
xMiriam Nichols 
Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 
Mary-Jane Selby Guerry 
Priscilla Winslow 

East Lounge Socializing 



Bili Baxter Perkins '36 



Esther B. Sosman 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

Total amount contributed: $105.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 16% 

Selma Amdur Aks 
Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 
Ruth Buswell Isaacson 
Dorothy Ell Strong 
Mary Elton Remig 
Virginia Hall Warren 
xBarbara Henry Kop 
Virginia Johnston Loud 
Jeanne M. Keck 
Marian Mapes Duncan 
L Esther B. Sosman 

Charlotte Weitzman Rogers 
Deborah York 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Pearl Ide 
Muriel Ray Hunt 
Audrey Smith Henderson 



Priscilla Parmenter Madden 

Louise Tardivel Higgins 

Total amount contributed: $1307.00 
Number of contributors: 28 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Dorothy Acuff Stone 
Frances Austin Ferris 
Elizabeth Beamer Dahlberg 

xAnne Campbell Terrill 
Flora Chicos Theodore 
Adele de L'Etoile Breitenstein 

xElizabeth Doe Peaslee 
Jane Eldridge Meaney 
Marjorie Gilbert Wiggin 
Barbara Harding Kakas 
Louise Hedlund Mercer 

Marjorie Hills Buffington 
Lucille Huse Chappell 
Meredith Johnson French 
Barbara Lane Roper 
Jean Meady 
Betty Olson Cooper 
Madeline Orcutt Arthur 
Janet Owens De Arment 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Glennys Preston Allicon 

L Marian Sleeper Hall 
Florence Stetson Pipes 

L Louise Tardivel Higgins 
Louise Visel Redfield 
Virginia Webb Tompkins 
Augusta Williamson Lips 
Elizabeth A. Wisdom 

Other Life Members: 

Betty- Harrington VanHuysen 
Margaret Harris Abreu 
Eleanor Kenney Hettrick 



Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

Total amount contributed: $352.00 
Number of contributors: 28 
Percent contributing: 23% 

Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 
Jean Allen Bird 
Betty Black Boynton 
Olive Boynton Garron 
Ruth Fulton Griffin 
Irene Gahan Burbank 
Ritamae Hinchliflfe McCusker 
Mary Jane Holton Bohling 
Barbara Jeppesen Thomann 
Dorothy B. Keyes 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 
Elizabeth Lloyd Fritch 
Alice Lockwood Leach 
Eleanore Loeffler Olsen 
Ruth Meighan Gillette 
Elaine Meiklem Sargent 
xDoris Morin Hackett 
Carole Myers Lowe 
Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 
Eleanor Pierce Puffer 
Elizabeth Putnam 
Jean Randall Dockham 
Virginia Squiers Read 
Audrey Spiller Smalley 
Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson 
Virginia Wilhelm Harshbarger 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester 
Elizabeth Yeuell Collins 

The Stoughtons 
(ELeanor Skinner '38) 



Life Members: 

Priscilla Barker Neff 
Jean Barry Yongue 
Mildred Birchard Pentheny 
M. Adele Brown 
xEleanor Dresser Gross 
Constance Hatch Herron 
Margaret Jones Howry 
Mildred Royce Moffett 
Alice M. Seidler 
Lee Shepard Wilgus 

Jean Burns Wilson 


Total amount contributed: $96.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 11% 

Barbara Albrecht Minnig 
Sarajenny Annis Stout 
Doris Benecchi Del Colliano 
xEleanor Borella 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Janes Fales Miner 
Margaret Fish McElrath 
Louise A. Johnson 
Marjorie Lind Maxwell 
Janice Marr Demer 
Cora Pratt Gillett 
Margaret Schneider Thieringer 
Betty Wallace White 
Parthena Whipple 

Life Members: 

Marjorie Dietz Jacobs 
Ruth Shepard Cushman 



Dorothy Arnold 

Total amount contributed: $153.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Percent contributing: 13% 

Esther Bennett Quinlan 

xEvelyn E. Bishop 
Helen Bogert Home 
Frances Britton Holden 
Priscilla Chappie Lindley 
Delpha Corazza Marchetti 
Estelle Friedstein Rand 
Marion E. Gray 
Ann Hathaway Kelly 
Portia E. Kieser 

xjune Peters Wiley 
Elizabeth Phillips Dick 
Mary-Carolyn Porter Morison 
Julia Rankin Sprague 
Grace Roberts Gummersall 
Madelyne Rose Browne 
Florence Ross Summerhays 
Jean Shaw Keary 
Priscilla Sleeper Sterling 
Miriam Tappan Gilbert 
Patricia Taylor Henderson 



Gertrude E. Fischer 

Total amount contributed: $192.50 
Number of contributors: 34 
Percent contributing: 18% 

Jane Abbott Wiederhol 
Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan 
Eldora Anthony Kempe 
Lucille Armand Boyle 
Geraldine Bixby Averill 
Nancy Bommer 
Dorothy Brewer Carlson 

The McCuskers 
(Ritamae Hinchliffe '38) 

Ann Buckle Fischer 

Susan Cairoli Peck 

Imogene Caney Fair 

Peggy Card Suydam 

Josephine Caruso Kuchera 

Jean Cooney Leitch 

Virginia M. DeNyse 
L Ilene Derick Whelpley 
xVirginia Dostal Easterbrooks 

Gertrude E. Fischer 

Jane Gallup Devine 

Jane Gray Fisher 

Marion Greene Anderson 

Mary Haller Stone 

Lucille Hooker Paterson 

Jeannette Jahn Warren 

Janet Jansing Sheffer 

Nancy Keach Paine 
xjoyce Master Foster 

Dorothy Mellen Harwood 

Lois E. Newton 

Jeanne Partisch McCall 

Laura Pechilis Apostolu 

Mary Sawyer Philpott 
xDorothy Schneider Beal 

Marian Timpson Intemann 

Virginia Whalen Petrie 

Other Life Members: 
Marian Fitts Sternkopf 
Harriet Hanson Nelson 
Charlotte Lakeman Patt 
Dorothy Stuhlbarg Kopple 


Elizabeth S. Allen 

Total amount contributed: $201.50 
Number of contributors: 31 
Percent contributing: 18% 

L Elizabeth S. Allen 
Marjorie Allyn Merrill 

Lxjean Barnes Butts 

Barbara Berkman Sherman 
Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff 
Doris Bracher Jenkins 
June Cherry Bruns 
Claire DeConto Trodella 
Mary Dobson Lincks 
Sybil Feinberg Stone 
Mary Ann Fisher Espy 
Louise Freeman Coombs 

L Nancy Gorton Ross 
xMargaret Grover Scott 
Jean Hardy Canedy 
Margaret Homan Kreter 
Elizabeth Hutchison Buttrick 
Suzanne Krehbiel Nielsen 
Doris Leach Almeida 
Constance Lynch Walsh 





Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Christine and John Dinsmore Jr. 
(Harriet Lindsey '43) 

Mary Mallory Carroll 
Margot Moore Harley 
Dorothy Mosher Stone 
Louise O'Connor Chase 
Marjorie Ray Blackett 
Elaine Robins Abelson 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser 
Ruth Turner Crosby 
Barbara Walworth Starr 
Anne Witney Shea 

Other Life Member: 

Mildred Slaunwhite Straw 



Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Total amount contributed: $203.00 
Number of contributors: 29 
Percent contributing: 18% 

Cynthia Austin Sharp 
L Gertrude Baninger Duquette 

Dorothy Bentley Grant 

Carolyn Boyce Richards 

Jean Burroughs Rawson 

Frances Church Sampson 

Dorothy Coffin Bauer 
xjane Cook Cardoza 

Ruth Davenport Walker 
L Priscilla Houghton 

Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 
L Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

Anita Mangels Sampson 

Arline McKenna Wiggin 

Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Barbara S. Pearson 

Jean Perry Thompson 

Jean Phillips Canning 

Ann Preuss Olson 
L Jeanne A. Revene 
L H. Elizabeth Schmidt 

Barbara Scott Wilson 

Virginia Shaw 

Elizabeth Smith Roy 

Olive N. Swanson 

Jane Tarbutton Travis 
L Joyce Wagner West 

Elizabeth Walker Young 

Other Life Members: 
xPhyllis Edmiston Olstad 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier 
Martha Maddock Heffner 
Grace Marble Philbrick 
Joan Moller Brown 
Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
Elsinor Prouty Mallory 

Total amount contributed: $121.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 12% 

Jane Beard Maxson 
Barbara Bresette Greene 
Elizabeth Burpee Crooker 
Jean Campbell 
Jessie Doig Clark 
Marion Gooding Christensen 
Barbara Goodwin Flint 
Shirley Haviland Woody 
Lorrayne Hron Hulton 
Joe Leroy Bramm 
Jane Maynard Robbins 
Dorothy Nickerson Tehan 
Ruth Perkins Goodwin 
xBette Walsh Schwartz 
L Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Other Life Members: 

Eleanor Del Bianco Kosow 
Norma Dietz Tarlow 
M. Shirley O'Connor 
Ann Scott Thompson 



Lynn Metzger Pharo 

Total amount contributed: $271.00 
Number of contributors: 33 
Percent contributing: 18% 

June Ahner Gilroy 
Constance Arley Brown 
Jane Baringer Wordsworth 
Theresa L. Bergeron 
Ursula Burns Keely 
Jane Calderwood Price 
Anne Carlin Schofield 

xjoy Cartland Fowler 
Ruth Davis Burk 
Lillian Feneley Cooley 
Dorrit Geean Green 
L Emma Gilbert Carver 
Carol Hauber Mitchell 
Jean Henry Goggins 

xDorothy Holman Potter 

xMarilyn S. Keyes 
L Naomi Lederman Grossman 
Marilyn Lucey Richardson 
Elaine Macdonald Aldrich 
Marion Munro Waitt 
Marjorie Olson Bjork 
Dorothy Piper Bottalico 

xEleanor Piquette Cruse 
Eunice Powers Buxton 
Barbara Preuss Reynolds 
Susanne Ross Westberg 
Annette Saacke Cherry 
Elsie Simonds Follett 
Martha Stonebraker Ely 
Terry Tounge Park 
Claire Tracy King 
Barbara Wentworth Dean 
Doris Winkemeier Dieffenbach 

Other Life Members: 
xElizabeth D. Knox 
Elaine McQuillan Marston 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil 
Althea Taylor Goldberg 





Marge Norris Harris 

Total amount contributed: $176.00 
Number of contributors: 28 
Percent contributing: 16% 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall 

Raemary Chase Duryea 

Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth 

Rose Emer Bucalo 

Janet Garland Wilson 

Barbara Harris Ryan 

Lennie Lobl Hootstein 

Ruth W. Goldner 

Elizabeth Kendall Hunter 
xEleanor Lincoln Cosgrove 

Elizabeth MacEwen House 

Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 

Patricia H. Marland 

Clare McCarthy Caffrey 

Peggy Needham Ellis 

Ruth Nordstrand Emery 

Marjorie Norris Harris 

Norma O'Shea Delaney 

Lee Parker McBurnie 

Louise Pool Langley 

Gertrude Quinn McKenna 

Elaine Reed Simpson 

Betty Renison Ballard 

Jean Thiel Weld 

Joan Walker Doane 

Jean Watson Wetrich 

Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert 
xjudith Woodbury Berenson 

Life Member: 
xjean Davis Putnam 

Kimball, Elizabeth and Andrew Wilson 
(Janet Garland '46) 


Joan Lambert Laffin 

Total amount contributed: $224.00 
Number of contributors: 36 
Percent contributing: 18% 

Priscilla Ames Ruggles 
Margaret Beach Otis 
Carol Birath Dennison 
Betty Carter Steele 
Nancy Carter Salois 
Rose Marie Cote Butler 
Sarah Cross Finigin 
Clare Dickover Hallock 
Nancy Duclos Krieger 
Millicent Entwistle Harmon 
Joan FitzGerald Cole 
Charlotte Fletcher Kelly 
Betsy Frew 

Gloria Galley Longbons 
Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt 
Janice Hayden Cummins 
M. Joan Jones 
Mollie Kendrick Pike 
Mary Kinney O'Connell 
xLinda Koempel Tompkins 
Joan Lambert Laffin 
Margaret Leary Hacker 
Dorothy Milkey Cole 
Jean Morgan Koenitzer 
Nancy Noble Ehrman 
Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson 
Mary Ellen Roberts Gill 
Marjorie Ross Lawrence 
Gloria Secatore Walsh 
Priscilla Stone Hird 
Gloria Sylvia Paolella 
Jane Trott Burgon 
Susan Voss Harrigan 
Elizabeth Waters Hartman 
Sally Waters Manning 
Elizabeth Williams McGowan 

Life Members: 

Nancy Collett Hendricks 
Olga Diamond Lake 
xRuth Park Lanier 



Betsy Curtis Winquist 

Total amount contributed: $354.00 
Number of contributors: 51 
Percent contributing: 21% 

The Folletts 
(Elsie Simonds '45) 

Margaret Abrahamian 
lean C. Alexander 
Jane Anderson Calhoun 
Virginia R. Bailey 
Constance T. Barry 





Nancy Lawson Donahue 

Joanne Molan Wheaton 

Joan Nelson Peterke '49 
with young Erhard 

Anne L. Behrendt 

Joanne Block Wilkinson 

Elaine Burrell King 
xVirginia Butt Grey 

Janet Campbell Woodburn 

Anne Chapman Berl 

Betsy Jane Curtis Winquist 

Miriam Day Butcher 

Mary Detwiler Fides 

Paula R. Drake 

Jane Edsall Jacobs 

Barbara Ershler Levy 

Carol Galligan Massard 

Louise Gleason Chock 

Ardell Goodman Baker 

Beryl N. Groff 

Ellen Grover MacVeigh 
xCharlotte Guptill Norcross 

Virginia Hall Anderson 

JoAnn Hanson Long 

Michelle B. Hires 

Alice Johnson Thornton 
xLeona Karski Sweatt 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 

Frances Lee Osborne 

Judith Macintosh Mennella 

Betty Mahoney Themal 

Janet McLaughlin Merkel 

Lois McLucas Martin 

Jeanne Meyer Bird 

Eleanor T. Munro 

Ann Myers Beck 

Marilyn Newitt Jones 

Barbara Noel Garvin 

Barbara Noyes Walsh 
xConstance O'Neill Teta 

Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan 

Dorothy Page Kuehl 

Elsie Paulson Chapman 

Jacqueline Pfeiffer Lueth 

Mary Small Lee 

June Smith Noreen 

Shirley Sturm Bullard 

Shirley Thorne Brady 

Doris Trefny Kennedy 

Dolores S. Winslow 

Life Members: 

Elizabeth Bain Hagerstrom 
Margaret Hanson Marion 
Florence Keeney Havens 

Total amount contributed: $309.40 
Number of contributors: 39 
Percent contributing: 18% 

Ann Ashley Sanderson 
Barbara Berry Roberts 
Marjorie Boynton Anderson 
Phyllis Burckett Ulicny 
Carolyn Clark Thomas 
Jean Cook Jacobs 
Barbara Davis Collins 
Mary Dearborn Haig 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley 
Helen Gurski Bulat 
Helen Hamilton Croot 
Elizabeth Harrington Logan 
Ann Hollett Munro 
Martha Hurd Davenport 
Janice Levenson Sherman 
Nancy Macdonough Jennings 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Joan Nelson Peterke 
Nancy Newhall Mackay 
Shirley Olesen Somes 
Diane Palady Barry 
Patricia Penry Van Hoesen 
Kathryn Poore Hamel 
Katherine Raizes Stameris 
Eleanor Ritchie Elmore 
A. Marilyn Ross 
Jean Sargent Lee 
Nancy Sondles Janiszewski 
Emogene Starrett Anderson 
Bambah Jean Stephenson Riedel 
Virginia Towe Beck 
Jane Wadhams Hazen 
Joan C. Warren 
Joan Weiler Arnow 
Yvonne Whitcomb Davis 
Cynthia Woodward Witherell 
Dorothea Zuschlag Torgersen 

Life Member: 

Nancy Lawson Donahue 



Sally Hughes Fasick 

Mary Ann Sylvester Tremblay 

Total amount contributed: $452.50 
Number of contributors: 62 
Percent contributing: 28% 

Joan Antun Rednor 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt 

Nancy Bean Lord 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian 

Cynthia Butler Barnes 

Audrey Callahan Cohill 

M. Anne Carpenter Towle 

Barbara Chipman Will 

Joyce Collins Dunkin 

Jean Davies Stanley 

Joyce Davies Harrison 

Elizabeth Deponian Chicknavorian 

Lois Dickerman Neugent 

Joan Dorau Hohorst 

Marion Ettinger McDonald 

Lois Form Senft 

Clare Gammons McMullan 

Lorraine Grontoft Sutton 

Joy Gustavson Smith 

Joan. Hahn Fern 

Marilyn Haynes 



Barbara Hires Baxter 

Nancy Houde Dyer 

Marilyn Hubner Sherwood 

Sally Hughes Fasick 

Carol Husted Schneider 

Betty Jones Bolton 

Joan Koch Ryan 

Diane Krause Sherman 

Ariel Leonard Robinson 

Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal 

Natalie Malin Foley 
xChristine Mills Carlson 

Dorothy Mills Graef 

Marilyn Munson Farrar 

Janet A. Murphy 

Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian 
xjanice O'Brien Almond 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay 

Margaret Olson Belden 

Doris Oneal Becker 

Jean Ostrander Lowman 

Jane A. Perry 

Anne Pomeroy Bailey 

Lillian Reese Roche 

Joan Robilotto Gibson 

Ruth Rosebrock Hardie 

Barbara Schnelle Orton 

Winifred A. Schulman 

JoAnne Secor Rier 

Carolyn Snook Rauscher 

Judith St. John Peterson 

Helen Spackman Wilson 

June Spottiswoode Beaulieu 

Mary Ann Sylvester Tremblay 

Jean L. Thomas 
xNorma B. Vigrestad 

Joan Wallace Billings 

Claire Wallis Harris 
xLois Weltner Gills 

Mary Frances Wheeler McKinley 

Nancy A. Wilson 

Life Member: 

Elaine Orth Rodey 



Joan Kearney Cormay 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

Total amount contributed: $257.00 
Number of contributors: 47 
Percent contributing: 23% 

Barbara Adams Borden 
Norma Appleyard 
Kathrine Aslanian Sivazlian 
Kathleen Ballard Heck 
Sallyann Bartlett Abel 
Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne 
Marilyn Clark 

The Robert Smiths 
(Joy Gustavson '50) 

xjanet C. Cotter 

Nancy Cusack Smith 

Martha Edwards Whippen 

Lillian Elias Freeman 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

Janet Fornoff Hauber 

Priscilla Freeman McCartney 

Nancy Green Curry 

Joan Groccia Cowan 

Shirley Hannafin Adams 

Carol Hess Recco 

Barbara L. Hoffman 

Jean Johnson Knowlton 
xMaureen A. Kane 

Joan Kearney Cormay 

Charlotte Kellev Campbell 

Arlene Kelly McCormack 

Jean Kilgore Owen 

Marjorie Kleindienst Guidera 

Virginia Klenske Heard 

Phyllis Kozloski Murphy 

Karin Long Ernst 

Dorothy McPherson Wickersham 

Joanne Monahan Garrity 

Cynthia Porter Horton 

Claire Quinzani Kerins 

Patricia Raeder Crone 

Peggyanne Riker Miller 

Harriet Schwarz Hamilton 

Isabell Stanley Davis 

Ann Stevenson Mangano 

Alice Stover Kochline 

Sally Swainson Callahan 

Nancy Topping Heely 
xjanet Underwood Wall 

Mary Vogler Greene 

Joyce Weitzel Flanagan 

Mary Jane White Miller 

Janet Wyman Meade 

Joanne Zeigler Dupen 

Life Member: 
Mary Jane Clark 



Ann Rathburn Spadola 

Total amount contributed: $393.00 
Number of contributors: 50 
Percent contributing: 23% 

The "Red" McMullans 
(Clare Gammons '50) 

Nancy Allen Banks 
xMary Anne Amon Richter 



The Four Smiths 
(Joan Stillwell '52) 

Tean Aslaksen Podimsky 
Suzanne Baney Berghaus 
Phyllis Cain Benson 
Joyce Carroll Mulcahy 
Mary Comstock Singarella 
Nancy Cool Kaercher 
Suzanne Davis Greenman 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg 
Louise Easton Morris 

xPatricia Eddy Gesler 
Joan Fischer Bell 
Carol Frank Sweeney 
Phyllis Gleason Riley 
Lois Hickey Treacy 
Toan Hochstuhl Wallace 
Sally Lacock Walden 
Betsy Lewis O'Donnell 
Nancy Marcus Golden 
Jean E. McO.mbridge 
Audrey McKay Prince 
Eleanor Mekelones Marple 
Joan Morrison Wilson 
Marlene Murray Zucker 
Carolie Painter Wildrick 
Naomi Peck Kroner 
Frances Peters Dunlevy 

xElinor Peterson Reiffarth 
Marie Piotti Maier 
Carolyn Powers Fontaine 
Joanne Purcell Brooker 
Joeyna Raynal Rearwin 
Joan Roberts Limmer 
Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger 
Beverly Segerberg Britton 
Nancie Shean Roth 
Joan Siebert Mege 
Donna Silver Peet 
Rena A. Silverman 
Virginia Smibert Swanson 
Virginia Snedaker Marschall 
Joan Stillwell Smith 
Barbara Trout Krohn 
Joyce Wardle Chapman 
Shirley Warriner Randall 
Barbara Wenzel Boucher 
Nancy Whelton Herold 
Barbara Wulbrede Pacocha 
Pauline A. Zorolow 

Life Members: 

Marilyn McGuire Levine 
Dorothy Rich Anderson 

Elsie Knaus Klemt 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter 

Nancy Bilezikian Kamborian 
Patricia Binks DeLisle 
Priscilla Boggs Killian 
Judith Brewer Campbell 
Mary Louise Burke Alexander 
Nancy Chase Ferguson 
Jean Christiansen Lucas 
Elinor Cohen Goldman 
Leonora Cdronella Krueger 
Elaine L. Cowles 
Diane Cueny Harden 
Constance Cullman Broderick 
Louise Dawe Turner 
Cynthia DeGelleke Cole 
Marie DiSilva Stocki 
Mary Ann Donahue 
Evelyn Earle Lukeman 
Jean Ewart Borman 
Judith Gardner Whitehouse 
Doris Gartner Gould 
Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 
Elaine Harper Johnson 
Electra Hatzis Speronis 
xGeraldine Hawes Pocius 
Ruth Henning Sump 
Deborah Higgins Hergenrother 
Barbara E. Howell 
.Doris Hungerford Zaenglein 
Althea Janke Gardner 
Marie R. Kaden 
Joan Kelly Santos 
Mary Kenney Flynn 
Nancy Kittell Martin 
Elsie Knaus Klemt 
Mary R. Krebs 
Claire LaLiberte Adler 
Carol Leake Bacon 
Lois Lubets Allen 
Molly McBride Kalogeros 
Barbara Morris Louria 
Greta Nilsson Masson 
Elizabeth Nuovo Johnson 
Helen Pearlstein Golden 
Janet Pearson Hauck 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 
Nancy Preston Strohmeyer 
Jeanette Roberts Mann 
Donna Ross Wright 
Audrey Thompson Rielle 
Beverly Thornton Hallowell 
xAudrey Tluck Helming 
Jean Weeks Hanna 
Mary Wiedenmayer McCarthy 



Sheila Collins Frank 

Sandra MacDougall Sullivan 

Sandra Reynolds Grant 

Total amount contributed: $331.00 
Number of contributors: 54 
Percent contributing: 21% 

Total amount contributed: $302.00 
Number of contributors: 55 
Percent contributing: 24% 

Priscilla Alden Bemis 
xjane P. Bascom 

Carol Bagley Jackson 
xNancy L. Bigelow 
Betty Born Deacon 
Ann Bowerman Logan 
Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski 
Merilyn Budlong Trocino 
Sheila Collins Frank 
Corinne A. Coyle 
Marion Crossman MacCallum 
Frances Everets Rosser 
Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella 
Kristin Fernlund Hayes 
Thelma Greenberg Florin 
Marlene Haake Schuler 
Carol Hachman Thurston 
Judith Hansen Hull 
Frances Hayden Stavnitzky 
Priscilla Head Davis 
Nancy Hedtler Ford 
Shirley Herold Johnson 



Joan Hildebrandt Estey 
Nancy P. Horton 
Roberta Horton Johnson 
xNancy Husted Koerner 
Corinda Johnson Deans 
Susan Johnson Keane 
Barbara Kelly Thoresen 
Patricia Kelsey Scharf 
Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler 
Rosemarie Lochiatto Billy 
Jane Master Houston 
Carol Meyer LaViale 
Audrey Montagu Murphy 
Sybil Moore Pinkham 
Nancy Notte Smith 
Ann Olsen Schlubach 
Ruth Paetz Braun 
Suzanne Palmer Lee 
Nancy Perry Voll 
Martha Phillips Fearing 
Bettina Pierce Romaine 
Deborah Potter Waugh 
Joan Rabbitt Downey 
Shirley Read Lupien 
Orelyn Rice Emerson 
Carol Rofer Hofmann 
Paula Schwartz Marcus 
Audrey Smith Ruggles 
Nancy Swanson Horsfield 
Janice Sweet Morsilli 
Penelope Thompson 
Joanna Ward 
Barbara Watts Rubino 
M. Patricia Wilson Kane 



Ann Harris Hughes 

Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 

Sally Warner O'Such 

Total amount contributed: $406.00 
Number of contributors: 70 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Abby Alderman Kleinberg 
June Anderten Seifert 
Thelma Appel Kaplan 
Marlene Berman Lewis 
Ruth Birch Bastis 
Betty Boday Fox 
Judith Bowen Drews 
Rhea Cooney Simonds 
Carol Ann Cunningham 
Carole Darsky Giller 
JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco 
Carol Ann Farley Murgia 
Diane Flynn Passavant 
Patricia Friberg Karnedy 
Donna Gearhart Leo 
Joan Geddes Grant 
Gail Gluck Davis 
Susan Gray Lichtenstein 
Ethel Griffin Browning 
Patricia Gura Conroy 
Carolyn Hall Browning 
Joyce Happ Campbell 
Marcia Harrington McCarthy 
Charleen Herding Smith 
Janet C. Holmes 
Judith Hulsman Buffington 
Barbara Judd Ozinga 
Barbara Karasik Davidson 
Jacqueline A. Keith 
xjean Kellner Houston 
Carol Kenneally Gardner 
Sandra Lally Hovey 
Judith Linese Karazulas 
Eleanor Lasky Lapides 
Patricia Lee Oswald 
Nancy Lincoln Martin 
Shirley MacDonald Biamonte 
Mary Mack Gutsche 
Jane Mclnnis Bennett 
June McLaughlin Lombino 

Larry, Jeanne, David and Susan Priddy 
(Margaret Robson '54) 

Carol Merwin Robinson 
Marilyn Meyer Herlin 
Jean Mills Einarson 
Sally-Anne Munns Patt 
Joan Murano Swanson 
Lucinda Nicol Peterson 
L Marion Nutter Bredehoft 
Shirley Paimaccio Stolfors 
Nancy Peirce Driscoll 
Helen Peters Guy 
Betty Price Scott 
Elizabeth J. Reynolds 
Jean Ryder Tyler 
Beryl Schelhorn Frey 
Joan Shanley Verdile 
Carol Jean Somers Irrgang 
Sally Spicer Frazier 
Sandra Stone Myerow 
Dorcas Styles Hodgkins 
Gail Swanson Rees 
Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 
Angela Tabellario Mitchell 
Elizabeth Taylor Pratt 
Susan Thomas Wiard 
Phyllis Thompson Vesey 
Mary Jane Tidman Bridges 
Barbara Travis Hendrick 
Marilyn Valter Maclay 
Sally Visel Hayes 
Mary Waterman Weaving 



Ann Phelps MacKinnis 

Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 

Sandra Shelton Fitch 

Total amount contributed: $478.00 
Number of contributors: 84 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Alicia Albright Kulp 
Nancy Ahlgren Tewes 
Mary E. Augur 
Ann August Marcus 



Dayna and Donna Bird 
(Patricia Holland '56) 

Nelly Bachand Monroe 
Sylvia Barnaby Hamilton 
Betsy Belsterling Jordan 
Judith Berger Hurwitz 
Louise Bernson Neiterman 
Elaine Bertini Roske 
Karen Bloom Wenc 
Beverly Breed Hovey 
Bette J. Cairns 
Elaine Card LeFort 
Judy Caswell Allen 
Marjorie Cavallo Olson 
Cynthia Christie Turner 
Sarah Churchill Downes 
Joan Conley Eid 
Virginia Cooke Moriarty 
Carol Corning Richard 
Dorothy Craig Kochli 
Eleanor Cranston Hileman 
Sandra Davis Hudson 
Lois Emmert Siebert 
Janice Engstrom Barbato 
Thelma Epstein Lapides 
Deborah Farnum Varney 
Dorothy E. Fayan 
Natalie Flather Humphrey 
Martha Forristall Smith 
Nancy Freud Harring 
Judith Gans Nathanson 
Gail Gelinas Nixon 
Barbara H. Gorman 
Yumiko Hattori Furuhata 
Patricia Hayes Schoeller 
Ann M. Hekemian 
Betty A. Hintze 
Patricia Holland Bird 
Evelyn Holmsen Kertesz 
In Memory of: Carolyn Kelley 
Suzanne Kellner Canfield 
Therese Kilgore Mannix 
Elizabeth Larrabee Martin 
Sandra Lavine Kanosky 
Patricia Lewis Flugel 
Judith Littlefield Clark 
Patti Lockwood 
Kaye Mackler Aronson 

Joyce Maroni Gomes 
Joan E. McDonald 
Joan Morris Frank 
Marion Nelson Holland 
Frances Nettleton Konsella 
Diana Neusner Shapiro 
Susan E. North 
Mary Panetta Thomas 
Gail Papin-Hogan 
Ann Pasquale Bassett 
Mary Parmakian Asadoorian 
Janet Parmenter Ellinwood 
Carolee Pedusey Virgilio 
Carol Phalen Swiggett 
Bette Putnam Prokop 
Sally Quicke Reiss 
Sylvia Rafkin Hurwitz 
Joan Raymond Healey 
Barbara Richman Elliot 
Carolyn Scherer Butler 
Margaret Schwingel Kraft 
Frances Scott Simmons 
Carolee Scribner Cain 
Evelyn Shear Pinsof 
Sandra Shelton Fitch 
Nancy Smith Marchese 
Sandra Smith Swain 
Audrey Spawn Stockman 
Phyllis Steckler Thomas 
Patricia Strawbridge Mulhern 
Katharine H. Taft 
Suzanne Wadsworth Jonas 
Carolyn Whitford Knibbs 
Beverly Yaghjian Arabian 



Barbara Flint Gerold 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen 

Gayle Ness McLaren 

Total amount contributed: $293.00 
Number of contributors: 52 
Percent contributing: 22% 

Patricia R. Abeson 
Barbara Bean James 
Mildred P. Berg 
Joan F. Bergevin 
xSusan R. Blake 
Annette Bogdan Ferris 
Camilla Carlson Ellsworth 
Eileen A. Conradi 
Marjorie Day Grosjean 
Marie A. DiGeronimo 

The Brothers Moriarty 
(Virginia Cooke '56) 



Marilyn Farrar Ambrose 
Virginia Field Coburn 
Barbara Flint Gerold 
Merle Frvlinck Craig 
Norma Gamins Wise 
Sheila Graham Foley 
Marcia Hamilton Killeen 
Patricia Howe Bassett 
Margaret Hubbard Higgins 
Marcia James Carthaus 
Louise Jorda Matarazzo 
Suzanne Jouret Kowalski 
Carol Juechter Dixon 

xjoan Keezer Pecukonis 
Sandra Kettle Rocknak 
Caroline Killam Moller 
Katherine Knowles Scully 
Judith Komito Oster 
Patricia A. Koules 
Barbara Letson Weaver 
Judith Leventhal Winer 
Marcia Lipsey Freedman 
Janet L. Lutringer 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe 
Iris Martin Rollins 
Elizabeth May Kolls 
Patricia McAuley Haines 
Ann Moulton Hastings 
Marilyn Pearce Schreiber 
Carol Preater Feldmann 
Barbara Reifenberger Hudelson 
Jeanne Rice Hubbard 
Paula Ristau Trespas 
Nancy J. Sommer 
Carol Swartz Kumin 
Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone 
Barbara E. Tounge 
Bern ice Van Name Petrone 

xGail Vose Etsch 
Margaret Wefer Lang 
Nancy E. Whitney 
Dorothy Ziehler Roettele 



Linda Ferrucci Merrell 

Joyce Rutherford Shuey 

Patricia Woolley 

Total amount contributed: $406.00 
Number of contributors: 64 
Percent contributing: 25% 

Betty Anderson Fairchild 
Elizabeth Arnall Thompson 
Constance Baker George 
Marilyn Barette Roberts 
Carole Bartholomew Dusseau 
Barbara Batty Brown 
Audrey H. Biggerstaff 
Juliet Burwell King 
Jeanne Bradner Cullen 
Virginia P. Buonagurio 
Judith Butler Weppel 
Gretchen D. Caldwell 
xSallee F. Camp 
Millicent Carlson O'Brien 
Sally M. Clarke 
Susan Clary Delahunt 
Laurie Ferrante Cannon 
Susanne Fletcher Cahalin 
Jetta Fucito LaCava 
Susan Greenhut Kamras 
Elizabeth Hambro Burnes 
Brenda L. Holbrook 
Constance E. Johnson 
Arlene Kosanowicz Jennings 
Arleen Kulin Kaplan 
Mary Landini Doyle 
Marilyn A. Lanoue 
Charlotte Lerner Holzman 
Nan McAuliffe 
Janet S. McPherson 
Gladys Y. Mettler 
Roxanne Miller Socolow 

Yvonne Grosjean 
(Marjorie Day '57) 

Margaret Moore Watts 
Priscilla Owen Thayer 
Myra E. Packer 
Carole Paolino Pliakas 
Carol Ann Perrotti 
Brenda Pioppi Balboni 
Leona Powers Bowen 
Donna Purrington Keith 
Harriett Rafkin Goldberg 
Susan Rapaport Paul 
Ann Reeves Schmid 
Mary Louise Riordan McLean 
x-Katharine Robertson Campbell 
Kathleen E. Robertson 
Joyce Rutherford Shuey 
Carolee Salowitz Silverman 
Elaine Shanken Fischer 
Meade Simpson Fasciano 
Marsha Singer Marshall 
Jacquelyn E. Smith 
Barbara Stannard Housman 
Leila Kay Steen 
Bette Stubbe Carcano 
Linda Truell Good 
Starr Tupper Shannon 
Susan Van Horn VanArsdale 
Brenda Weinstein Less 
Betty A. Wellington 
Barbara Wenzel Carroll 
Gail Winalski Burd 
Constance Wolcott Mason 
Dorothy Woods 



Joan Conradi McLaughlin 

Betty Coulson 

Anna Natsis 

Nancy Botman Duffy 

Total amount contributed: $354.00 
Number of contributors: 58 
Percent contributing: 23% 

Sondra Allen 

Rosalind Aulisi 
xNicole Barson Berardi 

Joan Becker Stenicky 

Nancy Bennett 

Christine Bergfalk King 

Ann Blair Filardi 
xMarcia Bradley Hayde 

Susan Bravman Uretsky 

Carol Brett Morse 

Celeste Brodeur Kelly 



Clifford and Stephen Lewis 
(Judith Watson '58) 

Carol Civetti Monaghan 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin 
Frances Corthouts Downey 
Nancy Crowell Coleman 
Joanne Curtis Island 
Eileen Dahl Lord 
Faye L. Davis 
O. Linda Dazley 
Lois A. DeCuollo 
Sharon Deiml Koehler 
Nancy Gotz Cohn 
Joan C. Granniss 
Elvira Grobel Robbins 
Nancy J. Gronquist 
Joanne M. Gullo 
Jean Hadlock Bromage 
Anne Hayden Halberg 
Elizabeth Healy Shelby 
Susan Hearne Southwick 
xMary F. Howard 
Sandra L. Kenney 
Linda Kitch Forand 
Dorothy M. Knobel 
Lyndell Mead Betzner 
Brenda McLafferty Manchester 
Marilyn Miller Jennings 
Katherine B. Moore 
Brenda Moors Sullivan 
Anna Natsis 
Frances Noel LaBella 
Sandra Poole Adams 
Elinor Rapaport Prawer 
Patricia E. Reilly 
Marcia Rideout Stevens 
Nancy Rotman Duffy 
Suzanne Saunders Doyle 
Barbara Skolnick Blume 
Carol Slocum Capper 
Harriet Stallings Jarosh 
Beverly Sutton 
Joan Sycle Baturin 
Joan Valentine Glasson 
Janice Whitman MacDonald 
Nancy Wilder Schmidt 
Marjorie Williams 
Priscilla Williams Espenhain 
Carolyn Wood Brox 

Audrey Bergesen Long- 
Linda Chiaramonte 
Linda Telfer 

Total amount contributed: $407.19 
Number of contributors: 55 
Percent contributing: 21% 

Maury Chenoweth Denniston 

Jane Chevers Putnam 

Barbara Christie Stone 

Sandra Conzen Stefany 

Joan Corthouts Grayson 

Frances A. Cotton 

Marcia Dodson Morley 

ludith A. „ Edmonson 

Carol A. Farquhar 

Diane Frankel Shulkin 

Susan Gage Barros 

Marcia S. Gardner 

Leslie J. Ghilani 

Paulette Goldberg Holliday 

Minna Golden Levin 

Phyllis S. Gomberg 

Martha Goodwin 

Judith Grace Lazarus 

Karen J. Hartfelder 

Audrey Hemphill Senior 

Lucinda Hodskins Lindgren 

Mona Hutchinson McAlmont 

Baila Issokson King 

Muriel A. Kershaw 

Karen P. Kirk 

Jeanne Klebes Spargo 

Judith Knaus Kopp 

Jane H. Kremer 

Colleen H. Light 

Nancy D. Maas 

Mary Maccallum Gozzi 

Diane V. Memery 

Anita Orleck Webber 

Carole Raffel Waksler 

Valerie Rothman Cenit 

Mary Jane Sauer Lockard 

Janet Sawyer Macomber 

Marilyn Senior Legg 

Karil Smith Clark 

Susan Smith Kaplan 

Suzanne Spangenberg Straley 

Phyllis Stone Blotner 

Linda Telfer 

Katharine Thomson Mitchell 

Abby L. Wells 

Joyce Wheeler 

Joan M. White 

Lynn Williams 

Ruth Work Montagna 



Joan Brodalski 

Ann Davidson 

Jeannete Zglenicki 

Total amount contributed: $363.00 
Number of contributors: 59 
Percent contributing: 22% 

Elizabeth L. Backus 
Elizabeth C. Bigelow 
Aline A. Carleton 
Janet M. Caserio 
Marlene J. Caton 
Linda G. Chiaramonte 

Linda M. Albin 
xSusan Alderman McConchie 

Brenda J. Alperin 

Georgia Beaumont Kettelle 

Dianne E. Bezanson 

Caroline E. Brown 

Barbara A. Cole 

Suzanne H. Crafts 

Susan E. Dennison 

Merrilyn S. Fager 

Joan C. Franke 

Dianne H. Freeston 

Beverly French Keigwin 

Joyce Gammons Haworth 

Mary George Poor 

Kay G. Goodman 

Glenda Green Kadlac 

Carol Hackett Winnier 

Ellen D. Hartnett 
xCarol Henderson Dain 
xMary C. Hofberg 

Elizabeth C. Hood 

Elizabeth A. Howard 

Laura T. Jensen 



xValerie Joseph 

Suzanne J. Kelley 

Tane A. Kendrigan 

Kristine Kerr Bliss 

Patricia L. Kiefer 

Maryellen King 

Sheila Komito Levine 

Ellen Kottmeier Foster 

Carole A. Lamson 

Christine Lewis 

Mary C. Lucas 

Concetta R. Luppino 

Celeste E. Mayo 

Phyllis A. Milano 

Tanet B. Murray 

Susan C. Natapow 

Lvnda Niebling Pike 

Virginia A. Orsi 

Miriorie A. Owens 

Marie Pelargonio Hall 

Margaret Rapo Sr- :v ->e- 

Lucinda Rowland Ward 

Rona Ruderman Goldstein 

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Pauline T. Sarrazin 

Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan 

Nan Sparks Hunter 

Eileen F. Stack 

Barbara L. Stark 
xLinda F. Vidmark 

Gail H. Warren 

Geraldine G. Weidman 

Roberta E. Whitehouse 
x Jeanne Wickenden 

Althea S. Woods 



Sheila Lane 

Betsy MacMillan 

Andrea Zaletta 

Total amount contributed: $985.00 
Number of contributors: 281 

Ann M. Abbott 
Betsy J. Abel 
Elaine M. Abodeely 
Andrea A. Adinolfi 
Barbara J. Alfond 
Florence L. Andrews 
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lean Armstrong 
Sandra Arnold Repasky 
Karen M. Azar 
Barbara A. Balchus 
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Barbara S. Cagle 

Jeffrey King 
(Baila Issokson '60) 

Pamela A. Capuano 
Adele G. Carissimo 
Sharon Adele Carlev 
Maureen A. Carniglia 
Anne Chadbourne 
Nancy H. Clewell 
Sandra Cloud 
Francine D. Cohn 
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Cynthia A. Collins 
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M. Joy Cummings 
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Denise Denehy Keirstead 
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Marjorie E. Flemer 
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Phyllis Govenar 
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F. Carla Perkell 

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Susan Petrie Boudreau 

Priscilla Phelan Satterfield 

Marilyn A. Pierce 

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Tracy R. Potter 

Cecil Anne Pudvah Husband 

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Karen L. Swainson 
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Woodland Park 


High School 

Total amount contributed: $42.00 
Number of contributors: 5 

L Katharine M. Anthony 
Dorothy Fox Hartenstein 
Jean E. Peace 
Georgianna Taber Cotter 
Doris Wilson Lehners 

Other Life Member: 

Bertha McNerny St. Amand 

Faculty and Administration 

Total amount contributed: $45.00 
Number of contributors: 4 

Isabel T. Barnes 

Eleanor S. Perley 

Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury 

Dorothy E. Weston 


More than 200 firms throughout the United States and Canada currently have 
i a "matching gift" program to help support higher education. While individual 
companies may vary in the operating details of their programs, all are essentially 
i alike in that they match — usually dollar for dollar — the contributions of an 
i alumnus-employee to his college, university or school. When you make a con- 
tribution, you fill in a short form provided by your employer, who matches your 
gift by sending an equal amount to your college. 

YOU are the reason for these matching gift programs. Your employer is 
offering support to your Alma Mater in recognition of the contribution you, as an 
t educated person, are making to your company. 



Changes in the Constitution and By-Laws of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
(as approved and voted at the 1963 Annual Meeting) 


Article III — Membership 

Any Lasell graduate, former student, present ■ or former member of the 
administration or faculty, shall become a member of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
by contributing to the Annual Alumnae Appeal. 

Article IV — Section 1 — Officers 

The officers of this Corporation shall be President, First Vice President, 
Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, 
Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Alumnae Secretary, Alumnae Fund Chair- 
man, Scholarship Committee Chairman, Directors, the number of which, 
shall not exceed fifteen. These officers shall constitute a Board of Man- 
agement. This Board shall also include as many regional Vice Presidents 
as deemed necessary. 

Article V — Auditor 

The Board of Management at least one month before its annual meeting 
shall appoint a competent person, preferably a certified public accountant, 
to act as Auditor for the ensuing year. 

Article VI — Annual Meeting 

There shall be an annual business meeting of the Corporation during the 
annual Lasell Alumnae Council Meetings. 

Article VII — Fiscal Year 

The fiscal year shall be March 13 to March 15. 


Section 11 (b) — - Ten members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the 
transaction of business. 


(October 23, 1962 — March 18, 1963) 


No. in 

Classes to 





























































$ 379.00 















































No. in 
Class * 




High School & 
Woodland Park 
Faculty & 
Club Gifts: 


Long Island 

Phila.-So. Jersey 

So. Calif. 

So. Fla. 
Matching Gifts: 

Bank of N. Y. 

Columbian Carbon 

Johnson & Higgins 

Merck Co. Found. 

Norton Company 

Pitney Bowes, Inc. 

Pittsburgh Plate Glass 
TOTAL: 6964 1831 








*The Count: Living graduates with known 

addresses plus non-graduate donors 
f Includes a non -alumna donor 
^Includes 55 second contributions 
a Includes special Reunion contributions 
b Includes Reunion gift in memory of 

Mariesta Howland Bloom '26 
c Includes Class contribution at June 1962 
Commencement. This class is not in- 
cluded in competition. 




; * | 


j ' * 



F -— 


Hr *HB 



Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 

President : 

First Vice-President: 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary: 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer : 

Alumnae Fund 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (Mrs. Barbara I.) 
36 Brookdale Road, Natick (OL 5-1093) 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 (Mrs. Raymond N.) 
31 Wesley Street, Newton (LA 7-8479) 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 (Mrs. E. Sherman, Jr.) 
60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington (862-9419) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Betty "Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 

52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonviile (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Hoiden (PLeasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 (Mrs. Denton G.) 
1094 Centre St., Newton Centre (LA 7-0283) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Betty Black Boynton '38 (Mrs. M. M.) 
681 North St., Sumeld, Conn. 

Sue Ross Westberg '45 (Mrs. G. M.) 
240 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Marjorie MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 

Editor : 


Marjorie MacClymon '32 
Elinor Smith 



AUGUST, 1963 

NO. 4 

Class and 

Club News 

Cover: College Representatives at Dedication of Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall: 1. to r. : Dr. 
Packard, Dr. Tewksbury, Susan Shaw '64, Deborah Smyth '63, Mr. Smith, Mr. 
Ordway and Rev. Meyer. Back row: Barbara Iris Johnson '35, Dean Babcock and 
Miss Chapman. 

I Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
J Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
( of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
3 28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



Laying of the Cornerstone and Dedication Exercises for the new classroom 
building were held, directly following Alumnae Luncheon, on Saturday, June 8, 
1963. The Reverend Eugene W. Meyer, pastor of the Auburndale Congregational 
Church, delivered the Invocation. Dr. Blake Tewksbury then addressed the au- 

''This is a significant day in the history of Lasell Junior College. Many gen- 
erations of students and faculty and alumnae have waited long years for this new 
classroom building to be built. It is at once both a solemn and a joyous occasion — 
solemn because we are deeply conscious of the fact that one for whom this building 
is to be named did not live to see her dream come true; joyous because we revel in 
the sight of a much desired classroom building brought into being. 

"Today we are witnesses to the fulfillment of another major step toward the 
realization of a purpose that motivated a group of citizens in 1851 to found this 
institution. The vision of these founders has survived many severe tests in the in- 
tervening 112 years and has provided the incentive to successive boards of trustees 
and faculties alike to strive to attain the standards that today are synonymous with 
the name Lasell Junior College. 

"The past year has been one of accomplishment and of promise. Plans that for 
years seemed to be no more than dreams have come to fruition and foundations for 
further growth have been established. 

"On this significant occasion it is my privilege to welcome all visitors who 
have come here to participate in these ceremonies. We particularly acknowledge the 
presence of members of the Alden and Wolfe families. Despite your sorrow and 
sense of irreplaceable loss, we know you rejoice in the opportunities which will be 
provided to oncoming generations of Lasell girls by this new facility. 

"On behalf of the trustees, faculty, staff and students, we also welcome our 
alumnae and our friends and neighbors of Auburndale. To this latter group may 
I address a request for tolerance if we appear to be a wee bit proud today. Please 
remember that Lasell Junior College doesn't build half -million-dollar buildings like 
this every week. 

"For some time we had been aware that the facilities and working conditions 
for our Secretarial Science Department had not been adequate, especially when one 
considers the great advances that have been made in that field in recent years. It 
became apparent that a new classroom building for this Department was the most 
urgent need as far as buildings go. 

"It is my belief that it is much better to have good teachers in wooden buildings 
than wooden teachers in marble halls, but in the teaching of skill subjects such as 
shorthand, typewriting, and accounting, no one can deny that good workshops and 
tools are vitally needed. 

"Lasell has always gone very slowly in the erection of buildings, and the policy 
for a great many years had been to wait until things could be done well before build- 
ing. If you seize the opportunity to inspect the structure some time today or to- 
morrow, as you are invited to do, we think you will agree it is well done. 

"A wise man once said, 'When considering a gift, consider also the giver.' 
Today, as we dedicate this splendid building, let us pause also to honor those 
whose vision and generosity have made possible its erection. Among these are the 
students of the Class of 1963, who, together with students of the graduating classes 


of the past decade, have made annual gifts to the Building Fund averaging $1,500. 
We also recognize alumnae and friends who have given liberally of their resources 
so that we might meet here today for this ceremony. 

"These gifts have ranged from $1.00 to $5,000 and the total is $225,000. For 
thousands of donors, then, this building stands as a testimonial to their abiding faith 
and confidence in Lasell Junior College. To all these thoughtful people, and to the 
many more who have indicated the desire to participate, the College owes a deep 
debt of gratitude. 

"Following a gleam through clouds of uncertainty and fear, through days of 
trial and of hardship, the Pilgrims came to the shores of New England. John 
Alden and Priscilla Mullins were of that stalwart group. The gleam that then 
flashed on Plymouth Rock has since repeatedly flickered from ocean to ocean 
throughout the subsequent decades of our history. 'And as one small candle,' wrote 
Governor Bradford with pardonable exaggeration, 'may light a thousand, so the 
light here kindled hath shown unto many, yea in some sorte to our whole nation.' 
We would like to believe that Lasell likewise kindles a light for many. 

"Colleges have been called undying institutions. Certainly they are eternally 
vital to the life of this nation and of the civilization of which America is a part. 
They can fulfill their high mission only as they continue to grow in strength, and 
in these times of challenge they must do their job better than ever before. 

"Lasell will not be found wanting, nor will those on the campus and Lasell's 
friends and supporters be found wanting. We are today the legatees of men and 
women who were willing to pledge to the nation 'their lives, their fortunes and 
their sacred honor.' We shall match their devotion with our energies, our intelli- 
gence, and our resources to educate here young women wise enough and good 
enough to make a success of their own lives, and through and beyond that, to 
make a strong contribution to our nation and our world." 

Mr. Wilder N. Smith, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, gave the Dedication 
speech : 

"There is always a feeling of accomplishment when a new building is dedi- 
cated. It represents the fulfillment of someone's idea or dream. For some years, it 
has been apparent to the Officers of Lasell that we need expanded classroom facili- 
ties, but to Priscilla Alden Wolfe the first and most important objective was a new 
building for the Secretarial Science Department, and while she was Chairman 
of the Board of Trustees, she worked relentlessly to that end, and this building 
which we are now dedicating is the accomplishment of her endeavors. 

"Priscilla Alden Wolfe, a direct descendant of Priscilla and John Alden of the 
Plymouth Colony, was graduated from Lasell in 1919. President of her Senior Class 
and President of the Student Council, a member of every student activity, she was 
most respected and popular. She was awarded the Lasell Sweater, which was the 
equivalent of today's Lasell Jacket. 

"Shortly after graduation, Priscilla married Leonard Wolfe and in the follow- 
ing years they had three children: Leonard Jr., Alden and Virginia, who was grad- 
uated from Lasell in 1944. Priscilla's loyalty to Lasell increased with the years, and 
she gave of her time unstintingly. 

"In 1937 she was responsible for the successful fund-raising drive for the erec- 
tion of Winslow Hall. She was a Past President of Lasell Alumnae; a member of 
its Board of Management; a member of the Lasell Corporation; elected a Trustee 
in 1948; served as Vice-President of the College from 1955 to 1959; and thereafter 
was Chairman of the Board of Trustees until the time of her death. 

"As a resident of New Hampton, New Hampshire, Priscilla found time to 


participate in many community affairs, such as the Woman's Club, the Garden Club, 
the Red Cross, Public School affairs, the Hospital Board, Church activities and many 
other organizations. But in spite of all these duties, I feel that next to her fam- 
ily, Priscilla's first love was Lasell. 

"And so, in admiration for her many years of service to Lasell, we dedicate 
this building as a permanent memorial to her, and in her honor name it The Pris- 
cilla Alden Wolfe Hall. 

"It is the intention of the Trustees to place a plaque in the Entrance Hall of 
this building, which will read as follows: 

This building is dedicated to the memory of 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe, '19 

1899- 1961 

President of Lasell Alumnae Association, 1934-36 

Member of the Corporation and Trustee of Lasell Junior College, 1936-61 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1939-61 

A tenth generation descendant of John and Priscilla Alden, 
she exemplified both in her daily life and in her devotion 
to Lasell the highest ideals of her Pilgrim forebears, ably 
serving both her community and the College with courage, 
loyalty and enthusiasm." 

1963 June Queen and Court 

L. to r.: Victoria Poole '64, Susan Nanry '63, Queen Ibby Henslee Mallory '63, 

Maid of Honor Heather Tucker '64, Patricia Lucy '63 and Penelope Brewster '64. 

Heather Barry, daughter of Diane Palady Barry '49, was crownbearer. 



Dr. Tewksbury presented Lasell's traditional Awards to members of the Class 
of 1963 at the Class Nite Exercises on Saturday, June 8. 

ATHLETIC AWARDS: "L's" awarded to the 1963 winning crew, the Seniors of 
Ordway House: Capt. Mimi Robbins, Nancy Anderson, Judy Firth, Sue Gard- 
ner, Bonnie Gordon, Nancy Harten, Peg Mahar, Loel Mercer, Linda Mose- 
dale and Debbie Smyth. 

Charms given to the following girls for participation in 3 or more sports dur- 
ing their two years at Lasell : Nancy Anderson, Mimi Robbins, Bobbie Seiden 
and Debbie Smyth. 

Special recognition to Bette Cole for winning two "L's" during her two 
years at Lasell. 

The BLUE and WHITE SHIELD was won by the BLUES, for the 18th time, 
with a score of 226 points over 194 for the WHITES. 

BLUE KEYS: Awarded to the following Seniors, who volunteered their services as 
campus guides to prospective students and visitors during the year: Nancy 
Anderson, Suzanne Banghart, Nancy Beatch, Deborah Begg, JoAnne Berg- 
man, Carole Bonadies, Charlotte Brown, Jeanne Chase, Carolyn Clarke, 
Bette Cole, Mary Lou Colby, Karen Crafts, Geraldine Crivello, Lorraine 
Duffy, Ruth Dunn, Judy Firth, Marilyn Fowler, Karen Fox, Susan Gleason, 
Nancy Harten, Ibby Henslee Mallory, Joan Hosmer, Bonnie Hunt, JoAnn 
Jacobson, Priscilla Jank, Karen Jaynes, Virginia Josetti, Pat Lucy, Carolyn 
McVey, Judy Miller, Marcy Moore, Susan Nanry, Linda Norris, Mildred 
Panetti, Virginia Peterson, Susan Ramsay, Bonny Rogers, Catherine Rovet- 
ti, Daryl Schmid French, Roberta Seiden, Nancy Smith, Prudence Smith, 
Nancy Smithers, Deborah Smyth, Carol Snelling, Sylvia Starr, Kareen 
Wertheim, Mary Wickens, Susan Woodruff, Martha Wright and Barbara 

BUILDING FUND GIFT: Bobbie Seiden, Chairman of the Building Fund, pre- 
sented Dr. Tewksbury with a check in excess of $1500, from the Class of 1963. 

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: The following students were graduated WITH 
DISTINCTION: Jane Starkes, Maris Kleinman, JoAnne Bergman, Marilyn 
Lev, Karen Crafts, Jeanne Chase, and Nancy Beatch. 

The Art Department paid special recognition to Suzanne Adams for achieving 
outstanding excellence as a major in the art curriculum; Honorable Mention 
to Carolyn Doucette and Sandra Mather. 

Jane Starkes was honored in recognition of a high degree of excellence achieved 
in selected art courses by a student enrolled in the Home Economics curriculum. 

LASELL JACKETS: The most significant awards were given to members of the 
graduating class who are judged to be the best all-around representatives of 
the College: Mary Lou Colby, Priscilla Jank, Ibby Henslee Mallory and Deb- 
orah Smyth. 


Margot J. Stern '58 to Dr. Jerome Ruskin. 

Betty A. Wellington '58 to Thomas A. Travers. 

Penelope E. Wilder '58 to John R. Heldring, II. 

Martha E. Anderson '59 to David John Musial. 

Elizabeth S. Dibble x-'59 to Stanley E. Morrey. 

Carlene A. Hintlian '59 to Bruce Newell. 

Mora M. Hillman '60 to Owen P. Maher. 

Sabra Knowlton '60 to Dr. Cesar Augusto Brea. 

Carlene Michael '60 to Ronald H. Haines. 

Barbara M. Solov '60 to Stanley Barry Cohen. 

Ann J. Bennett x-'6l to Peter Morrison Nichols. 

Marlene F. Bostwick '61 to Marc H. Cortell. 

Lynne D. Cadieux '61 to Robert F. J. Kania. 

Joan Franke '61 to K. Kurt Neustaedter. 

Mildred M. Gillis '61 to Frederic Edward Pereira, Jr. 

Elizabeth C. Hood '61 to Hrant H. Russian. 

Eleanor M. Laney '61 to Joseph T. Afflitto. 

Marilyn L. Melick '61 to Hudson Shaw Green. 

Valerie A. Orcutt '61 to Raymond P. Sirignano. 

Marjorie A. Owens '61 to Kenneth J. Feeley. 

June A. Paione '61 to William H. Lagerson. 

Susan G. Schenker '61 to Dr. Bernard Portnoy. 

Mary T. Ippolito x-'62 to Sgt. William D. Locke, USAF. 

Janet Lopaus '62 to John A. Starkes. 

Merrily Lydon x-'62 to David Francis Smith. 

Joyce F. Riley x-'62 to Leon R. Padduck. 

Donna J. Roda '62 to Floyd Eugene Dunn. 

Linda L. Strecker '62 to William Burrows Harmon. 

Patricia J. White x-'62 to Alfred J. LaRue, Jr. 



Ann Karalekas '51 and Nicholas G. Makrys on January 17, 1963 at New Bedford, Mass. 
Barbara Joan Brown '53 and Dr. Edward H. Fitch on April 21, 1963 at Springfield, Mass. 
Nancy Fitzpatrick '53 and Capt. William J. H. Manning on January 12, 1963 at Albany, 

New York. 
Cynthia S. Fisher '54 and Duncan MacDonald at Denver, Colorado. 
Shirley Coffin x-'55 and James E. Marks on April 18, 1963 at Bal Harbour, Florida. 
Joanna E. Brown x-'57 and James J. Staikos in February 1963 at New York, New York. 
Beverlee A. Raymond x-'58 and Harold M. Henion on February 2, 1963 at Wilton, Conn. 
Alba M. Spinale '58 and Robert L. Kenney on February 22, 1963 at Belmont, Mass. 
Leila-Kay Steen '58 and Lt. William J. Odle on February 1, 1963 at Quantico, Virginia. 



Mrs. Robert J. Keleher 
(Dianne Bezanson '61) 

Mrs. Carl A. Magnotta 
(Patricia McNulty '62) 

Frances R. Albert '59 and Gerald M. Kirschner on June 17, 1962. 

Barbara A. Bossi x-'59 and David F. Larson on January 24, 1963 at Denver, Colorado. 

Sally H. Bridger '59 and Daniel F. Bridges on March 21, 1963 at Sanford, Maine. 

Ursula W. Clark '59 and S. William Whyte on February 23, 1963 at Wilbraham, Mass. 

Judith S. Robinson '59 and Richard C. Wilkins at Fairhaven, Mass. 

Polly Bergstrom '60 and 2d Lt. Wayne C. Barnes, Jr., USAF on February 9, 1963 at 
Hornell, New York. 

Marcia S. Gardner '60 and David A. Coyle in January 1963. 

Jean R. Maroni '60 and Harold J. Torstensen on April 20, 1963 at Orange, Massachusetts. 

Dianne E. Bezanson '61 and Robert J. Keleher on April 20, 1963 at Avon, Connecticut. 

Mary W. George '61 and George M. Poor, Jr. on March 9, 1963 at Lynfield, Connecticut. 

Melinda A. Neal '61 and Lt. Douglas R. Daniels on December 31, 1962 at Biloxi, Missis- 

Nancy A. Trudeau '61 and Joseph R. White on February 23, 1963 at Ware, Mass. 

Marybeth Brossman '62 and Henry L. Mortimer on April 20, 1963 at Riverside, Con- 

Judith A. Cohn '62 and Mark Goldman on February 1, 1963 at Lawrenceberg, Indiana. 

Karen Eastman '62 and David F. Pemple in February 1963 at Westboro, Mass. 

Susan J. Garnish x-'62 and Kenneth S. Fletcher III on February 2, 1963 at Lenox, Mass. 

Patricia McNulty '62 and Carl A. Magnotta on January 1, 1963. 

Gail Patterson '62 and Robert B. Chappell, Jr. on April 13, 1963 at Syracuse, New York. 

Jane Patterson '62 and Walter B. Fardy on February 2, 1963 at Lexington, Mass. 

Marcia Wasserman x-'62 and Richard Berman in January 1963 at Newton Centre, Mass. 



To Mary Dobson Lincks '42, a second child, first son, on November 7, 1962. 

To Marion Munro Waitt '45, a son, Mark Alan, on March 7, 1962. 

To Nancy Stupak Parker '47, a third daughter, Rebecca Sarah, on January 12, 1963. 

To Barbara Ershler Levy '48, a son, Adam Benjamin, on March 8, 1963. 

To Dorothy JoAnn Hanson Long '48, a fifth child, third son, James Bovie, on April 11, 

To Jean Nelson Roberson '48, a daughter, Karen, on January 22, 1963. 
To Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan '48, a sixth child, second son, Neil Patrick, on March 

24, 1963. 
To Barbara Pinney Burnham '48, a son, Gregg, on March 11, 1963. 
To Martha Hurd Davenport '49, a fifth child, second son, Abe Jay, on February 19, 1963. 
To Kathryn Poore Hamel '49, a son, Douglas Poore, on May 7, 1963. 
To Joan Barnett Atwood '51, a daughter, Wendy Joan, on January 13, 1963- 
To Arlene Kelly McCormack '51, a fourth child, Ellen, on September 5, 1962. 
To Carol Frank Sweeney '52, a daughter, Kathleen, in- August 1962. 
To Merilyn Peck Erickson '52, a second child, first daughter, Cynthia Gail, on August 

27, 1962. 

To Carolyn Powers Fontaine '52, a second child, first daughter, Martha Caroline, on 

December 6, 1962. 
To Priscilla Boggs Killian '53, a son, David Evan, on April 29, 1963. 
To Joan Kelly Santos '5 3, a son, Dana Richard, on July 4, 1962. 

To Kathleen MacGregor Randolph '53, a son, John Whitney, on September 17, 1962. 
To Margaret Cary Waelter '54, a son, Michael Scott, on August 28, 1962. 
To Sara Rojas Casarella '54, a son, Peter Joseph, in January 1963. 
To Nancy Swanson Horsfield '54, a third child, second daughter, Cynthia Lee, on March 

28, 1962. 

To Susan Gray Lichtenstein '55, a second son, Alan, on January 4, 1962. 

To Mary Klipper Singer '55, a third child, second son, Jon Richard, on February 18, 

To Mildred Monahan Regan '55, a third child, first son, Thomas Joseph, on September 

17, 1962. 
To Sally Visel Hayes '55, an adopted son, Richard Scott, born December 2, 1962. 
To Nancy McKinnon von Glahn '56, twins, a son and daughter, on October 11, 1962. 
To Joan Raymond Healey '56, a second child, first daughter, Candace Joan, on March 

15, 1963. 
To Margaret Schwingel Kraft '56, a third son, Peter Darrin, on December 24, 1962. 
To Audrey Spawn Stockman '56, a second daughter, Julie Clare, on September 13, 1962. 
To Carol Juechter Dixon '57, a fifth child, first daughter, Anne Therese, on May 10, 

To Caroline Killam Moller '57, a son, Kurt Loomis, on December 13, 1962. 
To Elizabeth May Kolls '57, a second child, first son, Raymond Charles, on February 

7, 1963. 
To Joan Stanford Chase '57, a daughter, Linda Beth, on October 8,, 1962. 
To Rosalie Sucher Schneider '57, twins, a son and daughter, in May 1962. 
To Nancye VanDeusen Connor '57, a third child, a daughter, Tracey Jeanne, on Novem- 
ber 24, 1962. 
To Juliet Burwell King '58, a daughter, Robin Stuart, on January 5, 1962. 
To Barbara Karcher Krietemeyer x-'58, a son, Jeffrey Allen, on February 12, 1962. 
To Elaine A. Piotti DeGiacomo x-'58, a third child, first son, Richard, Jr., on May 13, 

To Brenda Weinstein Less '58, a son, Geoffrey Mark, on July 22, 1962. 
To Joan Brewster Garniss x-'60, a daughter, Gretchen Evans, on April 27, 1963. 
To Mona Hutchinson McAlmont '60, a daughter, Amanda Ceridwen, on October 26, 

To Elizabeth Miller Clark '61, a son, Gary Philip, Jr., on April 13, 1963. 


Licia Beth Karazulas 
(Judith Lanese '55) 

Tracey Ann Lupien 
(Shirley Read x'54) 

Laurie and Debbie Marchese 
(Nancy Smith '56) 

Peter and Nancy Rielle 
(Audrey Thompson '53) 

The Three Regans 
(Mildred Monahan '55) 



Mark Alan Waitt 
(Marion Munro '45) 

Andy and Cindy Erickson 
(Merilyn Peck '52) 

Susie and Margie Gibson 
(Joan Robilotto '50) 

Tom and Garry Higgins 
(Margaret Hubbard '57) 

The Guidera Sextet 
(Marjorie Kleindienst '51) 



Paula and Dana Stoddard 
(Nancy Connors '49) 

Mark and Vicky Ely 
(Martha Stonebraker '45) 

Robert Stabnitzky 
(Frances Hayden '54) 

Lisa, Nina and Lynne Golden 
(Helen Pearlstein '53) 





From Caroline Kendall Putnam: "Please 
accept my very best wishes for Lasell. I 
am happy to know the College is expanding 
and progressing so well." 


From Emily A. Clemens x-'03: "Had so 
hoped I might join the Class of 1903 at 
Commencement time. My sister, Isabella 
(Clemens '01) and I are sailing for England 
and Scotland on June 13th, and we cannot 
manage time for the Boston trip. We both 
remember with much pleasure our visit to 
Lasell on the occasion of the Centennial Cele- 
bration, and again in 1953. Our very best 
good wishes to- 1903 and Lasell." 


From Grace Emerson Cole: "Lasell has 
made important strides since our small 
class of seventeen was graduated. I am sor- 
ry to miss the 55th Reunion, but I am sail- 
ing for Europe on June 5th." 

In Memoriam: Gertrude Bragdon Edwards 
in June 1963 in East Orange, N. J. Mrs. 
Edwards, a niece of the late Dr. Charles 
C. Bragdon, is survived by her husband, 
four daughters and a son. 


From Constance E. Blackstock: "My sis- 
ter, Isabel Blackstock Beardsley '03, and I 
regret we are unable to be in Auburndale 
at Commencement time. With two Phila- 
delphia classmates, I plan to attend my 50th 
Reunion at Goucher College. Next year 
will be my 55th at Lasell — and I shall be 


Alma L. Bunch '13 and Father 

From Chicago, Alma L. Bunch writes: "It 
is with real regret that I cannot be at the 
College on the occasion of our 50th Re- 
union. It would be a great pleasure to re- 
live in memory the three happy years I 
spent at Lasell. The nearest I can come is 
to send you a snapshot of myself and my 
father on his 98th birthday, February 24, 


From Alleda Burnett Arneson: "Enjoyed 
another delightful winter in Winter Park, 
Florida. Mary Bingaman, Katherine Binga- 
man Heron '15 and I drove on a twelve-day 
trip to Long Boat Key, near Sarasota, where 
we visited with Dora Goodwillie. Have 
driven eight times from Minnesota to Flor- 
ida, and wonder if I shall 'hold out' for 
our 50th Reunion." 


From Veda Ferguson Purdy: "Enjoyed a 
September visit with Ethel Vance Foster '14 
in Scarsdale. Returned in March from a 
world cruise." 

From Georgina Fankboner Roberts: 
"Mary Fenno Stirn and I have each written 
to our 1913 classmates, and we do hope 
there will be a good representation at our 
famous 50th Reunion Luncheon. Am sin- 
cerely sorry I cannot plan to be there. 
Have received the sad news that Inez 
Payne passed away several years ago." 


From Rose Baer Trexler x-'l6: "Serving 
as our Hospital President this year; four- 
teen men on the Board and I am the only 
woman. It's an" interesting experience. 




Esther Murray Downs x-'21 was among 
those attending the Town and Gown Flow- 
er Show and Art Exhibit, sponsored by the 
Auburndale Garden Club and Lasell's Art 
Department, on April 24-25, 1963. Esther, 
now living at 9 Euclid Circle, Natick, has 
two sons, one a professor at North Carolina 
State University; and three grandchildren. 


The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Barbara Smith Huntington, whose husband. 
Col. Frederick W. Huntington, passed away 
in late March, after a brief illness. 

The Perfectionist 

They say I ask tco much of life, 

Too much of love, that it should keep 

High tryst with stars we never reach, 

And dreams that signify a mind asleep. 

But if I ask a friend be brave 

Or beauty never hide her face, 

Am I less wise than those who hold 

Themselves to no criterion of grace? 

How, if a leaf shall show no fault, 

God draw perfection out of clay. 

Is then the true heart vain to seek 

High aim a premium men are loath to pay? 

No — I have seen the rose in perfect bud. 

Seen the sure stars wheel on to Thule; 

I can believe in flawless shapes. 

Fearless who names me sage or fool! 



Mr. Roger Wolcott, husband of Helen 
Wahlquist Wolcott, passed away in Febru- 
ary 1963. Helen has sold the large Colonial 
home, and has moved to a small five-room 
ranch at 58 West Granby Road, Granby, 


The College and Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
gratefully acknowledge the receipt of 
two copies of "Whistling Woman," a col- 
lection of poems written by the late Maries- 
ta Howland Bloom. Mariesta's husband, 
daughter and son have prefaced the vol- 
ume: "After raising and educating her fam- 
ily and serving as a vital part of the civic, 
educational, and artistic life of Peoia 
(111.), Mrs. Bloom was returning to her 
first love — writing. Her Number One 
project was to compile a book of her 
poems, which she completed shortly before 
her final illness. So, since there can never 
be another volume, it is our wish to present 
this little book of verses to her many 
friends as a memorial to a vital, alert, intel- 
ligent and intellectual personality who 
strove continually for perfection and of a 
poet who created a spectrum of poetry 
from the routine of daily living." 

Dedicated by the author to: All the "girls" 
— Dorothy Parker, Edna St. Vincent Mil- 
lay, Sara Teasdale, Katherine Mansfield, 
Eleanor Wylie and Phyllis McGinley, and 
many another "Whistling Woman," the col- 
lection includes over sixty poems, many in 
Spanish, which have appeared in Coronet, 
Good Housekeeping, Westminster Maga- 
zine, New York Times, Neir York Amer- 
ican Book Page, Christian Science Moni- 
tor, Boston Transcript, Peoria Star, Bio- 
graphical Dictionary of Contemporary 
Poets and World's Fair Anthology. 


From Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach: 
"Please send me a transcript of my Lasell 
credits. The need is urgent for I find it 
necessary to attend summer school in order 
to get a teaching position. Am planning to 
prepare for elementary schoolwork. My 
husband passed away in May 1963." 


From Edith Hussey Adams: "At last we 
are back home in New England — 164 
Barton Drive, Sudbury, Mass. My husband 
has been transferred to the West Concord 
office of General Radio Corp. Our older 
son, Kipling, Jr., a graduate of Lehigh Uni- 
versity, is now associated with the Norton 
Company in Worcester. John is a first-year 
student at the University of Chicago, major- 
ing in Humanities. 

A new address for Bettie Smith Scollon is 
11 South Knoll Road, Mill Valley, Califor- 
nia. Bettie's younger daughter, Janet, has 
just completed her sophomore year at San 
Francisco State University. 


Isabelle "Zip" Daggett Wilson took time 
from her packing — (she and Don have 
moved a small Cape cottage with "not so 
much lawn" at 27 Brush Hill Road, Sher- 
born, Mass.) — to forward news from Jean 
Smith Orne and Teddy Pratt Brown. Jean 
writes: "Wilmington (Del.) is a very busy 
place to live. Continue to do hospital work 
(chairman of the Tea Room for the second 
year), and am serving for the 16th year on 
the Board for Home for Incurably III. 
Really looking forward to 1929's Reunion 
— do hope the dates do not coincide with 



Bowdoin Commencement weekend. In June 
Art became president of Bowdoin's Alumni 
Council — this means a busy year for us — 
wives participate in the program. 

And from Middlebury, Conn., Teddy 
writes: "Just doesn't seem possible that our 
35th is so near at hand! Our last one 
seemed just yesterday, as did the 25th — 
and 10th. Put my name on the list with an 
exclamation point — indicating enthusi- 
asm. Per usual, I've been as busy as a 
beaver with a finger in many community 
activities. Won the women's golf cham- 
pionship in Waterbury last year, and seem 
to find time for golf nearly every day in 
the summer. At the moment, I'm taking 
piano lessons ! It's something I've wanted 
to do for years, and I can honestly say that 
you, Zip, are in many ways responsible. 
However, not having been born with your 
wonderful gift, I confine my practicing 
hours to when I am alone. My other hobby 
is raising orchids. Have enjoyed this pas- 
time for some ten or twelve years — don't 
sell the orchids — use them for corsages 
for friends' birthdays or anniversaries. Bill 
and I are alone at home now — our two 
sons are married and we have three won- 
derful grandchildren. Our daughter grad- 
uates from House in the Pines in June '63 
and is looking forward to college." 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Constance Chalmers Harlow, whose hus- 
band, Mr. Frank B. Harlow, passed away 
on June 27, 1963 in Bangor, Maine. Mr. 
Harlow, general manager of the Penobscot 
Chemical Fibre Company, was well-known 
throughout the paper industry and had 
contributed greatly to the civic life of the 
community. In addition to his wife, he is 
survived by two daughters, Mrs. Damaris 
Virtue of Grand Forks, N.D., and Frances 
Harlow of Orono, Maine. 


Class Secretary Frances Smith Miller re- 
ports: "In late April we had a surprise 
visit from Peggy Boyd Greene and hus- 
band. They come to Andover frequently 
for their daughter attends Rogers Hall in 
Lowell. Peg looked so happy — she and 
her husband have two sons and one daugh- 
ter — and a brand new grandchild, of whom 
the grandparents are ever so proud ! This 
past winter, while on the annual Florida 
vacation, they met Sue Morgan Williams 
and husband Doug, and Ruth Doughty 

Barbara Fitch, daughter of Priscilla Bar- 
ber Fitch, received the degree of bachelor 
of science in education at the 75th Com- 
mencement exercises at Wheelock College, 
Boston, on June 2, 1963. 


From Mary Frances Wynkoop Benja- 
min, 5931 N. E. 14th Way, Fort Lauder- 
dale, Florida: "We live a lazy, relaxed life 
here. Is there an Alumnae club in this area 
■ — or any former Lasell gals I might know? 
Do keep in touch with Penny (Alice Penny 
Carter), Dottie Wickham Marquis and 
Gert Hooper Ring '32. Our son John, 
who was twenty-four in May, has been ill 
for nearly four years. He was forced to 
give up college, but is struggling to take 
a few courses to complete his education." 


Charlotte Moreau Sauve proudly re- 
ported to Lasell's Retailing Department 
that Paulette (Sauve '62) was elected 
to Psi Epsilon, the honor society of Busi- 
ness Administration at the University of 
New Hampshire. 

While on an early summer Eastern vaca- 
tion, Agnes Riley VanSantford had "a yen 
to look about the campus." That she did; 
and it was a pleasant afternoon we spent 
with Agnes and her husband. Their Cali- 
fornia address is 716 Marigold Avenue, 
Corona delMar. 


Mr., and Mrs. R. Alan Chesebro (Shirley 
Gould) announce the engagement of their 
daughter, Nancy, to Alan Russel York of 
Auburndale. Nancy was graduated in June 
from Vermont College; her fiance is a 
member of the Class of 1964 at Colgate 


From Cindy King Haskins: "My Lani had 
her second baby in December — Deborah 
King Ebersold. I'm a grandmaw twice 
over — her Mark will be two in June. 
Skip is a member of the Class of 1963 
at Cheshire Academy, and is suffering 
through college boards and interviews. 
Karin (Eliasson Monroe '31), Hank and 
the three girls stayed over-nite with me 
last August en route from Ellsworth to 
Washington. What a wonderful family — 
and Karin still simply bubbles ! Other 
Lasell chums aren't writing as they used 
to do — so news is mighty scarce." 


To Class Agent Phyllis Gunn Rodgers, 
Barbara Henry Kop x-'36 writes: 

"Thank you for the added personal note. 
I try to remember the Alumnae Fund each 



year for I loved being a Little White Dove 
— if only for one year. I, too, have many 
irons in the fire as do you, but no one can 
say it is a dull life! My work as welfare 
director in a district of five towns is simply 
fascinating. My daughter is as full of music 
as I was, and she is far more accomplished. 
She is a piano player, has seven banjos, 
thirteen guitars and plays both trumpet 
and French horn in the local orchestra. 
She has performed on Channel 6 TV, 
Teen-Age Barn program, for over a year. 
I still play piano for church and square 
dances — quite a combination. Your men- 
tion of 30th Reunion made me look at the 
gray hairs! Wish I might have joined you 


From Glennys Preston Allicon: "We are 
having great fun settling our new home — 
Valleyview Drive, R. F. D. #1, Essex Junc- 
tion, Vermont. Certainly did enjoy the 
25th Reunion at Tap's last June." 

Meredith Johnson French: "Still living 
by the sea in Bristol, Rhode Island. 
Daughter Katharine is attending the Lin- 
coln School for Girls in Providence." 

Anne Campbell Terrell x-'37: "It was 
great fun to visit the campus and to find 
such progress ! Good luck on the building 


A pre-Reunion letter from Betty Jackson 

It all began twenty-seven years ago as I, 
upon entering Bragdon Hall for registra- 
tion, fell up the cement steps. Two years 
later, I received the highest honor in Home 
Economics — the "Golden Loaf of Bread" 

— and, properly elated, tripped on my 
graduation gown and fell down the same 
two steps. 

I enjoyed a short-lived foods career and 
finished off in the banking business. Met 
and married a travelling "wool" career man 

— and during his Marine Corps service, 
ran a boarding house for Navy men and 
their wives, and sold cosmetics in return 
for their baby-sitting with our first daugh- 
ter. Husband Vin was medically dis- 
charged with two bad hands; we promptly 
moved to an antique saltbox in Hingham. 
The restoration of the old home plus the 
collection of antiques proved the "hand 
therapy." Being prolific, we soon outgrew 
the 300-year-old house; sold same with 
antiques; bought a four-room modern 
"box" on a beautiful, natural-setting acre, 
and remodelled and added as each child 
arrived. (They always fit into bureau 
drawers instead of pink fluffy bassinets 

The Dunnings 
(Betty Jackson '38) 

during the remodelling stages.) So five 
children later — we have an eleven-room, 
modern ranch-type house with children's 
wing — all on one floor ! 

In those early days I was well organized, 
so did club and home flower arrangements 
and at holiday-time, gave lectures on 
Christmas decorations. It was a "put a 
diaper on the baby and put a bow on a 
Christmas wreath" type of home job. 

Five children and four walls were clos- 
ing in, so I decided on a mother's day off 
at the Y.W.C.A. and studied Japanese 
Flower Arranging and entered other or- 
ganizations. Currently am secretary of the 
Boston Florence Crittendon Home, have 
presided at the Mother's Club (a natural!), 
and am a life member of all P.T.A.'s. 

Joined my sister on a month's tour of 
Europe and, being interested in children 
abroad, entered the American Field Service 
work. We have an "adopted" Iranian 
daughter, who spent one year with us, and 
our #2 daughter is honored to represent 
our town (Hingham, Mass.), via A.F.S. 
scholarship, in Japan this summer. Re- 
cently retired my two-year presidency in 
the Boston Chapter of Ikebana Interna- 
tional, worldwide Japanese flower arrang- 
ing organization, and early this spring 
presented lectures on the "Japanese In- 
fluence in our Flower Arrangements." Also 
do "commercial" flower arranging in a 
local flower shop. 

My husband, vice commodore of the 
Hingham Yacht Club, is still selling wool 
and we have our "millions" tied up in five 
wonderful children. Penny, our oldest, is 
a junior at Smith College, majoring in 
Math and French, and is pinned to a Johns 
Hopkins boy; Marsha, our high school 
senior, is a cheerleader and honor student; 



Wendy, cheerleader at the junior high 
school; Kim, our one boy, is a fourth 
grader, Little League shortstop, and ALL 
BOY; Terri, our youngest at eight, is the 
best speller in her class of the second 
grade. All ages and all stages! 

Looking back, I realize it may be all 
"organized confusion" — but so interest- 
ing and I am proud to have been blessed 
with twenty-five years of truly wonderful 

P.S. I have never had time to make a 
"Loaf of Bread." 

E. J. D. 


We extend sincere sympathy to Jean 
Church Smith x-'40, whose son, James L. 
Tahns, passed away on April 11. 1963 in 
San Francisco, Calif. James was the grand- 
son of the late Isabelle Bowers Church 

From Frances Britton Holden: "Boy 
Scouting and Girl Scout Service Team 
work take up my time — along with Gar- 
den Club programming — and the reading 
of college entrance requirements as out- 
oldest son is faced with the decision of 
a chosen college. Sorry we have no girls 
to send to Lasell." 


From Secretary Ginny DeNyse: "Our 
two travelling classmates are at it again! 
On April 25th Gert Fischer was off to Ire- 
land for an eight-day study tour with the 
Connecticut Travel Agents; then on to a 
driving stint through the French Chateaux 
country. Eleanor Pfaff flew to California 
for the Academy Awards Show. If you 
looked carefully at the TV screen, you 
would have seen Ellie sitting beside Ed 
Begley during the presentations. 

"Dorothy Macomber Vannah's husband 
has a September business assignment in 
Switzerland; Dot and the two children will 
join him for a trip through Germany, Hol- 
land, Belgium and France. We were sorry 
to learn that Dot's father passed away in 
December. The Class extends sincere sym- 
pathy to her and to her family. 

"Susan Zimmer, daughter of Buff Claw- 
son Zimmer, was married on December 28, 
1962 in South Salem, N. Y. The groom 
James Garfield Morris A2/c, is stationed 
at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver. 

"Dr. Marvine Weatherby reports con- 
tinued wonderful practice in Dallas. 
'Tex' recently enjoyed a freighter trip to 
Trinidad and Dutch Guiana, "and is fast 
to admit this is her special mode of travel 
— informal and no telephones." 

For 1963 and 1964 too — "Hauoli 

Makahiki Hou" from the Warrens 

(Jeannette Jahn '41) 


From Sybil Feinberg Stone to Miss Jac- 
quelin Saunders. Char-ma-* of Lisell's A' - t 
Department: "In the November 1962 
LEAVES I read of the interest and activ- 
ity at the College in obtaining fine repro- 
ductions of contemporary art works for 
rental to students. In 1959, '60 and '61 I 
was co-chairman of the Boston University 
Art Exhibition and Sales project sponsored 
by the Friends of Art for the purpose of 
raising, scholarship money for deserving 
art students at B.U. School of Fine and Ap- 
plied Arts." 


From Betty Gorton Collier, Chapel 
House, Kingskettle, Fife, Scotland: 

Dear Friends, 

It does not seem possible that a whole 
year has elapsed since the Collier family 
was piped ashore in Greenock by two 
Scottish Pipers in full Highland dress. Our 
then brand-new station wagon now has 
nearly 12,000 miles registered on the meter, 
attesting to the fact that it has criss- 
crossed at least some of this faie country 
— and to the fact that its owner can safely 
drive on the left-hand side of the road with 
the steering wheel on the right, though 
occasionally I try to get into the driver's 
seat via the incorrect door. We think the 
country is perfectly delightful and even 
now Stan talks of returning when he re- 
tires. Young Paul simply states he "is not 
going back to the States." The rest of us 
simply enjoy the days as they come — find- 
ing each one full of pleasant experiences. 

Stan is discovering that being Chairman 
of the Board is WORK. The job is going 
to take longer than it seemed on the sur- 
face for though his people are willing, 



they find new ways difficult. We say that 
it seems as if one had turned back the cal-. 
endar about thirty years. Some of this, 
in a social way and as it affects the pace of 
life, is not bad — in fact, it is quite delight- 
ful; but in a business way, it will not sell 
Pfaudler-Permutit glass-lined steel equip- 
ment, nor will it keep the manufacture of 
it competitive. This makes Stan's hair 
turn even more white ! 

We play as hard as he works, ard the 
social life is worlds apart from anything 
we have ever experienced. We enjoy our 
golf games and evenings out with the 
Methel and Leven tradespeople and pro- 
fessionals as well as with our former 
neighbors in Upper Largo. Our landlord 
and family are related to many of the 
"County" families in Fife, and live a very 
gay life into which we have had a few 
peeks. (We thought it was wonderful to 
have a large dining room where we can 
easily seat twenty-two at one table — and 
have several times — but in the really big 
houses, there are TWO dining rooms, large 
and small. The posh thing to do is to have 
just a few people in the intimate room.) 

Dancing is so popular a way of enter- 
taining here. We have danced more in 
Scotland in one year that we did in the 
States in ten. Private homes are opened 
for a favorite charity — can you imagine 
inviting 200-500 people to drop in and 
dance at your home? Extra fun for us is 
the Scottish Country Dancing, each with 
its own formation and different steps. We 
were pushed and led through them at the 
beginning, but now we can do the Duke 
of Perth, The Rightsome Reel and others. 
The children can do even more. 

The two big social weekends in Fife are 
the Hunt Ball in January, and the Point-to- 
Point Races in April. For the Hunt Ball, 
I enjoyed the first long ball gown I have 
had since before the war. The evening 
was magnificent and quite like taking part 
in a technicolor movie — members of the 
Hunt wore pink tail coats, others in kilts 
with velvet jackets, jabots and frilly cuffs. 
Many of the gorgeously gowned women 
wore diamond tiaras. The food was fab- 
ulous — there were three different menus 
for sit-down meals depending upon wheth- 
er one wanted to eat early (11 p.m.), mid- 
dle evening or breakfast. 

The April race meeting was fun and 
very neighborly. Only horses which have 
been used locally during the current hunt- 
ing season can be raced in the 3V2- m i le - 
20-jump course. The evening dance was 
held at the 100-room home of our local 
member of Parliament. We had been 
there previously for dinner, and were as- 
tounded to find we did not even use the 

rooms we had been in during our first 

Our Chapel House is great fun, and we 
are thoroughly enjoying the process of 
bringing it up to date enough to live in 
with American ways and rot too much 
help. I think our new friends are amused 
with our struggle. Of course, the hou c e is 
about three times as large as our Roches- 
ter (N.Y.) home. I have painted three of 
the halls, the dining room and one bed- 
room, and we have had a very modern 
kitchen installed in the butler's pantry. 
The 20x30 living room and much larger 
drawing room are quite passable, and we use 
them both. The lovely large library was ter- 
ribly cold this winter and completely closed 
off. Now that the days are sunny, it is open 
and used occasionally. There are seven 
bedrooms — most of them with bay win- 
dows and lovely views. There are three 
more rooms and four baths, as well as 
servants' rooms, which serve as dressing 
rooms, places to iron and mend, etc. We 
could press them into service if all who 
read this letter should happen to drop in at 

And I must tell you about the grounds 
and garden at Chapel. When we rented 
the house, it looked like a very substantial 
project so by mutual consent, the landlord 
continues to manage them. We have six 
glass houses, i.e., greenhouses, in which two 
gardeners raise everything they plant out- 
of-doors from seed. They also have ferns 
and geraniums, green orchids, calla lilies 
and dozens of houseplants which I cannot 
name. They raise tomato plants inside (not 
warm enough to ripen out-of-doors), as 
well as peaches, grapes and nectarines. 
There is a separate furnace for the green- 
houses. All sizeable houses have a walled 
garden and ours is about two acres, en- 
closed by a six-foot cemented stone wall. 
Within this area are planted strawberries, 
raspberries, rhubarb, peas, beans, lettuce, 
potatoes, celery, cabbage, bulbs and cut- 
ting flowers. Edging each section is a box- 
wood hedge. Really, it is a picture I wish 
you might all see. 

We have thousands of snowdrops, daffo- 
dils and narcissi planted at random on 
the banks of ou" private glen. The burn 
even has its own waterfall. Last Sunday 
three families joined us for a children's 
party and we "had a scavenger hunt for 
leaves, wild flowers, and birds' feathers 
before the twenty-one of us sat down for 
supper. I think you may surmise we all 
love it here, and find the bit of Victorian 
luxury-living quite to our liking. 

Ann and Sue are in school in Kingskettle, 
a mile from our home. I drive them in 
bad weather, but they seem to enjoy walking 


and picking up little friends on the way, 
rather like the Pied Piper. Betsy and Paul 
attend Cuper (junior high) at Bell-Baxter, 
about six miles away. Paul is anxious to go 
to Glenalmond, a boarding school in the 
Highlands, and is studying with a tutor in 
order to meet the standards in Latin, algebra, 
geometry and French. I am hoping Ann will 
be accepted as a day girl in St. Leonard's 
next year. She too will have to pass an en- 
trance examination, but there are not so 
many Latin requirements for girls. 

Last summer we drove to the Continent, 
through Paris into Switzerland for a week, 
then on to Germany and up the Rhine. We 
were in Belgium and Holland briefly, and 
on the way home had a wee look at Lon- 
don for the children's benefit. This past 
winter we equipped ourselves with skis 
and spent several weekends in the High- 
lands. We are anticipating a short July 
vacation in Ireland — and are looking for- 
ward to summer visitors. Jeanne Revene 
and her Dad were here for a short visit in 
the Spring. 

Sorry I shall not join you for Reunion — 
but always Cheers to 1943 ■ — and do have 
a nip of that grand liquid we ship direct 
from dear old Scotland. 


Sue Ross Westberg reports an impromp- 
tu early June Reunion: "One Tuesday 
morning, Barb Preuss Reynolds, June Ahn- 
er Gilroy and I took off for New Jersey. 
There we met Jeanne Towne Reavey, who 
with her five children has returned to 
Summit, after several years in Fort Madi- 
son, Iowa. Jane Burnham Eliason drove 
from Wilmington — and our little re- 
union group was complete. Amazingly 
the conversation has now switched from 
bottles and diapers to educating the chil- 
dren, volunteer work, civic obligations and 
trying to keep track of the children's ac- 

"Barb and I returned to Delaware with 
Jane. It had been eleven years since our 
last Wilmington get-together. Corkie 
(Rosamond McCorkindale Blizard), Carol 
Hauber Mitchell and Sloe (Sue Slocum 
Klingbeil) were with us then — and how 
we wish there might be a repeat. Jane en- 
tertained us royally — from a carefully 
guided city tour to a surprise dinner party. 
Among the guests was Jane Calderwood 
Price — it was a real treat to see her and 
get caught up with her comings and go- 
ings in the past 18 years. Our 'years out' 
continue to floor us all — we don't feel 
that old, and naturally are convinced we 
don't look that old either! ! ! 

"Late Friday afternoon I landed home 

in East Longmeadow to find something 
wrong with each of the children — none of 
it serious, and Jerri assured me everything 
had run beautifully. Of course, with Wen- 
dy now sixteen and Jane, thirteen, things 
should go well. 

"We-all talked of the 20th Reunion. Do 
hope there will be much enthusiasm, early 
organization and yea-great attendance." 


Jacqueline Darcy, women's editor of the 
Gloucester (Mass.) Daily Times, returned 
in February from a month's visit to Brazil. 
With her permission, we quote from Part I 
of a nine-part account of Jackie's "Journey 
to Know Brazil": 

Samba — rapped out on car doors, on 
drums in the mountains behind the beaches. 
Gleaming university cities rising in the cen- 
ters of cities and on the plains. Affection- 
ate, hospitable people. In the northeast, 
the stores that sell small blue coffins. 

Conversations that always return to po- 
litical problems — and futebol. A close, 
warm, relaxed family life. Voodoo rites and 
jangadas, the fishing rafts which may bring 
in a day's catch of half a dozen fish. A 
thousand sweet and exotic fruits. The 
blind; the beggars who only sit and hope. 

Rio, perhaps the most beautiful city in 
the world, with its white crescent beaches 
accented by a backdrop of emerald green 
mountains rising sharply within the city 
itself. The handsome modern apartment 
buildings of Copacabana and Leblon and 
Flamengo with views of the Christ of the 
Andes and of the favelas, the slums where 
as many as 35,000 people cluster together 
on the side of a hill. 

Sao Paulo, modern and aggressive as 
Dallas or Chicago, its highways lined with 
compact industrial plants, much resem- 
bling our Route #128. 

Petropolis, former summer home of Dom 
Pedro II, emperor of Brazil, now a popu- 
lar resort, a pleasantly middle class com- 
munity, cool in its mountain setting. 

The unconquerable Amazon jungle; the 
verdant coastline. The northeast — trop- 
ical cities of stucco houses and palm trees, 
of uncertain water supply. 

Inland, against the background of jagged 
mountains, tiny farms on sandy soil, cac- 
tua; a remote, roiled pool that is at once 
used for laundry and is the source of cook- 
ing water. The dawn-to-dark fight against 
the dry land. And further inland, the ser- 
tao — the desert — where life and death 
are much the same thing. 

On TV Alfred Hitchcock and Hazel 
speaking Portuguese. Inflation that makes 
a bar of soap cost several dollars. A peo- 
ple who live Tor carnival, whose national 




Jackie Darcy '46 at a Gloucester Ro- 
tary Luncheon 

pride is soccer champions. Three crosses 
in the sand at the edge of a country road. 
Great natural resources. 

A man who walks with a friend, carrying 
a small blue coffin. Smoke rising in the 
backlands, as the land is burned free of 
trees and shrubs — and worth — for a 
year or two of yield. A roaring clanking 
auto industry, ballet and modern art, strik- 
ing architecture, ambitious and often con- 
flicting plans. 

All of this is Brazil, a country somewhat 
larger than continental United States, tak- 
ing up half the continent of South Amer- 
ica. This is the teeming, growing giant 
that has everything — and not enough of 
anything. It is a nation acutely aware of 
the U. S., with a constitution based on our 
own, yet a nation little known by us. 

Like the U. S., Brazil is a land of con- 
trasts and a melting pot. Today it faces — 
all at once — many of the problems our 
country has faced and solved over a period 
of 50 and more years. 

Last summer, 72 Brazilian students were 
brought here for a month-long "journey 
to know the United States." For five short 
days, 32 of them lived in Gloucester fam- 
ilies. The effect on both sides was pro- 
found. Out of this visit grew much mutual 
respect and affection, and a desire for more 

Letters and books have been exchanged. 
The young students in Brazil who made 
the trip meet together and always the con- 
versation turns to the U.S. and friends 
here. In Recife, in the troubled northeast, 
the Everybody Club meets — as its equiv- 
alent club does on Cape Ann. 

Here we have talked often of "our 
young people," some 4,000 miles away in 
distance, weeks remote by mail, in a land 
we hardly know. Out of this interest and 
affection came my "journey to know 


From the New Bedford (Mass.) Stan- 
dard-Times of March 25, 1963: "Ruth Red- 
den Decker, wife of the Rev. Stanley Deck- 
er, mother of two and a substitute teacher, 
is the current exhibitor at Russell Memo- 
rial Library in Acushnet. A former resident 
of Wellesley, Mrs. Decker was graduated 
from Lasell Junior College and from the 
Massachusetts College of Art with a bach- 
elor of fine arts degree. She studied draw- 
ing with Miss Beverly Hallam, oil and 
etching techniques with Otis Philbrick and 
watercolor under Arthur Corsini and 
Charles Demotropoulos — all artists and 
teachers in the Greater Boston area. Her 
work is in private collections in Wellesley, 
Dorchester, Weston and in New Hamp- 
shire and Delaware. She was one of the 
resident exhibitors in Acushnet's weeklong 
exhibit during the town's centennial ob- 
servance of Massachusetts Art Week, and 
has since exhibited yearly during Art 


From Class Secretary, Joan DeGelleke 
Shrewsbury: "One of the happiest news 
items is that Shirley Simonton Foster 
was remarried on February 3, 1962 to 
Lewis C. Bancroft. They are living at 9 
Granite Road, Alapocas, Wilmington, Dela- 
ware. Just before Christmas I had a note 
from Ratsy telling of the birth of Thomas 
Edward Bancroft on December 18th. The 
twins, Faye and Fran, are almost six and 
Donald is eight. Their father, Ralph Fos- 
ter, died of leukemia in 1961. 

"Last September I enjoyed an over-nite 
visit with Pat Madden Nelson x-'49 in 
Hyannis. My husband's family have a sum- 
mer home in Little Compton, R. I., and now 
that I've discovered Pat is but two hours 
from there, I plan to go again. Pat and 
Bob have three handsome sons, Peter, 
John and Paul. Their summers are ter- 
ribly busy — swimming and sailing lessons 
and all the other wonderful things one does 
on the Cape. Bob is in business with Pat's 
father at Jack's Sport Shop, where they sell 
everything from bikes to boats. Pat gave 
me news of Joan Maynard Lockwood x-'49, 
whom I had 'lost' over the years. Joan is 
now Mrs. Eugene Tessier and lives at 59 
Hope Avenue, Warwick, R. I. 

"Usually see Evie Frye White and family 
when they come for the annual summer 
vacation with Evie's parents in Durham, 
Conn. Evie and George have two boys 
and a girl and they live in Elkhart, Ind. 
I am enclosing a picture of Bev Splitt Kel- 
ler's handsome children. Her husband, 



Guy, Tommy and Ruth Keller 
(Beverly Splitt '48) 

Guy is a surgeon and they live at 1223 
Providence Road in Charlotte, N. C. 

"As for me., I manage to take on too 
many things and am up to the eyeballs in 
confusion. David, in kindergarten, thinks 
he is the greatest thing going; Sarah, al- 
most three, is our blonde, curly-headed 
doll. I work occasionally for a pediatri- 
cian, am chairman of recruitment for the 
Bloodmobile and can't seem to say 'No' to 
the P.T.A. officials. When you '49-ers 
travel the Connecticut Turnpike, take that 
Guilford turn-off and do come to see us — 
we're on Upper State Street." 


From Sabra Turner Stockdale: "My hus- 
band and I and another couple are now 
owners of the Silver Sands Cottages (33 of 
them) in South Yarmouth, Mass. W" a-e 
thrilled with the new venture in the busi- 
ness world, and hope that many Lasell 
alumnae with their families will be our 
guests in this and future summer seasons. 
Doris Pinkham Collins and I were sorry 
not to be able to attend the Alumnae Coun- 
cil Session this year." 


From Class Secretary Anna Stevenson 
Mangano: "Claire Quinzani Kerins is a res- 
ident of the West Coast again: her new 
address — 22857 Cass Avenue, Woodland 
Hills, California. Robin Witt Mosher and 
Cliff have moved to a new home at 35 
Clarke Street, Needham, Mass. The Mosh- 
ers have two sons and two daughters — 
Gary, Jill, Dana and Kimberly. 

"Barbara McRoberts Collingwood, ever 
so busy decorating a new home, is a 
Brownie leader to 19 girls and is a member 
of the Branford (Conn.) Art League. Bar- 

bara forwarded the sad news of the death 
of Gloria Van Wart x-'51 on March 31, 
1963 in Madison, Conn. 

"It was good to see Pat Raeder Crone at 
the Annual Alumnae Council Meetings at 
the College. Pat is president of the Buf- 
falo Alumnae Club; she and club treasur- 
er, Lillian Doane- Maddigan '21, were 
guests of Alumnae, Inc. Pat keeps in touch 
with Beverly Pink Reynolds and Carolyn 
Weare Shaw. 

"Priscilla Freeman McCartney and three 
children Were guests of her parents in 
Florida for the month of April. Via post- 
card we learned they 'just missed seeing 
J.F.K. in Palm Beach by seconds!! 

"I am looking forward to a week of 
vacation with my husband in Nassau. 
where he .will attend meetings with the 
Massachusetts Medical Society." 

From Kit Ballard Heck in Eugene, Ore- 
gon: "My husband has finished all course 
work for his advanced degree, and we are 
heading back to New York. Our new ad- 
dress will be 1799 Stone Avenue, East 
Meadow, Long Island. 

"This has been a fabulous year. The 
West is beautiful and we shall miss the 
huge mountains, fertile valleys and beau- 
tiful beaches. We have travelled high 
into the Cascades and down to the Pa- 
cific. At Christmastime we visited in San 
Francisco — all fell in love with this gem 
bv-the-sea. We rode the cable cars, visited 
Chinatown, toured Fisherman's Wharf — 
did all there was to do; saw all there was 
to see. During the spring vacation we 
went to Yosemite Valley — so peaceful 
and breath-taking; even the children were 

The Murphys 
(Bunny Kozloski '51) 




From The Portland, Maine Express, Feb-" 
ruary 8, 1963: 

"The circulation is going up all the 
time," gleefully reports the editor of one 
of the newer publications in the Greater 
Portland area. "Our equipment is old, 
but we have hopes of replacing it, o" mak- 
ing extensive repairs," is an optimistic 
note from the publisher. 

This many-hatted spokesman is Dolores 
(Eck) Ellis, who's keening Cape Elizabeth- 
eans around the Pond Cove district alert 
to the goings-on percolated by the PTA. 
The publication is nameless so far, but 
lack of a masthead makes for more room 
to apprize parents of the projects afoot. 

Dolores started her one-woman publica- 
tion last fall, thinking it was something 
she could do in her spare time at home. 
First casualty was her tried-and-no-longer- 
true typewriter. It lost its "A" after the 
first few editions. She uses the duplicating 
machine at school and it, though missing 
no parts, isn't as spry as it once was. 

Her circulation manager goes into ac- 
tion as she turns pressman and cranks out 
the news. He's five-year-old David Ellis and 
he gathers up the 800-900 sheets and 
stacks them in neat piles. The monthly 
news is rushed to the three buildings. 
Pond Cove Elementary South, Pond Cove 
Elementary and Town Hall. There's even 
a promotion manager on the staff. That's 
Douglas Ellis, 8 next month. He's the lad 
who thinks, and loudly tells, how great it 
is to have Mom and Pop dueting in the 

Ellis, who in public life is outside plant 
engineer for the Telephone Company, 
has more irons than drawing in the home 
fire. He attended Franklin Technical In- 
stitute in Boston for three years, and he is 
now an almost perennial night school stu- 
dent at UMP. He is in his fifth year of 
study leading to a degree in business ad- 

Dolores, who attended Lasell Junior Col- 
lege, is a music hobbyist and used to sing 
with the South Portland Community Cho- 
rus and appeared with the Portland Play- 
ers. But as long as she has irk on her fin- 
gers, the songs in her heart will have to be 
soloed around the Farm Hill Road home. 

Donna and Diane 

(Twins Debbie and David) 

Nancy Macdonough Jennings '49 

co-chairman of the Durham drive for re- 
tarded children, served on the Connecticut 
Valley Hospital campaign for auxiliary 
and volunteer members, served as a worker 
for the Middletown United Fund, was 
chairman last year for the Heart Ball, and 
has been a director and active worker for 
the Heart Association for the past two 
years. Joan and husband Daniel, manager 
of the Middletown branch of Sears, Roe- 
buck Company, have three children. 


From Japan, Ann Chidsey Moebius 
writes: "Dad has forwarded the LEAVES 
and the lovely Lasell Christmas card. I am 
so anxious to see the campus with its many 
changes and additions. 

"We have had a cold but sunny winter 
here in Tokyo, but we are told the warm- 
ing-up weather begins next month — 
March. Billy keeps me busy, and I find 
time to take lessons in Japanese flower ar- 
ranging. Am not a good student — but I 
am really enjoying it. We enjoyed a trip 
to Kamakura to see the Great Buddha, and 
to Enoshima to view Mt. Fuji. We are 
quite settled now and getting used to our 
new land. I have a great time learning my 
way about this tremendous city — attempt 
to learn a bit of Japanese, and try even 
harder to have the people understand 
my English." 

Ann's address in Tokyo: 23, 5-Chome, 
Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku. 


Joan Coesens Bierman x-'5 3 served as 
co-chairman of the Middletown (Conn.) 
1963 Heart Fund. Joan has been active in 
community affairs in Middletown and in 
Durham for the past three years. She was 


From Sally Munns Patt: "Stephen has 
been promoted to District Service Super- 
visor of the Mid-Atlantic Division of Olin 
Mathieson Chemical. We are a bit sad to 
leave the Big City, but are looking forward 



Billy Moebius 

"In his happy coat" 

(Ann Chidsey '54) 

to the peace and quiet of suburban Phila- 
delphia — green grass, trees, birds and 
flowers. After July first our address will 
be 42 Conshohocken State Road, Bala-Cyn- 
wyd, Penna." 

From Susan Gray Lichtenstein: "I am 
now the proud mother of two boys, Philip 
and Alan, who was born in January 1962. 
Frequently see Janet Holmes and Anita 
Royer Martin. Anita's two daughters are 
about the same age as my sons." 


From 90 Patmor Drive, Monroe, Con- 
necticut, Nancy McKinnon vonGlahn 
writes: "Having moved several times 
since 1956, I am finally settled. Once again 
would love to contribute to the Lasell 
Alumnae Fund and receive news of and 
about the College. After graduation, I be- 
came an assistant buyer at Macy's in New 
York City; from there joined the staff of 
Time, Inc. I was married on May 7, I960 
to Jack vonGlahn of Ho-Ho-Kus; New Jer- 
sey. Jack, a 1956 graduate of Colgate 
University, is now the assistant manager 

of Travelers Insurance Companies office in 
Bridgeport. Twins, Karen and Lee, ar- 
rived on October 11, 1963 — our young son 
and daughter are loads of fun and a great 
joy to Jack and to me. The family is 
rounded out with a year-old Labrador 
Retriever, who is much more work than 
the twins. Would Jove to hear from any 
Lasell friends in the Bridgeport area." 


Word has been received of the engage- 
ment of Mary Jane Donahue to Capt. 
Wye Toh Loke, USA of Kuala Lumpur, 
Malaya. The wedding, in early August, 
will take place in Idar-Oberstein. Mary 
Jane will continue to teach in Germany 
until December, when the couple return 
to California where Capt. Loke is to be 


From Sandra Kenney: "Enjoying my 
work immensely at General Radio Com- 
pany, an electronics firm. Had a wonderful 
April vacation in Texas — saw Houston and 
the surrounding area from the refineries at 
Texas City, Pasadena and Baytown — oil 
wells ■ — Nasa-manned space center ■ — to 
Neiman Marcus. Was a luncheon guest- 
of-honor at the lovely Bayou Club in 

"Pat Bowen White's daughter, Susan, is 
darling; Cindy Brossman Ancona has two 
sons, Cliff and Glen, and I am looking for- 
ward to a visit with them soon. Often 
week-end in Vermont with Delores Ray- 
mond Chamberlain, who is working at the 
Dartmouth Medical School." 

From Alice Melvin: "Shall be an assistant 
to the Dean at Mount Holyoke College 
in September." 

From Eileen Dahl Lord: "Harry is in his 
second year at the University of Califor- 
nia, San Diego, working for a Ph.D. in 
Chemistry. Daughter Cynthia Ann cele- 
brated her second birthday on April 27." 

From Sharon Deiml Koehler: "The latest 
issue of the LEAVES has prodded me 
into finally writing of our latest good news. 
Our daughter, Diane Jane, was born Feb- 
ruary 22, 1962. At present, our blue-eyed 
blonde replica of her Daddy is trying to 
crawl, stand, and keep active every wak- 
ing minute — which is just about the en- 
tire day. Bill and I were busy last summer 
reseeding the lawn and planting new 
shrubs at our home in Waldwick (49 
Grand Avenue, Waldwick, N. J.); and he 
has repainted the house. Am looking for- 
ward to a visit real soon with Joan Gran- 
niss and Dorothy Knobel." 



The Boston HERALD has granted per- 
mission to reprint a June feature story, 
"Gentle Hands Heal Lima Girl's Heart." 
The accompanying picture of Susan Fietze 
Haase x-'60 and daughter, Karen, was 
taken by HERALD Staff Photographer 
Ronald Donovan. 

Given a new chance at life by the Chil- 
dren's Hospital Medical Center, a two-and- 
one-half-month-old baby girl leaves Bos- 
ton this morning on the first leg of a return 
trip to Lima, Peru — a journey her parents 
feared she would never make. 

The child, Karen Haase, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Deitrich W. Haase of Lima, 
has spent almost half her brief life in the 
hospital. Struggling in an oxygen tent 
against three major heart defects, she was 
flown here from Peru more than a month 

"When we left Lima, I didn't know 
whether we'd make it," Mrs. Haase told 
The Herald last night. 

Doctors in Lima had told the family that 
only the experience and special skills avail- 
able at Children's could save her life. 

With mother and child on the jet to 
New York from Peru were a maternal 
grandmother, Mrs. Hans Fietze of Monte- 
video, Uruguay, and Dr. Carolos Urquia- 
ga, a pediatrician from the British-Amer- 
ican Hospital in Lima. 

"We never knew if she would live from 
one minute to the next," Mrs. Haase, a Los 
Angeles-born former student at Lasell 
Junior College, told a reporter. 

During the flight, the child's cyanosis, or 
blueness from lack of oxygen in the blood, 
became worse. 

Her grandfather in Montevideo, head of 
customer engineering for IBM World 
Trade Corp. in South America, arranged 
for a company plane to meet them at 
Newark Airport and fly Karen direct to 

"She was in heart failure and desperate- 
ly ill when she arrived here," according to 
one of the doctors who worked on the case. 
"We had serious doubts that she would 
live through the night." 

At Children's, heart catheterization and 
other diagnostic procedures confirmed that 

I Karen was suffering from a ventricular 
septal defect (a hole allowing leakage be- 
tween the chambers of the heart) ; a patent 

i ductus arteriosus (which resulted in 
bleeding into the lungs), and transposi- 

i tion of the great vessels (a reversal of the 
positions of the aorta and the pulmonary). 

In the hyperbaric chamber at the hos- 
pital, Karen's chest was opened under 
pressures imposed to increase the oxygen 
supply to her body tissues. The chamber 
makes possible surgery that otherwise 
could not be attempted. 

The surgeons corrected the patent duc- 
tus arteriosus, preventing bleeding into the 
lungs, and narrowed the improperly con- 
nected pulmonary artery in order to in- 
crease the oxygen supply to Karen's body. 

In the present state of the art, surgery 
to correct the transposition is not at- 
tempted. It was thought wise not to at- 
tempt to close the sepal defects at this 
time, as they now alleviate to some extent 
the oxygen deficiency caused by the trans- 
position of the great vessels. 

But the operation unquestionably saved 
Karen's life, and growing with her in the 
next few years will be the surgical tech- 
niques that could be employed to solve her 
other heart problems. 

Susan Fietze Haase and Karen 




From Miss Evelyn Potts: "On May 13th 
Eileen Stack will begin her new duties as 
head Dietitian of the cafeteria at St. Fran- 
cis Hospital in West Hartford, Conn. 
Eileen has been an assistant therapeutic 
dietitian at the hospital since graduation 
from Lasell in 1961. In the new position 
she will have charge of planning all menus, 
ordering all foods, and figuring the cost 
and cost control for a 50% profit. Twenty 
employees, four of whom are supervisors, 
will be under Eileen's direction. The cafe- 
teria serves approximately 900 dinners, and 
450-500 breakfasts and suppers daily." 

From Lynne Cadieux: "Received my B.S. 
in Education degree from Eliot-Pearson 
and in September I shall teach second 
grade in the Fairhaven (Mass.) Public 
School System. In February I became en- 
gaged to Robert F. J. Kania, and we are 
planning a June '64 wedding." 

From Barbara E. Davis: "Completed 
work for a B.S. in Education degree at 
Eliot-Pearson School of Tufts University, 
and will teach kindergarten in the Melrose 
(Mass.) Public Schools. Was married on 
June 22, 1963 to David L. Delano, and we 
are now living at 11 Waverly Place in 
Melrose. Would love to hear from my 
Lasell friends." 

From Daphne Russell: "Am majoring in 
Biology at Columbia LIniversity, and plan 

to work at The Jimmy Fund this summer." 
From Chris Lewis: "After a wonderful 
summer in Europe — including three 
weeks of school in Austria, returned to 
Penn State for my senior year. Will grad- 
uate in June — English major in Liberal 
Arts — and hope to do journalism in 
San Francisco in September." 


From Christine Shier: "The news from 
this end isn't very exciting, but I am busy 
and happy. Am living with my parents 
and commuting from White Plains to Wall 
Street each day. I am assistant to the pres- 
ident of William E. Pollock & Company, 
Inc. The work entails a variety of chal- 
lenging jobs associated with the bond mar- 
ket — just love it. Am also studying for 
the National Association of Security Deal- 
ers' exam, which will enable me to trade 
over-the-counter securities." 

From Phylis Steinberg Barnett: "Living 
in Columbia (Missouri), where my hus- 
band is attending graduate school of jour- 
nalism at the University of Missouri. I 
am working at the Testing and Counselling 
Service of the University as a secretary 
and IBM test scorer." 

Jo Anne Freeman has been appointed 
secretary to the director of administration 
and personnel at Boston's Museum of 

Secretaries for The Class of 1963 

Mary Lou Colby 
8 Hartland Road 
Tariffville, Conn. 

Susan Nanry 

230 Mystic Valley Parkway 

Winchester, Mass. 

Deborah Smyth 
5019 Roland Avenue 
Baltimore, Maryland 



GREATER BOSTON reports a most successful Wine Tasting Party on Thurs- 
day, April 25, at the Cambridge Boat Club. Flowers were sold at Lasell Night at 
the Pops; profit of $100 has been directed to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. 

Hostesses for CHICAGO spring luncheons were Dorothy Taggart Krumsieg 
'32, President Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06, and Carolyn Duncan Long '27. 

Betty Yeuell Collins '38 was in charge of the April luncheon meeting of the 

EASTERN MAINE alumnae attended a Silver Tea at the Bangor home of 
Nancy Bean Lord '50. Proceeds will be included in the 1963-64 Alumnae Scholar- 
ship Fund. 

The County Fare in Moorestown was the meeting place for the annual spring 
get-together of the PHILADELPHIA-SOUTH JERSEY Club. Secretary Joanne 
Curtis Island '59 submitted her resignation for she is due to move to the Chicago 

Several parties preceded the "May Madness" dance, May 10th, at the Stage 
Coach Barn, Storrowton Village, sponsored by the WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS 
Club. Jeanne Moseley Frank '56 was general chairman; committee workers in- 
cluded: Sandra Smith Swain '56, Lucinda Hodskins Lindgren '60, Sherry Bechard 
'62, Madeline DiRiso '62, Midge Leary Hacker '47, and Barbara Wenzel Carroll 

The annual June Picnic was held at the Suffield (Conn.) home of Betty Black 
Boynton '38. Officers elected for the coming year are: President, Charlotte Bragg 
Burke '42; Vice President, Marie Huhn Burkhart '42; Secretary, Lucinda Hodskins 
Lindgren '60; Treasurer, Betty Carter Steele '47. 


Molley McBride Kalogeros '53 served as chairman of the annual Spring Fash- 
ion show and card party given by the CONNECTICUT VALLEY Club on April 
24 at the Children's Museum in West Hartford. Fashions were modeled by club 
members; Winifred Domark Moylan '52 was the commentator. 

The 1963 Lamplighters, escorted by Miss "Mac" McClelland, were guests of 
the NEW HAMPSHIRE Club at the annual spring luncheon held on Saturday, 
April 27, in Concord. The same afternoon Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury attended the 
WESTCHESTER-LOWER CONNECTICUT luncheon at the New England Motor 
Inn. In charge of arrangements for this well-attended and successful party were 
Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella '54, Silvia Faccio Tirrell '53, Sue Jouret Kowalski '57 and 
Corkie Schlegel Cathcart '46. 

Anne Campbell Terrill x-'37 was hostess for a Freshman-Alumnae Tea at her 
Bethesda home on Sunday afternoon, May 19. Marjorie MacClymon '32 was the 
guest of the WASHINGTON Club for the occasion. 

Faculty members, Miss Jean Watt and Miss "Mac" McClelland, attended the 
June meeting of the BRIDGEPORT Club at the home of Sally Taylor Murray '49. 
The RHODE ISLAND club invited Marjorie MacClymon to join them at their 
annual meeting and dinner on May 15 at The Grist Mill. 

The annual meeting of the WORCESTER Club was held at the Franklin Man- 
or Restaurant in West Boylston on June 11, 1963. Newly-elected officers include: 
Donna Jensen Poirier '57, president; Helen Wood Queenan '54, vice-president; 
Sonja Baker Carr x-'57, recording secretary; Carole Pedusey Virgilio '56, corre- 
sponding secretary; and Irene O'Brien Waters '46, treasurer. The first of six meet- 
ings scheduled for 1963-64 will be a Freshmen- Alumnae Coffee Hour on September 
10th at the home of Rosemary Ermilio Zamarro '41, 564 Salisbury Street, Worces- 
ter, Mass. 



To welcome The Class of 1963 to the ranks of Alumnae, the Board of Man- 
agement presented each graduate with a booklet explaining the aims and pur- 
poses of The Association. "It is our hope that this little handbook will give you 
an idea of Lasell alumnae, where we are, what we have done, and what we hope to 
do. We urge you to contact the alumnae club in your area — we know you will enjoy 
meeting former students and graduates, and participating in the various club 
programs." Listed are area clubs with names and addresses of the presidents. 
Please support your local group. 


Sandra Shelton Fitch '56 (Mrs. N. P.) 
316 North Harvard Street, Allston, Mass. 


Sara Parsons Kenny '48 (Mrs. James E.) 
3000 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, Conn. 


Patricia Raeder Crone '51 

(Mrs. Richard T.) 

12 Blossom Heath, Williamsville, N. Y. 


L. Joy Gustavson Smith '50 (Mrs. R. L.) 
Blind Rock Road, R. D. #1, Glens Falls, 
N. Y. 


Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 

(Mrs. C.J.) 

523 West Melrose Street, Chicago, 111. 


Barbara Clarkson Moody x-'38 

(Mrs. K. A.) 

2432 Dennington Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 


Molley McBride Kalogeros '53 
(Mrs. Robert R.) 

Woodside Street, Lake Garda, Burlington, 


Nancy Bean Lord '50 (Mrs. Jack I.) 
41 Boutelle Road, Bangor, Maine 


Ann Hollctt Munro '49 (Mrs. Neil C.) 
481 Division Avenue, Hicksville, L. I. 


Eleanor Gebelein Greene '35 (Mrs. G. G. ) 
Parade Road, R. F. D. #3, Laccnia, N. H. 


Janet Ho'.mes '55 

3875 Waldo Avenue, Riverdale, N. Y. 

Shirley Gibbons SanSoucie '53 
(Mrs. Roland) 
2208 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, Penna. 


Lenna Lyon Hill '31 (Mrs. G Richard) 
1111 Ingomar Heights Road, Pittsburgh, 


Betty Lou Foy Reid '52 (Mrs. William I.) 
6 Gardiner Avenue, Lincoln, R. I. 


Barbara Foster '56 

44 Landing Road South, Rochester, N. Y. 


Irene Murray Pettapiece x-'29 (Mrs. H. J.) 
2621 N. E. Fifth Street, Pompano Beach, 


Mary McConn Maguire '29 

(Mrs. T.Paul) 

4833 Matilija, Sherman Oaks, California 


Dorothy Rich Anderson '52 (Mrs. T. K.) 
108 Highland Road, South Portland, Me. 


Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert '46 (Mrs. D. C.) 
4907 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. 


Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella '54 (Mrs. J. A.) 
Woodland Drive, Port Chester, N. Y. 


Charlotte Bragg Burke '42 

(Mrs. G. Palmer, Jr.) 

64 Lawnwood Avenue, Longmeadow, Mass. 


Donna Jensen Poirier '57 (Mrs. Conrad) 
Fisher Road, Holden, Mass. 



nnouncina .... 


October 16, Wednesday, 8:00 P.M. 


Miss Gimbel is a young pianist of recognized ability. She has given concerts in 
Town Hall and Carnegie Recital Hall in New York, the Gardner Museum in 
Boston, and in the spring of 1962 had a very successful European tour. In 1948, 
Grace, a former student at the College, presented a recital in Winslow Hall for 
the benefit of The Building Fund. 

December 11, Wednesday, 8:00 P.M. 

Dwike Mitchell, piano; Willie Ruff, bass and French horn; Charles Smith, drums. 

February 19, Wednesday, 8:00 P.M. 

ELLIOT NORTON, Drama Critic. "The Theatre of the Moment." 

Mr. Norton, drama critic of the Boston Record American and Sunday Advertiser, 
is well known to playwrights, producers, and actors, both in Boston and New 
York, as one of the soundest and most forthright of theatre critics. He recently 
received the Peabody Award for his weekly television program on Channel 2, 
"Elliot Norton Reviews," and also the Rodgers and Hammerstein College Presi- 
dents' Award of 1962 for the person who has done most for the theatre in Boston. 

March 2, Monday, 8:00 P.M. 

MARTIN AGRONSKY, News Correspondent 

"The Washington Scene." 
In the season just before the presidential nominating conventions, no one is better 
equipped to comment on the political scene than Mr. Agronsky, the nationally 
respected NBC News Correspondent, whose contacts on Capitol Hill enable him 
to report with a behind-the-scenes authority. 

April 22, Wednesday, 8:00 P.M. 


Mr. Boatwright is a Boston-educated singer, who made his debut in 1958 with 
Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

This series is presented with a cordial invitation for all friends of Lasell 
to attend without charge. Each event will take place in Winslow Hall. 

CALENDAR 1963-64 


September 19 Registration of New Students 

September 21 Registration of Returning Students 

September 23 Formal Opening 

November 15 End of First Quarter 

November 27 after classes to ) Thanksgiving 

December 2 for classes \ ° 

December 18 after classes to 

1964 > Christmas Vacation 

January 6 for classes \ 

February 10 Beginning of Second Quarter 

March 26 End of Third Quarter 

March 26 after classes to) s ; Vacation 

April 6 for classes ) L 

June 5 End of Second Semester 

June 6 Class Night 

June 7 Commencement 

/f I 


A ...... _ - . 

JLd L. 


founded in 1851 

ninistrative Office 


November 1963 


Member of American Alumni Council 
since 1947 


First Vice-President: 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary: 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Scholarship Committee 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Officers and Directors 
1963 - 64 

Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (Mrs. Barbara I.) 
36 Brookdale Road, Natick (OL 5-1093) 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 (Mrs. Raymond N.) 
31 Wesley Street, Newton (LA 7-8479) 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 (Mrs. E. Sherman, Jr.) 
60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington (862-9419) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 

52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

1 10 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 (Mrs. Denton G.) 
1094 Centre St., Newton Centre (LA 7-0283) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 
41 Brentwood Dr., Holden 

Betty Black Boynton '38 (Mrs. M. M.) 
681 North St., Suffield, Conn. 

Sue Ross Westberg '45 (Mrs. G. M.) 
240 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 

Editor : 


Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 
Elinor Smith 




NO. 1 





Cover: Dr. Blake Tewksbury welcomes Newton Chamber of Commerce President, George L. 
White to campus. Looking on are 1964 Seniors, Barbara Zink and Joan Keefe. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



Excerpts from remarks at 

Freshman Convocation 

September 19, 1963 

As travelers on this trip at Lasell, you should know from the outset about where 
we are bound in educational terms. Education is at once a simple and a complex 
process. We extend to you newly arrived on campus our major purpose, which is 
the enterprise of learning. Others have been on this journey before you; they, your 
instructors, have one chief interest. They would be counselors and friends in this 
period of your enlarging knowledge, skills and attitudes. The teacher who is only 
a drill sergeant or a fountain of wisdom, you will not find here. We all want to 
be helpful to your intellectual, social and spiritual maturing, but I must remind 
you that it is only you who will do your own learning and your own maturing. 

Together we seek to cultivate these several educational elements : Knowledge, a 
skill and good attitudes because society (spelled with a small "s") puts a high 
social value upon them as contributing to your personal effective living. These 
values are both intellectual as the possession of a cultivated person and social 
as the assets of a gracious individual. They are acquired by good example, by 
sympathetic suggestion and imitation, by personal experience out of one's own good 
taste, but they must be accepted in action in order for the individual to qualify as 

During the next two years you will be introduced to what I shall call for want 
of a better term the fateful five years, for the next five years will typically see your 
future shaping itself in definite ways. Your formal education will be well ad- 
vanced or finished; statistics suggest that you will probably have chosen a husband 
and may have a baby; the location of your home and community may also have 
been decided. This is a sobering thought. All Lasell can do to open up the best 
possibilities in these life-long directions it stands eager to do. For your decisions 
in these life channels while not final are fateful. And you surely want to bring 
to them as much background knowledge and adult judgment as humanly possible. 



Freshman roommates Deborah De- 
Staebler and Marge Story with Eliza- 
beth Baer De Staebler '31 and Mr. and 
Mrs. Gordon Story 

Virginia Hall Warren '36, daughter 

Janet Theurer and Charlotte Phillips 

Wilkins '33 and daughter Linda 

Ruth Bowman Burrough '40 and 
daughter Nancy 

Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49 and hus- 
band with Joan's sister, Patricia Kettle 



Barbara Althea Keyes x-'51 to Wallace C. MacKinnon. 

Barbara Fleck '53 to Rev. Vernon W. Tagtmeyer. 

Jane Chisholm '56 to Robert T. Glynn. 

Helene V. Driscoll '56 to Alden R. Doan. 

Janet Holmes '56 to Richard Murphy. 

Suzanne Alyce Fournier '57 to Alberto M. Solis. 

Marion Lorraine Oliver '58 to Arthur A. Sutherland. 

Gertrude Talberth '58 to Herbert Moshkovitz. 

Martha A. Tenney x-'58 to Dr. John Perry Combs. 

Dorothy M. Fantoni '59 to Edward F. Murphy. 

Janet Roy '59 to Nicholas D. Procino. 

Martha Ekdale Baumle '60 to Robert Lee Swats III. 

Joan C. Bender '60 to Albert E. Morris. 

Marlene Jean Caton '60 to Petty Officer Larry C. Russell USN. 

Diane Cahill '60 to Ronald C. Dyer. 

Joan Ann Fairbanks Herrick '60 to Lt. Jerry D. Cauley USAF. 

Susan Jayne Louis '60 to David H. Haffenreffer. 

Vivian Lee Miller '60 to James E. Spertner. 

Nancy Hopkins Bromage '61 to Guy A. Courcy. 

Barbara Ann Cole '61 to J. Russell French III. 

Margaret Joy Dickson '61 to Erling R. Roberts. 

Jane T. Gilmore '61 to Clifton L. Trethewey. 

Maryellen King '61 to David T. Hardy. 

Joan B. Moeller '61 to Brian W. Thompson. 

Janet Murray '61 to John F. McEwen. 

Valerie Orcutt '61 to Raymond P. Sirignano. 

Constance Pihl '61 to Peter C. Pritchard. 

Nancy M. Reardon '61 to Richard J. LaMarche. 

Judith A. Vannasse x-'6l to John Lawrence Akerman. 

Bethany Curtis Brown '62 to Gary Frederick Wood. 

Sandra Lou Brown '62 to Richard R. Culberson. 

Jean Ann Digiorgio '62 to David D. Buchanan. 

Patricia Catherine Lappin '62 to George F. Merrill. 

Donna Livingston x-'62 to Edwin S. Brown, Jr. 

Janet Lopaus '62 to John A. Starkes. 

Sarah Jane Remley '62 to William W. Southmayd. 

Dona J. Roda '62 to Floyd Dunn. 

Janet Webster Smith '62 to Lewis W. Slimak, Jr. 

Karen Carter Crafts '63 to Donald G. Boyle. 

Helaine Finer '63 to Saul P. Larner. 

Marilynne Lev '63 to Gerald Martin Locke. 

Eleanor Linda Myers '63 to Robert D. Kenzer. 

Dianne Nemeth '63 to Howard B. Shore. 

Karen Elizabeth Richter '63 to Peter M. Beaupre. 





Mrs. Bruce Colley 
Gwen Lincoln '62 

Mrs. Richard E. Dame 

Marilyn Varney x-'61 

June 9, 1962 

Amelia Bridgeman '30 and Henry D. Pollard in June 1963 at Auburndale, Mass. 

Janet Cryan Condon '36 and Robert O. Fickes on June 27, 1963 at Newton Centre, Mass. 

Barbara Schilf '40 and Donald J. Fournier. 

Phyllis Reinhardt '42 and John E. Gorman on April 27, 1963 at Kingston, Mass. 

Dorothy Fuchs '44 and Reverend Philip R. Magee on June 29, 1963 at Princeton, 
New Jersey. 

Helen Patricia Marland '46 and Paul H. Hasnier in July 1963. 

Marilyn Clark '48 and Alexander I. Law. 

Lois Hutchinson '51 and Allyn C. Woodward on June 22, 1963 at Lebanon. New Hamp- 

Jane Corbin '53 and George B. Post, Jr. on May 25, 1963 at Montclair, New Jersey. 

Ann Meredith Beebe '54 and Melvyn Gussow on August 12, 1963. 

Joy Lanner Bird '54 and Harvey Stuart Left on July 20, 1963 at North Hollywood, 

Barbara H. Gorman '56 and Franklin A. Trice, Jr. on June 7, 1963 at West Hartford, 

Nanci Sullivan '56 and Karl Pfeiffer in June 1963 at Arlington, Mass. 

Loreta Ligor x-'57 and Marlin E. Whitney on June 2, 1963 at Lexington, Mass. 

Carol Ann MacFawn '57 and Terence T. McGreevy on June 1, 1963 at Quincy, Mass. 

Christine R. Palluotto '57 and Dr. Alexander R. Gaudio on June 15, 1963 at Hamden, 

Nancy Ellen Whitney '57 and Robert E. Boyer on August 10, 1963 at Portland, Maine. 

Alice Yirikian x-'57 and William Smith in August 1963 at Cambridge, Mass. 

Gail Schaffran '58 and Henry W. Willard, Jr. 

Kathleen R. Scanlon '58 and Hans Koningsberger on September 28, 1963 at Fairfield. 


Jacquelyn E. Smith '58 and William S. Johnson on August 23, 1963. 

Margot Stern '58 and Jerome Ruskin on June 23, 1963. 

Harriette A. Adams x-'59 and Robert H. Seaman on September 28, 1963 at Smithtown, 

L. L. N. Y. 
Sally Bridger '59 and Daniel Bridges on March 21, 1963 at Sanford, Maine. 
Marietta Barbara DeSesa '59 and Alfred Novick on June 16, 1963 at Wellesley, Mass. 
Joanne Margaret Gullo '59 and Gerard L. Gormley, Jr. on February 23, 1963. 
Constance J. Hanson x-'59 and Robert J. Butera on May 1, 1963 at Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Carlene Ann Hintlian '59 and Bruce K. Newell in August 1963 at Cambridge, Ma-s. 
Nancy Carol Lincoln '59 and Robert V. Rowan in June 1963 at Manhasset, New York. 
Judith Ellen Altman '60 and Charles B. Penney on May 10, 1963 at Syracuse, New York. 
Kathryne H. Bouret '60 and David Jon Morgan on June 29, 1963 at Natick, Mass. 
Linda Collett '60 and John F. Sutherland on June 15, 1963 at South Portland, Maine. 
Carol Ann Cookson '60 and Peter C. Hird. 

Leslie J. Ghilani '60 and Roger H. Elkins on June 15, 1963 at Framingham, Mass. 
Mora M. Hillman '60 and Owen P. Maher on July 28, 1963. 
Carol Ann Israel x-'60 and Thomas E. Allen, Jr. on October 19, 1963. 
Sabra Knowlton '60 and Dr. Cesar A. Brea on June 29, 1963 at Grafton, Mass. 
Suzanne Larrabee '60 and Robert E. Blake on May 12, 1963 at Bar Harbor, Maine. 
Patricia J. Miller x-'60 and George Self on June 28, 1963 at Norwalk, Conn. 
Linda A. Ostrom '60 and Gene M. Goodwin on June 29, 1963 at Pittsfield, Mass. 
Constance Rowell '60 and James S. Jordan on March 18, 1963. 
Eileen Velenchik '60 and Dr. Howard W. Tolk on July 6, 1963. 
Elaine F. Waters '60 and Lt. Robert T. Shaunessy USNR on August 4, 1963. 
Barbara Lynn Weaver '60 and Daniel Sullivan on June 15, 1963 at Wareham, Mass. 
Brenda Alperin '61 and Erwin Summer on October 19, 1963. 
Joan Bagenstose '61 and Lt. Richard Higgins USA on July 6, 1963. 
Carolyn Bird '61 and Edward S. Murray on April 20, 1963 at Camden, Maine. 
Margaret Ann Burns x-'6l and Paul W. Nedorostek Jr. on April 27, 1963 at Torrington, 

Virginia Borrelli '61 and Richard M. Linburg on August 3, 1963 at New Haven, Con- 
Barbara E. Davis '61 and David L. Delano on June 22, 1963 at Middletown, Conn. 
Susan Dennison '61 and Arnold N. Harmon on August 25, 1963 at Portland, Maine. 
Suzanne DeLone '61 and Richard H. Lussier on April 27, 1963 at Weston, Mass. 
Pamela E. Gray '61 and John Fortuna Jr. on June 1, 1963 at Fairfield, Conn. 
Mary Constance Hofberg x-'6l and Richard C. Ford Jr. 
Carole A. Kirschner '61 and Daniel W. Wilson on September 7, 1963 at New Haven, 

Eleanor M. Laney '61 and Joseph T. Afflitto on June 22, 1963 at Uxbridge, Mass. 
Lois Maier '61 and Jerome M. Hahn on June 9, 1963 at Scarsdale, New York. 
Phyllis Anne Milano '61 and Frank R. Coliano in 1963 at West Medford, Mass. 
June Ann Paione '61 and William H. Lagerson on May 25, 1963 at Auburn, Maine. 
Ann Marie Porcaro '61 and Anthony G. Mucera on May 4, 1963 at Winchester, Mass. 
Sara Roberts '61 and Peter C. Flaherty on June 8, 1963 at Summit, New Jersey. 
Ellen Louise Smith '61 and Clarence I. Burton on June 9, 1962. 
Suzanne E. Sproul '61 and Second Lt. V. MichaelBlake on June 29, 1963 at Baumholden, 

Sheila M. Stevenson '61 and David M. Hudson on September 2, 1963 at South Barre, 

Judith E. Tibbetts '61 and Bruce P. Johnson on April 30, 1963 at Winchester, Mass. 
June G. Vara '61 and Salvatore A. Todaro on June 28, 1963 at Wellesley, Mass. 
Betsy Abel '62 and Peter M. Glass on June 15, 1962. 

Betsy Jean Berlow '62 and William Webber on June 2, 1963 at New Haven, Conn. 
Marybeth Brossman '62 and Henry L. Mortimer on April 20, 1963 at Riverside, Conn. 
Nance Darrow '62 and Lynwood J. Morin on September 8, 1962 at Norwich, Conn. 
Karen Eastman '62 and David F. Pemple on February 16, 1963 at Framingham, Mass. 
June Abby Golden '62 and Alan L. Gosule on June 2, 1963 at Boston, Mass. 
Linda Jane Guerry x-'62 and Frederick M. Dotson on April 27, 1963 at Simsbury, Conn. 
Janet L. Kinney x-'62 and Barry J. Dakin on May 4, 1963 at East Hartford, Conn. 
Janet Liffiton '62 and Douglas G. Gifford on September 7, 1963. 
Gwen Lincoln '62 and Bruce Colley on June 8, 1963 at Noroton, Conn. 
Susan I. Littman '62 and Howard Jay Barach on June 23, 1963 at Springfield, Mass. 
Laurel MacDougall x-'62 and Michael J. Cronin on June 22, 1963 at Newton Centre, 



Mrs. Joel Bishop Peckham 
Jeanne Chase '63 

Mrs. Robert J. Ferriman 
Susan Nanry '63 

Roberta F. McKinley '62 and Milton D. Machalek on June 15, 1963 at Cambridge, Mass. 
Dorris Orben '62 and Donald T. Campbell Jr. on May 4, 1963 at Short Hills, New Jersey. 
Elaine L. Sanderson '62 and Robert N. Willhauck on September 7, 1963 at Watertown, 

Carolyn B. Sigal x-'62 and Matthew C. Matzkin on July 7, 1963 at Mahopac, New York. 
Janet W. Smith '62 and Lewis W. Slimak Jr. on June 29, 1963. 
Linda L. Strecker '62 and William B. Harmon on July 6, 1963. 
Jana Sussman x-'62 and Barry Rosenthal on June 23, 1963 at Newton, Mass. 
Kathryn Tullock '62 and Second Lt. John T. Godwin on July 28, 1962. 
Suzanne Vaughan '62 and Charles F. Cronheim on August 4, 1962. 

Priscilla L. White '62 and Curtis V. Givan on June 22, 1963 at Barrington, Rhode Island. 
Cynthia H. Barber '63 and Edward C. Astrachan on September 15, 1963 at Belmont, 

Cornelia Bessemer '63 and Ross W. Hatfield on September 7, 1963 at Bridgeport, Conn. 
Jeanne Chase '63 and Joel B. Peckham on August 17, 1963- 
Ann Conway '63 and James Duplessie on June 22, 1963 at Greenwich, Conn. 
Jane Kownacki x-'63 and Robert Dempsey on June 1, 1963 at Greenfield, Mass. 
S. Pamela March '63 and George B. Allen in 1963 at Needham, Mass. 
Rita Mooney '63 and Peter Zassenhaus on June 15, 1963 at New Haven, Conn. 
Hedi Theresa Mozden '63 and Lloyd H. Wands on June 15, 1963 at Chicopee, Mass. 
Susan Nanry '63 and Robert J. Ferriman on September 21, 1963 at Winchester, Mass. 
Linda B. Norris '63 and Allyn C. Taylor III on September 14, 1963 at Hartford, Conn. 



Susan Ann Sheehan 
Mary Jane Fallona '62 

William E. Monaghan II 
Carol Civetti '59 

To Janice Weyls Moore '51, a third child, second daughter, Jennifer Lynn, on August 7, 

To Rosalie Caiger Sargent '52, a second daughter, Rosalie, on October 1, 1963- 
To Carolie Painter Wildrick '52, a son, Donald Stanley, in October 1963. 
To Louise Dawe Turner '53, fifth child, a daughter, Tracy Laura, on June 27, 1963. 
To Doris Gartner Gould '53, a second son, Jonathan Clark, on October 16, 1963. 
To Elizabeth McCarthy Ahaesy '53, a son, James Allen, on March 16, 1962. 
To Barbara Morris Louria '53, a daughter, Susan Miller, on August 6, 1963. 
To Beverly Sawdey Quintal '53, a second child, first daughter, Laurie Ann, on March 

13, 1963. 
To Joan Hildebrandt Estey '54, a daughter, Margaret Joanna, on August 13, 1963. 
To Helen Wood Queenan '54, a son, Steven Paul, on July 18, 1963. 
To Sandra Brideau Buckley '55, a second son, Scott Wesley, on August 7, 1963. 
To Ethel Griffin Browning '55, a third child, daughter Tracy Ann, on May 30, 1963. 
To Marcia Harrington McCarthy '55, a second daughter, Debra Jean, on January 5, 1963. 
To Shirley MacDonald Biamonte '55, a second son, David Louis, on April 10, 1962. 
To Barbara Travis Hendrick '55, a son, Jon Brewster, on December 12, 1962. 
To Joan Conley Eid '56, a son, Richard Norman Jr., on August 14, 1963. 
To Carol Corning Richard '56, a second daughter, Paula Jean, on February 15, 1963. 
To Ann Hastings Peterson '56, a son, Daniel, in February 1963. 
To Frances Nettleton Konsella '56, a son, Stephen Frank, on May 17, 1963. 
To Sandra Smith Swain '56, a second child, first daughter, Diana Crosby, on September 5, 

To Sonja Baker Carr x-'57, a daughter, Susan Joyce, on March 29, 1963. 


To Dorothy Fenley Manning '57, a second child, first daughter, Pamela Ann, on July 13, 

To Margaret Hubbard Higgins '57, a third child, first daughter, Amy Elizabeth on June 

23, 1963. 
To Margaret McKinney Bogdan '57, a daughter, Michelle Andree, on June 27, 1963. 
To Carol Swartz Kumin '57, a daughter, Johanna Lyn, on October 9, 1963- 
To Nancy Jones Pearson x-'58, a daughter, Paula Leslie, on June 22, 1963. 
To Starr Tupper Shannon '58, a son, John Joseph II, on June 3, 1963- 
To Cynthia Brossman Ancona '59, a second son, Glenn, on September 5, 1962. 
To Frances Reid Kip '59, a son, Peter Michael Jr., on September 27, 1963. 
To Mary Ann Stackpole Johnson '59, a daughter, Deborah Ann, on May 28, 1963. 
To Joan Sycle Baturin '59, a daughter, Laurie Beth, on October 2, 1963- 
To Judith Cassoli Collins '60, a son, Scott Paul, on August 2, 1963. 

To Carolyn Farnum MacWilliams '60, a daughter, Kristen Lynn, on April 5, 1963. 
To Anita Ramirez Zayas '60, a son, Vincente Ramon, on June 10, 1963. 
To Suzanne Spangenberg Straley '60, a son, Richard Gregory, on March 15, 1963. 
To Linda Benson Monti '61, a daughter, Lisa Ann, on August 28, 1963- 
To Marilyn Mertz Zimonis '61, a son, Scott John, on November 30, 1962. 
To Sandra Mueller Sandberg '61, a daughter, Kristen Lee, on May 11, 1963- 
To Gretchen Polhemus Edberg x-'6l, a daughter, Pamela Beth, on September 28, 1963. 
To Lucinda Rowland Ward '61, a second child, first son, James Sawyer IV, on October 

15, 1963. 
To Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan '61, a second child, James Patrick, on September 15, 

To Mary Jane Fallona Sheehan '62, a second daughter, Ellen Carmel, on August 1, 1963. 

Rare Moments 

Rare moments bring a spirit-rush of wings 

In breathless pause. 

When speech comes over-slow and strangely halting, 

It is because 

Their new-born baby minds so full of glories 

Try to reveal 

The marvel of that secret shining wonder 

We only feel. 

Too soon the swift surprise of earthly living 

Makes them forget, 

Though never do they lose those dreams celestial 

Without regret. 

How shall I dare to guide the steps that lately 

Asphodel trod? 

Ah, you will teach me, Little One from Heaven, 

The ways of God. 

Maude Simes Harding '06 

from the collection "Mother Songs' 
Wake-Brook House 1961 




The Very Special Reunioners: — Lunch- 
eon Guests of Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury: 
Charlotte Ryder Hall '08, Mary Good- 
win Olmsted '03, Helen Merriam Par- 
sons x-'03, Margaret Livermore Hull '13 
and Ruth Trowbridge Brown '13 



Mr. Walter R. Kattelle writes to the 
Alumnae Office: "In front of me on the 
desk is a picture of Nellie Feagles, whom 
I met a few days after her graduation from 
Lasell Seminary in*1897 and who has been 
my wife for 55 years. She left me on July 
22, 1963 after a very long illness. After 
graduation she and her mother stayed in 
Dr. Bragdon's house for two years, where 
I was a frequent caller. Nellie and her 
mother went abroad with one of the Lasell 
travel groups for a summer in Europe, and 
she attended Frau Dr. Hempel's Lan- 
guage School in Berlin. The following 
summer they joined a group on a trip to 
the North Cape and Russia, spent the win- 
ter in Berlin, and Nellie received a certifi- 
cate as a qualified teacher of German 
and French. We were married on October 
1, 1908 in Toledo, Ohio; lived in Auburn- 
dale for two years, later in Washington, 
D.C., and Riverside, Illinois. Since 1923 
we have resided in Upper Montclair, N.J. 
Nellie was much interested in the College 
and whenever we were in Auburndale, we 
always visited Lasell and our friends 




There were but five of The Very Special 
Reunioners on campus on Saturday, June 8, 
1963. To the luncheon table at the home of 
President and Mrs. Tewksbury they brought 
the good wishes of absent classmates. 

Greetings to 1903 were sent by Rose K. 
Taylor, Mabelle H. Whitney, lea Mallory 
Lyon, Agnes Drake Foss, Edith Ebersole 
Doud, Bertha Hayden King, Lucia Parcher 
Dow, Marie Gibert Martin and Ellen Stone 

Unable to join the celebration of their 55th 
Reunion were: Sophie Mayer March, Mary 
Porter Bigelow, Elizabeth Love Macey, 
Hope A. Richards, Grace T. Griswold, 
Ethel McCorkindale Harwood. Agnes Bul- 
lard Hobart, Gertrude Bragdon Edwards, 
Imo Blakestad King and Florence Stark 

"Best Good Wishes for a Happy Day to 
1913" were received from Eleanor Smith 
Dean, Wilhelmina Joscelyn Swett, Adelle 
Wilson Moffett, Theresa Gordon Traurig, 
and Dorothy Fink Riesen. 

Helen Campbell Rousseau sent regrets 
to the Southern California Lasell Club and 
adds "Sorry not to meet with you this 
year for I have always enjoyed the lunch- 
eon meetings. I am thankful to live in 
beautiful La Jolla surrounded by many 
flowers — the tuberous begonias and glox- 
inias are my favorites." 


After receiving the fall issue of "News 
from Lasell," Evelyn Ebert Allen wrote: 
"How surprised, and delighted I was to 
see the picture of us Lasell girls at the 
Mt. Pleasant House in the White Moun- 
tains. I was a member of the group and 
am seated on the balcony — fourth from 
the left. The trip was a wonderful expe- 
rience for a girl from Missouri and I was 
overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of 
the mountains in their fall colorings. The 
picture brought back many happy mem- 




Lila Woodbury Stearns '00-'02 is now a 

permanent resident of Daytona Beach 

(Fla.), Apartment 410, 115 Seabreeze 


Marie Gibert Martin writes "We are 
now happily situated in Scarlet Oak Man- 
or, a home for senior citizens, in Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. Frequently hear from Ida 
Mallory Lyon." 

Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03 writes to 
Dr. Tewksbury: "Your kind invitation for 
luncheon on Alumnae Day 1963 is at 
hand. How happy I would be to accept 
it. However, I shall not be able to come 
East this summer. Two summers ago I 
was visiting my son in Boston. He drove 
me out to Auburndale one afternoon in 
late July. The front door to Bragdon 
Hall was unlocked and we went in and 
I saw again all the old rooms that I re- 
member so well and took several colored 
slides of them. My son took the enclosed 
picture of me on the same bench that was 
in the hall sixty years ago. Best wishes 
for the continued success of the College." 

Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03 

Lucy Young Walker x-'08 and 


Grace Ordway Miller x-'04 writes from 
570 Ocean Avenue, Monterey, Calif.: "So 
happy to have chosen Monterey — this is 
a delightful spot. Frequently see Miss 
Ruby Smith, a retired teacher, who was a 
secretary at Lasell before coming to Mon- 
terey in 1922." 


Mabel Sayles Webster x-'05 is "renewing 
interest in Lasell — my granddaughter, 
Wendy Guillard, entered the College in 
September 1963." 

Hazel Carey Adam reports: "Two 
daughters, three granddaughters and three 
great grandsons 1 " 


The Class of 1906 mourns the death of 
Elizabeth Pierce Bittenbender x-'07. She 
always seemed to belong to us, and she 
shared our reunions. 

. . . M.S.H. 


From Daisy Gilbert Buck x-'07: "News 
from Lasell arrived and I enjoyed reading 
the article about Mrs. Blanche Martin. It 
brought back pleasant memories of that 
beautiful lady. She lived in Waltham and 
walked to Lasell for classes. She would 
stand in front of us in Chapel, eyes spar- 
kling and cheeks red, and have us recite 



'Give to the world the best you have and 
the best will come back to you.' I chose 
that for my life motto and have given it 
to many others to live by, it is all so true." 
Ruth Adams Whiston x-'07 continues to 
be very active in organization work, and 
is currently Regent of the Buffalo Chapter 
of Daughters of the American Colonists. 


Maria Riker Hume and Elizabeth Rob- 
inson Breed x-'09 have returned to Delray 
Beach (Fla.) for the winter season. Mrs. 
Hume is "so happy to have a cousin, Sally 
Beaven, enrolled at Lasell." Mrs. Breed 
enjoyed a summer vacation with son, 
Allen, and family in Erie (Penna.), where 
he is associated with the General Electric 


In early October Julia Crafts Sheridan, 
Marion Hale Bottomley and Marion's 
daughter, Mary (Bottomley '42) enjoyed a 
"Foliage" weekend in the White Moun- 
tains. Margherita Dike Hallberg will join 
Julia in New York and together they plan 
to drive to the National American Hotel- 
Motel Meetings in New Orleans. There 
they will visit with Mildred Snyder Grant 
before going to Sarasota for the holidays. 

And from Flint, Michigan, Lucy Aid- 
rich Berston writes: "Recently had a 
week's visit from Marian Halstead Fenton 
x-'ll and her husband of Berkeley, Calif. 
We tried to get together with Ruth Rawl- 
ings Mott '21, but could not arrange our 
calendars. Was very disappointed to miss 
a call from Helen Sayre Jacobs '11, who 
was on vacation in the vicinity." 


The Class extends sympathy to Margaret 
Thacher Drury x-'ll, whose husband, Dr. 
Dana W. Drury, passed away in January 

Vera Bradley Findlay writes: "Moved 
from the big house to a delightful apart- 
ment only a mile away — with miles of 
ocean view." The new address: White 
Sails Apts., R.D. #1, Stonington, Conn. 

And from Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull: 
"After twelve years in King Hall at East- 
ern Michigan University, I am living in 
my home at 3270 Ormond Road in Cleve- 
land Heights. Helen Ferry Babcock x-'ll, 
whom I see quite often, will be spending 
Thanksgiving Day with me. Should love 
to visit Lasell again before too long!" 

Constance E. Blackstock '09 

Harwichport, Mass. 

August 1963 


Miriam Flynn Speth writes that her 
daughter Nancy and two dear grandchil- 
dren live in Grosse Pointe Woods (Mich- 
igan) and are neighbors of Clara Parker 
Colby's son, Parker, and his family. 


From Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood: 
"Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale, Mary 
Quick Dean and I have started 50th Re- 
union plans. Replies to the first letter are 
encouraging — do keep them coming!" 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Mildred Smith Leach, whose husband, Al- 
bert H. Leach of Barrington, R. I., passed 
away on July 1-7, 1963. 




Charlotte Whiting Clark '16 has "taken 
a new position as draftsman and artist 
with an architect in the neighboring town 
of Cheshire (Conn.). Am also busy with 
my hobby of dressing antique dolls in 
period costumes." 


For the first time in memory the sun 
didn't shine on Mid Strain Nutter's an- 
nual Lasell get-together at her Pocasset 
summer home on August 13th. However, 
the gray day did not at all dim the gaiety. 
Chatter waxed fast and furious; delicious 
food was piled high on the dining-room 

Dr. Nutter and Dr. Tewksbury escaped 
for a cruise around the bay, encountering 
a bit of rough weather in the process. 
The "girls" gabbed and sipped coffee on 
the porch. 

The group, enjoying Mrs. Nutter's gra- 
cious hospitality, included: Dr. and Mrs. 
Blake Tewksbury, Helen Saunders '17, Ma- 
bel Straker Kimball '16, Eleanor McCarty 
Thomas '16, Marian Beach Barlow T6, 
Marion Griffin Wolcott '16, Freda Griffin 
Leining '20, E. Gertrude Allen '17. Made- 
line Farmer Ryder x-'15. Barba a Ordway 
Brewer '35, Dorothy Mosher Stone '42, 
Ruth Turner Crosby '42, Linda Nolin 
Ahern '55, Lucinda Nolin Quigley '55 and 
Mrs. Theodora A. Tower, Faculty. 


Picnic at Pelican Lake, northern 

to r.: A Duluth friend, Alieda Burnett 
Arneson '14 and Carolyn Moore '14 


Twelve members of The Class of 1918 
returned to Lasell for the 45th Reunion 
on Saturday, June 8, 1963. In attendance 
were Class President Dorothy Barnes Paine 
from Kansas, Kathryn Craig Rowand from 
South Dakota, and the following New En- 
glanders: Lois Nichols Arnold, Ann Stro- 
nach, Lydia Adams Godsoe, Harriet Mor- 
ris Kenney, Elsie Flight Wuestefeld, Anita 
Hotchkiss Scott, G. Elaine Eaton Under- 
bill, Mildred Cary Hill, Ruth B. Newcomb 
and Barbara McLellan McCormick. A de- 
licious luncheon was enjoyed under The 
Tent, where the Class Gift of $2,105.00 was 
announced. That evening at the Class Din- 
ner at The Pillar House, we were joined 
by several members of '17 and '19. Most 
of the group spent the night at the Fra- 
mingham Motel, parting reluctantly after 
breakfast with plans for returning for our 
50th Reunion. 

Adele Chaffee Higgins, 96 Park Drive, 
San Anselmo, Calif. Widowed. Has three 
daughters and 14 grandchildren. Hobbies 
are gardening, "antiquing," and travel. 

Lois Nichols Arnold, Old Pine Shop, 
Henniker, N. H. Has one daughter, two 
sons and 7 grandchildren. Besides being 
a housewife, is active in church, Woman's 
Club and Republican Club. Interested in 
antiques, helps her husband in restoring 
them, and in rug hooking. 

Mary Roxana Stark Burns, R. F. D. #1, 
Louisiana, Missouri. Has five children and 
ten grandchildren. Regrets not being able 
to attend this year, but plans to come in 

Annie E. Stronach, 61 Bartlett Street, 
Pittsfield, Mass. Retired now after work- 
ing for thirty years in banks and insurance 
offices, and loves it. Does a lot of 
church work, as well as civic work. Hobby 
is walking in the winter — the colder the 
better — and sitting in the sun in the 

Irvina Pomeroy Cooper, 7236 Oglesby 
Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Has one daugh- 
ter and two grandsons. Besides being a 
housewife, has done volunteer surgical 
nursing at Chicago's Cook County Hospital 
(world's largest charity hospital) for fif- 
teen years, serving one day a week. 

Lydia Adams Godsoe, Belfast Road, 
Camden, Maine. Two grandsons. Hobbies 
include growing orchids and painting. 

Marjorie Kunkel Brown, Box 11, Bluff- 
ton, Indiana. Has two daughters, and five 
grandchildren. Housewife, plays a little 
bridge, still interested in her college 
sorority. And her main hobby — her 



1918 Leads the Luncheon Parade 

Clara Spinney Colby, 266 Vineyard 
Drive, Orchard Park, R. D. 4, Gibsonia, 
Penna. Has three daughters, 8 grand- 
daughters and 4 grandsons. Belongs to 
Woman's Club, Choral Club, Garden Club 
and three Bridge Clubs, in addition to 
being a housewife. 

Harriet Morris Kenney, Old Center, 
Winchendon, Mass. Has two daughters and 
two grandsons. Her hobby has been the 
Theatre — her daughters were ice skaters, 
as well as Radio and TV performers in 
New York City. 

Kathryn Craig Rowand, Box 211, Belle 
Fourche, S. Dak. Just a housewife these 
days — gardens a bit, and works in the 
Episcopal Guild. Has two sons, three 

Elsie Flight Wuestefeld, 91 Spring Glen 
Terrace, Hamden, Conn. One daughter, 
one grandson. Treasurer of the Coreopsis 
Sunshine Society. 

Gail Wilson Boynton, 6 Dorrance Place, 
Hanover, N. Hamp. Two sons and five 
grandchildren. She says: "Married to a 
Dartmouth man, live in Hanover. Need I 
say More?" 

Anita Hotchkiss Scott, Hunting Hill 
Road, Woodbridge, Conn. Has one daugh- 
ter, one son, two grandchildren. 

G. Elaine Eaton Underhill, 723 Merrick 
Avenue, Collingswood, N. Jersey. Wid- 

owed. One son, and two daughters, 10 
grandchildren (9 boys and 1 girl, including 
twins). Now retired from "work." 

Mildred Cary Hill, Belgrade Lakes, 
Maine. Has one daughter and two g'and- 
daughters. Remarried in October 1962 to 
Major General Edmund W. Hill, USAF 

Almira L. Shepard, The Crestview, Apt. 
403, 3601 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, 
D. C. Retired from Navy Finance Center 
in Cleveland on March 31, 1956, and now 
lives in Washington. Dined with Mary 
Casey Venette in Durham, N.H. one eve- 
ning last summer. 

Grace Treadway Davies, 160 Blenheim 
Road, Columbus, Ohio. Widowed. Two 
sons, one daughter and 9 grandchildren. 
Assistant Resident Head at Neil Hall, 
Ohio State University. Knitting and mak- 
ing doll clothes for Giny and Barby dolls 
■ — alumnae work in her sorority. 

Marion Oram VanValkenburgh, 253 N. 
Broadway, Upper Nyack, N. Y. Widowed. 
Besides helping care for her parents, who 
live nearby, she does hospital work and her 
principal hobby is gardening. Has taken 
several blue ribbons at the Garden Club 
Flower Show. 

Leontine Goodman Thalheimer, 25 Mor- 
ris Street, Hamden, Conn. One daughter, 
two granddaughters, Active with the New 



Haven Branch, American Cancer Society, 
having served in various capacities. Now 
has had to resign these offices, and is on 
the Board of Trustees. 

Ruth B. Newcomb, 124 Siders Pond 
Road, Falmouth, Mass. An adopted daugh- 
er, three grandchildren. Member of the 
Board of the Nursing Association, mem- 
ber of vestry, church work and garden 

Barbara McLellan McCormick, 9 Cham- 
blet Street, Dorchester, Mass. Red Cross 
Blood Bank. Housewife. 

Dorothy Barnes Paine, 412 West Third 
Street, Pratt, Kansas. One of the few Lasell 
girls who has neither children nor grand- 
children. Home keeping has always been 
her main interest in life. 

And from Mid Cary Hill: "I wish all 
1918'ers could have been with us at our 
45th Reunion. After 45 years, the old spirit 
was there and we all felt young and gay 
again ! 

"Your secretary is now home from 
wanderings in Europe and she and her 
new husband are settled in Belgrade Lakes, 
Maine. After being a resident of Winches- 
ter, Massachusetts, for 41 years, it was 
quite a change to move to a new com- 
munity, but I love it. We are situated just 
between two lakes — Great Pond at the 
rear and Long Pond in front, so we have a 
boat on both lakes. We have decided to 
build a camp on Long Pond not far from 
Elizabeth Arden's 'Maine Chance'. 

"Early in July our home was the gath- 
ering place for a group of 1918'ers. 
Lydia Adams Godsoe and husband, Har- 
riet Morris Kenney and husband, Kathryn 
Craig Rowand and husband, Barbara Mc- 
Lellan McCormick and husband, and Ruth 
B. Newcomb. We wish more of the class 
would find their way to our door. 

"At present my daughter, Janet Eaton 
Maynard (Lasell '45), her husband, and 
two daughters, Cary Eaton Maynard '16, 
and Becky Ayer Maynard '13, are visiting 
from St. Paul, Minnesota, where they have 
lived since December 1961. It is wonderful 
to have them here — and with my mother 
also here, we have four generations. 

My best to you all !" 

. . . M.C.H. 


In late October Ruth Madaline Smith 
Baker x-'21 and husband called at Lasell. 
Ruth is director of activities for 200 peo- 
ple at Frasier Meadows Manor, a retire- 
ment home in Boulder, Colorado. 

Helen Jacobs x-'21 is President of the 
Old South Seniors Club at the Old South 
Church in Copley Square, Boston. 

Ruth Hayden '20 and Maude Hayden 

Keeney '16 with their 91-year-old 

mother, Mrs. Richard Hayden 


Contributed by Harriette Case Bidwell: 

Now I sit me down in school 

Where praying is against the rule. 

For this great nation, under God 

Finds public mention of Him odd. 

Any prayer a class recites 

Now violates the Bill of Rights. 

Any time my head I bow 

Becomes a Federal matter now. 

Teach us of stars or pole and equator 

But make no mention of their Creator. 

Tell of exports in Denmark and Sweden 

But not one word on what Eve did in 

The law is specific, the law is precise 
Praying out loud is no longer nice. 
Praying aloud in a public hall 
Upsets believers in nothing at all. 
In silence alone can we meditate 
And if God should get the credit, great. 
This rule, however, has a gimmick in it, 
You've got to be finished in less than a 

So all I ask is a minute of quiet 
If I feel like praying, then maybe I'll 

try it. 
If not, O Lord, this plea I make: 
Should I die in school, my soul you'll take. 




Because for once the mails did not 
"get through" (I posted the Reunion 
Notes to Lasell from the old home- 
stead in Maine and they never ar- 
rived — necessitating my re-writing 
them), please watch for the February 
issue for ALL the news that is '23's 
News ! We had a wonderful time and 
only wish more of you could have 
been with us at Reunion. We have 
the "green light" for February's issue. 
As Sehora would say, "Hasta la vista." 

. . . Dree 


Dear Girls: 

Make your plans now for the BIG Re- 
union Weekend — June 12, 13 and 14. 
Talk it up!!! 

See you there, 


Helen Robson Hamill and husband have 
recently returned to their Florida home 
(3600 Alhambra Court, Coral Gables). 
Two wonderful vacation jaunts have taken 
them to Mexico and to the British Isles. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hamill 
Helen Robson '24 


From Madeleine Roth White: "On vaca- 
tion in Honolulu last spring visited with 
Helen Duncan Devereux. Had luncheon 
with Minerva Damon Ludewig '27 in San 
Francisco on our return home." 

35 th Reunion 

Each Reunion is memorable for at least 
one different reason — this year had two 
distinctions: the first being the smallest 
attendance; the second, the selling of 
chances on two kimonos sent from Japan 
by Haru Tokito some years ago — from 
which the sum of $60 was raised for the 
Class of 1928's contribution to the Alum- 
nae Fund. 

Alumnae Day weather was perfect and 
our small group had a happy day, we 
missed you "absentees" very much, but the 
notes, letters and telegrams provided wel- 
comed reading. Your Secretary had an 
"off" year due to serious family sickness, 
so thanks to The Alumnae Office much of 
the detail work was carried along when I 
was unable to write the customary letters. 
Replies to your interesting reports will be 
sent — eventually. My thought now is 
that we must start concentrating right 
NOW so that our 40th will be a truly 
great event. For the present your chief 
interest will be in the collective news of 
classmates which I have digested briefly 
for this issue of the LEAVES. When I 
stop being a commuter and night worker, 
I will personally acknowledge each letter. 

Our Class President, Helen Cole Chalfant 
sent word from Miami that son David is 
attending Cornell; Constance married; and 
married son Edward about to be ordained 
an Episcopal minister. Helen has been 
extremely active in the Florida alumnae 
group. Evelyn Bostel Dotterer enclosed a 
fine family photograph with notations that 
her three daughters are Norey, in high 
school; Nina, a student at Lasell; and 
Nancy, a senior at Boston University. 
We did miss Evelyn's usual presence. 
Dorothy Plummer Edmunds was soon to 
leave for a European vacation and men- 
tioned that one daughter, Ann, is married 
to a lawyer in Arizona; Sherry is attending 
Northwestern University; and unmarried 
Jeff has just completed his studies at Deni- 
son. (Dixie — you must come to one 
Reunion — make it the 40th!) Marjorie 
Taylor Flemings has established a fine 
catering service and a Gourmet Shop in 
Clearwater, Florida — a good enough rea- 



There Were A Few 

son for not being able to come North. Her 
four children are married and there are 
four grandchildren. She has moved to 611 
North Fort Harrison Avenue in Clear- 

Catherine Worrall Flint came to Au- 
burndale in 1962 for 1927's Reunion. This 
year she wrote to us as Dean of Girls at 
Principia in St. Louis, a position which 
she thoroughly enjoys. Her daughter, with 
three grandchildren, live near Philadelphia, 
and Kitty's Wall Street business man is son 
William. Greetings from Detroit came 
with Kathryn Forgey's note and message. 
Kay, whose father lived to an active age 
of 91, continues to live in the family 
home. She was looking ahead to a mid- 
summer vacation in Portland (Maine) and 
and a visit with Muriel Hagerthy Murray 
'29. Evelyn Douglas Hooper missed her 
first reunion due to sickness. Her whirl- 
wind trip to visit the children — the 
married and the students — started from 
Hamden (Conn.) instead of Auburndale. 
Margaret Basley Irwin telephoned that 
she keeps very busy with her work — and 
we know what an active gal she is. This 
was Peg's first "miss" too. Jeanette Allen 
Love sent greetings but being the sweet, 
quiet person she is, she didn't tell what a 
busy and wonderful mother she is to Les- 
lie, Julie and Melanie — the most attrac- 
tive Love's. 

Phoebe Dotten Low was accompanied 
by daughter, Barbara, who, as the "young- 

est" class member present, had the dis- 
tinction of drawing the winning numbers 
for the kimonos. A recent graduate of 
Vermont College, Barbara was preparing 
for her late summer wedding to Frederick 
Sloder, Jr. Phoebe's son, Richard, pre- 
pared at Maine Maritime Academy for his 
position with the American Export Lines. 
Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie not only 
came to Reunion but invited the three 
lone survivors at day's end to visit her 
home in Waban. Midge's children are do- 
ing various interesting things — eldest 
daughter, Jeanne, a secretary; and Joanne, 
a student at Garland Junior College, has 
a major interest in art under the super- 
vision of Lasell's former instructor, Kay 
Peterson Parker. 

Mary Pryor Miller wrote her message 
from Lafayette, N. J., and commented on 
her enjoyment of three step-children and 
six step-grandchildren. Mary also sent 
the very sad news of the death of Helene 
Salzenstein Hinds after several years of 
severe illness. We shall remember Helene 
with true affection and send heartfelt sym- 
pathy to her daughter, Ann, and family. 
Margaret Newman, our loyal standby, 
brought much merriment and news, en- 
joyable stories of her travels and photog- 
raphy, in which she has a keen interest. 
For twenty-two years Margaret has been a 
member of the Mechanical Engineering 
Department of Bethlehem Steel Company 
in Quincy. We were truly sorry Janet 
Scott Morse was unable to persuade a 
few classmates to be her house guests for 
the weekend — neither they nor Janet 
joined us. We also missed the latest news 
of Janet's talented and married daughter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Brown, Jr. 
Peggy Woods '28 



Evelyn Ladd Rublee '28 and 
husband Bill 

Evelyn Ladd Rublee sent a last minute 
cancellation — but did enclose a snapshot 
of herself with husband Bill. Daughter 
Cynthia, a graduate nurse of Beverly Hos- 
pital, now is married and has two young 
daughters. Gertrude Wagner is very active 
in the National Secretaries Association, 
serving as a member of the International 
Finance Committee. Trudy plans to attend 
a 1964 convention at the new Hotel Ameri- 
cana and promises to visit the College. 
Dorothy Frazer Wahl writes that Suzanne 
is married and daughter Barbara is a jun- 
ior at Millersville State College. Peggy 
Woods Brown sent a fine report and en- 
closed a photo showing Peggy and husband 
at the time of a special anniversary cele- 
bration at the bank. Peggy's son, Major 
Arnold Wood Brown of the Air Force, 
is stationed in Albuquerque. 

Our 35th was "First" Reunion for Edith 
Hussey Adams, now a Sudbury neighbor. 
Her husband is affiliated with General 
Radio and Kipling, Jr. is with The Nor- 
ton Company in Worcester. John is a stu- 
dent at the University of Chicago. Dolly 
Goodwin Culver, always a gay addition 
to our meetings, only deserted us in the 
afternoon to help at a church affair. She 
even left the lovely cool sea breezes at 
her summer home to visit with us — and 
this time didn't dash to the telephone to 
find out if she were a grandmother ! A 
telegram arrived from Joan Johnson Dori- 
ot and with it the fine news that her 
daughter was graduating from the Phoenix 
(Ariz.) High School with high distinction. 

Natalie Robbe Hemmett is enjoying secre- 
tarial work at Warner-Chilcott in Morris 
Plains. Son Roland, Jr., a track star, plans 
to study engineering. Josephine Laughton 
Hopkins writes the most interesting let- 
ters. This was a first "miss" for Jo — but 
with good reason. She is active in many 
community projects — the most time- 
consuming at the moment is the Barsto 
Restoration — a New Jersey Sturbridge! 

We continued to hope there would be 
a last-minute "I'm coming" from Barbara 
Lawson — a happy, contented New Yorker 
— active in church work and on music 
committees. One of the most interesting 
of letters came from Helen Hawes Loomis 
telling of her doings and of the family; 
and the bravest of letters, for Hawsey was 
writing from the hospital, where she was 
being forced "to be lazy." (Over activity 
had been her downfall). She is one of 
the busiest of Skowhegan women — a 
member of various community groups and 
clubs, a reporter for the Bangor Daily 
News, and chairman of the 1963 Easter 
Seal Drive. 

My sincere thanks to each of you who 
answered our 1963 Reunion letter ■ — and 
to those of you who have not yet filled 
in the questionnaire — do it today. 

Best good wishes for the Holiday 

. . . L.G.B. 


Frances Smith Miller reports: "At last I 
have some news for the Class of '30 sent 
to me by Joan Collier Cooper. Her daugh- 
ter, Carolyn Cooper, was graduated with 
honors in June from Framingham State 
Teachers College. She was one of two 
students in the Home Economics Depart- 
ment to be awarded membership in 'Who's 
Who Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges for the year 1962- 
63.' Later in June she became the bride 
of Paul E. Kelley at the Center Congrega- 
tional Church in Lynnfield. Mr. Kelley is 
a student at Bangor Theological Seminary, 
Bangor, Maine. While he completes his 
studies, Carolyn will teach Home Econom- 
ics at Bangor High School. 

Best wishes and much happiness to Car- 
olyn from the Class of '30. Those attending 
our 30th reunion will remember what a 
lovely and beautiful girl she was for she 
came with her mother to enjoy the day 
with us." 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Somers (Jean- 
nette Gessner) announce the engagement 
of their daughter, Jean Martha Somers 
x-'64, to Lt. Allan F. Everson USAF. 




Ruth Bee Jackson is regent of Putnam 
Hill Chapter, DAR, in Greenwich, Con- 
necticut, and previously served as vice 
regent and finance chairman of that group. 

The Greenwich Branch of the National 
Multiple Sclerosis Society elected Mrs. 
Jackson chairman of the organization for 
1960-61 after she was corresponding sec- 
retary and chairman of the card party and 
fashion show. She was also corresponding 
secretary of the Connecticut State Board 
of the national group. 

Work in the Woman's Club of Green- 
wich includes serving on the group activi- 
ties, club house fund, social, printing, and 
credentials, and hospitality committees. 
Mrs. Jackson was vice chairman and chair- 
man of the ways and means committee 
and head of the house tour. Other offices 
held were that of budget and correspond- 
ing secretary. 

Ruth has given more than 2700 hours of 
volunteer work at the Greenwich Hospital 
during the past eight years. For five years 
she was a volunteer at the Greenwich 
Branch of the American Red Cross. 

Jane Porter Brown x-'31 is happy to 
report that her niece, Pamela Porter, is a 
member of Lasell's freshman class. 

Ruth Bee Jackson '31 

Carolyn Cooper Kelley, daughter of 
Joan Collier '30 


Kay Hartman Macy and Henry are 
"finding ourselves very much alone this 
year — our four daughters are in school 
and college. The twins and middle daugh- 
ter are enrolled at The Madeira School; 
our eldest is in Spain, taking a junior year 
at the University of Madrid." 

3 Deer Run Circle, Chatham, New Jer- 
sey is the new address for Blanche Dough- 
erty Horsman. Bannie writes: "Thor- 
oughly enjoying life here in New Jersey. 
Son John is now on the staff of a New 
York City newspaper; Jane's twin daugh- 
ters are nearly a year old. I keep very 
busy with bowling, bridge, investment 
clubs and judging ice skating — need I 
mention, baby sitting?" 

Another proud grandmother is Helen 
Fitch Foley — #3 grandson, Timothy 
Michael Foley, is the latest arrival. 

Helane Jones Pressel enjoyed her annual 
summer in Massachusetts. While on the 
Cape, Helane visited with Elinor Packard 
Hills '30 and Ruth Wyand Thissell '33. 




June 8, on campus, proved a rewarding 
day to the eight girls and guests who as- 
sembled under the Big Tent. We were 
entertained by the Lamp Lighters and the 
Song Fest winne s of Converse, cooled by 
a delightful breeze, and fed in nostalgic 
Lasell style. After lunch we explored the 
new luxurious Lasell and saw again a pret- 
ty queen crowned in the Crow's Nest, and 
witnessed the cornerstone laying of yet 
another new building. 

Those who "made it" were Bunny Bar- 
dua Childs, Sis Burwell and her mother, 
Grace Dunne Walker, Shirley Gould 
Chesebro, Libby Mclntire Bennert, "Og- 
gie" Ogden Hayes, Char Phillips Wilkins, 
Nancy Skiff and Ruth Stafford Clark and 
daughter, Jennie. 

Hazel Merritt Bliven, and Marjorie 
Walker joined us at The Pillars for a 
very gay informal dinner. We had as our 
special guest ; our "adopted" classmate. 
Marge MacClymon '32. We missed all of 
you who "couldn't make it," and hope you 
will be present at our next reunion. 

Shirley Gould Chesebro, reunion chair- 
man, has agreed to take on the job again 
for 1968. 

From questionnaires we learn that Bette 
Andrews York moved into a new home 
at 5 Crestview Drive, North Haven, Conn, 
last year, and in May, Eunice Andrews 
Brooks, her twin, moved across the street 
from her. Bette's daughter, Sally, attends 
The MacDuffie School in Springfield, and 
her son, Randy, entered junior high this 

Eunice Andrews Brooks' daughter, Su- 
san, graduated from Lasell in June '62. 
She is completing her nursing course and 
will receive her R.N. in September. Jeff, 
her son, attends Cheshire Academy. 

A phone call to Faith Barber Brandt 
found her involved in school activities. 
Her children, Ricki and Linda, are stu- 
dents at Kingswood and Oxford Schools 
in Hartford, Conn. 

Helen Bardua Childs traveled to the 
Midwest last summer, after swinging down 
through Virginia and over the Skyline 
Drive on her way to Principia College to 
see her oldest son, Richard, graduate. 
Last winter Bunny had "five glorious 
weeks in Florida, just taking in the whole 
state and seeing all the sights." She is an 
active church worker, a Christian Science 
practitioner, and serves on the board of a 
Christian Science Nursing home. Bunny 
has three children, Richard, Rosalind, and 

Helen Breed Solberg writes that her 
twenty-year-old son, Kristian, is doing 

Mary Hood Harney 
Dorothy Guest '33 

landscape gardening in the Boston area. 
Daughter Linda-Marie entered high school 
this fall. 

We again want to thank Helen (Sis) 
Burwell for being "our gal Friday" 
reunion-wise. Sis is with the Department 
of Education in Hartford, Conn. 

Laura Dietz Rudginsky writes, "Went 
to Arizona this past winter and stayed 
in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson for a 
month. I am presently teaching language 
training (remedial reading), spelling, com- 
prehension, etc. at two of the public 
schools in Newton, and Beaver Country 
Day School in Chestnut Hill." Laura saw 
Lillian Druker Feingold and her husband 
in New York on the April 8th weekend. 

Margaret Dubois Loukes took a won- 
derful seven-week trip to the Pacific Is- 
lands in 1961. The next year she remod- 
eled a school house, incorporating modern 
conveniences with antique charm. 

Craig, 21; John, 17; and Sara, 13 are 
Grace Dunne Walker's three. We all en- 
enjoyed the snaps of them, which she 
brought to the reunion and also the dis- 
tant view of her Herefords. Grace is a 
substitute teacher, member of the school 
board, and the Doctor's assistant. 

Conflicting graduation dates, Steffi from 
Penn State University and Terry from 
Phillips Academy, kept Barbie Erickson 
Rogers from reunion. Barbara is again an 
active realtor. 



Shirley Gould Chesebro's son, Robert 
A. Jr., is in Germany with Uncle Sam. 
John is married and lives in Albany, New. 
York. Gordon is at Northeastern Univer- 
sity and Nancy 15 is a member of the 
Class of 1963 at Vermont College. 

Dorothy Guest Harney flew to Switzer- 
land in June, 1961, and with a friend 
toured Switzerland and Germany in a 
Volkswagen. "It was fabulous." Her 
daughter, Mary, has completed her fresh- 
man year at Brenan College in Gainesville, 

Jeanne Heilig Noack writes, "My fam- 
ily, home, and new granddaughter keep 
me well occupied. Jack and I took a jet 
to Miami during Easter week to visit my 
brother whom I hadn't seen for six 
years. It was an enjoyable respite from 
this cold Michigan weather. In the sum- 
mer of I960 we came East and had a de- 
lightful visit with Ada Smith Falkenholm 
x-'32, in Middletown, R. I. Wilma Silver- 
nail sent me a picture of the last reunion, 
but I had to return it without being able 
to identify everyone." Jeanne's children 
are Cynthia Noack Greensmith, mother of 
Christy Ann, four months, and Jack, 13. 

Mary Hill Davis has recently returned 
from Florida. Mary has two children, 
Steven, 23, and a married daughter, Janet 
Davis Peterson. 

Helen Joyce Cardozo was attending her 
niece's wedding on our reunion day. Per- 
haps we shall see her in 1968? Her 
daughter, Joyce, is an occupational ther- 
apist at the Massachusetts Department of 
Mental Health in Waltham. Helen still 
takes her annual Canadian vacation. Her 
hobby is ceramics. She is active in the 
Eastern Star, and is Past Worthy Ma- 
tron, Deputy Grand Marshall, and Sec- 

Our newest grandmother, Hazel Merritt 
Bliven, had the exciting news of her first 
grandchild's birth to tell us at reunion. 
The baby was so new that it hadn't been 
named. Joan Bliven Horskin, Hazel's 
daughter, is the baby's mother. Hazel's 
son, David, is a first lieutenant with the 
114th Air Mobile Company, and is flying 
helicopters in Viet Nam. 

Libby Mclntire Bennert was chauf- 
feured to our reunion by her son Harry, 
and his wife, giving us an opportunity 
to meet the future Dr. and Mrs. Bennert 
Jr. Harry graduated from Boston Uni- 
versity Medical School later in June. Lib- 
by's daughter, Susan LaFrance, was a 
sociologist at New Haven Hospital, while 
her husband attended Yale Law School, 
from which he graduated in June. After 
Libby attended the D.A.R. Continental 
Congress this year in Washington, she 

was joined by her husband and son for a 
trip to Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and 
the Skyline Drive. Libby is chairman for 
the Hospital Cart, and a Veterans Ad- 
ministration gray lady. 

Louise Newell Audette's son, Dane, 23, 
is located at Lowry Air Force Base, Den- 
ver, Colorado. "He is completing a course 
in electronics, hoping to combine that 
with his college degree in business man- 
agement, after three more years of Air 
Force duty," Louise writes. "We are all 
very proud of Linda, 21, a senior at Bos- 
ton University majoring in English Litera- 
ture. She continues to be on the Dean's 
list with a 3.8 average, and has received 
the Phi Beta Kappa scholarship for the 
coming year. This summer she is working 
part-time in an office at Boston University, 
and taking two courses, which will relieve 
her schedule next year for extra research. 
As her hobby is playing the recorder, I 
'rope her in' to play at church with me 
when she gets home. I am still organist 
at Central Church and have to serve as 
choir director much of the time. Also 
sing with a choral group in Manchester." 
Louise is president of the women's group 
at church, has a part-time job in a drug 
store, and manages her various properties. 
She and her daughter visited Prince Ed- 
ward Island last fall. 

The Russell Childs Family 

I. to r.: Rosalind, Russ, Helen (Bunny 

Bardua '33), and Richard. Foreground: 

Randall and Grandfather Bardua 



Peter and Ann VanDeBogert 
Barbara Stover '33 

Charlotte Ockert is with Thompson & 
Peck Insurance Agency in New Haven, 

Virginia Ogden Hayes showed us many 
lovely colored pictures of daughter Alice's 
wedding. She was married on April 27, 
1963 to Chester Barrows. Oggie is Vice- 
President and Assistant Treasurer of her 
Husband's company, C. I. Hayes Inc. of 
Cranston, R. I. 

Char Phillips Wilkins left the charms of 
the Cape to "reune" with us. She had 
jumped the season as her daughters 
worked at the Cape last summer. Marcia 
returned to Connecticut College this fall 
and Linda joined the Lasell freshmen. 
Curt, her fourteen-year-old son, is in 
junior high. 

Bertha Root Smith wrote, "We are 
hoping to go to Montana in June to see 
our daughter, Linda Sue. She graduated 
from Boston University, Gamma Phi Beta 
sorority, and is now married and living 
in Montana." Bertha had recently taken a 
trip to the University of Virginia where 
her son, Peter, is enrolled for the fall. 

Angelita Santiago Gebelein has a son, 
Arthur, and a daughter, Carol, who is 
married to Richard German. They have 
one child, Lynn Holly German. Angie 
traveled extensively in the last few years. 

In I960 she visited Europe, returning via 
the S.S. "United States." She also visited 
North Carolina that year. In 1961 she 
visited Chicago, Las Vegas, California, and 
Canada. The year 1962 found her in Flor- 
ida and Nassau. She is president-elect of 
the Morton Hospital women's auxiliary, a 
member of the Raynham planning board, 
and on the board of the women's auxiliary 
of the Lakeville Hospital. 

Nancy Skiff returned from her Florida 
vacation in Ft. Lauderdale in time for 
reunion. She was the house guest of Char 
Wilkins for the occasion. 

Harriet Smith Rawson writes, "Sorry 
we have to travel to West Virginia to 
pick up our son, Thomas, in college, so 
will be unable to attend the reunion." 
Harriet is working again, after 25 years, 
in an attorney's office, and "loves it." She 
has two granddaughters, the children of 
Sarah Rawson Wardwell. 

Barbara Stover Van De Bogert's daugh- 
ter, Ann, graduated from the University 
of Maine in June, and is teaching in 
Hamilton, Mass. Her son, Peter, is a 
junior at Hebron Academy. Barbara 
writes, "Have taken up golf within the 
last couple of years, and do club and 
volunteer work." 

Another of our grandmothers with five 
grandchildren is Millicent Thomson Ham- 
mer. These are the children of Spot's 
daughters, Lee and Bonnie. Spot writes, 
"This February, Jack and I went to Jamaica 
for eight days, Haiti for three days, and 
St. Thomas for two weeks — perfectly 
wonderful. We bought a lot there for the 

During dinner Marjorie Walker told us 
a bit of the interesting and important 
work she is doing with the government. 

Like many classmates, my life revolves 
around the children. Jeanne is in junior 
high, and this past year became a first 
class Scout with the usual sash of achieve- 
ment badges. She won an award for gen- 
eral scholastic honors, and one for excel- 
lence in the school orchestra. Ken is a cub 
scout, and an Indian on the farm team ■ — 
and off it, too. This spring we explored 
the Outer Banks of North Carolina from 
our home base at Nags Head. On our 
return trip North we revisited Williams- 
burg. Last fall I was a page at our State 
D. A. R. convention. 

It is never too late to return your ques- 
tionnaire, or a note to me. So please send 
it along, if you haven't already done so. 

It was a great, though small reunion. 
Do "try a little harder" to be at the next 

. . . R. S. C. 




From Florence Lebrecht Rourke: "My 
husband is a vice president with T.W.A., 
and we have recently been transferred to 
the East. Our present address is 12 Fern- 
wood Drive, Stamford, Conn. Do hope 
to visit Lasell before too long. Am most 
anxious to contact Virginia Leahy Ber- 
wick and Ruth Ayres "Wilder x-'34." 


On June 26, 1963 David Ordway and 
Barbara Ordway Brewer were hosts at a 
party honoring their parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. Earl H. Ordway, on the occasion of 
their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Neighbors, friends and relatives gathered 
for an informal buffet in the Ordway's 
yard and were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. 
Ordway, Barbara, David, David's wife, 
Carol, and the four grandchildren. Many 
flowers, gifts and congratulatory messages 
made it a very happy occasion; the Trus- 
tees presented Mr. Ordway with a Pola- 
roid color camera. 

Mr. Ordway has been affiliated with 
the College since 1911, as faculty member, 
superintendent of grounds, coach of crew 
and as a member of the Board of Trus- 

Barbara Ordway Brewer reports "sparse 
squeezings from the thin juice of 1935:" 

While vacationing in Florida with 
daughter Bonnie this fall, I telephoned 
Martha Parsons Lindsay, just returned 
from a summer in Maine. Martha's older 
son, Stephen, will be a freshman at St. 
Petersburg Junior College, where Roberta 
Morrill Buchanan is director of the Speech 

In April, Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 
dropped in for a brief visit. Eleanor was 
accompanied by son Charles and daughter- 
in-law Jane. Charles was graduated in 
June from St. Lawrence College, where 
his father is head of the Chemistry De- 
partment. Eleanor was a house guest of 
Jeanette White Eaton x-'35. 

While attending a D.A.R. convention in 
Washington, Puffy Selby Guerry took time 
out for a visit with Polly Philbrick 
Gritz. Puffy's daughter, Linda x-'62, a 
recent graduate of Morse Business College 
in Hartford, was married in April to 
Frederick M. Dotson of Simsbury. 

August visitors on campus were Kay 
Peck Dietler and family. 

To Cindy King Haskins from Thelma 
Larkin Richardson: 

While visiting daughter Louise at Nas- 
son College last year, I met Miss Mac 

McClelland — we greeted each other with 
gusto — then ran smack into Lil Tobias 
Richmyer, whose son has been accepted at 
Nasson. My "baby" boy (26 years) is a 
helicopter pilot with the Army. He and 
his wife and their three little ones are at 
Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He came for a 
short visit in June, landed in a 'copter' in 
the backyard and I thought the Martians 
had really come for me! Daughter Louise 
was a finalist in the Miss Massachusetts 
contest this year and is now studying at 
the University of New Hampshire. 

Haven't seen "Hawkshaw" (Diane Gard- 
ner Wetherell), but am looking forward 
to her Christmas note. Diane is living on 
Long Island; her son is a student at 
Cornell. I occasionally catch a quick 
glimpse of Phyl Atkinson Stone '34 at one 
of the nearby shopping centers, and en- 
joyed a short visit last spring with another 
34er — Barbara Beers Hodgson. 

Cindy King Haskins' son, Skip is a 
member of the freshman class at Norwich 
University, Northfield, Vermont. 


Bili Baxter Perkins '36 writes to Miss 
McClelland from the Casa-Mar Apartments, 
6006 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key 
in Sarasota, Florida: 

"Ray and I have recently been appointed 
Resident Managers of the Casa Mar — and 
we are looking forward to seeing many 
New England friends before the winter 
is over. 

"On June 2d we started on our first 
vacation trip in five years — had a won- 
derful time visiting many new spots and 
revisiting places we particularly enjoyed 
on former vacations. Starting in Arizona, 
we stopped at Phoenix, Scottsdale and 
Tucson. Then were almost stranded in 
the Papago Indian Reservation near the 
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 
near the Mexican border. Those tremen- 
dous saguaro with limbs going in all di- 
rections — no two alike — continually 
fascinated us. "We continued on thru the 
Imperial Valley with its lush crops, thanks 
to tremendous irrigation fields — sugar 
beets and delicious white seedless grapes 
were being harvested by the truckload. 

"In Colorado, breathtaking rides over 
the Royal Gorge, Rim of the World Drive, 
Trail Ridge Road (Elevation 14,183 ft. in 
a snowstorm) over the Continental Divide 
at Bethoud and again at Loveland Pass, 
the beautiful Broadmoor sitting majes- 
tically aloof in a torrential thunder storm 
with lightning dancing around the moun- 
tain tops, the quiet splendor of Garden of 



the Gods before breakfast, attending open- 
ing night of the '63 season of the Melo- 
drama in the Imperial Hotel in the gold- 
mining town of Cripple Creek are all out- 
standing memories. 

"Who can adequately describe delicate 
Bryce with its unbelievable multitude of 
timeless carving, or staunch Zion over- 
powering to the extent that one feels 
small and insignificant, or the Grand Can- 
yon with its everchanging hues stretching 
seemingly endlessly before one. 

"A day spent at Disneyland transported 
us to the dangerous Amazon where our 
skilled boatman piloted us safely through 
herds of rhinos and treated us to elephants 
bathing at the water's edge, pointed out 
wildebeeste, and lions lurking in the jun- 
gles nearby. We relived the days of the 
river boats and steinwheelers with a ride 
on the Mark Twain, saw Indian ceremonial 
dances, burning villages, and were trans- 
ported into Tomorrow land with a ride 
on the monorail, cars without wheels mov- 
ing by air pressure, the Monsanto House 
of Tomorrow. 

"Then to the sophisticated world of 
Palm Springs — Jolie Gabor's store and 
home, Dinah Shore speeding down the 
road in front of us, Bing Crosby's luxuri- 
ous trailer park, three visits to the Racquet 
Club where Charlie Farrell was most gra- 
cious to us. 

"Yosemite, Sequoia, and driving out of 
Kings Canyon after dark on a narrow, 
twisting road with no guard rails, climb- 
ing something like 5000 ft. in 15 miles. 
Gentle, beautiful deer, but no bear (such 
a disappointment). Lassen — the volcano 
in the U. S. which erupted as late as 1917 
■ — and the bubbling hot pots, the devas- 
tated area, the lava beds — all were such 
a contrast to the indescribably blue and 
peaceful water of Crater Lake surrounded 
by a beautiful 27 mile drive around the 
crater rim, were more fascinating trips. 

"Joshua Tree National Monument in the 
high dessert where we seemed to be the 
only people around. How different from 
Las Vegas where people never sleep. 
We've been there twice now and haven't 
bet a nickel yet. Can't understand how 
people can throw their money away — but 
it was fascinating to watch them all do it. 
The neon lights are truly a sight to see at 
night — and the interior of the hotels are 
really beautifully decorated. Good food 
is relatively inexpensive as is the enter- 

"And then, the Olympic Peninsula, 
which is about only 5% developed, trans- 
ported us to an entirely new world. We 
drove over to Neah Bay, so now we have 
been in the four most distant corners of 

the contiguous' United States. The rain 
forest with its tremendous lush, green 
growth seemed so tropical and such a 
contrast to Mt. Olympus crowned with 
glaciers — and all so near. Fascinating 
country. It was while we were in Port 
Angeles waiting to sail to Victoria, B. C, 
Canada, that we got word to hurry back 
to Sarasota. However, we did go on to 
Victoria for one night. Then on to Van- 
couver, for another night. We had planned 
to come across Canada all the way on the 
new Trans-Canada Highway on to Lake 
Louise — only because we were to pick 
up new license plates there. (Ours had 
been stolen and we had asked the replace- 
ments to be sent there) . Victoria and 
Lake Louise are two spots among many 
that we want to go back and spend more 
time. We did manage to arrive at the 
Chateau at Lake Louise early enough in the 
afternoon to go for a canoe ride on the 
beautiful green lake before dinner. From 
there on it was just rush, rush, rush to get 
back and it sort of ended our sight-seeing 
and poking." 


Barbara Potter Fyfe's husband Bill was 
appointed Administrator of St. Johnsbury 
Hospital in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Chosen 
from a field of 15 candidates by the hospital 
board of directors, Bill assumed his duties 
on November 11th. Education is of pri- 
mary interest to the Fyfe offspring; John is 
a junior at the University of Vermont, 
Andrea, a senior at Westbrook Junior Col- 
lege, Portland, Maine and William, a stu- 
dent at the Summer Street School. 

After a twenty-six year absence, Eliza- 
beth Tracy Campbell returned to campus 
in May of this year. From her home in 
Augusta, Georgia, she traveled East and, 
while here, renewed old acquaintances at 
the College. 

Florence Stetson Pipes, a past president 
of the Southern California Club, sends this 
word from the State of Florida: "We have 
come to Fort Lauderdale to care for my 
invalid father. Am anxious to contact the 
local club — and former Lasell school- 
mates." Florence has been successful with 
a contact — she and Corinne Gossweiler 
Ross have visited via telephone and in 
person. The Fort Lauderdale address for 
Florence is 54l Lido Drive. 

Adrienne Smith Stone '23 reports that 
her son, George V. Stone, husband of Dor- 
othy Acuff, has been elected president 
of Bulkley Dunston Linde Lathrop, Inc., 
New York City. 




Dinner at The Pillars for 1938 
We find: Myrtle Sylvester, Muriel 
Schmidt, Jean Randall, Evie Bang, Jane 
Sherman, Joanne Bohaker, Dorothy 
Keyes, Betty Jackson, Betty Shultz, 
Kay Dempsey, Peg Jones, Rosemary 
Pegnam, Mildred Birchard, Olive Boyn- 
ton, Mim Royce and Arlene Wishart. 
Do you??? 

Attending 1938's luncheon reunion on 
campus were: Peg Jones Howry, Fay Wad- 
hams Smith, Evelyn Bang, Mildred Royce 
Moffett, Ruth Meighan Gillette, Elizabeth 
Black Boynton, Jane Sherman O'Brien, 
Ritamae Hinchlifife Cusker, Olive Boynton 
Garron, Constance Hatch Herron, Alice 
Seidler, Joanne Bohaker Smith, Elizabeth 
Leland Kibbe, Doris Morin Hackett, Doro- 
thy Keyes, Jean Randall Dockham, Mildred 
Birchard Pentheny, Arlene Wishart Syl- 

From the questionnaires it seems we 
have certainly had our share of widow- 
hood, but maybe it is the United States 
average. As a class we haven't been very 
divorce prone and some of the girls have 
really large families — five, six, and even 
seven children. They are an active crowd, 
doing more than their share of community 
service and church work. 

Unable to come to Auburndale, Eliza- 
beth Gahan Burbank, Fran Stephen How- 
ells, Marie Bruns Dodge, Carol Myers 
Lowe, and husbands convened at Madi- 
son, Connecticut, for a weekend Reunion 
of their own. 

Renie adds: "Our family enjoyed a 
weekend of skiing last New Year's. Bill 
(18) enters the University of Denver in 
September; Lee (16), a junior at the 
MacDuffie School. Betsy (22), a secretary 
and Jr. League Volunteer Worker, is look- 
ing forward to wedding bells. Dan and I 
enjoyed a spring vacation in Bermuda and 
Jamaica, and are now busy with planning 
for a new home here in Longmeadow. 

Trithena McFarland Argo's hobbies and 
current activities include gardening, vol- 
unteer work at the hospital, golf (which 
she took up five years ago in defense of 
being a golf widow and loves it). Then 
of course there is always knitting and 
reading. Tri sends her love to all '38ers. 

Mim Nye Newcomb was unable to at- 
tend the reunion because it conflicted with 
her husband's graduation from Veterinary 
School of Michigan University. They 
have three daughters, one of whom attends 
Lesley College and entertains as a folk- 
singer in the Boston area. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Audrey Spiller Smalley, whose husband 
passed away in January 1963. Audrey has 
a son and daughter, Stephen and Sandra. 

Dorothy Schwarz Foster sent regrets. 
Her seven children are Eric, 19, Dorothy 
Joan, 18, Douglas Alan, 16, Jack Martin, 
15, Judith Ann, 12, Mabel Crawford, 9, 
and Jeffrey Wayne, 8. 

Nancy Carruthers Bicknell sent her best 
wishes for a happy day to all. Nancy's two 
sons are Bruce, 21, and Brian, 19- 

Florence Rawson Skitt gave priority to 
son Bill's college graduation. Kenneth is 
attending Bryant College in Providence, 
and Florence continues to hope her one 
and only daughter (there are five sons) 
will be a Lasell candidate. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Squiers Read 

(Virginia Squiers '38 is mother of the 




The Stoughtons 
Harriet Newcomb '38 


Florence Evans McLaughlin has re- 
quested a transcript of her Lasell record 
with the hope that "it still isn't too late 
to work towards a degree in Primary Edu- 
cation with a major in Library Science so 
that I may someday qualify as a school 
librarian. For the benefit of 1940 class- 
mates may I also add this note of informa- 
tion. My husband, Captain M. W. Mc- 
Laughlin, USMC, and myself with our 
three daughters have been stationed from 
coast to coast and in Hawaii for twenty 
years plus. Our daughter Nancy is a 
sophomore at Campbell College in North 
Carolina. Audrey and Sally attend the 
base high school." 

"We are always glad to share news of 
Jean Church Smith x-'40. Her daugh- 
ter, Sandra Jahns, a June graduate of the 
Sarah Dix Hamlin Girl's School in San 
Francisco, is attending the College of Ar- 
chitecture at the University of Colorado. 
Sandra, granddaughter of the late Isabelle 
Bowers Church '03, will make her debut 
at the Peacock Gap Country Club in Marin 
County (California) in December. 

Elisabeth Schaye, 18-year-old daughter 
of Adele Friedstein, is a freshman at 
Chatham College. Adele's two sons are 
Jim, Jr., 14, and Paul, 10. 

Eleanore Loeffler Olsen's reason for not 
joining us: daughter Morna "being con- 
firmed"; Clinton's "Harvard Dental Re- 

Eleanor Pierce Puffer was busily in- 
volved in a hospital benefit fair on Alum- 
nae Day. 

Betty Yeuell Collins keeps in touch with 
Lasell and Alumnae via the Pittsburgh 
Club. Betty's daughter Bobbe has applied 
to Lasell for September 1964. 

Dot Woodard Grindell wrote to Arlene 
Wishart Sylvester "Our summer business 
keeps us close to home at this time of year. 
Sorry I will not be able to join you gals. 
Our daughter Jean has been accepted at 
Colby College for next year; Paul is ready 
for high school." 

Ruth Bull Reid was "still in the cleanup 
stage — fire did considerable damage to 
the first floor of our home in the late 
spring." Ruth's son Robert is eleven years 

Dinner at the Pillars closed out our 
25th Reunion. It was a very happy oc- 
casion — we urge more of you to join us 
in 1968. 

. . . V.W.H. 

Sandra Jahns, daughter of Jean Church 

Smith x-'40 and granddaughter of the 

late Isabelle Bowers Church '03 




From Ginny DeNyse: 

Had a wonderful few days with Mary 
Doig Nicholson in South Dartmouth. No 
cross-country bike rides for us, but it was 
great fun to try our hand at the forgotten 
art of bicycling. 

Received a letter from Bette McGrath 
Brown — It's been a busy year fo~ Bette: 
lending moral support to sons Jeff and 
Rob in Little League, vacationing this sum- 
mer in Michigan, traveling with her hus- 
band to San Francisco for the U. S. Sav- 
ings and Loan convention, planning a trip 
to Washington, D. C. next March for the 
American Savings and Loan convention 
and last, but not least, delivering a paper 
entitled "An Objective Look at the Unit- 
ed Nations" to the Hamilton (Ohio) Wom- 
en's Club this fall." 

Ginny enclosed a copy of Bette's opus 
on the U. N. The LEAVES regrets that her 
entire address cannot be included but 
excerpts from this provocative study are 
in order. A letter to the editor of the 
local newspaper attracted Bette's atten- 
tion — The letter decried the "relentless 
attacks upon the U. N.," querying readers, 
"What better solution do you offer to the 
U. N.?" Bette took pen in hand, analyzed 
the organization, functions, and effective- 
ness of the disputed world body and of- 
fered the following suggestion: "The al- 
ternative to the United Nations would be 
a new World Government consisting of 
free world countries living under consti- 
tutions similar to our own. The World 
Government would have a constitution 
guaranteeing to all member countries 
the same rights which we exercise in this 
country as free men and women. Some 
people would say that we would be divid- 
ing the world into two factions and this 
is true because we then would be recog- 
nizing the reality that the world is now 
half free and half slave. It is because we 
have failed to recognize this reality for the 
past eighteen years that we find one-third 
of the world's population living under 
Communism. As an example: If we walk 
out into the streets unarmed, knowing 
there is a mad dog in the neighborhood, 
we are not recognizing reality and have 
only ourselves to blame. If, on the other 
hand, we alert our friends, form an armed 
posse, and quarantine the dog, we are 
recognizing a real danger and behaving in 
a rational manner. In the past eighteen 
years, we have not quarantined the dog, 
we have not joined with our friends, and 
the dog has bitten and enslaved one-third 
of the population of this world." In clos- 
ing, Bette said to the Club: "What I hope 

Mary Doig Nicholson '41 and 

Ginny DeNyse '41 

Cape Cod — July '63 

I have done is to bring to your attention 
the fact that there are other sides to the 
question — sides of which you, as Ameri- 
cans, should be aware." 

From World Politics to a business ven- 
ture: After eight years as manager of the 
travel department of the Ross Agency, 
Gertrude E. Fischer announces the opening 
of the New Canaan Travel Agency on No- 
vember 1, 1963. The Agency is located in 
the Professional Building, 7 East Maple 
St., New Canaan, Conn. 

Pat Kieser spent two weeks roughing 
it on a river trip through Glen Canyon 
of the Colorado River. "I hiked way up 
many side canyons coming down to the 
Colorado to see the Moki Indian cliff 
dwellings. Camped on sandbars at night; 
if you miss one, take the next, as there's 
no going back with that current ! Hiked 
way up Twilight Canyon, formed by 
storms sweeping through. Experienced a 
terrible sandstorm one evening — sand was 
everywhere. Think I deserved a 'River 
Rat' certificate at the end of that trip ! " 
Pat spent a week in Washington, D. C. 
at the Special Libraries Association Con- 
vention and is now studying History of 
Books and Printing and Library Admin- 




Kay Starkey Litehiser is happily re- 
membering the delightful visit with Mar- 
ion Hersey Freeman. Marion and family 
were on a motor trip to the state of 
Washington and stopped to enjoy the 
South Dakota scenery and Kay's hos- 

P. O. Box 341. Nokomis, Florida is the 
new and permanent mailing address for 
Shirley Egglefield Schless. Shirley's oldest 
son. Beau, is a ski instructor in Switzer- 
land; daughter, Lacy, is a high school 
freshman; Peter, 10, and Ely, 8, are attend- 
ing the local elementary school. When 
the current course in real estate is com- 
pleted, Shirley plans "to work accord- 

Mary Ann Fisher Espy represented La- 
sell at the inauguration of Bennet M. 
Rich as President of Waynesburg College 
on October 12, 1963. She reported: "It 
was a marvelous experience — something 
I shall never forget. Do feel free to 
make me a Delegate-at-Large for Lasell 
any time. Thinking of the College these 
recent weeks has certainly brought back 
so many wonderful memories. Please re- 
member me to all who so kindly helped 
me 'way back' in '42." 

Gwen Prouty Sullivan, now Mrs. Wayne 
Bellinger, is living at 751 Hanover Street, 
Manchester, N. H. 


We all gathered in Winslow Hall at ten 
in the morning where there was registra- 
tion and lots of hot coffee and doughnuts 
to enjoy while starting the chat for the 
day as people kept arriving. Lots of — 
"Who is that — she's in our class but 
can't remember the name — who has the 
yearbook." The faces were all familiar but 
it's amazing how the name escapes. Presi- 
dent and Mrs. Tewksbury were table hop- 
ping and it was most pleasant to meet them. 
They invited all to visit and tour their home. 
A lovely home with the most handsome fire- 
places, each with different tiles. Enormous 
and lovely oriental carpets are used through- 
out the first floor. All of the furnishings 
are most tastefully done. 

After coffee and lots of reminiscing, 
we joined the Parade to the tent on the 
athletic field for luncheon. The day had 
begun with an overcast sky and cool air 
but by lunch time the sun shone brightly. 
Two groups of Seniors entertained us with 
singing. The Lamp Lighters, very profes- 
sional in their presentation, announced 
they had cut records which were on sale 
in the "Barn." 

The luncheon was concluded with the 
singing of the "Alma Mater." Try re- 
membering the words after twenty years 
— a good trick! It was a joy to hear the 
Class of 1918! 

After the group adjourned I met with 
our class for a short time. It was my sad 
duty to announce the passing of Betty 
McAvoy Marilley on^May 28, 1963. Betty 
is survived by her husband and six chil- 
dren. Memorial contributions may be 
sent to the Cancer Society. 

Nan Mondello Stramondo will help us 
now as Assistant Secretary. She lives in 
Lexington, Massachusetts, and is handy to 
Lasell. We will work together on the 
25th reunion and hope for a big turnout. 

Immediately following luncheon a ser- 
vice was held to lay the cornerstone and 
dedicate the new secretarial building up 
the hill from the athletic field. The build- 
ing has been named in honor of Priscilla 
Alden Wolfe '19, mother of Virginia 
Wolfe Perkins '44. 

Our Queen, Mary Keating, came to mind 
as we watched the Seniors, in Cap and 
Gown, lead the procession to the Crow's 
Nest. The Court attendants, in pastel 
satin robes, were so lovely and so young 
. . . we must have been too! 

During the evening we enjoyed dinner 
at Valle's Steak House on Route 9 and 
concluded with more chatting and finally 
farewells with vows to meet again in five 
years. Attending the dinner were: Mr. and 
Mrs. Miles Olson (Ann Preuss), Mr. and 
Mrs. Albert Manning (Barbara Birch), 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brownell (Betty 
Duerr), Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman, 
Priscilla Spence Hall, Dorothy Marr Peck- 
ham, Persis Pendleton Howarth, Shirley 
Perkins Tuttle, Carol Boyce Richards, 
Jeanne A. Revene, Janet Ryder Robinson, 
Elaine Towne Batson, Mr. and Mrs. Morris 
F. Stoddard, Jr., (Nathalie Monge). 

Those attending luncheon were: Evelyn 
Nurkiewicz Nicholas, her husband and 
three children, Frances Beebe Jones, Phyl- 
lis Whidden Carpenter, Beverly Harris, 
Edna Lyons Cray, Nathalie Monge Stod- 
dard, Vida Pike Morrison, Alice Moran 
Leonard, Ruth Davenport Walker, Mar- 
jorie Langworthy Hegeman, Priscilla 
Spence Hall, Dorothy Marr Peckham. Per- 
sis Pendleton Howarth, Ann Preuss Olson, 
Shirley Perkins Tuttle, Elizabeth Walker 
Young, Barbara Birch Manning and her 
daughter, Debbie, Carol Boyce Richards, 
Jeanne Revene, Nan Mondella Stramondo, 
Janet Ryder Robinson, June Allen King, 
Elaine Towne Batson, and Marie Good 

. . . N. M.S. 

Summary of the Questionnaires: 



June Allen: Mrs. Robeit J. King, 19 
Westernview Circle, East Longmeadow, 
Mass. Michael Allen b. 11-25-49, Brian 
Joseph b. 6-25-55. "Federated Woman's 
club — antique collecting and furniture 
refinishing — fishing with my husband — 

Laverne Atno: Mrs. Oscar E. Olson, Jr. 
33 Glenview Drive, West Orange, New 
Jersey. Kenneth Robert b. 8-14-47, Karen 
Lee b. 9-22-49, Kristie Ann b. 1-17-58. 
"Church Women's Assoc. — Girl scout 
leader — "Cadette" Age — Jr. Hi — 
Three P.T.A. groups (each child in a dif- 
ferent school) !" 

Frances Beehe: Mrs. Henry D. Jones, 
Raleigh Road, Dover, Mass. Thomas Dow- 
ell b. 4-29-49, Deborah Anne b. 9-16-52. 
"Rock gardening — flower arranging — 
interior decorating — taking piano lessons 
with my children — housewife." 

Barbara Birch: Mrs. Albert W. Manning, 
87 West Main Street, Westboro, Mass. 
Deborah Louise b. 3-20-50, Susan Dale b. 
3-31-52, David Wesley b. 9-6-55. "West- 
boro players club. My two favorite hob- 
bies at the moment are painting our great 
big house (70 years old and new to us 
within the last year and a half) and sew- 
ing. All five of us went to Washington and 
N. Y., for a quick trip recently. Managed 
to see quite a bit in few days. We are 
sailing enthusiasts. Homemaker." 

Patricia Bixby: Mrs. John W. McHugo, 
33 No. Williams Street, Burlington, Ver- 
mont. Gregory John b. .11-24-48, Susan 
Key b. 5-4-50, Nancy Patricia b. 4-13-51. 
"Various PTA's — Catholic Daughters of 
America. Trip to Tucson, Arizona every 
3 or 4 years to visit parents — Side trip 
to Disneyland with children last year. Re- 
search Assistant, University of Vt. Col- 
lege of Med." 

Mildred Bond: Mrs. Harry L. Fincken, 
3073 Avellona Drive, Walnut Creek, Cali- 
fornia. Harry, Jr. b. 1-13-47, Robert S. b. 
4-15-52, David B. b. 4-12-55. "P.T.A. cub 
and boy scouts, bowling, little league. 

Carolyn Boyce: Mrs. Robert T. Richards, 
319 Werimus Road, Woodcliff Lake, N. J. 
Kathleen, 11 years, Nancy, 6 years. "Art 
chairman — Pasicack Woman's Club — 

Carol Burns: Mrs. Robert J. Fitzger- 
ald, 49 Walter Lane, Hamden, Conn. Su- 
san b. 10-46, Carolyn b. 4-49, Barbara b. 
11-56. "D.A.R. — do publicity for this 
group — very interesting — part time legal 

Jean Burroughs: Mrs. Donald E. Raw- 
son, 34 Prospect Street, Holliston, Mass. 
Donald E. Jr., b. 3-30-47, Jeremy P. b. 
2-28-53, Anne b. 1-26-59. "Cub scouts Den 
Mother — Child study group — Hollis- 

A '43 Discussion 

ton Woman's Club, Teach Junior Church 
— First Baptist Church — Housewife." 

Patricia Campbell x-'43: Mrs. William 
D. Hoy, 219 Rumsey Road, Yonkers, New 
York. Pamela Elizabeth b. 1-13-52, Wil- 
liam David Jr. b. 6-8-56. "Reading — 
sewing — hiking — cooking, Housewife." 

Shirley Candee: Mrs. Ralph F. Barry, 
Jr., 127 West Saddle River Road, Saddle 
River, N. J. Candee Adele b. 1952, Nancy 
Elizabeth b. 1954, Wendy Lynn b. 1961. 
"Civic activities, girl scouts, painting, 
drawing, bowling, hospital work, house- 
keeping, (not in that order) homemaker." 

Jane Cook x-'43: Mrs. Anthony P. Car- 
doza, 4502 Danita Lane, Yorba Linna, Cali- 
fornia. Gordon Wayne b. 11-2-51, Bruce 
Anton b. 5-25-54, Nancy Jane b. 5-19-60. 
"Enjoy camping with family on weekends, 
up in the Sierras! Playing Chauffeur for 
the boys, with cubs, 4-H and etc. Home- 

Mary Crawford: Mrs. Mary C. Ray, 
6400 W. Surrey Road, Birmingham, Mich- 
igan. Kevin Crawford b. 12-29-45, K. 
Courtney b. 4-30-48. "We recently moved 
here from Dallas, Texas — to my "old 
home town" and are settling in — that's 
enough! Also getting acclimated to ye old 
Northern winters. Brrr. Full-time Mother. 

Elizabeth Duerr: Mrs. Douglass C. 
Brownell, Maple Street, Hinsdale, Mass. 
Rebecca Elizabeth b. 5-16-46. "Bridge 
(yet!) camping, gardening — Home- 

Phyllis Edmiston x-'43: Mrs. Robert 
B. Olstad, 729 S. Monroe, Decatur, Illi- 
nois. Karen Patricia b. 1-5-46 (entering 
Wellesley Sept. 1963), Michael Edmiston 
b. 10-20-47 (attending Lake Forest Acad- 
emy), Peter Robert, b. 2-21-5 3, Sarah 
Jane b. 7-14-58. "Husband, children, 
friends, swim meets, hospital work, bridge, 
skiing — water and snow. Caribbean 
cruise, New Orleans, Colorado, Michi- 
gan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, New Jersey, 
St. Louis, R. I., Washington D. C, Chicago, 



Judith Foeley: Mrs. Robert E. Randall, 
Jerden's Lane, Rockport, Mass. Robert 
Earl, Jr. b. 2-19-45 (stepson). "Gift shop 
operators — will open on or about June 

Mary Franklin: Mrs. Kenneth K. Woods, 
1 Berchman Drive. Ballston Lake, N.Y. 
Deborah R. b. 5-29-51, Penelope K. b. 
5-28-55. "Housewife." 

Helen Getchell: Mrs. Thomas A. Oliver, 
Jr. 119 Cedar Street, Jenkintown, Penna. 
Connie b. 7-8-44, Judy b. 1-31-48, Tom 
3rd b. 1950, Betsy b. 1952. "Bridge, gar- 
dening, scouting and many other projects 
my children get me involved in — mother 
and homemaker." 

Marie Good: Mrs. Leland E. Ashman, 
121 Brookside Avenue, Belmont, Mass. 
Patricia Louise b. 5-10-47, Pamela Marie 
b. 12-11-56, Geoffrey Lee b. 4-1-59. 
"Bridge, American Legion, girl scouts, 

Elizabeth Halt Gorton: Mrs. Paul S. 
Collier, Jr., Chapel, Kings Kettle, Fife, 
Scotland. Elizabeth b. 1-29-49, Paul Stan- 
ley III b. 12-4-49, Ann Cornwall b. 11-27- 
53, Susan Hale b. 11-15-54. "Golf-Lun- 
din, St. Rules, Ladybank, Lundin Ladies' 
(Yes 4 clubs !) Curling — Speaking on 
"Life in U.S.A. when asked." 

Edith Harrington: Mrs. Edward W. Har- 
cum, R.D. #1, Box 115, Houston, Dela- 
ware. David b. 1-7-45, Weldon b. 5-28-46, 
Bill b. 9-10-48, Dennis b. 11-13-50. Donald 
b. 3-12-52, Marilyn b. 6-4-57, Jonathan 
b. 8-28-62. "Sewing, knitting, church work. 

Beverly Harris: 48 Beacon Street, Apt. 
2R, Boston 8, Mass. "Sailing, figure skat- 
ing, Spanish literature, writing, cooking, 
mountain climbing. Member of Woods 
Hole Yacht Club, Club Nautico de Catario 
in Puerto Rico. Appalachian Mountain 
club, country dance society, Commonwealth 
Figure skating association, and public rela- 
tions society of America. Free Lance Pub- 
lic Relations." 

Jane Hickman: Mrs. Charles H. Gant, 
Jr., 110 Somerset Road Alapocas, Wilming- 
ton 3, Delaware. Robert H. b. 1-24-48, 
Susan R. b. 7-3-49, William S. b. 11-28-52. 
"Local garden club — bird club — yacht 
club — regular involvements at children's 
school — nothing spectacular but busy and 
happy. Homemaker." 

Doris Kney: Mrs. Robert W. Nicholson, 
Staff, Cinepae, P.O. Box 13, F.P.O. San 
Francisco, Calif. Carol b. 3-6-47, Susan b. 
8-3-48. Judy b. 12-17-51, Robert b. 10-27-56. 

Marjorie Langworthy: Mrs. Leslie B. 
Hegemen, Jr., 115 Valley Avenue, Locust 
Valley, N. Y. David b. 2-18-58, Susan b. 

Mary Ledbetter: Mrs. Stephen Bastean, 
12501 Taylorcrest, Houston 24, Texas, 
Mary Anne b. 2-27-48, Carol b. 4-26-49. 
"Newcomer's club, antiques. Millinery 
Company in National Parks throughout the 
West. Housewife." 

Anita Mangels: Mrs. Clinton R. Sampson, 
Sr., 326 Edwart Avenue, Buckley, West Vir- 
ginia. Judith Lynne b. 12-24-46, Clinton 
Roy, Jr., b. 11-5-50, Kenneth Otto b. 1-1- 
57. "Garden club, "Woman's club, P.T.A. 

Dorothy Marr: Mrs. Frederick G. Peck- 
ham, 115 Academy Street, Watertown, New 
York. Roberta Louise b. 8-31-54, Dorothy 
Anne b. 5-15-56. "Treasurer — Medical 
Auxiliary, Jefferson County secretary — 
Publicity Committee — Local Girl Scouts. 

Muriel Mehrhof: Mrs. Ralph E. Loree, 
186 Mountain Avenue, North Caldwell, 
N. J. Jacquelyn b. 5-23-46, Ralph, Jr. 
(Chip) b. 2-22-49, Debbie b. 8-22-52. 
"Member of North Jersey Rose Society and 
American Rose Society — growing about 
150 varieties of roses. Scorekeeper for Lit- 
tle League and real baseball fan. Presently 
making good use of my retailing training, 
just started back to work — Dept. head 
after 18 years of "home life.' " 

Mary Meserve: Mrs. George M. Lock- 
hart, Port Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada. 
June b. 3-12-48, Donald b. 9-6-49, Richard 
b. 12-28-50, Douglas b. 7-13-53, Jan b. 9-7- 
57 "Housewife — Registered Nurse." 

Eleanor Millard: Mrs. E. Spencer Par- 
sons, 5739 So. Blackstone Avenue, Chica- 
go 37, Illinois. William S. b. 1945, Ellen 
b. 9-5-49, James b. 10-24-52, Bradford b. 
2-20-59. "Housewife." 

Eloise Moffett: Mrs. H. Thomas Har- 
per, 4540 Berkshire Road, Indianapolis 18, 
Indiana. Jeffrey b. 2-29-52, Jill b. 6-19-54. 
"Am chairman this year of a group which 
sponsors a Golden Age Group (over 65) 
at a Community Center. Have been a 
Brownie Co-leader the past two years. 
Am active in the Cancer Society, Sym- 
phony Group, United Fund & P.T.A. — 
typical suburban matron busy chauffeuring 
her children to music lesson, scouts, ortho- 
dontist, etc. Somehow neither Lasell nor 
North Western prepared me for this! Es- 
pecially Little League! I suggest a new 
course ! 

Nazarene Mondello: Mrs. Salvatore F. 
Stramondo, 3 Ballard Terrace, Lexington 
73, Mass. Lesa Mary b. 8-17-60. "House- 

Natalie Monge: Mrs. Morris F. Stod- 
dard, Jr. 28 Juniper Avenue, Wakefield, 
Mass. Meredith G. b. 4-29-47, Janice E. 
b. 4-3-50, David Fraser b. 1-6-53. "Church 
work, Y.M.C.A. Women's Aux., three 
P.T.A. 's (all different schools). We plan 



trip cross country and back with the 
children this summer. Will do all the 
Nat'l Parks, etc. we can squeeze into a 
month. Housewife." 

Janet Montgomery x-'43: Mrs. Henry 
C. Farrand, 6 Glen Eagles Drive, Larch- 
mont, N.Y. Leslie Helen b. 2-7-55. "Love 
to travel — we usually go to the West 
Indies by ship each winter. This year 
spent Easter with our daughter in Ber- 
muda. I'm active in the Women's Club 
league of Women Voters and do volun- 
teer work at New Rochelle Hospital." 

Alice Moran: Mrs. William J. Leon- 
ard, 64 Dunbarton Drive, Nashua, New 
Hampshire. Bill Leonard, Jr. b. 11-22-49, 
Kevin R. b. 4-6-53. "Housewife — sub- 
stitute teacher." 

Jane Norwell: Mrs. William F. Cham- 
berlain, 530 S. Lincoln Lane, Arlington 
Heights, Illinois. Ellen Jane b. 4-4-46, Toni 
Marie 8-14-48, Janet b. 8-17-50, William 
F. Jr. b. 7-14-54, Robert P. 8-15-57, Anne 
b. 7-26-59- "Between golf, bridge, and six 
children there is little money or time left 
for trips and hobbies. We take our vaca- 
tion trip East every summer. At home." 

Evelyn Nurkiewicz: Mrs. K. Calvin 
Nicholas, 91 Little East Neck Road South, 
Babylon, New York. Christopher b. 4-25- 
49, Constance b. 5-31-51, Bruce b. 5-5-55. 
"Husbands practice, sailing, children's ac- 
tivities ! Housewife." 

Persis Pendleton: Mrs. Ernest Howarth, 
22 Fairview Road, Lunenburg, Mass. 
Richard b. 1-13-51. "At present I am 
working at an art store where I do all of 
the mounting and framing of the pic- 
tures and prints. My husband has been 
the Executive Director of the Fitchburg 
Y.M.C.A. for the past 4V2 years. This 
summer I will be taking a course with 
Bonnie Prudden, one of the country's lead- 
ing authorities on Physical Fitness, so that 
I can direct my husband's 'Diaper Gym' 
program (for 2-4 year olds) which he 
plans to initiate at the Y' this fall. 

Shirley Perkins: Mrs. Roger N. Tuttle, 
Beaver Brook Road, Forge Village, Mass. 
Roger, Jr. b. 4-28-47, Susan Joyce b. 6-5- 
48, Judith Ellen b. 2-21-52, Janis Kay b. 
7-9-56. "Camping and travel." 

Jean Perry: Mrs. Charles A. Thompson, 
1141 Walnut Street, Newton Highlands 
61, Mass. Meredith b. 11-8-47, Charles A. 
Jr., b. 3-2-49, Wayne Perry b. 2-11-51, 
Dana b. 9-7-53, Russell David b. 5-13-55. 
"Skiing in the winter, Maine in the sum- 
mer. Housewife." 

Elizabeth Petterson: Mrs. Walter H. 
Leonard, 9 Holten Street, Danvers, Mass. 
Stephen b. 5-11-48, Susan b. 6-9-51. 

Vida Pike: Mrs. Gordon H. Morrison, 
2 Shaw Road, Wellesley Hills, 81, Mass. 
Wendy b. 5-14-54, Scott b. 3-1-56, Wen- 
dell b. 9-30-62. "Wellesley Community 
Chorus, Play Readers Club, Gordon's and 
my hobby is traveling — we have covered 
most of the United States and Canada and 
have the slides to prove it. — with 3 
children, 2 cats and a husband — need 
you ask?" 

Ann Preuss: Mrs. Miles B. Olson, Sher- 
wood Lane, New Canaan, Conn. Miles, Jr. 
b. 4-2-47, Deborah b. 11-17-49, Brian b. 
10-27-53. "Garden club, church work, 
Visiting Nurse Board, chairman of the 
VNA Thrift Shop, girl scout work. Play 
tennis and paddle tennis. Homemaker." 

Janet Reid: Mrs. Bruce M. Sherwin, 
10226 Tropico Avenue, Whittier 60, Cali- 
fornia. Sandra b. 5-15-50. 

Jeanne Revene: 15 Collins Avenue, 
Bloomfield, New Jersey. "Junior League 
of Newark. Assistant to the Accountant, 
George B. Buck, Consulting Actuary." 

Esther Roth: Mrs. Alfred C. Garbe, 137 
Orchard Street, White Plains, New York. 
"Dietitian at White Plains Hospital." 

Janet Ryder: Mrs. Russell S. Robinson, 
101 High Street, North Attleboro, Mass. 
Judith Dietsch b. 10-27-44 (Now at Mar- 
jorie Webster Junior College, Washing- 
ton, D.C.), Nancy b. 1-21-48. "Happy 

Virginia Shaw: 46 Boardman Avenue, 
Melrose 76, Mass. Secretary. 

Bertha Simpson x-'43: Mrs. Gerald E. 
Ballanger, 65 Silver Road, Bangor, Maine. 
Jay Simpson b. 7-17-62, Laurie Madeline 
b. 5-7-63. "Former Public Health Nurse 

— presently homemaker." 

Priscilla Spence: Mrs. D. Allen Hall, 
9271 Martinigue Drive, Miami 57, Flor- 
ida. "Kings Bay Yacht Club, Miami ■ — 
visited friends in Switzerland last summer 

— '62. Administration Sec'y., East Ridge 
Retirement Village, Miami." 

Rosemary Staples: Mrs. John H. Conard, 
122 Waterside Lane, West Hartford, 7, 
Conn. Boy — ■ Taylor Huntington b. 6-7- 
48, Girl — Kyle MacNiven b. 3-2-58. 
"Junior League, Republican Club, sailing, 
skiing, swimming — same old housewife 

— older." 

Polly Swan: Mrs. Donald R. Balthasar, 
862 East Fillmore Avenue, East Aurora, 
New York. Janey b. 9-15-51, Bruce b. 

Jane Tarbutton: Mrs. Thomas R. Travis, 
Box 385, Montross, Virginia. Jennifer 
Brown Travis b. 10-6-60 (adopted) 

Barbara Thornburg x-'43: Mrs. Alfred 
J. Donnelly, Culver Military Academy, 


Culver, Indiana. Shaun Edward b. 10-4- 
46, Lela Anne b. 4-11-49, Susan Kathleen 
b. 9-3-50, "Have done the usual stint of 
Mother's Clubs, Brownie Troops, etc. I 
am taking some time off, but still enjoy 
playing bridge, some swimming and golf 
in the summer. My husband had a geom- 
etry text-book published this year so we 
have spent the last two years close to home 
making use of time. Housewife." 

Elaine Towne: Mrs. Roland R. Batson, 
749 Commonwealth Avenue, Warwick, 
Rhode Island. Roland Russell III, b. 4-10- 
48, Elaine Sharon b. 4-24-50. "Bowling — 
duckpin, Church Altar Guild, Girl Scouts. 
Laboratory Secretary in Hospital." 

Jean Van Ederstine x-'43: Mrs. Robert 
H. Randall, Orchard Street, Brattleboro, 
Vermont. Wayne R. b. 11-7-45, Wendy J. 
b. 8-14-50. "Travel Agent." 

Joyce Wagner: Mrs. Allen D. West, 515 
S. Zurich, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ashley b. 
8-26-48, Douglas b. 4-4-50. "We have a 
1200 acre ranch which occupies all our 
spare time. We raise Hereford cattle, 
Quarter horses and goats. We have built 
a small home on the ranch complete with 
swimming pool so our week-ends and 
summers are spent there." 

Elizabeth Walker: Mrs. Edward O. 
Young, White Oak Tree Road, Syosset, 
New York. Susan b. 3-18-53, June b. 
8-18-5 5. "Housewife." 

Phyllis Whidden: Mrs. Donald B. Car- 
penter, 3406 Military Road, N. Arlington, 
Virginia. D. Boyd, Jr., b. 8-9-45, Kim 
Charles b. 12-16-48. "Wife and mother." 

Patricia Whiteoak: Mrs. Richard M. 
Stuart, 270 Ocean Avenue, Marblehead, 
Mass. Lauren b. May 1946, Ann b. Sept. 
1947, David b. May 1954, P. Lynn b. Dec. 
1955. "Swimming, sailing, gardening — ■ 
at home." 

The Payson B. Langleys 
Lee Pool '46 


Enjoying an April luncheon and after- 
noon gab-fest at the home of Lynn Blodgett 
Hall were classmates Ginny Terhune Her- 
som (Augusta, Maine), Dorie Crathern 
French (Sterling, Mass.), Phyl Paige 
Downes, Ann Nelson Eldridge, Moo Ross 
Benshimol, Joan Hanson Blake, Kay Wool- 
over Parsons, Helen Richter Hanson, Judy 
Greenough Udaloy, Nan Somerville Blow- 
ney (mother of the Class Baby), and Bunny 
Quinn McKenna. 

Ginny Terhune Hersom has been a mem- 
ber of the Augusta Players for five years. 
Ginny played "Sakini" in the Players' 
production of "Teahouse of the August 
Moon." She won the lead role in their 
most recent production — "Picnic." 

Temporarily suspending her duties as 
mother of four boys, Lynn Lerch Swett 
joined her husband Jim on his annual 
business trip abroad. Visiting London and 
Paris, Lynn remarks, "Just adored Paris 
— so exciting and beautiful and what 


Lorrayne Hron Hulton and "Warren San- 
ford Reynolds Jr. were married on Octo- 
ber 12th in Weston. 

Jean Campbell bid farewell to co-work- 
ers and girl scouts in Manchester, Con- 
necticut to assume a position as district 
advisor of the Girl Scouts in Massachu- 
setts. Jean's eleven years as district ad- 
visor for the Connecticut Girl Scout Coun- 
cil were lauded by her superiors as years 
of outstanding growth in morale and pres- 
tige for the Council. Jean is now residing 
at 84 Laurel Street, Fairhaven, Mass. 


"Many years have passed since I've seen 
Lasell so one can imagine how surprised 
and pleased I was to see the changes in 
the campus as I drove through a short 
time ago," writes Joanna Lamb Lewis. 
Joanna continues: "My husband, Captain 
William H. Lewis, is stationed at Hans- 
com Field. Having completed a tour of 
duty in France and Germany, I'm very 
happy to be back in New England again. 
My husband and I and our two sons, Jon, 
10, and Eric, 7, will be living in Bedford, 
Massachusetts. Met Joan Urtel McQuade 
at a recent P.T.A. and we've had many 
good times together since then." 



Gertrude Powers Lawson was appointed 
director of the Wilton (Conn.) Congre- 
gational Church Day School for 1963-64. 
Gertrude served four years as music super- 
visor of the primary grades in the Wilton 
public schools. 

Business in Boston afforded Nancy 
Pursel Doron an opportunity to visit the 
campus. Nancy is doing retailing and ad- 
vertising for the Deering Milliken Com- 
pany in New York City. 

Ruth Small Stott is in the midst of 
launching her business-teaching career in 
the Richmond (Virginia) Public School 
System. Ruth felt the sting of the teach- 
ing bug while teaching typewriting to 
adults in night school. 

^ m 


1948 Talks It Up 

The 15th Reunion of the Class of 1948 
was a gala occasion. There was a fine 
delegation on hand, headed by Class Sec- 
retaries. Berry Groff from California and 
Mim Day Butcher from Florida. High- 
light of the afternoon was the announce- 
ment of a gift to the College in memory 
of Angela Mainini Anastasi. The memo- 
rial committee, with Dorothy Piranian 
Ryan as chairman, chose a projector to 
be used by the Science classes. 

A summary of individual activities — 
gleaned from the questionnaires — will 
appear in a later issue of the LEAVES. 
For the present, pictures tell their own 
lively story. 

The Steve Andersons 
Gini Hall '48 

En Route to Mexico — 

Charlotte Guptill Norcross x-'48, 

Nancy and David 



The Viesers 
Lois Johnson '48 

Donna, Susan, Janis and James Price 
Patricia Mangan '48 

Patty and Alan Martin 
Lois McLucas '48 



The Olsons 
Natalie Hall x-'48 

Helene Chamberlain Hawley '48 with 

Lennie, Stephanie and Joel 

Albuquerque — 1962 

The McKinnons 
Dorothy Azadian '48 

Peter Farmasonis 
Christina Bilakos '48 



Clement and Carolyn Stone 
Carol Kronenberg '48 

Donna and Glenn Klontz 
Nancy Parker '48 

Nancy and Gregory Whelan 
Elizabeth Morton '48 

Eliott and Mitchell Baker 
Ardell Goodman '48 

Steven, Dianne and Robin Gelotte 
Ellen Kenerson x-'48 



Stephen Hall 
Cora Lou Buffum '48 


Diane Palady Barry, proud mother of 
1963 June Queen's crownbearer, Heather 
Barry writes: "Jim and I adopted our son 
just before Christmas. Need I say how 
happy we are. Westboro is perfect for the 
Barry clan — Craig l 1 /^ Debbie 4y 2 and 
Heather 6. 

Jean Sargent Lee boasts of a "real joy" 
— her third child, second daughter, Sally 
Osgood Lee. 

It's number seven in Dode Molan 
Wheaton's household — a ten-pound boy 
in May. "We now have four boys and 
three girls. At this rate, I can only dream 
of returning to campus for a visit." 

Jim and Ann Fletcher Wilson bought 
the Aldrich Camera and Record Shop in 
Laconia, New Hampshire. "We have 
moved to a home on Lake Winnisquam. 
Offspring Deborah is now 8, Scott 6, 
Susan 3V2, and Fletcher 2. We also have a 
French poodle, Faux Pas." 

Kathryn Poore Hamel is a victim of the 
famous (infamous?) California Freeway: 
"Shall be moving shortly, the Freeway is 
coming through our living room!" 

Nancy Clarke Ryder's daughter Carol 
Anne is now 11. Nancy is doing private- 
duty nursing and justs loves it. 

It's country living for Natalie Knight 
Rogers' family: "Moved in September to 
a house four miles from the town of 
Northville (Michigan). We have four 
acres and one hundred twenty peach trees ! 
Hope to get some horses for the gals 
(four daughters and myself). Summers 
are pretty busy — we're still operating a 
Dairy Queen in Detroit. 


Pamela Fusco 
Susan Corbin '48 

Jean Davies Stanley writes: 

"A note from Joan Wallace Billings 
informs me that she and husband Bob 
traveled to California. The Billings enjoy 
skiing in Maine, New Hampshire, and 
Vermont. Daughters Lisa 6, Loren 4, and 
Liane 3, are novice "experts." 

My sister, Joyce Davies Harrison, visited 
me with Gwyn 9, and Matthew 6 months. 
Bradford 7, and Andrew 2, remained at 
home with father. 

"After leaving our oldest — David 11, 
and Mark 9, at camp in New Hampshire 
— Jon (41/2) and I spent a weekend with 
Lois Schaller Toegemann and husband, 
Joe, in Cranston, Rhode Island. Met Mari- 
lyn Weeden Davidson '49 while there." 



Lisa, Loren and Liane Billings 

Mother: Joan Wallace '50 

Grandmother: Cathleen Maloon '23 


Returning to the States for the summer, 
Louise Easton Morris and her three chil- 
dren "had a wonderful time visiting the 
family. I regret that I was unable to re- 
turn from abroad in time to get to the 
reunion. I would have enjoyed renewing 
contacts after 10 years'." 

On September 30th, Pat Giles began a 
one-year dietetic internship for the Stouf- 
fer Restaurant Chain. 

"The Wallace family enjoyed the Con- 
necticut skiing season and are looking 
forward to another year in Scotland," 
writes Joan Hochstuhl Wallace. 

Sylvia Cutler Neistadt x-'50 was one of 
two recipients of the "Sister of the Year" 
award presented by the Sisterhood of 
Temple Emmanuel, Lawrence. 

Barbara Hires Baxter writes: "Been in 
Charlotte, North Carolina for 10 years 
and just love it. We have two children — 
Jane 7, and Steve 5. Would love to see 
any Lasellites who might be passing 

Now living at 326 Bonnabel Boulevard, 
Metairie, Louisiana, is Sally Hughes Fas- 
ick. Sally's husband Clyde is working for 
the U. S. Forest Service and is working 
on his Doctorate dissertation. 

Returning from a vacation in Florida, 
Di Krause Sherman and husband stopped 
in to see Marilyn Morse Harris x-'50 and 
her two sons in Toccoa, Georgia. 


Chairman of the Cancer Crusade in 
Springfield, Massachusetts this year is 
Sallyann Bartlett Abel. Active in com- 
munity affairs, Sallyann was house to 
house chairman for the Crusade in 1962. 
She is a member of the Junior League of 
Springfield, Inc. and of the Wesson Mater- 
nity Hospital Auxiliary. 

The Pittsfield (Mass.) College Club wel- 
comed Marjorie Kleindienst Guidera to 
its ranks this September. 

Jean Johnson Knowlton writes: "I lived 
in Moscow, Pennsylvania for two days 
when the Welcome Wagon hostess called 
on me. To my surprise and delight the 
charming gal was a Lasell graduate — 
Mary Rose Bankes '37." 


Reunion Chairman, Joan Darelius Chirn- 
side comments: "Our Tenth Reunion was 
a huge success and accolades go to Liz 
Sleight Dexter, Nancy Chase Ferguson, 
and Gene Snow Averill for their valuable 
assistance. Gene was responsible for ac- 
commodations at the Beacon Terrace and 
Nancy did the typing and mimeographing 
for our "Who's Who" booklets. Ninety-five 
people enjoyed the delicious meal and 
evening of chatter. Money talk: the bal- 
ance of contributions to Reunion expenses 
has been allocated to the Alumnae Build- 
ing Fund . . . See you in five years!" 

Priscilla Alden: Mrs. Fred M. Bemis, 
26 Hemlock Ridge, Cheshire, Conn. Cyn- 
thia Ann b. 3-20-59, Susan Elizabeth b. 
9-19-61, Mark Alden b. 5-12-63. "Busy 
housewife and mother. Belong to the 
Cheshire Junior Women's Club and active 
in church work." 

Eleanor Andrews: Mrs. Robert N. Mc- 
Donah, 20 Weber Road, Belmont, Mass. 
Jill b. 9-30-55, Cynthia b. 10-21-56, Robert 
b. 8-12-59. 

Margaret Angus: Mrs. Fred L. Christ- 
man, 53 Gary Road, Syosset, New York. 
Carole, b. 10-24-56, Robert b. 3-12-59- 
"Long Island Lasell Club (board of direc- 
tors) P.T.A." 

Jane P. Bascom: 19 Lancaster Ave., 
Lunenburg, Mass., B.U. and Harvard 

Nancy Bilezikian: Mrs. Jacob S. Kam- 
borian, Jr. Duck Hill Road, Duxbury, 
Mass. Krista b. 4-26-59, Kelly b. 11-13-60. 

Patricia Binks: Mrs. Raymond DeLisle, 
9 Olive Road, South Portland, Maine. 
Stacey Ann b. 7-30-59, Dana Alec b. 3-6-61. 
Nasson College (2 years) Springvale, 
Maine. Secretary — Southern Maine La- 
sell Club, Treasurer — Portland Nasson 



Mary Blackham: Mrs. William F. Kelly, 
Jr., 25 Carleton Road, Belmont, Mass., 
William F. Kelly III b. 1-15-60, Kathleen 
Thompson b. 11-30-61. Sailing — skiing 

— sewing. 

Priscilla Boggs: Mrs. John D. Killian, 
20 Birch Ridge Rd., W. Acton, Mass. 
Nancy Lee b. 10-15-60, David Evan b. 
4-29-63- Sewing. 

Molly Bondareff: Mrs. Charles S. Kra- 
kauer, 5517 Huntington Parkway, Bethes- 
da, Maryland. Lawrence Abram b. 9-9-56, 
Kathryn b. 6-5-58, Bruce William b. 4-8-60, 
John Richard b. 12-24-62. "Right now 
it seems the children and my husband 
take up all my time. In the past we have 
entertained foreign students ■ — mostly for 
Africa. A worthwhile project and fun." 

Dorothy Brinkman: A member of AC- 
CION, a private peace corps, is stationed 
in El Cercado, Venezuela where she is 
helping the natives to help themselves. 
Her current project is in improvement of 
pottery making. Quoting from the San 
Diego Tribune, "Dorothy sleeps in a 
hammock under a pink mosquito net not 
so much because of the mosquitos and 
other winged insects, but because she is 
afraid of bats." 

Barbara Brown: Mrs. Edward H. Fitch, 
27 Falmouth Heights Road, Falmouth, 
Mass. "American International College, 
Teaching, second grade." 

Eva Bunzel: 8 East 74th Street, New 
York 21, New York. "Currently employed 
by The National Broadcasting Company, 
Rockefeller Center, New York. Sing with 
the Collegiate Chorale." 

Jean Burke: Mrs. Thomas Johnson, 
2195 Congress St., Portland, Maine. T. 
Covington b. 12-29-59. "Secretary, Uni- 
versity of Maine, Portland. 

Mary Burke: Mrs. Walter K. Brinn, 
603 Walnut Drive, Euclid 32, Ohio. Chris- 
topher Burke b. 11-21-57, Carolyn Mara 
b. 6-15-59, Keenan Brinn b. 8-13-60. "Pre- 
School P.T.A., Bridge club, golf and church 
activities. Book group." 

Mary Lou Burke: Mrs. William F. Alex- 
ander, 732 Edgewood, Ponca City, Okla- 
homa. Kenneth Burke b. 6-10-56, Thomas 
Jack b. 8-15-57. "Bridge, Women's Golf 
Assoc. P.T.A., wife and mother." 

Carol Buthray: Mrs. Charles F. De- 
Waele, 1 Evans Road, W. Boylston, Mass., 
Matthew b. 6-2-55, Mark b. 10-31-57. 

Barbara Bytner: Mrs. Anthony Holleran, 
5 Berkeley Terrace, Irvington, New Jersey. 
Timothy b. 1-20-58, Maureen b. 3-4-59, 
Jacqueline b. 12-5-60. "Antique hunting 

— P.T.A., Ladies Auxiliary of Elks, mah 
jong league — Democratic Club of Irving- 

Nancy Chase: Mrs. James N. Ferguson, 
Woodcrest Drive, Boxford, Mass. "Rhode 

It Just Can't Be 10 

Island Lasell Club Treasurer & past Presi- 
dent." Sports Car Club. 

Jean Christiansen: Mrs. Robert G. Lu- 
cas, 232 White Hall Boulevard, Garden 
City, L.I., New York. "Med. Tech. training, 
Flushing Hospital, New York, N. Y. 15 
Months. Nassau Hospital, Mineola, L.I., 
NY. — 7 years. Eastern Star." 

Sally Churchill: Mrs. Ronald T. Lowell, 
88 Kenelworth Avenue, Brockton, Mass., 
Stephen Taft b. 5-25-55, Susan Crosby b. 
7-13-56, Jonathan Scott b. 2-23-60. "Com- 
mercial club, Faculty at Stonehill Col- 
lege in No. Easton, Y.W.C.A. (Director). 

Mary Ann Cleveland x-'53: Mrs. Rudolph 
Ketola, 19918 Acre Street, Northridge, 
California. Kenneth b. 7-9-57, Paul Stuart 
b. 6-16-59, Scott Steven b. 5-7-62. Bridge 
Club — Northridge West P.T.A. 

Ruletta Coats: Mrs. Cail C. Stryeski, 
213 Alberon Drive, Park Ridge, New Jer- 
sey. Susan b. 11-2-62. 

Elinor Cohen: Mrs. Justin D. Goldman, 
26 Bothwell Rd., Brighton 35, Mass. 
Susan Lee b. 10-1-61. "Knit, Hadassah, 

Polly-Ann Cotter: Mrs. John W. Mort, 
Church Street, Mattapoisett, Mass. Joanna 
b. 6-3-56, Polly-Ann b. 3-28-59, Jonathan 
H. b. 7-2-60, David Harrison b. 5-29-62. 
"Main Interest: our restaurant — The 
Harbor Beach Lodge & Club, Mattapoisett 
Woman's Club, Various Church groups, 
Bridge Club." 

Louise Crank x-'53; Mrs. James R. Gra- 
ham, 403 Country Lane, Narberth, Pa. 
Robin Lee b. 6-11-54, Laurie Susan b. 8-28- 
56, Scott Richard b. 12-31-58. "Lasell 
Alumnae Club (Phila. South Jersey) — 
Vice Pres., Bala Cymryd Jr. Woman's 
Club, Narberth P.T.A. Executive Com- 



Elaine Crook: Mrs. Robert J. Birrell, 
99 Natick Avenue, Warwick, R. I. Glen 
Robert 7, Stephen Joseph 6, Robert J., Jr. 
5, Lauren Lee 6 mos. "R. I. Lasell Club, 
Golfing — (when I get a chance) decora- 
tive painting." 

Barbara Crossley: Mrs. David A. Deans, 
Sabin Drive, Williamstown, Mass. Vir- 
ginia b. 10-2-57, Susan b. 5-21-59- 

Joan Darelius: Mrs. Donald P. Chirn- 
side, 86 Oak Hill Drive, Cranston 10, 
R. I. Jeffrey Peter b. 1-2-60, Jill b. 4-12-61. 
"President of Oak Hill Terrace Garden 
Club, Past President of R. I. Lasell Club." 

Edith Davis: Mrs. Philip Nixon, 26904 
Knickerbocker Rd., Bay Village 40, Ohio. 
Ellen Louise b. 8-11-60, Philip Arnold b. 
4-18-63. "B. S. in Ed. Lesley College, 
Cambridge, Mass., Pre School P.T.A. ■ — 

Marilyn Davis: Mrs. Carleton C. Corn- 
ins, 255 Western Ave., Sherborn, Mass. 
Craig Edward b. 11-26-59. "4H Town 
Chairman. Investment Club — secretary, 
Sunday School Teacher." 

Louise Dawe: Mrs. William G. Turner, 
205 Newbury St.. Framingham, Mass. Jill 
L. b. 10-15-54, John W. b. 3-20-56, Peter 
F. b. 9-17-57, Daniel F. b. 11-14-58. 
"Teach Sunday School, Play bridge, P.T.A." 

Dot Day: Mrs. Linne Bardarson, 346 
N. 149, Seattle 33. Washington. Dori b. 
7-9-56. Blaine b. 12-4-57, Rolf b. 11-23-59, 
2 years U. of Washington. "Linne has 
been made cannery superintendent for New 
England Fish Company which will take 
the family to the Chatham Cannery in 
Alaska every summer. This will be the 
first time I have accompanied my husband 
to Alaska since my oldest child was a 

Cynthia De Gelleke: Mrs. John R. Cole, 
5 Lansdowne Estates, Lexington, Ken- 
tucky. John Russell, Jr. (J. Russ) b. 
1-13-58, Elizabeth Anne (Beth Anne) b. 
6-26-59. Frederick Case (Fritz) b. 3-16-63. 
"Board of Fayette County Medical Auxil- 
iary, Board of Fayette County Mental 
Health Assoc." 

Shirley Ann De Mund: Mrs. John M. 
Hilgenberg, 7601 Romney Court, Palmer 
Park, Hyattsville, Maryland. "Present em- 
ployment: Department of Defense, The 
Pentagon, Washington 25, D.C." 

Jean Di Francesco: Mrs. Eugene O. 
Rector, 1924 Westfield Ave., Scotch Plains, 
N.J. Diana b. 1-23-60, Nancy b. 9-7-62. 
"Scotch Plains Junior Women's Club, 
Bridge, Bowling, Sewing." 

Marie Di Silva: Mrs. Robert E. Stocki, 
35 Graymore Road, Waltham, Mass. Eric 
Alan b. 10-22-55, Laura Marie b. 12-6-56, 
Jeffrey Christopher 1-22-58, Karl John 
11-23-60. "Catholic Women's Guild (Pres- 
ident) Waltham League of Women's Vot- 

ers, Waltham. ' Waltham Junior Women 
(executive Board) Northwest School P.T.A. 
(secretary) Philomatheis Club." 

Grayce Dolan: Mrs. A. Edward Van 
Laethem, 6 Herbert Road, Chelmsford, 
Mass. Mass. Memorial Hospital. "Peter 
Bent Brigham Hospital — Chief Bacteriol- 

Kathryn L. Dolan:' 41 Concolor Avenue, 
Newton 58, Mass., Newton-Wellesley Hos- 
pital. "Peter-Bent Brigham Hos.-Bacteriol- 
ogy Lab." 

Joanne Dolphin: Mrs. Daniel Craffey, 
41 Whiting St., Lunenburg, Mass., Kim- 
berly b. 8-3-57, Daniel Philip b. 5-9-56. 

Mary Ann Donahue: 449 East 58th St., 
New York 22, N. Y. Boston University 
BFA (cum laude) 1957, MFA 1958. 
"Sorry I can't make Reunion, but will be 
in Europe. Have been workirg in theatre, 
TV and films. Was production assistant 
on 'Wildcat' with Lucille Ball, 'Let It 
Ride' with George Gobel, 'Isle of Chil- 
dren' with Patty Duke and 'Night Life' 
with Carol Lawrence. Did work on 'The 
Manchurian Candidate'; assisted in a doc- 
umentary film for Ted Kennedy, and 
most recently was assistant producer-di- 
rector for 'Upstairs at the Downstairs,' a 
musical review in New York. Best good 
wishes to one and all." 

Evelyn Earle: Mrs. Adrian K. Lukeman, 
25 Ingersoll St., Huntington Station, New 

Joan Eckert: Mrs. Alan E. Lowenstein, 
38 Tindall Road, Middletown, N. J. Bam- 
bi b. 6-19-58, Glenn b. 10-25-59, Dale b. 
2-27-62. "Have become athletic all of a 
sudden — bowling, tennis and now golf. 
Keep any free time I have occupied." 

Jean Ewert: Mrs. Arthur F. Borman, 
16859 Glen Oaks Drive, Country Club 
Hills, Illinois. Arthur Charles b. 10-18-57, 
Sharon Elaine b. 11-2-59- 

Silvia Faccio: Mrs. John D. W. Tirrell, 
289 Sylvan Knoll Rd., Stamford, Conn. 
Roger Colby b. 9-8-61. Berkeley Secre- 
tarial School, N.Y.C. "Lasell Alum. Club. 
— Westchester — Lower Conn. Sports 
Car Club of America." 

Maureen Fagan: Mrs. Richard J. Holl- 
felder, 215 Nicholson Street, Newington, 
Connecticut. Richard, Jr. b. 6-13-61. 

Audrey Felzenberg: Mrs. Harold Silber- 
man, 2718 Princeton Drive, Durham, 
North Carolina. Andrew b. 1-4-56, Michael 
b. 10-11-58. "Bowling with two leagues, 
modeling once a week with a dept. store, 
working with the Hospital Auxiliary one 
day a week. Other than this our two boys 
keep me busy." 

Nancy Fitzpatrick: Mrs. William J. H. 
Manning, Jr. 47 Cumberland Avenue, 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. Champlain Valley 
School of America. "Lived four years in 



California, traveled in Europe, Mexico, 
Canada, Virgin Islands. Skiing, golf." 

Barbara C. Fleck: 184 Jason Street, 
Arlington, Mass. "Secretary — Elliott, Davis 
& Co. — Accountants & Auditors." 

Martha Folkins: Mrs. Ralph E. Hawes, 
Jr. 6 Highland Avenue, South Sudbury, 
Mass. Jeffrey b. 12-14-56, Pamela b. 2-22- 
58, Timothy b. 6-22-60. "Bridge, sewing, 
Board of Directors of Sunny Hill Pre- 
School, teach Sunday school, League of 
Women Voters." 

Elizabeth Fried x-'53: Mrs. Raymond 
L. Slater, 10 The Spur, Locust Valley, L.I., 
N. Y. Margaret Kim b. 1-27-58, Tracy 
Anne b. 9-6-59. "Outside activities are 
all associated with my church — service 
guild, Altar guild, Sunday School teaching 
and sewing for annual fair. Keep house, 
sew for girls and myself. When I have a 
dull moment, our favorite entertainment as 
a couple is theatre going." 

Suzanne Frisch: Mrs. Frederick A. Ru- 
bin, 50 Rockland Drive, Pittsfield, Mass. 
Judith Wendy b. 3-19-60. Russell Sage 
College — BA "Ye 'ole homemaker." 

Judy Gardner: Mrs. Donald E. White- 
house, 25 Scott Drive, Manchester, Conn. 
David Alan b. 5-12-5 5, Douglas Gardner 
b. 10-11-57. "League bowling, several 
bridge clubs, active in church circle." 

Sally Garratt: Mrs. John K. Dean, Chest- 
nut Hill, Litchfield, Conn. Peter Garratt 
b. 5-20-58, Jeffrey Kimball b. 6-28-60. 
Finished 2 yr. Exec. Training Course at 
Filene's, Boston. 

Shirley Gibbons: Mrs. Emil R. San Sou- 
cie, 2208 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, 
Penna. Stephen David b. 6-8-55, Michael 
Alan b. 5-11-57, Debra Ann b. 7-12-60. 
Became assistant Dietician — New En- 
gland Baptist Hospital, Boston, Mass. 
"President — Philadelphia — So. Jersey 
Lasell Alumnae Club, Active in Whitemarsh 
Jr. Woman's Club — Chm. of American 
Home Dept. Member of local Jaycee 
wives. Husband's Occupation — Market- 
ing Supervisor of Pa. Bell Telephone Co." 

Carol Ginsburg x-'53: Mrs. Robert G. 
Blauvelt, 72 Garden Street, New Britain, 

Joan Godfrey: Mrs. James F. Emmert, 
6 Paxton Road, Framingham, Mass. Jamie 
Lee b. 2-11-57, Lori Ruth b. 4-27-60, Vicky 
Lynn, b. 12-4-62. "Worked for 3 years be- 
fore marriage. With 6 moves in 7 years 
and 3 pre-schoolers, who has time? Have 
managed to learn and enjoy rug-braiding 
and try to keep active in church work. 
Also keep up on my reading, after every- 
one's tucked in at night. Other than that 
it's pack, unpack, change diapers, chase 
kids, etc. etc. — Jim employed as District 
Manager in Metropolitan Boston for Olds- 
mobile Division of General Motors." 

Marjorie Goggin: Mrs. Richard F. 
Keirstead, 1200-A South Juniper Drive, 
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kathryn 
Elizabeth 5 years, Steven Lee 4 years, 
Kristyn Erika 3 months. 

Allene Goodwin: Mrs. Henry J. Demp- 
sey, 11 Brantwood Road, Winchester, Mass. 
Filene's Training Program — Adult Ed. 
Courses. "Church — Women's Society — 
Bridge — gardening — legal secretary — 
part time." 

Martha Guhring: Mrs. Richard L. Grem- 
ley, 15 Spring Terrace, Shrewsbury, Mass. 
Karen Marie b. 8-13-57, Kathy Jean b. 
5-1-59. "Refinishing furniture, sewing." 

Harriet Hickok: Mrs. William S. 
Brown, 132 Shady Brook Lane, Springfield 
8, Mass. William Henry b. 10-11-55, Mar- 
garet Ellen b. 2-9-59. "Assoc. Den Mother 
(Cub Scouts) Publications Chairman — 
P.T.A. Free-Lance Artist — Buxton, Inc." 

Millicent House: Mrs. Flint Grinnell, 
Jr. 819 Clinton Place, Evanston, Illinois. 
Susan Jane 9-23-54, Flint III, b. 1-11-56, 
Colleen Collins b. 11-14-59. "At the pres- 
ent time we are busy with P.T.A., North 
Shore Auxiliary of Chicago Maternity 
Center, Evanston Jr. Chamber of Com- 
merce, Rotary Club of Chicago, in addition 
to taking care of three children, one dog, 
1 bird, one five-bedroom house. 

Barbara Howell: 12 Orchard Lane, Way- 
land, Mass. New England Deaconess Hos- 
pital School of Nursing. "I am still doing 
Head Nursing at the Deaconess but plan 
to go to school full time in the fall to get 
my degree. (I wish I had time for hobbies, 

Elinor Johnson: Mrs. William B. Palm- 
er, 90 Hoyt Street, Darien, Conn. Eliza- 
beth b. 1955, Catherine b. 1957, Susan b. 

Marie Kaden: 32 Sidlaw Road, Brigh- 
ton, Mass. Graduated B.U. — 1955. Cur- 
rently Lasell's Director of Admissions. 

Elizabeth Kenneally: Mrs. Norman J. 
Hever. R.D. #3, Chestertown, Maryland. 
Janet Louise b. 12-12-62. 

Elizabeth Keys: Mrs. Thomas P. Gage, 
130 Hamiltonian Drive, Middletown Turn- 
pike, Red Bank, N.J. Karen b. 4-25-55, 
Peter b. 11-29-57. "Co-leader of Karen's 
Brownie troop." 

Nancy Kittell: Mrs. James T. Martin, 
Jr. 293 West Shore Drive, Marblehead, 
Mass. Allan J. b. 8-7-54, Peter D. b. 11-18- 
55, Diane E. b. 1-3-61. Courses in Braided 
Rugs and Sewing I & II. "Cub Scout Den 
Mother — Sewing (hobby). 

Elsie Knaus: Mrs. Joseph G. Klemt, 55 
Robinhood Avenue, Closter, N. J. Paul 
Arnold b. 1-12-61, Christopher William 
b. 3-6-63. 

Claire LaLiberte: Mrs. Robert Adler. 7 
Chantilly Drive, Barrington, Rhode Island. 



Lynn b. 7-10-57, Nancy b. 3-24-59, Susan 
b. 2-26-62. 

Carol Leake: Mrs. Jeremy Bacon, 220 
Harriot Avenue, Harrington Park, N.J. 
Jeremy b. 12-16-59, Gina b. 8-7-61. 

Carol Lindstrom: Mrs. John H. Jobes, 
110 Hammler Road, Somerville, N.J. 
John b. 7-6-54, Steven b. 9-5-55, Thomas 
b. 6-17-58. "Gardening." 

Theresa Lopas: 230 Babcock St., Brook- 
line, Mass. Lawrence General Hospital 
School Medical Technology. "Veteran's 
Administration Hospital, Boston, Mass." 

Marie Low: Mrs. Harold C. Christensen, 
35 Circuit Drive, Stow, Mass. Karen 
Marie b. 9-20-54, Kristina Louise b. 8-7-55, 
Karolee Sue b. 10-30-57. Kamma Rae b. 
4-1-60. "Sewing — gardening — reading 
— Brownie leader — church choir." 

Marilyn Lyons: Mrs. Lee M. Vanden- 
Handel, 659 Spring Avenue, Ridgewood, 
N.J. Leslie M. b. 8-23-57, Meredith L. b. 
12-19-59. "Gardening, sewing for two 
girls, church work with children (Bible 

Carolyn Martin: Mrs. Chester G. Fla- 
hive, Jr. 98 Bayne St., East Longmeadow, 
Mass. Chester G. Ill b. 2-11-58, Dorothy 
Ann b. 2-11-59. Bentley School of Ac- 
counting — ■ 1 year. 

Molly McBride: Mrs. Robert R. Kalo- 
geros, RFD 2, Woodside St., Unionville, 
Conn. Robert Roland, Jr. b. 6-8-54, James 
Spence b. 7-12-55, Susan b. 7-19-59. "Pres- 
ident, Connecticut Valley Lasell Alumnae 
Club; Burlington PTA; member Lewis S. 
Mills Scholarship Fund; public relations 
for Connecticut Yankee Girl Scout Coun- 
cil; member troop committee, intermediate 
troop 199, Burlington; write daily local 
column for The Hartford Times; my chil- 

Elizabeth McCarthy: Mrs. Edmond J. 
Ahaesy, 9 Sun Valley Drive, Worcester, 
9. Mass., Edmond J. II. b. 7-3-56, James 
Allen b. 3-16-62. "Ed and I have become 
very interested in square dancing in the 
past year. We're hoping, that in the 
group of people that took lessons to- 
gether, to start a club in the fall called 
the Tatnuck Squares." 

Lilian Medhurst: Mrs. William H. 
Meiggs, 17 Foxcroft Road, West Hart- 
ford 7, Conn. Adopted children: Wayne 
Bradford b. 4-10-59, Cheryl Ann b. 4-18- 
61. "In addition to usual church activities, 
my present interest is the Newington 
Hospital for Crippled Children." 

Gail Middleton x-'53: Mrs. Robert R. 
Wolber, 7 Barbara Circle, Amityville, N.Y. 
Diane Nancy b. 8-10-57, Ray William b. 
4-4-61. Laboratory Institute of Merchan- 
dising N. Y.C. 

Patricia Mitchel: Mrs. Edward W. Fos- 
ter, Jr. 233 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethers- 
field 9, Conn. William b. 6-7-55, Mark 
b. 4-16-57, Matthew b. 1-11-60. Jonathan 
b. 8-13-62. 

Carol Moriarty: Mrs. Charles P. Phleg- 
er, Northgate Aprs. 25-D, Waltham, Mass. 
Charles Phillips, Jr. b. 3-16-61. "Navy 
Officer's Wives Club." 

Jean Nazarian: Mrs. Martin Martinian, 
9 Littlejohn Street, Arlington 74, Mass. 
Beth Ann b. 5-20-61. "I worked as a dis- 
play manager for Filene's of Belmont until 
1956. Then went into an advertising art 
studio until early 1961 and Beth came 
along. Now I confine myself to raising 
Beth and taking course at The High 
School and Adult Centers and Choral 

Charlotte Nilson: Mrs. Monroe B. Card- 
er, 42 Avon Road, Wellesley, Mass. Dale 
b. July, 1953, Monroe N. b. Feb. 1957. 

Greta Nillsson: Mrs. Richard W. Mas- 
son, Qtrs. 4506-B, U.S.A.F. Academy, Col- 
orado. Rickey b. 6-3-57, Lisa Anne b. 
8-7-58. "My husband is an assistant pro- 
fessor of political science at the Air Force 
Academy. We love it here in Colorado 
and are close to a number of major ski 
areas. We ski every weekend that we pos- 
sibly can — started the children this 
year too ! Also enjoy golfing." 

Bettyanne Nuovo: Mrs. Francis B. John- 
son, 473 Everdell Avenue, W. Islip, N. Y. 
Scott b. 2-19-57, Lisa b. 3-15-58, David b. 

Barbara Palumbo: Mrs. Benjamin A. 
Howe, 28 Glen Keith Road, Glen Cove, 
L. I., N. Y. Lisa Margaret b. 4-21-63. 

Helen Pearlstein: Mrs. Gerald Golden, 
80 Hope Circle, Windsor, Conn. Lisa 
Anne b. 7-14-57, Nina Eileen b. 2-5-60, 
Lynne Barbara b. 12-25-62. Interbord Inst. 
New York City "Active in local syna- 
gogue, sewing is a hobby." 

Janet Pearson: Mrs. Robert L. Hauck, 
16556 Bircher Street, Granada Hills, Cali- 
fornia. Peter Neil b. 3-27-56, David Scott 
b. 11-24-58, Julie Ann b. 10-6-62. "First 
Presbyterian Church of G.H. — Board of 
Deacons — bridge club — sewing." 

Constance Peterson x-'53: Mrs. G. Had- 
ley Sloan, 4130 N. E. 16th Terrace, Ft. 
Lauderdale, Florida. Stephen Mark b. 3- 
17-58, Cheryl Ann b. 6-7-59, Kim Kerstin 
b. 8-12-60. "Golf & Bridge & Knitting. 
Would love to see everyone but Auburn- 
dale is so far away-'" 

Sylvia Pfeiffer: Mrs. Roland A. Nesslin- 
ger, 3 Mason Court, Delaware, Ohio. 
Martha Lee b. 10-18-56, Karl Alan b. 7-7-58, 
Diana Elizabeth b. 2-23-63. "Belong to: 
Woman's Society of Christian Service (hold 
an office). Tots 'n Toddlers mother's club 



(we support work for the crippled chil- 
dren's society and the Delaware Co. Chil- 
dren's Home.) Aldersgate Fellowship — . 
(Church group of young couples) — 
Bridge — play fairly regularly — big 
interests — children and home (espe- 
cially remodeling, painting, etc.)" 

Martha Phillips: Mrs. Samuel J. Fear- 
ing, 44 Everett St., Southbridge, Mass. 

Nancy Preston: Mrs. Walter J. Stroh- 
meyerjr. 3 Glenwood St., Little Neck 63, 
N. Y. Sarah L. b. 9-9-58, Melissa G. b. 
3-20-61, Walter J. Ill b. 12-28-62. 

Patricia Ripley: Mrs. Edward C. Petit, 
Absalona Hill Road, Harmony, Rhode Is- 
land. Patricia Kim b. 8-12-55, Charles 
Winchell b. 12-30-59- "Brownie scout 
leader in community, working part time 
as legal secretary. Clodhoppers square 
dance club, P.T.A. in community — past 
secretary, hobby — bowling — captain ■ — 
my team taking 2nd place trophy this 
year." "Worked for former Gov. of state 
of R. I. a few years back, as his secretary." 

Jeanette Roberts: Mrs. Ellsworth G. 
Mann, 9 Lake St., Hopedale, Mass. Jacque- 
lyn Gail b. 2-5-57, Deborah Jean b. 12- 

Barbara Ronan: Mrs. John E. Gallagher, 
Jr. 2 Stuyvesant Oval, New York, N. Y. 
John Edward, III b. 2-15-58, Paula Ruth 
b. 4-29-60. Grace Seton b. 8-12-61. Ford- 
ham & Columbia Evening Courses. 

Donna Ross: Mrs. Edward F. Wright, 
Jr., 96 Mount Auburn St., Watertown 72, 
Mass. "Mount Auburn Hospital Aux. Vol- 
unteer and on the gift shop board as a 
buyer and ass't. treasurer, Watertown 
Women's club, secretary ■ — Watertown 
Republican Club, Beta Sigma Phi Soror- 
ity, Licensed real estate broker and office 
manager of my husband's insurance busi- 

Beverly Sawdey: Mrs. Donald M. Quin- 
tal, 11 Pinecrest Avenue, West Peabody, 
Mass. Douglas b. 1-25-61, Laurie b. 3-13- 
63. "Don and I travelled a bit before the 
children arrived. These were vacation 
trips through Virginia, Washington, D. C. 
New York State and Canada. We hope 
to do more travelling when our children 
are a little older with our eventual goal 
being a trip across country by car." 

Joan Schur: Mrs. Bernard J. Sommers, 
9 De Forrest Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. 
Mark b. 6-18-56, Lisa b. 12-25-58. "Active 
in Jaycees — play bridge (but still lousy!) 
kept busy at home, as I presume most of 
us are. "Hello" to all the gals and so 
sorry I can't make the reunion. We have 
a convention in May and can't make 

Jean Schwebemeyer: Mrs. Raymond J. 
Stein, R.F.D. Far Hill, New Jersey. Jill 

Karin b. 3-27-57, Kristin Beryl b. 10-3-59, 
Brenna Lauren b. 5-1-63. "Enjoyed a 
couple of years as a newspaper corre- 
spondent prior to the arrival of our young- 
est. At present, main activities revolve 
around home, children, school, etc." 

Joan Sevigny: Mrs. Stanley S. Noble, 
2356 Rosado Way, Rancho Cordova, Cal- 
ifornia. Michaela Anne b. 5-27-61, Ritchie 
b. 5-9-51 (stepson). "Years training in 
Lawrence, Mass. for Lab. Tech." "Wom- 
en's club — publicity and ways and means 
chairman, Cub Scouts, Little League. Em- 
ployed as Lab. Tech. until marriage, just 
a busy housewife now!" 

Elizabeth Sleight: Mrs. Calvin Dexter, 
Trimtown Road, North Scituate, Rhode 
Island. Dawn Elizabeth b. 7-30-59, C-aig 
Gurney b. 7-3-61. "Past Pres. R. I. Lasell 
club, Episcopal Church Women, Ameri- 
can Legion Auxiliary, Christmas card bus- 
iness (Aug. - Nov.) decorative painting 
lessons, some needlework, some square 
dancing, refinishing furniture and an- 

Jean Smith: Mrs. Roland R. DiLeone, 
23 Briar St. Rowayton, Conn. Karen b. 
4-27-57, Janice Lynn b. 4-22-59. 

Joan Smith: Mrs. James W. Nagle, III, 
147 Colgan Terrace, Verona, Penna. Joanne 
(Jody) b. 7-19-56, James (Jimmy) b. 
11-12-58, Janet Lee b. 8-11-60. "I have 
a full time job keeping house and taking 
care of children, but I find time for knit- 
ting, sewing, and belong to two bridge 

Eugenia Snow: Mrs. Richard G. Averill, 
4 Alden Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Rich- 
ard G. b. 4-19-55, Eugene b. 10-19-57, 
Clifton S. b. 1-21-59. "Past Pres. Wellesley 
Hills Junior Women's Club. Rec. Sec. 
Mass. State Federation Women's Clubs Jun- 
ior membership." 

Audrey Thompson: Mrs. Charles J. 
Rielle, II 196 Katherine Road. Ridge- 
wood, N.J. Nancy b. 6-11-60, Peter b. 

Beverly Thornton: Mrs. William L. 
Hallowell, 59 Pound St. Medfield, Mass. 
Holly b. 10-4-60. "Treasurer of Baptist 
Women's group, Rec. Sec. of the Med- 
field-Walpole newcomers club, member of 
garden club. Wish I could make it." 

Audrey Tluck x-'53: Mrs. E. Bryan 
Helming, 60 Lynne Terrace, Shelton, 
Conn. Cynthia Gail b. 11-7-57, Gary Bry- 
an b. 10-6-60. "PTA, Mother's Circle 
(Methodist Church), Women's Club, play- 
ing bridge, swimming, housewife." 

Mary Elizabeth True: 82 Park Avenue, 
Edgewood, Rhode Island. "Employed — 
F. W. Dodge Corp. (construction news 
firm) Club -- W.I.C. (Women in Con- 
struction) — Treas. of R. I. Chapter." 



Scott, Cynthia and Sharon Horsfield 
Nancy Swanson '54 

Marcia Veitch: Mrs. Edward P. Baker, 
137 Carol Drive, Bristol, Conn. 

Joan Waldele: Mrs. James E. Schenk, 
R.D. 2, Potterstown Rd., Lebanon, N. J. 
James Edward, Jr. b. 12-19-58, Peter John 
b. 1-8-60, Douglas Paul b. 2-9-63. "Golf." 

Jane Watson: Mrs. Robert K. Bragg, 
15 Everett Street, Beverly Farms, Mass. 
"Brownie Leader, Member of "Youth Ac- 
tivity Committee" for Community House." 

Jean Weeks: Mrs. Taj F. Hanna, 102 
Ridgecrest Ave., Brevard, N. C. Linda 
Jean b. 2-14-56, Robert Weeks b. 1-5-58, 
Stephen Wetherell b. 7-26-61. "Eastern 
Star — Church Circle — Bridge Clubs — 
Little Theater (Just finished doing OKLA- 

Mary Wellington: Mrs. Joel J. McKoan, 
43 Woodway Drive. Shrewsbury, Mass. 
Linda 7, Joel 5, Mark 3. "P.T.A. - 
Bridge group — Republican party." 

Lois Wilkes: Mrs. David J. Morrison, 
235 Dawes Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass. Nancy 
Ellen b. 5-24-62. "Homemaker — occa- 
sional weekend golfer." 

Nancy Werner: 54 South Pleasant Street, 
Randolph, Vermont. Graduate of Bur- 
dett College. "At present am unemployed 
and I only belong to church club." 

of the Eskimb State: "This is beautiful 
country; the sun setting behind snow-covered 
mountains is absolutely breathtaking." 

From the Far East, Ann Chidsey Moeb- 
ius writes: "We were in Tokyo a year 
this October and it's been an interesting 
and eventful one. Enjoyed trips to Kyoto, 
Hiroshima, and Hokkaido. Young Bill's 
mastery of Japanese" surpasses his parents'. 
We plan to return to the States sometime 
after the first of the year. I received a 
birth announcement from Joan Hilde- 
brandt Estey recently. She and Dick had 
their first child, a daughter, Margaret 


Mary Sweenor Ruggieri served as presi- 
dent of the Cranston (R.I.) Women's 

"Please be advised of another change 
of address," writes Shirley Cyr Breker. 
"You've stayed with me for seven moves 
thus far, so here's another: 107 Whitney 
Road, Syracuse, New York." 

Marlene Zammarchi Lynch is living in 
Burlington, Mass. and has three children 
— Colleen, 5, Charles Jr., 4, and 
Caroline, 1. 

Sue Schofield Jeffrey relates a "small 
world" incident: "Jim was given member- 
ship to a local pool (Palm Beach Athletic 
Club) this past summer and it was the 
habit of yours truly to take the wee ones 
over for a swim each morning. One morn- 
ing I spied a familiar face — our darling 
class queen, Valerie Montanez! She was 
there with her two little girls. We talked 
and talked and compared notes — like 
myself, she had been a stewardess and 
had lived in the area for six years." 


Charlotte Frye combines study and ca- 
reer, doing radio announcing over station 
WBUR and public relations study at Bos- 
ton University. 

Rosemarie Lochiatto Billy takes time 
out from her duties as secretary to the Di- 
rector of the Department of Education for 
the State of Alaska to write her impressions 

Lil' Suie and Terri-winkle 
Sue Schofield Jeffrey '55 




Barbara Gorman Trice writes: "I spent 
the past winter in Stowe, Vermont, ski 
bumming — a delightful occupation. On 
the slopes I bumped into (literally) sev- 
eral former Lasell classmates. In Stowe, 
I met my husband, Franklin Trice, Jr. of 
Richmond, Virginia. He, too, was living 
in Stowe for the ski season. We were 
married June 7, '63 in West Hartford, 
Connecticut and are presently living in a 
darling cottage in the country outside of 
Charlottesville where Frank is taking a 
two-month course at the University of 


Bobbie Kingsley x-'57 was the winner 
of the recent Narragansett "Hi Neighbor" 
Girl of Greater Boston contest. One of 
four finalists in the contest, Bobbie was 
presented with a gold engraved wrist 
watch and a contract to continue working 
with the Narragansett Brewing Co., for 
the remainder of 1963. As "Hi Neighbor" 
Girl of Greater Boston, Bobbie will visit 
retail establishments in Metropolitan Bos- 
ton with supervisors and salesmen and 
appear at sports, civic and fraternal func- 
tions throughout the area. 

Lora Lee Shin teaches at both the All 
Newton Music School and at the New 
England Conservatory of. Music. 


'Just the facts, m'am': 

Millicent Carlson: Mrs. James S. O'Bri- 
en, 18 Townley St., Hartford 5, Conn. 
"Music, sewing, bridge — House hunting 
— registered nurse in doctor's office." 

Grace Goodale: Mrs. Wayne R. Myer, 
3 Hallett Road, Saxonville, Mass. "Med- 
ical Secretary." 

Janet McPherson: 3 Hickory Lane, 
West Hartford, Conn. New England Bap- 
tist Hospital 1958-1961 R.N. "Assistant 
Head Nurse, Hartford Hospital." 

Barbara Stannard: Mrs. Dudley P. Hous- 
man, 1390 Mapleton Ave., Suffield, Conn. 
"Gal Friday" for Commercial Art Studio." 

Nan McAuliffe: 21 Turner St., Newton- 
ville 60, Mass. "Working for five years in 
a one-girl office for Doctor. My travels so 
far have been limited to Nassau, Florida, 
& Canada. 

Susanne Babcock: Mrs. Clement S. Ed- 
ington, 1 Noreen Drive, Bedford, Mass. 
Barbara b. 1-14-61, Linda b. 10-8-62. 

Theodora L. Brahe: 300 East 71st, New 
York 21, N.Y. Penn State University, 

Chatter and Coffee 
Winslow Hall 

Betty Tognazzi: 34 Isabella St., Apt. 8, 
Boston 16, Mass. Medical Assistant to Dr. 
Howard Yoffee, Dermatologist. 

Virginia Huelsen: Mrs. Ralph Hayden, 
77 Hemenway Road, Framingham, Mass. 
Kevin Michael b. 3-24-61, Mark Douglas 
b. 3-6-62, Scott Christopher b. 4-17-63 

Laurie Ferrante: Mrs. Joseph J. Cannon, 
66 Park Avenue, Hillsdale, N.J. Adult ed- 
ucation (Art) Adult education (Italian) 
Adult education (sewing) "Skiing, knit- 
ting, Medical Secretary." 

Linda Ferrucci: Mrs. Robert A. Merrell, 
Jr. 9 Koczak Court, North Haven, Conn. 
Robert A. Merrell, III b. 5-19-62. "Many! 
Interested right now in breeding & show- 
ing my miniature Pinscher — housewife 
and part time nursing." 

Joan A. Seufert: 193 Winchester Street, 
Newton Highlands, Mass. "Executive's as- 
sistant at Knoll Associates, Newbury St., 
Boston. Knoll is a manufacturer of con- 
temporary furniture." 

Gail Seibert: Mrs. Earl Scott Glover, 
23 Old Manor Road, Hazlet, New Jersey. 
Catherine Ann (Cathy) b. 7-10-62. "Just 
moved into our home here in Holmdel, 
N. J. However, we use a Hazlet address. 
If there are any girls in the area please 
call. Homemaker." 

Joan M. Bates: 264 Ash Street, Man- 
chester, N.H. "Trying to improve on my 
bowling average. Also member of Man- 
chester Junior College Club. Secretary & 
Cashier to Manager — Hartford Life Ins. 
Co. Branch Office — Manchester, N.H. 

Elizabeth Arnall: Mrs. Howard A. 
Thompson, 2 Maplewood Terrace, Nor- 
walk, Conn. "Interests are many & varied. 
Not much extra time for clubwork with 
housework & job. Most of our time is cur- 
rently being used to redecorate our new 
home (of one year). Medical Secretary." 



Harriett Rafkin: Mrs. William Goldberg, 
42 Lionel Avenue, Waltham, Mass. "House- 

Barbara Allen: Mrs. Anthony J. Bibbo, 
383 Cherry St., West Newton, Mass. Jo- 
seph Edward b. 9-28-59, Donna Marie b. 
11-10-62. "Newton Community Chorus." 

Elizabeth Nolan: Mrs. Roy J. Mocki, 16 
Wilson Road, Wakefield, Mass. Gregory 
Bruce b. 7-15-61, Robin b. 10-26-62. 

Carol- Camillo: Mrs. Richard A. Sarno, 
816 Lynnfield Street, Lynnfield, Mass. Julie 
Ann b. 7-10-61, Joyce Caroline b. 11-8-62. 

Marion Heinsohn: Mrs. Douglas J. Mit- 
chell, 145 Washington Avenue, West New- 
ton, Mass. Scott Douglas b. 2-7-60. "Read 
& sew a lot. Greater Boston Lasell Club, 
various church clubs, Housewife." 

Carolyn Reid: 339 Beacon Street, Bos- 
ton 16, Mass. "Registered Nurse." 

June Leary: Mrs. Rudolph C. Guthier, 
Jr. Manchester, Vermont. "Music, reading, 
etc. Now employed as secretary to in- 
surance agency in Manchester." 

Mary-Louise Riordan: Mrs. Lloyd G. Mc- 
Lean, 306 Webster Street, Marshfield, 
Mass. Timothy James b. 5-15-61 

Nancy Cincotti: Mrs. Paul N. Emmons, 
84 Russell Road, West Newton 65, Mass. 
Howard J. b. 10-8-59, Randell David b. 
1-30-61. "Sewing, knitting, reading." 

Barbara Clark x-'58: Mrs. Raymond H. 
Owen, 573 Central Avenue, Needham 
Heights, Mass. Douglas Clark b. 10-9-58, 
Bonnie Lee b. 2-9-60, Donald Raymond b. 
8-4-61 "Sewing, decorating new house, 

Jeanne Bradner: Mrs. Thomas E. Cullen, 
447 Prospect Street, East Orange, New 
Jersey. "Member of the women's soft- 
ball team at company — International 
Elc. Corp. Two weeks in Florida in 1961 
— trip to Montreal and Quebec, Canada 
the summer of 1962 — with Judy (Feldt 
1958) and Rich Oswald. Executive secre- 
tary — International Electric Corpora- 

Janet Hicks: Mrs. Richard P. McCoy, 28 
Ridge Street, Katonah, New York. Tim- 
othy Hicks (Timmy) b. 1-30-63. "House- 

Mary Landini: Mrs. Edward F. Doyle, 
III, 110 Trapelo Road, Waltham, Mass. 
Deborah Ann b. 7-23-62. "Housewife and 

Constance Ellen Johnson: 19 Stetson 
Street, Brookline, Mass. A few courses at 
the University Extension Program. "I am 
secretary to three Trust Officers in the 
Trust Department of State Street Bank 
and Trust Company, Boston, Mass. This 
past year I have worked with the Greater 
Boston Lasell Club." 

Carol Perrotti: 27 Litchfield Tpke. 
Woodbridge, Conn. Hospital of St. Ra- 
phael School of Medical Technology — 
Registered Medical Technologist." 

Joan McDaniels: Mrs. Charles M. Rol- 
lins, Susan Circle, Raymond, N. H. Pam- 
ela Ann b. 1-10-63. 

Gail Winalski: Mrs. Elliott E. Burd, 6039 
Gregory Drive, Sylvania, Ohio. Betsy 
Leigh b. 8-20-60, Pamela Gay b. 9-9-61. 
"Just finished a busy year as a board 
member in the Toledo Welcome Wagon 
Newcomers Club. Did a lot of league 
bowling this past year and looking for- 
ward to dusting off my golf clubs for 
this summer." 

Alba Spinale: Mrs. Robert L. Kenney, 
15 White Street, Arlington, Mass. Bos- 
ton University. "Housewife." 

Patricia Watson: Mrs. John A. McCul- 
lough, 1920-A East Sparrow Drive, Point 
Mugu, California. Douglas Weeks b. 3- 
16-63. Simmons College — Bachelor Sci- 
ence. "Photography, crafts, scuba diving, 
reading, travel — housewife." 

Elizabeth Hambro: Mrs. David F. Burnes, 
27 Park Drive, Woburn, Mass. Donald L., 
b. 7-26-62. "Skiing, tennis, golf, swim- 
ming, bowling, girl's club, reading & 
cooking. Greater Boston Club for Deaf. 

Brenda Weinstein: Mrs. Gerald H. Less, 
23 Phaneuf Street, Middleton, Mass. Geof- 
frey Mark b. 7-22-62; "Housewife." 

Margaret Moore: Mrs. Ronald R. Watts, 
334 Union Street, Apt. 4, Bangor, Maine. 
Stephen A. b. 2-22-62. "Officers Wives 
Club. Homemaker." 

Sandra Fookes: Mrs. Roy W. Adler, 753 
Peltier Avenue, Honolulu 18, Hawaii. Dan- 
iel R. b. 8-4-59, Timothy Scott b. 4-27-61. 
"Roy is now a Lt. in the Navy serving 
aboard the Nuclear Submarine USS Sea- 
dragon. We've been down Key West, 
Fla. to Charleston, Philadelphia, New 
London, Idaho and now Hawaii — being 
lazy and loving it. Have learned hula 
and ukelele. Also do Gray Lady (Red 
Cross Volunteer) work at Tripler Army 
Hospital. Expect to be transferred fairly 
soon — but no idea where or when. 

Sandra Ward: Mrs. Charles V. Turner, 
1308 Main Street, Hanson, Mass. Charles 
B. b. 2-4-61. "Horseback riding, ballet." 

Charlotte Lerner: Mrs. Louis S. Holz- 
man, 2 Clifton Heights Lane, Marble- 
head, Mass. Wendy Ellen b. 2-4-61. "House- 
wife & mother." 

Arlene Kosanowicz: Mrs. Ward A. Jen- 
nings, 22 Hillyer Street, Orange, New Jer- 
sey. David Sheldon, b. Sept. 1959. "Fair- 
leigh Dickinson University — courses in 
medical technology — registered Histolog- 
ic Technician employed in local hospital." 



Sandra Sheller: Mrs. William P. Lewis, 
3522 E. Crown Avenue, Philadelphia 14, 
Penna. Kimberly Susan b. 8-15-60. 

Patricia Sindall: Mrs. Henry Carolus, 
1368 Park Avenue, Plainfield, N.J. Mi- 
chael b. 10-18-60, James b. 2-21-62. "House- 

Joan Plaskon: Mrs. John H. Tatigian, 
Jr., 94 Vista Terrace, Cheshire, Conn. 
"Painting — Homemaker." 

Marsha Singer: Mrs. Richard B. Mar- 
shall, 44-771 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe, 
Hawaii. Steven Ira b. 3-9-60, Sharon Alis- 
sa b. 1-23-62. "Am very busy being a 
housewife and mother. Have been in Ha- 
waii for year and a half. Husband an 
engineer with Raytheon Co. Would love 
to see anyone who may be passing through. 
Am also active in Hadassah, secretary of 
University Extension Club here in Ha- 
waii. Am also a radio amateur fan — my 
call being K H 6 F B A. 

Mary Margaret McGrail x-'58: Mrs. 
Marshall D. Capen, 969 Court Street, 
Brockton, Mass. Cassandra b. 6-26-60, 
Deirdre b. 9-12-62. "Electroencephalogram 
tech. training at Children's Medical Cen- 
ter Seizure unit, Boston, Mass. Sept. 1957 
to Jan. 1958 — stayed until Aug. 1959- 
Traveled with my husband while he was on 
duty with the Navy until 1961. Main 
base New London, Conn. I now belong to 
the 20-30 club in Brockton. Interior dec- 
oration is my main hobby as we have a 
brand new home. Wife and mother." 

Marilyn A. Lanoue: 32 Rockland Street, 
Brockton, Mass. "Will be leaving shortly 
after June 30 for a 6-month stay in Eu- 
rope — starting in Great Britain through 
France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, It- 
aly, Spain and Portugal. I've been very 
busy with all kinds of preparation for 
this trip — my excuse for this being so 
late! Until I leave, in legal division of 
Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co." 

Myrna Leshefsky: Mrs. Richard L. Le- 
vine, 4567 South Main Street, Sharon, 
Mass. Ellen Rebekah b. 9-24-61, David Scott 
b. 5-10-63. "Beth Israel Hospital School 
of Medical Technology — Hobbies ■ — 
knitting, reading, sewing. Travels — Can- 
ada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas — local or- 
ganization work (Pythian Sister) Heart 
foundation, etc. Housewife." 

Barbara Bronstein: Mrs. Bernard J. Wol- 
sky, 1 Auburn Street, Danvers, Mass. Mar- 
tin Jay b. 12-8-61. "Club work in Hadas- 
sah Women's O.R.T. Knitting — garden- 
ing — housewife." 

Sheila Donahue: Mrs. Paul F. Hutter, 9 
Robinwood Trail, Rochester 23, N.Y. 
Kathleen b. 1-21-61, Nancy b. 6-14-63. 
"Golf — Chief cook, bottle washer and 
diaper changer." 

Jacquelin E. Smith: 112 Atlantic Road, 
North Palm Beach, Florida. "Steno for 
Pratt & Whitney in Florida." 

Catherine Gallagher x-'58: Mrs. Robert 
S. Rue, 31 Marian Street, Springdale, 
Conn. "American Institute of Banking 
Sept. 1958-Sept. 1961 — Cape Cod, Mass. 
1 week every year. Gardening — Sec. — 
The National Bank & Trust Co. of Fairfield 

Constance Wolcott: Mrs. George H. Ma- 
son, Reservoir Road, Farmington, Conn. 
"Secretary — League of Women Voters of 
Farmington — Secretary — Travelers In- 
surance Company, Hartford, Conn." 

Doreen Allen x-'58: Mrs. John A. Wig- 
gins, 6 Hamlin Road, Wappingers Falls, 
New York. Jeffrey Allen b. 1-18-60, Wen- 
dy Ames b. 4-11-61. "Very active in Vas- 
sar Hospital Mothers Club (working for 
the hospital in maternity 2 days a week 
— Housewife — My husband is with Pro- 
gramming Systems at I.B.M. in Pough- 

Beverly Benfante: Mrs. Robert A. Ar- 
nold, 9030 Rahsgate Avenue, Los Angeles 
45, California. Mark Douglas b. 8-28-61. 

Elizabeth Schlegel: Mrs. Robert J. Lutz, 
808 Marlborough Street, Blackwood, New 
Jersey. Robert J. Lutz, Jr. b. 4-11-58, 
Elizabeth Jean b. 4-16-61. 

Leila-Kay Steen: Mrs. William J. Odle, 
5505 MaryLane Drive, San Diego 15, Cal- 
ifornia "University of Conn. Graduated 
Jan. '61 BA — taught kindergarten Quan- 
tico, Va. Marine Corps Base Aug. '62 — 
Jan. '63 — Plan to visit my husband in 
Okinawa next fall or winter. He is sta- 
tioned there and Marine dependents can't 
go along. Visited Father in Norway last 
spring and plan to do same May 15- June 
30, 1963 as he was unable to attend my 
Wedding. — Housewife." 

Juliet Burwell: Mrs. C. Thomas King, 
Jr., 2510 Knighthall Lane, Bowie, Mary- 
land. Robin Stuart b. 1-5-62. 

Nancy Spargo: Mrs. Donald A. Good- 
ridge, 10 Barker Road, Somerset, New 
Jersey. Stephen David b. 5-15-61, Susan 
Elizabeth b. 5-10-63. "Housewife." 

Carolee Salowitz: Mrs. Herbert Silver- 
man, 1011 Garden Drive, Newport News, 
Virginia. Charles Alan b. 8-7-62. "House- 
wife and Mother." 

Jo-Ann Harris x-'58: Mrs. Robert E. 
Goldman, 674 Enchanted Way, Pacific 
Palisades, California. Deborah Lynn by 10- 
24-60, William David b. 8-1-62. Boston 
University 1958, Marymount College 1959- 
60. "Skiing — I would like to send my 
best regards to everyone in Hawthorne 



Susan Rapaport: Mrs. Irving A. Paul, 
42 Silver Road, Bangor, Maine. Stephen 
Craig b. 5-2-60. 

Joan Eierman x-'58: Mrs. Charles A. 
Ostrowski, 248 Hillside Avenue, Paramus, 
New Jersey. Deborah Lee b. 10-17-60. 
"We own a lovely little ranch house, and 
my favorite hobbies are gardening and be- 
ing a good wife and mother. Housewife." 

Barbara Brown x-'58: Mrs. Robert G. 
Carolson, 51 Dean Road, Cochituate, Mass. 
John Robert b. 7-22-62. "Gardening — 
knitting — sewing — housewife." 

Claire Gallerani x-'58: Mrs. Richard J. 
Rooney. 146 Warren St., Needham, Mass. 
Karen May b. 11-24-59, Richard Lawrence 
b. 3-9-61, Peter Thomas b. 7-9-62. "House- 

Edith Cleary: Mrs. Kenneth A. DeCarol- 
is, 12 Channing Street, Newton 58, Mass. 
"Medical Sec. to Health Director at John 
Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co." 

Barbara Batty: Mrs. David H. Brown, Jr., 
375 Pleasant Street, Rumford 16, Rhode 
Island. Steven David b. 7-23-61. "House- 

Sue Allen: Mrs. Clarence E. Good, Jr., 
65 Seely Street, Saint John, New Bruns- 
wick, Canada. Andrew Mark b. 10-6-60, 
Michael Edward b. 10-6-60, Sally Anne b. 
2-12-62. "Wife and Mother ! !" 

Virginia Ambrose: Mrs. Joseph P. Fon- 
tana, 801-D Hamilton Street, Richmond 
21. Virginia. Gregory L. b. 8-14-62. 

Janet Buck: Mrs. William K. Cole, 2432 
W. Lake Sammanish Pkway., S.E. Bellevue, 
Washington. William K. Jr., b. 2-6-63 

Margery Weinbaum: Mrs. Robert C. 
Margiloff, 53 Payson Street, Portland, 
Maine. Peter Howard b. 7-13-62. "House- 

Barbara Davis x-'58: Mrs. Arnold L. Co- 
hen, 390 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, New 
York. David Scott b. 1-6-63. Attended 
New York University from Sept. 1957-June 
I960, earned BS degree — in retailing — 
business — "Housewife." 

Ann Reeves: Mrs. John R. Schmid, 1946 
Sherm Road, Owensboro, Kentucky. Rob- 
ert b. 6-4-61. Mount Union College — 
Alliance, Ohio - - 1958-60. BA — Ele- 
mentary Education. "Had hopes of com- 
ing to the reunion and also meeting the 
"Eastern half of John's family" but a 36 
hour notice to move to Owensboro will find 
me hanging curtains instead of "reun- 
ioning" — see you in '68. 

Constance Baker: Mrs. Ronald R. 
George, 42 Ann Avenue, Mystic, Conn. 
Kathleen Helen b. 6-4-61. "Homemaker." 

Judy Meehan: Mrs. Raymond H. Moore, 
2850 Sneath Lane, Apt. 27, San Bruno, 
California. Scott Raymond b. 8-10-62. 

Mary Gail Fenn: Alcott Road, Concord, 
Mass. University of New Hampshire 1959- 
'60-'62. "History of Concord — consists 
of reading old record books, gardening 
at some of the historic houses: set up a 
display case at Alcott House." Conversa- 
tion — "Will take second year of two 
year course this June at Lost River, N.H. 
Church choir, sailing and water skiing in 
the Summer time. Working in a private 
Kindergarten — Bedford, Mass." 

Joanne Arndeld x-'58: Mrs. Lawrence 
R. Barker, 3800 Lake Shore Drive, Chi- 
cago 13, Illinois. Jeffrey Scott b. 11-17-60. 
"Chicago lighthouse for the blind — Have 
taken up ice skating & tennis. Visit my 
home town of Detroit quite often — 
Housewife and Mother." 

Susan Van Horn: Mrs. Thomas H. Van 
Arsdale, 2 Michael Lane, Somerville, New 
Jersey. Kathy b. 6-10-59, Jimmy b. 8-13-61. 
"My husband is quite active in Jaycees 
here in Somerville and I am also in the 
Jaycee-ettes. We plan to attend the Jr. 
Chamber of Commerce National conven- 
tion this June in Louisville, Kentucky. 
Might meet a few Lasellites there. Just a 
little 'ole housewife and Mother." 

Beverlee Raymond x-'58: Mrs. Harold M. 
Henion, 1111 Jones Street, San Fran- 
cisco 9, California. "Golf, politics, Execu- 
tive Secretary — California Association of 
Life Underwriters." 

Roxanne Miller: Mrs. Edward L. Soco- 
low, 11 Jacqueline Road, Northgate Apts., 
Waltham, Mass. John Miller b. 5-13-61 in 
Japan. Medical Technology training at 
Yale University School of Medicine — 
Grace New Haven Hosp. June, 1958- 
June 1959. MT (ASCP) degree. "Trying 
to find time for one. Enjoying my roles 
as a homemaker ! Travel — Extended 
honeymoon from Los Angeles — Cross 
country — Eastward — L.A. — Hawaii 
— Japan for 2 years — residing in Hiro- 
shima — Hawaii — Conn. — Boston. 
Housewife and Mother." 

Ann Laramy: Mrs. Frank J. Mascuch, 29 
Wellington Avenue, Short Hills, New Jer- 
sey. Deborah Ann b. 4-29-59, Karen Lynn 
b. 4-2-61. 

Elaine Shanken: Mrs. Daniel G. Fischer, 
20 Helen Street, Hamden 14, Conn. Shar- 
on Tracy b. 11-24-60, Jonathan David b. 
6-22-62. "Southern Conn. State College 
(1958-60) BS degree. Hobbies — Art, 
Travel — In June my husband and I are 
going to San Francisco, and Las Vegas for 
two weeks." 

Marilyn Barette: Mrs. William C. Rob- 
erts, R.D. No. 2, Allentown, Pennsyl- 
vania. Lynne Barette b. 4-15-61, Jill Eliz- 
abeth b. 1-9-63. "Fixing and furnishing 
old farm house." 



Patricia Antico: Mrs. Julius V. Gran- 
donico, 21 Hartford Avenue, Newington, 
Conn. Barry Gaeton b. 11-5-58. "House-, 

Laurel Krebs: 2625 Hudnall, Apt. 217, 
Dallas 35, Texas. Drexel Institute of Tech- 
nology 1958-1960, BS in BA. "Dallas Ski 
Club — Fort Worth Yacht Club — Dallas 
Council on World Affairs — Young Re- 
publicans Club. Programmer." 

Judith George: Mrs. Harvey B. Stephens, 
2007 Noble Avenue, Springfield, Illinois. 
Winifred Louise b. 8-31-61, Harvey Mon- 
roe b. 2-25-63. "Active in church, Junior 
League work. Busy refinishing furniture 
and gardening between diaper changes ! 
Part-time food consultant to local whole- 
sale grocer." 

Kirsten Harvey: Mrs. David W. B: own- 
ell, 503 Avenue G, Redondo Beach, Cali- 
fornia. Stephen Michael b. 4-25-62. One 
semester at Husson Business College, Ban- 
gor, Maine. Main interest as of now is 
seeing the many sights and beauties of this 
great state of California. Housewife." 

Gert Talberth: 47 Englewood Avenue, 
Brookline, Mass. "Med. Secretary Beth 
Israel Hospital." 

Starr Tupper: Mrs. Ronald J. Shannon, 
863 New Scotland Avenue, Albany 8, New 
York. "Was Assn't. Supervisor of Mer- 
chandise Control at Jordan Marsh Co., 
Boston for two years upon graduation. 
Secretary of Albany Welcome Wagon New- 
comer's Club. Housewife." 

Carole Haugh: Mrs. Harley H. Anderson, 
105 Le Blanc, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 
Susan Lee b. 4-30-62. "Presently stationed 
at Ft. Bragg while my husband is fulfill- 
ing his military obligation. He is a sec- 
ond Lieutenant in U.S. Army. We were 
in Augusta, Ga. during 1962 and hope to 
remain in N.C. until July 1964." 

Beverly Vincent x-'58: Mrs. Gardner 
R. Jennings, 134 Bridge Path Circle, Lud- 
low, Mass. Kevin Brian b. 9-16-60, Danen 
Michael b. 5-2-63. Katherine Gibbs Secre- 
tarial School, Montclair, N.J. 1957-58 — 

Martha Wittenberg: Mrs. Nathaniel W. 
Plotkin, 1010 Laurel Avenue, Bridgeport 
4, Conn. Nancy Beth b. 8-1-59, William Ar- 
thur b. 12-7-60. "Board member Womans 
Auxiliary, Park City Hosp., Volunteer 
Worker at Hospital, Nursery School Com- 
mittee, Play golf and Tennis. 

Eleanor Harman: Mrs. Peter D. Hug, 
238 Dauntless Lane, Hartford, Conn. "Just 
terminating my job with a cardiologist." 

Judith Feldt: Mrs. Richard C. Oswald, 
9 McLallen Street, Box 58, Trumans- 
burg, New York. Kathleen Ann b. 6-30-59, 
James Jay b. 11-11-61. 

Marieanne Mayer x-'58: Mrs. Don K. 
Hereford, 2740 Knox Avenue, St. Albans, 
West Virginia. Dan b. 11-19-57, Michael 
b. 5-17-59, Katherine b. 2-14-61. Morris 
Harvey College, Charleston, W. Va. 1960- 
61 Night classes. "Housewife." 

Barbara Frucci x-'58: Mrs. David A. 
Nimmo, Jr., 65 Manor Drive, Newark 6, 
N.J. Apt. 10-D. Lisa March b. 11-3-61. 
Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Careers, 
New York City 1958-59. "Housewife!" 

Barbara Wenzel: Mrs. Robert S. Carroll, 
28 Viscount Road, Longmeadow, Mass. 
Heather Jeanne 3Vi, Peter Scott 2Vi- 

Brenda Holbrook: 26 Great Republic 
Ave., South Weymouth, Mass. "Since leav- 
ing Lasell have lived in Falls Church, 
Virginia for \Yz years while working for 
U.S. Gov't, then returned to the Boston 
area. Various trips have taken me to Iowa, 
Illinois, Washington, Florida and Nassau 
— ■ not to mention the many states in be- 
tween. Secretary — U.S. Dept. of De- 

Susan Greenhut: Mrs. Barry N. Kamras, 
1111 Arlington Avenue, Lawton, Oklaho- 
ma. University of California 1959 — New 
York University 1960-61 BS. "Teaching — 
New York and Oklahoma Elementary 

Harriet Beard: Mrs. James F. Ackerman, 
Jr., Maple Street, Litchfield, Connecticut. 
"Medical Secretary — expect to "retire" 
this month as our first child expected on 
or about July 4th." 

Hilda Santoro x-'58: Mrs. Charles W. 
Emerson, 13-F Garden Drive, Roselle, 
New Jersey. Lisa Elaine b. 6-21-62 — Uni- 
versity of Maine — BA Sociology 1957- 

Cathleen Burns: 17 Grove St., Belmont, 
Mass. "Receptionist in the Washington of- 
fice of Senator Edward Kennedy." 

Dorothy Higginson: Mrs. William C. 
Mayville, c/o 1/Lt. William C. Mayville 
089552, A Btry. 78th Arty. 2nd How. Bn., 
A.P.O. 751, New York, N.Y. Billy, 3, 
Christopher 2, twins Patrick and Michael 
10 months. "Stationed in Southern Ger- 
many, tentatively plan return to U.S. in 

Kathie Robertson: 224 Pond St., Ash- 
land, Mass. "Enjoyed Reunion so much. 
It was a warm experience to see all the 
familiar friendly campus landmarks again, 
and I was so proud to note Lasell's 
growth. There is a lovely blend of old 
and new at Lasell that keeps it young 
while, at the same time, never loses sight 
of its traditions." 




Lorraine Hope Andic and husband 
Martin left for Oxford, England this Sep- 
tember. After receiving his Ph.D. from 
Princeton, Martin was granted a fellowship 
to St. John's College at Oxford. The Andics 
plan to tour Europe when academic life 

Assisting the dean of Mt. Holyoke Col- 
lege Chapel is Alice Melvin. Alice grad- 
uated from the College of Liberal Arts of 
B.U. and earned her Master's in education 
at Boston State College. 

A new lawyer and thirteen-month-old 
daughter, Leigh Ann, is the news from 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin. Joan's hus- 
band graduated from B.C. Law School in 
June and was sworn in as a member of 
the Mass. Bar this November. 

Carol Civetti Monaghan is the proud 
mother of William Monaghan, II, 10 
months. Carol writes: "We attended Mari- 
etta DeSesa Novich's wedding on June 
16th. Spent a few days in August with 
Carol Slocum Capper and her daughter 
Pam in Madison, Connecticut. Carol's 
sister Jan, graduates from Lasell in June 
so she plans to attend her graduation and 
our fifth reunion." 

Joanne King Fitzgerald represented the 
Framingham Young Women's Club as a 
judge in the contest to select a queen to 
reign over Natick's Trade Show. 


Katherine A. Fritz joined the staff of 
the Visiting Nurse Service of New York 
after attaining her B.S. degree from the 
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Med- 
icine, Columbia University. 

Medical technology in research at the 
National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, 
Maryland is benefiting from the services 
of Marsha Frommer. Marsha received a 
B.S. in biology from the College of Arts 
and Sciences at the American University in 
Washington, D. C. 

Sallie Flowers has begun her career 
in social work as Intake Worker at the 
Salvation Army's Booth Memorial Mater- 
nity Home. Her duties include counseling 
and care to nearly 500 girls. Sallie com- 
pleted her undergraduate training at Sim- 
mons College where she majored in So- 
cial Science and is now pursuing graduate 
work at Boston College School of Social 

Carol Santurjian received her B.S. de- 
gree in Education from Boston University 
on June 5th and is currently working for 
her Ed.M. degree in School psychology at 
B. U. 

Carol Cookson Hird informs Miss At- 
water that she was married while attending 
Marietta College and now has two lovely 
children — Kimberly Ann, 1 year, and 
Bryan David, 2 months. Presently liv- 
ing in California, Carol plans to teach 


From Betsy Schwingel Sullivan: 

"I gave birth to my second child on 
September 15th. This one was a nine 
pound boy named James Patrick and we 
are very proud parents." 

Lynn Fager has been taking night 
courses at Upsala College, preparing for 
a career in psychology. 

Apartment living in New York agrees 
with Lynn Kiefer and Jeanne Orcutt. 

Althea Woods loves flying for United 
Airlines. Althea is based in Los Angeles. 

Edwina Warner, a 1963 graduate from 
the Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Ca- 
reers, is doing the fashion publicity for 
Macy's in New York City. Edwina calls 
the Barbizon Hotel for Women, 140 East 
63rd Street, New York City 21, New 
York, home. 

Sue Dennison was married to Arnold 
Harmon on August 25, 1963. 

After husband Bill finishes with service 
duty, Janie Parsons Dolbier will return 
to the Boston area to live. 

From Barbara Cole: 

Judy Bantleon became Mrs. Crissman 
R. Lawrence on February 9, 1963. Their 
address is 770-A North Delaware, Chan- 
dler, Arizona. They will be in Arizona 
for a year while Criss completes pilot 
training school at Williams Air Force 
Base. Judy is working part-time at the 
Chandler Community Hospital. 

Cindy Pierro is now Mrs. Booth Martin 
living at 11 Walnut Street, Barre, Ver- 
mont. She has a baby girl, Brett Elizabeth, 
born May 3, 1963. 

From Betty Hood Russian: 

On September 8th, I became Mrs. Hrant 
Russian and am now living at 129 Linden 
Street, Needham. 

Joan Franke became Mrs. Kurt New- 
steader in October. 

Gerry Weidman and Aline Carleton are 
staying on at 324 Commonwealth Ave- 

Marcia Ann Voikos received her B.A. 
degree from the University of Massachu- 
setts on June 9, Marcia majored in Gov- 
ernment and Journalism and supplemented 
her studies as a reporter for the under- 
graduate newspaper Collegian. 

Lynn D. Cadieux was awarded her B.S. 
degree from Eliot Pearson School, an af- 
filiate of Tufts University, in June, and 



then spent the summer traveling to the 
West Coast and Hawaii. She is now teach- 
ing at Fairhaven High School in Acushnet.. 

Susan Griffin x-'6l is now Mrs. Robert 
McBride and her new address is 42 Ches- 
ter Road, Belmont. 

Lynne Clark sailed June 28th on the 
S.S. America for Europe and enjoyed a 
six-week tour of the Continent and Ire- 
land. When not vacationing, Lynne is a 
service representative for the Telephone 

Karen Keul was selected "Miss New 
England Business Equipment Exposition" 
and reigned over the show held May 7, 8, 
and 9, at the First Cadet Corps Armory. 
Karen is a secretary in a Boston law 
office. In her spare moments, she dances 
with the Boston Ballet Company. 

Virginia Chin-Ying is employed at Le- 
ron's, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, as 
an assistant to the buyer. 


Saturday, June 8, dawned bright and 
clear, and by 10:30 A.M. some forty-eight 
'62ers began arriving at Winslow Hall 
for the beginning of our first reunion. 
After registering, each gal received a 
colorful baby bonnet signifying our posi- 
tion as the baby class. Needless to say 
the coffee hour was put to good use for 
there was a year's news to catch up on. 
Many enjoyed the Barn facilities, singing, 
talking over "old" times, and purchasing 
graduation gifts for little sisters. 

During luncheon the 1963 Lamplighters 
sang, as did Converse House, the Song 
Fest winners this year. Marilyn Pierce 
led the group in the singing of the Alma 

As usual, the June Queen Ceremony 
was simply beautiful. Many of the gals 
enjoyed small evening get-togethers Sat- 
urday night and met again Sunday morn- 
ing for the graduation exercises. 

Just a word of thanks to the many gals 
who returned the questionnaires. A spe- 
cial "thank you" to all of you who helped 
with expenses this year. 

Among reunioners in June was Susan 
Glynn Anderson, a nursery school teacher 
in Falmouth, where she and her husband 
just bought a new home. Ellen Signorelli, 
is a home economist at Continental Bak- 
ing Company, and with whom Lynda 
Blount spent the weekend. 

Roommates from New York City Sheila 
Turnbull and Julie Sullivan, who work in 
the Publicity Department of Young & 
Rubican and B. Altman respectively, joined 
former housemates Tracy Potter and 
Sheila Lane. Tracy is a teacher at Mary 

And What's With You? 

C. Wheeler School in Providence and 
Sheila is a secretary at Northeastern Uni- 
versity and share an apartment with 
Ginny McKinnon and Holly Meystre, a 
secretary in the Biology Department of 

Also on campus for reunion were Sandy 
Foundas, who spent the summer in Eu- 
rope, Sandra Brown, who became engaged 
on May 31st, and Andrea Zaletta, all of 
whom are medical secretaries. Linda 
Stow, executive secretary to the Assistant 
Treasurer of the Raytheon Company in 
Lexington; Rosalind Monerman Holen- 
port, secretary to the territorial manager 
of Scott Paper Company; and Susan Lalli, 
former secretary for the vice-president of 
the Curry Corporation were there, too. 
Susan was married June 15th and is living 
in Ohio. Elaine Brady, who 'ski bummed' 
at Sun Valley last winter, was a brides- 

June Bishop was married to E. C. Eng- 
man on February 2, 1963 and is living in 
Sarasota, Florida, and on February 16, 
1963, Karen Eastman was married to Da- 
vid F. Pemple. The Pemples are living in 
Amherst where David is completing his 
education at the University of Massachu- 
setts. Other marriages include: Jeri Saw- 
yer to Ronald E. Pendleton on September 
15, 1962; Ruthann Johnson to John Mara- 
mone on October 27, 1962; and Phylis Stein- 
berg to Bruce P. Barnett on August 28, 
1963. The Barnetts are living in Missouri 
where Phylis is a secretary at the University 
of Missouri in the Testing and Counseling 
Service, and Bruce is working towards his 
master's degree in Journalism. Penny (Les- 
lie) Davis Hathaway, married on June 23, 
1962, is a receptionist-typist at M.I.T. 

Among the members of our class who 
transferred to other colleges are Anne 
Whittier, an English major at Boston 
University; Phyllis Fine, an education stu- 
dent at University of Bridgeport in Con- 
necticut; Virginia Lada-Mocarski, a his- 



Our Youngest — 1962 

tory major at George Washington Uni- 
versity, plus intensive Russian courses in 
Colorado during the summer; and Nancy 
Martin Phelps, a night student at the 
University of Maryland, Overseas Divi- 
sion. Nancy is working as an educaton 
advisor at Birkenfeld Air Station, Ger- 
many where husband Rick is stationed. 
In their spare time, they have traveled 
to Italy and Austria and plan to visit 
Scandinavia, the French Riviera, and Spain. 

Enjoying the business world are Fran- 
cine Cohn, a medical secretary at the James 
Quinn Lab; Betsey Mercer, a medical sec- 
retary to four doctors; Sandra Whigham, 
secretary to the Advertising Manager of 
G. Fox & Company; Susan Petrie Bou- 
dreau, legal secretary at Brookhaven Na- 
tional Laboratory; and Mary Louise 
Schade, service representative for New 
England Tel and Tel in Cambridge. Betsey 
is pinned to Peter H. Williamson of Phi 
Gamma Delta at Worcester Polytechnic 
Institute, and Marilou spent ten days in 
Bermuda last April. 

Nancy Darrow was married September 
8, 1962 to Lynwood J. Morin at Norwich, 

Conn. Jeanne Boyd '62 was her maid 
of honor. Kathy Falvey, Bette Kroll, Pat 
Lappin, and Maureen Carniglia attended 
the wedding. Her address is 21 Boulder 
Court, Mystic, Connecticut. 

Karen Reade is working at G. Fox's, 
Hartford, as an assistant buyer in better 
blouses. Kary is pinned to David Enerson 
and enjoys frequent weekends at Harvard. 

Patricia Murphy is working as a legal 
secretary in Manhattan. She became en- 
gaged last December to Richard Martin 

Elaine Sproul was married August 26, 
1962 to John Belham, Jr. They are living 
at 2928 Pass Road, Biloxi, Mississippi. 
John is an instructor in electronics at 
Keesler Air Force Base. Elaine has been 
keeping busy with her housewifely duties 
plus a course in psychology at "Ole Miss," 
and a Brownie troop. 

Susan Deluca is a Service Representa- 
tive with New England Tel and Tel in 
Worcester. She is living at 7 Gage Lane, 

Karen Mandel is attending Fairleigh 
Dickinson University nights, working to- 



ward a B.S. in Business Administration. 
She is working at Lord and Taylor as a 
member of their executive training squad. 
Her address is 212 West View Avenue, 
Palisade, New Jersey. 

Heather Maxwell was married to Law- 
rence D. Parsons on January 12, 1963. 
She is working as a medical secretary at 
Cortland Memorial Hospital. Her address 
is 8 Academy Street, Marathon, New York. 

Priscilla Lane is enrolled at East Caro- 
lina College, Greenville, North Carolina. 
She is working toward her B.S. degree and 
hopes to teach second grade. 

Fern Sheila Keil is attending the Uni- 
versity of Delaware. Her address is 800 
S. 20th Street. Wilmington. 

Kathryn Tullock was married to John 
Turner Godwin on July 28, 1962. Her 
address is 4702C Lee Village, Ft. Camp- 
bell, Kentucky. 

Beth Tangarone is a junior at the Eliot- 
Pearson School of Tufts University. She 
will graduate in 1964 with a B.S. in 

Bette Kroll is a secretary in the Electron 
Physics Department at the General Elec- 
tric Research Laboratory. Her address is 
921 Pennsylvania Avenue, Schenectady, 
New York. 

Betsy Abel was married to Peter M. 
Glass on July 15, 1962. She is working 
as a statistical typist and secretary, and 
is taking evening courses at Columbia 

Linda Strecker was married to William 
Harmon of Greenfield on July 6, 1963. 
She is working as a secretary at a travel 
agency there. Her address is 17 Leonard 
Street, Greenfield, Mass. 

Janet Lopaus is a secretary in a Hart- 
ford insurance company. She became 
engaged to John A. Starkes, brother of 
Jane Starkes '63 and a fall 1964 wedding 
is planned. 

Linda Bald is an assistant buyer in 
budget dresses, coats, and suits at Hahne 
and Co., Newark, N. J. She is planning 
a June 15 cruise to Nassau aboard the 

Mary Lou Golding is attending Penn- 
sylvania State University and will grad- 
uate in 1964 with a degree in Elementary 

Judith Yeager is attending evening 
classes at the University of Bridgeport. 
She is working towards a degree in art. 
Judy works as a secretary at the Perkin- 
Elmer Corporation in Wilton, Conn. 
She is on the bowling team at Perkin- 
Elmer and has been taking guitar lessons. 

Judith Martin is an editorial secretary 
for Chemical Engineering magazine at 
McGraw-Hill Publishing Company in New 

Karen Smith is working as a medical 
secretary. She is living at 24 Sunset Boul- 
evard, Pittsford, New York. 

Donna J. Roda is a member of the class 
of 1964 at Boston University School of 
Education. She is engaged to Floyd Dunn 
of Falls Church, Virginia, a doctoral can- 
didate at M.I.T. They are planning a 
June 1964 wedding. 

Jean DiGiorgio is a junior assistant 
department manager at Filene's in Boston. 
She is engaged to David D. Buchanan. 

Sandra Arnold was married to 1st Lt. 
Frederick S. Repasky on August 18, 1962. 
They are living at 1111 Ashleman Street, 
Bellmead, Texas. 

Paulette Sauve is a junior at the Uni- 
versity of New Hampshire. She is work- 
ing towards a B.S. in Business Adminis- 
tration and was invited to join Psi Epsi- 
lon, an honor society. 

Charlotte (Sherry) Bechard is attending 
the Evening Division of American Inter- 
national College working towards a B.A. 
as an English major. Sherry works at the 
Insurance Company of North America in 

Jean Armstrong is majoring in psychol- 
ogy at the University of Maine at Orono. 

Linda Resnick is planning to return to 
college to obtain a bachelor's degree. 
She is pinned to Michael Alan Listner of 
Arlington, Virginia, and is living at 40 
Berkeley Street, Boston. 

Janet Cotton is a hostess for Northeast 

Janet Haviland, who completed training 
as an American Airlines stewardess, has 
been assigned to flight duty in New York. 

Linda DiFazio is attending St. Joseph's 
College, West Hartford, Conn. She plans 
to graduate in June 1964 with a B.A. de- 

Marcia Madden is planning to enter the 
University of New Hampshire as an ad- 
vance student in their Occupational Ther- 
apy curriculum. The course involves two 
years of classroom study and ten months of 
practical experience. Her college address is 
MacLaughlin Hall, University of New 
Hampshire, Durham. 

Barbara Alfond is attending the Uni- 
versity of Bridgeport to obtain her B.S. 
degree in elementary education. 

Marilyn Aristosky is in the training pro- 
gram at G. Fox & Co. in Hartford. 

Mary Ann Billera is attending Boston 
University where she is working towards 
her B.A. in English Literature. "Another 
girl and I are the first women in the 
country to become Cadets, 2nd Lieuten- 
ants in R.O.T.C. at Boston LIniversity. 
Three cheers for the Army." 



Tiffany M. Porter '62 

Off on an extended tour of England 

and the Continent 

September — 1963 

Anne Brookhart spent last year taking 
a secretarial course at Katherine Gibbs 
in Boston. She now works at Cabot Corp. 
in Boston. 

Patricia Buxton is a secretary in the 
Merchandising Department at Honeywell 
in Wellesley. 

Adele Carissimo is a secretary in the 
Department of Radiology at Peter Bent 
Brigham Hospital. She is also doing 
translating of French. Spanish, and Italian 
for this department. "Spent the summer of 
'62 in Italy — marvelous time. Took boat 
over through the sunny southern route — 
Lisbon, Gibraltar, Majorca, Palermo, Na- 
ples. I would like to go back to Italy to 
study next year." 

Carol Curtice is assistant buyer at B. 
Forman Company in Rochester, New York 
— Junior coats, suits, and dresses. 

Madeline DeRiso has been attending 
American International College, Evening 
Division. She plans to attend the day 
school this year. Majoring in teacher 
training in business education, Madeline 
doubles as secretary during the day at 

Hampden Brass and Aluminum Company in 

Dianne Drozek is an assistant buyer 
at Gilchrists. 

Marilyn Fender has completed the first 
year of a two-year course at Forsyth 
School for Dental Hygiene in affiliation 
with Tufts University. She is working 
for her degree in dental hygiene, and now 
has a part-time job as dental assistant in 

Virginia Fletcher as of May 27, 1963, 
became the secretary to Director of Claims 
and Physicians Relations, Connecticut Medi- 
cal Service, Inc. 

Allison Haff toured Europe this summer 
with eighteen other girls. She is presently 
attending Katherine Gibbs School in New 

Rita Hutchinson says, "Returned to 
school in February of 1963. I am at Bos- 
ton University in their School of Educa- 
tion and would like very much to be a 
kindergarten teacher, although I will be 
able to teach the first six grades. Really 
love it. 

Ingrid Jonason is attending Penn State 
as a marketing major. 

Betsy MacMillan is a member of the 
executive training squad at Bamberger's 
New Jersey — a division of Macy's. "At 
present, I am being trained to take over 
two departments as sales manager for the 
summer. I will have charge of Better 
Blouses and Sweaters. Really exciting!" 

Virginia McKinnon is secretary to a sur- 
geon at New England Deaconess Hospital. 
She took a trip to Nova Scotia in July 
with her roommates and plans a trip to 
Europe this summer. 

Diane Napoli is attending Millersville 
State College in Millersville, Pennsylva- 
nia. She is working towards her degree 
in elementary education, with art as her 
area of interest. 

Bonnie Reimann is attending Wheaton 
College where she is working for a B.A. 
in English. 

Marilyn Richo is a secretary in the De- 
partment of Engineering and Applied Sci- 
ence at Yale University. 

Carol Rzeznikiewicz is a secretary in 
the personnel office at the University of 

Constance Weeks has transferred to Al- 
bertus Magnus College in New Haven, 

Marjorie Weiss says, "I am attending 
New York University, and will graduate 
in June, 1964 with a B.S. degree in retail- 
ing. Attended Washington Square College 
and the School of Retailing at N.Y.U." 




Honors in Art Presentation, given for 
outstanding achievement as a major in 
Lasell's art curriculum, were awarded to 
Suzanne Adams. Sue, a major in Interior 
Design, attended the Norwich (Connecti- 
cut) Academy of Art. One of Sue's paint- 
ings — a semi-abstract still-life is on loan 
to the Art Department. 

Geraldine Crivello is continuing her 
studies at the University of New Hamp- 

Joan Teachout has chosen Lesley Col- 
lege for further study. 

Ann Conway enrolled in the special 
course for college women to be offered 
by the Katherine Gibbs School this fall. 

Europe beckoned Adrienne Rawak x-'63. 
For the past year, Adrienne has partici- 
pated in the program of Academic Year 

Adrienne (x-'63) and Barrie Rawak 
confer with AYA advisor Dr. Claude 
Bourcier, Dean of Middlebury College. 
The twins are granddaughters of Maria 
Wilson Ulman '02-'04. 

Abroad. She mastered French after a six 
week program in the South of France and 
then attended the University of Paris. 

We are always delighted to have letters from former Seminary 
students, and are proud to share their fond reminiscences of "glorious 
days at beloved Alma Mater". To prove "dissatisfaction" is not a 
modern-day disease, we quote from a graduate, Class of 189 — : 

"Please scratch me off your list. I am not interested in Lasell 
and thoroughly disgusted with the education I received there. The 
idea of not being forced to take physics and chemistry, and being 
forced to take historical trips and daily walks, which can be of no 
possible use to the ordinary woman, still makes me sore." 



Donna Jensen Poirier '57 and Dr. 

Tewksbury greet Joan Vaidulas at 

Worcester's Freshman Coffee Hour 

Philadelphia-South Jersey Spring 


Fort Side Inn, Whitemarsh, Pa. 

I. to r.: Annie Merrill David "12, Helen 

Robson Hamill '24, Miss McClelland 

and Melisse Jenkins Bailey '59 

The annual Freshman Tea of the CONNECTICUT VALLEY CLUB was 
held on September 8th at the home of Alice Grimes Griffin '20 in West Hartford. 
Attending the successful party were twelve members of the Class of 1965, two 
returning Seniors, and over forty alumnae. Newly elected officers are: Molley 
McBride Kalogeros '53, President; Jane Wadhams Hazen '49, Vice-President; 
Betty Liebewein Nyser '57, Secretary; Eileen Stack '61, Treasurer; Judith Han- 
sen Hull '54, Publicity. 

acquainted coffee hour welcoming incoming freshmen at the home of Sue Jouret 
Kowaleski '57, 205 Shore Road, Greenwich, Conn., on September 12, 1963. The 
committee included Justin Ransom Goebel '41, Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella '54. and 
Corinne Schlegel Cathcart '46. 

Nancy Tisler Hurley '55 was chairman and hostess of the annual coffee on 
September 11, 1963 in honor of incoming students and returning Seniors spon- 
sored by the BRIDGEPORT CLUB. Her home was also the meeting place for the 
November session of the Club at which Christmas projects for the benefit of the 
Alumnae Scholarship Fund were discussed. 

The NEW HAMPSHIRE CLUB held its annual fall luncheon meeting at 
the New Hampshire Highway Hotel on November 2. Special guest, Mrs. Mary 
Blatchford Van Etten, student counselor at Lasell, spoke about current campus 
highlights and activities. 


The Milleridge Inn in Jericho was the setting for the annual Luncheon meet- 
ing of the LONG ISLAND CLUB on Saturday, November 2d. President Ann 
Hollett Munro introduced guests Mr. James Stanley, Assistant to the President and 
Director of Development, and Marjorie MacClymon '32, Alumnae Secretary. Special 
greetings to all were sent by Mabel Taylor Gannett '95 and by Mercy Sinsabaugh 
Ingalls '87. 

At the October meeting of the PHILADELPHIA-SOUTH JERSEY CLUB, 
the following officers were elected: Shirley Gibbons San Soucie '53, President; 
Helen Hall Streeter '34, Vice-President; Louise Crank Graham x-'53, Vice- 
President; Earline Spigner Black x-'53, Vice President; Carol Lamson '61, Record- 
ing Secretary; Jean Painter x-'60, Corresponding Secretary; Melisse Jenkins Bailey 
'59, Treasurer. 

Ann Fry Murphy '57 was in charge of arrangements for the November 20th 
luncheon meeting of THE PITTSBURGH alumnae. 

WORCESTER'S Coffee Hour for 1963 Freshmen and Seniors was held at the 
home of Rose Marie Ravalese Ermilio '55 on Tuesday evening, September 10th. 
College guests included Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury, Mr. James Stanley and 
Marjorie MacClymon '32. 

Secretary Martha Moyer Anson '48 reports a most successful luncheon meet- 
ing of the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CLUB at the Los Angeles home of Barbara 
Harris Ryan '46 on October 5th. Contributions from thirty alumnae, and from 
twenty-one members who were unable to attend, have been directed to the College 
Building Fund. Plans are being made for the annual meeting and luncheon to be 
held on the second Saturday of March at the Queen's Arms "in the Valley." 

The Annual Silver Tea of THE GREATER BOSTON CLUB was held on 
campus, Sunday afternoon, November 3d, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Tewks- 
bury. Retiring President, Sandra Shelton Fitch '56, announced the officers for 1963- 
64: President, Claire Wallis Harris '50; Vice-President, Theresa Brossi Ciarcia 
'55; Recording Secretary, Kay Woolover Parsons '46; Corresponding Secretary, 
Ann Stevenson Mangano '51; Treasurer, Linda Telfer '60. Sandy will serve as 
the Club's Advisor. Directors include: Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth '26, Suzanne 
Wadsworth Jonas '56, Adrienne Smith Stone '23, Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15, 
Barbara McClelland McCormick '18, Anna Natsis '59, Barbara Cole '61, Esther 
Josselyn '27, Helen Richter Hanson '46, Marion Nutter Bredehoft '55, Bette Cole 
'63, Priscilla Jank '63, Roberta Sieden '63, and Sallie Flowers '60. 



The 1963-64 Program of the WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS CLUB: 

September 25, 1963: 

October 23, 1963: 

November 20, 1963: 

January 22, 1964: 

February 25, 1964: 

Home of Midge Leary Hacker '47 

Speakers: Mr. James W. Stanley, Director of Development 
Marjorie MacClymon '32, Alumnae Secretary 

Home of Barbara Wenzel Carroll '58 
Co-Hostess: Merilyn Peck Erickson '52 
Program: "Time and Two Women" 

(movie and talk on cancer of the cervix) 

Home of Bernice Cunningham Smith x-'26 
Co-Hostess: Sandra Smith Swain '56 
Program: The "Buttondowns" of Longmeadow High 
— folk-singing duo 

Home of Carolyn Powers Fontaine '52 

Co-Hostess: Jeanne Moseley Frank '56 

Speaker: Mr. Seymour Rosenthal, Associate Executive 

Director of the Springfield Community Council. 

Place: Dave's Foodtown 

Shaker Road, East Longmeadow, Mass. 
Refreshment Chairman: Helen Breed Solberg, '33 
Program: A meat-cutting demonstration and explanation of 

cuts of meats, uses and why by Proprietor, David 


March 25, 1964: 

April 1964: 

Home of Alice Virginia Bacon Hooper x-'34 

Co-Hostesses: Elizabeth Black Boynton '38 
Betty Carter Steele '47 

Speaker: Mr. Emil Faubert, General Secretary of the Metro- 
politan Springfield Y.M.C.A., who will show 
slides and speak on his 1962 trip to Russia. 

Annual Fund Raising Project 

June 1964: 

(date to be announced) Picnic 
Home of: Frances Gay Linford '39 
Co-Hostess: Marie Huhn Burkhart '42 

President : 
Vice-President : 
Secretary : 
Treasurer : 
Past President: 
Nominating Chairman: 
Telephone Chairman: 
Ways and Means Chairman : 
Program Committee: 

Charlotte Bragg Burke '42 

Marie Huhn Burkhart '42 

Lucinda Hodskins Lindgren '60 

Betty Carter Steele '47 

Marilyn Ross '49 

Jeanne Moseley Frank '56 

Joyce Carroll Mulcahy '52 

Eleanor Bradway Lammers '45 

Marilyn Peck Erickson '52, Chairman 

Sallyann Bartlett Abel '51 

Alice Virginia Bacon Hooper x-'34 


~Ariuwinae C/mo; 



Claire Wallis Harris '50 (Mrs. E.) 
Nashoba Road, Concord, Mass. 


Sara Parsons Kenny '48, (Mrs. James E.) 
3000 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, 


Patricia Raeder Crone '51 

(Mrs. Richard T.) 

12 Blossom Heath, Williamsville. N. Y. 


L. Joy Gustavson Smith '50 (Mrs. R. L.) 
Blind Rock Road, R. D. #1, Glens Falls, 
N. Y. 


Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 

(Mrs. C. J.) 

523 West Melrose Street, Chicago. 111. 


Barbara Clarkson Moody x-'38 

(Mrs. K. A.) 

2432 Dennington Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

Molley McBride Kalogeros '53 
(Mrs. Robert R.) 

Woodside Street, Lake Garda, Burlington, 


Nancy Bean Lord '50 (Mrs. Jack I.) 
41 Boutelle Road, Bangor, Maine 


Ann Hollett Munro '49 (Mrs. Neil C.) 
481 Division Avenue, Hicksville, L. I. 


Eleanor Gebelein Greene '35 (Mrs. G. G.) 
Parade Road, R. F. D. #3, Laconia, N. H. 

Janet Holmes '55 
3875 Waldo Avenue, Riverdale, N. Y. 

Shirley Gibbons SanSoucie '53 
(Mrs. Roland) 
2208 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, Penna. 



Lenna Lyon Hill '31 (Mrs. G. Richard) 
1111 Ingomar Heights Road, Pittsburgh, 


Betty Lou Foy Reid '52 (Mrs. William I.) 
6 Gardiner Avenue, Lincoln, R. I. 


Barbara Foster '56 

44 Landing Road South, Rochester, N.Y. 


Irene Murray Pettapiece x-'29 

(Mrs. H. J.) 

2621 N. E. Fifth Street, Pompano Beach, 



Mary McConn Maguire '29 

(Mrs. T. Paul) 

4833 Matilija, Sherman Oaks, California 


Dorothy Rich Anderson '52 (Mrs. T. K.) 
108 Highland Road, South Portland, 


Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert '46 (Mrs. D. C.) 
4907 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. 


Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella '54 (Mrs. J. A.) 
Woodland Drive, Port Chester, N. Y. 

Charlotte Bragg Burke '42 
(Mrs. G. Palmer, Jr.) 
64 Lawnwood Avenue, Longmeadow, 



Donna Jensen Poirier '57 (Mrs. Conrad) 
Fisher Road, Holden, Mass. 



Annual Luncheon Meeting — March 28, 1964 

Guests: Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury 

For Reservations and details, please contact: 

Mrs. James Jeffrey (Sue Schoneld '55) 

1809 North N Street, Lake Worth 



LtadJ Secretaries 

1908 — Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 
(Charlotte Ryder) 
149 Cedar Street 
Bangor. Maine 

1910 — Cornelia M. Stone 

23 Brewster Lane 

La Grange Park, Illinois 

1911 — Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones) 
26 Lilac Lane 
Princeton, New Jersey 

1912 — Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

(Clara Parker) 
8 High Street 
Goffstown, New Hampshire 

1913 — Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

(Mary Fenno) 
45 East Loop Road 
Dongan Hills 
Staten Island 4, New York 

1915 — Mrs. H. B. Collins 

(Nell Woodward) 
39 Lincoln Street 
Manchester, Mass. 

1916 — Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker) 
79 Carpenter Street 
Foxboro, Mass. 

1917 — Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd) 
160 E. 48th Street 
New York, New York 

1918 — Mrs. Edmund W. Hill 

(Mildred Cary) 
Belgrade Lakes 

1919 — Mercie V. Nichols 

59 Ripley Road 
Cohasset, Mass. 

1920 — Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson) 
New York 

1921 —Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett) 
130 Reservoir Road 
Wollaston 70, Mass. 

1922 — Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering) 
3 Lovering Road 
West Medford 5 5, Mass. 
Mrs. A. Bedell Shoemaker, 

(Phyllis Rafferty) 
314 San Juan Road 
Watsonville, California 

1923 — Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

(Adrienne E. Smith) 
359 Otis Street 

West Newton, Mass. 
Mrs. Wilder N. Smith, Assistant 

(Antoinette Meritt) 
110 Woodland Road 
Auburndale 66, Mass. 

1924 — Helen B. Perry 

172 Porter Street 
Melrose 76, Mass. 

1925 — Mrs. George A. Jenkins, 

(Barbara B. Cushing) 
3 Kent Street 
Concord, New Hampshire 
Mrs. J. LeRoy Wood, 
(Catherine Beecher) 
46 Olive Street 
Methuen, Mass. 

1927 — Mrs. David Rosen 

(Rosalie Brightman) 
404 Beacon Street 
Boston, Mass. 

1928 — Lillian G. Bethel 

Waltham Hospital 
Waltham, Mass. 

1929 — Mrs. Allan Van De Mark 

(Phyllis Beck) 
28 Maple Street 
Lockport, New York 

1930 — Mrs. Norman L. Miller 

(Frances Smith) 
17 Lowell Street 
Andover, Massachusetts 

1931 — Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

(Karin Eliasson) 
4216 Woodacre Drive 
Chesterbrook Woods 
McLean, Virginia 

1932 — Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman) 
Cold Spring Harbor 
New York 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden Street 
Belmont 78, Mass. 

1933 — Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford) 
31 Fairview Street 
Simsbury, Connecticut 
Mrs. Carl I. Hayes, Assistant 

(Virginia Ogden) 
196 Wentworth Avenue 
Edgewood, Rhode Island 


1934 — Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 1943 — Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Dorothy Secord) (Nathalie Monge) 

31 Wesley Street 28 Juniper Avenue 

Newton 58, Mass. Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree, Assistant Mrs. Salvatore F. Stramondo, 

(Ada May Bartlett) Assistant 

Oak Hill Road (Nan Mondello) 

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 3 Ballard Terrace 

Lexington, Mass. 

1935 — Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

I I f B w/M ara ^ mg) 1944 — Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

III Wilcox Avenue , c J T x 
at j r i.- u (Suzanne Lanee) 
Meriden, Connecticut A/f v , V ,. M . tt /■ 

„ T3 i tt t> Mrs. William H. Greene 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer, /r> , D .. >. 

Assistant (Barbara Bresette) 

(Barbara Ordway) \tVZ dgeS £"* 

19 Fern Street Attleboro, Mass. 

Auburndale 66, Mass. 

1945 — Mrs. C. R. Carver 

1936 — Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson (Emma Gilbert) 

(Audrey Smith) 57 Hillside Ave. 

43 Little Brook Drive Short Hills, N. J. 

Pittsford, New York Mrs. George B. Kaknes, Assistant 

(Jean E. Logue) 

1937 — Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 4 9 E aton Avenue 

(Louise Tardivel) Woburn, Mass. 
150 Hickory Road 

Weston 93, Mass. 1946 _ MfS p B Langky 

1938 — Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger (Louise Pool) 

(Virginia Wilhelm) 5145 Harper Road 

80 Mountain Terrace Road f° lon ' ° hl °, 

West Hartford, Connecticut Mr /- Pierre Megroz, Assistant 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr., Assistant ( MaI 7 Jane Magnusson) 

(Mildred Birchard) 85 West Brpokside Drive 

Josselyn Avenue Mamaroneck, New York 
R.F.D., Duxbury, Mass. 

1947 — Mrs. John R. Paolella 

1939 — Mrs. G. Forrest Gillett (Gloria Sylvia) 

(Cora Pratt) 41 1 w. 24th Street 

469 Maple Street New York 11, N. Y. 

Winnetka, Illinois Mrs. S. G. Brush, Assistant 

(Lois Kenyon) 

1940 — Mrs. R. D. Sterling Woodstock Valley 

(Priscilla Sleeper) Connecticut 
52 Rockledge Drive 

West Hartford, Conn. . _ , ,. T _, „. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge, Assistant 1948 — J^V 1 N - Groff 

(Ruth Sullivan) f ox B 1853 . - ,. r . 

17 Hemlock Road San Francisco, California 

Newton Upper Falls, Mass. Mr A,- Mma ^ , Butcher ' Assistant 

(Miriam Day) 

1941 _ Mrs. J. W. Sheffer 605 y 2 Milwaukee Avenue 

(Janet Jansing) Dunedin, Florida 
201 Wischman Avenue 

Oreland, Pennsylvania 1949 — Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant (Paulina Quilty) 

Apt. A-5, Midland Gardens 76 Norwood Road 

Bronxville, New York West Hartford, Connecticut 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

1942 — Mrs. Vernon F. Cook (Joan DeGelleke) 

(Mary Hurley) Upper State Street 

6217 Rosalie Court Guilford, Conn. 

Metairie, Louisiana Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant (Kathryn Poore) 

1784 Washington Street 27819 Purissima Ave. 

Auburndale 66, Mass. Los Altos Hills, Calif. 



1950 — Mrs. Peter W. Stanley 

(Jean Davies) 
611 Norwood Drive 
Westfield, New Jersey 
Mrs. Lloyd Stockdale 

(Sabra Turner) 
Box 238 

South Yarmouth, Mass. 
Mrs. Richard K. Dey 

(Jacquelyn Temperley) 
Bowstring Farm. R.F.D. 3 
Concord, New Hampshire 

1956 — Mrs. Victor H. Jonas 

(Suzanne G. Wadsworth) 
1 Cottage Avenue 
Winchester, Mass. 
Mrs. Oscar Asadoorian 
(Mary L. Parmakian) 
17 Starkweather Street 
Manchester, Connecticut 
Mrs. Norman P. Fitch 

(Sandra Shelton) 
316 N. Harvard Street 
Allston, Massachusetts 

1951 — Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

(Barbara Adams) 
15 Dover Road 
Wellesley, Mass. 
Mrs. Salvatore N. Mangano, 

(Anna Stevenson) 
17 Stella Road 
Belmont, Mass. 
Mrs. Walter Perdue, Assistant 

(Barbara B. Voorman) 
303 Mountain Avenue 
Ridgewood, New Jersey 

1952 — Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

(Suzanne Baney) 
13 University Avenue 
Chatham, New Jersey 

1957 — Barbara J. Sturges 
6 Stanley Oval 
Westfield, New Jersey 
Mrs. Donald K. Bassett 

(Patricia Howe) 
4 Merrill Road 
South Natick, Mass. 
Mrs. Philip J. Connor 

(Nancye VanDeusen) 
18 Reardon Road 
Hudson, Massachusetts 

1953 — Mrs. R. A. Nesslinger 
(Sylvia Pfeiffer) 
3 Mason Court 
Delaware, Ohio 

1954 — Mrs. William H. Moebius 

(Ann Chidsey) 
25 Hepburn Road 
Hamden, Connecticut 
Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

(Ann Lethbridge) 
105 Osceola Avenue 
Middlesex, New Jersey 
Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha J. Ellis) 
115 Winchester Road 
Arlington 74, Mass. 

1958 — Mrs. Joseph P. Fontana 

(Virginia M. Ambrose) 
801-D Hamilton Street 
Richmond 21, Virginia 
Mrs. Douglas J. Mitchell 

(Marion Heinsohn) 
145 Washington Avenue 
West Newton, Mass. 
Mrs. Lloyd G. McLean 
(Mary Lou Riordan) 
306 Webster Street 
Marshfield, Mass. 

1955 — Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

(Carolyn V. Chapin) 
123 Vadnais Circle 
West Springfield, Mass. 
Mrs. Alan Nelson, Assistant 

(Susan B. Twichell) 
Berkshire School 
Sheffield, Mass. 
Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis, Assistant 

(Ruth A. Birch) 
10 Elysian Place 
Oakland 5, California 

1959 — Mrs. Martin F. Bilafer 

(Carol Grieve) 
Quarters 1030-2, Dogwood St. 
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 
Mrs. David G. Bailey 

(Melisse Jenkins) 
F-2 Beverly Road 
Newark, Delaware 
Mrs. Russell V. Glasson 

(Joan Valentine) 
613 Main Street, Apt. 18 
Manchester, Conn. 



1960 — Mrs. Christopher K. Bullock 

(Susan W. Ellis) 

55 Purchase Street 

Milford. Mass. 

Sallie T. Flowers 
. 240 Harvard Circle 

Newtonville, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard M. Legg 
(Marilyn A. Senior) 
. 152 Utica Street 

Quincy, Mass. 

1961 — Barbara Ann Cole 

95 Fox Hill Street 
Westwood, Mass. 
Mrs. Hrant Russian 

(Elizabeth C. Hood) 
129 Linden St. 
Needham, Mass. 
Mrs. John P. Sullivan 

(Elizabeth Mary Schwingel) 
12 Ellis Drive 
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 

1962 — Marcia Madden 
6 Nobscot Road 
Wellesley, Mass. 
Sally Remley 
73 Randlett Park 
West Newton, Mass. 
Lynda Blount 
191 Lawn Terrace 
Mamaroneck, New York 

1963 — Mary Louise Colby 
8 Hartland Road 
Tariffville, Conn. 
Deborah A. Smyth 
5019 Roland Avenue 
Baltimore 10, Maryland 
Mrs. Robert J. Ferriman 

(Susan Nanry) 
230 Mystic Valley Parkway 
Winchester, Massachusetts 

oDuced to IlKememoer 

16th Annual Alumnae Council Meetings 
Friday and Saturday, April 3-4, 1964 

Lasell Night at "Pops" 

Symphony Hall, Boston 
Friday, May 15, 1964 


Sunday, June 7, 1964 


June 12, 13 and 14, 1964 



Miss Frances King Dolley (Fac. 1908-17) on April 12, 1963 in Cortland, N. Y. 

Constance Waite Rouse '81-'82 on July 11, 1963 in West Newton, Mass. 

Marguerite Waterhouse Curry '87-'88 in December 1962. 

Gertrude Woodbury Powers '89-'90 on December 30, 1962 in Burlington, Vermont. 

Ruth Seiberling Pflueger '92-'94 on May 5, 1963. 

Gertrude Sherman Ellsworth '94 on March 29, 1963. 

Nellie Feagles Kattelle '97 on July 22, 1963 in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. 

Clifford Dasher Stephens '98 on June 5, 1963 in Savannah, Georgia. 

Edith T. Grant '98 on June 28, 1963 in Great Barrington, Mass. 

Bess Nickerson Tufts '98-'99 on March 13, 1963 in Pitman, New Jersey. 

Eva Raymond Perkins '00 on October 14, 1963 in Salem, Mass. 

Mabel Martin McGregor '01 on January 29, 1963 in Springfield, Ohio. 

Laura Chase '02 on March 8, 1963 in California. 

Elizabeth Peirce Bittenbender x-'07 on July 22, 1963 in Norwell, Mass. 

Doris Powers Thomas '11 on October 11, 1963 in Rumford, Maine. 

Geraldine Chaney White '11-' 12 on July 3, 1963 in Newton, Mass. 

Ruth Kettlety Paull x-'12 on November 4, 1963 in Providence, R. I. 

Evelyn Schmidt '14 on September 1, 1963 in Lynn, Mass. 

Alva Thomas Hain x-T4 in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Ruth Cody Ball x-'19 on December 14, 1962. 

M. Dorothy Alexander Windatt x-'23 in 1962. 

Marjorie Needham Goodnow '24 on June 19, 1963 in Princeton, Mass. 

Bertha Pollay Fletcher x-'27 on May 24, 1963 in Orleans, Mass. 

Helen Kowalewski Sandback '28 on October 16, 1963 in East Rindge, New Hampshire. 

Mildred Lykins Rust '28 on August 16, 1963 in Carmel, Indiana. 

Etalia Baratta Bianchi x-'29 on September 20, 1963 in Elmhurst, Long Island. 

Mary Korper Steele '29 on June 3, 1963 in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Lois Andrews Garlot '34 on March 30, 1963. 

Dorothea A. DeBiasi '34 on March 20, 1963 in Lawrence, Mass. 

Marjorie Andrews '36 on June 25, 1963 in Wollaston, Mass. 

Hilda Lane Arnesen x-'39 on February 15, 1963 in Nashua, New Hampshire. 

Dorothy Ann Dayton Morgan '40 in October 1961. 

Elizabeth Ann McAvoy Marilley '43 on May 28, 1963 in Kensington, Maryland. 

Joanne Crouter '58 in December 1962. 


^ ■ ■ -» ' 



B:-8l..L.J!Bli JL ^ 


Member of American Alumni Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 
1963 - 64 


First Vice-President: 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary : 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Editor : 

Barbara Iris Johnson '35 (Mrs. Barbara I.) 
36 Brookdale Road, Natick (OL 5-1093) 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 (Mrs. Raymond N.) 
31 Wesley Street, Newton (LA 7-8479) 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 (Mrs. E. Sherman, Jr.) 
60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington (862-9419) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615 ) 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 

52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 (Mrs. Denton G.) 
1094 Centre St., Newton Centre (LA 7-0283) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 
41 Brentwood Dr., Holden 

Betty Black Boynton '38 (Mrs. M. M.) 
681 North St., Suffield, Conn. 

Sue Ross Westberg '45 (Mrs. G. M.) 
240 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Elinor Smith 

A. Joy Stewart Englesman '55 




NO. 2 






Cover: On "Moving Day," January 29, Beth Harper '64 assures The Monk that his Li- 
brary niche is secure. Additional reading rooms and stack space have been provided 
by the renovation of Bragdon Hall's former ground floor classrooms. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



Patricia A. Koules '57 to William M. Kandianis. 

Kathleen E. Barstow '58 to Lt. (j.g.) Chester A. McLaurin USNR. 

Jane Clarice Dwyer '59 to Douglas D. Carr. 

Lizbeth Ann Kocher '59 to Sherman G. Francisco. 

Sandra W. Scanlon '59 and Michael E. Flynn. 

Stephanie B. Carle x-'60 to Charles H. Peck. 

Janet M. Caserio '60 to Robert C. Ferris. 

Judith A. Edmonson '60 to Edward L. Spetnagel III. 

Marjorie Joan Kraez x-'60 to Sheldon K. Rossman. 

Michele Anne Poirier '60 to Francis J. Gorman Jr. 

Susan Elliott York '60 to Nicholas William Stadtfeld. 

Andrea A. Busch '61 to Ensign T. Darrah Moore USNR. 

Carol L. Carvey '61 to David C. Stimson. 

Deborah Clark '61 to Terence John O'Duggan. 

Natalie Granchelli '61 to T. Gene Gilman. 

Lynne Horner '61 to Donald T. Martin. 

Celeste Elisabeth Mayo '61 to Walter C. Shannon Jr. 

Barbara Ann Seremet '61 to Lt. Bernard H. Smith Jr., USAF. 

Suellen Toth '61 to Frank J. Garvin. 

Miriam Ellen Bloom '62 to Michael Bland Chaiklin. 

Muriel Joan Bloom '62 to Robert H. Bruskin. 

Linda Finn '62 to Howard Borr. 

Brenda Joy Greenfield '62 to Alan Mark Schwartz. 

Nancy Elaine Hungerford '62 to John Kimball Raymond. 

Joan Killian '62 to Burt Wronsky. 

Ellen Louise Milley x-'62 to Robert L. Davis. 

Susan B. Perry '62 to Arthur H. Benedict. 

Marilyn Ann Richo '62 to John James Coffey. 

Deborah A. Begg '63 to E. Thomas McKinney Jr. 

Karen C. Crafts '63 to Donald Gran Boyle. 

Sandra Ann Damigella '63 to Jon Andrew Nelson. 

Judith Gale Higgins '63 to William Rolland Black. 

Diana Hubbard '63 to Lt. John T. Shepard USA. 

Loel A. Mercer '63 to Richard A. Fleming 

Dianne Nemeth '63 to Howard Shore. 

Barbara M. Zommer '63 to Gerald R. Wescott Jr. 



Gertrude Horner '32 and Robert Walling Mosher on December 21, 1963 at New York, 

N. Y. 
Terry Di Sesa x-'AA and Tiberio Gaspari on December 26, 1963 at New York, N. Y. 
Mary Elizabeth Hammill x-'45 and James M. Meagher Jr. in December 1963. 
Patricia Marland '46 and Paul H. Lasnier in July 1963. 
Joan Carmen Santo '50 and Robert B. Grimshaw. 

Sarah J. Grahame x-'52 and Barry C. Cairns on October 25, 1963 at Worcester, Mass. 
Frederica Louise Holt '52 and Louis J. Durante on November 3, 1963 at Larchmont, 

New York. 
Barbara C. Fleck '53 and Reverend Vernon W. Tagtmeyer on October 5, 1963. 
Joy Lanner Bird '54 and Harvey S. Left on July 20, 1963. 
Carolyn Marino '54 and Karl H. Zentmaier on August 11, 1962. 
Janet Holmes '55 and Richard Kiley Murphy on February 1, 1964 at New York, New 

Ann Hekemian '56 and Serge Krikovian on October 6, 1963 at-Tenafly, New Jersey. 


Mrs. Donald Brigham 
(Sallie Flowers '60) 

Mrs. Robert N. Willhauck 

(Elaine Sanderson '62) 

September 7, 1963 

Sally Louise Barnes '57 and Dr. Robert Dean Earl on December 28, 1963 at Longmeadow, 

Suzanne Fournier '57 and Alberto Solis in September 1963- 

Barbara Swedlin '58 and Jerome J. Ginsburg on June 9, 1963 at Rockville Centre, 
Long Island, New York. 

Marjorie Altshool x-'59 and Lewis G. Holland. 

Martha Elizabeth Anderson '59 and David John Musial on October 20, 1963 at Long- 
meadow, Mass. 

Elizabeth Stokes Dibble x-'59 and Stanley Edward Morrey on September 7, 1963 at 
Farmington, Conn. 

Dorothy Fantoni '59 and Edward F. Murphy on October 26, 1963 at Framingham, Mass. 

Judith Lee Foster '59 and Laurance William Ballou on September 21, 1963 at Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Claire Salamanis '59 and Richard S. Lyons on December 8, 1963. 

Diane Cahill '60 and Sec. Lt. Ronald Carl Dyer USAF on November 11, 1963 at 
Winsted, Conn. 

Marlene Jean Caton '60 and Larry C. Russell on November 23, 1963 at Winsted, 

Sallie T. Flowers '60 and Donald Brigham on January 4, 1964 at Auburndale, Mass. 

Marsha Frommer '60 and Michael Francis Crowley on April 15, 1963 at Washington, 
D. C. 

Marcia Stuart Gardner '60 and David A. Coyle on January 18, 1963. 

Sandra Jeanne Huse '60 and Conrad Walter Masson on August 30, 1963 at Needham, 

Josephine A. Longobardi x-'60 and Dalton H. Brennan on September 28, 1963 at 
Branford, Conn. 

Susan Jayne Louis '60 and David Huffard Haffenreffer on September 21, 1963 at 
New York, New York. 


Martha Livingston Yerkes '60 and Truman William Eustis III on December 28, 1963 

at New York, New York. 
Linda Albin '61 and Christopher Hoyt on August 24, 1963. 
Margaret Joy Dickson '61 and Erling Roy Roberts on September 8, 1963 at Colebrook, 

New Hampshire. 
Patricia Jane Ellis '61 and John Raezer on September 7, 1963 at New Canaan, 

Joan Franke '61 and K. Kurt Neustaedter on October 5, 1963. 
Mildred Marie Gillis '61 and Frederick Edward Pereira in October 1963 at Canton, 

Elisabeth C. Hood '61 and Hrant H. Russian on September 8, 1963 at Watertown, Mass. 
Valerie Joseph x-'6l and Michael B. Rawitch on December 20, 1963- 
Maryellen King '61 and David Truman Hardy on November 30, 1963 at Hamden, 

Marjorie Ann Owens '61 and Kenneth James Feeley in October 1963. 
Jeanne Wickenden x-'6l and Charles David Lake on August 31, 1963 at Marion, Mass. 
Barbara A. Blore '62 and David Paul Swartz on November 30, 1963 at Sunnyvale, 

Jean Di Giorgio '62 and David Buchanan on October 20, 1963. 
Susan Anne Lalli '62 and Edward John Bayus on June 15, 1963. 
Patricia Catherine Lappin '62 and George Ernest Merrill on September 9, 1963 at 

Winsted, Conn. 
Judith Helen Martin '62 and Dennis Ernest LaPadula on November 16, 1963 at 

Lyndhurst, New Jersey. 
Patricia Murphy '62 and Richard Martin Owens in September 1963. 
Joyce Riley x-'62 and Leon Padduck in October 1963 at Norwood, Mass. 
Mary Sargent '62 and David Conway. 

Diantha Jane Tarbox x-'62 and Richard Pomfret on August 31, 1963 at Braintree, Mass. 
Linda Ludemann '63 and Joseph G. Yount Jr. on October 19, 1963. 
Eleanor Linda Myers '63 and Robert David Kenzer on November 17, 1963 at Canton, j 

Karen Elizabeth Richter '63 and Peter M. Beaupre on October 19, 1963 at Lexington, 



Mrs. Robert Kenzer 
(Eleanor Myers '63) 


Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Neustaedter 
(Joan Franke '61) 

Lt. and Mrs. William J. Odle 
(Kim Steen '58) 
February 1, 1963 


To Katherine Nannery Rafferty '42, a son, Edward, in August 1963. 

To Elaine Macdonald Aldrich '45, fourth child, second daughter, Barbara, on September 
27, 1963. 

To Barbara Bickley Rieger '46, fifth child, a son, William, on March 28, 1963. 

To Constance Woods McCarty '46, sixth child, first daughter, Constance Jane, on Sep- 
tember 1, 1963. 

To Anne Chapman Berl '48, fifth child, second daughter, Allison Anne, on December 
7, 1963. 

To Mayanne Murray Lynch '48, third child, first daughter, Kathleen Maura, on July 
5, 1963. 

To Nancy Hayden Drooff '49, third son, Eric Rolf, on September 23, 1963- 

To Mary Stone Leary '49, third daughter, Susan, on June 3, 1963. 

To Nancy Macdonough Jennings '49, fifth child, fourth daughter, Laura Anne, on 
January 6, 1964. 

To Joyce Collins Dunkin '50, third child, a daughter, Stacy Mercer, on February 10, 1963. 

To Lois Dickerman Neugent '50, a son, Shannon-Lee, on March 11, 1963. 

To Jean Kilgore Owen '51, second child, first son, Jonathan Douglas, on December 
13, 1963. 

To Patricia Raeder Crone '51, a son, Bryan, on November 22, 1963- 

To Barbara Kane Mullin '52, fourth child, third son, William Francis, on April 10, 1963. 

To Ann Rathburn Spadola '52, second son, Thomas Jule, on May 18, 1963. 

To Joeyna Raynal Rearwin '52, second son, David Taylor, on April 20, 1963- 


David Balboni 
(Brenda Pioppi '58) 

David Lefkowitz 
(Linda Braslow '58) 

Douglas and David Hamel 

(Kay Poore '49) 
(Pauline Butler Poore '21) 


Keith and Bobby Maclay 
(Marilyn Valter '55) 


To Nancie Shean Roth '52, second child, second daughter, Sally Anne, on November 

18, 1963. 
To Molly Bondareff Krakauer '53, fourth child, third son, John Richard on December 

24, 1962. 
To Nancy Chase Ferguson '53, a daughter, Susan Elizabeth in July 1963- 
To Edith Davis Nixon '53, second child, first son, Philip Arnold, on April 18, 1963. 
To Cynthia De Gelleke Cole '53, a son, Frederick Case, on March 16, 1963. 
To Althea Janke Gardner '53, a daughter, Kathleen, in September 1963. 
To Carol Morse Woods '53, a daughter, Susan, on May 14, 1963. 

To Jean Nazarian Martinian '53, second daughter, Sara Jean, on November 2, 1963. 
To Jean Smith DiLeone '53, third daughter, Lori Jean, on July 10, 1963- 
To Carol Bagley Jackson '54, third child, first daughter, Grace Elizabeth, on April 18, 

To Ann Chidsey Moebius '54, a second son, James Robert, on November 9, 1963. 
To Susan Cluett Stocker '54, second child, a daughter, Jean, on August 3, 1963. 
To Martha Ellis Brooks '54, a daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, on October 9, 1963. 
To Nancy Husted Koerner x-'54, a son, Eric Wilcox, on July 29, 1963. 
To Jane Master Houston '54, third child, second daughter, Carol Jane, on July 31, 1963. 
To Lois Murray Wierdo '54. a daughter. Lisa Lou. April 22. 1962. 
To Sara Rojas Casarella '54, a son. Peter Joseph, on January 26, 1963. 
To Joan Baker Cornell '55, a son, Richard John, on October 1, 1963. 

To Barbara Collins Trembley '55, fourth child, first son, Jon Jr., on November 14, 1963. 
To Rhea Cooney Simonds '55, a daughter, Gail Lynne, on October 27, 1963. 
To JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco '55, third child, second daughter. Carrie Elizabeth, on 

October 28, 1963. 
To Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie '55, a daughter, Nancy Jean, on October 10, 1963. 
To Charleen Herrling Smith '55, a daughter, Lisa Jane, on November 6, 1962. 
To Lois Kuhn Hopson '55, a daughter, Allison Kimball, on December 15, 1963. 
To Mary Mack Gutsche '55, a son, Stuart Mack, on March 28. 1963- 
To Carol Merwin Robinson '55, second son, John Arthur, on May 31, 1963- 
To Marion Nutter Bredehoft '55, a son, Bradford Bruce, on November 22, 1963. 
To Angela Tabellario Mitchell '55, second daughter, Judith Elaine, on December 11, 1963. 
To Mary Sweenor Ruggieri '55, second child, first daughter. Joanne Marie, on December 

2, 1963. 
To Sylvia Barnaby Hamilton '56, second child, first son. Erik Grant, on November 

16, 1963. 
To Elaine Card LeFort '56, a son, David Scott, on December 4, 1963. 

To Adrienne Ensher Kachadourian '56, a daughter, Taliene Virginia on August 19. 1963. 
To Joanne Jamieson Norris '56, a son, Matthew, in December 1962. 
To Therese Kilgore Mannix '56, third child, second son, Timothy Gerard, on August 

1, 1963 

Sara, Walter and Melissa Strohmeyer 
(Nancy Preston '53) 

The Jacksons 
(Carol Bagley '54) 


To Sandra Lavine Kanosky '56, a second son, Robert Jay, on March 20, 1963. 

To Dorothy Mabrey Embler '56, a daughter, Elaine Marie, in November 1963- 

To Carolyn Scherer Butler '56, a daughter, Patricia Carolyn, on November 23, 1963. 

To Frances Scott Simmons '56, third child, first son, Scott Philip, on June 7, 1963. 

To Beverly Yaghjian Arabian '56, second child, first daughter, Jennifer Joy, on February 

11, 1963. 
To Edith Berger Kaplan '57, second child, Judith Gail on June 1, 1963. 
To Annette Bogdan Ferris '57, a daughter, Pamela Suzanne on January 31, 1964. 
To Nancy Jerome Howell '57, a son, Jerome Edward on March 30, 1963. 
To Caroline Killam Moller '57, a son, Kurt Loomis on December 31, 1962. 
To Suzanne Jouret Kowalski '57, a son, Richard Jouret, on December 7, 1963. 
To Carol Preater Feldmann '57, second child, second daughter, Kristin Ann on January 

25, 1963. 
To Margaret Wefer Lang '57, a daughter, Elizabeth Margaret on June 5, 1963- 
To Susanne Babcock Edington '58, a second daughter, Linda, on October 8, 1962. 
To Sue Patack Levine x-'58, a daughter, Lisa Robin, on March 5, 1963. 
To Susan Rapaport Paul '58, a daughter, Sharyn Beth, on September 6, 1963. 
To Ann Reeves Schmid '58, a second child, first daughter, Lindsey Ann, on December 

6, 1963. 
To Meade Simpson Fasciano '58, a daughter, Robin Jean, on January 16, 1964. 
To Patricia Sindall Carolus '58, third child, first daughter, Laura Jane, on November 

10, 1963. 
To Bette Stubbe Carcano '58, a son, Steven, on January 31, 1963. 
To Judith Barnstead Francis '59, a daughter, Kerry Elizabeth, on April 6, 1963. 
To Joan Becker Stenicky '59, a daughter, Laura Anne, on December 2, 1963. 
To Sandra Bender Oresman '59, second child, a son, Lee Andrew, in May 1963- 
To Carol Brett Morse '59, second child, first son, David Edward, on October 4, 1963- 
To Susan Chapman Wright '59, a son, William Kenneth, in June 1963. 
To Eileen Dahl Lord '59, a daughter, Sharon Louise, on October 9, 1963. 
To Kathryn Eckert Bodner '59, second child, first daughter, Kathryn Louise, on April 

23, 1963. 
To Nancy Gotz Cohn '59, a son, Evan Paul, on December 2, 1963- 
To Donna Grover Holland '59, a son, "Ted", on January 17, 1963- 

To Anne Hayden Halberg '59, a daughter, Caroline Hope, on November 19, 1963. 
To Dorothy Mulherin Foy '59, a son, Kevin Scott, On November 8, 1963. 
To Nancy Rotman Duffy '59, second child, first son, Charles Robert, on September 

17, 1963. 
To Bonnie Seibert Hiscox '59, second son, David Goodwin, on September 21, 1963. 
To Barbara Skolnick Blume '59, a daughter, Amy Pamela, on August 26 1963. 
To Diane Strawhince Butler '59, a daughter, Sharon Ann, on May 11, 1963. 
To Susan Whitehead Buchanan x-'59, a son, Scott Wheeler, in May 1963. 
To Janice Whitman MacDonald '59, a son, Stuart Jr., in January 1963. 
To Priscilla Williams Esperhain '59, a son, Eric Carl, on October 2, 1963- 
To Carolyn Wood Brox '59, a daughter, Kathleen Sue, on June 17, 1963. 
To Nancy Bowne Rollinson '60, a son, Robert Burnham, on December 9, 1962. 
To Maury Chenoweth Denniston '60, a daughter, Elizabeth Blake, on December 2, 1963. 
To Judith Davis Weiss x-'60, a son, Stephen, in January 1963- 
To Baila Issokson King '60, a daughter, Ruth Lillian, on October 29, 1963. 
To Judith Knaus Kopp '60, second child, daughter, Lynn Denise on September 6, 1963- 
To Phyllis Stone Blotner '60, a daughter, Amy Jo, on January 8, 1963. 
To Ronna Zucker Uhrman '60, a son, Seth Alan, on November 14, 1963. 
To Marilyn Caruso Crosby '61, a daughter, Robin Lee, on February 28, 1963- 
To Lynda Downes Brown '61, a daughter, Jennifer Lynda, on November 3, 1963. 
To Susan Fox Stern '61, a son, Curtis Wesley, on January 7, 1964. 
To Adrienne Hartmann Mayer '61, a daughter, Wendy Jill, on September 28, 1963. 
To Kristine Kerr Bliss '61, second child, a son, Michael Jonathan, on May 4, 1963. 
To June Bishop Engman '62, a son, Alan Eugene, on November 25, 1963. 
To Elaine Sproul Belham '62, a son, Scott James, on October 28, 1963. 
To Dianne Terrio Gould '62, a son, Jefferson James, on July 31, 1963. 
To Daryl Schmid French '63, a daughter, Janet Elizabeth, on-October 1, 1963. 


Robert and Cynthia Stavnitzky 
(Frances Hayden '54) 

Barbara and Hillary Bellings 
(Iris Gabel '55) 

Capt. Timmy McLean 
(Mary Lou Riordan '58) 

daughter of Marilyn Hardacre Sell '54 



S *w 

.. .... . 

Les Freres Lefebvre 
(Elaine Richardson '56) 

Leslie Engelsman, 

Lasell Nursery School '64 

(A. Joy Stewart '55) 

Christine and Shevlin 
(Barbara Ayrault Smith '52) 

The Donald L. Wogans 
(Anna-Mae George '54) 

Cynthia, Sharon and Scott Horsfield 
(Nancy Swanson '54) 



Karen and Kathy Gremley 
(Martha Guhring 53') 

Jim and Gary Massard 
(Carol Galligan '48) 

Home from the Hospital . . . 

Steve, son of 
Virginia Paolillo Lawlor '56 

Susan, Andy, Gretchen and Cynthia 
(Deborah Potter Waugh '54) 

The Powers Squadron 
(Janet Woodward '51) 





Bertha White Sprague is ever "proud and 
happy to have had the opportunity of at- 
tending the Seminary under the splendid 
leadership and guidance of Dr. Bragdon, 
Miss Carpenter and Miss Hotchkiss. To- 
day's Development program at the College 
thrills me, and the LEAVES bring back 
many happy memories." 

Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck proudly an- 
nounces the arrival of her first great-grand- 
child on November 6, 1963. 


Barbara Vail Bosworth and Edith 
Harber Wright have the opportunity to 
visit with each other fairly often, now that 
Barbara is in Oregon. 

The Class extends its deepest sympathy 
to Grace Rowe Vail whose husband, 
Charles, recently passed away. 

Eila Patterson Rogers' new address is 
1773 Parnell Road, Eugene 1, Oregon. 
Eila has resigned her position as house- 
mother at Oregon College and is now 
situated in her own apartment, near her 
son John. 


Julia Hamilton Peters: "Now I'm a great- 
grandmother with ten grandchildren. The 
children, one family, live in Portland, 
Oregon — the son and daughter in Great 
Falls. Never a dull moment for both my 
husband and me." 

Mildred Goodall Fairbanks writes: "I 
have 11 grandchildren and one great- 
granddaughter. Love Florida living as I 
enjoy warm weather, and play golf twice 
a week. I also work at the Miami Heart 
Institute and am active in the Miami 
Cancer Chapter." 

Irma Levi Levy sends "best wishes for a 
wonderful year — and many more to 
come !" 

Margherita Dike Hallberg and Mary 
Lombard Courtney are planning to motor 
to Florida, stopping in New Orleans for a 
visit with Mildred Snyder Grant. 

Lucy Aldrich Berston spent an evening 
in Dallas with Tot McLean Hunt. Lucy 
adds: "The new buildings and all the 
changes at Lasell look wonderful to me." 


Jennie Drew Hinman x-'07 writes that 
she and her husband celebrated their 50th 
wedding anniversary two years ago. The 
Hinmans have four sons and sixteen 

Lilian Douglass Heeb reports "a delight- 
ful Christmas Festival Tour of three weeks 
to Mexico. Ida Sisson Craver and husband 
are looking forward to a similar trip in 
early February." 


We extend sincere sympathy to Charlotte 
Ryder Hall, whose husband, Mr. Clifford 
Hall, passed away in December 1963. 


Constance Blackstock writes: "Have had 
a lovely visit with Marguerite Mcllvain 
Ricker x-'29 and her husband, who manage 
the Hotel LaPierre in Ocean Grove, New 
Jersey. Jane Gray '29 was here for a 
weekend, and I enjoyed meeting with Alice 
Graham x-'29 in Harwichport (Mass.) last 
August. It was a joy to see these former 
students. Lasell has cause to be proud of 
her Alumnae." 

Helen H. Heath '07 



Mildred Goodall Fairbanks '10 


Ethel Vance Foster and her husband 
had a wonderful summer in Northern 
Europe — visiting Scotland, England, Hol- 
land, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. 

Alleda Burnett Arneson writes that she 
is in Winter Park, Florida again — visit- 
ing a Minnesota friend at "Whispering 
Waters" on Morse Blvd. Alleda adds: 
"Do hope some Lasell friends will come 
this way — I'll be here until May, 1964." 

Strain Nutter's ('17) annual Lasell picnic 
at Pocasset. 

Helen Overholser Towle is looking for- 
ward to a winter visit with Margaret 
Trice Gibbens x-'l6. 

And Marion Lerch Mehle hopes that in 
1966 her "annual trip East from California 
will coincide with 1916's 50th Reunion at 

The Class extends sympathy to Dorothy 
Crane Crowe, whose husband passed away 
in April 1963, after a long illness. 


From Mary Louise Taylor Gish: "Still 
enjoy my work as Secretary for the 
Denver Area Association of the Blind. I 
find working for and with the blind most 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Edith Holman Dolliver x-'17, whose hus- 
band, Garrett B. Dolliver, passed away in 
April, 1963. 


Helen Smith Stone writes that she is 
sorry to have missed the 45th reunion. 
Helen now has four grandsons and one 

From Dorothy Barnes Paine: "Our 45th 
Reunion was wonderful ! Only wish that 
more could have been there. I'm already 
looking forward to our 50th." 

The most recent greeting from Mid 
Cary Hill was posted par avion at Cannes. 
"We are now en route to Italy, Switzer- 
land, Germany, Holland and the British 
Isles. The Cote d'Azur is a fabulous spot 
— sunny and warm — the flowers are 
gorgeous. Best greetings to all." 


Wilda Berkey Cartland x-'l6 spent 
Thanksgiving with son Jack and family: 
then on to Orlando, Florida fo - Christmas 
with daughter Joy (Cartland Fowler '44). 

From Edna Christensen Beckwith: "My 
husband retired in July — and now our 
dream is coming true — on January 11 we 
sail from New York for a trip around 
the world." 

Dr. Carol Rice continues "to look for a 
successor — so I may retire." Christmas 
1962 was spent with sister Katherine 
(Rice Broock '20), and last September 
Carol worked with May Fogg '19 on the 
International Hockey Tour. 

Summer guests of Mabel Straker Kim- 
ball at Harwich Port included Marion 
Griffin Wolcott, Freda Griffin Leining '20, 
Marion Beach Barlow and Eleanor Mc- 
Carty Thomas. They all attended Mildred 

Dora Goodwillie '14 (right), brother 
and sister-in-law, Florida 1963 



The Meynet Wedding Party 

August 10, 1963 — "Applewood," Flint, Mich. 

I. to r.: Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill Dansby (Susan Mott), Stewart Dansby, Mr. and 

Mrs. Alain Meynet (Maryanne Mott), Suzanne Dansby, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 

Mott (Ruth Rawlings '21), Stewart Rawlings Mott. 


"The Warmest Christmas Greetings" 
come from Betty (Moyer x-'19) and Arthur 
Wilson, with a cordial invitation to visit 
them at 5590 Williams Drive, Fort Myers 
Beach, Florida. For them the year 1963 
was one of interesting changes, beginning 
with February and March: Vacation in 
Mexico and Florida. 

May: Sold our cottage at Fort Myers 
Beach. Signed a contract to build our 
"dream home" on land we have owned 
for ten years on the Bay. 
]une thru August: Rented our home in 
Westport, Conn, for a year. Disposed 
of many things accumulated for dec- 
September: Arthur retired from his pub- 
lishers' representative firm in New 
October: Ithaca on Cornell Class of 
1915 affairs. Then on to Irondequoit, 
N. Y. to visit son Donald, Vernajean 
and their three children. Donald is a 
Congregational minister in Ironde- 

quoit and is studying for an advanced 
degree in ministerial counseling at 
the Rochester Divinity School. 

November: Busy moving into new home. 
Betty working in garden, as usual. 
Swimming from our beach, relaxing on 
terrace, 150 feet from water, watching 
porpoises leap, tropical birds fishing. 

December: Santa comes to the island by 
motor boat! 

Ethel Vance Nicolson enjoyed "a lovely 
weekend visit from Katherine Rice Broock 
'20 in August. Our husbands were part- 
ners in the Kalamazoo Country Club 
Member-Guest Tournament. We have a 
brand new grandson — born in the Ameri- 
can Hospital in Paris. His mother and 
father (Ambassador to Dahomey, West 
Africa) were en route to the States." 

Mercie Nichols is busy with plans for 
45th Reunion; Frances Coombs, ever active 
in Maine community affairs, sends "Greet- 
ings to all classmates — see you in 
Auburndale in June." 




From Eloise Carey Wadley: "I am very 
busy with Community Concerts, active in 
the First Congregational Church — Treas- 
urer of Women's Fellowship, Treasurer of 
Saginaw General Hospital Gift Shop and 
active in the Mid-Michigan Alumnae Club 
of Alpha Chi Omega." 

A recent request from Marion Eaton 
Gumaer: "Do wish we might have more 
1920 class news ! I am still blessed with 
good health, a wonderful husband and 
seven grandchildren." 


Elizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth's (x-'22) 
recent trip abroad included visits in En- 
gland, France, Italy and Spain. Another 
1963 European traveler was Theresa 
Thompson Osborne. 

From Florida, Florence Archibald Stanly 
writes: "Still reliving that perfect trip to 
Lasell and visits with New England 
friends — now two years ago. Keep busy 
here — the grandchildren and the usual 
civic affairs. Would welcome a phone call 
from any Lasellites, who happen to be in 
the Jacksonville area. Just dial: EV 9-6319." 


Well, my dears, pull up a chair and be 
comfortable while I tell you about our 
40th Reunion and the wonderful time we 
had together. 

We wish you all had been able to "come 
back" but twelve of us were present at 
the Luncheon at Lasell and what a good- 
looking group they were: Florence 
Boehmcke Edmondson, Nance Mill- 
spaugh, Claire Parker Everett, Lovina 
Smith Steffian, Ruth Hopkins Spooner, 
Lucy Kellogg Pels, Dorothy Chase Scott, 
Ruth Dinsmore Sayward, Margaret Bullock 
Reed, Antoinette Meritt Smith, Nevetta 
J. Smith (my sister and a loyal and true 
"step-daughter" of Lasell) and your Life 
Secretary — Adrienne Smith Stone. Your 
Scribe found some deep purple pansies, 
tied them with white ribbon, on which '23 
was conspicuously painted in purple ink, 
and so our identification (as if we needed 
anything of the kind) was complete. It 
was the consensus of opinion that we were 
a "young-looking group of 'old girls' " ! 

At the Alumnae meeting we presented 
our class gift to the College and we gave 
a check in the amount of $425.00 to 
Barbara Iris Johnson, Alumnae President. 
I shall always be very grateful to those 

who contributed so generously. The fol- 
lowing gals contributed to the gift, direct- 
ed to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund: 
Jessie Watters, Nance Millspaugh, Eliza- 
beth Mitchell Ridout, Claire Parker Ever- 
ett, Dorothy Chase Scott, Margaret Bullock 
Reed, Louisa Venable Kyle, Ruth Hopkins 
Spooner, Marjorie Lowell Weeks, Anna 
Bullock Thornton, Florence Boehmcke 
Edmondson, Evelyn Shidler Robertson, 
Carolyn Colton Avery, Helen Hinshaw 
Toohey, Marion Austin Hakewessell 
(x-'23), Ruth Dinsmore Sayward, Antoi- 
nette Meritt Smith, Anne Daugherty 
Slater, Ida A. Markert, Lovina Smith 
Steffian, Lucy Kellogg Pels, and Adrienne 
Smith Stone. 

After the Alumnae meeting, the dedica- 
tion of the new Priscilla Alden Wolfe 
Secretarial Building, and the President's 
Reception (following the crowning of the 
June Queen) the girls . . . with the ex- 
ception of Toni, who had duties to per- 
form as the wife of the Chairman of the 
Board of Trustees, and Hoppy, who wanted 
to revisit Gardner Hall, came to your 
Scribe's home in West Newton for the 
remainder of the afternoon. We had a 
wonderful visit together, enjoyed refresh- 
ments, and then were off to the Pillar 
House for our Reunion meeting. Lucy and 
Ruth had to leave, much to our regret. 
Lucy had to return to Maine that after- 
noon. So there were ten who shared in 
the Reunion Dinner and enjoyable eve- 
ning in a private dining room (reserved 
by your Scribe two years ago). After 
a delicious dinner we got down to busi- 
ness and voted to confirm the gift of 
$425.00 to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund 
— and discussed the Dorothy Merwin 
Brown Scholarship and Memorial Fund 
which we established five years ago. Un- 
fortunately the scholarship fund did not 
"build up" as anticipated and we felt it 
should now be given to the College with 
the expressed understanding that a piece 
of equipment for the new classroom build- 
ing be purchased in memory of our de- 
ceased classmates of '23 and be so marked. 

Now for the news! We have "found" 
Dorothy Chase Scott again. Her address 
is: 91 Tulip Avenue, Queen Building, 
Floral Park, New York. Dorothy was the 
delightful and thoughtful house guest of 
your Scribe over the Big Weekend and 
what a wonderful time we had talking 
until all hours of the morning. It was a 
joy to renew and review our long friend- 
ship. It was with sadness we learned 
that her husband had passed away on De- 
cember 24, 1962. She is surrounded by 
the love of their two children and her 
three step-children and twelve grandchil- 
dren — their pictures are delightful. She 



hopes to fly to Paris during the summer 
of 1964 to visit family and friends. She 
has invited your Scribe to visit her in 
New York and when that takes place 
we'll have a Reunion for all '23ers in the 
New York area. 

"Boehmcke" is still the young-looking 
gal she always was and it is hard to 
believe that our Class Baby (her Bobby) 
has four children and is a Commander 
in the Naval Reserve. Jimmy has four 
children and is the "pro" at the Pittsfield 
Country Club. Harry is retired and from 
all we hear, it must agree with this fine 

Anne Bullock Thornton is ever the busy 
lady. She writes "I had hoped to attend 
the Reunion with Louise Morgan .... 
but find my niece, nephew and baby will 
be with us. However, my greetings to all 
— have a marvelous time." She is Vice 
Chairman of the Office of Volunteers, Prov- 
idence Chapter, American Red Cross, and 
a member of the Executive Committee of 
Workshops, Inc. of Rhode Island, Coun- 
cil of Community Services, and active in 
Pembroke College Alumnae activities. 

Margaret Bullock Reed has three chil- 
dren and twelve grandchildren. Son 
Charles is a pilot for Aramco in Dhahran, 
Saudi Arabia. He has three sons. Son 
Hugh is doing missile work for Western 
Electric in New York City — is the 
father of three daughters (including twins) 
and two sons. Margaret's daughter, Eliza- 
beth Priebe, is married and also lives in 
Reading. Her husband is an engineer for 
Avco and they have one girl and four 
boys. Margaret has many hobbies — does 
hooked rugs for a specialty — does 
beautiful arts and crafts work — travels 
considerably — and loves to go fishing 
"up country". Your Scribe is grateful to 
her for offering to help on the Reunion 
and at any other time '23 decides to do 

"Connie" Colton Avery was not able to 
come and we were sorry not to see her. 
She has two grandchildren — Trudy Ann, 
age 5 and Tammy Lu, age 3. Connie re- 
ported she had had a fine spring visit to 

It was good to see Ruth Dinsmore 
Sayward and to know she is living in 
Arlington. She brought Lucy Kellogg 
Pels with her and we owe her a big 
thank you for doing that. Ruth wrote on 
her questionnaire: "am expecting a grand- 
child in August." 

Anne Daugherty Slater sent a charm- 
ing picture of "Anne and Bob". Despite 
the heartbreak of losing her only son, 
Anne writes that she is busy "with mak- 
ing miniatures for shadowbox rooms, 
painting and gardening and keeping up 

with the activities of nineteen nieces and 
nephews and their offspring." She and 
her husband were attending a June con- 
vention in Indiana and added: "I'll be 
thinking of you and would love to be 

From Sherman Oaks, California, came 
a message from Florence Gifford Flem- 
ing. "Gifford" writes "I am clerk at the 
Valley Presbyterian Hospital. I'd give any- 
thing to be in Auburndale — love to all 
my old friends." Son Reed has a daughter, 
Deirdre, and daughter Shirley has a son, 
Steven. Hope we shall see Deirdre's name 
on the Lasell roster! 

A letter sent to Ruth Hight Guild at 
358 Hill Avenue, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 
came back "unknown — no longer at this 
address". Can anyone send a new address 
for her? 

Ruth Hills Livermore writes from Lazy 
J B Ranch in Wapiti, Wyoming, "no time 
for trips or hobbies. Have just acquired 
a small ranch and we are raising Hereford 
cattle, son John and I. Wish I could be 
with you." 

"Hoppie" is still the busy lady we've 
always known. She writes: "much of my 
time is devoted to volunteer service for our 
church and in our local hospital and the 
county hospital." She has travelled widely 
and lists her hobbies as gardening, writing 
and reading. She and Warren still live in 
Saddle River, New Jersey. 

Helen Hinshaw Toohey writes from 
Shawnee, Mission, Kansas; "How can all 
these years have piled up since that gradu- 
ation week in 1923! I don't feel like 40 
years has elapsed — and yet — when I 
see my children and grandchildren and 
think back on the many happenings through 
the years, it is quite convincing. We have 
two married children, son, William H. 
and a daughter, Barbara Toohey Smith. 
Between them we have four grandchildren 
— and one on the way. Our travelling 
has been confined to the Eastern seaboard 
because our children are there. Have en- 
joyed teaching speech and reading through 
the years, not a heavy schedule, but enough 
to be stimulating and fun." 

Two lovely snapshots of Marjorie Lowell 
Weeks came with a heartwarming letter. 
I must pass on one sentence which pleased 
your Scribe. Marjorie writes: "I am very 
proud of you and Toni and only wish 
more of the class of 1923 could take an 
active part in Lasell 'doings.' " Her daugh- 
ter, Janet Roberts, lives outside Chicago 
and "we have two darling grandchildren • — 
Cynthia and Timmy. Spent part of the 
winter in Florida as usual and hope when 
Walter retires we can go to Europe for 
an extended stay. Gardening and photog- 
raphy are my -hobbies." From the pictures, 



we all agreed that Marjorie looked "just 
the same". 

What a joy it was to hear from Ida 
Markert. In her letter she wrote; "It 
was mighty thoughtful of you to suggest 
that Dorothy Chase Scott contact me about 
coming to our 40th Reunion. Her sweet 
friendliness over the telephone made me 
want very much to join you all, but un- 
fortunately I am unable to do so because 
of another commitment. Do get in touch 
with me when you come to New York. 
I hope you and your sister had a most 
enjoyable time in Bermuda. I'd love to 
go back again some day. Mce recent 
vacations have taken me to Europe, the 
Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Am 
uncertain as to what can be arranged for 
this year. I'll be retiring this fall from 
the New York Mission Society where 
I've been working for the past six years. 
Please extend my greetings to all the Re- 
unioners. I'll be thinking of you." The 
night '23 "took" caps and gowns, your 
Scribe hid in the closet in Ida's and 
Jessie Waiters' room. Enough said. Car- 
penter has many memories. 

Nance Millspaugh — we couldn't have a 
Reunion without her cheery presence — 
has served thirty-five years as a troop 
leader for the Girl Scouts, and is now a 
Council member. She says she has ac- 
complished "very little" but when you 
think of all the girls who have come 
under her influence and leadership, you 
know it should read "very much" She 
and "Boehmcke" came together. What a 
grand pair they are. 

From Tazewell. Virginia. Betty Mitchell 
Ridout writes: "We have one son, aged 22, 
graduated from Virginia Military Institute. 
Now serving in the Army in Fairbanks, 
Alaska. I still love sports, but do more 
watching than playing these days." 

The busiest person I know is Claire 
Parker Everett. She looks so wonderfully 
well I feel sure that keeping busy is the 
secret. She is secretary of the Board of 
Trustees at the Cape Cod Hospital, trustee 
of the Massachusetts SPCC, Chairman of 
the District Nursing Association, Chair- 
man of the Heart Drive, Chairman of the 
T.B. Drive, interested in church work and 
Vice Chairman of the Cape Cod Red Cross. 

Lucy Fuller Foster writes from South 
Portland, Maine, they have two girls — 
"one married and one still in college. 
Three grandchildren. Interested in church 
work, hospital and garden club." 

Del Smith Steffian came to the Reunion 
and reports her son is "in business with 
his father, and number two boy will join 
the company in the fall." We are proud 
that Del's husband, Ted, was the architect 

for the Priscilla Alden Wolfe Building 
which was dedicated on Reunion Day. 

Louisa Venable Kyle wrote from Lon- 
don Bridge, Virginia; "Love to all the 
class of 1923. Sorry I can't be with you, 
but I shall be attending my husbands 40th 
Reunion at the University of Virginia Law 
School." The Kyles have three daughters 
and eight grandchildren. Although Louisa 
continues to do some free lance writing, 
she also finds the time to do some travel- 
ling (which she admits she loves). She 
has been abroad three times — took a 
trip to Chicago last October where she 
visited Helene Grashorn Dickson '22 and 
Betty Mitchell Ridout. 

Evelyn Shidler Robertson sent word; 
"So sorry I can't be with you for our 
40th, but we have already planned a trip 
north to see our three children and twelve 
grandchildren. We have lived in Florida 
(Sarasota) nearly four years — and love 
it. I have been doing a lot of 'shelling' 
and am building up such a collection we'll 
have to move out of the house soon! 
We did have a wonderful visit with Lovina 
and Ted Steffian two years ago. Love to 

Jessie Watters is one of the most 
talented of our Class. Through the 
"grapevine" I understand she had an art 
exhibit of her own in New Haven. Jessie 
recalled; "I saw Ida for a few hours last 
February. She had come to New Haven 
to preview a show so I drove over to see 
her. My how we talked ! My home and 
my 84-year-old mother keep me busy." 

It is with sadness that we report the 
death of Dorothy Alexander Windatt x-'23, 
on September 21, 1962. Our sympathy 
is extended to Dorothy's husband and to 
her family. 

A questionnaire from Marion Austin 
Hakewessell x-'23, tells of her son, Carl, 
who is a registered architect in Hartford, 
Conn; her son, David, an engineer in the 
Systems Division of Giannini Controls 
Corporation of Duarte, Calif.; and a 
daughter, Marion, who is a physics teacher 
in Norwalk, Conn. Marion also writes; 
"Many trips to California to see our two 
granddaughters, a two-month auto trip 
through Europe in I960 (wish it could 
have been longer, never seem to have 
enough time), and as for hobbies — just 
about everything — including genealogy, 
playing the organ, travel whenever pos- 

Toni and Wilder continue to carry 1923 
to glory at Lasell. No other class can 
boast — "we have one of our members 
who is a trustee and her husband is 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of 
Lasell !" We are, indeed, proud of the 
Chairman and his lady! 



Lucy Kellogg Pels is teaching school in 
North Edgecomb, Maine. As a sideline — 
she runs an antique shop with her husband 
and son. Last summer my sister and I 
visited with Lucy and her husband at their 
shop. If you want to see some beautiful 
things, do stop at The Anchorage in 
North Edgecomb. 

We had looked forward to seeing 
"Pinkie" (Puckett Neill) and having her 
with us, but her duties as secretary for 
her daughter, T.V.'s popular Amanda 
Blake, made it difficult for travel at that 

We understand Norma Prentis Phillips' 
son is married and that her daughter is in 
Framingham. Bonnie Orlady Hougen's 
husband has retired and we heard that 
he had suffered a heart attack, but has 
recovered. Marian Miller Byram is in the 
real estate business in Florida with her 
brother. Marion Norton Ede's (x-'23) hus- 
band has retired and they are living in 
Gary, Indiana, although they spent the 
winter in Laguna, Florida. Eugenia Swift 
Lawrence x-'23, is an active member of the 
Falmouth Garden Club. The Lawrences 
summer in Falmouth and winter at Delray 
Beach, Florida. 

And now we come to your Life Secre- 
tary and Scribe. As you know, since our 
last Reunion, I became Mrs. Mason Hills 
Stone on February 27, I960. I have two 
fine step-sons, two charming daughters- 
in-law (one is Dorothy Acuff Stone '37) 
and four wonderful grandchildren. That 
same year I broke my right wrist and the 
next year, to show no partiality, I broke 
my left wrist. Our home was taken by 
the State for the famous Toll Road and 
then I had a coronary in February, 1962 
and was hospitalized for five weeks. While 
I was recovering, my husband was oper- 
ated on for a routine complaint and 
passed away at the same hospital. I have 
made a fine recovery — but have to slow 
up a bit. We had just been in our new 
home in West Newton less than six 
months when he was taken and it has 
not been easy. My sister lives with me 
now and we went to Bermuda just before 
Reunion. We are seriously considering 
a trip to Japan in the near future. I have 
always travelled widely and done so much 
volunteer work it is hard to "quiet down 
a bit" at times. It was my pleasure to 
serve as President of the Greater Boston 
Lasell Club for two years and am still a 
member of the Board. Once a Lasell girl, 
always a Lasell girl holds true. I am a 
member of the Auburndale Garden Club 
and active in the Newton Community 
Club, the Appalachian Mountain Club, 
the D.A.R. and several smaller clubs. My 

pencil sketching is taking up some of my 
time and we spend a great deal of time at 
our place in Topsham, Maine. "Soufle of 
Smith-stone", my miniature silver poodle, 
asked me to tell you that the latchstring 
will always be out to the members of the 
Class of 1923. 

Well, my dears, this concludes to morn- 
ing broadcast. 40th Reunion was perfect 
from all but one standpoint — we wish 
more could have been with us. Try to 
come back for the 45th. Please remember 
to send any interesting news. As our 
circle grows smaller, let us grow closer 
and continue to "Lift High the Torch". 

. . . DREE 


One of the most enthusiastic visitors to 
Lasell was Helen Earl Potter x-'24, who 
stopped in just before the holidays. Now 
living in Stonington, Connecticut, the Pot- 
ters were visiting in Wellesley before 
making a trip to Florida and the West 

Adele Bigham Nelson writes us: "I am 
now Executive Director of the Corinthian 
Foundation, Inc. in Syracuse, a philan- 
thropic foundation which operates a Sen- 
ior Citizens Day Center. Am also pleased 
to have been listed in the latest edition 
of Who's Who of American Women. On 
top of it all, I am the proud grandmother 
of 5." 

Dorothy Barnard is the Assistant Die- 
titian at Radcliffe College and enjoys it 
tremendously. Dorothy spent a few days 
in Maine, last summer, visiting with Fran 
Bliss Crosby at Blue Hill and with 
Theresa Thompson Osborne '22 at Belfast. 

From Elizabeth Hanna Anderson we hear: 
"Seven grandchildren — scattered — 
2 English Setters and a busy husband at 
home help to keep me busy — plus the 
usual Red Cross work." 

"All best wishes to 1924", come from 
Hazel Small Eldredge in Sandwich, Mass. 
She adds: "We keep busy remodeling our 
home, which was being lived in in 1690. 
It is the historical house mentioned in 
Jack Frost's Cape Cod Sketch Book as 
'The House of the Seven Kitchens'. My 
husband and I have a small summer an- 
tique shop in one of these delightful 

Margaret Lonval Epps is "looking for- 
ward to June Reunion — not the year — 
but seeing dear, old classmates." 




Mrs. Jean-Pierre Flatt 
(Ann Holmes) 

Lausanne, Switzerland will be the home 
of Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Flatt, who 
were married, Saturday, December 21, 
1963, at the Auburndale Congregational 
Church. The bride, the former Ann Eliza- 
beth Holmes, is the daughter of Dr. and 
Mrs. Edgar M. Holmes (Martha Fish). 
Ann was graduated from Hood College 
and received her master's degree from Tufts 
University. Her husband received his doc- 
tor's degree from Lausanne University and 
was also graduated from Harvard Medical 

A February News Release from Chatham 
College brings word of Helene "Patty" 
Berkson: Mrs. Patty Grossman, consul- 
tant in music education at Chatham Col- 
lege, is the author of the recently pub- 
lished "The Recorder Music Reader." The 
first workbook ever published for the re- 
corder, it is intended as an introduction 
to music reading for the young beginner 
and is published by Anfor Music Pub- 
lishing, New York. Her previous book, 
"The Recorder Fingering Book," was pub- 
lished in 1957. 

Educated at the Juilliard School of 
Music, the University of Wisconsin, and 

Lasell Junior College, Mrs. Grossman be- 
gan her teaching career at David Dus- 
kin's Music School in Winnetka, Illinois. 
She is a member of the music faculty of 
the Chatham College Laboratory School 
for children and director of the elementary 
division of the Chatham Music Day Camp. 
She was the originator of the Recorder 
Workshop and is a faculty member of the 
Idyllwild Arts Foundation at the Univer- 
sity of California and was one of three 
on the staff of the first American Re- 
corder Society Workshop held in 1961 at 
the National Music Camp in Interlochen, 

Patty's address in Pittsburgh is Apt. #5, 
1 Bayard Road. 

Helen Black Sprague returned recently 
from a visit with her daughter, Sally, 
who now lives in Miami. She had an 
enjoyable time, especially with her two 
grandchildren, ages 7 and 4. Helen's son, 
Rockwell, is now at Law School. The 
Spragues enjoy living in Connecticut — 
"but we do miss Boston!" 

From Emma Smith Quereau x-'25; "Mr. 
Q. is associated with the National Bureau 
of Standards. We have two daughters at- 
tending Colorado University; Nancy in the 
College of Nursing; Sally majoring in 
Corrective Sociology. I'm relieving the 
R.N. shortage in the Premature Nursery." 

Claire Stritzinger Daller x-'25 writes 
that she spent a month with her daughter 
and her family in San Mateo, Calif, last 
summer. Claire's son was graduated from 
the U. of Pennsylvania Law School last 
June and is now serving in the Army at 
Fort Dix, New Jersey. 

Mary Saunders Houston x-'25 reports 
to us: "My mother, Caroline S. Saunders, 
who was Director of Home Economics 
at Lasell for 13 years, has just been visit- 
ing me — and at the age of 88 she is 
just as pretty and alert as ever. She 
lives with her sister on the coast of Maine 
and enjoys life to the full!" 

Barbara Cushing Jenkins: "Do wish 
you '25ers would drop me a line. We 
would like to know what you are all do- 
ing! I keep busy — 5 grandchildren!" 

A new address for Christine Chamberlin 
Kenney is 2148 Mandeville Canyon Road, 
Los Angeles 49, Calif. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Ruth Mayes Longmire and to Marion 
Kirby Ogilvie x-'2 5. Ruth's husband passed 
away on January 13, 1964 at the Veterans 
Hospital, Oteen, North Carolina. Mr. 
Ogilvie died on January 23, 1964, and, in 
addition to his wife, he is survived by a 
son, Donald W. Jr., and a daughter, Mrs. 
Glenn Simm, Jr., of Concord, Mass. 




Gertrude Moeller Baum's "most inter- 
esting Lasell news is to report a delight- 
ful luncheon with Evelyn Suor Butter- 
worth '27 last June. Our husbands were 
attending the American Medical Society 
Convention in Atlantic City. It was the 
first time Evelyn and I had seen each 
other since our college days — just a 
wonderful reunion!" 

Helen Duncan Devereux and Roy are 
now "enjoying an abbreviated visit to 
Tapan. The year has been an especially 
hectic one — we are really looking for- 
ward to getting away from it all — though 

Muriel McLauthlin x-'26 is a seasoned 
traveler. Last year's vacation was a 22,000- 
mile Jet trip to Manila, Bangkok, Singa- 
pore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Honolulu. 
She adds: "This was a most wonderful 

From "Andy" (Margaret) Anderson 
Gage: "My husband has been granted a 
second sabbatical leave from Sacramento 
State College. In February we fly to the 
Bahamas, Trinidad and the Islands. Con- 
tinue on to Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece. 
Turkey, and plan to spend two months on 
the Continent." 

Luanna Eyler Crane x-'26 has recently 
moved to Florida. "While the new house 
is under construction, I am living in a 
villa on the ocean. My new address will 
be 1560 Sabal Palm Drive, Boca Raton." 

"Here we are all well and happy — 
with three much-enjoyed grandchildren", 
is the latest word from Mary Freeman 
Wisdom in New Orleans. 


Dear Girls: 

So many thanks for the lovely Christmas 

Lucy Field Wildman had a bout at the 
Mayo Clinic in September, but was A.O.K. 
at the holidays. She and Irv spent Thanks- 
giving with eldest son and family; son Jerry 
is serving with the Peace Corps in the 

Minerva Damon Ludewig spent the month 
of December with her sisters in Florida. 
The vacation of sunning, fishing and sailing 
was extended another month — and now 
she has returned to San Francisco. 

Please do send news and pictures for the 
summer issue. 

. . . R.B.R. 

Margaret Elms Rolfe's daughter, Diane, 
is a member of Lasell's Class of 1965. 
Rosanna McConnell Wallis writes: 

"Didn't realize when I took the business 
course at Lasell that I would be using it 
today. Have been helping my husband in 
his office as he has been short handed this 
winter. Enjoyed a delightful pre-Christmas 
telephone visit with Lucy Field Wildman." 
"No special news this year," says Mar- 
jorie Maxfie'.d Smith. "Plan to visit Maine 
(home) in '64 and see some of the New 
York World's Fair too." 


On Saturday, January 25, 1964, Anne 
McLean, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph 
A. McLean (Carolyn Hopkins) became the 
bride of Mr. Glenn Bert Dorr, Jr. The 
Rev. J. Alan McLean, brother of the 
bride, performed the ceremony; brothers 
Marshall and Robert served as ushers. 
Anne was graduated from Concord Acad- 
emy, Briarcliff College and the University 
of North Carolina. 

From Barbara Lawson: "In August I 
was a victim of the retrenchment program 
of the Curtis Publishing Company (The 
Ladies Home Journal). A month later I 
started working for the Methodist Board 
of Missions, Woman's Division — at 
Interchurch Center." 

Margaret Newman is looking forward 
to a winter vacation with her brother and 
his family in Ormond Beach, Florida. 


Julia Clausen Bowman admits: "Can't 
be sure I'll be at Lasell in June — but 
I'm working on it — Oregon to Massachu- 
setts is a long trek !" 

"I am back on the old front," writes 
Mary Barton Libby. "Very much enjoying 
my work as a school secretary. Dee is a 
high school junior, and my son is working 
in town before taking his final year at the 
Rhode Island School of Design. We are 
all together — and it's lovely!" 

This enthusiastic word from Emily 
Crump Ramstetter: "The new Lasell pub- 
lication is a real thrill to receive ! Looking 
forward to June 1964 — seeing you ■ — 
and the many improvements on the 

Harriet Holt Buker is director of 
choral music at San Diego's Hoover High 
School; and is also minister of music for 
the Ocean Beach Baptist Church. 

It was a long summer for Ruth 
Rowbotham Strickland, whose daughter 
was hospitalized, due to an accident, for a 
period of time. Ruth's constant compan- 
ion was her year-old granddaughter. 

The new address for Ellen Zacharias 
Cullen: Meadowbrook Lane, Harwich Port, 




Doris Meeker Pearce writes that her' 
daughter, Marilyn Pearce Schreiber '57, 
has a son, born January 19, 1963- 

From Helen Morgan Riederer: "Our 
oldest daughter, Betsy, has two children 
and lives in Midland, Michigan. Our 
second, Amber, is Assistant Dean of 
Women at Cortland College of New York 
State University and our Kitsy is in the 
sixth grade — keeps us busy!" 


R. Howard Bartley, son of Ruth Ga- 
lusha Bartley, is now working on a doc- 
torate degree at Stanford University. He 
received his master's degree at Middlebury 
College following a year of graduate 
study at the University of Madrid. In 
early September Howard married Dianna 
Rivera, Middlebury M.A. '63- 

Betty Condit Kessel writes that her 
older daughter, Barbara, was graduated 
from Chatham College in Pittsburgh last 
June and now is attending graduate school 
at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan- 
sas — as does her fiance. Betty's younger 
daughter, Harriet Ann, is a freshman at 
Wheaton College. 

From Ruth Rohe Smith: "We enjoyed a 
visit with Karin's parents in Ellsworth, 
Maine. The Eliassons were wonderful and 
we truly felt it was the high spot of our 
New England vacation." 


Elizabeth Page Sealey writes: "My son, 
Neil, is now stationed at New London on 
the submarine IREX. Mary is a fresh- 
man at Smith College, and Debbie is a 
sophomore at the Skowhegan High School." 
Libby is looking forward to a visit in 
New Jersey with Agnes Metcalf Connon, 
who spent the holidays in Florida. While 
in Fort Lauderdale, Agnes called on Mr. 
and Mrs. George Whitney and reports 
that young Ethelyn is so very like "Babe." 

Barbara Merritt Batten is "jack of all 
trades at the office of the local (Highland, 
N.Y.) newspaper — and loves it!" 

Minerva Pritchard Barratt reports on 
her family. "Our daughter, Betsy, was 
graduated from St. Lawrence University 
in June. She received a B.S. degree in 
Mathematics and is presently employed 
with General Electric. Our son and family 
are now living in Oklahoma City — he 
too is a G.E. employee. Joe and I shall 
visit with them en route to the West 

Helane Jones Pressel, 1932's traveler, has 
recently returned from a trip to Guatemala 
and Mexico. "The countries are fascinat- 
ing. Guatemala is most primitive — visit- 
ed one area in which I was the fifth 
white woman the Indians had ever seen." 


Virginia Ogden Hayes is "busy as a bee 

— keeping my home, working in the office 

— nuff said !" 

From Mary Shiveley McNeill: "So sorry 
I was unable to attend Reunion last June. 
My three keep me busy — Jean is a stu- 
dent at DePauw University; James, a junior 
in high school; and Tom, a big sixth- 
grader. Do hope to make Boston one of 
these days !" 

Mae Borkum Finkel sends word that her 
daughter, Diane, was married to Donald 
E. Paulson on September 8, 1963. 

The Class extends sympathy to Charlotte 
Ockert, whose father passed away recently; 
and to Betty Hayford Stewart, whose hus- 
band, Malcolm, died suddenly on Sep- 
tember 25, 1963. 


From Bettina Potter Janse: "We have a 
lovely granddaughter, born October 6th — 
Cheryl Janse." 

Jane Jensen Bailey writes that her daugh- 
ter Polly Birkenstock of Chapel Hill, N.C. 
has a new daughter, Lisa Ann, born on 
September 23, 1963. 

Helen Gibbs Studley: "Just busy, busy, 
busy! It must be healthy, though — feel 
fine. Hope everyone else does the same." 

The Class extends sympathy to Dorothy 
Secord Garon, whose mother passed away 
early in January 1964. 

The Percivals and Pepsi 
(Celia Kinsley '34) 



Adelaide Shaffer Campbell x-'36 


Sally Swanson Dahlberg writes: "Lasell 
is really making news! Congratulations 
on the wonderful plans !" 

Harriet Colwell Reeves is most excited 
— the twins will arrive in Auburndale to 
join the Class of 1966. "Hank" admits "it 
is wonderful to be back home in Ohio, 
after an absence of fifteen years. Betty 
Allenbaugh Weller and I had a grand 
luncheon celebration in Cleveland." 

"Puffy" Selby Guerry forwarded a new 
address for daughter Linda (Guerry Dot- 
son x-'62) — 38 Massaco Street, Simsbury, 
Conn. — and tells us that Ginny Fletcher 
'62 was a member of Linda's wedding 
party. Puffy and Anne O'Brien Ryan had 
a day-long gab-fest prior to the holidays. 


Adelaide Shaffer Campbell x-'36 recently 
received the Hackensack and Central 
Bergen (N.J.) Board of Realtors Com- 
munity Service Award for 1963, and has 
been named Realtor of the Year. 

Adelaide has been associated with Louis 
W. Shaffer Inc. for the last 17 years and 
is presently vice-president and sales man- 
ager. The firm was founded by her grand- 

father in 1882 and has been in continuous 
operation since. She was the first woman 
president of the board in 1959 and has 
also served as vice-president and treasurer. 
Currently she is chairman of the constitu- 
tion and by-laws committee. 

Mrs. Campbell has served on the board 
of directors of the State Real Estate Board; 
the speakers committee; and has worked 
on sales clinics and educational con- 
ferences. As a member of the Broker's 
Institute and the Women's Council, she 
has spoken at State conventions, sales 
clinics and at boards throughout the state 
of New Jersey. 

Adelaide's major interests in community 
service are the Hackensack Woman's Club, 
the Community Chest, the American Red 
Cross, the Presbyterian Church of Hacken- 
sack, and Little Theater. 

Europa Harris Shelburne x-'36 is now 
living in Rumford, R.I. She has four 
children, Judith a sophomore at R.I. 
School of Design; Phil Jr. a freshman 
at U. of Rhode Island; Loretta, a junior 
in high school and Benjamin, a second- 

From Jeanne Siff Tapper: "Our son, 
Edward, a senior at Hobart College, will 
enter Medical School in September 1964. 
Daughter Dorothy is a sophomore at the 
Eliot Pearson School of Tufts University, 
and Barbara is a high school sophomore. 
One day soon, I hope to visit Lasell." 

Marge Bassett MacMillan's Christmas 
letter brings news of her family: "Jeannie 
was graduated from high school in June, 
worked at the nearby Bamberger's branch 
store during the summer and in Septem- 
ber entered the School of Nursing at 
the Massachusetts General Hospital. Betsy 
(MacMillan '62) is now co-ordinator of 
three Golden Dolphin Bath Shops, recently 
opened by Bamberger's in their Paramus, 
Menlo Park and Monmouth branches. Her 
David will graduate in June from Mich- 
igan State, and they are planning a sum- 
mer wedding. Scott enjoyed Scout and 
Church summer camps; John was a caddy 
at the local country club; Nancy attended 
summer music school. The MacMillans — 
with the exception of Betsy and Jeannie ■ — 
enjoyed two weeks of camping at the 

Ginny Hausler Heath and husband are 
looking forward to an Arizona vacation 
with "warm sunshine in Phoenix — there 
has been so little of it here in the North- 
west this winter." 

Esso Sosman forwards a few quotes from 
Dorothy Paine Chaucer's recent letter: "We 
have been living in Glastonbury for a year. 
Norton is Director of Health for Hartford 
and West Hartford. After seven years in 



Fairfield, I found the adjustment a bit diffi- 
cult — but not so the boys. In the aftenoons 
and on weekends, 33 Farmcliff Drive is a 
veritable Boys Town. 

"Our three sons are 13, 16, and 19, so 
we're still fooling around with chemistry sets, 
model cars, rock collections, coins, stamps, 
modern cars and girls! Youngest son goes 
to dancing school, takes accordion lessons 
and belongs to the local rifle club. Mid- 
dle boy is a fine student, interested in sports, 
animals — and just about everything. The 
# 1 boy is concentrating on studies — for 
this is his final year of high school. 

"Summer activity for the entire family is 
mainly boating. We are all sailors — just 
love it. Our most successful — and longest 
— cruise this past summer was from Essex 
on the Connecticut River to Onset on Buz- 
zards Bay." 


Mr. Arthur Austin, prominent Orleans 
(Vt.) resident and businessman, died sud- 
denly on January 30, 1964 at the age of 83. 
Mr. Austin, brother of the late Mrs. Guy 
M. Winslow and the late Mrs. E. j. 
Winslow, is survived by his wife, a daugh- 
ter (Frances Austin Ferris), five sons and 
18 grandchildren. 

Virginia Wright Church writes: "We 
moved to Richmond, Virginia — the 
capital of the South, last April. Robert 
is station manager for Eastern Airlines at 
Byrd Airport. What a change of pace — 
slow and relaxed but it's 'right nice' - — ■ 
country and folks are real friendly". 

Emily Saxton Braman reports that she is 
actively engaged in church and garden club 
work. One daughter is a junior at Queens 
College, N.C., the other, a freshman at 
Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. Her 
son is in the 3rd form at Hopkins Gram- 
mar School in New Haven. 

Elizabeth Tracy McCampbell and daugh- 
ter Kaye made a flying visit by Lasell 
last year. Elizabeth says she couldn't be- 
lieve the changes — "Twenty-six years is 
a long time !" 

We had a long Christmas letter from 
Anne Campbell Terrell, x-'37, parts of 
which we share with the Class. "David, 
'tall man' of the family, has experienced 
several adjustments and adventures during 
'63. Following a brimful senior year in 
high school, he embarked on his first 
summer job. In September he enrolled at 
Maryville College, located in the scenic 
Smokies, near Maryville, Tenn. He was 
soon burning the midnight oil, and though 
he is working harder than ever, we're 
sure that he is finding it all worthwhile. 
Jim E., our other college student, re- 

Nanette Feuling 
(Nan Fishering '38) 

turned to Maryland, close enough to home 
that we can catch up (on weekends) with 
him as to news, laundry and dates with 
his girl friend. As State President of the 
C.A.R., Jim E. is active in many Maryland 
and District meetings. He hopes to get a 
degree in Business Administration before 
the draft board taps him. 

"Jim Sr., overly busy with a demanding 
schedule of work and travel as Deputy 
Chief of the Division of Radiological 
Health of USPHS, just returned from a 
trip to Geneva for a W. H. O. conference. 
Combining business and pleasure last 
spring, we visited many friends in South 
Carolina, Georgia and Florida. There was 
a whirlwind trip to New York in the fall — 
lunch at the Waldorf, dinner at the famous 
Lambs Club, a performance of the Mos- 
cow Circus — all in one day!" 

Anne has concentrated on new and old 
hobbies — in addition to the usual church 
and club work. As a member of the 
PHS decorating committee for the No- 
vember style show, she helped with 100 
Indian masks, miniature Indian teepees and 
over 200 feet of western scenery. Last 
summer she placed second in the Ladies 
Tournament at Norbeck Country Club 



The Bird boys (Mother: Jean Allen '38 
(Grandmother: the late Dorothy Stew- 
art '17) 


Martha Romaine Jones and Peg Jones 
Howry had a get-together after their 25 th 
reunion last year. 

Jean Allen Bird writes: "With two (out 
of five) sons in college, I should feel 
older than I do — but my life is so busy 
with church and school activities, the care 
of an 'overworking' husband and the raising 
of husbands for future Lasell girls!" 


LCDR Laura Cobb x-'39 is now sta- 
tioned at Headquarters, Sixth Naval Dis- 
trict, Charleston, S. C. Laura is the first 
WAVE officer to have been assigned to 
a District Communications Officer. 

Marian Traxler Crum and daughter Les- 
lie have recently returned from two "won- 
derful months in Europe. We went via 
ship both ways — through the Panama 
Canal, with stops at nine ports of call in 
the Caribbean." 

Jeanne Daniels Wheeler is looking for- 
ward to June — Reunion — and "many 
old friends." 

From Donna Lillie Wood x-'39: "Ex- 
pect to keep in contact with Lasell for 
many years ahead. My three daughters 
are Penny, 13; Candy, 7; and Tracy, 3." 

Recently appointed Chairman of the 
Women's Committee of the Waterbu r y 
(Conn.) Chapter, American Institute of 
Banking is Louise Johnson. 


Helen Bogert Home "retired" in May, 
1963 after 23 years as a Medical Secre- 
tary. She is now staying at home — "and 
enjoying every minute!" 

Barbara Schilf Fournier and her husband, 
Donald, are the owners of the Bethway 
Kennels and Stables in Bethany, Connect- 
icut, where they breed and board Nor- 
wich Terriers. 

New Addresses: Betty Allyn Beecher: 
Whitman Road, Groton, Massachusetts. 

Mary Mauroyenis Bosley (Mrs. Edward 
R.) : 200 Claremont Lane, Palm Beach 
Shores, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404. 

Patricia Taylor Henderson (Mrs. Arthur 
T. ) : 15 Garrison Road, Falmouth, Massa- 

Edith Heyman Etter (Mrs. John) x-'40: 
23 Longfellow Road, Cambridge, Massa- 


Enclosed with Ginny Black DeLong's 
recent letter to Miss "Mac" McClelland 
was an article from the January issue of 
SKIING NEWS magazine. "Cranmore's 
Silver Anniversary" reports the 25th cele- 
bration of the unique Skimobile at the 
well-known White Mountain resort. The 
story of Cranmore is the story of the late 
Hannes Schneider, who stepped off the 
train at North Conway February 11, 1939. 

Pam and Winkie Gillett 
(Cora Pratt '39) 



"As I remember," writes Ginny, "we 
Lasell gals joined in welcoming him and 
his family — we all stood with skis held 
high in an arch. I am sure the girl in 
the center of the picture, which accompa- 
nies the article, is none other than Nancy 
Bailey Black '40. How skiing resorts have 
progressed since those days, but certainly 
Hannes Schneider is truly the father of 
the sport in this country. Unfortunately, 
I do not ski well, but my daughter is 
taking instruction — it is an extra activity 
sport offered in the northern New York 

"Do miss the Buffalo Club meetings — 
they are always such fun. It is good to 
see Annabeth Williams Bergen '34. F an 
Day Meyers '34, Julia Tiffany Brand '29, 
her sister, Dorothy Tiffany Cochrane x-'29 
— and not forgetting Lillian Doane Mad- 
digan '21, always so lovely. Occasionally 
I meet Fran in the supermarket and we 
talk of Brookline and Lasell. 

"Dick is a Chemistry instructor at a 
local technical college; I keep busy with 
Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and the PTA. 
Our daughter will soon be twelve; Dick, 
Jr. is nine — a fourth grader. Very 
best wishes to all." 

Marie MacGregor Woodward writes: 
"We have built a lovely new home in 
Keene, New Hampshire. My daughter, 
Joan, is now working; Ken, a senior in 
High School; and Pam, a first grader." 

Ann Louise Buckle Fischer's daughter, 
Barbara, is a member of the Class of 1964 
at Lasell. 


Allan, Bruce and Barbara Carlson 
(Dorothy Brewer '41) 

Rick, Judy, and Sue Whelpley 
(llene Derick '41) 

From Ruth Mattson Swanberg: "Daugh- 
ter Linda graduated from Abbot Academy 
and is at Bennett College. Son Chuck 
attends The Taft School, and son Peter is 
in the fourth grade." 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan reports that 
her daughter Elizabeth Anne is in the 
ninth grade and son Allen is in the fourth 
grade. The Ryans keep busy with many 
Muncie civic activities. 

"I have just started the eleventh year 
of my own Kindergarten and Nursery 
School," writes Marion Thomas Ashenden 
x-'4l. "I am also attending Extension 
Classes at Bridgewater State Teachers 
College for my B.S. in Education." 

Jane Gallup Devine enjoyed a cruise on 
the S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam last April. 
Ports of call included Jamaica, Curasao, 
Martinique, St. Thomas, and Bermuda. 

Dorothy Brewer Carlson and family had 
an excellent trip last summer with stops 
at Massena and Niagara Falls, New York. 
They then continued on to Duluth and 
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

A Christmas card from Norma Forsberg 
Burman included the following message: 
"We feel very much at home in Solon, 
Ohio, now and would hate to leave 
though we still enjoy visiting family and 
friends back East. Warren and Curt are 
involved in Boy Scouts and Cindy and I 
are beginning our work in Girl Scouts. 
Homework keeps the children busy — and 
Mother too! Curt is now 12 and Cindy, 9." 


The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Mary Powers McCabe. Mary's sixteen-year- 
old son, Mark, was accidentally drowned 
on December 30, 1963. 

From Marjorie Allyn Merrill: "Our 
family of four (two boys, ages 10 and 12) 



continue to enjoy life in Dallas. I recently 
visited with my sister, Betty Allyn Beecher 
'40, who is soon to move to Groton, 

Ruth Bowland Eckhoff writes: "We have 
been in New Hampshire for eleven years 
operating a coffee shop and cabins on a 
lovely little lake in a small, friendly town. 
I have four children, two girls and two 
boys, and one small granddaughter. Our 
business is seasonal, and soon all the skiers 
will be heading our way. It is amazing 
how many Lasellites just happen to drop 
in. I am President of our local Woman's 
Club and enjoy it very much. Occasionally 
see A. Katheryn Royce '27 at all the con- 
ventions and conferences — she is a real 

The present address for Beverly Lawe 
Hiller x-'42 is 162 Cleveland Avenue, 
Staten Island, New York. 


Barbara Shaufele McBride: "I'm work- 
ing at WGBH-TV (channel 2), the Eastern 
Educational Network. I'm also continuing 
my education (after all these years!) nights, 
at State College in Boston." 

Present addresses: 

Janet Reid Sherwin: 1280 W. Cobble- 
stone Road, La Habra, Calif. 

Charlotte Aldous Shaw x-'43: 57 North 
Street, Marcellus, New York. 


From Harriet Sears Sheaff: "I have five 
children; Carolyn 16, Kenneth 14, Beverly 
12, Linda 7, and Sandra 2. My twin sister, 
Alice Sears Laycock, lives in Wollaston 
also and has five children; Susan 15, 
Robert 14, Nancy 11, Barbara 8, and Ellen 

Jean Campbell writes: "Received my 
M.Ed, from the University of Hartford 
last June and have moved back to Fair- 
haven, Mass., where I'm living with my 
mother. Am still working temporarily for 
the Girl Scouts as a District Advisor for 
Cape Cod and the Islands. As of October 
15th, I will be Director of Field Services 
for the Plymouth Bay Council of Girl 

Marcia Elion Agrin x-'44, mother of 
three children, sends a new address: 3916 
Beechwood Drive N.W., Atlanta, Georgia. 

Other addresses are: 

Anne Calder Dick: 4 North Pine Street, 
Salem, Massachusetts. 

Patricia Connolly Dance: 311 West- 
moreland Drive, Alexandria, Virginia. 

Janet Dean Hannula, 260 South Street, 
Medfield, Massachusetts. 


Virginia Rolfe Guy is now back "north" 
at 11 Kirkland Drive, Andover, Massa- 
chusetts. She hopes to attend the Greater 
Boston Alumnae meetings. 

Carol Hauber Mitchell writes that she 
and her husband, Mitch, spent an evening 
with Sue Slocum Klingbeil and her hus- 
band, Bill, while the Mitchells were in 
Detroit attending a convention. 

Marilyn Lucey Richardson reports that 
her daughters, Connie and Suzanne, are 
attending Rosemary Hall, Greenwich, Con- 

To Miss "Mac" McClelland, Betty Jane 
Prout Culley x-'45 writes: "The first of 
tribe Culley is off to college next fall. 
Susan is interested in a four-year school, 
but #2 daughter has eyes on Lasell for 
September '65. We had another little girl 
in September — the count is now 6 girls, 
1 boy." 

And Mary Hammill x-'45 brings us up- 
to-date: "After a year at Lasell, I attended 
the Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Ca- 
reers in New York City. Served as 
Fashion Co-ordinator for the Albert Wood- 
ley Company, an advertising agency, until 
1959 when I returned to Massena (N.Y.) 
to be with my mother. I worked in the 
advertising department at The Massena 
Observer — sold advertising (display), 
wrote copy, made layouts and worked on 
special promotions. In December 1963 I 
became Mrs. James M. Meagher, Jr. and 
have recently moved to Lake Oswego, 
Oregon (477 Sixth Street)." 


From Deborah Newton Warren: "Bob- 
by, our oldest boy — IOV2. is now an 
accomplished swimmer and sailor and 
races every weekend during the summer. 
Ricky is 7, Philip, 6, and Stuart 2l/ 2 . We 
are active in Little League — Father 
being umpire in chief!! Lots of fun — 
but wonder if I can live through ten more 
years of ball games!" 

"We moved to Richmond in September," 
writes Louise Pool Langley, "and I wish to 
report that the myth of Southern Hos- 
pitality is a fact. This is a wonderful 
town and we are all happy here." 

Norma Jane O'Shea Delaney reports a 
pleasant summer enjoying a new sailboat 
— the fall was taken up with the re- 
modeling of their home. 


Phyllis Sykes Brown now has three fu- 
ture Lasellites, Deborah, Pamela, and Sue 
Anne — candidates for the Classes of 
1976, 1977, and J979. 



Olga Voss Harrigan writes: "My hus- 
band is now Assistant Vice President of 
Mechanics National Bank in Worcester, 
Mass. We are delighted with our new 
home in Holden. Our daughter, Kathy, 
is in the first grade." 

From Frances Lake Gray: "It was really 
great to visit with Joanna (Jodie) Lamb 
Lewis recently. She and her family are 
now living in Brewster, Mass. We saw 
Jean Sharron Strong and her family last 

Priscilla Stone Hird and Lasell room- 
mate, Mary Ida Hanson Olsen spend many 
hours remembering the good times at 
Lasell and reading the LEAVES, trying to 
connect names and faces! 

Mary Kay Murray Sutton has three 
children: two boys and one girl. 

From Marion Taylor Sanderson: "We 
have been living in Houston since De- 
cember '62. Alan is in charge of the 
Weather Bureau Office attached to NASA 
Manned Spacecraft Center. Very much en- 
joy Texas, especially the mild winters." 

Joyce Hayes Whitman x-'4l writes that 
her husband, Whit, is more than busy 
working on the LEM (lunar capsule land- 
ing on the moon). "It's very exciting 
being involved in the project." Joyce has 
two children, Alan 6, and Sue 3. 


STANDING STUDENT." These were the 
words submitted by Dorothy Piranian 
Ryan and announced by Mim Day Butcher 
at our June, 1963 reunion. The gift in 
memory of Angela Mainini Anastasi from 
contributing members of the Class of '48 
is a Thermofax overhead projector. On be- 
half of the College, Dr. Tewksbury has ex- 
pressed sincere appreciation to all who con- 
tributed to the Angela Mainini Anastasi 
Memorial Fund. 

Thirty-seven '48'ers gathered together for 
the 15th Reunion on campus. It could not 
have been a nicer day or a nicer time for 
all. The following statistics have been 
compiled so far as we have been informed 
(they do not include x-'48 information as 
it is not complete) : 

Married: 188. Babies: 373 (167 girls, 
196 boys, 10 unknown as to whether boy 
or girl). 

As far as we know. Three members of 

The Trevisans 
(Nancy O'Rourke '48) 

the Class have SIX children: Nancy 
O'Rourke Trevisan, 4 girls, 2 boys; Laurie 
Pierce McGrail, 2 girls, 4 boys; Gloria 
Wurth Harrison, 4 girls, 2 boys. 

Again, as far as we know, SEVEN 
members of the Class have FIVE children: 
Sylvia Dike Canty, Dorothy JoAnn Han- 
son Long, Pat Mangan Price, Alice 
Johnson Thornton, Natalie Hall Olson, 
x-'48, Marilyn Newitt Jones and Shirley 
Bonnell Doe. 

To our knowledge, TWO members of 
the Class have TWINS ! 

Alice Johnson Thornton (girls) and May- 
anne Murray Lynch (boys). 

We found that the '48'ers were and are 
so "active", we thought you might like 
to know some of the many (and various) 
interests; "Sewing, ceramics, tray painting, 
coin collecting, interior decoration, den 
mother, brownie leader, Girl Scouts, fur- 
niture refinishing, flower arranging, jazz 
and classical music, Sunday school, knitting, 
creative writing, accordion playing, doll 
collecting, choir singing, escaping to a 
beautiful island in Maine for the summer, 
paying for the car, taking movies, travell- 
ing, unpacking and getting settled, oc- 
casionally running to New York for din- 
ner and a show with my husband, Little 
League, collecting first day covers, taking 
care of our swimming pool, gardening, 
skiing and ice skating, playing bridge after 
a round of golf, fishing, boating — 
Northern New Jersey Power Squadron, 
swimming instructor, camping — "my 
husband is trying to make me the out- 
door type", mountain climbing, tennis, 
bowling, reading, hikes in the woods with 
the children, managing editor of SKAT- 
ING magazine, keeping ahead of the dia- 
pers, chief accountant at a hospital, 
"usual wife and mother stuff", part-time 
salesgirl, working on Fund Drives, chil- 
dren!, Occupational Therapist, harried 
housewife, secretary to two judges (in 
Reno), new baby, Physical Education in- 
structor, "the woman behind one of the 



Adults, Women's Republican Club, chil- 
dren's services of Conn., Las Madres Club, 
Heart Fund and Cancer charities, Arts 
and Crafts Society, Eastern Ski Writers 
Association, Great Books Club, Republi- 
can Town Committee, and volunteer with 
International Students Inc." 

LOST '48-ers: (If you know present 
addresses, please forward to The Alumnae 
Office) Betty Ahner Fields, Ann Cummings 
Clark, Eleanor Cowley, Joan Fiermonte 
Williams, Pat Ford Furst, Beth Spicer, 
Estelle Hollingsworth, Bianca Mahfood 
Courey, Betty Nourse Ruggles. 

. . . B. G. 

Additional News: Jane Anderson Calhoun 
writes that she and George are "just very 
happy to be together again, after being 
apart last year while George was in Viet- 

Ann Truex Dickinson writes from Illi- 
nois: "This is a beautiful spot! We built 
our home overlooking Fox River, — true 
country living — and we just love it. 
Tom is now 12, Deb, 10, and Nan, 8." 

"I was an 'Experiment in International 
Living' Leader to Greece and Italy this 
past summer", reports Paula Drake. "We 
lived with Greek families in the Athens 
area, sharing activities with them such as 
swimming, sailing, sightseeing — learning 

Paula Drake '48 (left) 
Athens — Summer '63 

Officers of the Elks Order 1902, teaching 
kindergarten, politics, taxi service for the 
kids, florist, Red Cross driver, flying 
TWA, fashion show model, lib'ary work, 
volunteer at San Ramon, California cham- 
ber of commerce, Junior Red Cross Chair- 
man, Home Economics instructor, "at 
home", free lance writer, Private Secre- 
tary, Design Draftsman, real estate broker, 
secretary to local Home and School As- 
sociation, substitute elementary teacher, 
Kelly Girl, Teacher's Aid, 4th grade, hos- 
pital volunteer, secretary in a bank Credit 
Department, Waldensian Aid Society, 
American Association of University Wom- 
en, Youth Recreational Council of Doyles- 
town, Lasell Club, White Mountain In- 
dustrial Council, YWCA committee mem- 
ber, C.P.A. auxiliary, Institute of Con- 
temporary Art, Westport Young Woman's 
League, church — Fireside Club, Jaycees 
Wives, garden club, sorority work. Uni- 
versity of Connecticut Extension Club, 
Friends of the New England Home for 
Little Wanderers, couples club, League 
of Women Voters, Children's Theater, Red 
Cross Blood Bank, D.A.R.. PTA, Connecti- 
cut Society for Crippled Children and 

Lenda and Susan Walsh 
(Barbara Noyes '48) 



their language and enjoying their food. 
I am President of the Maine Association 
of Health, Physical Education and Recre- 
ation this year, representing Maine (along 
with two others) at a National Institute 
on Girls Sports, in Oklahoma, with special 
emphasis on Olympic Developmental Work 
in Track, Field and Gymnastics. Also, I 
continue as Physical Education Director 
for Girls at Cape Elizabeth High School." 

Ellen Grover MacVeigh accompanied 
her husband on a July business trip to 
Paris. "After business, came the pleasure 
of vacation time. "We rented a car ■ — 
drove through France, Germany and Swit- 
zerland, made a flying trip to Italy and 
also enjoyed a short stop-over in London." 

From Nancy Ramsay Alvey: "The year 
has been a truly fine one for our family. 
Ray has been appointed executive vice- 
president of his company; we all enjoyed 
a summer's vacation in New York State; 
our four are busy at school." 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll's new son was 
born on July 10, 1962. 

Phoenix, Arizona is now "home" for 
Barbara Noyes Walsh and daughters, Susan 
and Linda. Barbara is a service repre- 
sentative with the Mountain States Tele- 
phone Company. 

Alan Edward Havens 

(Mother: Florence Keeney '48) 

(Grandmother: Maude Hayden '16) 

The Richard J. Coles 
(Rosada Marston '48) 


Miss Evelyn Potts kindly shares the an- 
nual Christmas message from "all the 
Wheatons" (Dode Molan) : "We are now 9 
(7 + 2), ten pounds of Paul having been 
added to the crew last May. Cheryl is in 
5th grade, which makes her practically a 
teen-ager, and still the assistant mother. 
David and John are almost twins; doing 
excellently in school, good athletes, and 
student council (John). Jim loves school 
and people and mechanical things, and is 
calming down. Susan is just plain scrump- 
tious, and should be preserved in a bottle. 
Elizabeth is very cute and very independent 
and very imaginative and very bad; we 
regularly threaten to give 'it' away, but the 
others are also amused and won't let us. 

"After the extreme busy-ness of the past 
couple of years, we took a break this 
summer to relax a little. We had a high 
school girl (sort of a permanent helper 
and baby sitter) and a boy (to mow the 
lawn and work), and spent all of this 
freedom with the family; all the kids took 
swimming lessons at the village beach, 
Cheryl took tennis, we took walks, Dode 
and I were the guests of some very kind 
friends at their Wisconsin lake cabin, and 
we took in the ball games. This may all 
sound very natural, but it was new to us. 
By the end of the summer, too, we had 
installed a regular playground for the kids 
— and the neighborhood — in the back 
yard: a tent, sand box, tetherball, swings, 
slide and an unauthorized baseball 

"The man of the house is still tiying 
to keep Honeywell's Ordnance Division 
prosperous, and that's about all he can say 
about his business. That frustrates Dode, 



Bonnie, Grant and Gini Campbell 
(Natalie Hall '49) 

too — she'd like to know more about 
what kind of secret work he does. Dode 
is still very active and satisfied with her 
Junior League and Hospital volunteer 
work, and I can't tell you much about 
that either. 

"Again, our best wishes and blessing 
to you all." 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Petie Fiske Brubaker, whose eleven-year- 
old son, Carl, died on February 23, 1963. 

A "newsy" Christmas message from Nat 
Hall Campbell provided reports of their 
"comings and goings" over the past year. 
During the summer they attended a 
"family reunion" on the Cape. "Five chil- 
dren under six — and three of them in 
diapers ! No wonder I didn't try to do any 
visiting." Nat and Rog took a "business- 
pleasure" trip to California in the fall ■ — 
on the go constantly — did all that was 
possible in a six day period and had a 
"fabulous time". Nat writes that their 
biggest undertaking for the year has been 
working on the plans for their new home. 
"With luck — maybe we'll be in before 
Christmas, 1964." 

Barbara Cohan Rossen and her family 
have moved into a new home in Los Altos 
Hills, California. (26763 Palo Hills Dr.) 
Bunny's children — Jonathan, David and 
Rebecca are now 11, 9 and 5. 

From Nancy Newhall Mackay: "My 
mother, Marion Westphal Newhall x-'22, 
and I have just returned from a three- 
week trip to Europe. We went to Paris, 
Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice, Lucerne 
and London." 

Helen Hamilton Croot's husband, Dar- 
rel, is with Parker and Company in New 
York, as an actuarial consultant. 


Via the annual Christmas card, Dorie 
Oneal Becker reports to Miss Potts: 
"Early this fall Ed and I spent four very 
interesting weeks in Africa — Ghana and 
Nigeria. Both countries are among the 
world's top cocoa v producers ■ — the busi- 
ness reason for our trip. Ed is now be- 
coming quite interested in photography — 
we have many wonderful colored slides of 
Africa. Garden club activities are still 
my main interest — am now recording 
secretary for the local club and also cor- 
responding secretary for the Garden Club 
of New Jersey; serve on several committees 
as well. In spite of these duties, do find 
time to work in our own garden — and 
thoroughly enjoy that. For a bit of sum- 
mer vacation, Ed and I chartered a sailing 
sloop — had a grand time cruising along 
the North Shore of Massachusetts. Cooked 
and slept aboard — usually mooring at 
one of the many fine yacht basins. Best 
to all at Lasell !" 

Judith St. John Peterson writes that 
they have moved to Emmaus, Pennsylvania 
where Don is now the Plant Accountant 
at the Allentown division of General 

Doris Pinkham Collins, Sabra Turner 
Stockdale and their husbands, are co-own- 
ers of Silver Sands Cottages, a 35-unit 
colony complete with swimming pool, in 
South, Yarmouth on Cape Cod. Their first 
summer ('63) was most successful and they 
really enjoy the motel business. Dot and 
Bruce have two boys; Mark 8 and David 
4y 2 . Sabra and Lloyd have three children: 
Linda 8, Charles 6V2, and Kenneth born 
last August. The Collinses live in Dux- 
bury, Mass. and the Stockdales in West 
Dennis, on the Cape. "Special consider- 
ation will be given to any and all La- 
sellites and their families who are looking 
for a perfect spot for a wonderful Cape 
Cod vacation. They'll find a real Lasell 
welcome at Silver Sands." 

Ginny Davis Starkweather x-'50 also lives 
in Duxbury where her husband Walter is 
a custom builder of authentic Early 
American homes. 

Marilyn Newhall Kendall, husband John 
and son, Scott were guests at Silver Sands 
last summer. The Kendalls live at 124 
Goden Street, Belmont, Mass. 

We hear from Joan Hahn Fern that they 
have been transferred to the Pittsburgh, 
Pa. area. The Ferns have three children, 
2 boys, 1 girl. Joan is anxious to contact 
Lasell girls in the area. 

Carol Husted Schneider writes: "fre- 
quently see Dot Torner Monahan and her 
family; they live in the neighboring town 
of Oakland, wjiere her husband Jim is 



coach for the local ball teams. We visited 
Miggie (Olson) and Jon Belden in August 
at their family cottage at Groton Long 

Jane Roulstone Gillis now has three 
children; Terrie Marie — 9, Pattie Ellen 
— 7 and Bill Jerry — 3- 

Gloria Drulie Schluntz and family (Kurt, 
2; Erica, l) are now living at 41 Willow 
Street, Belmont, Mass. Gloria's husband 
is a member of the faculty and football 
coach at the Brookline High School. Joan 
Secor Rier, husband Bob, and their three 
sons are enjoying country living in Way- 

In September Carolyn Snook Rauscher 
had "a fine telephone visit with Ellen 
Key Woodruff, whose son, David, was a 
patient at Children's Hospital in Boston. 
Ellen is a New Jersey neighbor of Jean 
Davies Stanley." 


Joan Kearney Cormay writes from 26 
Willard Road, Weston, Mass.: "We re- 
cently moved — just six miles — to a two- 
year-old, seven-room house in Weston. 
There is a playroom, with fireplace, in the 
basement — and an acre of flat land — 
and the kids have been having a marvelous 
time — running like Indians; and on week- 
days they are all busy in the fine Weston 
schools. Two-year-old Timothy keeps me 
company at home. 

"Shortly before the holidays a group of 
1951 Day Hops started a series of get- 
togethers and we have had a gay time 
talking and laughing about the old days. 
Joining the parties were Edie Taccone 
Kearney, Olga Iafrate Franchi, Barbara 
Keyes MacKinnon x-'51, Harriet Schwarz 
Hamilton, Marlene Maloof Saidnawey 
x-'51, Norma Appleyard, Jean McDonald 
Ryan x-'51, Deborah Lyons Beach, Eleanor 
Penney Desrochers and myself. 

"Had a long Christmas letter from Dori 
Stewart Davis of Rockaway, N. J. Her 
son, Glenn, is now iy 2 \ Wayne, 4y 2 . Dori 
and husband Dick vacationed in Massa- 
chusetts this past summer — the trip 
brought back many fond memories. Doris 
also mentioned that she had received a 
wedding announcement from Ann Ivers. 

"Barbara Keyes MacKinnon was married 
in September and has recently moved to 
California, where her husband is associated 
with a Santa Ana utility company. Shirley 
'Dusty' Hannifin Adams is in Los Altos. 
Her husband is with the Connecticut 
General Life Insurance Company, and has 
opened a regional office in San Francisco. 
Dusty declares she loves California living 

and is NOT missing the New England 
weather. She says too that the children 
seem to thrive on the West Coast air — 
Rob is six; Kathy, three. 

"My sister-in-law, Edie Taccone Kearney, 
and Charlie celebrated their November 
wedding anniversary in Bermuda. Edith's 
father passed away this fall, so our holi- 
days were saddened. 

"Nancy Mitchell Quinn writes often 
and reports she is feeling just fine. She 
is now living in St. Petersburg, Florida 
with Red's mother. 

"The young Cormays are growing so 
fast, I don't know them myself. Lynn 
Ellen, 10, is in the 5th grade; Lee Carol, 
9, in 4th grade; Ted, Jr. will be 8 on his 
Daddy's February birthday, and Charles 
will be 7 in April. Yet it seems only 
yesterday that I was at Lasell without a 
care in the world except to join a good 
bridge game in the Barn. 

"Best wishes to all for a wonderful 
New Year." 

Anna Stevenson Mangano shares holi- 
day messages from Claire Quinzani Ker- 
ins, Jo Monahan Garrity, Joan Cardinal 
MacMurray, Elaine Quavillon Tull and 
Priscilla Freeman McCartney. From Wood- 
land Hills, California, Claire writes: "We 
are all keeping busy here and thoroughly 
enjoying our new home — let's hope we 
stay in this one a long time! Had a de- 
lightful luncheon at the home of Barbara 
Harris Ryan, whose husband invented the 
Barbie Doll. Also attended a Pool Party 
for Lasellites in the Valley — Jan Pearson 
Hauch '54, Joan Pauling Smith '50, Sandra 
Lally Hovey '52 and Fran Mitchell Van 
Alstyne '54 — with husbands — were 
there. We hope to have a spring party too." 

Meredith and Lynda Reid 
(Betty Lou Foy '52) 



Jo Monahan Garrity is "freezing as 
usual — and not enjoying Chicago winters. 
The girls are having a grand year ■ — first 
grade and kindergarten. Tom is a direc- 
tor of the Regular Republicans and is a 
member of the local zoning board. I am 
involved with a million projects, but plan 
to 'resign' from several groups — do want 
to have more time with the children." 

The MacMurray girls are "full of tricks 
and as cute as they come" — that comes 
directly from their mother, Joan Cardinal. 
Nancy is 8; Ruth, 3, and Carol recently 
celebrated her second birthday. 

Priscilla Freeman McCartney reports: 
"Three children and the house keep me 
busy. Ricky (2) keeps us all busy and 
delighted. Jack is kept hopping at Ly- 
coming, but manages to fit in two softball 
teams, one of which he manages, bowling 
in winter etc. Then there's PTA, were 
both active in the Fair this year — hectic 
life ! I see Janice Weyls Moore regularly 
and Mary Jane White Miller occasionally." 

"We moved to Madison (Conn.) last 
June. 1 '; writes Marion Elaine Quavillon 
Tull. "It is a beautiful, small shore town 
with three lovely beaches — we took full 
advantage last summer. Both children 
(David, 9; and Sharon, 5) attend school 
in Madison." 

From Janet Woodward Powers: "All's 
fine. We love Hawaii and keep busy with 
our seven little — or not so little — ones. 
Would love to see Lasell, though." 

Peggyanne Riker Miller and her family 
have moved into a new home in North 
Carolina. They are all busy getting the 
house in order, joining community groups 
and generally getting adjusted, although 
Bobby misses the snow in the winter. 

Alice Pittenger: "Still working for 
Uncle Sam. Last year he sent me on a 
'round the world' tour and I shall be off 
to Europe in April of '64." 

"Since my children are all in school 
now," writes Gayle Mackie Toth, "I have 
been attending classes at Newark State 
Teachers College, so that I may earn my 
B.A. degree." 

"The boys are really keeping us busy," 
writes Beverly Pink Reynolds. "Cal, Jr. 
is five; Gregory, three. I am directing 
the Junior Choir at church — it's a hand- 
ful at times, but much fun. In November, 
Mici (Mary) Trimby Sawyer had a new 
daughter — ■ there are four Lasell candi- 
dates in her house!" 

And from Janet Underwood Wall x-'51: 
"Charlie is now a special agent with 
Mutual of Hartford Insurance Company — 
his territory is northern Connecticut. It 
is a pleasure to have evenings and Satur- 
days free after five years of hectic hours. 
He is also president of the Greater Hart- 

ford Association for Brain Injured Chil- 
dren, and we devote much extra time to 
this very fine organization. Just before 
Christmas we were weekend guests ' of 
JoAnn Vojir Massey and family in Ridge- 
wood, N. J. Near neighbors at the Cape 
last summer were Jacqueline Paulding 
Hauser '50 and family — we had so much 
fun together." 

Joan Williams Arnold has many a busy 
day. "Andy, four, is loving nursery school. 
Beth, soon to be two, doesn't stop for a 
minute — and is exhausting us all." 

Lois Hutchinson and Allyn Woodward 
were married on June 22, 1963 in Lebanon, 
N. H. They are now living at 78 Fox 
Hill Street, Westwood, Mass. 


Ann Alden Allen informs us of the 
b ; rth of a daughter, Leslie Ann, on Feb- 
ruary 24, 1962. 

Nancy Marcus Golden writes: "My hus- 
band has just opened a new office in Wey- 
mouth Landing, limited to Orthodontics." 

Phyllis Gleason Riley reports: "Went 
to Europe with my husband and we toured 
Portugal, French Riviera, Switzerland and 
Italy. We stopped in London on the way 
home. Tad reported aboard the nuclear 
carrier Enterprise at the end of our trip 
and I came home alone. Merry (Meredith) 
MacLean Suzan and Beth Valleau Schultz 
both visited in Massachusetts last sum- 

Ruth Mclntire Brown's boys, David, 
Richard, and Don Jr., are now 8, 6, and 3. 

From Betsy Lewis O'Donnell we hear: 

"I am now the proud Mother of an 11 
month old daughter and love being just 
a good mother and wife." 


Ginger Wilder Ambard is thoroughly 
enjoying her secretarial work at the Gen- 
eral Electric Credit Corp. in Stamford 
and finds herself "very active in church — 
singing in the choir and serving as ad- 
visor for the high school fellowship. It 
is all so rewarding and gives me much 
opportunity to boost Lasell. Looking for- 
ward to a trip to Boston with the chil- 
dren in the spring. We must see where 
Mommy went to college." The young 
Ambards have three reasons for seeing 
the campus — Lasell is not only Mom- 
mie's Alma Mater, but grandmother's 
(Virginia Hight Wilder '27) and great- 
grandmother's (the late Lorena Fellows 
Sawyer '99). 

Shirley Gibbons SanSoucie reports: 
"After living here in our home in Lafa- 



A 1952 Reunion 

South Dartmouth, Mass. 

(I. to r.: Beth Valleau Schultz, Merry 

MacLean Suzan, Phyllis Gleason Riley) 

yette Hill, Pa. for five years, we are just as 
happy as we were when we first came 
here. Our children are growing so fast — 
Stephen is 8, Michael 6 and Debra Ann 
3. Anyone in our area — please try to 
get to our local alumnae get-togethers." 

Mary Lou Burke Alexander: "Reunion 
was great! Loved seeing everyone." 

Word from Deborah Higgins Hergen- 
rother is: "We have four children now — 
twin girls and a younger boy and girl. 
We have pretty well settled in our house 
in Acton. Visited Mary Lou Cooke Mac- 
Knight last summer at their home in Hop- 
kinton, New Hampshire." 

Audrey Felzenberg Silverman: "Settled 
permanently here in Durham. Hal is on 
the Staff of Duke Hospital and is in 
private practice (internist and hematolo- 
gist). Our two boys have turned into real 

A college student again — Barbara 
Howell is at Boston College working for 
her B.S. in Nursing. 

Elizabeth Fried Slater came in contact 
with Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman '43, 
due to their daughters being in the same 
kindergarten class. 

Betty Lou Page informs us: "After 
doing temporary work for two years out 
here, interspersed with two '10-day 
Learn-to-Ski' weeks at Sun Valley — and 
two months in the East last year, I have 
just accepted a permanent job with Fire- 
man's Fund, working for the Personnel 
Director. My parents are retired and plan 
to buy a home in California." Betty Lou's 
present address is: 46 Rockaway Avenue, 
San Francisco, 27, California. 

Joan Godfrey Emmert's third daughter, 
Vicky Lynn, was born December 4, 1962. 

Althea Janke Gardner writes: "We 
have started our new home in Upper 
Saddle River, N.J. — and hope to move 
there by June. Our new addition arrived 
in September, 1963 — Kathleen Marie — 
our second girl, fifth child. It's quite a 
noisy household. I see Audrey Thompson 
Reille, Janet Chase Ash, Carol Leake 
Bacon and others. It's quite a 'colony' 
around here!" 

We extend sincere sympathy to Eliza- 
beth Sleight Dexter and to her family. 
Elizabeth's father, Mr. William E. Sleight, 
died early in January. A past president 
of the New England Hospital Assembly. 
Mr. Sleight was the former director of 
Roger Williams General Hospital, Provi- 


Anna-Mae George Wogan writes that 
husband, Don, is now Account Salesman 
with Moore Business Forms. The Wogans 
have four children — Candy, Donald, 
Glen, and Craig. 

Penelope Thompson tells us: "Drove 
through the campus early in September — 
very impressed by the many changes — 
but happy to see that Gardner hasn't 
changed a bit. I am now a Probation 
Officer in Rensselaer County and love each 
new phase of social work." 

Lois Murray Wierdo gives her new ad- 
dress at 411 Reed Avenue, Windsor Locks, 
Connecticut. Daughter, Lisa Lou, was 
born April 22, 1962. 

Barbara Kelly Thoresen writes: "Eric 
David has joined our family. He was 
born September 15, 1962 and we adopted 
him in November." 

Lenore Fuller Sherwood and husband 
continue to operate a successful nursery 
and tree surgery business. They are add- 
ing a 75-foot glass greenhouse to the 
facility. Writes Lenore — "Lots of work 
— but most enjoyable." 

Nancy Hedtler Ford's vacation took her 
to New Orleans and Mexico and included 
visits in Massachusetts with Betty Born 
Deacon and Betty Doucette Graves. 
Nancy's address is 55 West 60th Street, 
Hialeah, Florida. 

"George has completed work for his 
doctorate at M.I.T." writes Norah Hors- 
field Maling. "We've rented a house in 
Lincoln with acres and acres of fields, 
woods, and a pond. Lovely for us and for 
our 18-month old daughter, Ellen." 

Joan Rabbitt Downey, husband Wayne, 
and son Thomas have moved back to 
Clinton, Connecticut. Wayne is Resident 
in Psychiatry at Yale. 



Jean Ryder Tyler '55, 
husband Bill, and daughters 
Beth, Deborah, and Virginia 

Janet Urtel McQuade and Joanna Lamb 
Lewis '47 met at a PTA meeting ■ — and 
since have been "enjoying the Cape" to- 
gether and their children have become 
great friends. 

Patricia Kelsey Scharf and family en- 
joyed many summer camping trips — in- 
cluding a 2100-mile excursion to Prince 
Edward Island. 


Joan Baker Cornell tells us: "My hus- 
band is Co-Ordinator of Instructional Ma- 
terials and Instructor at the University 
of South Florida. Enjoyed a recent chance 
meeting with Jeanette Marvin Brown '54. 
She, too, is living in the Tampa area." 

Elizabeth Taylor Pratt writes: "Dave 
and I spent our vacation with Maggie 
Roth Wells and husband at Myrtle Beach, 
South Carolina. The four children en- 
joyed the warm ocean waves and we had 
fun too." 

Evelyn Bradley Cochran reports the 
birth of her third son, fourth child, last 
year. Her husband, Bob, has the Cochran 
Insurance Agency in Burlington, Mass. 
She and Marlene Zammarchi Lynch enjoy 
coffee and memories now and then. 

Nancy Lincoln Martin spent a week 
last July in Virginia with Maggie Roth 
Wells. Nancy also met Ann Bottjer 
O'Donnell at a high school reunion and 

they discovered that their husbands had 
been high school classmates too. 

Beverly OBrian Perry says, "Year #3 
has passed here in Burbank and Bill arid 
I are as loyal as ever to the state. We 
three, plus 2 cats and 27 guppies invite 
you all to visit the state of California." 

Carol Ann Cunningham had a visit 
from Shirley Palmaccio Stolfors and hus- 
band, Bill, during the summer. They 
spent the day swimming followed by a 
cook-out at Carol's home. 

Another "Texan" bites the dust! After 
six years in Texas, Jean Ryder Tyler and 
family have moved to Middletown, Ohio, 
where Bill is with Armco Steel's Research 
and Technology Division. Jean and Bill 
have become very active in the commu- 
nity, feel the city has a lot to offer, and 
are really enjoying it. 

From Thelma Appel Kaplan we learn 
that she and her husband, Mark, have 
returned from a ten-day vacation on the 
West Coast, visiting Las Vegas, Los An- 
geles, and San Francisco. 

Helen Peters Guy and husband, Bill, 
are still stationed at Otis AFB. Bill re- 
ceived a Master's Degree from the Bridge- 
water State Teachers College last June. 

Joan Beeley Hopkins writes that she still 
enjoys living in England but misses all her 
friends. As Joan says, "Would love to 
fly home for a visit. We spend all our 
spare time on our yacht Halloween — 
Robert and Janet are fast becoming good 


Bette Putnam Prokop writes: "We a"e 
now enjoying Monterey and vicinity very 
much. Jan is attending the U.S. Naval 
Post-Graduate School and working toward 
his Master's in Management Data Process- 
ing. A new member was added to our 
family on August 28, 1963 — daughter 
Kathy. We now have two girls and a boy." 

Bruce, Bev, and Bill Perry 
(Beverly OBrian '55) 



Pattie Holland Bird tells us that she 
had a visit from Sheila Graham Foley '57 
and her two sons, Tommy and Peter. 
Sheila's husband, Carl, is working in Buf- 
falo, New York. Pattie and family are 
well and happy. Her husband, Gordon, is 
with McNeil Laboratories and enjoys it. 
She keeps busy with the children and 
their home. 

Evelyn Shear Pinsof says that her family 
seem to get older every minute — Bruce 
is attending nursery school, Corky is be- 
ginning to talk. Evelyn would "love to 
hear from the girls." 

Margaret Cain Sargent is working in 
Maynard, Mass., as a private secretary to 
the President of Information International, 
Inc., a research and consulting company 
in the digital computer field. 

"Classmates, if you plan to visit the 
World's Fair in New York, be sure to 
look us up. We live at 25 Oakridge Drive, 
Huntington, New York," writes Carol 
Phalen Swiggett. 

Barbara Flint GerOld is attending Cali- 
fornia State College part time in the hope 
of getting her Master's in Child Psychol- 
ogy — "in 50 years or so !" 

Louise Bernson Neiterman and hus- 
band have just completed a new home in 
Norwood, Mass., at 121 Devon Road. Her 
next door neighbor is Judy Cohen Kniznik 

Beverly Brown Barkevich writes: "With 
my husband working for a road corpora- 
tion, we are constantly on the move. We 
are owners of a trailer which makes our 
moves easier. When Susan, 3, enters school 
it will be necessary to settle in one place. 
Our new addition to the family is Sally, 
now 14 months old." 


Pat Howe Bassett is very much "en- 
joying the new work — secretary in the 
Admissions Office of Dana Hall. More 
than ever do I realize the problems col- 
leges are faced with these days." 

Barbara Reifenberger Hudelson and hus- 
band moved to a new home in July. 
They "love Long Island — community, 
neighbors, et al." Barbara's new address: 
25 Marlon Lane, Hauppauge. 

From Charlene Sargent Kiley: "Re- 
turned early in April '63 from an eight- 
months' stay in Europe. My husband re- 
ceived a scholarship from the Boston So- 
ciety of Architects. We toured from Nor- 
way to Italy — visiting 13 countries. 
Simply wonderful !" Also vacationing in 
Europe in 1963 were the Robert Chases 
(Joan Stanford). They were home in time 
to celebrate with daughter, Linda Beth, 
whose first birthday was October 8th. 

Joan Beeley Hopkins '55 and Robert 

Dorothy Ziehler Roettels "hopes to see 
Lasell friends during buying trips to Flor- 
ida, Illinois and New York." Dorothy 
manages a successful decorating business, 
Creative Interiors. Her husband is now 
director of electronics with Systems Re- 
search Labs. 

Recently moved to Connecticut (5 Hull 
Road, Madison) is Carol Crandall Stiles. 
Carol is busy with daughters Susan and 
Lin, but "would love to contact former 
Lasellites in this area." 

Pat Koules, a secretary at Arthur D. 
Little, Inc., is planning a fall wedding. 
Her engagement to William M. Kandianis 
was announced recently. 

We have word that Merle Frylinck 
Craig and her husband have purchased a 
home in Durham, New Hampshire. Tim 
is working for the Craig Supply Company. 
They have two children, Leslie Ellen, and 
Stephen Thomas. 

From Eileen Conradi: "Had a pleasant, 
if short, visit in September with Pat 
Abeson and her husband who spent a 
week camping in New England. Continue 
to enjoy my Time Buying chores at Ken 
yon and Eckhardt Advertising Company 



Boston, and was recently elected to the 
Board of Directors of the Broadcasting 
Executives Club of New England." 

Judith Leventhal Winer and Norma 
Gamins Wise are Salem (Mass.) neigh- 
bors. Judy writes that she visited with 
Judy Komito Oster last summer. 

Marcia James Carthaus: "My husband 
is just finishing a year's training program 
in the Marketing Department of Standard 
Oil — so we are waiting for permanent 
assignment and hope it will be in the 
Bay area. While we miss the East, San 
Francisco has much to offer. I am teach- 
ing remedial reading in Menlo Park and 
enjoy it. I am amazed at the number of 
girls from the East who keep migrating 
here to teach. I'm continuing my graduate 
work at night and am active in local 


Constance Baker George writes that 
she and Ron are now settled in Connect- 
icut. They added a new member to the 
family on May 19, 1963 — Kenneth Ron- 
ald. "A joy to care for and a wonderful 
new toy for his sister." 

Judy Butler Weppel is keeping busy 
with home chores plus bridge clubs in 
Fairfield, Connecticut. Judy sends best re- 
gards to the Class of '58, particularly the 
Hawthorne gang. 

Carole Paolino Pliakas is a social work- 
er in Providence — "enjoys it very much." 

From Kim Steen Odle: "I am living in 
San Diego until my husband returns from 
a 13-month tour of duty on Okinawa. 
Spent a few months visiting relatives in 
Norway. While in the East, visited former 
roommate, Joan Reichert Strother, daughter 
Diane, and new son Glen. It was fun to 
see them again." 

Dorothy Woods is working at Brown 
University in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Linda Braslow Lefkowitz writes that 
she has seen Fran Klein Madison and Carol 
Perrotti and would like to hear from 

Janet McPherson is an Assistant Head 
Nurse on a surgical floor at the Hartford 
Hospital. "Just returned from a wonder- 
ful trip to Europe — and am now plugging 
nights at the University of Hartford." 

Roxanne Miller Socolow "would like to 
read more news from classmates." Roxy's 
son John will soon have #3 birthday. 

Margot Stern Ruskin was married June 
23, 1963 and is now residing in Durham, 
North Carolina, where her husband, Jerry, 
is a Resident at Duke University Medical 

To Miss Potts from Judy George Ste- 
phens: "We spent the month of July in 
New England, and are looking forward to 
the same in 1964. I now work but one 
day a week, and in June taught a short 
course for school lunch personnel at 
Champaign. We do manage to keep ever 
so busy — Harve.y with the law; I, with 
Junior League, the children and much else." 

A happy note from Joyce Stirling Wyatt: 
"Hi to all . . . Lloyd is now administrator 
of the Eastern Department at the Hartford 
Group Insurance Company. I am busy at 
home and love every minute of it. The boys 
are more than active — Marty, soon to be 
four, is keen on the Beatles! Doug is too 
interested in pots, pans and high places. 

"Had long Christmas notes from Marion 
Oliver Sutherland in Cambridge and from 
Bonnie Buonagurio Sabo in Hollywood. 
Also heard from Liz Mann Fountain, 
Brenda Pioppi Balboni and Joanne Carrk 
Horner — we are all anxious for another 

Kim Lewis 
(Sandra Sheller '58) 




Without doubt, the most unique of an- 
nual letters is the Christmas Edition of the 
Boyers' Barnacle (Holly Engel). Vol. 
Ill contained news of the entire Engel 
family, and a separate sheet carried several 
timely photos. We quote — in part — 
news of especial interest to Holly's many 
Lasell friends: 

"Larry is still attached to the USS 
Pomfret. From January to March '63 he 
was Communicator and Registered Publi- 
cations Custodian, and at present he is 
Weapons Officer. Davey keeps me pretty 
busy and along with the regular routine 
of keeping house, grocery shopping, et al., 
I manage to fill the days. Some of the 
lonesome hours are taken up with knitting 
(my old hobby), occasional bridge games, 
monthly luncheons; and when I go home I 
work with Mother and the Penny Pinchers 
of the National Charity League. 

"I have always believed that life is a 
process of learning and that it is a poor 
day for any of us when we do not learn 
something new, but I must confess that 
our son is such a match for me that I 
sometimes wonder who's teaching who. He 
is an eager little runabout, going every- 
where, wild for experience and adventure. 
Devilish though he may be, two is one of 
the most entertaining and intriguing ages 
of man. 

"We three had planned a trip East to 
see Larry's family in Virginia and then 
on to Pensacola to see my sister Joan 
and husband, when the orders for Larry's 
departure arrived. It was decided that 
Davey and I would go anyway and we 
started on our way early in July. This 
was the beginning of one of the hottest 
summers I have ever spent. 

"The drive from San Diego to Tucson 
made me very happy I was not a pioneer 
travelling via covered wagon. When we 
finally arrived, our faces covered with dust 
from the desert, a pool never looked more 
inviting than the one at the Ramada Inn. 
Then came New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma. 
Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania 
and New York. Davey was a real trooper. 
He just loved the motels and restaurants 
and was always the first to don a bathing 
suit. When we reached Buffalo, he looked 
exactly like a gingerbread man. 

"And, yes, we've done it again. Moving 
just seems to be a habit with us. Our 
new address in San Diego is 3636 Mt. 
Alvarez — we welcome all California 
travelers and visitors." 

Levette Corthouts Downey and husband 
"have just purchased a home — 270 years 
old and deep in the woods. We are up 

to the ears in work. Talked with Carol 
Cunningham Hoyt soon after the birth of 
her daughter in October." 

Sandra Kenney is secretary to an en- 
gineer in the Export Section of the Sales 
Department of General Radio Company, 
West Concord, Mass. 

Carol MacLeod Huggard is employed as 
a Social Investigator for the Department 
of Welfare in New York City. Carol's 
husband is an assistant civil engineer by 
day and a law student at night. To quote: 
"Quite a hectic life!" 

Barbara Baldauf Rice is now living in 
Virginia. Her husband is with the Shera- 
ton Corporation in Washington, D.C. Son 
Lindsay Jr. is 3, and son Scott Christopher 
Rice arrived on August 31, 1963. 

Beverly Juby has returned to school at 
Utah State University to continue work 
toward her B.A. degree. For the past 
several months, she has been working in 
the Traffic Bureau of the Utah State House. 

Ruth "Bucky" Dugger Lindenberg and 
husband, Charles, have recently moved to 
the Virgin Islands and "have a place 
right by the beautiful Caribbean. Soon to 
begin tutoring the children of Victor 
Borge. Any Lasellites in the vicinity — 
please stop in to see us." 

From Susan Hearne Southwick: "We 
are stationed at the Dover AFB in Dela- 
ware. Ed is flying KC-97's with SAC and 
will be until October '64, when we plan 
to separate from the service. Ed will be 
promoted to Captain in February. Our 
daughter, Susie, was one year old on 

Beverly Sutton, who spent the summer 
touring Europe, is a private secretary in 
the Planning Office at Harvard University. 

Nancy Bennett received her M.A. in 
Special Education from Teachers Col- 
lege, Columbia University, and is now 
teaching in the pre-primary department at 
the New York School for the Deaf, White 
Plains, New York. 

Carol Anderson Brodbeck writes that 
she and Stephen are back in Milwaukee 
after spending nine months in Washington 
State with the Army. 

Katherine Moore is secretary to the 
Program Manager at WNHC-TV, New 
Haven, Connecticut. 

Marjorie Williams drove 10,000 miles 
cross-country last summer. While in Cali- 
fornia, had a fine visit with Holly Engel 
Boyer and young Davey. 

"We are enjoying all the joys, chal- 
lenges and all that results from parent- 
hood," reports Anne Hayden Halberg. 
Husband, Walt, is in the Re-Entry Systems 
Division of General Electric. 




Anita Ramirez Zayas sends "headlines" 
of her life since Lasell. She attended the 
University of Puerto Rico in I960; mar- 
ried Vincente Zayas on April 14, 1962; 
graduated with B.A. in Home Economics 
in 1963; son Vincente, Jr. arrived on June 
10, 1963. Anita's address is 10 Bosque 
Avenue, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and she 
would "love to hear from some of the 

Joyce Wheeler graduated from the Juil- 
liard School of Music with a B.S. degree. 

Barbara Bogert Wahlberg is secretary 
to the senior partner at Perkins and Will, 
Architects, Chicago, Illinois. 

Susan Gage Barros writes: "My husband 
is in his last year at Northeastern Uni- 
versity, Boston. We are still moving every 
three months — between classes and the 
co-op job at Ford Motor Company in 
Detroit. See many Lasell friends when we 
are in Boston." 

Judith Grace Lazarus and husband are 
in Renton, Washington. He is employed 
at the Boeing Aircraft Company. 

Mary McCartney completed three years 
at Rochester Institute of Technology and 
is now employed as a Home Economist 
at Rochester Gas and Electric Company. 

Elizabeth Bigelow writes: "I left the 
Obstetrics Department at Beth Israel Hos- 
pital, Boston, in September. Visited 
friends in California and am now em- 
ployed in the Department of Neurology 
at the University of California Medical 
Center. Hope to move to an apartment 

Judith Blake is Administrative and Se- 
curity Officer for a new historical organ- 
ization in Washington, D.C. She finds the 
work "challenging and fascinating". 

Linda Chiaramonte is secretary-recep- 
tionist for a Tucson ophthalmologist. She 
loves Arizona where "the sun shines con- 

Carol Ann Cookson Hird graduated in 
June 1962 from Marietta College, Mari- 
etta, Ohio, with a B.A. degree and Teach- 
ing Certificate for high school French and 
Spanish. Carol Ann and Peter have two 
children: Kimbrely Ann and Bryan David. 

Joan Herrick is engaged to 1st Lt. Jerry 
D. Cauley. Jerry is a career man with the 
Air Force and is stationed at Homestead 
AFB, Florida. Joan will receive a B.S. 
degree in Nursing from the University of 
Miami in June. 

From Barbara Rahner: "Immediately 
following graduation from Boston Univer- 
sity, took a year off and travelled in 
Europe. Studied German for a semester 
at the Goethe Institute." 

Marilyn Senior Legg has recently moved 

into a "traditional Cape Cod" house in 
Scituate. Her address is 32 Edgewood 
Road, Scituate, Mass. 

Joan Corthouts Grayson is living in 
New Haven, Conn. Her husband is serving 
his interneship at Yale Medical Center. 
Their daughter, Jenifer Ann, was born 
March 19, 1963. 

Sandra Lund Grouten is secretary to 
the Principal of the Farmington High 
School, Farmington, Conn. 

Joan White has been promoted to As- 
sistant to Radio-TV Operations Director, 
WHEC, Rochester, New York. 

Elizabeth Fager Frederick reports that 
she is working as a TWA Agent in Pitts- 
burgh — and loves it. Hopes that she and 
husband, Glen, will be able to manage a 
trip to the West Coast in the near future. 
While there she plans a visit with Mary 
Ellen Blossom Turner. 

From Carol Mackay: "Enjoying my sec- 
ond year of teaching (third grade) in 
Northwestern Vermont." 

Lynn Flusser Tull and husband, Rick, 
are living in Monterey, California, while 
he is serving as a 2nd Lt. at Fort Ord. 
Lynn's address (until January 1965) is 666 
Casanova #29, Monterey, California. 

Carol A. Farquhar tells us that she spent 
two weeks visiting her brother in Omaha, 
Nebraska, and is hoping to live and work 
in the Northwest. 

A long letter from Susan Louis Haf- 
fenreffer to Dean Babcock tells of her 
activities. Susan has just been accepted at 
Brown University Graduate School, Provi- 
dence, Rhode Island. She will be in the 
Master of Arts Teaching Program. After 
graduation from Syracuse University in 
June 1962, she moved to New York and 
worked at Saks Fifth Avenue, leaving 
there to become a Market Research As- 
sociate for Vick Chemical Company. She 
was married to David H. Haffenreffer on 
September 21, 1963 and is now living at 
235 Angell Street, Providence, Rhode Is- 


Ann Porcaro Mucera writes: "I am 
now living in Bloomfield, Connecticut 
Keep in touch with Phyllis Milano Coliano 
who is now an Assistant Buyer for 
Filene's in Boston." 

Gail Warren is a secretary for Bankers 
Trust Company, New York City; Carolyn 
Flaster is working in Revlon's Executive 
Offices, New York City. 

Suzanne Crafts tells us that she is teach- 
ing nursery school at the Christ Church 
Nursery School in Needham, Mass., during 
the mornings, and in the afternoon teaches 
organized sports to the third and fourth 
grades at the -Charles River School. Ann 



D. Pers is also teaching first grade in 
Spring Valley, New York, and Ann 
Davidson, a '63 graduate of Michigan's 
Olivet College, is teaching first grade in 
Poughkeepsie, New York. 

Janet Hammonds Langley, her husband 
and son Eric, are travelling across the 
country while working with a "women's 
hair goods" firm. 

Glenda Green Kadlac spent the month 
of July on the Cape with her husband 
and young son, Todd Evans. 

Caroline Brown, a stewardess for United 
Air Lines, visited Phenie (Daphne) Russell 
in Cleveland, and she has met Althea 
Woods, who is also flying for United. 

Natalie Granchelli, a secretary at Polar- 
oid Corp., attends Boston University eve- 
ning classes working towards her B.S. in 
Business Education. During her "spare 
time" she is secretary for a ski club. 

Since September Cynthia Smith has been 
living in San Francisco, where she is the 
Department Manager of Sportswear for 
Joseph Magnin Company. Cynthia says 
she'd love to see anyone in the San Fran- 
cisco area. 

Elaine Oetinger graduated from Boston 
University in June and is a member of 
the faculty at Monadnock Regional High 
School, Swanzey Center, Keene, New 

Charlotte Siders Taintor and husband 
Barry have moved from Vermont to 
Rome, New York, for a short time. 

Dorothy Musche has returned from three 
months in Europe where she "had a ball". 
She is now working for a public relations 
firm in New York City. 

Diane Hartnett is secretary to the Vice 
President of Sales at Fenwal, Inc., Fra- 
mingham, Mass. Diane says, "I love my 
job — but miss Lasell." 

Elizabeth Howard Crosbie is Head 
Nurse in the Recovery Room, Emerson 
Hospital, Concord, Mass. 

After sharing a New York apartment 
with Wendy Wolfenden, Laura Jensen is 
enjoying the winter in Fort Lauderdale, 

Caroline Heck, who graduated from 
Oklahoma University last June, is teaching 
primary grades in Springdale, Washington. 

Patricia McKinnon and Sue Campbell 
spent a short vacation in Puerto Rico 
and St. Thomas last year. Pat says they 
had "beautiful weather and a good time." 
Dottie Musche spent a weekend with 

Pamela Pond Schuster is employed at 
The Famous Artists and Writers School in 
Westport, Conn. 

Linda Robertson Onalfo is living in 
Ridgefield, Conn., while her husband is 

stationed in Korea, but she hopes to visit 
the Orient soon. 

Jane Parsons Dolbier and husband will 
soon "end our Army career and return 
to Boston." 

Jane Wilson is in her final year at 
Parsons School of Design where she is 
majoring in Interior Design. 


The summer of '63 found several '62 
Lasellites in Europe. Among those making 
the "grand tour" were: Anne Brookhart, 
a secretary for the Cabot Corporation; 
Alexandra Foundas. medical secretary in 
Brookline: Allison Haff, an assistant buyer 
for sportswear in Albany. 

Jodi Wright flew "in the opposite di- 
rection" — her Hawaiian vacation includ- 
ed stopovers in San Francisco, Los Angeles 
— and Disneyland. 

Karen Smith's secretarial duties are with 
the Physiology Department of the Uni- 
versity of Rochester's Medical Center; as- 
sistant home economist Ellen Signorelli 
is employed by the Continental Baking 
Company of Rye, N. Y. 

Tracy Potter's busy schedule — at the 
Mary C. Wheeler School in Providence — 
includes: "pre-school, first and second 
grade reading — plus — a bit of dorm 
duty. But I just love it!" 

And from Linda Burnett Davis: "We 
are currently serving two years with the 
Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton; when 
this stint is completed we hope to settle 
in the Boston area." 

Nance Magill and Linda Mason are 
members of the Senior Class at Boston 
University. Nance, whose sister, Hetty, is 
a freshman at Lasell, is looking ahead to 
graduate study in international relations 
and diplomacy. 

Marcia Madden, majoring in Occupa- 
tional Therapy at the University of New 
Hampshire, has met several Lasell gals on 
campus — Paulette Sauve, Gerry Crivello 
'63 and Bonnie Hunt '63. Brenda Kemp- 
ner Hoffman is secretary to the Director 
of Admissions at the New Hampshire 


Ann Barnett writes that Memphis cele- 
brated a white Christmas (all the roads 
were closed). She sends best wishes for a 
"Happy New Year to y'all." 

Daryl Anne Schmid French is working 
for a Wakefield physician. 

Continuing in education are Gail Fer- 
rucci, University of Connecticut; Mary 
Wickens, Wheaton College; Sandra Elling- 
ham, Boston University. 



Patricia Metz is assisting in an Engle- 
wood (N.J.) nursery school; Charlotte 
Brown, a secretary in the Hartford office 
of the Phoenix MLI Company, shares an 
apartment with Barbara Moulton. 

Also in Hartford is Sandra Mather, an 
apprentice in the Interior Design Studio 
of G. Fox & Company. 

On January 25, 1964 Miriam Robbins 
was married to Mr. John D. Kelly. They 
now have an apartment at 88 Alban 
Street, Dorchester. Miriam is a secretary 

in the Psychology Department at North- 
eastern University. 

Sarah Hirst is enjoying her secretarial 
duties at Trinity College. She is assigned 
to the Development Office and is "working 
mainly on bequests and estate planning". 

There is no commuting problem for 
Jeanne M. Call. She is working in the 
bookkeeping department and installment 
loan department of the Rockland (Maine) 
branch of the First National Bank of 

Jn m 


Elsa Doepke Wiggers '93-'95 on August 7, 1963 in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Florence Harding Boltz '96-'97 in 1963. 

Ida Mallory Lyon '03 on December 24, 1963 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Mildred Abell Horton x-'04 on January 4, 1964 in Buffalo, New York. 

Susan Stryker Brown '10 LM in 1963 in Duluth, Minnesota. 

Marion Davis Wright x-'ll on October 27, 1963 in Worcester, Mass. 

Alma Dumn DeLong '11 on December 3, 1963 in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Grace Douglass Schindler x-'12 LM on December 17, 1963. 

Dorothy Gilbert Eckstrom x-'l4 on January 26, 1964 in Milford, Connecticut. 

Katharine Thorp '15 on November 20, 1963 in Ithaca, New York. 

Helen Nichols '16 in May 1963. 

Nadine Strong James '26 LM on May 14, 1963. 

Ruth Libby Hanley '31 on January 12, 1964 in Raynham, Mass. 

Nina Simmons Bucher '42 on May 5, 1963 in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Mary Vaughn Buckland x-'47 on August 18, 1963. 

Laura Frederick Hellewell '48 on August 17, 1963. 




Spring Dates: 

March 14: Southern California 

Luncheon: Queen's Arms 

16325 Ventura Boulevard, Encino 

March 28: South Florida 

Luncheon: The Sea Garden, Pompano Beach 

April 1 5 : Greater Boston 

Silver Tea: home of Madeline Farmer Ryder x-T5 
339 Bacon Street, Waltham 

April 25: New Hampshire 

Luncheon: The Highway Hotel, Concord 

May 6: Greater Boston 

Evening: Wine Tasting, Cambridge Boat Club 

May 20 : Rhode Island 

Annual Dinner: The Grist Mill, Seekonk 

Anne Campbell Terrill x-'37, 

Marjorie MacClymon '32, 

Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker '38 

Washington Club Tea — May 1963 


Newly-elected officers of THE BRIDGEPORT CLUB include: Nancy Tisler 
Hurley '55, President; Andrea Zaletta '62, Vice President and Program Chairman; 
Sally Warner O'Such '55, Treasurer; Ann Olsen Schlubach '54, Secretary; arid 
Marjorie Nelson '57, Publicity Chairman. 

At the January luncheon meeting of THE BUFFALO CLUB, tentative plans 
were made for a May get-together with the ROCHESTER area alumnae. The 
Applegrove Inn at Medina was suggested; interested alumnae, please contact: 
Annabeth Williams Bergen '34 (Mrs. Robert H.), 4620 Harris Hill Road, Wil- 
liamsville, N. Y. Other BUFFALO officers include: Lillian Doane Maddigan '21, 
Corresponding Secretary; Frances Day Meyers '34, Recording Secretary; and Mar- 
jorie Keller Mayer x-'31, Treasurer. 

Hostesses for the 1963-64 meetings of THE CHICAGO CLUB include: 
Carolyn Duncan Long '27, Trudie McLaughlin Metelnick x-'40, Helene Gras- 
horn Dickson '22, Doris Perkins Meyer x-'21, Betty Lloyd Fritch '38 and 
Margherita Dike Hallberg '10. 

President Ann Hollett Munro '49 of THE LONG ISLAND CLUB is assisted 
by Jean Warren Tredwell x-'57, Vice President; Virginia Johnson Irwin '52, 
Secretary; Carolyn Simpson Hayden '53, Treasurer. Directors of the group are: 
Barbara Hill Breen '51, June Cherry Bruns '42, Margaret Angus Christman '53, 
Allison Haff '62, Jacqueline Hans '61 and Gail Warren '61. 

THE RHODE ISLAND CLUB participated, with twenty-six local college 
groups, in the Christmas Co-op Sale, held at the Unitarian Church of Provi- 
dence. The new money-making venture proved both enjoyable and successful. 
Eleanor Munro '48 replaces Nancy Chase Ferguson '53 as the Club's treasurer. 
Nancy has moved to Boxford, Massachusetts. 




Claire Wallis Harris '50 (Mrs. E.) 
Nashoba Road, Concord, Mass. 


Nancy Tisler Hurley '55 

(Mrs. Lawrence M.) 

33 Chava Drive, Stratford, Conn. 


Annabeth Williams Bergen '34 
(Mrs. R. H.) 

290 North Harris Hill Rd., 
Williamsville, N. Y. 


L. Joy Gustavson Smith '50 (Mrs. R. L.) 
Blind Rock Road, R. D. #1, 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 


Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 

(Mrs. C. J.) 

523 West Melrose Street, Chicago, 111. 


Barbara Clarkson Moody x-'38 

(Mrs. K. A.) 

2432 Dennington Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

Molley McBride Kalogeros '53 
(Mrs. Robert R.) 
Woodside Street, Lake Garda, 
Burlington, Conn. 


Nancy Bean Lord '50 (Mrs. Jack I.) 
41 Boutelle Road, Bangor, Maine 

Ann Hollett Munro '40 (Mrs. Neil C.) 
481 Division Avenue, Hicksville, L. I. 


Eleanor Gebelein Greene '35 (Mrs. G. G.' 
Parade Road, R. F. D. #3, Laconia, N. H 

Janet Holmes Murphy '55 
(Mrs. Richard K.) 
3875 Waldo Avenue, Riverdale, N. Y. 


Shirley Gibbons SanSoucie '53 
(Mrs. Roland) 

2208 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, 


Lenna Lyon Hill '31 (Mrs. G. Richard) 
1111 Ingomar Heights Road, 
Pittsburgh, Penna. 


Betty Lou Foy Reid '52 (Mrs. William I.) 
6 Gardiner Avenue, Lincoln, R. I. 


Barbara Foster '56 

44 Landing Road South, 

Rochester, N. Y. 


Irene Murray Pettapiece x-'29 
(Mrs. H. J.) 
2621 N. E. Fifth Street, 
Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Mary McConn Maguire '29 
(Mrs. T. Paul) 

4833 Matilija, Sherman Oaks, 


Dorothy Rich Anderson '52 

(Mrs. T. K.) 

108 Highland Road, South Portland, 



Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert '46 (Mrs. D. C.) 
4907 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. 


Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella '54 (Mrs. J. A.) 
Woodland Drive, Port Chester, N. Y. 

Charlotte Bragg Burke '42 
(Mrs. G. Palmer, Jr.) 
64 Lawnwood Avenue, 
Longmeadow, Mass. 


Donna Jensen Poirier '57 (Mrs. Conrad) 
Fisher Road, Holden, Mass. 



LslaSA Secret 


1908 — Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 

(Charlotte Ryder) 
149 Cedar Street 
Bangor, Maine 

1910 — Cornelia M. Stone 

23 Brewster Lane 
La Grange Park, 111. 

1911 — Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones) 
26 Lilac Lane 
Princeton, N. J. 

1912 — Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

(Clara Parker) 
8 High Street 
Goffstown, N. H. 

1913 — Mrs. A. L. St-irn 

(Mary Fenno) 
45 East Loop Road 
Dongan Hills, Staten Island 
New York 

1915 — Mrs. H. B. Collins 

(Nell Woodward) 
39 Lincoln Street 
Manchester, Mass. 

1916 — Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker) 
79 Carpenter Street 
Foxboro, Mass. 

1917 — Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd) 
160 E. 48th Street 
New York, N. Y. 

1918 — Mrs. Edmund W. Hill 

(Mildred Cary) 
Belgrade Lakes 

1919 — Mercie V. Nichols 

59 Ripley Road 
Cohasset, Mass. 

1920 — Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson) 
Amenia, New York 

1921 — Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett) 
130 Reservoir Road 
Wollaston 70, Mass. 

1922 — Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering) 
3 Lovering Road 
West Medford 55, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty) 
314 San Juan Road 
Watsonville, Calif. 

1923 — Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

(Adrienne E. Smith) 
359 Otis Street 
West Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 
(Antoinette Meritt) 
110 Woodland Road 
Auburndale 66, Mass. 

1924 — Helen B. Perry 

172 Porter Street 
Melrose 76, Mass. 

1925 — Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing) 
3 Kent Street 
Concord, N. H. 

Mrs. J. LeRoy Wood 

(Catherine Beecher) 
46 Olive Street 
Methuen, Mass. 

1927 — Mrs. David Rosen 

(Rosalie Brightman) 
404 Beacon Street 
Boston, Mass. 

1928 — Lillian G. Bethel 

The Waltham Hospital 
Waltham 54, Mass. 

1929 — Mrs. Allan Van De Mark 

(Phyllis Beck) 
479 Willow Street 
Lockport, N. Y. 

1930 — Mrs. Norman L. Miller 

(Frances Smith) 
17 Lowell Street 
Andover, Mass. 

1931 — Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

(Karin Eliasson) 
4216 Woodacre Drive 
Chesterbrook Woods 
McLean, Virginia 



1932 — Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman) 
Cold Spring Harbor 
New York 

1940 — Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper) 
52 Rockledge Drive 
West Hartford, Conn. 

Natalie E. Park 

73 Goden Street 
Belmont 78, Mass. 

1933 — Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford) 
31 Fairview Street 
Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 

(Virginia Ogden) 
196 Wentworth Avenue 
Edgewood, R. I. 

1934 — Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

(Dorothy Secord) 
31 Wesley Street 
Newton 58, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett) 
Oak Hill Road 
Rocky Hill, Conn. 

1935 — Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King) 
111 Wilcox Avenue 
Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway) 
19 Fern Street 
Auburndale 66, Mass. 

1936 — Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith) 
43 Little Brook Drive 
Pittsford, N. Y. 

1937 — ■ Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel) 
150 Hickory Road 
Weston 93, Mass. 

1938 — Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm) 
80 Mountain Terrace Road 
West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard) 
Josselyn Avenue, R.F.D. 
Duxbury, Mass. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 
(Ruth Sullivan) 
17 Hemlock Road 
Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

1941 — Mrs. J. W. Sheffer 

(Janet Jansing) 
201 Wischman Avenue 
Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse 

Apt. A-5, Midland Gardens 
Bronxville, N. Y. 

1942 — Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley) 
6217 Rosalie Court 
Metairie, Lousiana 

Anne M. Lynch 

1784 Washington Street 
Auburndale 66, Mass. 

1943 — Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge) 
28 Juniper Avenue 
Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Salvatore F. Stramondo 

(Nan Mondello) 
3 Ballard Terrace 
Lexington, Mass. 

1944 — Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

(Suzanne Lange) 

Mrs. William H. Greene 

(Barbara Bresette) 
18 Hodges Street 
Attleboro, Mass. 

1945 — Mrs. C. R. Carver 
(Emma Gilbert) 
57 Hillside Avenue 
Short Hills, N. J. 

1939 — Mrs. G. Forrest Gillett 
(Cora Pratt) 
469 Maple Street 
Winnetka, 111. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean Logue) 
49 Eaton Avenue 
Woburn, Mass. 



1946 — Mrs. P. B. Langley 
(Louise Pool) 
3 Rose Hill Road 
Richmond, Va. 

1951 — Mrs. Robert B. Borden 
(Barbara Adams) 
15 Dover Road 

Wellesley, Mass. 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson) 
85 West Brookside Drive 
Larchmont, N. Y. 

Mrs. Salvatore Mangano 

(Anna Stevenson) 
17 Stella Road 
Belmont, Mass. 

1947 — Mrs. John R. Paolella 

(Gloria Sylvia) 
411 West 24th Street 
New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
(Lois Kenyon) 
Woodstock Valley 

1948 — Beryl N. Groff 
Box 1853 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Mrs. Miriam Butcher 

(Miriam Day) 
6O5V2 Milwaukee Avenue 
Dunedin, Florida 

1949 _ Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quilty) 
76 Norwood Road 
West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

(Joan DeGelleke) 
Upper State Street 
Guilford, Conn. 

Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 

(Kathryn Poore) 
1 Berkeley Avenue 
Haverhill, Mass. 

1950 — Mrs. Peter W. Stanley 
(Jean Davies) 
611 Norwood Drive 
Westfield, N. J. 

Mrs. Lloyd Stockdale 

(Sabra Turner) 
Box 5 
West Dennis, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

(Barbara Voorman) 
303 Mountain Avenue 
Ridgewood, N. J. 

1952 — Mrs. Edward Berghaus 
(Suzanne Baney) 
13 University Avenue 
Chatham, N. J. 

1953 — Mrs. R. A. Nesslinger 
(Sylvia Pfeiffer) 
3 Mason Court 
Delaware, Ohio 

1954 — Mrs. William H. Moebius 

(Ann Chidsey) 
25 Hepburn Road 
Hamden, Conn. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

(Ann Lethbridge) 

105 Osceola Avenue 

Middlesex, N.J. 

Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis) 
115 Winchester Road 
Arlington 74, Mass. 

1955 — Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 
(Carolyn V. Chapin) 
123 Vadnais Circle 
West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

(Susan Twichell) 
The Berkshire School 
Sheffield, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard K. Dey 

(Jacquelyn Temperley) 
Bowstring Farm, R.F.D. 3 
Concord, N. H. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch) 
10 Elysian Place 
Oakland, Calif. 



1956 — Mrs. Victor H. Jonas 

(Suzanne Wadsworth) 
1 Cottage Avenue 
Winchester, Mass. 

1960 — Mrs. Christopher K. Bullock 

(Susan Ellis) 
55 Purchase Street 
Milford, Mass. 

Mrs. Oscar Asadoorian 

(Mary Parmakian) 

17 Starkweather Street 
Manchester, Conn. 

Mrs. Norman P. Fitch 

(Sandra Shelton) 
316 N. Harvard Street 
Allston, Mass. 

1957 — Barbara J. Sturges 

6 Stanley Oval 
Westfield, N. J. 

Mrs. Donald K. Bassett 

(Patricia Howe) 
4 Merrill Road 
South Natick, Mass. 

Mrs. Philip J. Connor 

(Nancye VanDeusen) 

18 Reardon Road 
Hudson, Mass. 

1958 — Mrs. Joseph Fontana 

(Virginia Ambrose) 
801-D Hamilton Street 
Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Doug'as J. Mitchell 

(Marion Heinsohn) 
145 Washington Avenue 
West Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Lloyd G. McLean 

(Mary Lou Riordan) 
306 Webster Street 
Marshfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Donald Brigham 

(Sallie Flowers) 
9 Oak Avenue 
West Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard M. Legg 

(Marilyn Senior) 
152 Utica Street 
Quincy, Mass. 

1961 — Barbara Ann Cole 
95 Fox Hill Street 
Westwood, Mass. 

Mrs. Hrant Russian 

(Elizabeth Hood) 
129 Linden Street 
Needham, Mass. 

Mrs. John P. Sullivan 

(Elizabeth Schwingel) 
12 Ellis Drive 
Basking Ridge, N. J. 

1962 — Marcia Madden 
6 Nobscot Road 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Sally Remley 

73 Randlett Park 
West Newton, Mass. 

Lynda Blount 

18 Michael Road 
Hingham, Mass. 

1959 — Mrs. Martin F. Bilafer 

(Carol Grieve) 
Quarters 1030-2, Dogwood St. 
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 

1963 — Mary Louise Colby 

8 Hartland Road 
Tariffville, Conn. 

Mrs. David G. Bailey 

(Melisse Jenkins) 
F-2 Beverly Road 
Newark, Delaware 

Deborah A. Smyth 

5019 Roland Avenue 
Baltimore 10, Maryland 

Mrs. Russell V. Glasson 

(Joan Valentine) 
613 Main Street, Apt. 18 
Manchester, Conn. 

Mrs. Robert J. Ferriman 

(Susan Nanry) 
230 Mystic Valley Parkway 
Winchester, Mass. 

oDateA to fcemember . . 

Lasell Night at "Pops" 

Symphony Hall, Boston 

Friday, May 22, 1964* 


Sunday, June 7, 1964 


June 12, 13 and 14, 1964 

*Note Change of Date 

7>yu^_ &f r _ 





V if 

'» .-1 



jRwwJ Ictch 1963-64 



MAY, 1964 

No. 3 


Alumnae Fund Chairman: 
Louise Tardive! Higgins '37 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Marjorie MaeClymon '32 

Cmm-i Mr* James Stanley^ Direct©* ©f Development, discusses The Alumnae Fund with 
Chairman Louise Tardivel Higgins "%1 and Alice Pratt Brown, agent lor The 
Class ©f im 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Ine>, Lasefl Junior College, Auburndale, 

Mass* Sec©nd--da&s postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special! rate 

©I postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of ©etober % 1917, authorised on October 

H.% 19 1& Subscription §&M> Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribut- 

ti©^ Single copies ©f this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each* 


May, 1964 

To the Alumnae: 

The story is told of the Protestant minister who went to visit his good friend 
Father Shannon at a brand-new Catholic parish house. The building was modern, 
efficient, even elegant in an ascetic sort of way. 

The minister was much impressed, and said so. His own accommodations, he 
admitted, were not nearly so fine. "Ah yes," said Father Shannon, "but don't you 
think it is only fair, since we are denied better halves, that we should have better 

The story is apocryphal and probably not true. But it does serve to introduce 
to Lasell alumnae — who surely constitute the better half of the college corporate 
— the growing need for better quarters on campus, as well as additional quarters, 
for the benefit of future students. 

Lasell's Board of Trustees has already indicated, in principle, that the College 
should try to expand in coming years. Lasell will make every effort to accept her 
share of the steadily increasing number of applicants. This will mean, of course, 
new dormitories, new dining facilities. At the same time, many of our current 
facilities are going to have to be expanded or replaced. 

Bragdon, Hawthorne, Clark — the names flow like ripples from the past. 
Fvery room in those old dorms is brimming with memories. But every room also — 
to be quite candid — is brimming with repair and maintenance bills. Those old 
buildings are up to one hundred years old and more. They have simply passed 
the point of efficient operation. 

All these factors: the need for new dormitories, dining facilities, library, 
gymnasium, and classrooms, are now being correlated into a Master Plan. Step by 
step, our building needs for the next decade are being analyzed by an architectural 
firm specializing in college construction. Various proposals under the Plan are now 
being reviewed by the Board. You'll be hearing more of them as time goes on. 

This past year, as you will discover in this issue, the Annual Giving Fund 
topped $20,000 — about $4,000 more than any previous year. This is a praise- 
worthy record for which both Lasell and I are grateful. You all have reason to 
feel pleased, particularly when we remember the Fund was not conducted under 
any pressure or directed campaign. 

Beginning next fall, we will all be planning for the new Lasell. We will 
be working on specific projects, according to pre-established timetables. Quite 
frankly, it is going to be a tremendous effort, and we will need the loyalty and 
generosity of our alumnae even more than we have in the past. 

I am sure the goals can be achieved. I am sure the new Lasell can be built. 
Working together, we can provide the better quarters for students of the future, 
and thereby strengthen both our College and the cause of education. 



by Audrey Jackson Dade 

Audrey Jackson Dade 

On a brisk wintry morning last February, I stood looking through glass doors 
— into the past. That Monday at Lasell, the college library in Bragdon Hall was 
deserted, for the girls had only just returned from vacation following mid-year 
exams. But as I peered through those glass doors, the library's stacks and study 
tables dimmed and in my mind's eye I saw the room as I had known it years 
before. It was then the college dining room, its round tables presided over by 
such staunch disciplinarians as Miss Potter and Mile. LeRoyer. I could almost hear 
the clatter of heels as we hurried down the stairs for lunch. 

Today Lasell's undergraduates — 675 of them — would overflow that dining 
room in the Bragdon we knew. And this is just one of the many signs of growth 
you will see if you return to Auburndale for your first visit in many years, as I did 
last February. One of the most impressive changes will greet you as you drive along 
Commonwealth Avenue to Cheswick Road; the white house on the corner has been 
converted into the Administration Building. On the lawn a handsome sign reads: 
"LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE Founded in 1851." No longer a seminary for 
young ladies, Lasell has come of age, the oldest junior college in this country. 

You may ask: With all this growth, what's still there that we knew? Bragdon, 
of course, still stands tall on the hill above Woodland Road. (There was snow 
on the hill the morning I was there and I inquired if the girls still go down "belly 
whoppers" on steel trays. It seems not. Perhaps undergraduates now are too 
sophisticated for our folly.) 

As you enter Bragdon, the rooms to the right and left, which formerly housed 
the administrative offices, have been restored to the gracious parlors of Bragdon's 
youth. The room on the right deserves a special look — so charming with its white 
walls, maroon drapes and mahogany furniture. (The room on the third floor where 
Marian Brown (Schlosser '26) and I lived, incidentally, seems to have shrunk 


alarmingly from the size I remember.) Definitely not of our day in the past is a 
large turquoise powder room on the first floor. If powder rooms can be said to 
be baronial, it is. 

On the grand tour I was given that morning, I saw Carpenter and Gardner, 
the Barn in back and the playing fields. But Woodland Park School has gone, sold 
for modern building properties. Its memory is retained, however, in the new 
Woodland Dormitory which stands beside Gardner and contains the college dining 
room. Other new buildings, either renovated private homes or recently completed 
structures, bear nostalgic names: Ordway, Wass, Potter, Irwin. Winslow Hall, 
new to me, houses the gymnasium, which becomes an auditorium with the addition 
of chairs. Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall is a handsome tan brick building completed 
in September 1963; it's the scene of busy students being trained as top-notch 

As you drive around Auburndale, you'll remember that Lasell has no campus 
as such; the good people of the town have simply taken the College into their 
midst. But you will be amazed at the increase in the number of houses which 
Lasell now owns. You can spot them by their white paint and green trim. They 
are used as dormitories and as college office space. 

Farrington Hall is another new landmark. It's a vast brownstone Victorian 
mansion that sits on a small hill like a castle of old and you reach it up a curving 
driveway; the College spent thousands of dollars to widen that drive to make it 
negotiable by fire trucks. The home was willed to the College by Mrs. Lucia Far- 
rington, and now houses seven classrooms and the Dance Studio. 

On Woodland Road opposite the new Woodland Dormitory stands the Presi- 
dent's Home, also new to my day. It formerly belonged to the Wentworth family. 
Now it is occupied by Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury, their two sons and a large 
and handsome cat. From Mrs. Tewksbury I learned of a wonderful dish named 
Auburndale Soup; we had it for supper Sunday night and it was so delicious I 
had two bowlfulls. The Tewksburys come from Maine originally — he is a Bow- 
doin graduate — and their old family furniture, most of it refinished by him, fits 
in happily with the furnishings of the President's Home which was redecorated 
by a committee of the Board of Trustees. 

The Sunday I spent with the Tewksburys was the night of the Beatles (the 
first time they appeared on Ed Sullivan's Show). I hesitated to suggest to my 
hosts that I'd like to see Britain's gift to America. But in the midst of our con- 
versation, a young male voice called out, "Come on, Mom, the Beatles." So we 
all sat down in front of the TV in the upstairs living room to watch. As you see, 
Lasell undergraduates will not be encouraged to live in ivory towers. 

Dr. Tewksbury told me that, academically, the trend at Lasell now is away 
from Home Economics and the finishing-school type of course, toward professional 
training as, for example, nursing and medical secretarial jobs. The girls do their 
nursing training at The Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Dr. Tewksbury mentioned 
one fact that will interest you: the College is finding that middle-aged women are 
beginning to knock on Lasell's door for brush-up courses in typing and shorthand, 
in preparation for returning to office positions. 

I saw the undergraduates chiefly en masse, as they walked to classes (laden 
with books, of course), or when I spoke to the student body in Winslow Hall on 
job possibilities in the editorial field. They looked, as you can imagine, much 
younger than the undergraduates of our day! They were dressed in what they 
have apparently chosen as a kind of uniform: sweaters and skirts, duffle coats of 
green, navy or gray, long black socks and loafers. (No slacks, by campus edict.) 


They listened to the morning speaker that day with extreme good manners. 

Seeing Lasell again after so many years is like reaching into your pocket for 
a glinting handful of coins of the past. And for those of you who may want, to 
take the trip to the campus, there's good news. A motel is going up along the 
Charles River in Auburndale, so the days of trekking in and out of Boston, as 
visiting alumnae used to do, will be numbered. If you're planning a trip to New 
England, keep this in mind for a pleasant journey into the past — and the future. 

For make no mistake about it. Lasell is growing. You will see signs of it 
everywhere in Auburndale and you will be proud. 

Audrey Jackson Dade '26, an associate editor of The Reader's Digest, was the 
first of three alumnae to participate in a Career Program Series during the 1963-64 
academic year. Audrey's appearance was followed on March 2d by Louise Woolley 
Morgan 23, outstanding TV and radio personality; and on April 6th by Rosalie 
Brightman Rosen, fashion co-ordinator of fay' s, Boston. Rosalie, Life Secretary of 
the Class of 1927 , is a member of the Board of Trustees. 

. . . Ed. 

^ ..^...........^^ 

Louise Woolley Morgan with 
Vicki Poole '64 and Carol Brown '64 

Rosalie Brightman Rosen 



•...'.;:.'= ■■'-.::■■•■■ - ■,•.■:.::.;.:■: 

: ; 2y-:3:;:v ; ;.™;:«':«;-; 

Wendy Gaillard '65, granddaughter of 
Mabel Sayles Webster x-'05 

Alumnae Daughters — Class of 1965 
I. to r.: Nancy Burrough (Ruth Bowman Burrough '40); Sandra Perkins (Jane 
Upton Perkins '47); Diane Rolfe (Margaret Elms Rolfe '27); Jerilyn Goebel 
(Justine Ransom Goebel '41); Deborah DeStaebler (Elizabeth Bear DeStaebler 

'31); Anne DeArment (Janet Owens DeArment '37) 

Missing from picture: Janet Theurer (Virginia Hall Warren '36); Linda Wilkins 

(Charlotte Phillips Wilkins '33) 


Alumnae Daughters — Class of 1964 
row 1: (left) Linda Parmenter (Ruth Shepard Parmenter '25) 
(right) Katrina Sullivan (Gwen Prouty Bellinger '42) 

row 2: (left) Barbara Bates (Thelma Macfarlane Bates '32) 
(right) Nina Dotterer (Evelyn Bostel Dotterer '28) 

row 3: (left) Susan Dahlberg (Sally Swanson Dahlberg '35) 
(right) Carolee Jans (Caroline Gamble Jans '42) 

top row: (left) Diane Murphy (the late Marie Johnston Murphy x-'25) 
(right) Gail Glynn (Virginia Posson Glynn x-'42) 

Missing from picture: Barbara Fisher (Ann Buckle Fischer '41); Wendie M 
(Helen Dermon Mertz x-'33); Roberta Richmond (Edith Shalit Richmond 



Mary Jane Clark '51 to Vincent Maurici. 

Alberta Flint '5 5 to Russell Reinert. 

Constance E. Johnson '58 to Thomas F. McNuIty. 

Janet Stewart McPherson '58 to Captain William Henry Pretto, Ji 

Helen D. Mowat '58 to Paul H. Hirst. 

Joan Alice Rawding '58 to John Leighton Williamson. 

Patricia J. Woolley '58 to Michael Edward Cronin, Jr. 

Dorothy M. Knobel '59 to Alexander Somogyi. 

Carolyn Matisoff '59 to Ronald Marc Gardner. 

Bette Jean Estes '60 to John vanBeuren Aymar, Jr. 

Phyllis Gomberg '60 to Lt. (j.g.) Paul J. McKinnonJr., USN. 

Paula Wolfson '60 to David Oppenheim. 

Gail Ann Bingle '61 to Redmond Theodore Staunton. 

Barbara Anne Brown '61 to David Charles Wilson. 

Lynne F. Clark '61 to David J. Kent. 

Charlotte Mae Clinton '61 to Wilford Thorpe Clark. 

Ellen Hope Lediard '61 to Edward Leon Dolvy. 

Margaret Mary Mulvey '61 to Richard L. Stevens. 

Barbara Nenart '61 to Dr. Andre St. Germain. 

Linda Marie Norwell '61 to Norman A. Gaulin. 

Judith Anne Ready '61 to Lt. William H. Baird. 

Edwina Warner '61 to Dale B. Tripp. 

Sandra Cloud '62 to John Irving Barringer. 

Francine Doris Cohn '62 to Mitchell Simon Jaffe. 

Joan Frances DiSilva '62 to William Theodore Vrettas. 

Barbara Frances Fitzgerald '62 to Dean Ahern Edson. 

Susan Ellen Donahue x-'62 to Barry L. Higgins. 

Jacqueline Ann Fennessey '62 to Robert H. Lens. 

Carolyn Shutter Grant '62 to Lawrence A. Kuntze. 

Allison Haff '62 to Peter L. Burrows. 

Beryl L. Hamlen '62 to John Mitchell Morrissey. 

Betsy Ann Hammer '62 to Peter Loukas. 

Rita V. Hutchinson '62 to Richard A. Okerholm. 

Nancy E. Jones '62 to John Giovinco. 

Roberta Mulford '62 to Kenneth Hamilton Walker. 

Carol Phyllis Rabnowitz x-'62 to Ronald Charles Rowley. 

Reva S. Rovner '62 to Stephen Lahnstein. 

Janice E. Toran '62 to Laurence V. Stucki. 

Barbara Christiansen '63 to Frederick S. Lum. 

Carolyn L. Doucette '63 to David W. Lombard. 

Lorraine Pearson Duffy '63 to James Hackett. 

Gail Grange '63 to Lynn Johnson. 

Priscilla M. Jank '63 to Anthony R. Merrill. 

Patricia Bunce Lucy '63 to Lt. (j.g.) P. Jeffery Bull. 

Barbara A. Noorigian '63 to Robert F. Meehan. 

Diane S. Smith '63 to Arthur L. Simmons, Jr. 

June Elizabeth Swinimer '63 to Georg J. Panuschka. 


Marilyn Ruth Beaton '59 and Dieter Arthur Lange on April 4, 1964 at Wareham, Mass. 
Linda Beebe x-'59 and Lawrence M. DeLeo on January 27, 1964 at Milford, Connecticut. 
Lois Ann DeCuollo '59 and George W. Johnson on February 15, 1964 at Westfield, New 

Jeanne Lisbeth Orcutt '61 and William P. McCormack on April 5, 1964 at Hingham. 
Lois Ann FitzSimons '60 and Lt. Paul Gannon Downey, Jr., USA on April 4, 1964 at 

Weston, Mass. 


Susan Perry Benedict '62 

Barbara Ann Greiff '60 and Jeffrey Mines on August 4, 1963 at West Hartford, Con- 

Judith A. Williams '60 and Frederick L. LaValle on April 4, 1964 at Milton, Mass. 

Marlene Bostwick '61 and Marc Cortell in January 1964 at Newton, Mass. 

Sally Ann Cabral '61 and George R. Crowe on September 1, 1963. 

Carol Lou Carvey '61 and David Curtis Stimson on March 7, 1964 at Manchester, Con- 

Deborah Clark '61 and Terrence John O'Duggan on April 4, 1964 at Westwood, Mass. 


Barbara Ann Cole '61 and J. Russell French, III, on February 22, 1964 at Westwood, 

Caroline Heck '61 and Thomas Crane on March 28, 1964 in California. 
Celeste Elisabeth Mayo '61 and Walter C. Shannon, Jr., on April 4, 1964 at Waterbury, 

Marilyn L. Melick '61 and Hudson Shaw Green on February 22, 1964 at Wilmington, 

Jeanne Lisbeth Orcutt '61 and William P. McCormack on April 5, 1964 at Hingham, 

Pauline T. Sarrazin '61 and Robert D. Addison on April 11, 1964 at Florence, Mass. 
Barbara Ann Seremet '61 and Lt. Bernard H. Smith, Jr., USAF on February 8, 1964 at 

Methuen, Mass. 
Marsha J. Shapiro '61 and Lawrence Gaines Conley on March 6, 1964. 
Barbara Lee Stark '61 and Stewart S. MacKenzie, Jr., on September 7, 1963 at Ridge- 
wood, New Jersey. 
Donna M. Szarek '61 and Lt. Robert W. Sullivan, Jr., USN on April 11, 1964 at North- 
bridge, Mass. 
Nancy Elaine Hungerford '62 and John Kimball Raymond on March 7, 1964 at Orange, 

Elizabeth H. Killam x-'62 and Robert Harvey Silvert on February 22, 1964 at Walling- 

ford, Connecticut. 
Susan B. Perry '62 and Arthur H. Benedict on January 26, 1964 at Providence, Rhode 

Suzanne Palmer Adams '63 and William Sherrod Ingalls, Jr., on March 30, 1964 at 

Lebanon, Connecticut. 
Judith Gale Higgins '63 and William Rolland Black on December 21, 1963 at Noroton, 

Miriam Clarke Robbins '63 and John D. Kelly on January 25, 1964 at Woods Hole, 

Marcia Hope Wightman '63 and Paul Edward Sansoucy on April 4, 1964 at Woodstock, 

Barbara M. Zommer '63 and Gerald Richmond Wescott, Jr., on February 1, 1964 at 

Hartford, Connecticut. 

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt O. Wright 
(Linda Senter '63) 
February 15, 1964 



To Mary Elizabeth Kinney O'Connell '47, a fourth child, third son, Peter Kinney, on 
February 9, 1964. 

To Dorothy Azadian McKinnon '48, a sixth child, fifth son, Luke Deran, on March 16, 

To Jeanne Williams Walz '48, a third son, James Adam, on January 13, 1964. 

To Emogene Starrett Anderson '49, a fourth child, second son, Scott David, on Feb- 
ruary 7, 1964. 

To M. Vicki Stone Leary '49, a third daughter, Susan, on June 3, 1963. 

To Carolie Painter Wildrick '52, a son, Donald Stanley, on September 17, 1963. 

To Sally Garrett Dean '53, a daughter, Martha Quick, on January 31, 1964. 

To Beverly Thornton Hallowell '53, a second daughter, Laurel, on February 14, 1964. 

To Ann Chidsey Moebius '54, a second son, James Robert, on November 9, 1963. 

To Patricia Wilson Kane '54, a daughter, Mary Catherine, on August 1, 1962, adopted 
September 27, 1962; a son, John Patrick, on December 23, 1963, adopted January 
31, 1964. 

To Marlene Berman Lewis '55, a second daughter, Roberta Jayne, on March 9, 1964. 

To Elaine Montella Butler '55, a third daughter, Karen Marie, on February 28, 1964. 

To Shirley Palmaccio Stolfors '55, a second child, a daughter, Kerstin Anne, on No- 
vember 11, 1963. 

To Barbara Gorman Trice '56, twins, a daughter, Holliday Suzanne, and a son, Frank- 
lin Alexander, on December 25, 1963. 

To Marion Nelson Holland '56, a daughter, Gail Christine, on March 17, 1964. 

To Reyna Olderman Stein '56, a son, Andrew Todd, on August 8, 1963. 

To Bette Putnam Prokop '56, a third child, second daughter, Katherine Lynn, on Au- 
gust 28, 1963. 

To Barbara Bean James '57, a second son, Robert Graydon, on December 18, 1963. 

To Joan Craven Shuba '57, a daughter, Cindy Laureen, in August 1963. 

To Patricia Gilbert June '57, a daughter, Robin, on March 17, 1964. 

To Renate Griemsmann Judson '57, a third daughter, Christina Jeanne, on September 
8, 1963. 

To Donna Carr Coyle '58, a son, Bradford Robert, on November 3, 1963. 

To Carole Bartholomew Dusseau '58, a son, Brian Walter, on January 9, 1964. 

To Jetta Fucito LaCava '58, a second child, first son, Scott Anthony, on February 4, 

To Susan Rapaport Paul '58, a second child, first daughter, Sharyn Beth, on Septem- 
ber 6, 1963. 

To Ann Reeves Schmid '58, a second child, first daughter, Lindsey Ann, on December 
6, 1963. 

To Mary Lou Riordan McLean '58, a daughter, Laurie Louise, on February 16, 1964. 

To Alba Spinale Kenney '58, a daughter, Elaina Marie, on January 5, 1964. 

To Gail Winalski Burd '58, a third daughter, Kathleen Joyce, on February 12, 1964. 

To Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59, a daughter, Kristine Marie, on January 10, 1964. 

To Marcia Lietz Sweeney '59, a daughter, Jill Anne, on November 15, 1963. 

To Elizabeth Snyder Weigel '59, a son, Russell C. Ill, on February 6, 1964. 

To Sandra Conzen Stefany '60, a daughter, Suzanne Louise, on February 10, 1964. 

To Minna Golden Levin '60, a second son, Allan Edward, on April 13, 1964. 

To Mary Jane Sauer Lockard '60, a son, John Ralph, on January 19, 1964. 

To Bobette Spiegel Shafton '60, a son, Neil Ellis, on December 27, 1963. 

To Joan Adamski Borghesani '61, a son, Todd, on July 14, 1963. 

To Georgia Beaumont Kettelle '61, a second son, Stephen Erik, on March 17, 1964. 

To Carol Healy Butterworth '61, a second daughter, Carolyn, on November 13, 1963. 

To Ellen Kottmeier Foster '61, second child, a son, David Clark, on March 2, 1964. 

To Janet Morrice Wendell '61, a daughter, Laura Ann, in August 1963- 

To Linda Burnett Davis '62, a second daughter, Suzanne Lynn, on December 30, 1963. 

To Patricia McNulty Magnotta '62, a daughter, Deborah Leigh. 

To Avery Leach Bullock '63, a son, Christopher Franklin, on January 13, 1964. 



Bradford Bruce Bredehoft 

(Marion Nutter '55) 


Mildred Strain Nutter '17) 

Eva Toth 
(Patricia Clark '53) 

Kristen Lee Sandberg 
(Sandra Mueller '61) 

Robin Lee Crosby 
(Marilyn Caruso '61) 



Martin Wolsky 
(Barbara Bronstein '58) 

Stuart C. MacDonald, Jr. 
(Janice Whitman '59) 

Medforcl Alan Dyer 
(Nancy Ann Houde '50) 

Jeffrey Myerow 
(Sandra Stone '55) 



Carol, Kathleen and Michael Houston 
(Jane Master '54) 

Shannon-Lee Neugent 
(Lois Dickerman '50) 

Craig and Peter Ellinwood 

(Janet Parmenter '56) 

(Grandmother Ruth Shepard '25) 

Andrew Stein 
(Reyna Olderman '56) 

Peter Joseph Casarella 
(Sara Rojas '54) 



Elaina Marie Kenney 
(Alba Spinale '58) 

Linda, Robert and Stephen Hanna 
(Jean Weeks '53) 

Virginia Stern 
(Susan Clark '61) 

<§»<" ji« 

- . 


Lin and Susan Stiles 
(Carole Crandall '57) 

Mark, Kathy and Liz Fisler 
(Faith Harvey '54) 



Pamela and Douglas Koch with new 
brother, Donald (Judith Horton '52) 

Sherry and Scott Thompson 
(Joan Pethybridge '57) 

Stuart, Bryan and Karen Mesinger 
(Marguerite Rudolf '52) 

Michael and Jimmy Carolus 
(Patricia Sindall '58) 

Melissa, John and Richard McCartney 
(Priscilla Freeman '51) 



Kevin and Susan Mulcahy 
(Joyce Carroll '52) 

Marty and Doug Wyatt 
(Joyce Stirling '58) 

Kirsten and Craig Andersen 
(Dorothy Rich '52) 

Linda Ann and Wendy Jane Boyle 
(Ann Brown '59) 

Bill and Mark Robinson 
(Ariel Leonard '50) 



Virginia and John MacVeigh 
(Ellen Grover '48) 

Kevin, David and Douglas Burns 
(Barbara Herzog '52) 


X m 


Mercie Sinsabaugh Ingalls 

Lasell's oldest graduate, Mercie Sinsabaugh Ingalls '87, died on Tuesday, 
March 3, 1964 at Manhasset, Long Island, N. Y. She had lived in the Philippines 
for many years and had been a Long Island resident since 1929. She was a member 
of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and had been active in its Women's Auxiliary. 
Mrs. Ingalls was a member of the Greater New York Lasell Club, and continued 
her interest in the more recently organized Long Island Club. 

Mrs. Ingalls is survived by three daughters, a son, four grandchildren and 
five great-grandchildren. 

Dr. Egon E. Kattwinkel 

Dr. Egon E. Kattwinkel of West Newton, Mass. died on March 15, 1964 
at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital. He was a graduate of Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology and Harvard Medical School. 

He served as Chief of Cardiology and was a past Chief of Medicine at 
Newton-Wellesley, and was past-president of the Boston Chapter Heart Asso- 
ciation. He was a member of the American Medical Association, Massachusetts 
Medical Association, Charles River District Medical Society and the Roxbury 
Society for Medical Improvements. 

Dr. Kattwinkel was voted to the Board of Trustees of Lasell Junior College 
in October 1957, and was a member of the Executive Board from 1957 to 1962. 

Dr. Kattwinkel is survived by his wife, Mrs. Dorothy (Fish); a daughter 
and two sons. 

The Lillie R. Potter Memorial Altar 
(Presented anonymously — 1963) 



The Annual Meeting of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. . . . 

The Sixteenth Annual Alumnae Council Session opened with a social hour 
preceding dinner in Woodland Hall on Friday evening, April 3, 1964. President 
Barbara Iris Johnson '35 extended greetings to all and introduced the head table 
guests: Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury, Mr. and Mrs. Wilder Smith, Mr. and 
Mrs. John Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. James Stanley and Mr. Sebastian Mignosa. Mr. 
Smith, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, explained the role of alumnae in future 
development plans of the College. Mr. Mignosa, a member of the Secretarial De- 
partment, gave a report of the improved teaching facilities provided by the 
acquisition of the newest classroom building, Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall. 

Dr. Tewksbury, guest speaker of the evening, very cleverly "unveiled" the 
master plan for Lasell of the Future. Ten years have been set for the realization 
of this development program. 

The Annual Meeting of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. was held on Saturday, April 4, 
1964, in the spacious lecture room of Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall. President Bar- 
bara Iris Johnson called the meeting to order, and thanked the Board of Manage- 
ment for its help during her term of office. She then introduced the weekend 
guests of The Association, Jane Burnham Eliason '45 and Carolyn Lindsay Stradley 
'46 of Wilmington, Delaware. 

The secretary's report was read and approved; the treasurer's report was dis- 
cussed and placed on file; the auditor's report was accepted. 

Chairman of the Alumnae Fund, Louise Tardivel Higgins '37, announced the 
total of the 1963-64 campaign: $20,119-83 from 1837 contributors. Included in 
the total figure were six In Memoriam Gifts; matching funds from twelve business 
and industrial companies; and 429 "second" contributions from alumnae. Five area 
clubs directed additional checks to The Alumnae Fund: Chicago, Long Island, 
Philadelphia-South Jersey, Pittsburgh and South Florida. Contributions to The 
Alumnae Scholarship Fund were received from the following clubs: Westchester- 
Lower Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Worcester, Eastern Maine, 
Rochester, Greater Boston, Long Island, Buffalo, Western Massachusetts and 
Connecticut Valley. Three clubs sent contributions to The Alumnae Building 
Fund: Southern California, Connecticut Valley and Rhode Island. 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33, chairman of the Scholarship Committee, stated 
that three scholarships totaling $1300 had been granted in 1963-64. Over the 
past ten years The Alumnae Association has awarded $16,230 to deserving students. 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 listed the projects completed with Alumnae 
funds this year: 

1. $3,700 for the purchase of a wrought-iron fence to mark the boundaries of 
the administrative offices at Commonwealth Avenue and Cheswick Road. 

2. $1,374 for the furnishings of the entrance hall, including the bronze 
plaque, at. Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall. 

3. $2,898 for landscaping at Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall. 

Barbara Johnson announced that Mr. Leonard Wolfe has offered evergreens 
from his New Hampshire property to be replanted in the vicinity of the new 
classroom building. These will serve as a living memorial to the late Priscilla 
Alden Wolfe '19. It was voted that Mr. Wolfe be thanked for this eenerous offer. 




. jIS .:. . i »■■ 

Club Representatives: I. to r. Carolyn Simpson Hayden '53 (Long Island), Eliza- 
beth Liebewein Nyser '57 (Conn. Valley), Betty Lou Foy Reid '52 (Rhode Island), 
Molly McBride Kalogeros '53 (Conn. Valley) 

Sandra S belt on Fitch '56 invited all to attend a Wine Tasting Party on 
May 6, 1964 at the Cambridge Boat Club. The popular party is being sponsored 
by The Greater Boston Lasell Club. 

It was suggested that the table flowers be sent to Evelina Perkins '15, who is 
recuperating from a recent operation. Miss Perkins is a resident of the Deaconess 
Home in Concord, Mass. 

Chairman Lillian G. Bethel '28 read the Nominating Committee's report. A 
motion was made and passed that the slate be accepted as read. Officers of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc. for 1964-65 include: 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 
Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 
Nancy Chase Ferguson '53 
Betty Williams McGowan '47 
Marion Nutter Bredehoft '55 
Ruth Turner Crosby '42 
Ruth Bus well Isaacson '36 
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 
Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 
Mildred Strain Nutter '17 
Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 
Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 
Betty Black Boynton '38 
Sue Ross Westberg '45 
Norah H or s field Maling '54 
Marlene Berman Lewis '55 
Linda Nolin Ahern '55 
Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15 will serve as Chairman of the Nominating Com- 
mittee for the selection of 1965-66 officers. Phyllis Jensen Swenson '30 and 
Barbara Clarke Keenan '40 will assist. 


1st Vice President: 

2nd Vice President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary : 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund Chairman: 

Scholarship Committee Chairman : 



Guest speaker of the Council Session was Mr. Rudolf O. Oberg, Director 
of Alumni Relations at Northeastern University. He stressed the need for closer 
relationship between alumnae, alumnae clubs and the College. 

After luncheon, there was a conducted tour of Potter and Irwin Halls and 
Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall; Miss Muriel McClelland and Mr. Mignosa served as 
guides. At the afternoon Council session, Marjorie MacClymon '32, alumnae sec- 
retary, introduced Mr. James Stanley, Director of Development. Mr. Stanley 
stressed the need of interesting business concerns and foundations in Lasell in 
order that the College may expand and build in the future. 

A discussion of 1964 Class Reunions followed. Alumnae Weekend will be 
held on June 12, 13 and 14. Alumnae will be invited to make overnight reserva- 
tions on campus; class secretaries or reunion chairmen will arrange individual class 
parties. The charge for "resident" reunioners will be $15.00 for the weekend; 
$6.50 for day reservations. 

Afternoon tea at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury closed the Council 

Attending the 16th Annual Alumnae Council Session were: Dr. and Mrs. 
Blake Tewksbury, Mr. and Mrs. Wilder Smith (Antoinette Meritt '23), Mr. and 
Mrs. John Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. James Stanley, Mr. Sebastian Mignosa, Miss 
Muriel McClelland, Mr. Rudolf Oberg, Jane Burnham Eliason '45, Carolyn Lindsay 
Stradley '46, Barbara Iris Johnson '35, Dorothy Secord Garon '34, Marilyn Blodgett 
Hall '46, Nancy Chase Ferguson '53, Betty Williams McGowan '47, Marion 
Nutter Bredehoft '55, Ruth Turner Crosby '42, Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36, Louise 
Tardivel Higgins '37, Shirley Gould Chesebro '33, Mildred Strain Nutter '17, 
Dorothy Inett Taylor '30, Betty Black Boynton '38, Sue Ross Westberg '45, Linda 
Nolin Ahern '55, Joy Stewart Engelsman '55, Dorothy Mosher Stone '42 and 
Marjorie MacClymon '32. 

Agents: Ruth Coulter Bierer '12, Mary Quick Dean '14, Marion Griffin Wol- 
cott '16, Ruth Burnap Jones '17, Marjorie Morrison Coburn '17, Mercie V. Nichols 
'19, Freda Griffin Leining '20, Helen L. Beede '21, Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 
'26, Esther T. fosselyn '27, Lillian G. Bethel '28, Harriet Heivins Sanderson '29, 
Mildred Bell Cole '31, Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38, Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44, 
Joan Lambert Laffin '47, Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59, Anna Natsis '59, Linda 
Telfer '60, Jeanne Chase Peckham '63. 

Secretaries: Marjorie Lovering Harris '22, Helen B. Perry '24, Rosalie Bright- 
man Rosen '27, Virginia Ogden Hayes '33, Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, Gloria 
Sylvia Paolella '47, Jean Davies Stanley '50, Anna Stevenson Mangano '51, 
Suzanne Wadsworth Jonas '56, Sandra Shelton Fitch '56, Barbara Ann Cole 
French '61, Sally Remley '62, and Susan Nanry Ferriman '63. 

Club Representatives: Claire Wallis Harris '50, Helen Richter Hanson '46, 
Terry Brossi Ciarcia '55, Kay Woolover Parsons '46, Elizabeth Liebewein Nyser '57, 
Eileen Stack '61, Molly McBride Kalogeros '53, Carolyn Simpson Hayden '53, 
Betty Lou Foy Reid '52, Eleanor Munro '48, Virginia Bailey '49, Jane Mehajfey 
Wolfe '44, Marilyn Weeden Davidson '49, and Charlotte Bragg Burke '42. 

Also: Lillian Reese Roche '50, Alice Pratt Brown '29, Madeline Farmer 
Ryder x-'15, Carol Healy Butterworth '61, Barbara McLellan McCormick '18, 
Lucinda Nolan Quigley '55, Gail Swans on Rees '55, Barbara Flint Goodwin '44 
and Bette Cole '63. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 

Recording Secretary 



Annual Report of the Treasurer 

March 18, 1963 - March 31, 1964 



Balance on hand 3/18/63 

Alumnae Contributions 

Reunion Luncheons 

Reimbursement by Lasell Jr. College 

Council delegate expense 
Club Payments — Christmas Wrappings 
*1962 — $500.00 
1963 — $459.00 

February Issue 

Mailing & Postage 
Fund Issue 

Mailing & Postage 
August Issue 

Mailing & Postage 

Agent's Business 

Fund Letters — 1963 
Printing & Mailing — Reminder 

Council Expenses 
Speaker — 1963 Council 
Pictures — 1963 Council 
Supplies — 1963 Council 
American Alumni Council Dues 
Expenses — Delegates A.A.C. Meeting 
Transportation Expense — 2 delegates 
Wilmington, Dela. — 1964 


Mary Jane Christmas Paper 

Freight — Christmas Paper 

Gifts to the College 

Wrought iron fence — Administrative Buildings 
Furnishing Foyer — Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall 
Landscaping — Priscilla Alden Wolfe Hall 



Coram, of Mass. — File Tax Report 

Expenses — Lamplighters to New Hampshire Club 

Bonding (Treas., Asst. Treas., Pres.) 

Senior Booklets 

Nims — Caterer — Reunion Luncheon 

V2 Payment — Tent — Commencement 

Supplies — Alumnae Day 

Pictures — Alumnae Day 

\ 9,606.40 






$ 1,116.58 








$ 500.00 






$ 50.00 








$ 687.50 




$ 3,700.00 



$ 7,972.36 










*Figures not included in 1962-1963 Annual Report 


Check Book — reorder 

Paper — Annual Meeting — Ballot 

Petty Cash — Alumnae Office 

Stamps — Annual Meeting. Ballot, Reunion 

Transferred to Scholarship Fund 
Transferred to Building Fund 



Less: Total Disbursements 

Balance on hand 3/31/64 Checking Account 


Building Fund — Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 3/18/63 



Transferred from Gen. Fund Chkg. Acct. 

Balance in Newton Savings Bank 3/31/64 
Scholarship Fund — West Newton Savings Bank 
Balance 3/18/63 
Dividends — Auburndale Cooperative 

Needham Cooperative Banks 
Profit — Sale Christmas Paper — Clubs 



Transferred from Gen. Fund Chkg. Acct. 

(*$251.60 — profit — sale Christmas paper) 

Less: Payment to Lasell Jr. College — 
Scholarship Awards 

Balance — West Newton Savings Bank 3/31/64 
Needham Cooperative Shares (5) 

General Fund — Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 3/18/63 


Balance — Newton Savings Bank 3/31/64 $ 5,956.60 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank Shares (5) $ 1,000.00 





$ 1,871.67 

$ 1,251.60 




General Fund 

$ 9,305.57 




$ 3,600.00 



$ 3,688.27 



$ 4,969.99 
$ 1,251.60* 

$ 6,221.59 

$ 1,300.00 

$ 4,921.59 
$ 1,000.00 

$ 5,921.59 

$ 6,956.60 


General Fund Checking Account $ 9,305.57 

Building Fund 30,612.01 

Scholarship Fund 5,921.59 

General Fund 6,956.60 

TOTAL — March 31, 1964 $52,795.77 




Newton-Waltham Bank & Trust Co. (Checking Account) 

Newton Savings Bank (General Fund) 

Newton Savings Bank (Building Fund) 

West Newton Savings Bank (Scholarship Fund) 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 

Needham Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 

TOTAL — March 31, 1964 

$ 9,305.57 

RUTH E. CROSBY, Treasurer 

The audit of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. books and records was made by 
Miss Alice May, Bursar — Lasell Junior College 

Class Agents, standing I. to r.: Freda Griffin Leining '20, Ruth Coulter Bierer '12. 
Seated I. to r.: Marion Griffin Wolcott '16, Mercie V. Nichols '19, Mary Quick 

Dean '14 




Note: The number of contributors includes all Life Members who contributed during the 
current year (indicated by an L in front of the name). Other Life Members are 
listed at the end of each class list. The count of each class for figuring the percentages 
includes living graduates with known addresses and non-graduate givers (the latter 
indicated by x ) . 

All Classes before 1906 

Total amount contributed: $ 
Number of contributors: 35 


Mercy Sinsabaugh Ingalls (deceased) 


Mabel Sawyer Rogers 
Mabel Taylor Gannett 


Bessie Brainard Schmadeke 


In Memory of: Nellie Feagles Kattelle 
L Edith Howe Kip 

Grace Washburn Hoskins 


In Memory of: Bess Nickerson Tufts 


Elise Scott Mackintosh 


Harriette Ward Walker 


xMary Buffinton Chace 
L Joanna Deering Kirk 

Georgie Duncan Seavey 
L Bessie Fuller Perry 

Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck 
L Clara McLean Rowley 

xCora Belle Stone Trimmer 
L Kate Wheldon Plumb 
xBertha White Sprague 


Agnes Drake Foss 
L Edith Ebersole Doud 
Marie Gibert Martin 
Mary Goodwin Olmsted 
Ida Mallory Lyon (deceased) 
xLucia Parcher Dow 


xGrace Ordway Miller 
xFlorence Smith Flint 


Edith Harber Wright 

Hazel Carey Adam 

Margaret Henderson Soule 
xArgenta MacDonald Carothers 
xEleanor Percy Irish 
xMabel Sayles Webster 

Barbara Vail Bosworth 

Mary Willett Blackinton 

Other Life Members: 
Harriet L. Freebey '95 
Emma Aull Duncan '98 
Evelyn Ebert Allen '99 
Alice Jenckes Wilson '99 
Alice R. Kendall '99 

Elsie B. Reynolds '00 

Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03 

Helen Royse Shirk x-'05 



Helen Carter Kenway 

Total amount contributed: $123.00 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 43% 

L Edith Anthony Carlow 
xLucy Miller Robotham 
L Mildred Peirce Wise 

xElizabeth Polhemus Rockwood 
L Irene Sauter Sanford 
L Maude Simes Harding 
Sarah H. Strong 
xElizabeth Thielens Miller 
Lucy Wilson Errett 

Other Life Members: 
Helen Carter Kenway 
Dorothea Turner Moulton 
Elsie Young Hayden 



Lilian Douglass Heeb 

Total amount contributed: $448.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 65% 

xRuth Adams Whiston 
Helen Carter Johnson 

xEdna Cones Prior 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 
Lxjennie Drew Hinman 

xCarre Fuller Eldridge 

xDaisy Gilbert Buck 

xHelen Gray Porter 
Helen H. Heath 
Clara F. Nims 

xSadie Peckham Mayers 

xCarrie Sessions Dodge 
Ida Sisson Craver 
Mr. George C. Dodge 

Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Total amount contributed: $245.00 
Number of contributors: 6 
Percent contributing: 60% 

L Grace Emerson Cole 
xElsie C. Fengar 

L Grace T. Griswold 
xAlice Hobbs Worcester 
xEthel McCorkindale Harwood 

L Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Other Life Member: 
Elizabeth Love Macey 



Dr. Tewksbury, Alumnae President 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 and Council 

Speaker Rudolf Oberg 



Maria Riker Hume 

Total amount contributed: $105.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 44% 

Constance E. Blackstock 
L Annie Crowe Collum 
xGertrude Leonard McClanahan 

Maria Riker Hume 
xElizabeth Robinson Breed 

Florence Swartwout Thomassen 

Dorothy Wells Seller 

Other Life Member: 

Louise Funkhouser Colegrove 



Josephine Woodward Band 

Total amount contributed: $589.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 73% 

L Lucy Aldrich Berston 

xLucy Cox Nelson 
L Julia Crafts Sheridan 

Margherita Dike Hallberg 
L Mildred Goodall Fairbanks 

xMarian Halstead Fenton 
L Julia Hamilton Peters 

Irma Levi Levy 
L Mary Lumbard Courtney 
xElizabeth P. Martin 

Ina McLean Hunt 

Marguerite Murdock 
LxMabeth Shuttleworth Turner 

M. Cornelia Stone 

Julia ter Kuile Brown 
L Josephine Woodward Rand 

Other Life Member: 
Nell Carneal Drew 



Vera Bradley Findlay 

Total amount contributed: 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 64% 

xElizabeth Baer Tracy 
Vera Bradley Findlay 
L Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull 
Alma Dumn DeLong (deceased) 

L Marion Ordway Corley 

Doris Pow*ers Thomas (deceased) 
Helen Sayre Jacobs 
xMargaret Thacher Drury 
Eleanor Warner Salisbury 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Jones Clemen 
Marion Shinn 


Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Total amount contributed: $283.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 47% 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil 
xBarbara Clark Colby 
Ruth Coulter Bierer 
Mary Goodwillie Townsend 
Mildred Hall Leber 
Orra Hammond Pomeroy 
Marion Joslin Oppenheimer 
Charlotte Lesh Coats 
Berenice Lincoln Beers 
Annie Merrill David 
Clara Parker Colby 
Marjorie Risser Blackwell 
LxSara Shuttleworth Houwert 
Ruth Vollrath Ross 

Other Life Members: 
xHazel Drew Adair 
Florence Jones Allen 


Total amount contributed: $132.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 61% 

Alma L. Bunch 
xMary C. Dill 

Georgina Fankboner Roberts 

Mary Fenno Stirn 

Dorothy Fink Riesen 

Theresa Gordon Traurig 
xjean Humbird Dickason 

Margaret Livermore Hull 
xMargerie Simes Nickerson 
xEdessa Warner Slocum 

Adelle Wilson Moffett 

Life Members: 

Ruth Trowbridge Brown 
Mildred Westervelt Warner 



Mary Quick Dean 

Total amount contributed: $388.93 
Number of contributors: 18 
Percent contributing: 51% 

xRuth Adt Stephenson 

Mary H. Bingaman 
- Lois Brader Buckner 

Alleda Burnett Arneson 

Maidie Dealey Moroney 

Elsie L. Doleman 

Angeline Emery MacCullcch 

Marcia Fogg Moore 

Dora E. Goodwillie 

Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood 
xEtta MacMillan Rowe 

Carolyn B. Moore 

Mary Quick Dean 

Helen Rollins Fisher 

Mildred Smith Leach 

Charlotte Swartwout Quackenbush 

Ethel Vance Foster 

Nellie Youngers Henkle 



Other Life Members: 

Dorothy Canfield Cheseldine 
Ruth Davis Giller 



Evelina E. Perkins 

Total amount contributed: $145.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Percent contributing: 42% 

Irene Ball Sill 
Katharine Bingaman Heron 
Catherine Carter Rasbach 
Florence Evans Valpey 
xMadeline Farmer Ryder 

Frances Johnsen Edwards 
xMamie Miller Eggers 
Clara Paton Suhlke 
Evelina E. Perkins 
xEmma Robinson Petrie 

Martha Schumann Laubenstein 
xFlorence Skinner Anderson 
Doris Waller O'Hara 
L Nell Woodward Collins 
Other Life Members: 
Myrtle Brix Spangler 
Bess E. Emerine 
Ada F. Patterson 
Gladys Wilkes McCutchen 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 

Total amount contributed: $445.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Percent contributing: 52% 

Marian Beach Barlow 

xWilda Berkey Cartland 
L Naomi Bradley Reed 

xEdna Christensen Beckwith 
Dorothy Crane Crowe 

xConstance Davis Huberty 
Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 
Helen S. Gerrett 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 
Sarah Hammond Brookes 
Ruth Harris Frank 
Lena Hauck Johnson 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
L Helen Merrill Strohecker 
Helen Overholser Towle 
Carol M. Rice 
Elizabeth G. Richards 
Madeline Sheldon Herfurth 

xBeatrice Shuttleworth Ritter 
Mabel Straker Kimball 
Alma E. Sweet 
Dale Whipple Turnbull 
Charlotte Whiting Clark 

xNatalie York Terry 

Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
Ruth Burnap Jones 

Total amount contributed: $202.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 32% 

E. Gertrude Allen 
xLillian Astill Ainsworth 

Ruth Burnap Jones 
xMildred Goddard True 

Nora Hayward Rodd 

Helen Lesh Zerfas 
xEvelyn Lincoln Miller 

Virginia Moore Starkey 

Marjorie Morrison Coburn 

Lenette Rogers Atkinson 
L Helen M. Saunders 
L Mildred Strain Nutter 

Mary Louise Taylor Gish 

Other Life Members: 
Helen Bauman Routier 
Florence Bell Merrill 
Fannie Gates Frey 
Jessie Shepherd Brennan 
Helen Stephan Sterley 



Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 

Total amount contributed: $415.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 20% 

L Lydia Adams Godsoe 

Constance Allen Dunbar 
L Dorothy Barnes Paine 

Mildred Cary Hill 
xHarriet Fera French 

Barbara McLellan McCormick 

Ruth B. Ntwcomb 
xAlmira L. Shepard 

Helen Smith Stone 
L Gail Wilson Boynton 



Mercie V. Nichols 

Total amount contributed: $145.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 46% 

Edith Abbott Chapman 

Olive Chase Mayo 

Frances Coombs 
xMary Eshleman Willauer 

Marguerite Houser Hamlin 

Helen Moss Post 
xElizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 

Edith Vance Nicolson 

Sibyl Weymouth Braniff 

Other Life Member: 
S.irah Hopkins 



Freda Griffin Leining 

Total amount contributed: $79.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 14% 

LxCarolie Abrams Painter 
Eloise Carey Wadley 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Ruth D. Hayden 
Margaret Perley Downey 

Other Life Members: 
Elaine Bass Pierce 
Anna Crane Sherwood 
Doris Crawford Clovis 
Isabel M. Fish 
xKatherine Moss Shriner 
Katherine Rice Broock 



Helen L. Beede 

Total amount contributed: $1,086.00 
Number of contributors: 8 
Percent contributing: 17% 

L Helen L. Beede 

Pauline Butler Poore 
Dorothy Edwards Rodgers 
xPriscilla Ingraham Lamb 

Margaret Loomis Collingwood 
xEsther Murray Downs 
L Ruth Rawlings Mott 
L Esther H. Story 



Other Life Members: 

Celina Belle Isle Forman 
Marion Bliven MacDonald 
Lillian Doane Maddigan 

xHelen Jacobs 
Mildred Knight Norwood 
Gladys V. Lucas 
Julia Russell Robertson 

xMary C. Shannon 



Harriette Case Bidwell 



Dorothy Ballon Collier 

Total amount contributed: $294.00 
Number of contributors: 19 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Florence Archibald Stanly 
Carolyn Badger Seybolt 
Ana Clark Keith 
Miriam Dailey Taylor 
Jean Field Faires 
L Helene Grashorn Dickson 
xElizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth 
Marjorie Lovering Harris 
L Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 
Mildred Melgaard Rees 
xMarjorie Norris England 
xBertha Phelps Bogg 
L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

Margaret Reid Perry 
L Barbara Smith Huntington 
L Theresa Thompson Osborne 
xMarion T. Weidman 
Louise Weymouth Thompson 
Lilian Wood Wood 

Other Life Members: 
Frances Angel Levenson 
Iverna Birdsall Lutze 
Harriette Case Bidwell 
Ethelle Cleale Collett 
Violet Comley Peirce 
Sarah F. Crane 
Florence Day Wentworth 
Grace Gates Brown 
Josephine Holbrook Metzger 
Louise Jackson Davol 
Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker 
Elizabeth Tarr Benton 
Jean Woodward Nelson 



Antoinette Meritt Smith 

Total amount contributed: $201.00 
Number of contributors: 18 
Percent contributing: 33% 

xMarion Austin Hakewessell 
Florence Boehmcke Edmondson 
Margaret Bullock Reed 
Elizabeth Chandler Healy 
L Carolyn Colton Avery 
Anne Daugherty Slater 
Ruth Dinsmore Sayward 

xMary Godard Hadley 
Helen Hinshaw Toohey 
L Ruth Hopkins Spooner 

xLisinka Kuehl Dawson 

Ida A. Markert 

L Antoinette Meritt Smith 

Jeannette Merrick Moss 

Dorothy K. Millspaugh 

xLouise Orr Daniels 
Claire Parker Everett 
Jessie Watters 

Other Life Members: 
Ethel Cole Charters 
xRuth Emery 
Ruth Hills Livermore 
Marjorie Lowell Weeks 
Adrienne Smith Stone 
Louise Woolley Morgan 

Total amount contributed: $187.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 24% 

Elizabeth Anderson Hanna 
L Dorothy Ballou Collier 
Dorothy Barnard 
Adele Bigham Nelson 
xDorothy Brown Inman 

Matilda Daugherty Linn 
xHelen Davis Worthington 
Edith Hadley McLean 
Margaret Lonval Epps 
Esther Palmer Dwinell 
L Helen B. Perry 

Helen Robson Hamill 
Hazel Small Eldredge 
Katharine C. Webb 
Gertrude Westerhoff Weiss 

Other Life Members: 
Edith Clendenin Stahl 
Katharine Knox McClaren 
Lucile Norris Leyda 
Maude A. Wilcox 
Alice Wry Anthony 



Ruth Shepard Parmenter 

Total amount contributed: $199.00 
Number of contributors: 17 
Percent contributing: 29% 

xAlice Batchelder Powers 
Catherine Beecher Wood 
Helen Black Sprague 
Lois Bryant Warner 

xEthel Clow Black 
Dorothy Cook Reynal 
Barbara Cushing Jenkins 
Martha Fish Holmes 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 
Louise Hegeman Whitman 

xMary Saunders Houston 
Ruth Shepard Parmenter 
Virginia Smieding Fenn 

xEmma Smith Quereau 
Sylvia H. Solari 
Eleanor L. Steele 

xClaire Stritzinger Daller 

Life Members: 

Ruth A. Buffington 
Helen McNab Willand 
Eva-May Mortimer Riffe 
Helen Wahlquist Wolcott 



Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 

Total amount contributed: $239.00 
Number of contributors: 2 5 
Percent contributing: 36% 

Margaret Anderson Gage 
Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 
Eleanor Butterworth 

xBernice Cunningham Smith 
L Helen Duncan Devereux 

xLuanna Eyler Crane 
Mary Freeman Wisdom 
L Dorothy Hale Brown 
Mildred Hamlin Mather 

xAudrey Jackson Dade 
Elizabeth Kimball Golden 
Anita Krakauer Doerr 
Hazel Kramer O'Donnell 
Grace Lawrence Groves 

xMuriel L. McLauthlin 



Dorothy Messenger Heath 
Gertrude Moeller Baum 
Emma H. Ockert 
Elizabeth Oppel Morris 
Margaret Rix Cole 
Madeleine Roth White 
Charlotte Russell Pellini 
Doris Schumaker Walthers 
Elizabeth Smith Lum 
Elizabeth Van Cleve Giersch 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Beck Hamlin 
Sara Mackay Roblin 
Elinor Stevens Stockman 
Mary Witschief Wood 



Esther T. Josselyn 



Harriet Hewins Sanderson 

Total amount contributed: $224.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 20% 

LxGertrude Bicknell Harvey 
Rosalie Brightman Rosen 
Edith Bronstein Silverman 
Sylvia Chandler Hooker 
Minerva Damon Ludewig 
Elinor Day Conley 
Margaret Elms Rolfe 
Lucy Field Wildman 

L Esther T. Josselyn 

L Lucy MacLeod Helm 
Marjorie Maxfield Smith 
Rosanna McConnell Wallis 
Ethel Noyes Hathaway 
A. Katheryn Royce 
Evelyn Suor Butterworth 
C. Virginia Wellington Fauver 

Other Life Members: 
Lilly Butters Schwartz 
Alice Crawford 
Madalyn Patten Hoberg 
Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach 
Janette Smock Allen 



Lillian G. Bethel 

Total amount contributed: $270.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 28% 

Lillian G. Bethel 

Ardelle Drabble Tucker 

Mary Goodwin Culver 
xAlice C. Graham 

Helen Head MacFarland 

Caroline Hopkins McLean 
xBernice Kent Ennis 

Ruth Kerns Lane 
xjulia Klingensmith Frey 

Evelyn Ladd Rublee 

A. Josephine Laughton Hopkins 

Barbara E. Lawson 

In Memory of: Mildred Lykins Rust 
L Margaret Newman 
xAlice M. Nydegger 

Hester Shaw Gordon 
xHelen Shew Schofield 

Haru Tokito Matsuda 
L Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie 

Margaret Woods Brown 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Behrens 
Mary Pryor Miller 
Mary Timmins Moulthrop 

Total amount contributed: $225.00 
Number of contributors: 29 
Percent contributing: 31% 

Leora Adams Neal 
Mary Elizabeth Barton Libby 
Preble Borden Gruchy 
Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth 
Constance Chase Marchant 
Julia Clausen Bowman 
Dorothy Cole MacRae 
Emily Crump Ramstetter 
Isabelle Daggett Wilson 
Dorothy England Chester 
Jane E. Gray 
Mary Groff Cooper 
Annette Harvey Jensen 
Harriet Hewins Sanderson 
Harriet Holt Buker 
Eleanor C. Humphrey 
Marjorie Kuehn Brock 
Betty Lyman Zsiga 
Frances Mann Knight 
xMarguerite Mcllvain Ricker 
Helen Ohm Kingsman 
Eleanor Pitcher Hansen 
Ruth Rowbotham Strickland 
Marjorie Schaller Schoonmaker 
Mary Thomas Neal 
Louise Thompson Rondelli 
Maude Williams Gittleson 
Barbara Wilson Steele 
Ellen Zacharias Cullen 

Life Members: 
xRuth Beckley Brown 
Rosamond Cornell Cannon 
Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 
Marion Kingdom Farnum 
Alice Pratt Brown 
Ruth Richards Stripp 
Marion Simpson Lunt 
Helena Willson Hanson 



Elizabeth Day Cook 

Total amount contributed: $150.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Percent contributing: 17% 

Joan Collier Cooper 
L Clara Dietz Rosenburg 

Jeanette Gessner Somers 
L Dorothy Inett Taylor 
Phyllis Jensen Swenson 
Dorothy Meeker Pearce 
Helen Morgan Riederer 
Sylvia Morgan Williams 
xRuth Richardson Pease 
Frances Smith Miller 



Mildred Bell Cole 

Total amount contributed: $173.00 
Number of contributors: 17 
Percent contributing: 2 1', 

Elizabeth Bear DeStaebler 
Ruth Bee Jackson 
Mildred Bell Cole 
Lorraine Clark Wein 
Betty Condit Kessel 
Dorothy Curtis Ashworth 
Ruth Galusha Bartley 
Marion Inglis Leonard 
Frances Long Bunnell 
Lenna Lyon Hill 



xjane Porter Brown 
Ruth Rohe Smith 

xCharlene Rollins Ewing 
Helen M. Schaack 
Pearl Thompson Hasey 
Dotha Warner Jope 
Blair Whither Shepardson 

Life Members: 

Sarah B. Fletchall 
Virginia Riley Richardson 



Gertrude Hooper Ring 

Total amount contributed: $214.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 20% 

Blanche Dougherty Horsman 
xNancy Fowler Marshall 
xCarol Griffin Teich 
Mildred J. Guyett 
Katharine Hartman Macy 
Margaret V. Hrubec 
Helane Jones Pressel 
Marjorie MacClymon 
Barbara Merritt Batten 
xNathalie C. Mosher 
Elizabeth Page Sealey 
Annamelia Paxton Wildman 
Minerva Pritchard Barratt 
Elinor Small Domina 
Marjorie Tarbell Quandt 

Life Members: 

Charlotte Cahners Glass 
Julia C. Case 
Edith Parsons Booth 


Charlotte Phillips Wilkins 

Total amount contributed: $251.00 
Number of contributors: 18 
Percent contributing: 26% 

Helen Bardua Childs 
Mae Borkum Finkel 
Helen Breed Solberg 
Helen C. Burwell 
Alice Fernandez Harkins 
Shirley Gould Chesebro 
Jeanne Heilig Noack 
Elizabeth Mclntire Bennert 
Anna Mills Koeck 
Christine Murphy Hohner 
Jean Murphy Aneda 
Alice Newell Audette 
Charlotte F. M. Ockert 
L Virginia Ogden Hayes 
Mary Shiveley McNeill 
xHelen Spear Holt 
Ruth Stafford Clark 
Barbara Stover Van De Bogert 
Elizabeth Swift Coyle 

Other Life Members: 
xLaura Dietz Rudginsky 
Angelita Santiago Gebelein 



Helen Gibbs Studley 

Total amount contributed: $158.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 23% 

Kathleen Atkin Torcom 
Phyllis Atkinson Stone 
Lucina Cummings Carr 
Edith Downey 
A!.ce Floyd Rice 

I. to r.: Barbara Iris Johnson '35, Linda 

Nolin Ahern '55, Marion Nutter Brede- 

hoft '55, Dorothy Secord Garon '34 

xCaroline Frey Anderson 

Helen Gibbs Studley 

Helen Hall Streeter 

Jane Jensen Bailey 

Barbara Kerr Marshman 
xFlorence Lebrecht Rourke 

Gwendolyn Murray Larsen 

Bettina Potter Janse 

Dorothy Secord Garon 

Annabeth Williams Bergen 

Eleanor Young Antoun 

Life Members: 

Mabelle Hickcox Camp 
Celia Kinsley Percival 
Virginia Leahy Berwick 



Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Total amount contributed: $164.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 19% 

Betty Jane Allenbaugh Weller 
Harriet Colwell Reeves 
Marion Cruickshank Manning 
xEleanor Dippel Reed 
Charlotte Eames Terry 
Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

L Barbara Iris Johnson 

Roberta Leonard Matthews 

L Roberta Morrill Buchanan 
Barbara Ordway Brewer 
Harriet Petz Thompson 
Caroline Smith Goodwin 
Sally Swanson Dahlberg 

L Molly Upham Menges 
Virginia White Wardwell 

Other Life Members: 
Barbara King Haskins 
Sophia Latchis Lyras 
xMiriam Nichols 
Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 
Mary-Jane Selby Guerry 
Priscilla Winslow 



Esther B. Sosman 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

Total amount contributed: $235.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Percent contributing: 25% 

Hildegarde Baxter Perkins 
Ruth Buswell Isaacson 
Priscilla Colson Lane 
Barbara Darcey Thomas 

xEuropa Harris Sherburne 
Virginia Hausler Heath 

xBarbara Henry Kop 
Virginia Johnston Lou'l 



Jeanne M. Keck 

Elizabeth Kenney Farrington 

Arlene Kerr Sonnabend 

Ruth Keyes Wendt 

Ruth Koritzky Kopelman 

Marian Mapes Duncan 
L Margaret Pearl Ide 
xAdelaide Shaffer Campbell 

Janice Shutter Grant 
L Audrev Smith Henderson 

Charlotte Weitzman Rogers 

Deborah York 

Carolyn Young Cate 

Other Life Members: 
Muriel Rav Hunt 
Esther B. Sosman 



1'riscilla Parmenter Madden 

Louise Tardivel Higgins 

Total amount contributed: $331.00 
Number of contributors: 29 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Frances Austin Ferris 
Barbara Burnham Rice 
xAnne Campbell Terrill 
Flora Chicos Theodore 
xPrudence Crandall Randall 
Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow 
Dorothy Forsstrom Spotanski 
Barbara Harding Kakas 
Louise Hedlund Mercer 
Marjorie Hills BufHngton 
Lucille Huse Chappell 
Meredith Johnson French 
Barbara Lane Roper 
Jean Meady 
Bettv Olson Cooper 
Madeline Orcutt Arthur 
Janet Owens DeArment 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Glennvs Preston Allicon 
xMarv Ruth Sanford 
Emily Saxton Braman 

1 Marian Sleeper Hall 
Florence Stetson Pipes 

L Louise Tardivel Higgins 
Elizabeth Tracy McCampbell 
Virginia Webb Tompkins 
Eleanor Whiting Pitt 
Augusta Williamson Lips 
Virginia Wright Church 

Other Life Members: 

Betty Harrington Van Huysen 
Margaret Harris Abreu 
Eleanor Kenney Hettrick 



Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

Total amount contributed: $296.00 
Number of contributors: 27 
Percent contributing: 22% 

Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 
Jean Allen Bird 
Virginia Amesbury Stone 
xEleanor Ayers Ware 
Evelyn E. Bang 
Betty Black Boynton 
Olive Boynton Garron 
Ruth Fulton Griffin 
Irene Gahan Burbank 
Mary Jane Holton Bohling 
Barbara Jeppesen Thomann 
Dorothy B. Keyes 
Janet Kunkel Funkhouser 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 

Alice-Kristine Lockwood Leach 
Eleanore LoefHer Olsen 
Margaret T. McEnerney 
Ruth Meighan Gillette 
Carole Myers Lowe 
Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 
Elizabeth Putnam 
Jean Randall Dockham 
Eleanor Ray Lee 
Martha Romaine Jones 
Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson 
Virginia Wilhelm Harshbarger 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

Life Members: 

Priscilla Barker Neff 
Jean Berrv Yongre 
Mildred Birchard Pentheny 
M. Adele Brown 
xEleanor Dresser Gross 
Constance Hatch Herron 
Margaret Jones Howry 
Mildred Royce Moffett 
Alice M. Se : "-"~- 
Lee Shepard Wilgus 


Jean Burns Wilson 

Total amount contributed: $199.00 
Number of contributors: 19 
Percent contributing: 13% 

Barbara Albrecht Minnig 
Nancy Allen Schmetzer 
Ruth Bull Reid 
Jean Burns Wilson 
xLaura Cobb 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Margaret Fish Allsopp 
Helen Forsberg Powers 
Louise A. Johnson 
Jane Leckie Tracy 

Thomas R. Theodore 
(Flora Chicos '37) 




Gertrude E. Fischer 

Carolyn McCarty Springer x-'40 
and #1 granddaughter 

xDonna Lillie Wood 
Marjorie Lind Maxwell 
Janice Marr Demer 
Agnes M. Neu 
Cora Pratt Gillett 
Marian Traxler Crum 
Frances Shepard Pilkington 
Bettv Wallace White 
Parthena W. Whipple 

Life Members: 

Marjorie Dietz Jacobs 
Ruth Shepard Cushman 



Dorothy Arnold 

Total amount contributed: $ 
Number of contributors: 23 
Percent contributing: 14% 

Esther Bennett Quinlan 

xEvelyn E. Bishop 
Helen Bogert Home 
Frances Britton Holden 

xjean Church Smith 
Dorothy Cooke Leary 
Janice Donavan Neal 
Adele Friedstein Schaye 
Marion E. Gray 
Jane Hutchison Wulfing 
Pat E. Kieser 
Sibyl Lander Fletcher 
Edythe MacDonald Dowd 
Jean MacNeish Rand 

xCarolyn McCarty Springer 
Elizabeth Phillips Dick 
Barbara T. Quirk 
Julia Rankin Sprague 
Susan Ridley 
Madelyne Rose Browne 
Barbara Schilf Fournier 
Ruth Sullivan Lodge 
Helen Woodward Fassett 

Total amount contributed: $394.0(1 
Number of contributors: 40 
Percent contributing: 22% 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan 
Berna Bishop Richards 
Virginia Black DeLong 
Jean Bohacket Pegram 
Nancy Bommer 
Dorothy Brewer Carlson 
Ann Buckle Fischer 
Imogene Caney Fair 
Josephine Caruso Kuchera 
Jean Cooney Leitch 
Mary E. Corliss 
Virginia M. DeNyse 
L Ilene Derick Whelpley 
Mary Doig Nicholson 
Fern Drumheller Nye 
Gertrude E. Fischer 
Jane Gallup Devine 
Mary Haller Stone 
Lucille Hooker Paterson 
Barbara Hover Lallou 
Janet Jansing Sheffer 
Nancy Keach Paine 
Shirley Lyons Bundy 
Marie MacGregor Woodward 
Dorothy Macomber Vannah 

xjoyce Master Foster 
Ruth Mattson Swanberg 
Betty McGrath Brown 
Janet Miller Schmid 
Lois E. Newton 
Jeanne Partisch McCall 
Eleanor J. Pfaff 
Mary Sawyer Philpott 
Grace Sheffer Hendrick 
L Dorothy Stuhlbarg Kopple 

xMarion Thomas Ashenden 
Marian Timpson Intemann 
Madeline Vivian Murphy 
Virginia Whalen Petrie 

xMarjorie Williams Lovejoy 

Other Life Members: 
Marian Fitts Sternkopf 
Harriet Hanson Nelson 
Charlotte Lakeman Patt 

Elizabeth S. Allen 

Total amount contributed: $282.00 
Number of contributors: 30 
Percent contributing: 17% 

L Elizabeth S. Allen 
Marjorie Allyn Merrill 
Shirley Armstrong Blount 

Lxjean Barnes Butts 

Barbara Berkman Sherman 
Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff 
Doris Bracher Jenkins 
June Cherry Bruns 
Shirley Egglefield Schless 
Constance Fanget Driver 
Sybil Feinberg Stone 
Louise Freeman Coombs 
xMargaret Grover Scott 
Jean Hardy Canedy 
Nina Hobson Mellor 
xHelen Keenan Centlivre 
Nancy A. Larsen 
Doris Leach Almeida 
Barbara Leonard Wiser 
Constance Lynch Walsh 
Margot Moore Harley 
Dorothy Mosher Stone 
Gwendolyn Prouty Bellinger 



Marjorie Ray Blackett 
Virginia Robinson Nast 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser 
Ruth Turner Crosby 
Barbara Walworth Starr 
Anne Witney Shea 

Other Life Members: 
Nancy Gorton Ross 
Mildred Slaunwhite Straw 



Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Total amount contributed: $298.00 
Number of contributors: 28 
Percent contributing: 17% 

Cynthia Austin Sharp 
L Gertrude Baninger Duquette 
xjane Bennett Rugg 
Carolyn Boyce Richards 
Jean Burroughs Rawson 
xPatricia Campbell Hoy 
Frances Church Sampson 
Dorothy Coffin Bauer 
xjane Cook Cardoza 
Mary Louise Gloeckler Millar 
Marilyn Isenberg Barnes 
Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 
Anita Mangels Sampson 
Arline McKenna Wiggin 
Eleanor Millard Parsons 
Barbara S. Pearson 
Jean Perry Thompson 
Jean Phillips Canning 
Ann Preuss Olson 
Janet Reid Sherwin 
L Jeanne A. Revene 

Barbara Schaufele McBride 
Virginia Shaw 
Elizabeth Smith Roy 
Olive N. Swanson 

Peter and Robin Leitch 
(Jean Cooney '41) 

Jane Tarbutton Travis 
L Joyce Wagner West 
Elizabeth Walker Young 

Other Life Members: 
xPhyllis Edmiston Olstad 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier 
Priscilla Houghton 
Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman 
Martha Maddock Heffner 
Grace Marble Philbrick 
Joan Moller Brown 
Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
Elsinor Prouty Mallory 
H. Elizabeth Schmidt 



Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Total amount contributed : $166.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 15% 

Model Dori Lallou 
(Barbara Hover '41) 

Priscilla Amnott Tindley 

Barbara Bresette Greene 

Elizabeth Burpee Crooker 

Jean Campbell 

Jessie Doig Clark 
xMarcia Elion Agrin 

Marion Gooding Christensen 

Barbara Goodwin Flint 

Lorrayne Hron Reynolds 

Joe Leroy Bramm 

Jane Maynard Robbins 

Joan Mills Barry 

Dorothy Nickerson Tehan 

Ruth Perkins Goodwin 

Mary-Sommers Ramsdell Giddings 

Elfreda Reck Dubin 

Audrey Saunders Eisser 

Harriet Sears SheafF 

xBette Walsh Schwartz 

L Virginia Wolfe Perkins 



Number of contributors: 25 
Percent contributing: 14% 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46, Carolyn 
Lindsay Stradley '46, Sue Ross West- 
berg '45, Jane Burnham Eliason '45 

Other Life Members: 

Eleanor Del Bianco Kosow 
Norma Dietz Tarlow 
M. Shirley O'Connor 
Ann Scott Thompson 



Lynn Metzger Pharo 

Total amount contributed: $321.50 
Number of contributors: 34 
Percent contributing: 18% 

Jane Baringer Wordsworth 
Theresa L. Bergeron 
Eleanor Bradway Lammers 
Ursula Burns Keely 
Jane Calderwood Price 

xjoy Cartland Fowler 
Norma Crosby Bolduc 
Ruth Davis Burk 
Lillian Feneley Cooley 
Marilyn Ford Sampson 
Shirley Frank Kerner 

xMary Hammill Meagher 
Carol Hauber Mitchell 
Jean Henry Goggins 

xDorothy Holman Potter 

xMarilyn S. Keyes 
L Naomi Lederman Grossman 
Florence Loizeaux Ritchie 
Marilyn Lucey Richardson 
Elaine Macdonald Aldrich 
Lynn Metzger Pharo 
Priscilla Otis Drew 
Saunda Pease Taylor 
Constance Pettigrew Edie 

xEleanor Piquette Cruse 
Barbara Preuss Reynolds 
Virginia Rolfe Guy 
Susanne Ross Westberg 
Annette Saacke Cherry 
L Althea Taylor Goldberg 
Martha Stonebraker Ely 
Claire Tracy King 
Barbara Wentworth Dean 
Doris Winkemeier Dieffenbach 

Other Life Members: 
Emma Gilbert Carver 
xElizabeth D. Knox 
Elaine McQuillan Marston 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil 



Marge Norris Harris 

Barbara Bickley Rieger 
Marilyn Blodgett Hall 
Raemary Chase Duryea 
Carol A. Cooley 
Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth 
Rose Emer Bucalo 
Ruth W,. Goldner 
xRutb Hancock Hall 
Marguerite Heech Palmer 
Molly Ing Louis 
Patrich Luther Wilkin 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
Patricia Marland Lasnier 
Clare McCarthy Caffrey 
Deborah Newton Warren 
Ruth Nordstrand Emery 
Marjorie Norris Harris 
Norma O'Shea Delaney 
Phyllis Paige Downes 
Louise Pool Langley 
Elaine Reed Simpson 
Jean Thiel Weld 
Joan Walker Doane 
Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert 

Life Member: 
xjean Davis Putnam 


Joan Lambert Laffin 

Total amount contributed: $284.00 
Number of contributors: 38 
Percent contributing: 19% 

Total amount contributed: $209.00 

Carol Birath Dennison 
Elizabeth Brady Hickey 
Betty Carter Steele 
Rose Marie Cote Butler 
Sarah Cross Finigan 
Clare Dickover Hallock 
Nancy Duclos Krieger 
Millicent Entwistle Harrmn 
Joan Familton Gardner 
Charlotte Fletcher Kelly 
Jeanne Franklin Bates 
Betsy Frew 
Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt 

xjoyce Hayes Whitman 
Jean Hubbard Midwood 
M. Joan Jones 
Mollie Kendrick Pike 
Mary Kinney O'Connell 
Frances Lake Gray 
Joanna Lamb Lewis 
Joan Lambert LafHn 
Margaret Leary Hacker 
Carolyn Lewis Tufts 
Dorothy Milkey Cole 
Jean Morgan Koenitzer 
Mary Murray Sutton 
Nancy Noble Ehrman 
Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson 
Marie O'Hare O'Neil 
Marjorie Ross Lawrence 
Gloria Secatore Walsh 
Priscilla Stone Hird 
Phyllis Sykes Brown 
Marion Taylor Sanderson 
Susan Voss Harrigan 

xSally Waring Buffinton 
Sally Waters Manning 
Elizabeth Williams McGowan 
Patricia Zeigler Dillingham 

Life Members: 

Nancy Collett Hendricks 
Olga Diamond Lake 
xRuth Park Lanier 





Betsy Curtis "Winquist 

Total amount contributed: $445.00 
Number of contributors: 53 
Percent contributing: 22% 

Margaret Abrahamian 

Phyllis Allen Shepard 

Jane Anderson Calhoun 

Virginia R. Bailey 

Constance T. Barry 

Joanne Block Wilkinson 
xVirginia Butt Grey 

Janet Campbell Woodburn 

Anne Chapman Berl 

Marilyn Clark Law 

Betsy Curtis Winquist 

Miriam Day Butcher 

Mary Detwiler Fides 

Paula R. Drake 

Joanne Eaton Friborg 

Jane Edsall Jacobs 

Barbara Ershler Levy 

In Memory of: Laura Frederick Hellewell 

Carol Galligan Massard 

Louise Gleason Chock 

Ardell Goodman Baker 

Beryl N. Groff 

Ellen Grover MacVeigh 
xCharlotte Guptill Norcross 

Virginia Halt Anderson 

JoAnn Hanson Long 

Jane Hicks Donovan 

Mitchelle B. Hires 

Florence Johnson Kerdok 
xLeona Karski Sweatt 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 

Beulah Kwok Sung 

Judith Macintosh Mennella 
xHarriet Markham Wedeman 

Lois McLucas Martin 

Jeanne Meyer Bird 

Shirley J. Miller 

Eleanor T. Munro 

Barbara Noyes Walsh 

Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan 

Dorothy Page Kuehl 

Elsie Paulson Chapman 

Nancy Pettersen Miller 

Jacqueline Pfeiffer Lueth 

Marjorie-Lou Santerson Barrett 

Mary Small Lee 

June Smith Noreen 

Beverly Splitt Keller 

Shirley Sturm Bullard 

Shirley Thorne Brady 

Ann Truex Dickinson 

Jeanne Williams Walz 

Dolores S. Winslow 

Life Members: 

Elizabeth Bain Hagerstrom 
Margaret Hanson Marion 
Florence Keeney Havens 



Nancy Lavvson Donahue 

Joanne Molan Wheaton 

Total amount contributed: $516.40 
Number of contributors: 49 
Percent contributing: 23% 

Ann Ashley Sanderson 
Barbara Berry Roberts 
Marjorie Boynton Anderson 
Mary Bush Trunz 
Carolyn Clark Thomas 
Nancy Clarke Ryder 
Jean Cook Jacobs 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Ann Fletcher Wilson 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley 


JoAnn Hanson Long '48 

Nancy Hakala Simonds 
Natalie Hall Campbell 
Helen Hamilton Croot 
Elizabeth Harrington Logan 
Diane Heath Beever 
Ann Hollett Munro 
Martha Hurd Davenport 
Pamela Johns Leighton 
Joan Kennedy Johnson 
Marjorie Kimball Salter 
Natalie Knight Rogers 
Lois Koritz Hopfenberg 
Janice Levenson Sherman 
Carolyn Loewe Jones 
Nancy Macdonough Jennings 
xAnn Mitchell Van Deusen 
Audrey Mitchell McKibben 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Nancy Newhall Mackay 
Shirley Olesen Somes 
Diane Palady Barry 
Patricia Penry Van Hoesen 
Kathryn Poore Hamel 
Paulie Quilty Connolly 
Katherine Raizes Stameris 
Eleanor Ritchie Elmore 
A. Marilyn Ross 
Jean Sargent Lee 
Nancy Sondles Janiszewski 
Emogene Starrett Anderson 
Bambah Jean Stephenson Riedel 
Mary Stone Leary 
Virginia Towe Beck 
Jane Wadhams Hazen 
Joan Warren Hepburn 
Joan Weiler Arnow 
Janet White MacLure 
Dorothea Zuschlag Torgersen 

Life Member: 

Nancy Lawson Donahue 



Sally Hughes Fasick 

Mary Ann Sylvester Tremblay 

Total amount contributed: $549.50 
Number of contributors: 60 
Percent contributing: 27% 



John Lloyd and Marlee Wallingford 
(Barbara Rock '50) 

Robert and Kimberiy Wallingford 
(Barbara Rock '50) 

Joan Antun Rednor 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian 

Cynthia Butler Barnes 

Audrey Callahan Cohill 

M. Anne Carpenter Towle 

Barbara Chipman Will 

Joyce Collins Dunkin 

Joyce Davies Harrison 

Elizabeth Depoian Chicknavorian 

Lois Dickerman Neugent 

Miry Elizabeth Dickey Swerz 

Joan Dorau Hohorst 

Marion Ettinger McDonald 

Janet Foley 

Lois Form Senft 

Helen Graham Gordon 

Sally Griffith Mathews 

Lorraine Grontoft Sutton 

Joan Hahn Fern 

Janice Halligan Maria 

Joan Harrington Price 

Marilyn Haynes 

Nancy Houde Dyer 

Marilyn Hubner Sherwood 

Sally Hughes Fasick 

Carol Husted Schneider 

Joan Koch Ryan 

Diane Krause Sherman 

Ariel Leonard Robinson 

Marjorie Martin Allen 
xChristine Mills Carlson 

Dorothy Mills Graef 

Marilyn Munson Farrar 

Janet A. Murphy 
xjanice O'Brien Almond 

Anne Oliveto Davis 

Margaret Olson Belden 

Doris Oneal Becker 

Jean Ostrander Lowman 

Jane A. Perry 

Shirley Richman Miller 

Joan Robilotto Gibson 

Barbara Rock Wallingford 

Ruth Rosebrock Hardie 
xjane Roulstone Gillis 

Judith St. John Peterson 

Barbara Schnelle Orton 

Winifred A. Schulman 

JoAnne Secor Rier 

Carolyn Snook Rauscher 

Helen Spackman Wilson 

June Spottiswoode Beaulieu 

Mary Ann Sylvester Tremblay 

Jean L. Thomas 

Dorothy Tomer Monahan 

Joan Wallace Billings 
xLois Weltner Gills 

Helen A. Wetherbee 
Jean Woods McNeilly 

Life Member: 

Elaine Orth Rodey 



Joan Kearney Cormay 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

Total amount contributed: $429.00 
Number of contributors: 59 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Georgia Bakes Sigalos 

Joan Barnett Atwood 

Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne 
xLorna Becker Harrington 

Kathleen Ballard Heck 

Etta Burns Peters 

Marilyn Clark 
xjanet C. Cotter 

Nancy Cusack Smith 

Lillian Elias Freeman 

Marjorie E. Fager 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

Janet Fornoff Hauber 

Priscilla Freeman McCartney 

Nancy Green Curry 

Joan Groccia Cowan 

Shirley Hannafin Adams 

Barbara Harter Yates 

Carol Hess Recco 

Jean Hird Johnson 

Barbara L. Hoffman 

Jean Johnson Knowlton 
xMaureen A. Kane 

Joan Kearney Cormay 

Charlotte Kelley Campbell 

Jean Kilgore Owen 

Phyllis Kozloski Murphy 

Gayle Mackie Toth 
xMarlene Maloof Saidnawey 

Louise Marston Donnelly 

Dorothy McPherson Wickersham 

Joanne Monahan Garrity 

Roberta Morin Aronowitz 

Ann Murray Reynolds 

Beverly Pink Reynolds 

Alice H. Pittenger 

Cynthia Porter Horton 

Elaine Quavillon Tull 

Claire Quinzani Kerins 

Peggyanne Riker Miller 

Harriet Schwarz Hamilton 

Isabell Stanley Davis 

Anna Stevenson Mangano 



Alice Stover Kachline 
Sally Swainson Callahan 
Nancy Topping Heely 
xjanet Underwood Wall 
Ann Van der Veer Lander 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey 
Mary Kay Vogler Greene 
Elizabeth Vollmer Muir 
In Memory of: Mary Ellen Wait 
Joyce Weitzel Flanagan 
Janice Weyls Moore 
Mary Jane White Miller 
Joan Williams Arnold 
Robin Witt Mosher 
Janet Woodward Powers 
Joanne Zeigler Dupen 

Life Member: 
Mary Jane Clark 



Ann Rathburn Spadola 



Elsie Knaus Klemt 

Elizabeth Sleight Dexter 

Total amount contributed: $438.00 
Number of contributors: 51 
Percent contributing: 24% 

Ann Alden Allen 

xMary Anne Anion Richter 
Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 
Barbara Ayrault Smith 
Betsy Brown Cramer 
Phyllis Cain Benson 
Joyce Carroll Mulcahy 
Mary Comstock Singarella 
Nancy Cool Kaercher 
Suzanne Davis Greenman 
Carolyn Downs Burnett 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg 
Betty Lou Foy Reid 
Carol Frank Sweeney 
Patricia Giles 
Phyllis Gleason Riley 
Barbara Herzog Burns 
Lois Hickey Treacy 
Judith Horton Koch 
Barbara Kane Mullin 
Sally Lacock Walden 
Betsy Lewis O'Donnell 
Nancy Marcus Golden 
Jean E. McCambridge 
Ruth Mclntire Brown 
Eleanor Mekelones Marple 
Mary Moore Plunkett 
Joan Morrison Wilson 
Marlene Murray Zucker 

xNancy Norton Thalheimer 
Carolie Painter Wildrick 
Merilyn Peck Erickson 
Naomi Peck Kroner 
Frances Peters Dunlevy 
Joanne Purcell Brooker 
Ann Rathburn Spadola 
Joeyna Raynal Rearwin 
Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger 
Nancie Shean Roth 
Joan Siebert Mege 
Donna Silver Peet 
Rena A. Silverman 
June Siteman Bailey 
Virginia Snedaker Marschall 
Martha Thomas Hasak 
Margaret Thompson Wheatley 
Joyce Wardle Chapman 
Shirley Warriner Randall 
Phyllis Werblow Strompf 
Janet Wilber Tanenhaus 
Pauline A. Zorolow 

Life Members: 

Marilyn McGuire Levine 
Dorothy Rich Anderson 

Total amount contributed: $475.00 
Number of contributors: 64 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Margaret Angus Christman 
xjane P. Bascom 

Carol Bencivenga Hapgood 

Nancy Bilezikian Kamborian 

Mary Ann Blackham Kelly 

Molly Bondareff Krakauer 

Judith Brewer Campbell 

Carol Bridgetts Cadmus 

Barbara Brown Fitch 

Mary Louise Burke Alexander 

Janet Chase Ash 

Nancy Chase Ferguson 

Ruletta Coats Stryeski 

Elinor Cohen Goldman 

Leonora Coronella Krueger 

Polly-Ann Cotter Mort 

Elaine L. Cowles 

Diane Cueny Harden 

Joan Darelius Chirnside 

Louise Dawe Turner 

Cynthia DeGelleke Cole 

Marie DiSilva Stocki 

Audrey Felzenberg Silberman 

Nancy Fitzpatrick Manning 

Karen Floberg Levis 
xElizabeth Fried Slater 

Doris Gartner Gould 

Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 

Joan Godfrey Emmert 

Martha Guhring Gremley 

Elaine Harper Johnson 

Electra Hatzis Speronis 

Ruth Henning Sump 

Deborah Higgins Hergenrother 

Barbara E. Howell 

Doris Hungerford Zaenglein 

Althea Janke Gardner 

Marie R. Kaden 

Joan Kelly Santos 

Elsie Knaus Klemt 

Mary R. Krebs 

Claire LaLiberte Adler 

Lois Lubets Allen 

Kathleen MacGregor Randolph 

Molley McBride Kalogeros 

Barbara Morris Louria 

Carol Morse Woods 

Jean Nazarian Martinian 

Greta Nilsson Masson 

Elizabeth Nuovo Johnson 

Helen Pearlstein Golden 

The Ralph Richters 
(Mary Anne Amon x-'52) 



Janet Pearson Hauck 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 
Nancy Preston Strohmeyer 
Jeanette Roberts Mann 
Gail Robinson Venable 
Donna Ross Wright 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter 
Jean Smith DiLeone 
Audrey Thompson Rielle 
Beverly Thornton Hallowell 
Jean Weeks Hanna 
Virginia Wilder Ambard 



Sheila Collins Frank 

Sandra MacDougall Sullivan 

Sandra Reynolds Grant 

Total amount contributed: $481.00 
Number of contributors: 63 
Percent contributing: 25% 

Carol Bagley Jackson 
Joan Blackburn Kaffel 
Betty Born Deacon 
Ann Bowerman Logan 

xCarolyn A. Bruns 
Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski 
Merilyn Budlong Trocino 
Margaret Cary Waelter 
Marguerite Chandler Brewer 
Ann Chidsey Moebius 
Susan Cluett Stocker 
Sheila Collins Frank 
Corinne A. Coyle 
Marion Crossman MacCallum 
Annette Dufton Dagg 
Martha Ellis Brooks 
Kama Erickson Feltham 
Patricia Flett Davidson 
Charlotte Frye 
Lenore Fuller Sherwood 
Anna-Mae George Wogan 
Thelma Greenberg Florin 
Carol Hachman Thurston 
Judith Hansen Hull 
Marilyn Hardacre Sell 
Frances Hayden Stavnitzky 
Priscilla Head Davis 
Nancy Hedtler Ford 
Joan Hildebrandt Estey 
Norah Horsfield Maling 
Nancy P. Horton 

xNancy Husted Koerner 
Corinda Johnson Deans 
Susan Johnson Keane 
Barbara Kelly Thoresen 
Patricia Kelsey Scharf 
Joy Lanner Left 
Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler 
Carolyn Marino Zentmaier 
Jeanette Marvin Brown 
Jane Master Houston 
Carol Meyer LaViale 
Sybil Moore Pinkham 
Beverly Mulock MacDonald 
Nancy Notte Smith 
Ruth Paetz Braun 
Martha Phillips Fearing 
Joan Pickett Morrow 
Deborah Potter Waugh 
Sandra Reynolds Grant 
Orelyn Rice Emerson 
Margaret Robson Priddy 
Sara Rojas Casarella 
Paula Schwartz Marcus 
Eleanor Sclare Mazur 
Carol J. Sharpies 
Audrey Smith Ruggles 
Nancy Swanson Horsfield 
Catherine Swanton Brock 
Janice Sweet Morsilli 
Penelope D. Thompson 
Jane Urtel McQuade 

Joanna Ward 

M. Patricia Wilson Kane 



Ann Harris Hughes 

Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 

Sally Warner O'Such 

Total amount contributed: $484.00 
Number of contributors: 72 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Abby Alderman Kleinberg 
Thelma Appel Kaplan 
Joan Baker Cornell 
Joan Beeley Hopkins 
Marlene Berman Lewis 
Ruth Birch Bastis 
Betty Boday Fox 
Ann Bottjer O'Donnell 
Evelyn Bradley Cochran 
Patricia Brown Bowers 
Patricia Burt Schiewetz 
Barbara Collins Trembley 
Rhea Cooney Simonds 
Carol Ann Cunningham 
Carole Darsky Giller 
JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco 
Diane Flynn Passavant 
Iris Gabel Bellings 
Gail Gluck Davis 
Ethel Griffin Browning 
Patricia Gura Conroy 
xjudith Gushue Blythe 
Barbara Hammett Mills 
Marcia Harrington McCarthy 
Ann Harris Hughes 
Diana Hendley Cooper 
Charleen Herrling Smith 
Judith Hulsman Bufnngton 
Barbara Judd Ozinga 
Mary Klipper Singer 
Lois Kuhn Hopson 
Sandra Lally Hovey 
Judith Lanese Karazulas 
Joanne Larsen Bibber 
Nancy Legare DeWolf 
Nancy Lincoln Martin 
Mary Mack Gutsche 
June McLaughlin Lombino 
Carol Merwin Robinson 
Jean Mills Einarson 
Mildred Monahan Regan 
Elaine Montella Butler 
Sally-Anne Munns Patt 
Joan Murano Swanson 
Adeline Neusner Bain 
Linda Nolin Ahern 
L Marion Nutter Bredehoft 
Beverley OBrian Perry 
Shirley Palmaccio Stolfors 
Arlene Pariseau Cairns 
Helen Peters Guy 

Lt. and Mrs. Malcolm Rees and 
Malcolm Jr. (Gail Swanson '55) 



Carol Phelps Pike 
Betty Price Scott 
Rose Marie Ravalese Ermilio 
Cynthia J. Raymond 
Elizabeth J. Reynolds 
Jean Ryder Tyler 
Hazel M. Schoppy 
Maxine Seidel Lindemuth 
Carol Jean Somers Irrgang 
Joy Stewart Engelsman 
Sandra Stone Myerow 
Gail Swanson Rees 
Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 
Angela Tabellario Mitchell 
Elizabeth Taylor Pratt 
Susan Thomas Wiard 
Phyllis Thompson Vesey 
Barbara Travis Hendrick 
Marilyn Valter Maclay 
Sally Warner O'Such 
Mary Waterman Weaving 



Ann Phelps MacKinnis 

Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 

Sandra Shelton Fitch 

Total amount contributed: 
Number of contributors: 8 
Percent contributing: 28% 

xBarbara Abelson Resh 
Mary E. Augtir 
Ann August Marcus 
Sylvia Barnaby Hamilton 
Louise Bernson Neiterman 
Judith Berger Hurwitz 
Elaine Bertini Roske 
Karen Bloom Wenc 
Beverly Breed Hovey 
Priscilla Broad Weston 
Beverly Brown Barkevich 
Margaret Cain Sargent 
Bette J. Cairns 
Elaine Card LeFort 
Judy Caswell Allen 
Marjorie Cavallo Olson 
Jane Churchill Bigelow 
Carol Corning Richard 
Carol Cummings McLaughlin 
Patricia Dahlgard Schroeder 
Adele DeFrancesco Towle 
Lois Emmert Siebert 
Janice Engstrom Barbato 
Thelma Epstein Lapides 
Deborah Farnum Varney 
Dorothy E. Fayan 
Martha Forristall Smith 
Barbara C. Foster 
Gail Frank Wells 
Gail Gelinas Nixon 
Barbara Gorman Trice 
Patricia Hayes Schoeller 


The Browning Family 
(Ethel Griffin '55) 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Regan and family 
(Mildred Monahan '55) 
Christmas Morning 1963 

Ann Hekemian Krikovian 
Patricia Holland Bird 
E% r elyn Holmsen Kertesz 
In Memory of: Carolyn Kelley 
Leanne Kessler Skolnick 
Therese Kilgore Mannix 
Sandra Lavine Kanosky 
Patricia Lewis Flugel 
Judith Littlefield Clark 
Patti Lockwood 
Kaye Mackler Aronson 
Joanne Marchetti Susce 
Joyce Maroni Gomes 
Katherine Mayo Hancock 
Nancy McKinnon von Glahn 
Joan Morris Frank 
Marion Nelson Holland 
Frances Nettleton Konsella 
Susan E. North 
Reyna Olderman Stein 
Mary Panetta Thomas 
Virginia Paolillo Lawlor 
Gail Papin Hogan 
Mary Parmakian Asadoorian 
Janet Parmenter Ellinwood 
Ann Pasquale Bassett 
Carolee Pedusey Virgilio 
Carol Phalen Swiggett 
Bette Putnam Prokop 
Sylvia Rafkin Hurwitz 
Joan Raymond Healey 
Elaine Richardson Lefebvre 
Barbara Richman Elliot 
Lorraine E. Saunders 
Carolyn Scherer Butler 
Margaret Schwingel Kraft 
Frances Scott Simmons 
Evelyn Shear Pinsof 
Sandra Shelton Fitch 
Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 
Diana J. Smith 
Nancy Smith Marchese 
Sandra Smith Swain 
Patricia Strawbridge Mulhern 
Katharine H. Taft 
Suzanne Wadsworth Jonas 
Carolyn Whitford Knibbs 
Beverly Yaghjian Arabian 




Cynthia, Kenneth and Elizabeth Nyser 
(Liebewein '57) 



Barbara Flint Gerold 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen 

Gayle Ness McLaren 

Total amount contributed: $331.50 
Number of contributors: 51 
Percent contributing: 22% 

Barbara Bean James 
Edith Berger Kaplan 
xSusan R. Blake 
Annette Bogdan Ferris 
Camilla Carlson Ellsworth 
Jane Clifton Ashford 
Eileen A. Conradi 
Carol Crandall Stiles 
Joan Craven Shuba 
Marjorie Day Grosjean 
Joan Deshefy Patenaude 
Marie A. Di Geronimo 
Marilyn Farrar Ambrose 
Dorothy Fenley Manning 
Virginia Field Coburn 
Barbara Flint Gerold 
Ann Fry Murphy 
Merle Frylinck Craig 
Norma Gamins Wise 
Renate Griemsmann Judson 
Margaret Hubbard Higgins 
Marcia James Carthaus 
Nancy Jerome Howell 
Suzanne Jouret Kowalski 
Carol Juechter Dixon 
Patricia Howe Bassett 
Caroline Killam Moller 
Katherine Knowles Scully 
Patricia A. Koules 
Judith Leventhal Winer 
Elizabeth Liebewein Nyser 
Marcia Lipsey Freedman 
Janet L. Lutringer 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe 
Iris Martin Rollins 
Patricia McAuley Haines 
Ann Moulton Hastings 
Joan Pethybridge Thompson 
Carol Preater Feldmann 
Barbara Reifenberger Hudelson 
Jeanne Rice Hubbard 
Charlene Sargent Kiley 
Ann Schneider Husted 
Nancy J. Sommer 
Joan Stanford Chase 
Carol Swartz Kumin 

Barbara E. Tounge 
Bernice Van Name Petrone 
xjean Warren Tredwell 
Margaret Wefer Lang 
Dorothy Ziehler Roettele 



Linda Permed Merrell 

Joyce Kutherford Shuey 

Patricia Woolley 

Total amount contributed: $594.00 
Number of contributors: 66 
Percent contributing: 26% 

Elizabeth Arnall Thompson 
Susanne Babcock Edington 
Constance Baker George 
Marilyn Barette Roberts 
Kathleen E. Barstow 
Audrey H. Biggerstaff 
Jeanne Bradner Cullen 
Linda Braslow Lefkowitz 
Barbara Bronstein Wolsky 
Virginia Buonagurio Sabo 
Judith Butler Weppel 
Millicent Carlson O'Brien 
Donna Carr Coyle 
Sally M. Clarke 
Mary G. Fenn 
Linda Ferrucci Merrell 
Susanne Fletcher Cahalin 
Sandra Fookes Adler 
Jetta Fucito LaCava 
Mary Ann Fuller Young 
Judith George Stephens 
Susan Greenhut Kamras 
Eleanor Harman Hug 
Janet Hicks McCoy 
Brenda L. Holbrook 
Gail E. Jackson 
Constance E. Johnson 
Mary Landini Doyle 
June Leary Gutbier 
Nan McAuliffe 
Janet S. McPherson 
Judith Meehan Moore 
Gladys Y. Mettler 


Dean and Christie Patenaude 
(Joan Deshefy '57) 



Roxanne Miller Socolow 
Myra E. Packer 
Carole Paolino Pliakas 

xSue Patack Levine 
Carol A. Perrotti 
Brenda Pioppi Balboni 
Joan Plaskon Tatigian 
Harriet Rafkin Goldberg 
Susan Rapaport Paul 
Carolyn Reid 
Ann Reeves Schmid 
Mary Louise Riordan McLean 

xKatharine Robertson Campbell 
Helene Schwartz Perry 
Elaine Shanken Fischer 
Meade Simpson Fasciano 
Patricia Sindall Carolus 
Marsha Singer Marshall 
Jacquelyn Smith Johnson 
Nancy Spargo Goodridge 
Leila Kay Steen Odle 
Margot Stern Ruskin 
Joyce Stirling Wyatt 
Bette Stubbe Carcano 
Barbara Swedlin Ginsburg 
Linda Truell Good 
Starr Tupper Shannon 
Susan Van Horn VanArsdale 
Judith Watson Lewis 
Barbara Wenzel Carroll 
Sandra Wilson Swartz 
Gail Winalski Burd 
Dorothy Woods 



Joan Conradi McLaughlin 

Betty Coulson 

Anna Natsis 

Nancy Botman Duffy 

Total amount contributed: S589.00 
Number of contributors: 77 
Percent contributing: 31% 

Sondra Allen 
Carol Anderten Brodbeck 
Barbara Baldauf Rice 
Judith Barnstead Francis 
Joan Becker Stenicky 
Sandra Bender Oresman 
Nancy Bennett 
Christine Bergfalk King 
Ann Blair Filardi 
Susan Bravman Uretsky 
Brenda Bresler Schiff 
Carol Brett Morse 
Sally Bridger Bridges 
Sally Brockway 
Celeste Brodeur Kelly 
Ann Brown Boyle 
Nancy H. Chapin 
Carol Civetti Monaghan 
Ursula Clark Whyte 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin 
Frances Corthouts Downey 
Eileen Dahl Lord 
Lois DeCuollo Johnson 
Diane M. Dello Russo 
Patricia Dudley Barton 
Ruth Dugger Lindenberg 
Kathryn Eckert Bodner 
Holly Engel Boyer 
Joanne E. Ferrera 
Nancy Gotz Cohn 
Joan C. Granniss 
Carole Grieve Bilafer 
Elvira Grobel Robbins 
Nancy J. Gronquist 
Donna Grover Holland 
Joanne Gullo Gormley 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Magee and family 
(Mary Lou Teegardin '59) 

Anne Hayden Halberg 
Susan Hearne Southwick 
Melisse Jenkins Bailey 
Sandra L. Kenney 
Dorothy M. Knobel 
Lizbeth A. Kocher 
Carol MacLeod Huggard 
Susan McComb Powers 
Lyndell Mead Betzner 
Marilyn Miller Jennings 
Katherine B. Moore 
Brenda Moors Sullivan 
xHelen Moran Crooks 
Dorothy Mulherin Foy 
Anna Natsis 
Sandra Poole Adams 
Judith Rakosky Baskin 
Elinor Rapaport Prawer 
Delores Raymond Chamberlain 
Frances Reid Kip 
Marcia Rideout Stevens 
Nancy Rotman Duffy 
Suzanne Saunders Doyle 
Sandra Scanlon 
Bonnie Seibert Hiscox 
Barbara Skolnick Blume 
Carol Slocum Capper 
Elizabeth Snyder Weigel 
Mary-Ann Stackpole Johnson 
Harriet Stallings Jarosh 
Diane Strawhince Butler 
Beverly Sutton 
Joan Sycle Baturin 
Mary Louise Teegardin Magee 
Anne B. Telfer 
Joan Valentine Glasson 
Janice Whitman MacDonald 
Marjorie Williams 
Priscilla Williams Espenhain 
Mary Beth Wisenburn Sclafani 
Carolyn Wood Brox 

Audrey Bergesen Long- 
Linda Chiaramonte 
Linda Telfer 

Total amount contributed: $591.00 
Number of contributors: 76 
Percent contributing: 30% 

Elizabeth L. Backus 
Audrey Bergesen Long 
Ina Berkowitz Karlins 
Elizabeth C. Bigelow 
Judith L. Blake' 
Barbara Bogert Wahlberg 
Nancy Bowne Rollinson 
Charlotte H. Brown 



1961 Talks It Over with Dr. Tewksbury: I. to r. Carol Healy Butterworth, Eileen 
Stack, Barbara Cole French 

Aline A. Carleton 

Janet Caserio Ferris 

Marlene Caton Russell 

Maury Chenoweth Denniston 

Linda G. Chiaramonte 

Barbara Christie Stone 

Cornelia Clark Smith 

Sandra Conzen Stefany 

Carol Cookson Hird 

Joan Corthouts Grayson 

Frances A. Cotton 
xjudith Davis Weiss 

Marcia Dodson Morley 

Judith A. Edmonson 

Susan S. Elsbree 

Elizabeth Fager Frederick 

Carol L. Failla 

Carol A. Farquhar 

Lynn Flusser Tull 

Diane Frankel Shulkin 

Marsha Frommer Crowley 

Susan Gage Barros 

Marcia Gardner Coyle 

Paulette Goldberg Holliday 

Minna Golden Levin 

Judith Grace Lazarus 

Mary J. Hazrick 

Joan A. F. Herrick 

Lucinda Hodskins Lindgren 

Harriet Housman DeMoranville 
xCarol Israel Allen 

Baila Issokson King 

Janet Iversen Messineo 

Muriel A. Kershaw 

Karen P. Kirk 

Judith Knaus Kopp 

Jane H. Kremer 

Colleen H. Light 

Gwenda J. Love 

Sandra Lund Grouten 

Nancy D. Maas 

Carol A. Mackay 

Jane F. McCall 

Mary K. McCartney 

Nancy Mosher 

Anita Orleck Webber 

Linda Ostrom Goodwin 

Beverly Pendleton Folkes 

Michele A. Poirier 
Barbara J. Rahner 
Anita Ramirez Zayas 
Mary Jane Sauer Lockard 
Janet Sawyer Macomber 
Marilyn Senior Legg 
Margaret Sheridan Crump 
Ellen C. Smith 
Karil Smith Clark 
Suzanne Spangenberg Straley 
Phyllis Stone Blotner 
Claire E. Sullivan 
Katharine Thomson Mitchell 
Susan VanDorn Pease 
Carol Vincent Cook 
Abby L. Wells 
Joyce Wheeler 
Joan M. White 
Ruth Work Montagna 
Ronna Zucker Uhrman 



Joan Brodalski 

Ann Davidson 

Jeannete Zglenicki 

Total amount contributed: $5*' 1 . 50 
Number of contributors: 78 
Percent contributing: 29% 

Brenda Alperin Summer 
Judith Bantleon Lawrence 
Linda Benson Monti 
Joan M. Brodalski 
Caroline E. Brown 
Andrea A. Busch 
Marilyn Caruso Crosby 
Carol Carvey Stimson 
Diane Cassata Pillman 
Charlotte M. Clinton 
Elizabeth L. Coburn 
Barbara Cole French 
Suzanne H. Crafts 
Ann Davidson 
Barbara Davis Delano 
Florence DeLuca Smith 
Susan Dennison Harmon 


Diane Despard Pond 

Lynda Downes Brown 

Valerie R. Duval 

Joan Franke Neustaedter 

Mary George Poor 

Kay G. Goodman 

Natalie J. Granchelli 

Eleanor J. Grauer 

Glenda Green Kadlac 
xjanet Hammonds Langley 

E. Diane Hartnett 

Carol Healy Butterworth 

Caroline H. Heck 
xMary Hofberg Ford 

Elizabeth Howard Crosbie 

Laura T. Jensen 
xValerie Joseph Rawitch 

Jane A. Kendrigan 

Kristine Kerr Bliss 

Patricia L. Kiefer 

Maryellen King Hardy 

Sheila Komito Levine 

Carole A. Lamson 

Mary C. Lucas 

Celeste E. Mayo 

Patricia A. McKinnon 

Marilyn Mertz Zimonis 

Susan Metz Good 

Phyllis Milano Coliano 

Joan B. Moeller 

Sandra Mueller Sandberg 

Janet B. Murray 

Dorothy E. Musche 

Susan C. Natapow 

Elaine M. Oetinger 

Jeanne L. Orcutt 

Valerie A. Orcutt 

Virginia A. Orsi 

Jane Parsons Dolbier 

Marie Pelargonio Hall 

Anne D. Pers 

Nancy Pickett Harrison 

Pamela Pond Schuster 

Ann Porcaro Mucera 

Lucinda Rowland Ward 

Pauline T. Sarrazin 

Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan 

Charlotte Siders Taintor 

Cynthia Smith 

Ellen Smith Burton 

Eileen F. Stack 

Marguerite J. Stockman 

Sue Ellen Toth 
xLinda F. Vidmark 

Gail H. Warren 

Geraldine G. Weidman 

Lynnda Westendorf Schofield 

Susan D. White 

Roberta E. Whitehouse 
xjeanne Wickenden Lake 

jane S. Wilson 



Sheila Lane 

Betsy MacMillan 

Andrea Zaletta 

Total amount contributed: $ 
Number of contributors: 66 
Percent contributing: 23% 

Elaine M. Abodeely 
Andrea A. Adinolfi 
Linda A. Bald 
June Bishop Engman 
Barbara Blore Swartz 
Lynda Blount 
Marian A. Blunt 
Anne W. Brookhart 
Linda Burnett Davis 
Adele G. Carissimo 
Sharon A. Carley 
Anne Chadbourne 
Francine D. Cohn 
Sara W. Daigneau 
Constance J. Ferolito 
Janet Fields 
Virginia E. Fletcher 
Alexandra Foundas 
Joe Anne Freeman 
Phyllis R. Freeman 
ludith S. Gass 
Mary E. Golden 
Christine M. Green 
Allison Haff 
Betsy A. Hammer 
Patricia E. Hogenauer 
Ingrid J. Jonason 

Jeffrey Alan Dolbier 
(Jane Parsons '61) 

Nan Sparks Hunter '61 and 
Kimberly Ann 



Constance Weeks '62 
Curacao, N.W.I. 
December 1963 

Nancy E. Jones 

Joan L. Killian 

Ruth M. Krock 

Linda M. Kupka 

Priscilla T. Lane 

Sheila M. Lane 

Janet Liffiton Gifford 

Susan Littman Barach 

Janet Lopaus 

Marcia A. Madden 

Nance R. Magill 

Judith Martin LaPadula 

Nancy Martin Phelps 

Linda Mason 

Patricia McNulty Magnotta 

Betsey F. Mercer 

Holly J. Meystre 

Rosalind Monerman Holenport 

Doris Orben Campbell 

Priscilla Phelan Satterfield 

Tiffany M. Porter 

Tracy R. Potter 

Linda A. Resnick 

Marilyn A. Richo 

Elaine Sanderson Willhauck 

Randi L. Shapiro 

Christine Shier 

Ellen R. Signorelli 

Karen L. Smith 

Nancy A. Sporborg 

Elaine Sproul Belham 

Linda J. Stow 

Linda Strecker Harmon 

Joyce R. Walker 

Constance M. Weeks 

Anne E. Whittier 

Claire B. Windisch 

Judith Wright 

Andrea A. Zaletta 



Priscilla Jank 

Linda Norris Taylor 

Jeanne Chase Peckham 

Total amount contributed: $279.00 
Number of contributors: 40 
Percent contributing: 16% 

Brenda F. Altman 
Dorothy G. Andler 
Deborah A. Begg 
Cornelia Bessemer Hatfield 
Pauline Bratenas 
Charlotte R. Brown 
Jeanne M. Call 
Barbara E. Christiansen 
Chris Christiansen 
Bette J. Cole 
Gail A. Crosby 
Sandra L. Ellingham 
Gail E. Ferrucci 
Patricia A. Fulton 
Arlene L. Glauber 
Sarah L. Hirst 
xCynthia Hough 
Arlene A. Jacopian 
Dean M. Knobel 
Avery Leach Bullock 
Linda B. Loomis 
Sandra L. Mather 
Carolyn J. McVey 
Loel A. Mercer 
Patricia S. Metz 
Jill Montag 
Marjorie R. Myles 
Dianne H. Nemeth 
Marsha J. Perlmutter 
Susan H. Ramsay 
Paula E. Ritz 
Miriam Robbins Kelly 
Valerie L. Roberts 
Daryl Schmid French 
Karin Skooglund 
Deborah A. Smyth 
Sylvia M. Starr 
Linda K. Welt 
Mary K. Wickens 
Martha Wright 

Woodland Park 


High School 

Total amount contributed: $87.00 
Number of contributors: 8 

Ruth Ackerman Knapp 
L Katharine M. Anthony 
Dorothy Fox Hartenstein 
Tevis Huber Mellish 
Shirley Marks Tuck 
Jean E ; Peace 
Georgianna Taber Cotter 
Doris Wilson Lehners 

Other Life Member: 

Bertha McNerny St. Amand 

Faculty and Administration 

Total amount contributed: $106.00 
Number of contributors: 8 


Elise L. Jewett 

Ruth T. Lindquist 

Muriel R. McClelland 

Eleanor S. Perley 

Ruth H. Rothenberger 

Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury 

Dorothy E. Weston 


(March 18, 1963 — March 31, 1964) 

No. in 



No. in Contrib- 










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$ 668.00 























































































































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High School & 





Woodland Park 







Faculty & 












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7217 ] 

L837 $20,119.83xx 





*The Count: Living 

graduates with known 





addresses plus non-graduate 






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xx Includes 429 second contributions 



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La sell 

t-k^&r f^^r 


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, 4 

J-tV !•• 


K; : - 

•If- •# 

0- i 

*■ s 

fl: ■ ■'*. : 


Member of American Alumni Council 
since 1947 


First Vice-President: 

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Alumnae Fund 
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Scholarship Committee 
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Officers and Directors 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 (Mrs. Raymond N.) 
3 1 Wesley Street, Newton 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall '46 (Mrs. E. Sherman, Jr.) 
60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington 

Nancy Chase Ferguson '53 (Mrs. James N., Ill) 
Woodcrest Drive, Boxford 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 

52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands 

Marion Nutter Bredehoft '55 (Mrs. Bruce B.) 
16 Millbrook Road, Westwood 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 
170 Harvard St., Newtonville 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 
110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 (Mrs. Denton G.) 
1094 Centre St., Newton Centre 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 
110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 
41 Brentwood Dr., Holden 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley 

Betty Black Boynton '38 (Mrs. M. M.) 
681 North St., Sufneld, Conn. 

Sue Ross Westberg '45 (Mrs. G. M.) 
240 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow 

Norah Horsfield Maling '54 (Mrs. George C, Jr.) 
Old Concord Road, Lincoln 

Marlene Berman Lewis '55 (Mrs. Milton B.) 

53 Andrews St., Newton Highlands 

Linda Nolin Ahern '55 (Mrs. Robert) 
106 Hemlock Street, Arlington 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 

Editor : 


Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Elinor Smith 

Joy Stewart Engelsman '55 



AUGUST, 1964 

NO. 4 

Club and 

Class News 

Cover: Who Is She? 

(see p. 2) 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



We are asked the question by nearly every visitor to The Alumnae Office. 
We hear it from alumnae, from current students, from telephone and typewriter 
repairmen. And we too wonder: Who is She? 

Without doubt, the favorite brown-eyed, brown-haired girl, who oversees 
all office procedure and who overhears all telephone conversations, is a Lasell 
alumna. Three reliable "historians" agree her dress is the khaki-colored Drill 
Uniform of the early 1900's. The artist, whose signature is found at the lower 
left-hand corner of the painting, is Lee Lufkin. Leonella Rella Lufkin of Bolivar, 
New York, attended the Seminary from September 1883 to December 1885. In 
June 1902 she married William J. Kanla, and the last known address for Mrs. 
Kanla was 30 Ipswich Street, The Fenway Studios, Boston. 

Can you identify our gentle and appealing friend? On occasion, we are 
certain she is about to speak for herself; more often, we are convinced she is a 
top-ranking student in Mrs. Blanche Martin's Posture Class . . . indeed, she is 
"young and tall and handsome." 

Commencement — June 7, 1964 

Dr. Tewksbury congratulates Jacket Winner, Vicky Poole, Senior Class President. 

At Vicky's right is Nancy King, a Jacket Winner; at her left, Commencement 

Speaker, Dr. Charles W. Ferguson. 



Parents, relatives and friends attended the 109th Annual Commencement 
Exercises, held on the Recreation Field on Sunday morning, June 7th. "Words to 
the Wise" was the timely subject of the address of guest speaker, Dr. Charles W. 
Ferguson, Senior Editor of The Reader's Digest. Dr. Ferguson is the author of 
seven published books, among them "Say It With Words" and "A Life of Cardinal 
Wolsey." He has published articles, essays, fiction, and verse. Among his civic 
duties, Dr. Ferguson serves as Vice President for Public Information for the 
National Safety Council and as a member of the National Council, Boy Scouts 
of America. 

Before Mr. Wilder N. Smith, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presented 
diplomas to the 270 candidates for the Associate's degree, President Blake Tewks- 
bury addressed the graduates: 

"I have often thought what might happen if all the graduating classes across 
the nation actually carried out all the advice offered them in Commencement 
addresses and if all the authors of these admonishments actually practiced what 
they preached. The example might prove so potent in world affairs that we could 
convert our atomic power into public utilities and shoot up our guided missiles to 
celebrate the Fourth of July. 

"But no. Year after year, as the earth moves around the sun and spring 
merges into summer, the captive audiences face their speakers with no such visible 
results. Year after year these assemblies hear the same exhortations, the same 
appeals to you to sally forth and slay the same old dragons in the same old 
sinful world. Yet these dragons, unlike their mortal cousins, the dinosaurs, have 
managed to keep well ahead of the game. 

"Why don't we join forces, you and I, slay the dragons and have done with 
it? Why should I stand here lecturing you for what is, after all, just as much 
the responsibility of my generation as it is of yours, egging you on to trials at 
arms in which we have not succeeded? The reason I appeal to you is that my 
generation needs your help. 

"What help can we give one another, your generation and mine? Alliances 
usually involve some quid pro quo: what can we offer you? Ah, we will say, 
experience. How the very word used to irk us at your age. How we resented 
being chided for our views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on account 
of our lack of experience. What had experience to tell us} That our fathers' 
generation had got us into the first World War, the great Depression, and the 
makings of the second World War. They had promised us two cars in every 
garage — then given us breadlines and bank failures. Indignantly, self-righteously, 
we rebelled. We did not carry our rebellion into the open. We just quietly dis- 
counted what we were told, and the rate of discount sometimes reached 100 per cent. 

"Can we do much better for you, in the name of experience today? I some- 
times wonder. We do not promise peace, it is true. But are we not talking about 
three cars in every garage? If I were you, I should be skeptical. I believe you 
are skeptical. Yet of what is your skepticism compounded if not our experience? 
Does this not suggest that experience may be worth something to you after all? 


"Experience is a great teacher, but we must not expect too much of it. Un- 
refined by philosophy it is crude ore indeed. Reason must polish it and wisdom 
shape it to our use. If your generation is to profit by experience of any kind. — 
your own, my generation's, or anybody else's — ■ it must include the proper prin- 
ciples for putting it to use. 

"If civilization is to continue, it is the duty of each generation to hand on to 
the next this accumulated experience of mankind which we call knowledge. If 
civilization is to progress, the transmission should carry with it each time a net 

"It is not the inevitable difference in age or outlook between the generations 
that impedes this progress. Differences in age leave fathers and sons and daughters 
on the same side of many questions. Differences in outlook merely proclaim the 
essential diversity of the human race. Pride hinders the transmission of knowledge 
by one generation to another. It is pride — parental authority based on nothing 
but the circumstance of parenthood and the compulsion of self-esteem; youthful 
self-assurance compounded of nothing but self-assurance and youth. Parental 
authority requires factual demonstration to most children beyond the age of four. 
As these children advance in years and discretion, the proper scope of parental 
authority diminishes and its role changes. The best we can hope for it at the 
stage represented by this ceremony today is that it will have ripened into a mutually 
enjoyable and profitable companionship. 

"But pride can be a besetting sin in youth as well as age. The child may, as 
Wordsworth says, be father of the man; but it is not father of the father. Time 
has given my generation certain advantages in the acquisition of knowledge which 
it will, in due course, also give to yours. You are not called upon, any more than 
we were, to begin all over again with Adam. It would be just as obstructive to the 
process of civilization for you to refuse, out of smugness or sheer defiance, the 
knowledge we hold out to you as it would be for us to force it upon you purely 
in the name of authority. 

"Members of the graduating class: we have given you a stake in the accumu- 
lated experience of mankind. The stake includes sundry principles. Some of these 
you may accept, others you will reject, still others you will, I hope, improve upon 
by invention. As you gradually assume the status of an older generation, the 
selection will become increasingly your own responsibility. Yet with the heritage 
we transmit to you go three sets of principles that we believe will serve you well. 
These are embodied respectively in the Old and New Testament, the Constitution 
of the United States, and the education you have received. In the Old and New 
Testament you will find the greatest ethical teachings ever propounded for the 
inspiration and guidance of man; in the Constitution of the United States with its 
Bill of Rights the most hopeful framework of government within which to carry 
out those teachings; and in your education perceptions of excellence that should 
enable you to combine with ethics and government the best of man's arts. Girt 
with this armor we welcome you as allies. Prospering in it, through your own 
efforts and your own intimations of immortality, we shall sing your praises and 
glory in your achievement." 



Lasell's traditional Awards were presented to members of the Class of 1964 
at the Class Night Exercises on Saturday, June 6. 

ATHLETIC AWARDS: "L's" awarded to the 1964 winning crew, the Woodland 
Freshmen: Capt. Marjorie Story, Sharon Beattie, Betsy Clapp, Shelly Gunther, 
Pamela Hill, Virginia Pedrick, Karen Pound, Marjorie Wiley and Linda Wolf. 
Charms given to the following girls for participation in 3 or more sports 
during their two years at Lasell: Betsy Gegler, Susan Granger, Sandra Mc- 
Larnon, Joy Martin, Susan Coster and Sue Tenney. 

The BLUE and WHITE SHIELD was won by the BLUE, for the 19th time, 
with a score of 243 points over 180 for the WHITES. 

BLUE KEYS: Awarded to the following Seniors, who volunteered their services 
as campus guides to prospective students and visitors during the year, and 
who returned to campus early in September in order to help with the first 
days of Freshman Orientation: Rosalie Adduci, Joyce Arkwright, Vivian Ash, 
Urve Avasalu, Marion Bishop, Jo-Ann Blaine, Alexandra Boone, Jane Boyden, 
Carol Brown, Laurie Bullot, Julie Clark, Susan Childs, Susan Dahlberg, Lisette 
McMillan, Kathleen Donahue, Virginia Dwyer, Amey Eckles, Arlene Ferreira, 
Margery Flowers, Linda Gibbs, Susan Granger, Alison Harrington, Elsa 
Mae Hernberg, Susan Hodges, Jane Hanff, Greta Johnson, Marcia King, 
Nancy King, Beverly Landros, Marcia MacTavish, Virginia Maley, Joy Martin, 
Lorraine Masi, Priscilla May, Mary Ann McAtee, Sandra McLarnon, Karen 
Metcalf, Claire Molloy, Ruth Molta, Claire Monahan, Ursula Murdock, Susan 
Nelson, Sandra Nims, Beverly Morse, Kay Oppenheim, Linda Parmenter, 
Jane Pearson, Gail Perlin, Patricia Perry, Linda Petersen, Bonnie Phelps, 
Linda Pillarella, Carole Plaisted, Victoria Poole, Rebekah Ralen, Joy Raymond, 
Phyllis Rhyno, Janet Rosenfeld, Vicki Salvatore, Virginia Schmidt, Andrea 
Siegal, Jan Slocum, Nancy Smith, Pamela Stockman, Edith Swift, Susan 
Tenney, Carla Valentine, Patricia Washburn, Diane Wetherbee, Nancy Zigo 
and Barbara Zink. 

LAMP AWARDS: Miniature "Lamp" pins were awarded to the co-editors of 
the 1964 Yearbook: Susan Hodges, Barbara Zink, Alexandra Boone, Susan 
Dahlberg, Patricia Perry, Greta Johnson, Marion Bishop, Linda Pillarella and 
Phyllis Rhyno. 

BUILDING FUND GIFT: Nancy Zigo, Chairman of the Building Fund, pre- 
sented Dr. Tewksbury with a check in excess of $1300, from the Class of 1964. 

GOLD GAVEL AWARDS: Presented to the following Seniors because of ex- 
cellent attendance at meetings of the Executive Council this past year: 
Rosalie Adduci, Urve Avasalu, Carol Brown, Jane Hanff, Alison Harrington, 
Elsa Mae Hernberg, Susan Hodges, Marcia King, Nancy King, Beverly 
Landros, Priscilla May, Karen Metcalf, Kay Oppenheim, Jane Pearson, Gail 
Perlin, Patricia Perry, Janet Rosenfeld, Vicki Salvatore and Pamela Stockman. 

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: The following students were graduated WITH 

Janet Rosenfeld 
Sandra Nims 
Colleen Welch 
Alexandra Boone 
Joy Raymond 
Margaret Casey 


WITH HONORS (silver medalists) : 
Patricia Perry 
Virginia Dwyer 
Barbara Zink 

WITH HIGHEST HONORS (gold medalists) : 
Linda Marchetti 
Susan Hodges 

LASELL JACKETS: The most significant awards were given to two members of 
the graduating class who are judged to be the best all-around representatives 
of the College: 

Nancy King 
Victoria Poole 

1964 June Queen and Court 

L. to r.: Cameron Hough '65, Carol Brown '64, Crownbearer Cynthia Adams, 

Queen Penny Brewster '64, Sharon Chalmers '65, Carol Colegrove '64 and 

Vicky Poole '64. Cynthia is the younger daughter of Barbara Adams Borden '51, 

and a great-granddaughter of the late Elizabeth Kimball Adams '99-'01. 


Merna Carl '55 to John Foxhall Sturman, 3d. 

Sally M. Clarke '58 to Joseph J. Taglilatelo, Jr. 

Judith Louise Blake '60 to William Covington Mitchell II. 

Aline A. Carleton '60 to Albert Beck. 

Patricia Powers '60 to James P. Gilmartin, Jr. 

Carol Elizabeth Santurjian '60 to Alan Packard Murphy. 

Barbara Carberry '61 to Edward R. Haddad. 

Lynda Sherman Sadow x-'6l to Arthur Nathan Mindlin. 

Sheila Mary Lane '62 to William Pierce Murphy. 

Betsey F. Mercer '62 to James D. Henderson. 

Patricia Naples '62 to Bradley P. Howes, Jr. 

Janice E. Remington '62 to H. Timothy Atkins USN. 

Dorothy G. Andler '63 to Allan B. Silber. 

Charlotte Brown '63 to Gerry W. Whitehead. 

Jennifer Bryant Green '63 to Peter David Riggs. 




Charlotte Newcomb Brophy '34 and Richard Holt Hawkins on May 9, 1964 at Brattleboro, 

Anne Ivers '51 and Richard F. Reiske on August 24, 1963 at Meriden, Connecticut. 

Carol Mary Conheady x-'53 and David Thomas Ahearn on April 25, 1964 at Meriden, 

Alberta Flint '55 and Russ R. Reinhart on May 23, 1964 at Graniteville, Vermont. 

Jane Chisholm '56 and Robert Thomas Glynn on June 13, 1964 at Winchester, Massachusetts. 

Helen D. Mowat '58 and Paul H. Hirst in June 1964 at Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. 

Patricia Jane Woolley '58 and Michael E. Cronin, Jr. on June 6, 1964 at Longmeadow, 

Carol Hetherington '59 and Dr. William S. Tihen in April 1964. 

Lizbeth Ann Kocher '59 and Sherman G. Francisco on May 16, 1964 at Boonton, New 

Katherine Burton Moore '59 and Benjamin Bruce Edmands on May 19, 1964 at Darien, 

Stephanie Carle x-'60 and Charles H. Peck on June 6, 1964 at Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Paula Wolfson '60 and David Oppenheim on May 10, 1964 at Brookline, Massachusetts. 

Ellen Diane Hartnett '61 and James W. Hawkes on June 6, 1964 at Holliston, Massachusetts. 

Lynne Horner '61 and Donald T. Martin on May 2, 1964 at St. Louis, Missouri. 

Barbara Ann Nenart '61 and Dr. Andre St. Germain on June 13, 1964 at Norwood, 

Suellen Toth '61 and Frank J. Garvin on May 5, 1964 at Boca Raton, Florida. 

Judith Anne Vannasse x-'6l and John Lawrence Akerman on May 2, 1964 at Waltham, 

Miriam Bloom '62 and Michael B. Chaiklin on June 14, 1964 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts. 

Muriel Bloom '62 and Dr. Robert H. Bruskin on June 14, 1964 at Longmeadow, Massa- 

Pamela Ann Capuano '62 and Arnold J. Veek in June 1964 at Somerville, Massachusetts. 

Joan Frances DiSilva '62 and William T. Urettas on June 6, 1964 at Lexington, Massa- 

Barbara Frances Fitzgerald '62 and Dean Ahem Edson on June 13, 1964 at New Canaan, 

Janet Lopaus '62 and John A. Starkes on May 23, 1964 at West Hartford, Connecticut. 

Ellen Louise Milley x-'62 and Robert Lewis Davis on May 16, 1964 at Westwood, Massa- 


Mrs. Sherman G. Francisco 
(Lizbeth Kocher '59) 

Mrs. Jeffrey P. Flaster 
(Marsha Perlmutter '63) 

Mrs. Richard Pomfret 

(Diantha Tarbox x-'62) 

August 31, 1963 

Mrs. Donald T. Martin 

(Lynne Horner '61, daughter of 

Ethel Buchanan Horner '32) 


Sarah Jane Remley '62 and William Webster Southmayd on June 13, 1964 at Newtonville, 

Nancy Lee Roberts '62 and Roger Earl Allen, Jr. in June 1964 at New York, N. Y. 

Beverly Westgate Smith '62 and Donald Florian Ouellette on May 23, 1964 at Waterville, 

Carol Lucille Swanson '62 and Chester Clark Evans, Jr. on May 2, 1964 at Meriden, 

Deborah Ann Begg '63 and E. Thomas McKinney, Jr. on May 16, 1964 at Manchester, 

Carolyn Jane McVey '63 and Robert D. Krasawski on May 16, 1964 at New Bedford, Massa- 

Marsha Joan Perlmutter '63 and Jeffrey Peter Flaster on June 6, 1964 at Lynbrook, New 

Paula Ellen Ritz '63 and Charles S. Curran on June 6, 1964 at Framingham, Massachusetts. 

Diane Sedgwick Smith '63 and Arthur Lynn Simmons, Jr. on May 2, 1964 at Waterville, 

Marion Bishop '64 and Harold Kersh, Jr., U.S.N, on June 20, 1964 at Auburn, Massachusetts. 

Patricia Ann Burke '64 and Edward Thomas Duckworth on June 20, 1964 at Warwick, 
Rhode Island. 

Susan Childs '64 and Frank Bentley Merrick, 2nd on June 20, 1964 at Holyoke, Massa- 

Dianne Davenport '64 and David Vincent on June 13, 1964 at South Dartmouth, Massa- 

Nancy Edmonstone '64 and Jimmy Dee Wilson on June 7, 1964 at Mystic, Connecticut. 

Linda Louise Salvati '64 and Nathaniel F. Ladd on June 19, 1964 at Belmont, Massachusetts. 

Beverly J. Townsend '64 and Martin E. Branzell on June 20, 1964 at Waban, Massachusetts. 


To Elinor Kuchler Hopkins '43, a daughter, Nancy Hamilton, on May 27, 1964. 

To Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson '47, a son, Stephen Carl, on May 13, 1964. 

To Priscilla Freeman McCartney '51, a fourth child, third son, David Langdon, on May 24, 

To Audrey McKay Prince '52, a third child, second daughter, Susanne, on April 24, 1964. 
To June McLaughlin Lombino '55, a fourth child, third daughter, Sherry Lee, on May 3, 


To Elizabeth Proud Clawson '56, a second son, Paul Donald, on October 30, 1963. 
To Celeste Brodeur Kelly '59, a second daughter, Eileen Maura, on June 17, 1964. 
To Levette Corthouts Downey '59, a son, on February 15, 1964. 
To Judith Cassoli Collins '60, a daughter, Lynne Frances, on June 11, 1964. 
To Phyllis Milano Coliano '61, twin sons, Frank Daniel and Dana Francis, on April 21, 

To Elizabeth Nelson Smith '61, a son, Frederick Ellsworth, on January 5, 1964. 
To Eva Tu Teng '62, a daughter, Siu Lan, on January 10, 1964. 



GREATER BOSTON sponsored a most successful Wine Tasting Party on 
Wednesday evening, May 6th, at the Cambridge Boat Club. Proceeds from the 
sale of carnations at Lasell Night at Pops were directed -to the Alumnae Schol- 
arship Fund. 

The annual spring card party of the WORCESTER COUNTY CLUB was 
held on April 14, 1964. Chairman Joan Conley Eid '56 was assisted by Donna 
Jensen Poirier '57, Rose Marie Ravelese Ermilio '55, Helen Wood Queenan '54, 
Betty Scrimgeour Reney x-'46, Carolee Pedusey Virgilio '56, and Judith Smith 

Smith '57. 

A picnic supper on June 10th at the Wilbraham home of Frances Gay Lin- 
ford '39 closed the 1963-64 season of the WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS group. 
Members of the Class of 1964 were invited to attend. 

Marie Kaden '53, Director of Admissions, was guest speaker at the annual 
banquet of the RHODE ISLAND CLUB held on May 20th at the Grist Mill 
Restaurant in Seekonk. Officers for 1964-65 include: President, Nancy Gronquist 
'59; Vice President, Marilyn Weeden Davidson '49; Recording Secretary, Claire 
LaLiberte Adler '53; Corresponding Secretary, Marion Munro Waitt '45; Trea- 
surer, Jane Mehaffey Wolfe '44. 

Announcement was made at the Reunion Banquet of a contribution to the 
Alumnae Fund from the CHICAGO CLUB. The Illinois group continue to enjoy 
informal monthly luncheon meetings. Hostess for January was B. J. Stephenson 
Riedel '49; February, Dorothy Taggart Krumsieg '32; April, Betty Phillips Dick 
'40; and May, Gertrude McLaughlin Metelnick x-'40. 

Secretary Martha Moyer Anson '48 reports thirty-seven alumnae attended 
the March Luncheon in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Contributors to the Alumnae 
Building Fund include: Jane Alford Young '49, Carolie Abrams Bowers '46, 
Jean Bohacket Pegram '41, Cleora Brooks Clokey '01, Barbara Brandeis Alotis '53, 
Christine Chamberlin Kenny '25, Jane Cook Cardoza x-'43, Helen Campbell 
Rousseau '98-'99, Bettina Cook Kalbach '34, Dorothy Dale Smith x-'15, Laura 
Dale Wood x-'05, Lilian Douglass Heeb '07, Helene Driscoll '56, Shirley Green- 
halgh Fadley '49, Virginia Hall Anderson '48, Barbara Harris Ryan '46, Mar- 
jorie Hills Buffington '37, Nancy Irwin VanDorn '49, Margaret Jones Howry '38, 
Carol Kenneally Gardner '55, Barbara Kerr Marshman '34, Emilie Kothe Collins 
'00, Sandra Lally Hovey '55, Joy Lanner Left '54, Ariel Leonard Robinson '50, 


Gertrude List Alford '41, Louise Lorion DeVries '41, Mamie Marguerite Miller 
Eggers x-'15, Argenta MacDonald Carothers x-'05, Mildred Melgaard Rees '22, 
Katharine MacLean Hall '30, Martha Moyer Anson '48, Mary McConn Maguire 
'29, Beverley OBrian Perry '55, Betty Olson Cooper '37, Helen Overholser 
Towle '16, Mary Potter McConn '05, E. Claire Quinzani Kerins '51, Joan 
Pauling Smith '49, Elaine Reed Simpson '46, Kathryn Rohleder Oetting '56, 
Marian Rushton Miller '43, Gertrude Ruch Kauffman '42, Barbara Rymer Cole 
'48, Muriel Stark Goldsmith '42, Doris Somerville Krom '40, Ida Sisson Craver 
'07, Peggy Smitt Frank '42, Esther B. Sosman '36, Marian Traxler Crum '39, 
Kate Wheldon Plumb '02, Doris Wilson Lehners '25-'27, Winifred Whittlesey 
Knowlton '12, Lucy Young Walker x-'08. 

Martha's report closed with the then-timely verse: 

Spring is sprung 

The violets bloom, 

Our fires are out 

They did bring gloom. 

Our winds called Santanas blow and blow 

The desert's dry air brings no snow 

Beautiful Calif ornio 

'Tis so very delightfo. . . . 

Mrs. Mary Blatchford Van Etten submitted a personal accounting of the 
March Luncheon meeting of the SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB: "Such a good time 
as I had with the Alumnae on the 28th. It was a memorable occasion. Sea Garden 
(Pompano Beach) was a beautiful spot; the good old Lasell spirit waxed high. 
Sue Schofleld Jeffrey, elected president to succeed Irene Murray Pettapiece '29, 
is full of enthusiasm — the same dear Sue of 1955. Nancy O. Bunn '63 will serve 
as the 1964-65 secretary. Bess Robinson Breed x-'09 was so very sorry and disap- 
pointed to cancel her reservation the very morning of the party; those present in- 
cluded: Irene Murray Pettapiece, Susan Schofleld Jeffrey, Nancy O. Bunn, Nancy 
Smith Marchese '56, Lydia Adams Godsoe '18, Maria Riker Hume '09, Clara 
Paton Suhlke '15, Margaret Trice Gibbens '16, Lelah Cones Shaffer '06, Harriet 
Cole Lewis '13, Frances Wynkoop Benjamin '31, Carol jean Somers Irrgang '55, 
Adelaide Philbrick Sumner x-'03, Florence Stetson Pipes '37, Corinne Goss- 
weiler Ross '37, Jean E. Peace '38, Helen Robson Hamill '24, Marguerite Murray 
Keene '24, Lois C. Warner '64 and mother, and Mrs. Albert R. Schofield, Sue's 

Mr. James Stanley, Director of Development, and Marjorie MacClymon '32, 
Alumnae Secretary, attended the spring meetings in NEW HAMPSHIRE (April 
25 at Concord) ; BRIDGEPORT (May 6 at Manero's Restaurant, Westport) ; and 
BUFFALO-ROCHESTER (May 16 at the Apple Grove Inn, Medina). Mr. Stanley 
discussed the architect's drawings of the Future Lasell, and the plans were en- 
thusiastically received by the three area groups. NEW HAMPSHIRE'S president 
is Eleanor Gebelein Greene '35; BRIDGEPORT, Nancy Tisler Hurley '55; 
BUFFALO, Annabeth Williams Bergen '34; and ROCHESTER, Barbara Fos- 
ter '56. 





Julia Martin 

As Reunion-time drew near, a letter 
arrived from Julia E. Martin of Boze- 
man, Montana. Enclosed were "proph- 
ecy pictures" of The Class of 1904, and 
from their yearbook, The Allerlei, we 
reprint six individual descriptions: 

Grace Hardy: Always found working 
for the LEAVES. Fond of arguing. Given 
to giggling in chapel. Loves to sing 
bass. Ethics her favorite pastime. Is 
very fond of acting; Shakespearean plays 
her favorite. "Neat, not gaudy." 

Josephine Holmes: Very sober and 
sedate. Called "Joe." Her distinguish- 
ing characteristic, needless to say, is 
her smile. Has common sense. "Love 
hath led her in the net." 

Gladys Patterson: Teachers' pet? 
Busy running affairs. Anxious for for- 
eign mail. Great aspirations. "I have 
not willingly planted a thorn in any 
man's bosom." 

Corinne Richter: Has a fondness for 
Harvard. Her highest ambition — to 
be somebody. Has a great affinity for 
English. Always on time. "My friend, 
clear your mind of cant." 

Alice Stahl: Sometimes called Marion. 
Friend of the oppressed. Always found 
studying French. Adores psychology 
and ethics. Sunday breakfast her favor- 
ite meal; why? Likes penolia sand- 
wiches and oranges. "Oh, give me 

Julia Martin: Deep thinker. Her 
poetry has been compared with that of 
Tennyson. Wishes everything explained. 
Why did she draw the best table in the 
dining room ? "Who says in verse what 
others say in prose." 

In her letter, Miss Martin continues: 
"I have many happy memories of the 
good times we shared in those long ago 
years. Lasell Junior College is truly 
progressing, but it is the Seminary, with 
teachers and many splendid 
which brings me happy 

the fine 



We were 
sentative of 

sorry there was no repre- 
The Class of 1904 on 
campus for Reunion, and we hope that 
these vignettes help to create some of 
the atmosphere of that June weekend 
when everyone played the game of "Do 
you remember when?" 

Corrine Richter 



Grace Hardy 

Alice Stahl 

Gladys Patterson 

Josephine Holmes 





Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 

with Edward, Persis-Jane and Richard 

September 1963 

The busy schedule of May-Florine 
Thielens Peeples continues. "After 
three winter months in Florida, I re- 
turned to plunge into meetings and 
spring luncheons here in Chicago. Our 
Chicago Alumnae Club prospers and 
the girls all enjoy the meetings — third 
Wednesday of each month. My son, Ed- 
ward, has returned from two years of 
duty in Formosa; Architect Richard has 
designed a $4,000,000 high school for 
the city of Appleton, Wisconsin; Persis- 
Jane (Peeples Cline x-'36) is most active 
in civic affairs in Scarsdale. She and 
husband John are looking forward to 
his 25th Reunion at Princeton. In April, 
I attended the Biennial Meetings of the 
Penwomen, followed by the D.A.R. 
Congress in Washington; the annual 
National Federation of Women's Clubs 
Convention is scheduled for early sum- 
mer in Atlantic City. On June 20th 
there will be a family get-together and 
a grand celebration; the occasion: my 
twin's (Elizabeth Thielens Miller x-'06) 
50th wedding anniversary." 


Carrie Sessions Dodge reported that it 
was, for the most part, a cold but 
pretty and sunny winter in Arizona. She 
did add, however, that she had a short 
trip South during February - — "to 
warm up !" 

Marion Hale Bottomley writes: "Just 
back from Glastonbury (Conn.) where 
we had a family reunion on my sister's 
80th birthday (Emily Hale Barnett x-'06). 
Among the twenty-three present were 
four Lasell girls — myself, daughter 
Mary (Bottomley '42), Nancy Gorton 
Ross '42 and Emily. 

"I noticed in the May 9th copy of the 
Burlington Free Press a notice of the 
death of Ruth Wheaton Austin x-'30. 
She was the wife of Col. Edward L. 
Austin, son of Warren R. Austin, our 
first ambassador to the United Nations." 

In early March, Lucy Aldrich Berston 
wrote to Josephine Woodward Rand: 

"A friend and I arrived in Lajolla 
(Calif.) on Tuesday, February 25th. As 
we were entering the hotel, someone 
said: "Hello". That was Mary Lumbard 
Courtney. We also found two friends 
from Flint and they had met Herma 
Schweitzer Comstock '21, former Lasell 
roommate of Ruth Rawlings Mott '21. 

"On Wednesday Julia Hamilton Peters 
came over from her winter home in 
Coronado prepared to stay a few days. 
Thursday we three went to the airport 
to meet Marian Halstead Fenton x-'ll, 
who flew down from Berkeley. Friday, 
Helen Sayre Jacobs '11 came for the day 
from her home in La Mesa. We all had 
lunch together and you can imagine the 
chatter. We called ourselves White 
Doves, reminisced about Mrs. Martin's 
"Tall and Beautiful', and Captain Ran- 
lett's drills. Tot McLean Hunt had expected 
to come but there were complications 
with grandchildren whose parents were 
on vacation. Expect to spend a week 
with Marian in Berkeley before leaving 
for Michigan about the first of April. 

"Everyone here is hoping to be on 
hand for our 55th. A friend who saw 
us all together said she thought Lasell 
must be the most remarkable of schools. 
She said she knew only one person who 
went to the school she attended and she 
has never heard from anyone in her class. 
We agreed, too, that we were glad to 
have attended the Seminary when we did. 
And we are all equally convinced that 
the present administration at Lasell is 
doing a wonderful job preparing girls 
for the kind of world in which they 
live today." 

In addition to Lucy Aldrich Berston's 
account of the Lajolla "reunion", came 
a note from Julia Hamilton Peters 
testifying to the grand time they en- 
joyed together. 




A promise to baby-sit with "two dar- 
ling granddaughters, Sally and Virginia 
Lee" prevented Abbie Lee Viener Moss 
from joining the 50th Reunioners on 
campus. Abbie entertained the little 
girls while their parents attended a re- 
union celebration at Washington and 
Lee University. 

Abbie's former Lasell roommate, 
Maidie Dealey Moroney, reports the 
birth of her fourth great-grandchild, 
born July 10. 1963 — a birthday shared 
by Maidie's husband and son. Her 
winter activities included a Caribbean 
cruise — "lots of fun — but hot!" 

The 50th Reunion report will appear 
in the November issue of the LEAVES. 
Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood volun- 
teered to serve as Class Secretary, and 
requests: "Letters, news and pictures, 


Ida Beane Rice recently called at the 
Admissions Office. She requested a catalog 
for her granddaughter, whose interest in the 
College is understandable: great-great grand- 
mother, as well as grandmother, attended the 
Seminary. Ida continues to devote much time 
as a volunteer worker for the Massachusetts 
Correctional Institution for Women in 
Framingham. This winter The F'iends 
of Framingham, Inc. opened "Half-Way 
House," a Dorchester facility for wom- 
en whose effort toward rehabilitation is 
serious in their plan for "after release." 


On May 10, 1964, Marjorie Morrison 
Coburn represented Lasell at the Inaug- 
uration of Ralph Edward Gauvey as 
second president of Roger Williams 
Junior College in Providence, R. I. 


The new address — in Chicago — 
for Irvina Pomeroy Cooper is Apt. No. 2, 
6818 South Oglesby Avenue. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Harriet Morris Kenney, whose husband, 
Mr. Winthrop W. Kenney, passed away 
on February 17, 1964. 


Olive Chase Mayo represented the 
College at the Inauguration of Royal 
Merrill Frye as President of Belknap 
College, Center Harbor, New Hamp- 
shire, on Saturday, May 2, 1964. 

A Very Special Friend with Sally 

Jean and Virginia Lee Moss 

Granddaughters of 

Abbie Viener Moss "14 

"A detailed accounting of the 45th 
Reunion will be published in the No- 
vember LEAVES," writes Secretary Mer- 
cie V. Nichols. "In acknowledgement 
of our Class Reunion Gift, Priscilla's 
daughter, Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44, 

" 'Dear Class of 1919: 

'I cannot thank you enough for what 
you have done in memory of my mother, 
Priscilla Alden Wolfe and for me. The 
Bulletin Board now installed in the 
lobby of the new classroom building is a 
lovely memorial gift. 

'I am proud to be a Lasell girl; a 
part of your family.' " 


Helen Jacobs x-'21 attended the 1964 
Class Night Exercises and reported a 
new address: 21 Thornton Road, Need- 
ham, Mass. 

Sincere sympathy is extended to Celina 
Belle Isle Forman, whose husband, Mr. 
Thadford Forman, passed away in the 
fall of 1963. 


One of Florida's visitors this past 
winter was Margaret Reid Perry, who 
spent some time in Naples. 



The Class extends sincere sympathy 
to Harriette Case Bidwell and to Julia 
Case '32. Their mother, Mrs. Charles 
P. Case, passed away on April 27th at 
Brightview Convalescent Hospital in Avon, 
Conn. Mr. and Mrs. Case celebrated their 
65th wedding anniversary on February 14, 
1964. She was a charter member of the 
Historical Society of Simsbury, the DAR, and 
the Methodist Church of Simsbury, and was 
a director of the West Haven Home for the 
Aged. Besides her husband and two daugh- 
ters, Mrs. Case leaves a son, Charles P. Case, 
Jr., three granddaughters and five great- 


Louise Orr Daniels x-'23, writes: 
"Visited Claire Parker Everett on the 
Cape — she is as busy as ever ! To- 
gether with Olive Eastman Aspey '22 
and her husband, we enjoyed a day with 
Emma Perley Dewar x-'24 in New 

Mary Godard Hadley x-'23: "Older 
son, Duke, graduated from Syracuse 
University in 1952, and is now with 
Vedder Root in Syracuse, N.Y. Young- 
er son, George, — Colgate '60, M.A. 
Columbia '62. He is now in Personnel 
work with N.Y.U." 

"The highlights of my year," reports 
Helen Hinshaw Toohey, "are the oc- 
casional visits with our children and 
grandchildren — our daughter and her 
family are in Cleveland; our son and 
family are in Westfield, N.J." 

"Anne Daugherty Slater: "My Indian- 
apolis friend, Midge Lykins Rust '28, 
passed away in August, 1963- She is 
survived by her husband and three chil- 

Mabel Gleason Fletcher announces the 
marriage of her daughter, Susan, to Daniel F. 
Schultz on Saturday, February 8, 1964, in 
the First Methodist Church, Carthage, NY. 

"We had a wonderful Reunion", 
writes Claire Parker Everett, "though 
we missed all the girls who generally 
come. This year I'm looking forward 
to attending Norman's 40th Reunion at 

Sincere sympathy is extended to Jean- 
nette Merrick Moss on the death of her 
husband, Robert F. Moss, on April 23, 
1964 in Elizabeth, N.J. 

Mr. Moss was president of the Ori- 
ental Steel Products Co. in Tokyo before 
World War II. He was a former leader 
of the American Colony in Japan, 
president of the American Association 
on Tokyo for two years and was chair- 
man of the American School in Japan 

for 17 years and was a charter member 
of the American Club of Tokyo. 

He returned to the United States in 
1940 after many years in Tokyo and 
later became vice-president of the Sci- 
entific Concrete Service Corp., and was 
a leader in the- civic life of Elizabeth 
(N.J.). He also had served in an ad- 
visory capacity to the Office of Strategic 
Services during World War II. He re- 
tired five years ago. 

Those of us who have visited Jean 
and Bob in their lovely home, filled with 
the many mementos of their happy years 
in Japan, will always remember him as a 
cordial and most gracious host. 


The 1924 Reunion contingent in- 
cluded : Helen B. Perry, Frances Badger, 
Katherine Webb, Dorothy Redman 
Finch, Geraldine Wilder Bogart, Mar- 
guerite Murray Keene, Esther Palmer 
Dwinell and her guest, Louise Puckett 
Neill '23. A complete report of the 
40th will appear in November. 


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Parmenter (Ruth 
Shepard) did a "repeat" performance 
as proud parents at the 1964 Commence- 
ment exercises. Daughter Linda, vice 
president of the Senior Class, received 
an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts on 
June 7th. Janet (Parmenter Ellinwood) 
was graduated in 1956. 


Luanna Eyler Crane writes that she 
has sold her North Carolina home and 
is now building in Boca Raton, Florida. 
Her daughter is working in Phoenix 
(Arizona), and her son will continue at 
Law School following June graduation 
from the University of North Carolina. 


Dear Girls, 

While in San Francisco in May — a 
Convention business-trip with my hus- 
band — I had an opportunity to get 
in touch with two classmates. Had a 
short visit with my former Lasell room- 
mate, Minerva Damon Ludewig, who 
really loves San Francisco living. She 
maintains her wonderful glow of ex- 
uberance; is ever the enthusiastic and 
trophy-winning golfer; and almost prom- 
ised to come East in the not too distant 



Also chatted with Madalyn Patten 
Hoberg. Her daughter, son-in-law and 
the three grandchildren will be living in 
the East for two years. Madalyn plans 
to visit them — but the trip will be a 
short and fast one. She and her husband 
are looking forward to vacationing on 
his new boat, which had just arrived. 

Doris Wilson Lehners will come for 
her annual Cape vacation, and we shall 
get together there. 

I do want to call your attention to 
the Building Fund Bazaar, which will 
be held at the College on Nov. 17th. 
There will be a variety of tables and I 
hope you will send a contribution — 
objects you may be tired of may be the 
answer to someone's dream. Just send 
a note to The Alumnae Office so we 
can plan on your contribution. Perhaps 
those in the area will agree to partici- 
pate actively; the "far-aways" will want 
to be represented. The Bazaar will be 
one of the highlights of 1964 and I am 
sure The Class of 1927 will want to 
insure its success. 

From Marjorie Maxfield Smith: "Still 
remembering the beautiful White Christ- 
mas in Washington, D. C, where I 
lived for so many years. Always enjoy 
hearing from Esther Josselyn, who keeps 
me up-to-date with Lasell news." 

A request for a transcript came from 
Jeanette Smith Janes x-'27. Her current 
address is 30 Marion Road, Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. 



Josephine Laughton Hopkins served 
as the Lasell delegate to the Inaugura- 
tion of William Walsh Hagerty as presi- 
dent of Drexel Institute of Technology 
in Philadelphia. Soon after the May 
12th affair Jo wrote: "It was delightful! 
And being Lasell's representative has 
done wonders for my ego ! The Drexel 
invitation specifically included an es- 
cort — Dayton went with me — and we 
arrived in Philadelphia in time for me 
to go to the Academy first to leave my 
regalia and locate my chair. At the 
dinner, preceding the ceremony, we were 
seated so as to enjoy an excellent view 
of the head table. Our table host was 
a Drexel trustee; table companions in- 
cluded the representative of Mills Col- 
lege and her husband; the president of 
the Woman's Medical College and a 
woman doctor from their faculty who 
was his guest; and the Northwestern 
delegate and his wife, whom we par- 
ticularly enjoyed. There were no speech- 
es at the dinner — merely a few intro- 
ductions and additional instructions. 

Jo Laughton Hopkins '28 

We left the Bellevue promptly at seven- 
thirty; the delegates went to the Ball- 
room of the Academy, where I was 
welcomed with open arms by a very 
sweet 'young thing.' Representing 
"Western College for Women, she lives 
in Wellesley and Lasell was the nearest 
and most familiar 'among-those-present' 
to her. The inauguration was a most 
impressive experience and one I shan't 
soon forget. 

"The entire week was a hectic one. . . 
there was a Welfare Board meeting in 
Toms River prior to my leaving for 
Philadelphia; on Wednesday evening we 
attended a wedding anniversary cele- 
bration; on Thursday there was a 
luncheon for a retiring director of the 
Welfare Board staff; and Friday brought 
the dedication of the visitor's center at 
the Batsto Restoration ■ — attended by 
the Govenor, several state senators, the 
chairman of the New Jersey Tercen- 
tenary Celebration, the Constable and the 
Bailiff of the Isle of Jersey — plus 
some 5,000 other folks. For Saturday — 
since the week had been an uneventful 
one — Dayton had tickets for the eve- 
ning performance of a Gilbert & Sulli- 
van operetta at the Academy of Music. 
(He bought these while waiting for me 
between the dinner and the inaugura- 

"This week's normal routine seems a 
bit dull: had lunch with Jo Holbrook 
Metzger '22 who will be my guest in 



Maine during the month of August. Be- 
fore coming to Weld, she will spend 
a month at Nubble Light with Lynn 
(Metzger Pharo '45) and family. We 
did enjoy the spring luncheon meeting 
of the Philadelphia-South Jersey Club - — 
but did miss the Misses Clemens (Isa- 
bella '01 and Emily x-'03), who were 
preparing to leave for their annual va- 
cation in Scotland." 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. MacCuspie 
(Marjorie Winslow) announce the en- 
gagement of their daughter, Jean, to 
William James Robinson, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Walter Scott Robinson of 
Dorchester. Mass. 

"Still spend many weekends at the 
Cape — plus all summer", writes Ber- 
nice Kent Ennis x-'28. "See Eleanor 
McKenney Black '30 and Lillian Bethel 
two or three times a year — and Ruth 
Manness Sharkey x-'38 comes to the 
Cape from Chicago for her vacation." 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Barbara Lawson and Gertrude Wagner. 
Mrs. P. W. Lawson passed away on 
May 28, 1964 in Newport, Vermont. 
Gertrudes mother, Mrs. E. S. Wagner, 
died on May 19, 1964 at the age of 84. 


Newly-elected Secretary, Rosamond 
Cornell Cannon, will forward a lengthy 
account of the MOST successful 35th 
Reunion for November publication. Be- 
fore leaving for vacation, Roz requested: 
"Do include a portion of Mydie's (Page 
Haven) enthusiastic note." So — until 

"Hail Alma Mater! What a really 
great Reunion we had ! I am sure the 
Class of 1929 is unanimous in its ap- 
proval of the gathering of the clan 
after Commencement. We had so much 
time to visit together — and leisurely — 
and to rediscover the common bond 
which holds us so close, even though 
Father Time marches on. 

"The girls on the Committee did a 
wonderful job — provides truly The 
Frosting on the Cake. Maudie (Wil- 
liams Gittleson) and Betty (Wells Tuttle) 
were my house-guests until Tuesday, the 
16th. We feel strongly that an 'interim' 
Reunion should be held — possibly for 
those in the New England area. We 
even envisioned a huge tent erected in 
our pasture — seriously, it might be 
worth a try. How about it?" 


Sue Morgan Williams and Dottie 
Meeker Pearce and her husband enjoyed 
lunching together recently. Sue reports 
that the Pearce's took a trip around the 
world last year, ,then spent the summer 
at the Cape. They are now building a 
winter home in Florida. She and hus- 
band, Doug, spent a few weeks in 
Florida during the winter and then 
went on to the Hawaiian Islands for 
two weeks. 

In February, Doris Hat:h Rand had 
her first one man show at the Marble- 
head (Mass.) Arts Association Art Gal- 
lery. Doris holds many awards for her 
work, including a first prize for her 
watercolors in the Rockport Amateur 
Art Festival in 1962 and 1963. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Somers 
(Jeanette Gessner) announce the mar- 
riage of their daughter, Jean (Somers 
x-'64), to Lt. Allan Franklin Everson, USAF, 
on April 18, 1964. 

Susan Taylor, daughter of Dorothy 
Inett Taylor, has completed a course in 
Physical Therapy at the University of 
Connecticut. Susan, vice-president of 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, was presented 
with a scholarship award by Connecticut 
alumnae of the sorority. Last year Susan 
was voted the Most Outstanding Junior; 
was honored in like manner as a Senior. 
Sue's summer affiliation is with the New 
England Medical Center in Boston. 


Rear Admiral and Mrs. Henry S. 
Monroe (Karin Eliasson) of McLean, 
Virginia, announce the engagement of 
their daughter Ann Eliasson, to David 
Winston Long, Jr., the son of Colonel 
and Mrs. David W. Long, USAF (Ret.) 
of Falls Church, Virginia. Ann is a 
student at American University in Wash- 
ington, D.C., her fiance graduated from 
the American University in 1963 and 
is now with the American Express 
Company in Wurtzburg, Germany. A 
summer wedding is planned. 

Ruth Rohe Smith is now living at 
2857 Via del la Guerra, Palos Verdes 
Estates, California; Alma Mackinnon Dobra 
recently moved to 8763 Preston Place, Chevy 
Chase, Maryland. 


"Nothing seems to change with us," 
writes Marge Tarbell Quandt, "but we 
do get busier ! We have purchased a 
card and gift "shop, The Shop Unique, 



Cassandra, granddaughter of 
Lucina Cummings Carr '34 

in Arlington, Mass. It is a new ex- 
perience and one we are thoroughly 
enjoying. Son, John, is a freshman at 
Northeastern University." 

Elinor Small Domina was looking for- 
ward to an early summer visit in Wis- 
consin with daughter Anne (Domina 
Hewel x-'57) and family. 

Jane Ellison Ragan x-'32 recently re- 
quested a copy of her Lasell transcript 
be forwarded to Rollins College, Winter 
Park, Florida. Jane's current address is 
Mill House, Hans Creek Road, Green- 
ville, West Virginia. 


Mrs. Decatur Rowland (Hope De- 
catur) announces the marriage of her 
daughter, Susan Lee, to James Edward 
Larson on Saturday, March 7, 1964, at 
St. John's Episcopal Church, Bethesda, 


Alice Floyd Rice "keeps busy" with 
gardening, the local Boosters Club, and 
managing her own store. Elder son, 
Alan, attends the University of Mas- 
sachusetts; Fred is an 8th grader. 

From Helen Gibbs Studley: "Find I 
spend every spare moment with my 
granddaughter, Debbie. My son, Lee, 
is a member of the English Department 
at the Needham (Mass.) High School; 
daughter, Judy, is enjoying her work 
in personnel." 

"I continue to enjoy the many friends 
I made at Lasell," writes Lucina l.urr- 
mings Carr. "Barbara Blaisell White 
lives in nearby Montpelier. H ;r daugh- 
ter plans to enter the Universi'v of 
Vermont in September; her son has just 
completed his first year at the Mont- 
pelier High School. Ada May Bartlett 
Degree attended our son's wedding; her 
son, Peter, has recently been named to 
the National Honor Society. Look for- 
ward to annual Christmas notes ■ =£r©m 
Carol Morehouse Jones and Dee Rich- 
ardson Smith. Carol's eldest daughter 
was married a year ago, and Dee is the 
proud grandmother of two. Myrtle 
Marshall Cochrane and I always keep 
in touch — as old roommates usually 
do. Myrtie's daughter, Karen, was re- 
cently married. 

"My husband has been promoted to 
the post of Director of the Dairy Di- 
vision for the Department of Agriculture 
for the State of Vermont. Our older son, 
Wendell, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate 
of the University of Vermont, is now a 
commissioned officer in the U.S. Public 
Health Center, Rockville, Maryland. He 
is married and has a daughter, Cas- 
sandra Lee, born in September 1963. 
Our younger son, Rodney, a sports en- 
thusiast, attends Burlington High 

And from Barbara Kerr Marshman: 
"We are truly enjoying California living, 
and only hope we can stay for a while. 
Looking forward to a summer visit from 
our son, daughter-in-law and young 
grandson, who live in Pennsylvania. 
Our Linda is a member of the Class 
of 1965 at the University of Arizona. 
How the Time does fly. . . ." 

The Watkins Family 

(Helen Pierce '34) 

I. to r.: Joe, Mary Barbara, Helen, 

Linda and Joe IV 




Charlotte Weitzman Rogers and 
daughter, Roberta, paid a recent visit 
to Lasell. Roberta will be entering 
Lasell in the fall of 1964. Charlotte 
writes; "It was so pleasant seeing some 
familiar faces — ■ and places." 


"The daughter of a friend of mine 
in Essex Jet. (Vermont) has been ac- 
cepted at Lasell and will enter in the 
fall" writes Glennys Preston Allicon. 
"When she received the news, she called 
me immediately, — very excited and 
ever so happy." 

Barbara Lane Roper reports that she 
enjoyed the care given her by Lasell's 
student nurses when she was a patient 
at Newton- Wellesley Hospital last No- 
vember. Barbara is "back as a medical 
secretary — and loves every minute of 
it." Daughter, Nancy, hopes to enter 
Lasell in 1966 — ■ Sue-Ellen is in junior 

Dorothy Acuff Stone and husband 
were looking forward to a spring va- 
cation in Hawaii. One of the highlites 
was a visit with Babe Beamer Dahlberg 
in Hilo. 

"We have two fine boys" writes Pru- 
dence Crandall Randall x-'37. Robert, 
Jr., 19, is in his last year at Coyne 
Electric & Technical School, Boston, 
and Ray, 13, is in Richmond Jr. High. 
Our eldest son, Richard, died two years 

Ann Robertson Miller's new address 
is 785 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield, Conn. 

From Ginna Webb Tompkins: "Last 
September, Jack and I enjoyed a trip 
around the world - — attempting to gain 
support for Detroit for the 1968 Olym- 
pics. We arrived in Tokyo, continued 
on to Hong Kong, Thailand, India, 
Beirut, the Holy Land, Egypt, Greece 
and arrived in Baden Baden in time for 
the Olympic Meetings. We were disap- 
pointed to lose to Mexico — but the 
trip was a wonderful and exciting one. 
Best good wishes to all." 


"Was so sorry to have missed the 
25th Reunion last June" writes Alice 
Lockwood Leach, "but prospects of 
opening a day camp for 100 Brownies 
required lots of preparation." 

Irene Gahan Burbank reports that she 
and husband, Dan, are making plans to 
build a new house — after they take a 
trip to the Virgin Islands. 

"It was simply great to visit Lasell 
this past summer" writes Harriet New- 
comb Stoughton. "I was especially 
pleased to see classmate Arlene Wishart 
Sylvester — and to show Lasell off 
to 16 year-old daughter, Nancy ■ — under 
the gracious guidance of Miss McClelland. 
I was so proud of Lasell." 

Olive Boynton Garron is "adjusting 
to Connecticut living. Am anxious to 
contact the area alumnae club - — as 
well as classmates in the vicinity of Stam- 
ford." Olive's address: 18 Cody Drive, 
Stamford, Conn. 

Florence Christopulos Patterson has 
announced her candidacy for the Re- 
publican nomination as state representa- 
tive in the 22nd Worcester (Mass.) 
District. She has been active in civic 
affairs, including a past presidency of 
the Oxford Street School PTA, past 
president of the Worcester Council of 
Parent Teacher Associations, public re- 
lations chairman for PTA on the state 
legislative board concerned with edu- 
cational problems. Florence has also 
served as treasurer of the Federation of 
Women's Republican Clubs in Massa- 
chusetts, and as vice president of the 
Women's Republican Club of Worcester 


Secretary Cora Pratt Gillett, unable 
to be on hand for the 25th Reunion 
of the Class of 1939, compiled data 
from the questionnaires and thoughtfully 
forwarded mimeographed copies to be 
distributed to those present. We share 
the news with you, and if you have not 
yet responded, we hope you'll sit right 
down and write a letter to Cora. 

Barbara Albrecht Minnig has really 
been keeping herself busy with six chil- 
dren — three boys and three girls — 
ranging from a 10th grader to a still- 
at-home four-year-old. The three oldest 
attend different prep schools; #4 and #5 
are enrolled in the same public school. 
Besides attending four P.T.A. group 
meetings, Barb has served as President 
of the Altar Guild, Treasurer of the 
Junior League Garden Club, and has 
been a member of the Advisory Com- 
mittee, College of Education, at the 
University of Akron. In 1957 and again 
in 1964, she was voted one of Akron's 
Ten Best Dressed Women ! 

Barbara finds time, too, to serve on 
the Board of Rehabilitation Center, 
Women's Board of Akron General Hos- 
pital, Summit County Medical Auxil- 
iary, Barberton Medical Wives and 
many others. Her doctor-husband, Don, 
has been Pfesident of the Summit 



The 25th Reunioners 

Seated, Winifred Trudeau Foskett. Front row I. to r.: Betty Wallace White, 
Louisa Clark Harrington, Harriet Tifft Longley. Back row, I. to r.: Barbara 
Small Walsh, Ruth Conklin Anderson, Helen Forsberg Powers, Marjorie Dietz 
Jacobs, Margaret Schneider Thieringer, Madeline Edie Roslund, Louise Johnson, 
Jean Michael Petersen, Harriet demons Pierce and Romena Bowden Johnson. 

County Medical Society, Past Chief of 
Staff of Children's Hospital, Akron Gen- 
eral Hospital, Barberton Citizen's Hos- 
pital, and President of the Ohio State 
Orthopedic Society. During a recent 
"time out" holiday, Barb and Don were 
guests of Lambie Henderson Chilling- 
worth in Honolulu. 

Marjorie Lind Maxwell has a son, a 
freshman at the University of Miami, 
and two younger daughters. Marge 
writes: "We are busy twenty-four hours 
a day from March through November. 
We own a refrigeration sales and service 
business, in addition to two drive-ins." 
They are all avid skiers since their va- 
cations come — through necessity ■ — 
during the winter months, but manage 
an occasional bit of water skiing. 

Rowena Bowden Johnson has three 
children — a married daughter, son 
Kenneth is a member of the Air Force, 
and a son in high school. Rowena has 
been doing church secretarial work four 
hours a day, five days a week, and work- 
ing on church committees. Her very 
special hobby: baby-sitting with Grandson. 

Betty Wallace White is also a mother 
of three. Patricia attends Rhode Island 
School of Design; a younger son and 
daughter are at home. Betty's hobby is 
tray painting; she is active in the Holden 
Garden Club and does volunteer ser- 
vice at the Holden Hospital. 

Norma Jacobus Riddle's three are 
daughters: Barrie is a freshman com- 
pleting her first year at Trenton State 
College, where she was voted freshman 
representative to the Student Council. 
Diana, interested in visiting the Lasell 
campus, was recently selected to attend 
the Citizenship School of Douglas Col- 
lege. Norma's youngest was graduated 
from 8th grade in June. Norma is coach 
and advisor to the Methodist Girls 
Basketball Team in Manasquam, N.J. 

Mary Jean Schultz Waddell has two 
sons — Bill, Ohio Wesleyan '66; and 
Roy, a graduate of Western Reserve 
Academy, will enter Harvard in Sep- 
tember '64. Mary Jean is President of 
the Hospital Auxiliary in Muskegon and 
is active in community affairs. She and 
Hal have just returned from a European 
vacation, where they saw their German 
Exchange "son" of 1962, and visited 
with his family. 

Mary Jane Wheeler, daughter of 
Jeanne Daniels, is completing her soph- 
omore year at State University, Oswego, 
N. Y. Jeanne has been secretary to the 
principal of the Plattsburgh High 
School for the past five years. Her 
husband has been transferred to a parish 
in Amsterdam, N. Y. — they are now 
in the lovely process of selling one 
house, purchasing or building another. 

Ginny Bowen Riordan has three sons; 
the oldest, Charles, Jr., is in the Marine 



Corps. Ginny is delighted to be back 
in Concord, Mass., where she visits with 
Mary Bryan Roomey and Eleanor Martel 
Blaquers, and where her neighbor is the 
brother of Phyl Smillie Spence. 

Jean Michael Petersen's Wayne is an 
Ohio Wesleyan classmate of Bill Wad- 
dell (M. J. Schultz's older son). Jean 
also has a younger daughter. She is 
active ■ in the Babson Institute Faculty 
Wives' Club, plus the usual church, 
P.T.A. and Scout activities. 

Marge Dietz Jacobs has a daughter, 
Peggy, who is a senior at Wheaton 
College, and a younger son in high 
school. Marge continues her interest in 
local hospital and charity work. 

Just a card from Scotty Schneider 
Thieringer, but it brings the good news 
that she will be in Auburndale for Re- 
union. And Madie Edie Roslund writes 
that she "is reserving the right to fill 
everyone in on the doings personally 
— at Reunion !" 

Phyl Smillie Spence's daughter, 
Cheryl, a college junior, is majoring in 
Education; her younger son is in high 
school. Phyl's outside activities include 
the Garden Club, the Republican Club, 
the Outlook Club; and she continues to 
participate in amateur theatrical produc- 

Carol Barron Hackendahl's older 
daughter, Frieda Nelson, graduated 
from Virginia's Longwood College in 
June, and is enjoying a ten-week tour 
of Europe. Younger daughter, Susan 
Nelson, will enter the Medical College 
of Virginia in September. 

Mary Margaret Corcoran Franich 
x-'39 has two sons: Mark, a junior at 
Stanford University, and Steven, who 
plans to enter the University of San 
Francisco in September. She also has 
three younger daughters in grade school. 
Mary Margaret's husband, Marty, is a 
member of the Board of Governors for 
the sixth annual Hawaiian International 
Billfish Tournament in August. The 
entire family will make the trip — for 
the third time — with Marty and Steven 
registered as a father-son team in the 
competition. At a Rotary picnic on the 
Islands last summer, Mary Margaret met 
Helen Wight Weeks x-'40. And to in- 
sure their seeing "the other side of the 
world," Marty won a trip to New York, 
Paris and London, which they enjoyed 
in May. 

Mary Doherty Dagle has three daugh- 
ters. The oldest, Constance, is a fresh- 
man at State College, Boston. Mary 
admits: "I keep busy just keeping up with 
three daughters." 

Penny Brett Wiss has four children and 
one grandchild. Penny's oldest, Lynn, 
was graduated from Endicott Junior Col- 
lege in 1959, was married soon after grad- 
uation, and is responsible for Penny's 
being our first grandmother ! Susan, who 
placed third in , the Seventeen Magazine 
Model contest this year, is a senior at Ver- 
mont College. Sally and Tom are in 
Stroudsburg schools. All members of the 
family have earned sailing trophies; Penny 
and Tom collect antique cars (they own 
about 30), love skiing — both water and 
snow, find time for a bit of travel and are 
both active in community groups. 

Harriet Tifft Longley's son, Jonathan, is 
studying Engineering at the University of 
Vermont, and was the proud winner of a 
sailing cup at the Edgartown Regatta in 
1963. Fletcher will enter high school in 
September; Jane attends junior high. Tif- 
fie conducts her own interior decorating 
business, is on the Board of Florence Crit- 
tenton League, D.A.R., church and hospi- 
tal groups. She adds: "Roger and I sail a 
little — ski a little — golf a little — and 
win a few master points at bridge." 

Mary Case Thompson x-'39 has a 12- 
year-old daughter, Barbara. The Thomp- 
son family, skiing and mountain-climbing 
enthusiasts, are members of the Springfield 
Ski Club and the Appalachian Mountain 

Kay Farnell Gray has two young sons. 
Kay, now a Californian, visited with Ellen 
Stoll Belbruno in New York a few sum- 
mers ago. Kay is active in the League of 
Women Voters and Episcopal Church 
work in San Mateo. 

Bonnie Baker Thieme x-'39 has a son, 
John, two attractive teenage daughters, 
and a very young son. 

Ruth Conklin Anderson is Secretary of 
the Volunteer Board of the Norwalk Hospi- 
tal. She also sent word that her sister, 
June (Conklin Hilton x-'39) is the mother 
of four and grandmother of one ! 

Louisa Clark Harrington's older son, El- 
liot, Jr., is a member of Boston Universi- 
ty's Class of 1967; Alden, Harvard '66. 
Both boys are excellent hockey players and 
Louisa and Elliot spend weekends watch- 
ing the boys participate in sports events. 
Louisa has been teaching nursery school 
for 15 years, and now has charge of trans- 
portation for Green Acres Nursery School 
in Waltham. She also interviews candi- 
dates for a summer camp. Louisa and El- 
liot are both extremely active in civic and 
community affairs. 

Laurana Wilson Wightman's older 
daughter, Marcia, graduated from Lasell 
in 1963. Harriet Clemons Pierce's Cyn- 
thia is a sophomore at Wheaton College; 



her Carolyn is a freshman at Fisher Ju- 
nior College. The two Pierce gals have 
won scholarships from their colleges and 
from local organizations. 

Jane Leckie Tracy's four children are 
Bill, Jr., Roberts, Jim and Robbie. Bill, a 
senior at Hamilton College, is president 
of his fraternity and of the Fraternity 
Council. Roberta will be a senior at Colby 

Barbara Small Walsh "keeps busy with 
five young adults. Our eldest, Robert, is a 
junior at Boston College." 

Marie Dunston Murray classifies her sons 
as "two baseball players and one football 
player." Don, a Florida State junior, is 
majoring in Physical Education and is #1 
pitcher for the varsity baseball team. 
Bruce, center fielder of the high school var- 
sity, will enter Florida State in Septem- 
ber. He will be the summer director of 
the Panama City park recreational pro- 
gram. Kent, the football enthusiast, at- 
tends the local high school. Marie and Don 
have been sponsors of the Panama City 
(Fla.) Teenagers Group for the past four 
years, and have opened their home every 
Saturday evening to some 40-65 youths. 
They have planned programs — games 
and dancing — and, of course, provided 
refreshment. For vacation fare, the Mur- 
ray family have enjoyed trailer-camping 
trips — to the Grand Tetons and to Can- 

Illness prevented Agnes Neu from join- 
ing classmates at Reunion. Agnes, retired 
from government service in 1961, spent 
a winter vacation in Florida. 

"Just too much activity here at home ■ — 
can't make Reunion," wrote Helen Ham- 
ilton Allen. Kate, eldest of the seven Al- 
len children, will be married in August to 
Austin C. Cleaves of Longmeadow, Mass. 
Her four sisters will be bridesmaids and 
Guess Who is making the dresses? In 
answer to the question "Hobbies," Helen 
remarked: "Our special hobby seems to 
be the raising of a family." 

Eleanor Parmer Farrar is now living at 
12217 Bond Street, Wheaton, Maryland. 
Her husband is a scientific photographer 
with the Smithsonian Institute; Eleanor 
plans to open her own real estate office 
this fall. Sons Bradford and Gregory en- 
joy Scouts, sports and music. The family 
were planning a trip to Florida to visit 
Eleanor's parents and sister Marion (Par- 
mer Wheeler '41). Later in the summer 
they journey to Vermont to visit with 
Richard's parents. 

Allison Starr Elrod brings us up-to-date 
with her family: "We enjoyed a year of 
Massachusetts living in 1961 — Harold 
was granted a sabbatical leave from Co- 
lumbia. The next year found us in East 

Lansing, and last summer Harold re- 
turned to the Columbia faculty. We are 
now living at 61 Nannshagan Road, 
Pleasantville, N. Y. Joanne has completed 
her sophomore year at Wells College; 
Carolyn attends high school; Terry (our 
son) is a seventh-grader. Am looking for- 
ward to a visit at Lasell in the near future 
— my niece will be a member of the 1964 
Freshman Class." 

Betty Phillips Berry's son, Bill, plans 
to attend Williamsport (Penna.) Technical 
College in the fall. Betty and Tom drove 
to Anchorage via the Alcan Highway and 
spent a memorable year in Alaska. She 
is active in the Garden Club, Cancer So- 
ciety and local church groups. She looks 
forward to receiving the annual Christ- 
mas letter from Ruth Ray Ratchford and 
news of Ruth's son and daughter. 

Winnie Caffrey Goldman and husband 
Charles devote most of their time to the 
training and showing of English Springer 
Spaniels. They travel to several dog shows 
each year. 

Lee Powers, oldest daughter of Helen 
Forsberg, has completed her first year at 
Middlebury College. Sisters, Janis and An- 
drea, attend high school; Robin is a sec- 
ond grader. 

Marian Traxler Crum's daughter, Leslie, 
a freshman and archeology major at 
U.C.L.A., has been invited to attend the 
University of South Utah Summer Session 
at the Indian Pueblo digs in Utah. Marian, 
husband John and son Jack are eagerly 
looking forward to an August vacation 
at Phantom Ranch, located at the bottom 
of the Grand Canyon. 

Bobby Lee Williams Hammell moved to 
Lajolla, California, in the early winter. 
Janice Marr Demer enjoys life at Camp 
Lejeune, N.C., where her husband is the 
CO. of the 2nd Dental Company, 2nd 
Marine Division. Their two children are 
high school age. 

Greg and Brad Farrar 
(Eleanor Parmer '39) 



Betty Morrison Graves, now residing in 
Bedford, Virginia, is President of Church 
Women, President of the Investment Club, 
and Treasurer of the Golf Association. 
She and husband Dick have toured Eu- 
rope, traveled in the Caribbean and in 
Mexico; their recent "in the States" vaca- 
tion trips have taken them to Disneyland 
and the Seattle World's Fair. Their older 
son, Richard A. Ill, will graduate from 
Virginia Military Institute in June '65. 

Shirley Wood Bush is a member of the 
administrative staff of the Winter Haven 
(Fla.) Hospital. She is also active in the 
Mothers Club of DeMolay, a Gray Lady, 
and a P.T.A. Thrift Shop worker. In her 
spare time she does newspaper reporting 
and "a spot of gardening." 

Aimee Perras Freeman has two daugh- 
ters, 14 and 9, and a 10-year-old son, 
who "collects all sorts and varieties of 
living things — salamanders and bees, a 

Nancy Hale Canning is truly proud of 
her daughter Patricia. Patty, recipient of 
the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomor- 
row Award and the Connecticut 4-H Key 
Award, will enter Southern Connecticut 
State College in September. 

Nancy Nichols states she is the proud 
aunt of five and godmother to Susan Wiss, 
Penny Brett's daughter. Nan is associated 
with an electronics firm in the Wellesley 

Now — a little about the Gillett Fam- 
ily. Pam is completing her freshman year 
at Marjorie Webster Junior College; Win- 
kie, a '64 Penn Hall graduate, is looking 
forward to a post-graduate year at The 
American School in Switzerland. 

I am now a volunteer at the Evanston 
Hospital — having "served" many years 
of duty with Junior League committees, 
Scout detail and the routine community 
organizations. During the winter months 
Forrest and I enjoy curling; in the sum- 
mer, golf. And — to answer the oft- 
asked question: the braids are no more; 
the hair is still long — in a chignon. 

Seriously, I do thank each of you who 
returned the questionnaire and more es- 
pecially, sincere thanks to you who for- 
warded checks. We are proud to an- 
nounce that over one hundred dollars is 
being directed to the 1964-65 Alumnae 
Fund in memory of our deceased class- 

A happy summer to one and all . . . 
Write often . . . let's all plan now for 
our 30th! 

. . . C.P.G. 


Barbara Hover Lallou writes from 10619 
Hillview, Chatsworth, California. 

"We have been in Chatsworth ■ — locat- 
ed at the very tail end of the San Fernando 
Valley — for about five years. My hus- 
band and I run a Hay, Grain and English 
Tack plus Western Equipment store. We 
also buy, sell, show and train American 
Saddlebred horses. 

"Our oldest daughter, Barbara Anne, 
completed two years at the University of 
Southern California — then married an 
architect. I am a grandmother — it 
sounds dreadful but I love it. My grand- 
son was born in September, 1962 — and, 
of course — 'is the only grandson in the 
world.' Susan, my middle child, is a senior 
at the University of California, majoring 
in mathematics and accounting. She is 
pinned to a pre-dental student and in- 
tends to help him finish college when she 
graduates. This leaves us with one daugh- 
ter at home. Dari, fourteen, a sophomore 
in high school, is quite a girl. For the 
past two years we have traveled the Coast 
showing her saddlebred gelding and she is 
now rated one of the five top saddleseat 
riders in the state. Last summer she modeled 
to earn money for more show equipment — 
and is now being interviewed for television 

"We love this small town. I am just a 
'country hick' at heart. Once in a great while 
I miss the snow but then we go to Big Bear 
or up to Mammouth and I am satisfied. 
This year, as usual, we took a group of 
youngsters to the Rose Parade. We go up 
the night before — fortified with sleeping 
bags, blankets, hot chocolate and coffee. 

"Often wonder about Anita Fitzgerald 
and Dottie Heagy — also Ruth McLaugh- 
lin, Peggy Card, Jane Abbott and many, 
many more. Would love to see Lasellites 
anytime they come our way. Hope to re- 
turn East for our 25th ■ — come June '66." 

Evangeline Lobdell McMeekin x-'4l re- 
quested a transcript of her Lasell record 
be forwarded to the State of New Jersey 
Rehabilitation Commission. 

Ginny DeNyse and Lucile Wielandt 
Speight had an early summer luncheon 
meeting with Bette McGrath Brown. Gin- 
ny adds: "Bette is just as cute as ever. 
She and her husband are very active in 
Ohio politics. Mary Doig Nicholson 
spent a weekend in Bronxville recently — 
her daughter, Jane, is college-shopping. I 
am hoping for a September vacation in 
Europe — Gertrude Fischer is planning 
the trip and making all arrangements." 




Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Fournier 
(Barbara Schilf '40) 

With permission we reprint Marc Dro- 
gin's feature article, published in the Sun- 
day Pictorial edition of The New Haven 
Register on February 2, 1964. The ac- 
companying photograph of Mr. and Mrs. 
Fournier (Barbara Schilf) was taken by 
Mr. Drogin, who titles the story, "The 
Fourniers of Bethany: Country Life is Won- 

Snow was still coming down, across the 
hill, down through the tall grass and al- 
most over the rabbit tracks sketched on 
the surface of an earlier fall. Something 
about the cold snow air made clouds from 
breath and gave a soft plump sound as the 
horses moved. 

A tug on the reins and Barbara Four- 
nier wheeled her horse about, to face 
down across the split-rail fences, the ken- 
nel, barns and ranch home, down to a 
dirty slash in the landscape that was 
Route 69 running toward New Haven. 

"It's a nice life being outdoors all the 
time," she said. "I don't think I could 
ever be inside in an office. I would die." 

Don Fournier wheeled his huge red 
chestnut stallion about and into the wind, 
watched the huge animal lift and drop its 
feet, settling into balance onto the hill- 
side and into the wind. 

"Lord, we'd never go back to New Ha- 
ven. I haven't been in New Haven in three 

weeks." Irish, the stallion, held. Whiskey 
the terrier in a sack hung from Fournier's 
shoulder was motionless, snow ( slowly 
settling on his whiskers. 

"You know," said Mrs. Fournier, "I 
have a registered letter that's been wait- 
ing down there at the Westville Post Of- 
fice for three days. One of these days I 
suppose I'll get it." 

Back around into the snow turned the 
mounts, and the Fourniers and Whiskey 
ambled uphill and along the crest, white 
snow on the husband's red hunting jacket, 
whiter on his wife's black coat, melting 
on the horse's flanks and Whiskey's whisk- 

The Fourniers do not live way off in 
nowhere, out beyond civilization. Only 
eight miles down the grey slash highway 
is the New Haven green. Bethany is not 
the great beyond. 

To the Fourniers, though, it is a para- 
dise — the native resident and her West 
Haven-born husband have turned their al- 
most-hundred acres' property into a par- 
adise of sorts. 

There she raises and breeds Norwich 
Terriers, and takes them to dog shows. 
There he boards and schools and trains 
his horses, and takes them to horse shows. 

Mrs. Fournier, by the kitchen door later, 
kicked the snow from her boots, let Whis- 



key slip through the door. "I'm probably 
one of the two largest breeders of drop- 
ear Norwich Terriers in the country. 
There are, here and there, people who 
might have a litter now and then, but 
mostly prick-ear." 

Her kennel, she added, wiping the frost 
from the kitchen window facing across 
to the structure, has from 20 to 40 of the 
little creatures depending on the size of 
litters. Their breeder for the past dozen 
years, she has raised 15 champions since 
the first puppy showed up at her door as 
a gift from a neighbor. 

Back then she had taken the dog to 
a kennel for breeding. The owner had died 
and his wife, who knew nothing of dogs, 
was going to take over the kennel. "So 
I decided that if she can do it, I can do 
it. I came home and built a kennel. 

"I'd say I probably show about 15 
times a year, or maybe 20. I cover the 
big shows — New York, Westminster, 
Boston. I go of course to New Haven 
and Hartford, I've shown at Troy, I'm go- 
ing to Worcester tomorrow." 

"She's got enough ribbons," said Don 
pouring coffee, "to paper the living room. 
Dogs, dogs, dogs." Which just made 
his wife smile again. 

"The same for his horses — that came 
by accident too. All these things seem 
to happen by accident. We started to 
make the stable over. It used to be a hay 
barn for storage, and we were going to 
make it into one or two box stalls until 
it sort of got away from us. Instead, 
we ended up with 10 box stalls. We 
had our own horses and then started to 
board others." 

Schnapps with the coffee, and one can 
almost forget how chilling the snow was. 

Mrs. Fournier showed a picture of Irish 
leaping at a show, husband Don atop 
him. "I'm going to start training horses 
again. I did two years ago," he said, re- 
counting the names of some of his cham- 
pions — reserved champion down at 
Golden Bridge, champion at Litchfield, 
reserve champion again somewhere else. 
"That's Irish and the brood mare Gena." 

On what sporting field do Elm City 
Kennel Club Show Chairman and terrier- 
breeder Barbara, and champion horseman 
Don, get together? 

"The fox hunt," said the wife, and Don 
nodded happily. "It's wonderful. You're 
out there early in the morning and rid- 
ing behind the huntsman and the whip." 

"The best thing," added Don, "about 
hunting is just to hear the hounds when 
they get the scent of the fox." 

Don and Barbara Fournier love almost 
nothing better than the formal old fox- 
hunt on a cold winter day — joining 
with 140 to 160 others on opening day 
at Golden Bridge, on the New York line, or 
at Middlebury and Litchfield. 

Running down a fox can take up to 90 
minutes, an entire hunt from four to six 
hours. Festive and formal, the hunt serves 
a purpose — ridding the area of pesky 
foxes who, with or without the hunt, 
carry bounty on their heads. 

It's when the fox is holed that Bar- 
bara Fournier's favorites play their part: 
Norwich Terriers, low, strong little beasts 
with a quizzical eye, who are as happy 
in apartments as out in the field. 

"They don't run with the hounds," 
Don Fournier explained. "You just carry 
then in that little sack I wore. When the 
hounds ground a fox you take this terrier 
out and send him into the fox hole. 

"He chases the fox out of the place, 
and then the hunt starts all over again. 
Whiskey, or the others, will stop when 
you call. You pick them up and sack 
them again. It's quite a trick to getting 
them used to the riding and jumping and 
everything else." 

Whiskey, grey whiskered, stood to get 
crumb-cake. Mrs. Fournier's Norwich 
Terrier took best of breed two years ago 
at Madison Square Garden. 

"There's quite a lot to riding to 
hounds," said Don, relaxed, stretching his 
legs out in front of the fire. "Tallyho? 
That's when somebody sees the fox. But 

"Yoicks!" said his wife. "Now I've 
heard folks yell Yoicks ! But really I nev- 
er know what they mean." Whiskey got 
some more crumb-cake. 

A few minutes later Don Fournier was 
deep in a hunt club quarterly, his wife in 
a scrap book pasting binge, the dog on 
the couch, the horse in the stable. And 
the snow still fell. 

Sometimes Bethany is a long way away. 
If you want it to be. 




Jean Hardy Canedy sends word that her 
daughter, Ann, will enter Lasell in Sep- 
tember as a member of the Class of 1966. 

From Barbara Leonard Wiser: "Hus- 
band is athletic director at New Milford 
High School. We have three children, 
Terry, nine, Michael six and Laurie, four. 
We spend the summers at our cabin on 
Sheepscott Lake, Palermo, Maine. I'd love 
to see any Lasell girls in that area." 

Marjorie Ray Blackett paid a visit to 
the Lasell campus late in the Spring. Mar- 
jorie said she hadn't been back for several 
years — and hadn't seen a familiar face in 
ages. Her current address: 1102 Colegate 
Road, Marietta, Ohio. 


When she arrived for Reunion, Jean 
Campbell '44 brought an April issue of 
the Dundee Courier and Advertiser. Fea- 
tured on the Women's page of the Scot- 
tish daily was an interesting story — with 
picture — of Betty Gorton Collier. The 
author, Fiona, reports: "I spent an en- 
joyable afternoon with Elizabeth Collier 
at Chapel House, Kingskettle. Mrs. Col- 
lier is the wife of Paul S. Collier, whose 
firm in America, the Pfandler-Permutit 
Company, merged with the engineering 
firm of Henry Balfour & Co., Leven. The 
Colliers and their children, Paul, Betsy, 
Susan and Ann, have been in Scotland for 
almost two years now. 'We put in addi- 
tional central heating, and I got busy with 
a paint brush,' Mrs. Collier said. 'Instead 
of coping with the rather rambling kit- 
chen quarters we had a small, compact 
kitchen installed beside the dining-room, 
which saves work. In America, women 
cut housework and shopping to the min- 
imum, to leave time for hobbies and en- 
tertaining. I would far rather be on the 
golf course than out shopping!' Mrs. Col- 
lier is a member of the Fife committee of 
the Roosevelt Memorial Polio Fund." 

Jean Phillips Canning happily reports: 
"My older daughter's very best friend 
is the daughter of Patricia Taylor Hender- 
son '40." 

From Jean Burroughs Rawson: "Noth- 
ing too exciting — busy with the three 
children, plus club work, plus knitting — 
and, of course, the house. Do enjoy hear- 
ing news of Lasell and classmates." 

The present address of Jean Behrle 
Wagner x-'43 is 66 Cooladge Drive, 
Huntington, L.I., N.Y. 

Rachel Kellogg was recently appointed 
to the position of Office Manager for the 
New Britain (Conn.) office of the Hartford 
County Bar Association. 

Sue Lange Riddlemoser writes that she 
is so sorry to have missed the Reunion. 

"We bought a house in Bound Brook 
(N.J.)" says Sue, "and we're going to 
'stay put' until the boys are through high 
school. Believe me — we have seen enough 
new places for awhile. 

"My oldest boy won a scholarship to 
the Phillips Academy Summer Session at 
Andover (Mass.) I hope we can stop at 
Lasell when we drive him there. 

"I have my Real Estate license and am 
selling homes — never a dull moment." 

For Reunion, Jean O'Brien Heavey 
sent "regrets," but a promise to be on 
hand for the 25th. Jean is enjoying a 
new home in Annandale, Virginia, and 
adds: "Son Brian, now 15, is a swimming 
enthusiast; we spend the spare(?) time 
attending local meets." 

"Best good wishes for a successful Re- 
union" came from Joe Leroy Bramm. Joe 
is "extremely interested in the work of the 
Republican party. Attended a spring con- 
ference in Washington, and am a member 
of the Alabama State Executive Com- 

Brian Heavey 
(Jean O'Brien '44) 




Linsey and Heidi Grossman 
(Nonie Lederman '45) 

Ursula Burns Keely announces the ar- 
rival of their second adopted son, Robert 
Clayton Keely, born January 23, 1964. 
"Brendan, now three, is a delightful little 

Althea Taylor Goldberg writes that all 
is going well. Her son, Alan (14) and 
daughter, Ruth (7) keep her busy — "plus 
the usual P.T.A., taxi service and getting 
to lessons on time." 

Marilyn Lucey Richardson's daughters, 
Connie and Suzanne, attend Rosemary Hall 
in Greenwhich, Conn. Nonie Lederman 
Grossman's Linsey is a tenth grader at 
Beaver Country Day School; Heidi is en- 
rolled at Shady Hill. Nonie adds: "Linsey 
is a dedicated ballet dancer, and Heidi is a 
very serious pianist." 

"After residing in Milford, Conn, for 
nine years, Harold received a promotion 
and transfer," writes Marilyn Ford Samp- 
son. "In the manner of Washington, we 
crossed the Delaware and are now settled 
in Wilmington — 1216 Faun Road, Gray- 
lyn Court. Had a delightful visit with 
Lynn Metzger Pharo; together we at- 
tended the spring luncheon of the Phil- 
adelphia-South Jersey alumnae group." 


"While talking with Skidmore's new 
alumnae secretary the other day, I sudden- 
ly realized I had not forwarded a change 
of address," writes Janet Garland Wilson. 
"We moved recently to 1131 Adams Road, 
Schenectady, N.Y. It is in an area of 
large and older homes, locally known as 
the G.E. Plot. Unlike other plots, the 

bodies here are warm and active. Our 
house is a 60-year-old, center-hall colonial 

— in excellent condition ■ — and to top it 
off — has a captain's walk. David has 
just been named manager of a group in 
the Advanced Technology Lab at G.E., 
and we are feeling particularly fortunate." 

Jean Theil Weld reports: "Like every- 
one else — our children are growing up 

— Gail is 11, Leslie, 8 and David 5. I'm 
busy with Junior League and P.T.A., but 
Dave and I do manage to get away from 
it all every winter. Last year we had a 
wonderful European vacation — this year 
a trip to the Barbados. 

"We do see the College each summer 
as we travel to Maine. The changes are 
wonderful !" 

"My husband, Bob, is Eastern Editor of 
Leather and Shoes — a trade publication 
for the shoe industry," writes Patricia Lu- 
ther Wilkin. "I keep busy with our two 
girls, Holly, 6, — Heather, 3. Also enjoy 
teaching Sunday School and participating 
in productions of the Walpole Footlight- 
ers, our community theater." 


"Another Traveler Visit" — a series of 
articles by Virginia Bohlin of the Boston 
Traveler staff — brought forth this March 
headline: "Dynamo Starts Day on Head." 

"Mrs. Robert Palmer of Hingham starts 
each day by standing on her head. And if 
that's the energy secret of this dynamo ■ — 
a talented, young mother who packs more 
activity into a day than most mothers do 
in a month — then everyone should greet 
the morning on his noggin." 

Mrs. Robert Palmer of Hingham is none 
other than Dorothy Papani. Miss Bohlin 

"She paints with a technique all her 
own — mostly angels on gossamer sheer 
fabrics with water-based paints mixed 
with gesso. She plays the piano, the or- 
gan, and the guitar. She writes poetry 
and is working on her first book, "And 
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth.' She 
studies philosophy nights and plays dupli- 
cate bridge. She teaches Sunday School at 
Old Ship Church and she plays golf. She 
has modeled for Dior and has had her 
own ceramics studio. She designs and 
makes her own clothes. But the biggest 
thing she ever designed was her own home 
in the World's End section of Hingham 
ten years ago. 

"There's not a straight line in the 
house. It darts out at all angles to fit 
the contour of the lot, which is all ledge. 
The house is on five levels and has no 
doors on the first floor except on closets 
and bathrooms.' The living-room, with its 



18-foot ceiling, has two wrought iron bal- 
conies at different levels — the top one. 
with its spinet piano and leopard-cov- 
ered lounge, is used as the music room. 
On the wall of the music room hang 
two non-objective paintings by the Egyp- 
tian artist, Fouad Kamel, with whom Dor- 
othy has studied. 

"There are 11 rooms in the house, plus 
a spacious foyer of polished flagstones 
with a floor garden of schefflera plants. 
The kitchen — a combination of brick, 
hand crafted copper and sunny yellow 
porcelain ■ — Dorothy's studio and the 
family room are all open to each other, 
or really one. So Mother can paint while 
a cake is baking or the boys — Nicholas, 
7, and Bobby, 5 — are playing. The 
boys' bedroom, a bright blend of yellows, 
reds and oranges, is on the second floor 
atop the bluestone steps leading out of 
the family room. This is a relaxing type 
of room with a comfortable sofa in front 
of the big fieldstone fireplace and lots of 
Dorothy's paintings and flowers every- 
where. African war shields of bamboo 
screen Dorothy's studio from this room. 
Besides the angels which she so often 
paints Dorothy also likes to do paintings 
of boats and buildings that have a distinct- 
ly European flavor to them." 

And when we requested a picture to 
accompany a portion of the Traveler's story, 
Dorothy answered: "I am extremely proud 
of my association with Lasell, and have 
so many pleasant memories of the fun days 
at the Casino and at Hawthorne. The en- 
closed picture was taken by Mr. O'Cal- 
laghan, Staff Photographer of the Traveler. 
The painting beside the fireplace is one 
of my 'Angels'. It is painted on silk 
fabric which I treat and stretch across a 
frame — my husband is the frame mak- 
er. Thank you for your interest, and al- 
ways my best good wishes to the Col- 


"Last March we moved into our new 
home," writes Florence Johnson Kerdok. 
"Still work in Boston as a Dental Hy- 
gienist and commute each day. We plan 
a February vacation in Puerto Rico." 

Shirley Thorne Brady's children, Mat- 
thew and Susan Lynn are now three and 
eight months, respectively. Shirley writes: 
"Have been looking forward to the news 
about the reunion and the gals — sorry 
that I couldn't make it — My husband, 
who is an officer in the Elks, and I, at- 
tended a convention the same weekend." 

Dorothy Papani Palmer '47 


Kay Poore Hamel sent this early Reun- 
ion report. More to come later. 

"Jean Sargent Lee and Diane Palady 
Barry are the new 1949 Class Secretaries 
— plus yours truly. Somebody told me 
that our class has very little news in the 
LEAVES. I do hope we can have more ac- 

"Our reunion luncheon was held at the 
home of Audrey Mitchell McKibben in 
Dedham. There were 28 present — in- 
cluding our "Class Baby' Debbie Leighton, 
daughter of Pam Johns Leighton. Debbie 
is now 14 and will be a high school soph- 
omore in the fall. We all seemed to have 
lots to chatter about — and had a won- 
derful time looking over the Lasell scrap- 
books that Nat Hall Campbell sent for our 
perusal. We missed Nat — but hopefully 
will have her with us at the 20th. 

"Present at the luncheon were: Nan 
Colman Hill, Nancy Curtis Grellier, Vio- 
let Drulie Dhimos, Carol Dunn Burns, 
Betty Finnell, Ann Fletcher Wilson, Lib- 
by Harrington Logan, Elizabeth Honywill 
Horgan, Pam Johns Leighton, Joan Ken- 
nedy Johnson, Nancy Lawson Donahue, 
Audrey Mitchell McKibben, Diane Pal- 
ady Barry, Beverly Peterson Bentley, Nor- 
ma Pickett Wise, Kay Poore Hamel, Sally 
Priestman Costa, Kay Raizes Stameris. 
Prilly Randall Hurter, Mimi Ross, Jean 
Sargent Lee, Vicki Stone Leary, Sally Tay- 
lor Murray, Joan Thornton Briand, Mar- 
ilyn Weeden Davidson, Janet White Mac- 
Lure and Jean Wormuth Craig. Pauli 
Donaldson Converse, Jan Gray Palin and 



Vicki Heiden Horen '49 and Family 

Mary Lou Schurman Palin were among 
the missing — but 'Straw' Lawson Dona- 
hue filled us in on the Washington, D.C. 
reunion she had with Pauli last year. 

"We distributed 'prizes' in the follow- 
ing categories. Class Baby: Pam Johns 
Leighton; Longest Married: Vicki Stone 
Leary (September, 1950); Recent Married: 
Sally Taylor Murray; Most Children: 
'Straw' — eight children — oldest nine!; 
Newest Baby: Kay Raizes Stameris — 
twins, Philip and Anne born January 9, 
1964; Careerists: Betty Finnell and Mimi 
Ross; Most Traveled: Jean Wormuth 
Craig and Betty Finnell ■ — (Europe sev- 
eral times) ; and Longest Distance Reun- 
ioner: Vicki Stone Leary of Sacramento, 

"The Class voted to make a contribu- 
tion to the Lasell Junior College Library 
Endowment in the memory of the deceased 
members of the Class of 1949- Future do- 
nations will be directed to the purchase of 
additional books." 


May we borrow one for the 
November issue? 


"I was pleased to receive a letter from 
Chris Oliveto Davis" writes Sally Hughes 
Fasick, "telling me that her husband, 
Dick, is being transferred to New Orleans. 
We are looking forward to a good old- 
fashioned Lasell visit." Sally is also anxious 
to contact any other Lasellites in the New 
Orleans area. 

Marjorie Martin Allen reports that she 
loves living in Riverdale (N.Y.). Her 
busiest "project" two children — Carolyn 
Betsy, five, and Andrew Mark, two. 

Helen (Pat) Graham Gordon writes: 
"We moved to N.J. last May. Husband was 
transferred to the New York office from 
South Bend, Indiana. We saw quite a bit 
of Jane Abels Eshbaugh before she moved 
to Osterville (Mass.)." 

Shirley Richman Miller tells us she is 
now an assistant Brownie leader. "My 
three-year-old, Cindy, is our mascot ■ — 
loves every minute of it. Robin, however, 
hasn't quite decided whether she likes the 
idea of having Mother as one of the lead- 
ers. I think she wishes I would stick to 
my hobby of arranging flowers with the 
Garden Club — or some of my other do- 
it-yourself home projects." 

Jean Woods McNeilly and husband, Bill, 
have two children ■ — William Warner Mc- 
Neilly, III, born September 28, 1959 and 
Jean Woods McNeilly, born on June 26, 
1961. . 

"Just back from a trip to San Francisco, 
Hawaii and Las Vegas" writes Anna Ste- 
venson Mangano. "We had a great time 
— but oh, how I wish I were still sun- 
bathing at Wakiki ! !" 


"This is our Crew" 
(Ann FHetcher Wilson '49) 




"I manage to keep busy with P.T.A. 
and church work" writes Louise Marston 
Donnelly, "plus trying to keep up with 
my boys — one, nine, and the other, five. 
I also work part-time as a lab technician 
■ — ■ putting my Lasell training to good use." 

"This past summer we had a new house 
built for us" reports Joanne Zeigler Dupen. 
"It is a two-story Cape Cod — very un- 
Californian — but we love it. Would 
love to contact other Lasell gals in the 
San Francisco area." 

Karen Floberg Levis ran into Jean Fager 
'53 in New York where Jean was modeling 
for a real estate luncheon. 

Charlotte Kelley Campbell is now serv- 
ing as the Treasurer of the State of 
Oklahoma Dental Hygienists Association. 
Other "activities" include children, Bar- 
bara, four and Mary, three. 

"Saw Betty Baumbach Hyne last fall," 
writes Harriet Schwarz Hamilton. "She 
looks great and is still active in dancing." 

New Address: Joan Kearney Cormay 
(Mrs. Theodore C): 26 Willard Road, Wal- 
tham, Mass. 


We have the following account of Rena 
Silverman's 1963 European trip. 

"Flew to Europe on an 18-day trip. 
Visited London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Brus- 
sels, Amsterdam, Montreaux and Co- 
penhagen. While in England, we also vis- 
ited Shakespeare's country, toured the 
coast of Ireland, drove through the Tros- 
sachs in Scotland — then on to Brugge 
and Ghent in Belgium. We visited Ge- 
neva, took the cable car to Mt. Blanc; 
on to Denmark where we visited Ham- 
let's castle — and others in Copenhagen. 
From Denmark we took the ferry to 

"We have just moved to Martinsville, 
N.J. — where John is with Johns-Man- 
ville." writes Donna Silver Peet. "We 
love this section of the country — and I 
would love to see any other Lasell girls 
in the area." 

After receiving a B.S. degree in Home 
Economics from Cheyney State College 
(Penna.) last year, Pat Giles continued with 
graduate work at Drexel Institute of Tech- 
nology in Philadelphia. She is now a 
Dietetic Intern with Stouffer Foods Cor- 
poration and will soon become a quali- 
fied member of the American Dietetic As- 

Cynthia, Susan and Daniel Morse 
(Deborah Brush x-'50) 

Janet Wilber Tanenhaus is another '52- 
er who went on to study Home Economics. 
She majored in Home Economics and Ed- 
ucation at Syracuse University. The Tan- 
enhaus family now reside in Binghamton, 
N.Y. Jan's husband is a trial lawyer and 
they have two children — girl, six and a 
boy, two. 

"After almost a year, the Marschall's 
are all well — and still loving Germany" 
reports Virginia Snedaker Marschall. "We 
really hope that we will remain here for 
awhile. Davi, our six-year old, speaks flu- 
ent German ■ — complete with dialect. 
Mommy is learning — but slowly. I 
would love to contact other Alumnae in 

Lois Hickey Treacy and Marilyn Hetzke 
Moore had a recent get-together. Marilyn 
is now living in Atlanta, Georgia — and 
passes on the information that Joanne 
Getz Silverstein is living in England. 

Dorothy Rich Andersen was "spotlight- 
ed" in the January 19, 1964 issue of the 
Portland, Maine Sunday Telegram. Doro- 
thy was listed as "a homemaker, whose 
hobby is interior decorating, she is pres- 
ident of the Lasell Club of Southern Maine 
and a member of Xi Theta Exemplar 
Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority." 

New Address: Marguerite Rudolf Mes- 
inger: 1625 Grove Road, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 



Kevin, Sharon and Brian Flynn 
(Janet McElgunn '54) 


Carol Bencivenga Hapgood and her ar- 
chitect husband have two children — Mol- 
ly, three, and David Philip, four months. 

Martha Gries Davis tells us that there 
are now three little Davises — Betsy, born 
July 6, 1956, Kathy, born March 9, 1958, 
and son, Mark, born on August 24, 1961. 

"We are still very happy here in Med- 
field" reports Beverly Thornton Hallo- 
well. "Our daughter, Holly, is now 

"To quote the November issue of the 
LEAVES — '6 moves in 7 years — with 
packing, unpacking, etc' As of now it is 
7 moves in 8 years" writes Joan Godfrey 
Emmert. "We'll be packing again in a few 
weeks — Jim has been transferred to Lan- 
sing (Michigan) as National Coordinator 
of New Car Merchandising for Oldsmo- 
bile Division." 

Barbara Morris Louria announces a new 
addition to the Louria family. Susan Miller 
Louria arrived last August, making it two 
girls and one boy. 

"The last LEAVES was a wonderful 
source of information for us '53ers ■ — and 
represented a terrific amount of work" is 
the comment we get from Molly McBride 
Kalegeros. "My hat is off to Joan Darelius 
Chirnside and Liz Sleight Dexter." 

Barbara Brown Fitch wrote soon after 
returning from a trip to Montego Bay, Ja- 
maica — where (when everyone else was 
bundling against the winter wind) she 
enjoyed 85° temperatures every day. 

New Addresses: Carol Moriarty Phleger: 
2001 Meredith Road, Bayside, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. 

Audrey Lang Clark: 90 Laurel Road, 
Charleston, West Virginia. 

Jane Corbin Post: 34 North Maryland 
Avenue, Port Washington, Long Island, 
New York. 


"We're still Air Force personnel and en- 
joy Florida's warm weather and sunshine" 
writes Patricia Flett Davidson. "My hus- 
band is T.D.Y. in Turkey — but I'm 
hoping he'll be home in time for our June 
reunion. My sister, Jo-an, (Flett Tyler '53) 
has a son, James Walker Tyler and Ann 
Borden Domey has a third child, second 
daughter, Janice Ann." 

With the advent of Lenore Fuller Sher- 
wood's new greenhouse — she is finding 
herself busy raising annuals and gerani- 
ums for sale in the Sherwood's nursery. 
Lenore says — "some switch from mer- 

"We love living in Dallas, Texas" re- 
ports Eleanor Sclare Mazur. "We just 
bought a house — hope to be here for 
a while." 

Annette Dufton Dagg has recently 
moved to Arlington, Virginia, where her 
husband is now working for the Maritime 
Administration in Washington, D.C. Ann 
is looking forward to attending the local 
club meetings. 

Kama Erikson Feltham's children Wayne, 
Karen and Ricky are now eight, six and 
three. Kama writes — "I'm enjoying the 
activities of the Wellesley Jr. Circle of 
the Florence Crittenton League and also 
keep busy with church activities. Other 
projects are doing volunteer work in 
the Wellesley Public School Library and 
riding rein on ten little Cub Scouts — 
as Den Mother." 

Just a short note from Penny Thompson 
at the end of February, telling us she was 
about to be off for a vacation at Laguna 
Beach, California. 

Jeanette Marvin Brown sends word that 
her husband recently opened a branch of- 
fice for a C.P.A. firm in Dade City. 
Jeanette manages to get together with Joan 
Baker Cornell '55 in Tampa and hopes 
to visit Doris Trumbull Bedard in St. Pe- 

Thelma Greenberg Florin writes that 
she sees Glenna Pofcher Bloom often. 
Glenna and Marty live in New Ro- 
chelle (N.Y.) and have two sons, Lloyd 
and Evan. 

Lee Putnam Bel anger has been appoint- 
ed as director of the Randolph (Vermont) 
Playground summer activities. 

New Addresses: Annette Dufton Dagg: 
2848 S. Buchanan Street, Arlington, Va. 

Joan Pickett Morrow: 1228 West Rose- 
wood Court, Apt. C, Ontario, Calif. 

Bettina Pierce Romaine: 658th Radron, 
Winnemucca A.F.S., Nev. 

Marlene Haake Schuler: OUSARMA, 
American Embassy, APO 676, New York, 




The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Carol Ann Cunningham, whose father, Mr. 
William E. Cunningham, passed away in 
the spring of 1964. 

Gail Gluck Davis writes from a new ad- 
dress, 220-55 46th Avenue, Bayside, L.I.: 
"We have just returned from Illinois and 
this time, I hope we stay put for a little 
while. Time really flies . . . Melissa cel- 
ebrated her third birthday in December — 
and it is hard to believe that our 10th 
Reunion is fast approaching." 

From Judith Gushue Blythe: "My hus- 
band is an employee of the Lufthansa Ger- 
man Airlines. With our two children, 
Tom and Kimberlee, we have been living 
in Georgia for three years." 

And Joan Murano Swanson writes: "we 
spent an October weekend in New York 
with Diana Hendley Cooper and husband. 
Had reservations at the St. Moritz, and 
saw several of the Broadway shows, in- 
cluding 'How To Succeed in Business.' 
My husband and I arranged to have a bit 
of skiing — the Vermont area — during 
the winter." 

Judith Bowen Drews had the leading 
role in "Angel Street," produced in Feb- 
ruary by the Acton Little Theatre Players 

New Addresses: Beverley OBrian Perry: 
18860 Santa Barbara, Fountain Valley, Calif. 

Shirley MacDonald Biamonte: 6 Boul- 
der Drive, Burlington, Mass. 

Sally McGill Jessie: 2730 11th Avenue, 
Oakland, Calif. 

Marion Domber James: 151 Baringer 
Drive, California, Md. 

Sandra Lally Hovey: P. O. Box 1444, 
Thousand Oaks, Calif. 

Joan Baker Cornell: 10806 Jacelyn Street, 
Tampa, Fla. 


Margaret Schwingel Kraft writes: "What 
a small world it is. Have been house-hunt- 
ing in New Jersey, and the one we have 
purchased was formerly owned by Bar- 
bara Berry McGill x-'52." 

Leanne Kessler Skolnick, husband and 
two daughters have recently moved into 
a new home — 502 Kaufman Road, Som- 
erset, Mass. 

From Ann Pasquale Bassett we learn that 
Connie Nastasi Mehos has a third son, 
Joseph. Connie plans to be in the Hous- 
ton area for at least another year. 

Priscilla Broad Weston and her two 
children are with Priscilla's parents in 
Newton Highlands, while her husband com- 
pletes a tour of duty with the Air Force. 

"My husband is now a hospital repre- 
sentative with McNeil Laboratories in the 
Boston area," writes Pattie Holland Bird. 
"We are very excited about his promotion, 
and are looking forward to moving to our 
new home in the fall." 

Kaye Mackler Aronson is another for- 
tunate new home owner ■ — 587 Laurel 
Street, Longmeadow, Mass. Kaye keeps busy 
with young Lynne and Danny, but "still 
finds time for Lasell alumnae and Wesson 
Hospital activities." 

Jane Falkenholm became Mrs. William L. 
Wetzel on August 17, 1963, and is now 
living at 4 Madison Road, Willow Grove, 
Penna. In 1958, Jane received a B.A. de- 
gree from Bethany College; her husband 
is also a Bethany alumnus. 


Carol Anne Juechter Dixon and room- 
mate, Sonia Altland Griffith, enjoyed a re- 
cent long distance chat. They hope to get 
together soon — and possibly see other 

Eileen Conradi has been appointed to 
the position of media buyer for Kenyon 
and Eckhardt in Boston. 

"We have just moved into our new 
home" writes Margie Day Grosjean, "and 
agree that there is no feeling better than 
one's own roof overhead." 

Virginia Field Coburn's address is 
2631 Vaughan Avenue, Parkersburg, West 
Virginia. "Bob is editing for the DuPont 
Plastics Plant. Linda will soon celebrate 
her first birthday." 

A hasty note from Marilyn Farrar Am- 
brose tells us they shall soon be moving 
cross-country to California. 


Sally Clarke, a secretary at the Newton 
office of Itek Corporation, frequently "sees 
and talks with" Ann Avery, employed by 
the Vermont Marble Company in Boston. 
Another secretary is Eleanor Harman Hug. 
She keeps up correspondence with Jerry 
Beard Ackerman, Carol Christopher and 
Margo Miller Larson '59- 

"We are looking forward to moving into 
our new home in Hudson," writes Sandra 
Wilson Joyce. Sandy's husband is a gov- 
ernment employee; she is a Customer 
Service Representative for the R. L. Polk 

Donna Carr Coyle and husband are 
looking forward to one more year in An- 
chorage, Alaska. Donna would welcome a 
get-together with other Lasell gals in the 




r t 

Scott and Glenn Mitchell 
(Marion Heinsohn '58) 

"Our latchstring is always out to North 
Jersey alumnae," declares Linda Truell 
Good. She is a lingerie market represent- 
ative for the Allied Stores. 

From Sandra Fookes Adler: "Roy now 
has Lieutenant's rating and is stationed 
aboard the Polaris Submarine Daniel 
Webster, under construction at Groton, 
Conn. We do miss Hawaii — but we are 
glad to be near our families and friends 
again. Danny and Timmy are now four 
and three." 

Sue Greenhut Kamras and Barry are now 
living at 66-25 103d Street, Forest Hills, 
N.Y. Barry has completed his stint with 
the Army. 

Lee Regan received a Master's Degree in 
Education from Lesley College in May. She 
is a member of the faculty of the Robert 
L. Frost School in Lawrence. 

And this report from Kim Steen Odle: 
"Recently returned from a two-months vis- 
it in Okinawa with my husband. It was 
truly a wonderful experience. We were 
fortunate to include a trip to ever-fasci- 
nating Hong Kong. Bill will come this 
summer and I am looking forward to final- 
ly setting up housekeeping. His promo- 
tion to 1st Lt. coincided with our first 
anniversary — we've had much to cele- 


Judith Keefe Carmel x-'59 writes to 
Joan Valentine Glasson: "The current is- 
sue of the Leaves has arrived and I am 
disappointed at the lack of news for the 
Class of 1959. Are we really so widely 
scattered and disinterested that we don't 
care to contribute items? My husband's 
work has kept us on the move until re- 
cently when we returned to Auburndale. 
Michelle was born in August 1959, and 
Roger Raymond arrived on October 15, 
1961. I'm an active member of the First 
Congregational Church in the village, and 
interested in the Emblem Club of Newton. 
Keep in touch with Linda Beebe DeLeo 
x-'59 and Diana French Hatch x-'59" 

Marilyn Beaton Lange was graduated in 
June from Lesley College, Cambridge. 

Eileen Dahl Lord and family are living 
at 9310 Redwood Drive, La Jolla, a stu- 
dent apartment facility of the University 
on California, where Harry is completing 
work for a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Their va- 
cation last summer was a six-week trip 
via car to visit friends and relatives in the 
East. On the return journey they en- 
joyed sightseeing at Niagara Falls, Yel- 
lowstone National Park, Lake Tahoe and 
Death Valley. Eileen adds: "Our second 
daughter, Sharon Louise, was born on Oc- 
tober 9th — Cynthia, now two, is de- 
lighted with the new addition." 

Brenda Bresler SchifT's daughter, He- 
layne Carol, arrived in October, 1963. Af- 
ter graduating from Lasell, Brenda con- 
tinued her studies at the University of 
Michigan and received a B.S. in Dental 

Nancy Bennett has completed her sec- 
ond year as a member of the faculty of the 
New York School for the Deaf. Nancy 
"tutors nine children in the pre-primary 
department and finds the work a chal- 
lenge and a joy." Sally Brockway, a MA. 
candidate at New York University, is con- 
tinuing her studies under a Federal Gov- 
ernment Traineeship. 

From Carol Civetti Monaghan: "Bill 
and I have taken the step and are now 
happy homeowners. We bought an un- 
finished 'Cape' in Wellesley, and are 
awaiting its redecoration." 

Susan Bravman Uretsky and husband are 
"ever so busy and happy with Michael 
Bruce. He was six months old when we 
adopted him in June 1963." 

Carol Grieve Bilafer reports: "Marty and 
I are stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alas- 
ka. The climate is quite different from 
that of old New England — only three 
hours of daylight during the winter 
months; in the summer 'there is no night.' 
Life here is much fun, and the tour of 
duty has been very enjoyable." 



Nancy Crowell Coleman and husband 
spent a delightful vacation in Acapulco 
and Mexico City — a trip won by Jim, 
a salesman for the A. W. Chesterton Com- 
pany in Everett. 

"We love our home on the Cape," 
writes Sandy Poole Adams. "Have been 
here a year, and are fast becoming Old 
Salts. Nancy Rotman Duffy and Rob have 
visited with us, as have Barb Grigely 
Hitchery, Hoe and their two children. Last 
June I entertained at tea the 1963 Lasell 
freshmen from this area — it was great 
fun and the College can be proud of the 
new group." 

Linda Gould Marshall is living in Mt. 
Kisco, New York, where husband, Joe, is 
completing an internship at Northern 
Westchester Hospital. Linda reports that 
Uncle Sam has requested Joe's services for 
next year. 


Karen Kirk is still working in Boston 
and sharing quarters with Fran Fleming 
and Linda Green. Karen's 1963 vacation 
took her to Denmark and England. 

"My husband is a fourth-year student 
at Tufts Medical School" writes Phyllis 
Stone Blotner. "We have a thirteen-month- 
old daughter, Amy Jo, who keeps both of 
us hopping. My most recent Lasell contact 
was a visit with Valerie Rothman Cenit." 

Carol Farquhar has joined the Northern- 
Pacific Railway in Seattle (Wash.) as a 
stewardess-nurse. Prior to her affiliation 
with Northern-Pacific, Carol was a staff 
nurse at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and 
then served as a surgical assistant to her 

Karil Smith Clark reports ther her hus- 
band recently completed U.S. Naval Officer 
Candidate School and was commissioned in 
February. "After he completes further 
training at Newport and Great Lakes, we 
will be based at Newport, R.I." 

Claire Sullivan Mahoney writes that 
she is a secretary to two Data Processing 
Managers at the IBM Corporation in Roch- 
ester. Claire and Elaine Gagnon were at- 
tendants in Barbara Weaver Sullivan's 
wedding last June. 

Nancy Bowne Rollinson has a son, 
Robert, who was born December 9, 1962. 

Margaret Lee Sheridan Crump is em- 
ployed as a bookkeeper in an insurance 
company in East Orange (N.J.). 

"We have recently bought a new home 
in Holliston (Mass.)" writes Beverly 
Pendleton Folkes. "Our daughter, Jeanne 
Elaine, now has a brother, John Bradley, 
who keeps us all busy — and amused." 

Susan Elsbree finds herself still occupied 
with the world of higher education. Susan 
is a secretary in the Registrar's Office at 
Brown University. 


David Clark Island 
(Joanne Curtis '59) 

Abby Wells is working for Fawcett 
Publications. Her New York address is 
305 East 72nd Street. 

Another New Yorker is Barbara Greiff 
Mines. Barbara writes: "My husband is 
presently at Columbia Law School — I'm 
doing my 'bit' as secretary to the Medical 
Director of a clinic. Have a wonderful 
position — and am very happy with my 
marriage, job and just being in New York." 

New Addresses: Sandra Conzen Stefany: 
1963 Maplewood Avenue, Abington, Penn- 

Audrey Bergesen Long: 17 Welshman 
Court, Caldwell, New Jersey. 

Jacquelyn Daley Young x-'60: 1164 
Main Street, Leicester, Massachusetts. 

Barbara Beuth Laguardia: 1421 Mont- 
gomery Road, Cincinnati 36, Ohio. 

Mary Ellen Blossom Turner: 2000 Wil- 
liams, Palo Alto, California. 

Janet Caserio Ferris: 5 Pama Gardens, 
Brighton, Massachusetts. 

Nancy Bowne Rollinson: 15 Hamilton 
Street, Taunton, Massachusetts. 

Suzanne Franck Newton x-'60: 152 
Fernwood Terrace, Stewart Manor, L.I., 
New York. 

Mary Alice Maccallum Gozzi: Clear 
Lake Manor Drive, North Branford, Con- 




Peggy Ann Ullman was married on 
November 25, 1962 to Jeremy V. Cohen, 
an attorney for the National Labor Rela- 
tions Board in Buffalo, N.Y. Their son, 
Michael Howard, was born October 8, 

While honeymooning in Bermuda, Mil- 
dred Gillis Pereira and her husband vis- 
ited with Linda Lesser Robinson x-'6l and 
her husband, Mike. The Robinsons 
showed the Pereiras about the island, in- 
cluding many "out of the way", non-tour- 
ist spots. Linda asked Milly to be sure to 
forward best wishes to all friends and 
classmates. Milly also has visited with 
Janice Bateman Burnes x-'6l and was look- 
ing forward to seeing Babs Stark MacKen- 

Suellen Toth is presently employed as 
a secretary in the Mathematics and Science 
Department of Florida Atlantic Universi- 
ty in Boca Raton. 

Judith Broggi will be teaching at Emma 
Willard School in Troy, (N.Y.) in Sep- 
tember. Judy completed her studies at 
Nasson Colleg in Springvale, Maine. 

"When my husband completed his work 
at Ohio State University, we moved to 
Cleveland" writes Sheilah Komito Levine. 
"We now have a baby daughter, Sherri 

Nancy Pickett Harrison and husband are 
stationed at the Redstone Arsenal in Hunts- 
ville, Alabama. "Redstone is the head- 
quarters of N.A.S.A. — and Dr. Von 
Braun" writes Nancy. "My husband's con- 
tribution to the Program is teaching mis- 
sile components." 

Marguerite Stockman is secretary to the 
Director of Quality Control at Foster 
Wheeler Corporation in Livingston, New 

Cynthia Smith is employed at the San 
Francisco branch of Joseph Magnin. Cyn- 
thia writes : "Enjoy the West Coast — but 
would love to see a familiar Lasell face. 
Do get in touch if you're in the area." 

Irene Tuttle and Christine Shier are 
sharing a New York apartment. Irene is 
a nurse at New York Columbia Hospital. 
Both girls admit they "love New York — 
but miss New England." 

Marie Pelargonio Hall is currently em- 
ployed by Ebonite Bowling Ball Company 
— a division of Stowe- Woodward, Inc. 
Marie's husband is attending Northeastern 

Celeste Mayo takes time out to "for- 
ward a bit of Lasell gossip": 

"Patti Ellis was married to Mr. John 
Raezer in September 1963. Patti and John 
will be living in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 
until John completes his college work. 

"Jan DeMartin Linfoot and husband 

have moved to a new home in Gen- 
eseo, N.Y.. and Sharon Handley House and 
family are settled in Manchester, Conn. 
Susan ("Suds") Clark Stern, Marty and 
daughter. Ginger, are moving to Roches- 
ter. N.Y. 

"Beverly Simpson is an operating room 
nurse in the hospital of her hometown, 
Saddle River, N.J., and Penny Pattee con- 
tinues her nursing duties in Canada. 

"April fourth is the date of my mar- 
riage to Walter C. Shannon, Jr. Sue Clark 
Stern will be one of the attendants. Walt 
and I plan to live in Waterbury, where 
we have bought or own home and have 
been painting like crazy." 

Among the members of the wedding 
party at Carol Carvey's marriage to Da- 
vid Stimson on March 7, 1964 were Di- 
ane Bezanson Keleher and Charlotte Clin- 


Bethany Brown has completed train- 
ing for the position of flight stewardess 
with Pan American Airways. Wearing 
her new "wings," Beth will fly Pan Am's 
Jet Clippers on the international airline's 
round-the-world routes to Hawaii and 
Alaska. She will be based in Seattle and 
will fly a minimum of 70 hours a month 
to Honolulu and Juneau, Ketchikan and 
Fairbanks in Alaska. 

Our thanks to Mrs. Ruth Manghue for 
sharing a recent letter from Eva Tu Teng: 
"First of all — our most wonderful news 
is to announce the arrival of our daugh- 
ter, Siu Lan, on January 10, 1964. We are 
now living in Siu Tien, a suburb of 
Taipei. I am a secretary at a Cancer In- 
stitution of the Fu Jen Catholic Universi- 
ty. Delighted to learn that the Priscilla 
Alden Wolfe Building was completed in 
time for the opening of College. Would 
so love to see it — know it is beautiful. 
Do give my best good wishes to my friends 
at Lasell." 

Holly Meystre, Ginny McKinnon, Shei- 
la Lane and Barbara Jillson (Boston 
apartment mates) sail on the S.S. Statendam 
for a summer vacation in Europe. 

Andrea Adinolfi, who works nearby in 
Wellesley, "keeps in touch with Linda 
Cremonini, a secretary at the Quarter- 
master Corps in Natick." 

Cheryl Grant will spend the summer in 
Denmark, under the auspices of The Ex- 
periment in International Living. She will 
live with a Danish family for a month 
and travel for an equal time on the Con- 

Diantha Tarbox Pomfret writes from 
5653 Purdue Avenue, Baltimore: "Have 
just received a copy of the Leaves, and I 
can't tell you how much I enjoy reading 



Bethany Brown '62 

news of my classmates. In April my hus- 
band was transferred to Baltimore, and 
we are fast feeling at home in Mary- 
land. Best good wishes to Dr. Tewksbury 
and members of the College staff. I am 
sir:e Lasell will continue to prosper in 
the years ahead." 

Janet Fields is presently employed in 
the Department of Customer Relations of 
American Airlines. Judith Gass is a pri- 
vate secretary with the Hotel Corporation. 

Three members of the Class of 1962 
were recently graduated from Boston Uni- 
versity: Linda Kupka, Anne Whittier and 
Sara Daigneau. 

Susan Littman Barach is working in the 
Psychology Department of Boston Uni- 
versity; Elaine Abodeely is enjoying her 
work — "in my father's insurance agency, 
and looking forward to getting my own 

Jodi Wright will soon be off to Eu- 
rope. "My last summer's vacation was 
spent in San Francisco, Los Angeles — and 
ten days in Honolulu." 

Janice Remington, a pediatric nurse at 
Boston Floating Hospital, has passed the 

Massachusetts Board requirements for reg- 
istered nurses. 

In August, Leslie Davis Hathaway and 
Michael move to Conway, New Hampshire, 
where he has accepted a music teaching 
position in the local schools. This past 
year Leslie has been a member of the sec- 
retarial staff of M.I.T.; Michael has been 
working toward a master's degree at the 
Boston Conservatory of Music. 

Marcia Madden writes from The Uni- 
versity of New Hampshire: "Just love it 
here — and adore my courses. Am Pres- 
ident of my dormitory, and a member of 
the Women's Inter-Dormitory Council 
and social chairman of the Occupational 
Therapy Club. (Keeps me off the streets 
— at least.) 

"A bit of news from the Nurses: Jazz 
Mueller, working toward a B.S. at the 
University of Rochester, has a part-time 
job. Marilyn (Penny) Muller is at Johns 
Hopkins Hospital; Susan Brooks, at Grace 
New Haven; Mary Elizabeth Golden, at 
Sacred Heart Hospital, Manchester, N.H. 

"Had a visit with Linda Resnick, who is 
working in Manchester, taking extension 
courses and is very active in the local 
dramatic groups. 

"Best good wishes to all." 


Carole Bonadies was recently chosen 
Miss Greater Hartford, and will represent 
the area at the state finals later in the